Mesut Ozil’s familiar pattern of injuries continues

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So here we are again, Mesut Ozil drops out of the Arsenal trip to Liverpool complaining of a pain in his knee.

Is it real? Could be. Is it made up? History would suggest that when Mesut thinks bad news is coming there’s often a reaction. Whatever it is, I’m not really surprised that we’re here talking about the mercurial German again.

It’s quite interesting watching a certain group of fans use this issue as something to pin on Emery as bad management.

I think fans need a reminder of what Mesut Ozil has been for Arsenal.

This is the most expensive player on our books by about £150k a week. I know people don’t like the fact I mention the figure, but that’s because it’s a baffling number when you consider his drawbacks. It doesn’t matter how you package money, in football, it should be related to what you consistently deliver to the team. ‘It’s not his fault he’s paid that much’ isn’t an argument I’m afraid.

Mesut needs perfect conditions to perform these days. Nice weather, preferably a little break before he plays, he’s no good away from home, doesn’t like to play bruisers or teams that drop a heavy press, and he also doesn’t like to have to muck in for the team, nor will he play out on the right.

We thought his issue before was having to play with Giroud, so Lacazette was going to unleash his creativity. Didn’t happen. Then we thought signing a striker with pace would help him. Didn’t happen. Then we thought it was Wenger, so we waited for the World Cup, where he tanked. Then we waited for Emery, and he once again tanked.

Not to get into the weirdness of him being given tough away days off by TWO Arsenal managers. Imagine that, being 30 years old, the highest paid player at the club, and you’re given tough games off because the manager thinks you’re lightweight? Embarrassing…

Anyone who thinks the Ozil situation under Emery is weird hasn’t been paying attention to what’s going on in football or on a personal level with the player. The game does not allow for passengers, especially when you’re a Europa League side trying to climb into the Champions League. Mesut is a passenger these days, he’s a quarterback who only wants to do what he wants to do.  How does Emery have any other choice outside moving him on?

Can we beat Liverpool away in the Premier League? Likely not. Is taking Mesut there going to change things? Unlikely, he couldn’t make it past 45minutes against Brighton.

Be on the lookout for Arsenal fans using this to go at Unai Emery. The careful-what-you-wish-for contingent are stinging after their summer humiliation. They are softening fans up for questions over the manager because he’s taken all the bold decisions most people who have really been paying attention tend to agree with. Mesut Ozil has been a disaster signing for Arsenal and Emery is addressing that problem as we speak. That’s decisive, it’s bold and it’s the right decision.

If we’re going to beat Liverpool this afternoon, it’s going to be with a team of professionals dedicated to the cause. It’ll have to be a full-throttle performance from every single player. We are capable of such a game as you saw in our destruction of Spurs a few weeks ago, but even if we fail, we’re playing the Premier League leaders with two of our most talented player unavailable because of form or contract troubles.

Our defence looks ripe for destruction. I have no idea how Lichtsteiner and Koscielny are expected to survive an onslaught from the outrageous pace of the Liverpool side, outside a very deep block. In midfield, we don’t have much choice outside a bland offering of three defensive midfielders and up front, our hopes and prayers rest on Auba and Lacazette having an outrageously potent day at the office.

Liverpool’s unbeaten run can’t last forever, but I do think they’re too much for us to handle as a team today.

But, it is what it is, and I don’t think there’s any brand of Mesut Ozil that would help us through today.

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  1. Un na naai

    Kroenke out is right

    We hounded wenger long enough when the man at least cared for the club
    That slithery old fucking reptile needs to go and take his sons with him.

    Kroenke OUT!!!

  2. Guns of Hackney

    Take it back a bit and I’m pretty sure I said 5/6-1 today. You’re welcome. I will also except the apologies for the abuse I received for this prediction.

    I didn’t catch the game and haven’t seen the highlights but this was almost tagged on as a big home win.

    Brilliant attack v shitty defence = doh!

    Emery is done I’m afraid. He never was and never will be the manger we needed after Arsene. He’ll improve us, but will never take us to the top levels.

  3. loyika

    Unfortunately Emery will end up being the “Rebound Chic’ and probably won’t last more than 1 more season at the Arsenal.

    The next game is important, lose that and the majority won’t give a toss whether he stays or goes.

    No one honestly expected us to beat Pool, but dare we lose to Fulham….shyte will definately hit the fan.

    Feel sorry for the team and Manager.

  4. Cesc Appeal


    You also rate Wilshere, when West Ham lost him to injury their results took an upturn and now he’s crocked again for the season.

    You also incessantly defended Wenger. Still do.

    Judgement off maybe?

  5. Daz

    The club was done as a big force when they decided selling our best players to chelsea city and utd to pay the bills was the way to go, never going to be a top side again unless new owners come in

  6. Champagne charlie


    Bore off mate, your “excuse” ramblings are boring af. You never actually come out with any, just piss-through accusations because that’s all you actually offer on here.

    “Weird you refer to their mistakes” – yea so weird, after watching those mistakes lead to a 5-1 defeat 9 minutes ago, and in response to pedro insinuating this was a Wenger-mess. Super weird. Nibble at someone else, you’re an unintelligent cuck.

  7. Marko

    Why do people keep bringing up 5 defensive signings? We bought a kid a pointless RB signing (who earlier in the season Charlie argued was a smart signing) and up until Holdings injury a back up CB (Mustafi and Holding were preferred). We strengthened the starting 11 to the tune of two whole players. Those others are Wenger signings and the team still reeks of him. Until otherwise we’re not going to be good enough

  8. Leftsidesanch

    Loyika, I thought Emery got it wrong in midweek but today I feel bad for him. We started well enough, got ourselves into a lead and decided to hand out late Christmas gifts.

