Mesut Ozil’s familiar pattern of injuries continues

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So here we are again, Mesut Ozil drops out of the Arsenal trip to Liverpool complaining of a pain in his knee.

Is it real? Could be. Is it made up? History would suggest that when Mesut thinks bad news is coming there’s often a reaction. Whatever it is, I’m not really surprised that we’re here talking about the mercurial German again.

It’s quite interesting watching a certain group of fans use this issue as something to pin on Emery as bad management.

I think fans need a reminder of what Mesut Ozil has been for Arsenal.

This is the most expensive player on our books by about £150k a week. I know people don’t like the fact I mention the figure, but that’s because it’s a baffling number when you consider his drawbacks. It doesn’t matter how you package money, in football, it should be related to what you consistently deliver to the team. ‘It’s not his fault he’s paid that much’ isn’t an argument I’m afraid.

Mesut needs perfect conditions to perform these days. Nice weather, preferably a little break before he plays, he’s no good away from home, doesn’t like to play bruisers or teams that drop a heavy press, and he also doesn’t like to have to muck in for the team, nor will he play out on the right.

We thought his issue before was having to play with Giroud, so Lacazette was going to unleash his creativity. Didn’t happen. Then we thought signing a striker with pace would help him. Didn’t happen. Then we thought it was Wenger, so we waited for the World Cup, where he tanked. Then we waited for Emery, and he once again tanked.

Not to get into the weirdness of him being given tough away days off by TWO Arsenal managers. Imagine that, being 30 years old, the highest paid player at the club, and you’re given tough games off because the manager thinks you’re lightweight? Embarrassing…

Anyone who thinks the Ozil situation under Emery is weird hasn’t been paying attention to what’s going on in football or on a personal level with the player. The game does not allow for passengers, especially when you’re a Europa League side trying to climb into the Champions League. Mesut is a passenger these days, he’s a quarterback who only wants to do what he wants to do.  How does Emery have any other choice outside moving him on?

Can we beat Liverpool away in the Premier League? Likely not. Is taking Mesut there going to change things? Unlikely, he couldn’t make it past 45minutes against Brighton.

Be on the lookout for Arsenal fans using this to go at Unai Emery. The careful-what-you-wish-for contingent are stinging after their summer humiliation. They are softening fans up for questions over the manager because he’s taken all the bold decisions most people who have really been paying attention tend to agree with. Mesut Ozil has been a disaster signing for Arsenal and Emery is addressing that problem as we speak. That’s decisive, it’s bold and it’s the right decision.

If we’re going to beat Liverpool this afternoon, it’s going to be with a team of professionals dedicated to the cause. It’ll have to be a full-throttle performance from every single player. We are capable of such a game as you saw in our destruction of Spurs a few weeks ago, but even if we fail, we’re playing the Premier League leaders with two of our most talented player unavailable because of form or contract troubles.

Our defence looks ripe for destruction. I have no idea how Lichtsteiner and Koscielny are expected to survive an onslaught from the outrageous pace of the Liverpool side, outside a very deep block. In midfield, we don’t have much choice outside a bland offering of three defensive midfielders and up front, our hopes and prayers rest on Auba and Lacazette having an outrageously potent day at the office.

Liverpool’s unbeaten run can’t last forever, but I do think they’re too much for us to handle as a team today.

But, it is what it is, and I don’t think there’s any brand of Mesut Ozil that would help us through today.

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  1. Batistuta

    Oh and good luck finding any decent manager worth his salt willing to work with such an embarrassing budget , im afraid it probably only goes downhill from here without significant spending.

    3 CBs

    And all of that of premium quality, none of that unearthing the next gem bullshit, we’re in the top10 richest clubs in the world charging top rate dollar

  2. Batistuta

    I maintain though and its a gut feeling that Emery will fuck off if he’s not properly backed in the transfer window. Some of you all might leave to witness a Steve Bruce don’t get us relegated type of gaffer in the no too distant future if we go on spending less than newly promoted teams

  3. Guns of SF


    Good point… has Emery gotten the best out of this team? I think I would agree that he has about 85% or so. Sure, the defense and certain players can improve a little but for the most part, I think we are seeing what we will be seeing the rest of the season, bar any changes.

