Merry Christmas… or Happy Tuesday. x

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Quick post this morning to say HAPPY CHRISTMAS/HOLIDAYS/TUESDAY… whatever you’re doing, a big thanks to all of you that read this year.

BIG game tomorrow against Brighton away @ 17:15, a very important 3 points if you don’t rate our defence against Liverpool. Also, no injuries, please.

Anyway, more thoughts tomorrow morning. Have a great day, with big love from the Le Grove community x

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  1. Bankz

    Merry Christmas legrovers.
    Hope we’re talking about much better developments and hopefully a major trophy in the club’s cabinet by this time next year.
    Have fun everyone.

  2. useroz

    Merry Christmas.

    Calero in London is interesting. His low buy out clause would suit Arsenal, the Walmart level Christmas sale.

    I watched his game vs Athletic Club and was surprised how ‘slight’ he is. Not tall, not big, not particularly fast. Ok ball playing.

    So Calero turned pro @ 22 (now 23). A late debut these days?

    If genuine, would be a cheap buy for coverage. Hope Sven et al know something we don’t.

    Don’t see us spending big (30/40m top) at all, esp if we have nothing valuable to sell and offset.

    With such a depleted squad, it’d be opportune time to bring in some promising kids like ESR. Acid test time. Well, Cesc debutted @ 16, I think. Step up and you have a great future….

    In any case, a shame Mikki is hurt. That’s on the scum… when Mikki was hit (lucas Moura?) while taking a shot just in the box. Not going to be 6 weeks for sure. More 2 month+. Rooney and many had it before.

  3. gambon

    Merry Xmas all.

    You’re all legends. Apart from Receding, Charlie & Pierre…..who are probably arguing with Santa as we speak.

  4. Champagne charlie


    Comedian ain’t your gig, stick to spreadsheets and temper tantrums when you’re done with the mince pies

  5. Champagne charlie

    Once more with feeling..

    Happy Christmas all who read/write on this blog, and especially the man who provides the platform for us to do so. Enjoy, be merry, and stay the fuck out the ER.. cheers

  6. HighburyLegend

    “Apart from Receding, Charlie & Pierre…..who are probably arguing with Santa as we speak.”
    Pierre is on Untold, wishing Arsène a merry xmas.

  7. Pierre

    Let’s hope that Ozil is at home pumping weights ready for the 2nd half of the season ….just remember this

    ” we’ve got Ozil, Mesut Ozil , I just don’t think you understand ”

    Feliz Navidad le grovellers..

  8. Marko

    Christmas day a time spent being happy with the family and thankful and the first thing Pierre does is make a comment on Ozil. Well at least we know where your priorities and head is at you little freak.

  9. Cesc Appeal

    Merry Christmas.

    It’s been a great 12 months for Arsenal, let’s hope for even better things in the future and that Santa brings us some late gifts in January.

  10. TallestTiz

    Merry Xmas le groovers and to Gazidis. Please come and buy Ramsey in January. I’d be a good deal.
    After all, you sanctioned the Sanogo deal

  11. ARgooner

    Merry christmas from Arkansas to all gunner fans…looking forward to hopefully the US tour being talked about coming to fruition so hopefully Chitown or Dallas…oh yeh world peace to…and more points…CL would be nice…with a bow on it!!

  12. loyika

    Merry Christmas to all Le Grovers.

    Hope you all have a funfilled day with friends and most especially Family.

    Enjoy ya’ll.

  13. TA

    I am American mom with an English step-son Gooner. I am trying to better understand football. We were at the Burnley game. Can anyone comment on my questions please? Thank you in advance.

    – Why were so many posters negative about AMN? To my (inexperienced) eye he seemed to cause a lot of trouble for Burnley when he brought the ball up the right wing and into their half/penalty box?

    – Was Ozil’s contribution to two of the goals not sufficient to warrant praise because of his otherwise lack of impact on the game?

