Mesut Ozil’s familiar pattern of injuries continues

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So here we are again, Mesut Ozil drops out of the Arsenal trip to Liverpool complaining of a pain in his knee.

Is it real? Could be. Is it made up? History would suggest that when Mesut thinks bad news is coming there’s often a reaction. Whatever it is, I’m not really surprised that we’re here talking about the mercurial German again.

It’s quite interesting watching a certain group of fans use this issue as something to pin on Emery as bad management.

I think fans need a reminder of what Mesut Ozil has been for Arsenal.

This is the most expensive player on our books by about £150k a week. I know people don’t like the fact I mention the figure, but that’s because it’s a baffling number when you consider his drawbacks. It doesn’t matter how you package money, in football, it should be related to what you consistently deliver to the team. ‘It’s not his fault he’s paid that much’ isn’t an argument I’m afraid.

Mesut needs perfect conditions to perform these days. Nice weather, preferably a little break before he plays, he’s no good away from home, doesn’t like to play bruisers or teams that drop a heavy press, and he also doesn’t like to have to muck in for the team, nor will he play out on the right.

We thought his issue before was having to play with Giroud, so Lacazette was going to unleash his creativity. Didn’t happen. Then we thought signing a striker with pace would help him. Didn’t happen. Then we thought it was Wenger, so we waited for the World Cup, where he tanked. Then we waited for Emery, and he once again tanked.

Not to get into the weirdness of him being given tough away days off by TWO Arsenal managers. Imagine that, being 30 years old, the highest paid player at the club, and you’re given tough games off because the manager thinks you’re lightweight? Embarrassing…

Anyone who thinks the Ozil situation under Emery is weird hasn’t been paying attention to what’s going on in football or on a personal level with the player. The game does not allow for passengers, especially when you’re a Europa League side trying to climb into the Champions League. Mesut is a passenger these days, he’s a quarterback who only wants to do what he wants to do.  How does Emery have any other choice outside moving him on?

Can we beat Liverpool away in the Premier League? Likely not. Is taking Mesut there going to change things? Unlikely, he couldn’t make it past 45minutes against Brighton.

Be on the lookout for Arsenal fans using this to go at Unai Emery. The careful-what-you-wish-for contingent are stinging after their summer humiliation. They are softening fans up for questions over the manager because he’s taken all the bold decisions most people who have really been paying attention tend to agree with. Mesut Ozil has been a disaster signing for Arsenal and Emery is addressing that problem as we speak. That’s decisive, it’s bold and it’s the right decision.

If we’re going to beat Liverpool this afternoon, it’s going to be with a team of professionals dedicated to the cause. It’ll have to be a full-throttle performance from every single player. We are capable of such a game as you saw in our destruction of Spurs a few weeks ago, but even if we fail, we’re playing the Premier League leaders with two of our most talented player unavailable because of form or contract troubles.

Our defence looks ripe for destruction. I have no idea how Lichtsteiner and Koscielny are expected to survive an onslaught from the outrageous pace of the Liverpool side, outside a very deep block. In midfield, we don’t have much choice outside a bland offering of three defensive midfielders and up front, our hopes and prayers rest on Auba and Lacazette having an outrageously potent day at the office.

Liverpool’s unbeaten run can’t last forever, but I do think they’re too much for us to handle as a team today.

But, it is what it is, and I don’t think there’s any brand of Mesut Ozil that would help us through today.

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  1. Un na naai


    6 months is enough to get your defence drilled to the point where they don’t hand over 4 goals, not just to not concede them but NOT HAND THEM 4.

    You clearly think that’s asking too much if emery. Can’t rate him that highly

  2. azed

    Why do people say Emery deserves 2-3 more transfer windows/years? What has he done so far with 70mil and 5 new players? If I’m Kroenke, do I trust this guy with potentially another 150mil or so?

    It has been mentioned so many times Emery is not incharge of transfers.

  3. Leedsgunner

    Any goalkeeper is going to look incredibly look vulnerable with this defence in front of him. Leno is by no means an unfinished product but he is not worth writing off after a handful of games. He has promise.

  4. Marko

    We had offers for Ramsey in the summer
    And welbeck
    And ozil
    From China

    No. No. And his cunt agent said that so that’s a firm no. They withdrew the contract offer to Ramsey and never thought about giving one to Welbeck so do you honestly believe that we refused offers for them to then come along and do that? Don’t answer that

  5. Paulinho

    There is too much stock put into philosophies. You can have as grand as a philosophy as you want, but if the players are not up to it then it doesn’t mean squat, as Guardiola found in his first season. Same with Klopp.

    Sarriball philosophy doesn’t mean much when Jorginho is getting played around in defensive positions. In that case, you might want flexible pragmatism, not insistence on deep playmaker.

    Emery teams are tactically fluid technical scrappers. His philosophy is not to have one if you’re putting him against a rigid one that only works if you have the best players at your disposal continually.

  6. Jay

    Really hope when some club is stupid enough to take wenger on, these akb cunts follow him.
    Fucking disgrace how giddy these muppets are at arsenal losing.

  7. Upstate Gooner

    Please, stop it with this whole Arteta crap. I despised him as a player and I can’t stand a thought of him becoming our manager. It’s making me nauseous. As for our 21 game unbeaten streak or whatever, with the exception of beating Spurs 4-2 there’s really nothing to write home about. Vorskla, Qarabag twice? Please, don’t make me laugh. We played a lot of pub teams and we were also extremely lucky. Well, our luck has finally ran out and Emery has been found out.

  8. London gunner


    You are not as logical as you think mate. Your arguments were once concise and enlightened but you are now completely clouded by emotion.

    So. Let me break it down now.