  9. Guns of Hackney

    Lolz. Life after Wenger isn’t really that different after all. Still rubbish and we’re still in-fighting.

    £500m and Pep will probably sort us out. Oh wait.

  10. Champagne charlie


    Why not explain then instead of making remarks like a teenager?

    How you don’t assert the five signings made were defensive is a mystery. The most attacking one is Guendouzi, who is a deep lying CM who plays 5 yards from the centre halves.

  11. Joe


    If it doesn’t work with emery no one will fighting for him to stay

    We won’t be saddled with a loser like we were with wenger for 15 years too long.

  12. Leftsidesanch

    How many times is it a brilliant passage of play, its bread and butter defending that we’re just not doing. Even Sokratis who looks like he enjoys defending (can’t say the same about most of them) gave away a needless penalty.

  13. TR7


    Good managers stick to what they believe in even when the going gets tough. Emery started off with playing out from the back, a good idea for sure. He gradually phased out Cech and introduced Leno who was more comfortable with the ball, again a good move. Guess what ? Within 6 months we have given up on playing out from the back. Stuff like these concern me more than actual results. As long as there is a clear playing philosophy and a well thought out process , one can still.ignore current results and pin his hope on the future. Sadly Emery does not give me.that impression/confidence. It does not look like we have built upon our ‘cut back’ style either.

  14. Marko

    in response to pedro insinuating this was a Wenger-mess. Super weird

    Hardly a stretch is it. How many players out injured? Not contributing? How many god awful defenders do we have at the club? All of them? Can blame Wenger for all but two of our defenders. But anyway

  15. Goonah

    Soo….sack Bould and get the best defensive coach there is and buy 4 new shiny defenders to replace the 2 new defenders we just got and the other shit ones.
    Seems to be the only solution to this mess. 🙂 Appalling display.

  16. raptora

    Both camps are half right and half wrong.

    Emery has proven that he is not a miracle maker. This said, we wouldn’t have more points with any other manager on the planet. He’s definitely steadied the ship.

    But he’s also regressed in the last several weeks. Team’s been playing worse and worse since that big league win vs spuddies. Feels like both players and manager have dropped the tempo.

    I have time for Emery but some of the choices he makes are mind boggling. Laca had to stay on the pitch vs BHA and had to start the game today. Elneny could have been used in several occasions instead of Xhaka as a CB. Lichtsteiner starting is a complete abomination.

    If we don’t totally crumble which I don’t think we will, we should judge him in next Winter. Let him have a second summer and see how we do in the first half of 2019/20. If thinks still look grim, then move him on. But for now he is doing an okay job. Not magnificent, not horrendous.

  17. Wenker-wanger

    Ironic and perplexing that the akbs wanting emery out had to endure 9 years of specialist in failure garbage from an incompetent dinosaur in wenger.
    Emery has an injury ravaged defense playing the top team and these akbs are ludicrously questioning emery.

  18. Samesong


    You can’t play out from the back against teams like Liverpool. That playing out the back should be used with ball playing centrebacks we don’t have one. Kozzer used to be able not anymore.

  19. Champagne charlie


    No it’s precisley a stretch. Arsenal should be noticeably better now than we were last season.

    The cloud is gone, the new guy had a full pre-season, several big names at home for the WC, and brought in 5 players to make a mark.

    19 games in and we’re twatted in familiar fashion with mistakes from 3 of the 5 new signings, but somehow Wenger is to get the finger of blame and Emery the sympathy vote. Pathetic

  20. Un na naai


    I didn’t defend wenger!!! Where do you lot get this stuff?? Ok I defended his early years but once he sold cesc and rvp it was over

    I supported arsenal as I do now but I’m just as angry then as I am now about this joke of a club. Selling season tickets for the club section at fortunes while spending less than mid table.

    Do you think today was good enough cesc?

    What about the previous few weeks (spurs aside)

    Because I don’t. Now I’m not going to fly banners to get managers out and I’ll support this one until he goes but he’s making big mistakes already and it’s plain to see. That doesn’t make me an akb. Ithers here whonhated wenger can see clear as day that he’s making mistakes

    And yes I’d have kept Wilshere and santi. We have fuck all creativity right now and could use a little of theirs. Especially when you consider ozil isn’t playing. Ramsey isn’t olaying. Mkhitaryan has been shit when he does play.

    The creative players he plumped for have let him down so whatever way you look at it, he made a mistake.

  21. Cesc Appeal


    I don’t think they need to move him on, I think his contract is such he would be out of time.

    Basically as when he took over the starting 11 needed replacing over 1-2 seasons aside from people like Bellerin, Lacazette, Aubameyang and then Ramsey (obviously wage demands torpedoed him) basically everything else is expendable/needs changing.

    The club therefore need to make a decision as of next week, back Emery and splash out in January to continue that process, or to hold off and handicap a manager to the point that you will never truly know what he could have done but use him as a tool of modernising.

    I don’t know what the club are going to do.

    If it’s the latter it feels cruel, but then on £4-6 Million a year, you probably wouldn’t mind.

  22. Leedsgunner

    Emery has shown himself to be fallible like everyone else today.

    I still support the team and the manager but he needs to take responsibility for the way we have conceded goals so quickly. This has occurred far far too often.

    Emery is a clever bloke, I cannot believe he cannot see what we can see. If the players cannot show more resolve and resilience he needs to act decisively and bring in players who will.

    As I sai£ earlier, we need a complete defence overhaul.