    We need some dire personnel changes and to let go the deadwood. Jenks and ElNeny have hardly played this season. Why keep them? I would rather switch some first teamers to the bench and add some new first class blood to enter the first team

    This summer I think many players will be sold. So, that is all good, but it doesnt help us now. The window is there for a reason. and thank God for that.

    We need to use it and pay market price for what we need. No other way around it.

    IF Arsenal’s owner even hinted at selling the team, a sugar daddy will surely come in- or a conglomerate of some sort.

    At the end of the day, its the owner who allows the funds to go through… lets just hope our team get into his ear more so than his pal Wenger. We need about 100M this winter to get us 2/3 players that will make an immediate and lasting impact.

  4. Guns of SF


    Thanks for the props bud. I enjoy your posts too… usually late night West coast time here in Cali, Im guessing early morning for you?

  5. Tony

    You Russian or American? Not that it matters really just curious.

    Why not follow Arsenal in the 80s then? Who did you support in the 80s?

    Sounds like you joined the Wenger revolution, but there have been great if not better managers and teams before Him and poor ones also.

    It’s not really about how long you have followed Arsenal, it’s about the game, its roots and nuances and eveolution.

    It’s not whether Dissenter or others support my views; often they differ, but even when promoting their differing views, their information is realistic and generally factually correct – never trolling to provoke or bait other posters, as Pierre and others do.

    A bit of banter is one thing, but outright trolling/baiting is just juvenile and a total waste of time. Some posters just have never lost their school playground mentality.

    Personally I rarely debate any POV I put up; I really don’t have the time; however, I’ll read others’s comments/arguments with interest if they merit such.

  6. Un na naai

    Joe Marko.

    What pair of rotten little bitches. I’d kick you both right in the minge if I’d ever meet you.

    Marko- I’m only depressed because I’m a miserable thick scum bag sham dub living in the thickest part of a country known for its thickos

    Joe- cloeseted completely whilst in total denial, probably due to his heritage, pretends to have a $2m home as a fireman who only bakes muffins 3-4 days a week.

    Both permanent fixtures over Xmas. Both clearly with very little else going on in their empty little lives except arguing on Le grove.

    Marko. The fact that you have the gall to call anyone thick is beyond parody. Everyone knows that anyone with any ability whatsoever from your neck of the woods migrated to Canada or Oz or the U.K.

    Joe. Just come out. Come clean to daddy and stop this nonsese. Untangle yourself from your web of lies and deceit.

  7. vickingz

    I shake my head for guys backing emery blindly. Ain’t we seeing that he has something against laca? Where was he expecting the goals to come from with that front 3 against Liverpool? Auba did nothing throughout the first half yet laca wasn’t brought in at halftime. Lichsteiner a dead dog has been doing promo against us costing us points yet emery sees no other player better than him. Would jenknson have been worst? He’s shoving lich down out throat. Even a Liverpool side with pacy and all round good defenders didn’t play a high line against us but stupid emery with his atrocious defence keeps playing high line. This isn’t only about the players, a good coach would have done better even with these players. Auba was a passenger yesterday because of laca’s absence and emery is trying to prove whatever point by benching laca and costing us points. Folks are complaining of tired legs, really? Weren’t there games when he could have rested players but he chose not to? Is that one on the players? Elnehny wouldn’t have played worse than lichsteiner.

  8. OleGunner


    “However, he’s in a great place because we have to let him have 2 seasons until he inevitably flunks”

    Nice to know you think emery will already fuck up and has no hope for the future. I wonder why you even bother watching Arsenal games then?

    Maybe just wait till your boy arteta is hired in two years then get back to us?lol

  9. Graham62

    As you all know, I was desperate to get Wenger out of the club, as most other supporters were. As long as a manager came in who was capable of organising and motivating the team, I was confident things would gradually evolve.

    Up until about a month ago I was happy with how things were moving and irrespective of injuries, was prepared to accept that certain aspects of the teams structure and play would improve once Emery brought in his own players.

    However, I do find myself now scratching my head at what Emery is trying to get across, in particular his inability to sort out our defensive play and in his handling of Alexander Lacazette, who I feel is being treated woefully.

    Yesterdays game highlighted Aubameyangs limitations. His inability to lead the line and hold the ball up. Also, Lacazette generally gives it his all and tracks back, all the things Emery needs. So why is Lacazette being frozen out? I find it frustrating and totally illogical. Imagine how Lacazette feels.