    “So if Wenger is to blame for our negatives…He must be congratulated for the above”

    He is to blame for the negatives because they still have a lasting ethic. A Comparion can be made with politics/ecomonics.. Often times the legacy of a previous administration has damaging/beneficial last impact over the new administrations first period of tenure. It happens in the corporate world as well and in pretty much any hierarchical.

    In this case we cannot acquit the 22 unbeaten run to wenger tenure because its not a continuation of an old model system trend or process. If wenger for instance had large unbeaten runs during his later tenure particular his final season you could factor the 22 game unbeaten run under emery as a continuation of this and therefore not consequence of Emery. Instead what we see is a complete new trend of unbeaten runs under emery that no one expected or predicted because the historical data was not there to lead to that. The change in this experiment or variable being emery and hence most likely. The catalyst for this new trend.

  9. Champagne charlie


    Defend your POV instead of aspiring to be that dense cunt who can’t change his broken record. You’re making a mong of yourself week after week this season, form is temporary they say.

  10. Un na naai


    Just asking for consistency in your reaction to a 5-1 drubbing at anfield

    At least back then they had Suarez

  11. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Any preseason idea dick had needs to go out the window
    Fuck finishing 4th.

    Play the players who have a future with the club
    The rest jack them in

  12. London gunner

    At least back then they had Suarez..

    Yeah now. They have salah maine and firminho complete shit how did we lose to those average players eh

  13. Jay

    How many players from the liverpool team that klopp took over play today?
    He totally overhauled that team, yet emery has 6 months.

  14. Marko

    You can have as grand as a philosophy as you want, but if the players are not up to it then it doesn’t mean squat, as Guardiola found in his first season. Same with Klopp.

    That’s true. But try getting an Arsenal fan to understand that after 6 months.

  15. Marko

    Defend your POV instead of aspiring to be that dense cunt who can’t change his broken record. You’re making a mong of yourself week after week this season, form is temporary they say.

    Excellent point as per usual.

  16. Joe

    And we have 1 less point than this time last season.

    No we don’t you dumb cunt

    We have 38 after 20 matches

    We had 37 after 20 last season

    Wrong again tampon

  17. London gunner

    I’d take Suarez over any of them in his prime. No doubt klopp would have too..

    Better to have three elite players than one elite player makes them that much more dangerous.

    If. You have a single. Threat you become over reliant and teams may end up adapting and closing down targeting that player.

    You got three vipers instead and it tears defesnives to shreds

  18. Upstate Gooner

    A manager typically asks for a certain player(s) and lists positions that he wants to fill. If he doesn’t get exactly what he wants, he still signs off on who comes in. Don’t tell me all 5 players were shoved down his throat, I’ll never believe that. And at the very least, he still trains and picks the team. He can drop Ozil and Lacazette but not Lichsteiner, Xhaka, or even Leno?

  19. Joe

    They are a better team now than they were with Suarez. Because Klopp has had 4 years to build them up.

    Makes sense except to clueless

  20. TitsMcGee

    Wait a minute . You guys mean to tell me that the unwavering optimism for Wenger from the AKBs for 15 years hasn’t transferred to Emeri?

    Shut up.

  21. Danny

    December 26, 2018 19:08:18
    Liverpool are going to fuckin’ annihilate us.
    What a cunt I am……

  22. Joe

    RVP wasn’t winning us a title on his own.

    Wenger sold him on
    The cheap to a rival and handed them the title

    Liverpool sold their top
    Man abroad made a mint and built
    A league winning team.

    Thanks wenger.

  23. Un na naai

    I’m scared man

    I don’t know who to talk to
    I can’t even think straight
    Is anyone here a medical professional??

  24. Un na naai


    They also had Gerrard and sterling and countinho

    I’d hardly call Mane elite. Sturbridge was better. He’s doing a good job but I wouldn’t call him elite

  25. Upstate Gooner

    Btw, did anyone mention that back in November when we drew Pool 1-1 at home, the front 3-1 were Mikhi, Ozil, Auba, and Lacazette? Just saying…

  26. Un na naai

    Had stomach pains for two days now shitting blood again
    I think it’s when I take heartburn tablets
    I’m not sure

  27. Guns of Hackney

    So. Top surgeon joins new hospital. New team. Do they

    A) start butchering patients.
    B) carry on as normal.

    These are professional footballers/manager with a job to do…why do THEY need time but any normal person gets about 45 mins to hit the ground running?

    So bizarre.

  28. Joe


    This hurts more as it was usually expected with wenger. But emery’s hands are tied until he gets more players in. Jan and summer are two of the most important TWs in the history of arsenal. Must get them absolutely spot on

  29. Guns of Hackney

    Un na.

    No they can’t. Internal bleeding??? And you’re asking the idiots here is things are normal? Get yourself to a proper dr pronto and live to fight another day.

  30. Nelson

    @Pedro “Emery is a transition manager.”
    Do you think we should buy Banega? He is 30 years old and has no resale value. He’ll become a burden for the next manager.

    As for today’s match, here is my thought:
    1. The two best players in our team are Auba and Laca. Once I saw the lineup, I knew that Auba will have a bad game. I don’t know why the coaching staff couldn’t see that Auba plays better with Laca ion his side. I truly believe that our team relies on Auba out-scores the opponent.
    2. I was hoping that Emery will study the opponent and prepare a game plan specific for this game. I would try to park the defense and goes for fast counter with Auba and Laca against Liverpool’s strong offense. Instead, Emery still played the same system. With our current defense, that’s what we got.

  31. Jay

    Fuck wingers, am’s etc. Sort the defense out first.
    All fergies teams had a good defense. Build from the back and go from there.

  32. Jay

    Who can genuinely say they surprised by the scoreline? I wasn’t. This defense has been suspect from day one and should be the priority this summer.