    – Guendouzi seemed always ready to show for the ball yet there often seemed to be a lack of movement from Arsenal players into space to receive the ball from him. Why? Did Burnley do a great job of marking or is there really a lack of willingness to get into space and receive the ball?

    – Why did we move the ball back to Leno so many times, even from positions when were were well into Burnley’s half?

    – I understand we are down defenders but for the both the Spuds and Burnley games, our defense did not seem very squared away at all. The players are not that bad – why do we have such an issue with defending well?

    Again, I don’t know a lot about football so apologize if my questions are ridiculous; I really want to learn for my step-son.

    Thank you and Happy Christmas.

  14. Guns of Hackney

    GOH became a father today on this most holiest of days. That means either he (baby) is the messiah or I am god. I’ll go with the latter.

    GOH very much out. Peace.

  15. GuNZ

    May your deity of personal preference (mine is Bacchus) pour love and life into you and yours this solstice season.

    Happy Basquemass ladies and gentlemen and inbetweeners of Me Grove.

  16. Tony

    Congrats on the birth of your son.

    God? Nah,
    Messiah? Dear god no!
    Wise man? That’s really stretching it.

    Cool funny nuts dude? Strong possibility.

    Enjoy Guns they grow up very fast and probably means you’ll be far too tired and busy to post here for the next year or 2.

    Ah the peace & sanity…………

  17. gonsterous

    I know I’m a day late but merry Christmas I the le grove family. I know we all have our differences but I regard you all as my “internet” friends 😛

    I am sadly working on Christmas and New year’s after a long long time. It feels weird. But I do have a date on new year’s, hope that more than makes up for it.
    Just hope she isn’t shit faced when we meet 🙂

  18. Tony

    Some hedlines from the media rumours:

    Ramsey ‘wants Juventus move’
    ‘Aaron Ramsey in talks with Juventus over £9million a year deal’

    ‘Ozil tracked by Turkish club,
    Instanbul Basaksehir president Goksel Gumusdag has admitted he “would do anything” to sign Mesut Ozil if the midfielder leave Arsenal in January.’
    Arsenal will have to break record for Pepe

    Arsenal will have to break their transfer record to sign Nicolas Pepe say Telefoot.
    Lille want £72m for the 23-year-old Ivory Coast winger.

    ‘Arsenal to move for Navas?’
    ‘It’s claimed Madrid want around £12million for him ‘

    ‘Arsenal and Everton both keen on Oxford
    ARSENAL and Everton are seriously considering making a bid for West Ham defender Reece Oxford.’

    ‘Arsenal favourites to land Cahill’

    ‘Calero in London amid Arsenal interest’
    Arsenal centre-back target Calero is currently in London.

    ‘Bad news for Spurs…’
    ‘Pochettino says it’s impossible for Spurs to sign anymore players.’
    “We have a full squad,” he said.

    “Meaning, “We haven’t got a pot to piss in!”

    ‘Emery ‘tracking former star Banega’
    Arsenal will put in a bid of £18 million in the January transfer window as Emery hopes to reunite with his former Sevilla player.

    ‘Arsenal in three-way battle for Doucoure’
    ‘Marco Silva is targeting a reunion with Watford midfielder Abdoulaye Doucoure – but so do Arsenal and PSG.’

    Guess the papers are just filling up print space for now on a nothing newas day.

  19. Wolfgang

    Brighton will try to emulate Saints by hitting high ball s to the box.
    They will get physical as well. I just hope Arsenal will fight fire
    with fire instead of giving way or add oil.
    Arsenal always have aproblem beating lowly teams.Hopefully
    they can get the 3 points and will elect to run and shoot on sight.
    That would be a change from Wengers perennial passing game.

  20. Tony

    We gifted Brighton their home win last season; time to make amends for that!

    Their GD is -6, so we should be scoring for fun.

    The Liverpool games is far more concerning. After watching them agaisnt United I thought then, with their relentless pace, they could do us some serious damage, especially with our make shift defense.

    If we can get a draw against Liverpool at Anfield, I think that will be a massive result for us.