    Emery could have played both yesterday, as defensively, yet again,we were a shambles. Injuries aside, there is no excuse for what we are seeing. Under Wenger it was a joke and nothing has changed. What is being done to rectify this. Emery must look at teams below us in the table and see how they defend and realise that we are probably one of the worst defensive units in the league.

    Since the 4-2 Spuds game we have gone backwards. Yes, we have had injuries but that’s a time you have to dig in and adapt. We will struggle against any team unless Emery sorts things out and quickly.

    My two year probationary period will be revised quickly if Emery continues to make key mistakes.

    No, I haven’t been drinking.

  10. Graham62

    Had Emery ever heard of the festive period? Did he not plan for the intensity of the league? Why won’t he initiate the removal of Bould? These are questions I am now asking myself.

    Hate to say it but, as it stands, Nuno Espirito Santo makes Emery look second rate.

    Keep it simple Unai and stop all this mumbo jumbo.

    Honestly, I am only having a cup of tea and toast.

  11. englandsbest

    Those who expect Emery to buy the players needed will be mighty disappointed. Not just this Jan, but summer, too, and on and on. This is the Kroenke era.

  12. Un na naai


    Agree whole heartedly
    The man needs financial support
    We’ve lived under these fianancial constraints for far too long
    The whole point of the stadium move was to keep up with United and now fucking Liverpool and spurs are blowing us out of the water

  13. Graham62


    If this is the case, then Emery will not last long. He has to ship out and invest.

    It is blatantly obvious.

  14. englandsbest

    I don’t blame Emery for anything. He inherited a deficient, disjointed, demoralised squad – the worst since before GG – and has done better than the vast majority of us expected.

    For the most part, the summer comings and goings had already been set up before he arrived. With the exception of Torreira the signings were unimpressive to say the least. To my mind, he’s probably brought the best out of all of them. The grim truth is that very few are top PL standard.

    Our best hope is that Emery & Co can unearth some gems, because for sure there won’t be much money thrown around, perhaps none at all if Kroenke has loaded his purchase debt onto the Club.

    The question we should be asking ourselves is this: are we prepared to hunker down to years and years of mediocrity?

    I imagine Emery & Co must be asking themselves the same question.

  15. Pierre

    credit to you in that you are not making excuses for Emery despite being such a strong supporter of his philosophy and tactics earlier in the season .
    though I do think that Emery’s treatment of Lacazette is the main reason for you doubting him .

    Personally, I feel he is making a complete cock up of things at the moment and will need to make a complete rethink on why we had such an exceptional unbeaten run and to look at why things have changed for the worse.

    Lacazette is a mystery, he came into the side after our first 2 defeats ,Aubamayang went out wide and Ozil was a permanent fixture in the side……the other offensive position was occupied by one of Mhkitaryan/Iwobi /Ramsey with Torriera and Xhaka giving us a nice balance in midfield….if we played with wing backs it relegated iwobi Mhkitarya not Ramsey to the bench…..this enabled Kolasinac to play as a very effective wing back .

    Whichever system Emery used at the time worked well , so what has changed.

    Lacazette and Ozil have fallen out of favour with Emery and we had a few injuries to our defenders .
    Probably Emery’s first mistake was breaking up the effective partnership of Torriera and Xhaka by putting Xhaka in defence …this decision has had a massive effect on Torriera ‘s performance for the last month or so .

    He could easily have shown some faith in an academy defender or even jenkinson who is a decent wing back instead of expecting lichsteiner to get up and down the line .it’s too much to ask for someone of his age…lichsteiner is more than capable of playing in a back 3 .

    Unless Emery does a complete 360 degrees turnaround and starts putting some faith in our more intelligent players instead of just wanting work horses in the side then I’m afraid he will lose the support of the fan base .

    Fulham on Tuesday is such an important game for the club …anything other than a win with a good performance and the Emirates crowd may start to turn .

    If Lacazette and Aubamayang are not starting Tuesday then Emery could be digging his own grave.

    I’ve said it before and I will say it again ….there is definitely a comparison between Jose and Emery in the treatment of players and in the style of football we play .

    I’m not sure Arsenal supporters will be so patient as United’s…….let’s hope for a good victory and performance on tuesday.