  33. Un na naai


    I’ve got an appointment on the 26th of jan for more tests but in the meantime I’d hoped for some sort of comforting words from a medical professional and hoped there might be one on here.
    If you ring 111 they just scare the life out of you as does google

  34. London gunner

    It’s really not that much to ask to give emery one season and a proper transfer window. If he fails after that then we can an end to his tenure.

  35. Mysticleaves

    Un na

    Go see a fucking doctor. Le grove ain’t a hospital. If you are scared as you say, then go to the hospital

  36. Freddie Ljungberg

    We could have Gandalf as manager and Harry fucking Potter as assistant it still wouldn’t make our team any better than it is.

    For all of Wengers faults it’s in the transfer market he was at his absolute worst the last 10 years, terrible at both buying and selling players (and yes, unlike Emery the buck stopped with him) constantly buying relegation level players and then refusing to sell them on after they proved again and again they were not the required level.

    Our rivals are spending 50-70m per player and we’re supposed to fix all our accrued shit in 1 window with the same budget, get the fuck outta here.

    We can lin our hopes on Sven as much as we like but he has to be completely flawless in every decision going forward if we’re ever to catch up on a newly promoted teams budget. We need some genuine superstars mixed in with the diamonds in the rough.

  37. Champagne charlie

    Un na

    No, they typically don’t. But that is something you’ve got to see a physician about because it’s not an obvious diagnosis for many a reason

  38. Joe

    Or maybe call the firey’s to come heLP you after all these years of making fun of us

    Not funny when you need a fireman is it

  39. Un na naai

    I have
    They just stick a finger up and then make an appointment
    Which is what I’m waiting for
    In the meantime it’s happended again and if you’ll excuse the pun, it scares you shitless

  40. Un na naai


    I’ve read that antacids can cause bleeding and it always seems to coincide with me taking them. My family has a history of stomach ulcers

  41. Moray

    Emery for me has more time to show he can realise his vision, whatever that is. But the defence urgently needs to be a barricade he is willing to die on. After this result, he needs to show the fans exactly what he is doing to tighten up at the back; losing goals to simple balls over the top is bullshit, and the manager should know it. He also needs to know that the fans want to see progress at least in one part of the pitch.

    I also see a lack of leadership on the pitch. I hope this is something Emery takes more seriously than Wenger as all I see at the moment is a bunch of 10 halfwitted fancy dan cunts without a plan (I excuse Torreira for obvious reasons).

  42. Bob

    fuck the defence look at the attack we had iwobi, Ramsay, auba how you going to do anything with that? mikki and ozil missing and that’s our attack? that’s not good enuf. and yes laca on the bench.

  43. Freddie Ljungberg

    We absolutely need to get rid of Ramsey, Elneny and Ozil in january if at all possible and get players in that actually contribute.

    No more of the stop gap bullshit either, instead of Cahill for a 6 month fee of 4m and 110k in wages get Calero in for 11m and lower wages, even if he doesn’t cement a first XI spot he’s 23, good with the ball and can be useful backup in the future. We still need a WC CB but that will probably have to wait until summer.

    How are we not in for Fekir? 18 months left of his contract, Lyon wants a resolution in January and he would improve us massively either at CAM or as part of the front 3.

    There are so many positions to fill it’s going to take a couple of windows to fix but rather take a punt on talented youngsters than older players or we’re just going to have to keep replacing them and get 0 funds back every summer. We need to get to the position Liverpool is in now where they can spend all their budget on 1-2 players a year that is top class.

  44. Champagne charlie

    Un na

    I wouldn’t want to speculate mate, stomach ulcers can contribute to blood in the stool but it’s impossible to gauge their relevance with just that

  45. Bob

    beside laca and auba? who else do we have in attack? no attacking midfielders no wingers? not gonna work with Ramsay,iwobi,mikki, ozil it’s full of shit.

  46. raptora

    To be honest I consider Sok a very good defender and Mustafi I think in the hands of Guardiola would be better than Otamendi and Stones.

    Truth is that Emery hasn’t really tighten the ship at the back and that’s the most worrying thing.

    We thought that a classy DM will solve a lot of the problem, as well as a good keeper. We got both and we are just as naive at the back.

    Liverpool, btw, are making a title bid with Joe Gomez and Lovren as partners to Van Dijk and their right back is Alexander Arnold. Hardly top players any of them.

    And they had problems today in defence. It’s that their attacking unit is on a whole different level to ours.

    Yes, they can defend a lead, we’ve seen that already. It’s mostly because they have bees not shy to do the work across the whole pitch.

    But it’s also mostly because teams know that if they attack in numbers, Pool’s attack will carve them open.

    Pep’s teams show defensive problems when put next to the wall. It’s just that they aren’t in that position that often because they’ve already won the game with their offensive talent.

    All in all, I believe we have better players in defence than last year. But to limit the goals we concede, we need to have attacking players that scare the opposition and make them think twice attacking us in numbers. It’s also a confidence thing where if you go on a good run you’d normally have more belief and play better.

    I will say though, that Emery is making me think twice if he’s the knows the right answers. Doesn’t mean that I’ve lost faith in him, it’s too early. But conceding this much after this many games in charge, with defence that is not great, but not shit in any way or form, is very worrying.

  47. azed

    ” I’ll never believe that. And at the very least, he still trains and picks the team. He can drop Ozil and Lacazette but not Lichsteiner, Xhaka, or even Leno?”

    There’s a limit to player training. No matter the amount of training, none of Mustafi, Sokratis or Lichsteiner can be as good as VVD.

    We conceded 5 goals today, 4 of them were individual mistakes. Mistake VVD would not make and he cost $75M which was greater than our whole summer spending.

  48. Upstate Gooner

    I have GERD and take Nexium, Prilosec, Tums, etc on and off all the time to ease the pain/condition. In my case it’s mostly spicy food that causes it so I try to stay away from it but every once in a while crave some chicken wings or what not. Never ever a bloody stool though. Could be an ulcer, could be something else. Main thing is go check it out, and fast. Good luck.