  23. Un na naai


    They were 5 defensive signings

    Until now guendouzi and Torriera were the second coming and just what we’ve needed

    Papa has been praised to the hills as the experienced tough guy when all along holding was the man “holding” our defence together. (See what I did there)

    Lichtsteiner was a serie a winner with experience and a worthy addition

    And leno…. haha. He can really ping a pass to our full back him

  24. John T.

    Not surprised at the outcome. This squad is still composed of Wenger’s players, it’ll take years for Arsenal to be competitive. As for the mentioned player in the post, Wenger (again) has saddled Arsenal with an overpaid, overrated so called player. Rather than fix blame if I was Emery I’d be moving him on asap. Another example of a BAD decision by an equally BAD manager who should have been sent packing 5-8 years ago. What Arsenal fans are experiencing is the aftermath of that. Give Emery the time and players he needs to rebuild.

  25. Thomas

    The club had two chances to get Guardiola before he went to Bayern and Man City but they bottled it. They choose to persist with a senile old fool with outdated methods.


  26. Guns of Hackney

    A big club shouldn’t lose to another big club in this manner. This wasn’t even tight.

    This was a Mexican road sweeper v Tyson.

  27. Dissenter

    Emery’c contract is only for two years. If he doesn’t sort it out then he’s gone in 2020.
    Unai Emery has a free hit for this season in my opinion.
    We have a paper thin squad in terms of quality and yet a few people are already asking for his head.
    Will the new manager get £500 million to fix the mess? This a massive task we are talking about.

    That said he should have played Lacazettte from the start.
    Lichtsteiner shouldn’t get a game except in Europa League.

  28. Ishola70

    A very Wengeresque thrashing.

    And we have seen more than enough of these thrashings in the last decade or so.

    Wenger was manager at Arsenal for over 20 years. You don’t eradicate the weaknesses and negative traits that surfaced in his sides in his second phase time period overnight and certainly not in 6 months and even less likely with a very modest transfer kitty given in the summer.

    Liverpool were 1.40 odds to win this game. 1.40. These type of odds on a team means almost certain victory and with more than enough chance to see a big win for the winning side. William Hill had an advert before the match promoting a double bet on the TV. Now these promotion bets have to be tempting to get punters to bet on it. The double bet was Salah to score anytime plus Xjaka to be carded in the match at anytime. Odds of 10/1. Well the bet came in and this bet was put up because there was a good chance for Salah to score and also for Xjaka to be booked. Another poor indictment on Arsenal.

    The board need to back the manager in the summer. This means giving out funds to get in a leader at CB plus maybe another in that position and a midfielder that has dynamism to go and play alongside Torreira. The meterosexuals at the club messrs Ozil and Xjaka to be shown the door. Also a attacking mid that is busy and hungry. If we do not see the backing of the manager with funds in the summer then we know the club are just sleepwalking into a very long period of mediocrity.

    Saying all that Emery though he needs the obvious time may prove not the man for the job. Arsenal need a manager that is big on defence. Was disappointing that Emery said he would rather win games 4-3 than 1-0 in the summer. We see he is not big on defence with how the team looks defensively and of course the personnel are not up to scratch.

    Long road ahead and for this club to be successful again it may need a complete overhaul of mentality not just from those that play on the pitch and manager but from the supporters as well. A complete change of philosophy.

    This defensive fragility and defensive woes have gone on for far too long at Arsenal.

  29. Cesc Appeal

    ‘I cannot believe he cannot see what we can see. If the players cannot show more resolve and resilience he needs to act decisively and bring in players who will.’


    But he can’t do anything about that until next week.

    This was a frustrating game to arrive just before the window opens and I’m fascinated to see what the club do.

    Do they pussy it and tell him he has to keep pussies like Ozil around and just deal with it, that they won’t try to sell Ramsey, Elneny etc and that they won’t risk spending big, or do they go for it?

    Everyone at the club knows the score, Sanllehi let us know that months back.

  30. Un na naai

    Now I’m not saying they were bad signings but they were defensive signings and they were made to improve us and take us up the table.
    I love Torriera and guendouzi. I think they’re great. But the other three I’m not so hot in at all. Papa was a step backwards and I think Leno was too. Even if they weren’t then whynisnt our new coaching staff able to implement basic defence101??

    We knew wenger was useless in that department. Emery is meant to be a pragmatist we are told.
    5-1 says otherwise

  31. Cesc Appeal

    ‘Torreira needs a rest. If he doesn’t get one he will end up broken and injury prone like Wilshere’


    But he’s been our best player this season and is the only CDM we have.

    This is what everyone is saying is the problem with this ridiculous squad.

  32. Paulinho

    “but somehow Wenger is to get the finger of blame and Emery the sympathy vote. Pathetic”

    Except all the crowd who wanted Wenger out consistently said Wenger had left us a complete mess and it would take years to sort out the mess. We also said those who continually blamed Kroenke for our troubles would all of a sudden direct a more scrutinizing eye towards the manager of a all sudden. Both of those have turned out to be spot on.

    There has been no sudden change of stance to suit a narrative blaming Wenger.

    Turns out we were right the squad was shit and the mess Wenger left would take several transfer windows to sort out.

  33. Guns of Hackney

    I wouldn’t give emery any funds. He doesn’t look like the guy you give the Ferrari keys to.

    I wouldn’t give him £.0.79 for a snickers.

  34. Un na naai


    What like welbz ozil Ramsey and Mkhitaryan?? All been rather useful this season haven’t they?? Either injured or dropped.