  21. Dark Hei


    Your kid is not going to have trouble applying leave for work on his birthday when he grows up.

    Congrats and Merry Christmas!

  22. Emmanuel Nwaneri

    All the dodgy praise being heaped on Mesut Ozil after the Burnley game symptomatic of some of the problem with media. The fact that Ozil has stunk the place out with his nasty attitude for the best part of two months now, suddenly matters little.
    The guy is a fraud no matter what happens henceforth. Why do we have to wait months and years for his so-called talent to shine through? His tendency to put on a show when his back is against the wall; against lowly opposition is exactly why most of us don’t rate him. Stringing passes against Burnley (with all due respect) in front of your own crowd is definitely not worth boasting about. Let him do it week in, week out against all types of teams and then we can talk.
    For now, he remains a problem – not a solution.

  23. Goobergooner

    Happy holidays to all you Grover’s. Was a cracking 32 degrees C in Melbourne for Christmas. Hope the snow has been falling for everyone in the North (if that’s what you like on Christmas).

    And congratulations to Guns of Hackney and his newborn son Wengemery. I’m sure he’ll make you proud!!

  24. TheLegendaryDB10

    Congratulations GoH!

    Let’s get another win against Brighton. We certainly can do it. I hope that we really start cutting out these moments of madness that we have produced in almost every game that we have played so far this season.

    I just hope that Unai realises that we cannot be too intensive in the PL as this is most certainly the root cause of these injuries that have piled up and depleted our team at an alarming rate. The problem is that the players have gone from one extreme type of training (too relaxed) to another (too hyper intensive). We need to find some middle ground if we want to survive until the end of the season and reach top 4/win EL (whichever way gets us back in CL).

  25. Dissenter

    Myhki was injured from an impact injury, precisely when Moura caught hm on the leg.
    Let’s keep the Christmas spirit and not start fanning another “soft tissue injury” – from overplaying nonsense.
    Besides does anyone believe that Mykhi has been overplayed?

  26. Alexis

    Eldesmarque: Unai Emery has made it clear. He wants Éver Banega for January. An interest that is not new, because #Arsenal already asked for him last summer.

  27. Alexis

    From Argentina: “Ever Banega is close to leaving Sevilla to move to Arsenal at the request of Unai Emery, the coach who always got the best out of him as a player.”

  28. useroz

    Ought to complete the (buy) business early; and try selling to recoup what we can.

    Ever Banega isn’t bad at the reported £18m.. .but another 30 yo??

    If buying for cover, would Cesc @31 cost 18m? Any worse, with all the PL experiences?

    We need an AM who is comfy to keep ball, take it forward, and manage tempo of the game ie not just a one touch specialist. Ideally, a 22 to 25 yo Carola.

    I believe we’d end up with a cheap CB either way, a 32yo Cahill on loan or 23 yo Calero at €10m release clause ) type.

    The winger situation is more tricky. Price tag aside, we desperately need winger(s) who can regularly score, say, 10 PL goals a season. They don’t grow on trees but I’d hope that between Sven’s network and the analytics company we own could unearth something.

    We really need Santa for this Christmas!

  29. Guns of Brixton

    “GOH became a father today on this most holiest of days. That means either he (baby) is the messiah or I am god. I’ll go with the latter. GOH very much out. Peace.”

    Birthday coinciding with Xmas?
    Get in!

    Youre gonna save a lot on presents!! 😉🤑🤑

  30. Guns of Hackney

    Thanks to all the kind words of congratulations. We may not all agree on football, but on matters beyond millionaires kicking a ball about…we are all just trying to get through life as best as possible.

    Peace out!

  31. Georgio

    Merry Christmas to you all.

    Yeah I know is boxing day but can Gambon, Pierre, Charlie, Marko, Dissenter, Receding, GOH, Tony ..all you just keep the gloves for just 24hrs more???

  32. Georgio

    Oh yeah…it’s game night and Ozil and Iwobi plays so never going to happen huh??