  49. Pedro

    Un, go see the doc, deal with the two finger special.

    It’s likely nothing, but get it over with. You’ll sleep better.

  50. Pedro

    Must be said, I initially thought you and CC were having an analogous debate about Arsenal using blood in the stool as a base narrative.

  51. Ishola70

    Liverpool were not that good today even winning 5-1.

    They were loose with plenty of misplaced passing but I suppose they think an open game against Arsenal and not being too disciplined is not such a bad thing against Arsenal teams.

    As for Leno he has one good attribute which is instinctive shot stopping and he is very good on that account. He seems to lack in too many other areas though. It was inevitable that Cech would have to replaced sooner rather than later but Leno doesn’t seem to be the long term answer. Just like Sokratis is not the long term answer at CB.

    Club are going to have to delve back in the transfer market in the not too distant future years to replace some summer signings as well as others we all know are not good enough that have been at the club for longer periods.

    Very big job on. That’s if the club are serious to compete at the very top levels again.

  52. Champagne charlie

    “Must be said, I initially thought you and CC were having an analogous debate about Arsenal using blood in the stool as a base narrative.“

    😀 sounds a bit….shit

  53. Thorough

    One thing we’ve overlooked for a long time is that we people have the dumbest players in football.
    Kolasinac got crushed in their box but the Idiot jumped up as I’d nothing happened, some seconds later Sallah got a penalty from an imaginary touch because he made a show of it. The same thing happened to Lacazete and he was up like a bomb. Dim goats.
    And nobody should scold me for encouraging ‘cheats’, we’re not the most talented, being dim to go along with it stacks up the odds against us. If we were Liverpool we would have won 3-1 today. You won’t see our foolish players do what Lovren and Sallah did today…to our detriment.

  54. Upstate Gooner

    A lot of it has to do with positional awareness. And that’s definitely something that can be taught/learned. Were Kosc and Mert all that strong, great or fast? No. In fact, Mert was probably the slowest player I’ve ever seen. But they had one of the best defensive partnerships in the league when both healthy. Because they could read the play and position themselves properly. The individual mistakes you’re talking about could and should be eliminated. And that’s down to coaching.

  55. Goonah

    December 29, 2018 22:23:08
    One thing we’ve overlooked for a long time is that we people have the dumbest players in football.
    Kolasinac got crushed in their box but the Idiot jumped up as I’d nothing happened, some seconds later Sallah got a penalty from an imaginary touch because he made a show of it. The same thing happened to Lacazete and he was up like a bomb.


    Amazing you got all 3 claims wrong

  56. Thorough

    Liverpool have 3 main attacking threats, they started the 3 of them, won the game in record time and then had the luxury of taking them off for a deserved rest.
    We have two attackers who need each other to function optimally but Emery starts one of them.
    I’ve said it over and again, all these ‘keeping your powder dry’ is for cowards. Put your best foot forwards ffs.

  57. Thorough

    Maybe chronologically because i refuse to watch that shitshow again.
    But seriously you didn’t see Kola get crunched? You didn’t see Laca get crunched?

  58. Upstate Gooner

    “build from the back” – yep, you can’t always outscore your opponents. Whoever said offense wins you games but defense wins you championships knew exactly what he was talking about. Klopp got it. It cost him 140mil In VVD and Alisson but the table says it all really.

  59. vickingz

    Emery gone yet? A coach that yanked off laca almost half way against Brighton and still didn’t start him against Liverpool only to bring him in when the game was over isn’t a proactive coach that we need. A coach who seems oblivious to how bad lichsteiner is and keeps playing him hence costing us points ain’t a good coach

  60. Goonah

    Kola jumped up to avoid a yellow when the contact he expected never happened

    Sokratis was all over salah

    Laca got crunched and stayed down for a bit with actual pain in his foot.
    Denied a pen

  61. Freddie Ljungberg

    He didn’t exactly build from the back did he? He’s only added VVD and Alisson in the last 2 windows, we are no where near that stage yet.

    We only have 2 goal threats in the whole squad and they both play the same position. We have no wingers and zero creativity. Look at Liverpools front 3 and compare to ours, it’s not even close.

    Sure the defense needs strengthening just like every other part of the team because of Wengers poor squad building but we would see a quicker improvement in our results by adding a top winger and CAM then adding a new left back and right back or another mediocre CB.

  62. MLC

    Un na, anti acids can cause blood in the stools but the colour will be darker ( digested blood ). Pay atention to signals like weakness and weight loss, and go see a doctor please. Anyway i never posts here, only reads, but cause im from health area, i cared to write this time. Get well buddy. And please pedro let me pass through moderation

  63. Thorough

    GoonahDecember 29, 2018 22:40:22
    Kola jumped up to avoid a yellow when the contact he expected never happenedSokratis was all over salahLaca got crunched and stayed down for a bit with actual pain in his foot.
    Denied a pen

    So the two incidents did happen, right? Never mind we see it differently. ffs Kola wasn’t on some yellow was he? If Sallah and Lovren’s fall/dive were halfhearted you think the ref would have given them the time of day?
    Our players are dim, simples.

  64. Champagne charlie

    “We only have 2 goal threats in the whole squad and they both play the same position. We have no wingers and zero creativity. Look at Liverpools front 3 and compare to ours, it’s not even close.“

    Why didn’t we add one in the summer then? Emery knew the squad intimately, it’s why he was hired.

    Why did we reject bids for Chambers, buy a Cb, then loan Chambers? Why not keep Chambers and buy a winger. We wouldn’t be worse defensively for it surely?

  65. Freddie Ljungberg


    I know you’re a bit dim but who should he have played instead of Licht with all the injuries at the back? One of all the great defenders that Wenger left? Oh right there are none.