    At least the other two had real quality.
    They were skillful players.
    We kept ozil and played him 4 times and fucked him off

    Kept Ramsey then fucked him off. Great planning there

  35. Majesticgooner

    Why don’t we give youth team fullbacks a chance? Liverpool did it with Alexander Arnold, surely can’t be worse than slow liechenster and apart from Iwobi today none of our players attempted to dribble past their man like mane, Salah and firminio did to create openings. We desperately need players who can dribble and why oh why does he leave Lacazette out? His work rate at winning balls up the pitch is missed when not on the pitch, he offers something more on that front than abuymayang .

  36. Samesong

    A loss is a loss, it doesn’t matter what the margin is.

    Go and watch that 8-2 back and tell me a loss is a loss lol. That was a humiliation.

  37. Un na naai


    It’s not his side any more

    Ramsey, xakha and Mustafi maybe

    The rest did not spend more than two seasons around wenger

  38. Upstate Gooner

    Serious question: Would you trust Emery with 100-150mil budget in the next 2 transfer windows? Mind you, this is the guy who got Lichsteiner and is rumored to be bringing another 30+ year old in Banega as Ramsey’s replacement?

  39. arsene's used sock

    oh don’t worry guys, wenger only left us in the shallows, he would never take us out to the middle of the sea when he knows he can’t get us back.

  40. Paulinho

    As I said Man City DID NOT improve in linear fashion during Guardiola’s first season. They got battered 4-0 by Everton in January and were playing worse then than August.

    It took until the start of the second season, once he had another pre-season and bedded in more signings, before the real progress took place.

  41. TR7


    Not calling you out on it but you were saying not long ago we could mount a title tilt and now you are saying what we are left with is a mess and will take several transfer windows to fix. What’s changed ?

  42. Leedsgunner

    Guns of Hackey

    Do you seriously believe in the statements you are make about Arteta or do you just do it to get a reaction? If the latter, why? What purpose does it serve?

    Not meaning to insult or get a rise but I’m genuinely interested in why you rate Arteta so much.

  43. Guns of Brixton


    Hell. Throw in Xhaka and Sokratis too

    That is a TON of players to shift.

    Not all there a shite. Some just too old #kos and Monreal.

    That is a mammoth task.

  44. Leedsgunner


    The truth is Emery doesn’t decide on his own. He’s just a part of the process…

    I trust Sven and Raul to get it right.

  45. Un na naai

    For the record

    I don’t want emery sacked

    I want him backed. Give him some proper money and let’s see what he can do. Otherwise hire a visionary like Pedro said. What good is emery if his pragmatism turns out to be not very pragmatic at all.

    A defence stocked full of internationals. All played for big European clubs at the top of the game and we are getting embarrassed. Lesser teams with lesser players would be ashamed but they go to a field and get better results

  46. raptora

    Manure got their asses handed to them by bindippers so it’s not like we’re the only big team getting the D deep in. It’s what we get from this game that matters. It’s a very tough result to swallow but we got to collect ourselves and show we can bounce back from this bad night. A full month for Sven and co to earn their salaries.

  47. Paulinho

    TR7 – There has been no change there either. When you asked me about that I actually said we wouldn’t but there was a slight possibility if the entire squad stayed fit. Our first eleven is average but our fully fit squad has enough options to beat 90% of the league.

    I was one of the few who always rated Welbeck and said when he got injured that was any title challenge down the toilet.

  48. Jeff

    I think most of us on here agreed that it would take at least a couple of seasons for the aftermath of Wenger’s many years of intransigence and incompetence to be remedied. Whether or not Emery is the man to do that is still not certain but what I do know is that this is Klopp’s fourth season in charge and he hasn’t won anything either – yet. In fact his win rate is only very slightly ahead of Rodgers where the two are at 50.69% and 50.30% respectively.

    Now let’s come to Pep Guardiola. With the kind of side he inherited in his first year you would have thought that he should have hit the ground running. But his first year was a flop even with those superstars. In his second year he won the league and here in the third he too struggles beneath Liverpool

    So the moral of this story is that given the state of what Emery has inherited and most of the players still very much infected by the disease that Wenger passed onto them, you don’t need a slide rule to work out that this is going to take time. Whoever took over was bound to struggle and I’m not making excuses Emery, just stating some very obvious facts.

    I would not be too distraught at the recent results because I can see Unai Emery making wholesale squad changes in the coming 3 or 4 windows that will get rid of the deadwood and replace with some quality stars or up and coming gems. We will get there but it will take time and there is no need to feel down – no gain without pain as they say.

  49. Dissenter

    Really, you’re the only one who called the Lichtsteiner signing right.
    Everyone else thought it was an astute signing of a veteran.
    You said his legs were gone and you were right.
    How are you doing?

  50. Graham62

    Who exactly is the defensive coach at Arsenal?

    Is it still Steve Bould?

    I’m sorry, but if you still retain someone who was a major part of the problems that existed before Emery’s arrival, you ain’t going to improve things.

    Two things here –

    1. Was this Emery’s decision to keep Bould on?
    2. Did the club insist that Bould should be retained?

    Whatever the answers are to these questions, it is detrimental to the teams chances of progress.

    Emery needs to stand back and add clarity and make some big decisions. Do we give him time? Of course we do.

    The defending tonight was diabolical and childlike. Just as it has been for years under Wenger.

    Draw your own conclusions.

    PS: I still don’t like the way Emery is dealing with the Lacazette situation

  51. Paulinho

    No surprise as the injuries have piled up Emery’s struggling. He was doing a grand job when he had actual options and could rotate pro-actively and effectively.

    My only issue with him has been not using Ramsey in central midfield, but then with him leaving I could sort of understand him wanting to play the players here for the longer term in that important area.

  52. Dissenter

    Guns’ of Hackney
    ” I wouldn’t give him £.0.79 for a snickers.”

    Not when you can buy a couple made in Turkey snicker bars in the pound store or get a 100-pack for 6.99 at a wholesale store.