    …well…go ahead and knock yourselves out guys!!!

  33. Up 4 grabs now

    Belated merry xmas to you all, some of us were working yesterday!

    Congratulations GOH,
    Suggested baby names, unai, paddy Dennis or Thierry,
    Three points today is the only present I want.

  34. mysticleaves

    Since Banega and Cesc are the same kind of players and Cesc is clearly the better player I would rather him than Banega. Plus he’s way cheaper.

  35. Pierre

    Last week in the 2nd half v Burnley I witnessed an assault on xhaka down by the touch line ( no card)…a knee in the back of Guendouzi(no card)and an elbow to the head of AMN (no card) ……twice during the game the referee called the Burnley captain over to discuss challenges made by Burnley players but no action was taken.

    We could be entering into a situation where a player needs to get seriously hurt before action will be taken …Sean Dyche’s comments will not make things any easier for Arsenal players…Brighton players will be told to make the game as physical as possible ,to get in the face of Arsenal players …

    Every time an Arsenal player goes down there will be shouts of derision from the Brighton crowd …the Brighton players and the crowd will make the most of the situation and will put enormous pressure on the referee by accusing Arsenal players of faking injury.

    Arsenal /Emery in my opinion should have made an issue of the comments made by Dyche….they should have, at the press conference prior to the Brighton game,shown replays of what actually happened in the Burnley game and made a point of the elbows, knees and assaults on Arsenal players.

    The club have allowed comments by the Burnley manager and what is being widely reported in the media to go unanswered and I believe Arsenal have shown themselves to be weak in this respect and we are now going into 2 tough away games with these comments hanging over the club…

  36. Goobergooner

    I think we have Brighton covered. I’ll take a 1-0 as I don’t like Matty Ryan conceding too many, as an Australian haha.

  37. Thorough

    I’ll prefer Arteta Gunson.

    Congratulations, GOH. God knows I’m looking forward to having mine.

    Happy Keresimesi LeGrovers.

  38. Pierre

    Season’s greetings to you.

    I can assure you that if Arsenal players are subjected to similar challenges throughout the next few games (and they will be)and we suffer serious injuries and lose games then you won’t regard it as “whingeing and complaining” .

    By Arsenal allowing these false accusations to go out unanswered it could be seen as an admission of guilt.

    Pep,klopp,pochettino or jose would have highlighted the tackles by Burnley and ridiculed the accusations of diving….
    They would have come out and defended their players and the good name of the club as they would know that mud sticks and also know that it is important to highlight the discrepancies in in the accusations.

  39. mysticleaves

    Pierre does have a point in what he’s saying. Brighton will use it to their advantage. I hope kola, papa and Xhaka are ready

  40. Tony

    I find myself agreeing with Pierre. Suppose it had to happen this year by law of averages.

    As long as we were intelligent in the way we addrssed Dyche’s comments where we should have brought the matter up so future referees & media are aware.

    This was always Fergie’s pet love remonstrating with referees days even before a game, which was very effective for United.

    No need to winge but no harm could come from showing selected replys in a presser, so very valid point Pierre.

    See kept the gloves on and no barbs either.

    I’m sure 2019 wil be a different matter entirely once the trolling hits full force again.

    It’s what keeps Le Grove lively and unique.

  41. Bob N16

    Graham, if we have referees who don’t come down on overly aggressive tackling then you get more talented teams’ players in danger of being badly injured and a match losing its flow and becoming stop/start. An early yellow is all it takes to put down a marker and affect the pre game strategy of a Dyche-like coach.

    This they ‘don’t like it up ‘em’ translates to, if the referee is soft we’ll try and kick them off the park.

    It’s one of my pet hates when an opposition player fouls and hurts one of our players who after assistance from the trainer, gingerly gets back to his feet. Then we have to listen to the moronic ‘same old Arsenal always cheating’.

    But ‘whinging and complaining’ is over, so this post should be ignored Graham?