    Not really his fault that all he has left is a 34 year old from serie A that we had to get on a free because of the absolute shambles of a squad management that’s been going on for the last 10 years or so.

  66. Freddie Ljungberg

    Fuck if I know, probably has something to do with the relegation level budget we had to play with and the massive amounts of players we need to replace.

    With regards to Chambers he should obviously have been sold, I’m however willing to give Emery a pass on not knowing the players as well as he does now before he came to the club, seems pretty reasonable to me. Claims of prior knowledge or not.

  67. Freddie Ljungberg

    I mean it’s not like he has had complete control over in and outgoings at the club for 22 years and still refused to sell him.

    A certain period of assessment is understandable, think that is over now though and he knows who can and can’t work going forward. The question is if he can do anything about it, doubtful if looking at the rumoured transfer budget and the absolute dross we have that no one wants to buy.

  68. Jay

    We are the 4th highest scorers in the league. 1 less than spurs 6 less than liverpool.
    On the other hand we lie 13th in the league for goals conceeded. Watford, west ham, crystal palace even newcastle have conceeded less goals than us.
    The defence is more is the bigger problem.

  69. Champagne charlie


    He got the job specifically on those merits, it was shouted from the rooftop by everyone Arsenal. This guy knew us and blew them away with his attention to detail etc.

    Not sure that can be taken back 6 months in

  70. Kayciey

    3 players Emery bought contributed to Liverpool’s four goals today……the other goal was a needless push by that twat kolasinac. I’m sick of guys blaming Wenger. Emery gave Xhaka a new contract and binned Wilshere…..the only player that cared much. He insists with Lichtsteiner yet Jenkinson can play better. Are we gonna blame Wenger for these? It’s no wonder Gazidis left. He had foreseen these shit.

  71. Victorious


    That was a painful watch..

    How stupid the Emery asslickers must feel tonight, claiming we will never be witnessing
    drubbings like 5-1, and the like, except their hero other plans installed for them, picking today to make them look total wankers.

    Got to feel for them

    Arguably up there as one of most embarrassing days for the club

    Can’t help but admire Klopp though, absolutely top class manager and has dippers playing unreal footy and on course to bag the title.

    Wish we had him and not the fraud Emery

    Guy is really is a poor manager, looked a phony from the beginning and hasn’t convince otherwise up till now

    Doubt this will be our most embarrassing match of the season, city will be licking their lips

    Hope kroenke doesn’t release a dime, muddle the water to the end of season and send him packing

    Wouldn’t trust the guy with a single penny

  72. Freddie Ljungberg

    So Wenger buys and keeps all the garbage players but because Emery doesn’t make all the right choices the minute he’s in the door the blame is on him? Bullshit.

    I wanted much more business done in the summer gone by, there was a lot of players that we should have moved on in my opinion, but then you have yourself and the usual crowd talking about playstation or Fifa or whatever when the reality is we are not a top 4 team as it is. Barely top 6 in quality.

    The only way to change that is to buy better players, it’s not the coaching or the formations that are the difference between us and Liverpool/City it’s the fucking quality of the squads and ours are pretty terrible, who is to blame for that? The guy with 6 months in the job and limited say and budget or the guy who made all the decisions for 22 years, have a word.

  73. TheBayingMob

    I don’t give a shit. Losing like that to an apparent rival is not on. It was a sackable offense for Wenger so therefore it’s a sackable offense for Emery regardless. I’m disgusted by today’s result and performance. Absolutely disgusted.

  74. Dissenter

    At least you’ve taken the gloves off and come out in the open
    You’re an unabashed Emery-outer. I must say that you’re not alone because you have a heterogenous bed fellows that now includes the likes of gambon.

    You don’t want the manager to be backed so that he can fail. That’s interesting.

  75. Freddie Ljungberg

    Sven and Raul is in charge of transfers you dimwit.

    The reason we are still shit is because he got minimal backing in the summer with a shit squad and you want us to spend less? Fucking idiot.

    Klopp has had the full backing of his club and 3,5 years to get where he is now, he also had sellable assets to fund his vision which we don’t have because of the previous manager.

    All the Wenger fanboys out in force spouting absolute bullshit today, sickening.

  76. Dissenter

    One reason why we have less money to spend is that we are still paying Wenger and his assistants [Bould is still on the staff] the last year of their contracts. That’s about 15-20 million, can’t put a number on the actual number.

  77. azed

    “Can’t help but admire Klopp though, absolutely top class manager and has dippers playing unreal footy and on course to bag the title.”

    Emery is a fraud after 6 months Klopp is going for the title after 3 years with a defender and keeper that cost 140M?

    This is not remotely close to the embarrassment we suffered under Wenger.

  78. Champagne charlie

    “So Wenger buys and keeps all the garbage players but because Emery doesn’t make all the right choices the minute he’s in the door the blame is on him? Bullshit.“

    Nope, absolutely not the POV I’m defending or claiming.

    I’m saying at the halfway mark of the season we should see signs of what’s to come from an ‘Emery Arsenal’. If Klopp was here we’d be playing that up tempo counter attack and hard press. Plenty of the squad would be exposed by that and the results would reflect it, but it’d be there to see in fits and starts with most saying “he needs his type of players to make it work”.

    I don’t see what Emery is bringing vs what we had last season. I wasn’t sure his approach pre-hire and I genuinely don’t know how I would characterise his philosophy after 6 months at the club. Yes, numerous players aren’t ‘his’ sort, but what’s his sort?

    Our biggest issue last season was our defence. I said to myself Emery will find a better balance and bring some tactic nous to the side finally after Wenger neglected it. We’ve improved in some aspects here (shape particularly), but defensively we aren’t at it, and that’s with a good GK, good CB, and good defensive midfielder added.