  53. Marko

    No it’s precisley a stretch. Arsenal should be noticeably better now than we were last season.

    How’s that we’ve still got the same error prone weaklings we’ve had under Wenger. Like I’ve said before it’s not enough to simply get rid of Wenger there’s at least a dozen players here who are simply not good enough and until their gone we’re going nowhere. None of this pussyfooting around tactics shite you’ve been conditioned into thinking is a strategy players like Mustafi, Bellerin, Ozil, Ramsey, Kolasinac, Iwobi and your boy Xhaka need replacing simples. They’re not good enough and it’s going to take more than 6 months and 5 signings to fix the club and rid it of the stench of Wenger. Question Charlie when exactly did you turn on Lichtsteiner? You were delighted with his signing during the summer. And more importantly how come you don’t back the new manager as fervently as you did the previous one?

  54. Paulinho

    Welbeck broken ankle.

    Holding Cruciate .

    Two big characters that gave power and presence as well as great ballsy attitudes.

    Massive losses to the squad.

  55. Ishola70

    Dissenter yeah I’m good. Hope you are well yourself.

    tbf the call on Licht wasn’t that hard. There was a reason he hardly saw playing time at Juventus and this even given his age.

  56. Marko

    Really, you’re the only one who called the Lichtsteiner signing right.
    Everyone else thought it was an astute signing of a veteran.

    Not true I thought it was a pointless signing too. A back up RB at 34 when we should have been signing a starting RB or at least someone who could actually push Bellerin. Had Ricardo Perreira join Leicester for 19 million had links to Klostermann in the summer and we ended up with another wank Swiss player

  57. Champagne charlie

    “Turns out we were right the squad was shit and the mess Wenger left would take several transfer windows to sort out.“

    You’re never wrong mate, that’s noted by all. Glad you managed to get that in there just to keep us all honest.

    You’ll have to point out the part where anyone is suggesting we should be competing inside a year…

    I said, as have others, that with a new manager and new players since the summer we should’ve seen a visible improvement. We haven’t.

    Drawing all roads back to Wenger was utterly predictable from a large portion of people on here, and it’ll be interesting just how long and far that sorry excuse can go on and on.

    Solskjær has improved United in two weeks with the same woeful lot under Mourinho. Remains to be seen how far that extends, but the point is that managers are paid to make a difference to the players at the club. Emery got hired because he knew our lot inside out supposedly. But no, it’s on Wenger.

  58. Kay

    I think Emery should suck it up being a protagonist and all that.. And start getting clean sheets. Whether its a draw or a win. Start getting at least 5 clean sheets in the upcoming 10 fixtures.

    If this doesnt happen, I would want Emery thrown out at the end of the season.

    Trying to buy and assemble top class players left right and center is not the way.

    Liverpool have maybe 4 top class players and rest are above average. Its the spine that matters.

    For starters stop this shitting around with Torriera being a B2B instead of DM. Shut the shop and stop being deer at headlights ffs.

  59. Guernsey gun

    How’s that for you joe😄😄😄 to be fair this hammering has been on the cards since Huddersfield. Dick in, Wenger out.

  60. Majesticgooner

    In all this there just needs some perspective, we spent 70 mill on all our transfers, Liverpool spent more than that on one defender, their goalkeeper cost almost that as well, over the past couple of seasons they have behaved like a team that wants to win the title in the transfer market, they have players on their bench that would easily be starters in our team and you need that to be successful.

  61. Marko

    Holding was a big loss because he was playing very well. By no means should that be used as an excuse though because a club of our stature should have better defenders than what we currently have. A million miles from the likes of Sol, Big Tone and Martin Keown. These cunts wouldn’t make it onto George Graham’s under 18’s

  62. Guernsey gun

    Great to see wengers cock sucking rim crew alive and well on here. Wenger has 10 years of decline uncle dick must go after 20 games. Fucking losers on here are beyond the pail.

  63. scotsgooner

    Jeff is exactly right a few posts up imo.

    Applaud this guys’ balanced and constructive post lads – everything needs to be put into context – yes we are fed up being pumped off rivals but wenger’s lasting legacy is a shit squad that will take a good while to turn around.

  64. arsene's used sock

    hold on how was emery supposed to turn around this squad in 6 months?
    name me 1 manager in world football that would have been able to do this.

  65. Upstate Gooner

    But he at least signs off on the buys, no? Even if Lichsteiner was shoved down his throat, he trains and elects to play him. No one is forcing his hand there.

  66. London gunner

    If Liverpool win the league it will just go to. Show how much time we wasted with wenger and how much ground we lost.

    Klopp e has been there three seasons and has got them to a CL final and competing for the league. You might say he hasn’t won a trophy but this isnt wengers day when he had far less compeition in a two horse league where the middle and bottom teams were cadon fodder.

    If we had got rid of wenger three years ago brought in a manager like klopp ect and invested wisely in the transfer market we could be in cloud 9… Not only great team great football but also great commercials.

    Wenger has lead us to the dark ages. Now we are playing catch up

  67. Guernsey gun

    By the way stephan leichsteiner or whatever the bullshitting coward is called should never wear an Arsenal shirt again. Fucking fraud of the highest order.

  68. Champagne charlie

    “Question Charlie when exactly did you turn on Lichtsteiner? You were delighted with his signing during the summer.“

    I’ve not turned on him, he had a shocker and I pointed at it when it was being said the ‘Wenger-boys’ were at fault. That’s how you operate on here, try and invent a script that others apparently follow. You’re so incredibly dishonest and juvenile.