  16. Pierre

    “I don’t blame Emery for anything. He inherited a deficient, disjointed, demoralised squad ”

    I’m not saying it was a great squad as of course there were areas that needed improvement but a 22 game unbeaten run shows that the squad were not as deficient, disjointed and demoralised as some people think .

    Aubamayang,Lacazette,ozil and Mhkitaryan , despite what many.think on le grove , can be moulded into an exceptional front 4 …..they have only started one game this season ( Liverpool home) and the question needs to be asked as to why that is as they played exceptionally well together that day against the best team in the league .

    Opposition players would be more fearful of a front line of Lacazette/Mhkitaryan/ozil and Aubamayang …..

    .iwobi,Ramsey and Aubamayang would not put fear into any team.

  17. Champagne charlie

    Auba has 13 touches yesterday before being subbed. 6 of them came at kickoffs

    7 touches in a football match after almost 80 minutes. There’s why he’s a one trick pony

  18. Terraloon

    All this talk about transfers in and significant funds being made available I can’t help feel is nothing more than wishful thinking.
    Emery was bought in to improve the squad that already had been assembled that squad would have the odd addition or so but I genuinely don’t think there are any plans to push the boat out.
    I can’t but help feel that what you see now is what you are going to see at seasons end that said I do wonder if there is a recall clause in the Chambers loan deal with Fulham. If there is and that option is exercised then that will speak volumes as to what you can expect from the owners going forward.

    It’s abundantly clear that the squad are a country mile behind Liverpool and Man City and with their current squad and ability to go out and spend big you have to question Arsenal’s ability to develop a squad that will surpass Man U and Chelsea add to the pot Spurs then I can’t help but feel the owners won’t be able to justify say a spend of £100 million as that won’t facilitate any meaningful catch up.
    The years of underinvestment are now being laid bare and when you add in the fact that very very few of the current squad would generate any real transfer funds then that only adds to the gloom.

  19. TR7

    Beginning to feel Emery gives more weightage to pace, athleticism and energy of a player than raw skills. Any sane observe could foresee PEA struggling against Liverpool as a lone striker yet Emery chose him over Lacazzete. That Iwobi gets game time in all our matches can be explained or perhaps to some extent justified simply because he can press and run. Perhaps we will see Ozil and Mikhi shifted out from our sqaud sooner than later.

  20. Un na naai


    Is that what we really want though? All pace and energy but no nous or guile? Liverpool and city have both. Surely we should too

  21. Kayciey

    Let me say it here and now as I have always said before, Emery is a small club manager. He will never come good for Arsenal. He is a Europa teams manager like Seville, Benfica, Basel et al. He spends so much of his time reviewing videos than actually improving players. We defended like a pub team yesterday. When it was easier and safer to just tap the ball out for a corner, Lichtsteiner…one of his signing who was suppose to be the experienced guy guiding our defence so it best to do otherwise gifting Firmino the easiest of goals. Now tell me which junior player will listen to him when he’s actually the mistake? Ozil is always reluctant to pass him the ball because he cant cross, his decision making is poor and always an error away. He’s actually made our defense worse than improve it. Carl Jenkinson can play better than Lichtsteiner…this for sure, but Emery don’t like him. Why else isn’t he given a chance?

    Sokratis is more of a wrestler than a football player. Rob Holding made him look good when he’s actually not. He wasn’t making the BVB’s starting eleven prior to his joining Arsenal. There’s no big difference between him and Chambers…yet we bought him anyway….a 30 year old imobile wrestler soon to be 31, when we could have spent the money on a winger. Adama Traore’s release clause was £18m on his Middlesbrough contract. The same money we paid for Sokratis.

    I believe Guendouzi is for the future but Emery is over reliance on him to the point of making him irrelevant and making conspicuous his flaws. Now not so many people want the youngster in the team.

    Look at Emery’s treatment of Lacazette, Ozil, Jenkinson and to some extent Elneny. Then look at his treatment of Guendouzi, Mkhitaryan and Lichtsteiner. The later are given chance after chance while the former are immediately substituted with the slightest of the mistake or are never given a chance at all. These partialities causes division in the dressing room.

    Now I hear another 30 year old in the name of Ever Banega is about to sign for 18M. What will Banega offer at that age in EPL? He could be good for half a season then revert to Lichtsteiner. We can invest that money elsewhere.