    If you had to describe how Emery’s football team plays the game to a complete football novice how would you?

  79. Freddie Ljungberg

    Yes, we have a added an ok goalkeeper, an ok CB and a really good DM that is overplayed because we have no other options, they’re still surrounded with garbage though and that’s going to take a lot more than 1 window and 70m to fix.

    I think he’s just muddling though at the moment trying to find a way to play with the mess he has, I’m pretty sure we would see a marked improvement if we had a proper CAM and wingers in the team.

    As it is there is no system in the world that would make us look good, with the players we have it’s a miracle we’re not further behind than we are.

  80. azed

    Our biggest issue last season was our defence. I said to myself Emery will find a better balance and bring some tactic nous to the side finally after Wenger neglected it. We’ve improved in some aspects here (shape particularly), but defensively we aren’t at it, and that’s with a good GK, good CB, and good defensive midfielder added.

    At least you agree our shape has improved. It doesn’t help that we have had to chop and patch you our defense for a while.

    Half of our goals have been due to individual mistakes and there’s little Emery can do about it.

    Our best player today was Iwobi that should tell you how poor our squad is.

  81. englandsbest

    Interesting. The manager-bashers of today were the manager-marvellers of yesterday. I guess in their book proving they were right comes first. For them, an Emery failure is orgasmic.

  82. Champagne charlie

    “I think he’s just muddling though at the moment trying to find a way to play with the mess he has, I’m pretty sure we would see a marked improvement if we had a proper CAM and wingers in the team.“

    Then that’s an ownership issue because what the fuck are we doing letting a guy spend a season kicking a can down the street? We had players we could’ve moved on and we didn’t. Dog shit ambition

    Mate our defence has been rotten since Chelsea don’t you remember? We were attacking well but defending like Plymouth. I don’t see the improvement since then, we’ve not had one half of football played in a “defensive” or solid manner. That tells me Emery can’t weave those patterns or organise that side of things. It certainly suggests that.

  83. Confidentgoner


    I would still blame Emery for this loss. There is a pattern with our dsfense since this season. We have been very easy to cut open and to score against.

    Emery needs to hire a defense coach, if we had one, he is not competent. This same probkem Wenger had. The way Pool defends is different from us.

    We will also need serious acyivity in the window. CB, RB, CM, Winger all with pace and height. We will need a Giroud replacement. EPL needs to have a suite of striker options.

  84. Slade

    I agree with gambon because he knows where a real english pub is in las vegas…
    …and agree with guns of wherever, pedro and victorius:
    Need to fire emery tomorrow and bring in a caretaker manager for the rest of the season.
    …someone exciting and amazing…and wengeresque….

  85. Confidentgoner

    The way we defend is atrocious to zay the least. We need to be marking players around the box like orher teans do against us. Sadly, we tgink we are too good to do the needed donkey work. Our midfield needs to recover fast and our positioning to receive the ball at ghe business end is often poor.

    We need massive improvement.

    Emery will be judged by season end if we buy this window.

  86. Freddie Ljungberg

    Sure it’s an ownership issue, he let Wenger stay on way past his expiration date and it’s going to take a long time to fix the mess he created. Anyone that thought that a new manager whoever it may be would just turn these turds into gold is a fucking idiot.

    Stan is not a good owner by any means, but the funds have been there in Wengers last years, he just spent them piss poor and that is affecting our ability to move forwards now, that’s just facts.

  87. Confidentgoner


    Some hate facts!

    But you got to admit that Emery has also failed to mould the team defensively. That is a fact!

  88. Freddie Ljungberg

    Who does he have to make this moulding with? Kos is broken, Monreal is broken, Kola not good enough defensively to be a starter, Bellerin improving slightly but still not good enough defensively, Mustafi as error prone as they come likewise Xhaka.

    Sokratis and Holding has been our 2 best defenders and now Holding is out for the year, none of them would make it into any of the top 4 teams.

    All of our defenders are either weak, short or slow, some of them has more than q of these “qualities” . On top of that some of them are highly error prone and shit positionally. How do you fix that without replacing most of them? They don’t even have the basic requirements of modern day defenders, I’m not expecting miracles here, it’s going to take time and money, there are no other fixes to this.

  89. Marko

    Hope kroenke doesn’t release a dime, muddle the water to the end of season and send him packing Wouldn’t trust the guy with a single penny

    Sure why not come in out of the woodwork there Vic. Gotta point out though it was Wenger who pissed away 90 million on arguably our biggest liabilities in Mustafi and Xhaka (and Lucas Perez that summer). I mean it’s mostly his squad 20 of the 25 man squad are the piss poor players he assembled.

    Arguably up there as one of most embarrassing days for the club

    Pretty bad all right but not nearly as bad as 8-2 (United), 10-2 (Bayern), 6-0 (Chelsea his 1000th game what a dickhead), 6-1 (United again), 5-1 (Spurs), 5-1 and 4-0(Liverpool), 4-0 (Southampton), 6-3 (Man City) and those are just the heavy defeats (not counting some of the other embarrassing European nights) let’s not forget some of the cup defeats to Nottingham Forest, Blackburn and the mighty Bradford as well as Birmingham City in a final. So basically Vic you deplorable little shit today was bad but it doesn’t even rank in the top 15 of embarrassing defeats. Arsene Wenger has the exclusivity on embarrassing defeats as a manager

  90. China1

    Emery can not escape all blame just because he is new and the squad is pants. The manager never walks away with zero responsibility in a match 6 months into his tenure

    The squad is pants and that’s not his fault – but it’s still not a good reason to lose worse than many lower table teams. The reason this defeat is hard to swallow is because 1) we sounded away points for free against Brighton, putting pressure on ourselves without good reason and 2) there’s never a good reason to concede this many in one game

    But those who say the squad is shit – you’re right. It is. And victorious you are hilarious to put that game as one of the most embarrassing ever. We used to ship games like that a few times a season man are you for real?