    I said Licht was a savvy buy because a backup RB isn’t where I wanted money spent. I wanted the powder dry for major problem areas and because I understand we’re not City who can spend 25 mil on Danilo’s of this world. So I’d take Licht one a one year bosman to use funds for other players, get it you fucking inbred? He’s not lived up to his billing at all, hardly the end of the world considering he’s a freebie.

    I also wanted more money spent, and said numerous times that Emery is getting shafted by a paltry 70mil backing. But leave that out the equation and pretend I’m pining for Wenger or burying me head in the sand. Everyone knows you want 9 new players, footballs Stephen Hawking over here.

  69. Guns of Hackney


    I do not rate Arteta highly. I don’t rate him at all…or above anyone else per se. But I did think that he could have a bit of magic or pizazz. Emery for me was always a bit of a bland signing. After Arsene I wanted arsenal to roll the dice and that meant either go big for an established manager like a pep, Tuchel or Allegri…or, go all out on a Nagglesmann or Arteta.

    We landed somewhere in the meh zone with emery. And THATS the problem. For me anyway.

    Ps I do not try and get a rise from anyone. Hitler.

  70. Guernsey gun

    The festering rim crew have been waiting for this. They couldn’t post quick enough once they’d put their Wenger wanking mitt down. Fucking losers.

  71. Marko

    Drawing all roads back to Wenger was utterly predictable from a large portion of people on here, and it’ll be interesting just how long and far that sorry excuse can go on and on.

    20 of the 25 man squad is Wenger’s. As long as players like Xhaka and Mustafi and Bellerin and Kolasinac etc play for Arsenal you know real consistent defensive liabilities nothing will change we’ll still be abject defensively. He needs more than 6 months and enough rope to tie his shoelaces with to fix the mess he inherited.

    Solskjær has improved United in two weeks with the same woeful lot under Mourinho

    You must have missed that 21 unbeaten streak we were on or how our away record has improved already since last season.

  72. Dissenter

    Guns of Hackney
    “I do not rate Arteta highly. I don’t rate him at all…or above anyone else per se. But I did think that he could have a bit of magic or pizazz. ”

    You lazy focker
    …pizzaz or magic, what other fairy tools were you basing your Arteta-love in on?

    How’s your neonate doing?

  73. David Smith

    Emery is clearly getting some things wrong, as he would, he’s only been here a few months.
    But anyone blaming him solely for this shambles has been ignoring what has been going on at the club.
    A manager kept on well past his sell by, and given complete power, a manager who refused to have his team defend properly, a distant owner, an ex CEO who did one good thing , but bottled it too many other times, and left the club in a mess he massively helped create,David Cameron style.
    Add Ozil and Miks wages, no fees for Alexis, Ramsey or even Danny into the mix.
    It is abundantly clear that it will take years to overcome the years of neglect without huge investment, which won’t happen with Stan.
    Anyone expecting a quick fix from a mess created by Wenger is deluded

  74. Guns of Hackney

    Missing the point about “drawing a line to Wenger”.

    Poor performances are poor performances regardless of who is in the managerial seat.

    Wenger was shite in the last ten years but great in the first 10 (for symmetry). Emery may have inherited a very poor side but he did have time to prep that team and make a stamp. He hasn’t. Apart from Torrier, his buys have been garbage. The loss against Liverpool was a Wenger loss.

    Nothing has changed except the manager. Sorry but that’s the truth.

  75. gambon


    On a serious note…What positives have you seen this season?

    Worse xG
    Worse xGA
    More conceded at this stage
    Less clean sheets
    Humiliations still incoming

  76. Un na naai

    You must have missed that 21 unbeaten streak we were on or how our away record has improved already since last season.


    All while remaining 5/6th with no champions league game to stretch our squad

    Yeah. Leaps and bounds already

  77. Pedro

    Guns, exactly, Emery is bland on toast.

    However, he’s in a great place because we have to let him have 2 seasons until he inevitably flunks

  78. HighburyLegend

    Unfortunately, considering the qualilty of both teams, today’s result is not a big surprise.
    Lets just hope it will force the club to buy in january, our squad is far to skinny at the moment for chasing the 4th place.

    At least Guns of Hackney, gambon and Pierre are happy, good boys.

  79. Majesticgooner

    The only thing that puzzles me is how the heck s our wage bill higher than the likes of Liverpool and spurs? What was the club thinking?how many of our players would get in the top four sides? Can’t name one. For emery to be successful he has to be ruthless like he was earlier with his substitutions, get rid of wasters and there is a lot of them in this squad, if we can’t buy play the kids, if we all can recall George graham did it with the rocastles, Micheal thomas, Tony Adams ,Paul Davies 89 team, give the lads a chance. They can’t make any worse mistakes than the veterans are making now.

  80. Champagne charlie

    That’s my point in a nutshell, what’s been the noticeably change from Emery so far?

    What’s Emery’s philosophy even?

    Wenger has the best away record in the league a few seasons back, what of it? Still couldn’t set a team up to defend properly. Can Emery though? Not from what I’ve seen so far, and that’s with recruits that end of the pitch.

    Problem is too many on here can’t hack having particular posters say things that go against their grain. Ignoring the obvious truths because so and so is the one saying it. Bore off

  81. Un na naai

    David Smith


    But none of that should matter when you have a master pragmatist and 5 new defensive signings
    Shiny new toy of a gk
    New back room and all. Even gazidis has gone
    The whole club has changed in the space of a year

    The players that have been brought in our largely worse than what we already had.

    If sarri can make his mark quickly then why can’t emery??

  82. PhD2020

    Said before,will say it again..I’d like to know the vision of the owner for Arsenal.
    The vision,targets,KPI’s usually are communicated from the hierarchy.