    We can only improve with the purchase of Kalidou Koulibaly, Willy Boly of Wolves, Ben Chilwell in defence, Nabil Fekir in midfield and Ousmane Dembele and Ryan Sessegnon of Fulham as our wingers. Only then can we compete. Then change our manager. I rate Frank Lampard higher than what we currently have.

  22. Graham62

    This lack of investment and money not being available malarkey, gets on my wick.

    Money has always been, and will always be, available. Its how you use it where Arsenal have cocked things up over the years. The Sanchez/Ozil saga was a financial disaster of the highest magnitude. Throwing away 60m on Sanchez and giving 350k a week to Ozil proves that money is not the issue. I cannot believe that the financial gurus at AFC allowed such stupidity to act out.

    It’s all down to mismanagement and bad leadership. The main culprits in this, Wenger and Gazidis, have now left the building. Emery and his crew have to show some balls and create a business and financial environment that is logical and feasible.

    There is no way Emery can do this on his own. He needs those around him to establish a plan that puts an end to the shite that has existed at the club for far too long.

    Only at Arsenal!

  23. TR7

    Un na nai

    Definitely not.,that’s my concern though. We had Arsene who was hung up on technical ability and guile and had little.regard for athleticism/physical prowess and now we have Emery who is probably at the other end of the spectrum. Not a good sign.

  24. Emiratesstroller


    We can argue ad infinitum who is to blame for poor recent performances.

    The reality is that since Wenger’s departure there has been no material improvement in the defence. Quite the contrary we have conceded more goals in the first 20 games this season than the last despite recruiting a new goalkeeper and two experienced defenders in Sokratis and Lichsteiner.

    The fault lines are exactly the same as before with just 3 clean sheets in 20 EPL

    Defensive recruitment has been poor for ages. This is compounded by lack of
    proper investment in this department of our game.

    Earlier today I questioned why Arsenal held onto Steve Bould supposedly our
    defensive coach. There is absolutely no improvement in that department under his watch.

    Where I do have some concern about Emery’s decision making is that we have
    two first class strikers at the club and yet the Head Coach seems unwilling or
    unable to play them as a collective.

    The consequence is that Arsenal are over reliant on just one striker in most
    games we play. That means that most opposing teams have just one attacking
    player to deal with, because frankly Messrs Ozil, Mkhitaryan, Iwobi and Ramsey have added very little to our attack this season.

    The club and its owner need now to make a very serious decision. It is clear
    that we need to cull at least 10-12 players in the squad including those out on
    loan. Realistically their departure will make very little impact on incoming
    transfer revenues.

    The club needs at least 3 new quality defenders and also 3 offensive players
    as well to complement Aubameyang and Lacazette.

    That requires serious investment. The idea that the club can achieve this on
    the cheap is frankly ridiculous.

    On current evidence Arsenal are a middle of the road team ranked between 6-10. We are now detached from top 4 and I am pretty sure that Man Utd will soon overtake us following departure of Mourinho. On paper they are a better team/squad and more importantly willing to spend serious money on their team.

  25. Graham62


    It doesn’t take a qualified coach/manager to see that Lacazette is what we need out there. Aubameyang is too lightweight and lacks the mental strength to do things on his own.

    Yes, I am annoyed, livid would be a better word, with how Emery has handled Lacazette but what worries me most is that we have a new manager who seems blind to this. Hence, the bigger picture then comes into the equation. What else does he not see?

    Fulham, as you rightly highlight, is a massive game.

  26. Major_Jeneral

    Too bad we lost so badly against liverpool.

    For now I think we should be playing deep against very good opposition (Liverpool). This is opposed to playing an highline as we saw yesterday.
    It is evident that the most experienced players in the team (Sokratis, Koscielny, lictchsteiner,) could not avoid school boy errors/ inexperienced errors. Also they couldn’t cover for the already burnt out torreira.
    As Graham62 rightly suggested promoting young defensive options from the academy will help. I will add that the xhaka and torreira partnership is tired and this is because we haven’t used rotation properly. Elneny should be able to do a good job but he is not been utilized. This just goes to show that the squad as a whole lacks enough quality.

    Emery has to find an internal solution to stop conceding goals else his two to three years probation might become 18 months or less. It is atrocious that we don’t have an away cleansheet. And just two all season.
    It is time to go back to the basics, then improvise and adapt.