  91. gonsterous

    oh boy, I knew we would lose but to concede 5. yikes.
    The only reason I’m not calling for emerys head is because it’s his first season in charge. Though if we are conceding 5 next season, then we really need to look at the manager and not the defence.

  92. China1

    Our squad sucks but it’s still probably the 6th best in the country. The 6th best squad in the country shouldn’t be losing games by this margin except in one off circumstances.

    I hope this is the only time t happens this year

    Nobody expected us to win, but a 2-1 or 3-2 defeat would’ve been much easier to accept

  93. China1

    Charlie re emery knowing the squad in detail before he was hired, I’d be shocked if that was *really* true

    In an interview the impression you give and the reality are often not entirely the same

    You don’t have to know everything about something to give people the impression you do in a restricted time frame. Choosing what to say and what not to say and guiding the conversation to reflect favorably is a key skill that many people possess (politicians can go far with this) so I wouldn’t read too much into the club being blown away by his presentation

    For example, if you want to make it look like you’re an expert on the arsenal academy, you don’t need to really be. You need to know the names, positions and a couple of sentences about each player, then spend a bit more time researching the 2-3 best players in detail.

    You introduce how you’ve admired the academy for a long time, mention there are lots of promising players, touching very briefly and name dropping a few you actually don’t know much about, then spend time going into detail about your ideas and plans for the few players you really have researched.

    You control the conversation and the impression to an observer is that you are a beast when in reality you know a lot about 3 players and barely anything about the rest

  94. Akkimaniac

    I think Emery’s mark was obvious with the unbeaten streak when we had a full strength side. It feels at the moment he’s managing game to game to try and work around our obvious flaws and lack of personnel.

  95. Emiratesstroller

    Arsenal retained the services of Steve Bould despite the departure of Wenger.
    The question which needs to be asked is what exactly is his role under Emery?

    One assumes that his so-called specialisation is to work at the club as a defence coaching specialist.

    Under both managers Arsenal’s defence has been fairly poor. Sofar as I am concerned there has been no material uplift in performance.

    You have to question Bould’s value at the club.

  96. Tony

    For the Wenger and Ozil obsessives/trolls and people who have only ever known Wengerball, such as Upstate – a so called learned supporter who’s knowledge comes from the Internet pre Wenger.

    What happened against Liverpool was expected by most of us and this article below sums our current situation up perfectly.

    Without club backing in the TWs it will continue and there is nothing Emery or we can do about it or Arteta/Alegri (who’s condition to take over was a total rebuild) or any other manager for that matter.

    So you can troll away or get behind Emery understanding ther huge gulf that exists between Liverpool, City and to a slightly lesser extent Spuds, Chelsea and United who could well overtake us by the end of the season.

    I’ve said several times before Emery isn’t perfect and neither is he the manager to get us to Liverpool’s and City’s level, but at least he can bring us to a CL level if given the funds to acquire players with the requisite talent as well as win a few cups.

    Some of you need a huge dose of introspection if you think 3 FA cups in the last 14 years is something to be proud of with a manager who couldn’t even win the league when Leciester ran away with it and the top clubs were all floundering.

    However, if that’s all you’ve got, then troll away with your massaged stats, such as Ozil plays 38 games a season and other mindless nonsense.

    Yesterday was a statement of what Wenger left us and just how £70 million doesn’t cut it in today’s transfer market when you need to rebuild a team.

    If you think £70m can rebuild a defense that regularly ships 60+ goals a season, you are fooling no one but yourselves and looking very stupid in the process.

    At this stage of the process look more at the club than the struggling manager who badly needs their backing.

    If after bringing in a RB,LB, 2CBs, DM, AM, 2 wingers and a quality CAM/10 and fails to sustain CL football as well as challenging for top honours, then you won’t be alone in wanting his removal and a next level manager being brought in.

  97. Tony

    It took 10+ years for Wenger, Gazidis and the greedy BoD to systematically destroy an ‘Invincible’ level of football and some mindless futile idiots want that reversed in one season and in some cases half a season.

    You couldn’t make it up if you tried.

  98. Tony

    Get on a plane and go to this hospital:

    Choose your Dr from their website lists by their experience and expertise.

    Probably wouldn’t cost you more than £1500 including flight and cheap hotel and a consultation and extensive tests. You can then either have whatever treatment is necessary here or take home their findings for a UK hospital to deal with.

    Hotel next to the hospital from about £50 a night:

    Taxi from airport to above hotel about £10

    Depends how much you value your life and you always say you are doing well with your business.

    Thailand is a medical tourist destination for a reason.

    The UK Drs sent my 85 year old father home to die after a heart attack, so I brought him out here and paid for a triple bypass and later a rotatorcuff repair operation.

    He lived another 8 years going on 14 holidays around Thailand & S E Asia with his live in qualified nurse/carer.

    Had he stayed in the UK, he would have been dead in 3 months.

    Quite a few of our Thai friends here are doctors who did their reseidencies in America, UK and Japan.

  99. Upstate Gooner

    Tony and Co.
    You and the rest can say whatever about Emery inheriting a mess of a club but in reality it wasn’t all that bad. Klopp got Benteke. Emery got Auba and Lacazette. Hardly a disadvantage. Mignolet – Cech. Whothefuckknowsrb – Bellerin. The list goes on and on. We needed to stabilize defense and Emery didn’t do it. Plain and simple. I’m actually not a Klopp fan. People have a very short memory. This is the same guy who blamed a bad result on a unwatered pitch. Same guy who was saying that he needed points more than already relegated West Brom after a draw. Sore loser and I hate those. But… he recognized what his team needs are, and he addressed it. Emery didn’t. F him, and I hope he’s gone in the summer. He was brought in to deliver results, namely top 4. There’s no way he can do it, and if he does I’ll eat a huge slice of a humble pie. Never wished bad luck on my team and not about to do it now. COYG.