    Eventually filtering down through the various chains of command.Hiring able and capable personnel to implement those objectives.

    All well and good ,getting in a new modern structure,with more accountability across the board(rather than concentrating power in one person as before).

    But the fact still remains-what is the vision of the owner?

    Is he happy to cruise along ad infinitum to consolidate Top 4,as before?
    If so,then nothing really has changed in this context..

    You replace an outdated risk averse relic of a manager,with a younger manager probably tasked with getting us back into Top 4 and consolidating that position,with not much variation in the amount of funds available at one’s disposal.

    I’m really curious to know Silent Stan’s blueprint for the club..

    What is his 5-10 year plan?

    To win or challenge for the EPL?
    To win or challenge gallantly for the CL?
    To always be in contention for the major honours?
    Or just be content with Top 4 finishes?

    If,it’s the latter,then hardly surprising given this is a transitional period for the club,that the scoreline we have witnessed today,will continue to be a feature going forward when coming up against more ruthless and ambitious teams.
    Let alone against lesser teams,who invariably are the sum of their parts.

    Whilst,I agree Silent Stan has provided funds in the past,it was how it was spent by OGL,that proved to be one of the factors that inhibited our progress.We know the other myriad of factors that contributed to our performances,lack of major honours for nigh on a decade, and us eventually spiralling out of the Top 4.As many a conversation has been rehashed countless of times on this subject.

    In any event,for sure it’s working financially smarter with our acquisitions,along with having a capable,astute and ambitious manager,aligned with a team of specialists in place to move the club forward on the footballing side.

    Allegri was my first choice..The fact he declined the role after being approached,rang alarm bells for me at the time..It somewhat indicated to me,the ambitions of the club,were probably at odds with a manager who had won 5 Serie A titles & reached 2 CL Finals(runners up).
    Hiring him,would have shown a real statement of intent.Maybe,would have given an insight into the owners vision for the club.

    It seems we have hired Emery to steady the fort and consolidate our position.

    But the question remains-what is Silent Stan’s vision for the club?What are his ambitions?

    I think some of us,have an incline…I personally believe fans shouldn’t really have too high an expectation as the season pans out ,or for the foreseeable future.

    In short,you get what you pay for.Both in manager and owner.
    Until then,expect more of the same type results we unfortunately saw today.

  83. HighburyLegend

    “he did have time to prep that team and make a stamp”

    5 months in a first football season in charge of a new club, and you dare to say that “he did have time” ??
    You’re nothing but a joke…

  84. London gunner

    The arteta idiots are out in force.

    Guys never managed a team so what he is second to pep.. many assistant manager don’t go on to being great managers it means diddly squat.

    There is no evidence no basis for any argument Arteta would have improved us over emery. Such thinking is emotional and grounded in either wishful fancy or hidden agenda.

  85. Guns of Hackney


    Baby is doing a baby…he’s a pointy rage baby.

    Arteta was ‘balls out’. No one would have seen it coming and that’s what would have made it wild. That’s the pizazz and magic. The unknown.


    You started the Arteta thing, mate…you made me a beleiber and now I’m the one taking the gunfire for you!

    Emery will never be wickedly bad but he won’t be great. That’s blandness personified.

    As Neil young wrote and Kurt Cobain quoted “its better to burn out than to fade away”.

  86. Un na naai


    5 months is long enough to implement a defensive strategy to stop 5-1 thrashings and literally giving goals away to your opponents nicely gift wrapped with little Xmas trees on the paper

    It’s long enough to have your new defensive signings add some steel and not be the biggest reason we are losing points week after week. We’d have been better off with Carl jenkinson and chambers today than Lichtsteiner and Sokratis

    I just don’t understand all the praise Sokratis has got on here recently. He’s been shit form the off. Only for holding and we’d have had this earlier.
    Dare I say it, even Mustafi has been better

    And what happened to Mavrapanos???

  87. Upstate Gooner

    Why do people say Emery deserves 2-3 more transfer windows/years? What has he done so far with 70mil and 5 new players? If I’m Kroenke, do I trust this guy with potentially another 150mil or so? I posted a question yesterday but no one responded. How is Emery different from say Big Sam who is hired to save a team from relegation? He doesn’t get any funds at all, and is supposed to deliver results right away. For me, Emery should be judged the same. He was brought in to deliver a top 4 finish and CL. Perhaps by winning EL? No way it’s happening with this atrocious defense.

  88. HighburyLegend

    “he did have time to prep that team and make a stamp”
    Lol sorry but I still can’t believe this one…
    Ladies & gentlemen, the one and only Guns of Hackney!!

  89. arsene's used sock

    the noticeable change with emery compared to wenger is that we can actually travel away from the Emirates.
    first half of last season we only had what, 1 away win?
    pretty sure it was 0 away wins but I burned this year of arsenal football from memory.

  90. gambon


    Its time for protests again I’m afraid.

    It’s time to annoint DT as the rightful Papal Caesar of the Arsenal fan base and get the banners out.

    It begins today.

    Strike first…Strike hardest…no mercy

  91. Pierre

    Believe it or not ,a lot of our tiredness/fatigue/injury issues stem partly from our inability to gain a lead in any of our games.

    By losing or drawing every week we have had to use maximum effort ,normally for 90 minutes, to gain points …

    A top side needs to be able to coast for the last half hour ( as Liverpool did today) for at least a third of the games to conserve energy for the coming matches.

    We are nearly running on empty now …we need to start games quicker and finish teams off early doors ..the Brighton game was a Prime example of failing to take advantage of a good start ..they were there for the taking but we took our foot off the pedal and allowed them back into the game and in the end had to use maximum effort just to gain a point.

  92. London gunner


    More points?
    More goals?
    More efficency in regards to those goals?
    The fact we can win after going behind in many cases.
    22 unbeaten run.
    Fact we now seem to show fight unlike wengers pansies.

    Also you keep blaming emery for signings that’s not on him he doesn’t have the power of wenger he doesn’t decide when we sign or who we sign or what we pay that is now sven and Co.

    I’m sure emery would have wanted more players all managers would, but he was served a crock of shit and so far has a b-

    If he can go 22 unbeaten what couod we do with an actual good squad which isn’t a complete wenger made shambles.

  93. Guns of Hackney

    “The Arteta idiots are out in force today”

    Yup…including the owner and writer of the blog.

    Also the renowned and highly respected, Gambon has called for a protest.

    The Arteta idiots are alive and well.

  94. PhD2020

    London gunnerDecember 29, 2018 20:27:11
    Wenger has lead us to the dark ages. Now we are playing catch up
    The owner could have pulled the plug at anytime..The owner if we knew implicitly his vision or ambition for the club,could have chosen to not renew Arsene’s contract in 2013..And possibly signed Guardiola,who apparently made it known he was interested in coming to manage Arsenal at that time.

    The owner could have chosen not to renew Arsene’s contract in 2015…

    The owner could have chosen to make a ruthless and proactive decision 3-5 years ago…By putting Arsene out of his and the fans misery.

    It’s naive to apportion blame on one man and one man alone,for where we are today…There is only one man,that has the power to sign off,or approve the renewal of a manager’s contract-and it certainly isn’t or wasn’t Arsene..

  95. Pedro

    Guns, we are about revolution. Not sure why everyone is so surprised a bland manager is delivering a bland product.

    Next coach needs to be a surprise package. The people will demand a ‘winner’ and we need to hope the board don’t listen. We need world class ideas that haven’t been seen before. That needs to come from a young manager imo

  96. London gunner


    Oh wise one let’s hire your prophet Arteta?? Nah he probably would have crashed and burned and we would have been a laughing stock to hire a dodgy ex shite captain.

    In an ideal world we get allegri but he turned us down…

    So who would have chosen? Who was better?

  97. Marko

    Gambon interesting you should ask. I see a manager who’s seemingly looking at getting rid of Aaron Ramsey, Welbeck and Ozil from Arsenal and I see that as being a huge thing if we’re to move forward. I see someone who did very well going on a very good unbeaten run with a largely inherited and underwelming squad. I see huge problems defensively and in the first half of games and I assume this will all get better as soon as we’re not so crippled with injuries and have better players than what we currently have. No one is saying that it has been all smooth sailing or even close to that but prior to anyone being appointed it was common knowledge the new manager would need time and backing to fix the mess of a squad we were left with and that hasn’t changed. Again he needs longer than 6 months and an inch of rope before the fans turn on him. It’s also worth noting it’s not just him who needs time it’s the management structure as well. It may have been a collective blunder on their behalf for thinking that they could get more out of that pathetic squad or that 70 million was going to be enough. Look I get it with you gambon you’ve spent at least a decade waiting for change and something positive to happen to Arsenal and you finally saw the back of Wenger and you wanted something instant but it’s going to take time to fix what he done to the club in recent years.

    So relax with being a real Barbara Striesand alright. He was the right man for the job when we beat Spurs at home and now he should be sacked after losing away to Liverpool? Nah probably somewhere in-between

  98. Joe

    The same dumb akb careful what you wish for cunts on here that were using “Klopp the flop” in his first 1.5 years are now using him as a Barometer as the stick to beat emery with

    You couldn’t make it up

    Even 3 year olds have more common sense than all these cunts. Includes you tampon

  99. gambon


    So if Wenger is to blame for our negatives…He must be congratulated for the above.


    And we have 1 less point than this time last season.

  100. Un na naai

    From Torreira’s clearance that allowed Firmino to waltz past a statuesque selection of Arsenal defenders as Liverpool went ahead, to keeper Bernd Leno’s cheap concession of a corner that eventually ended in Mane’s crucial third, Arsenal were complicit in allowing Klopp’s side to inflict damage on them.

    Arsenal have potency going forward, particularly in the shape of Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and Alexandre Lacazette – on the bench here – but keeper Leno looks vulnerable and Liverpool’s quality and intensity going forward hurt them as they are so defensively flawed against top-class opposition.

    Looks like I’m not the only one who doesn’t fancy Leno

    Your shiny new toy isn’t all that.

    Cech is the better goalkeeper. At least Leno can ping it though….

  101. Upstate Gooner

    Oh, Emery made a stamp alright. He dropped Ozil and Lacazette, and is making all kinds of records with that defense of his. Soton, Brighton, Pool – blame Wenger, Ozil, etc all you want but as far as I’m concerned, it’s solely on Emery.

  102. Un na naai


    Then why didn’t he get rid of them in the summer when offers were there and stock was high??

    Didn’t he say he wanted to build his team around those two?

    Did he make a mistake?

  103. Marko

    Problem is too many on here can’t hack having particular posters say things that go against their grain. Ignoring the obvious truths because so and so is the one saying it. Bore off

    Like you when someone mentions Xhaka being shite. Or Wenger in a negative light. Or when Bamford says anything.

  104. London gunner


    An idiot is someone who comes to conclusions without any data, logic emperical evidence or any kind of foundational evidence you can build an argument or view from.

    By thinking Arteta was the man for the job. Just shows your ruled by sentiment and not logic which is so flawed.

  105. Edd

    Peirre, Ramsey was shit today. Emery needs to address the CAM issue since doesn’t trust Ozil and Ramsey is not the solution either.