  100. Upstate Gooner

    US doctors are the same. My wife’s grandfather probably could have lived for another 10 years if it wasn’t for lack of desire and competence of the so called doctors over here. We’re both of Russian decent and I know for a fact that if we went back to Russia and paid a fraction of what was paid here, he might have just still be with us.

  101. Tony

    lmao at your post.

    Stick to NFL & Baseball as you clearly have limited knowledge about football and Arsenal.

    As I said by your own account (20 years supporting Arsenal) you have only known Wenger’s days.

    Your level is MLS knowledge/experience and below if you ever played the game over the pond.

    Try learning from Guns of SF, Disenter etc who really understand the game in its entirity.

    Perhaps your in game comment of wanting to piss off Joe and others is your real mantra.

    Have at it, you are not even good at trolling. Just a Victorius wannabe.

    Thanks for the entertainment, though.

  102. Sancho Monzorla

    I find it no coincidence that Victorious is back with drool all over his face as soon as Un said his asshole was bleeding.

  103. Joe

    Sancho MonzorlaDecember 30, 2018 05:03:59
    I find it no coincidence that Victorious is back with drool all over his face as soon as Un said his asshole was bleeding.


  104. Upstate Gooner

    Just because Guns of SF and Dissenter agree with your opinions doesn’t mean that you or they are right. I’m not saying I’m a football expert but I see what I see and interpret it as such. Football in Russia was a pretty popular sport, and even though I have followed Arsenal (only) since the late 90’s, I have played and watched footy since the early 80’s. Didn’t know you had to watch Arsenal before Wenger to “truly” understand the beautiful game.

  105. Robinson

    I think anyone who expects a philosophy from Emery is going the wrong route. Emeryball is simply being better tactically, stronger and more athletic across the game, with technique providing the gloss. Even if he was sent to Barcelona, the team would change to adapt to that. In my opinion, he doesn’t focus on technique, just tactics. He is anti Wenger in that way. He is like an Ancelloti. Give him the strongest, most switched on players and you will get results. That’s why Guendouzi is a favourite. Never hides, rarely flags… Few lapses(that can be eradicated). As well as Iwobi. If he had a perfect eleven, he would have solid(not world class) CBS who are robust and always in the game. Eg Holding (after he develops). He like robust fullbacks who can act as wingbacks and can tuck into midfielders (they control the passing game, they create). He creates from the wings, so wingers would be an added advantage. His midfield is about energy and pressing and not creation. I can guess he is a follower of Ferguson’s now that I have gone over what I have read. Doesn’t require a highly technical midfield, just an energetic midfield. He can play with three DM types who can pass well, but doesn’t require them to be creative, just lump the balls to the wings. So he needs a genuine winger and wing forward who can play inside forward. Better in fact for these to be absolutely world class.
    So if I was sven, I would bring a couple of solid CBS in, one young, another veteran, two wingers in, especially Sanchez types players who are energetic but have creativity in them, and he needs a left back asap, as well as anther right back option. The wingers can solve the issue temporarily. So I would start with wingers and a CB on January. That assures you of CL qualification. One of each is fine. Add another winger, and Reiss Nelson in summer. Add a good Center Midfielder (torreira type). Sell some dross. Get one potential world class player(whatever position).
    Try to really compete for PL, even if we fall short, add a player or two every TW, the younger the better. After two years replace Emery with another coach. Emery will have a trophy, but we can get another coach…. Just because we are bored with Emeryball and maybe Real will want him then.

  106. Mysticleaves

    Unai looks like someone holding on till the winter TW to make a move. I just hope money will be released. He’s gotten all he can from this team and he has actually been found out.

    Earlier on he relied on the unknown factor to beat teams. Now the other teams know his style and pattern and we don’t have that individual stardust quality that can win us games on their own.

    I also expected him to have started working on adapting to what he has by now and not be so insistence on playing his style as he has seen that he doesn’t have the players to do what he wants. The defence is awfully bad. Individual mistakes are just too much.

  107. Batistuta

    Was I l expecting it? Yea sure
    Did i think it will be that bad? Absolutely not

    Spent the day pissed in the bar celebrating a Milan win(Higuain finally)( yea priorities i know)and my wife called me to say we were losing just i expected but the scoreline was embarrassing if we’re being honest, the plan was to if at all lose, do so with a bit of dignity.

    As I’ve been saying, you don’t give a new manager coming into a club that had stagnated less money than a championship team and expect miracles, i suspect if Emery isnt backed properly, he’ll fuck off before we even have the chance to fire him

  108. Batistuta

    I know Arsenal fans like to pride themselves on this whole self sustainable no sugar daddies bullshit but the sooner some Arab or Chinese Billionaire takes over our club the better. At some point rather than the manager, we have to start looking at the owner to figure out what his plan is with the club even if the protests have to resume in full, our Transfer Budget last summer was an embarrassment, our squad is poor, very very poor and it showed yesterday.

    Is the manager blameless? No he has some blame to share but he did still go 22 unbeaten with the pile of crap we have here which means there is something about him but he’ll continue to fail unless he’s backed properly in the Transfer window and I’m not talking 100 million kind of budget,we need to spend a lot of money,wisely but we must spend

  109. Unai

    As much as we all have our ideal manager and system the glaringly obvious issue here is squad size and quality.

    We have no assets of any real value and even our squad players are unattractive options to the lower half of the table. The squad value is clearly dropping.

    Without serious investment were going nowhere, the idea of selling to buy only works if you have something to sell.

    We have 2 options, Stan puts some cash up or the club takes on some calculated debt but I fear we won’t do either.

    I’m sure, if we carry on like this, were fucked.