Arsenal aggressively briefing against Mesut Ozil

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Well hello everyone! I’m back in the UK hood and what do we have on the agenda today? Bloody Mesut Ozil, AGAIN.

This time there are two conflicting stories. One is from John Cross who reckons the club are sick to the back teeth of the German superstar and want him gone if they can find an offer. The second is from Sami Mokbel who reckons he’ll be given a chance to work his way back into the team this Christmas, but he’s really in the last chance saloon (The Times also has a story). There are rumours of a loan move out in January.

One thing is clear, the club is briefing against the German. Quite astonishing really. Our highest paid player who isn’t even a year into his new deal, is being nudged out of the club. I think it’s pretty clear now that the mega deal was a typically self-serving action of our now departed exCEO.

Anyway, I find it quite unbelievable that criticism is going the way of Emery. The childlike response from Oziltoligists is a sight to behold.




… a few of the best.

Let’s get one thing straight, Mesut is a supremely gifted player. One of the greats. There’s no doubt that if he applied himself, he’d be very valuable to our current situation. But the reality is, he’s not pulling his weight. He hasn’t been pulling his weight for years. He is a masterful creator, but that’s all he’s good for. In a modern system, it’s very hard to accommodate that type of player, which is why so few clubs adopt a free-roaming #10 these days. It’s not even just the pressing that so many keep highlighting, it’s the fact that he can’t be trusted to show up in big games. He can’t be trusted not to shy away from the tough away days. He’s constantly phoning in sick like some school kid with a fragile immune system. His second half season statistics always tank. He’s not a reliable leader despite being one of the 5 captains.

Arsene Wenger coddled the German. Notable that since his mercurial talent graced the club we’re now a Europa League side. Obviously not all the fault of one player, but when your star man has commitment issues, it does kind of set the tone for the squad.

You can even use Europe as a barometer for how far his star has fallen. He was available for sale for 18 months before he signed a deal for us. Who tried to seduce him? How many clubs dropped a bid the summer before he went into the final year of his deal? How many tried to make a cheeky move in January? Not many, and remember, he was on b-list money for a world class player. Do you think if Ozil were the player so many fans think he was, he’d be in such low demand?

The game has passed him by. He has most of the tools he needs to succeed at Arsenal. A terrier DM, two of the most potent strikers in world football, a really nice pitch, and a fanbase that adores him. Yet he seems to get worse every season. Is it fair to say that Cesc Fabregas played in a far worse squad and delivered way more? I think it is.

Ozil doesn’t want to adapt to the new ways of Emery’s Arsenal and thankfully, he is happy to make the tough decisions Wenger hadn’t for the past ten years. He won’t be making these decisions on a whim either, he’ll be using sophisticated data models that will support whatever hunch he has about the player on the pitch. He’ll no doubt have worked this decision through with Raul and Sven.

This is what ruthless decision making looks like.

Finally, one for Joke Friday… Wenger had this to say for BEin.

“The team is in good hands and I always said that. A lot of people thought when I left the club that the team would need to completely rebuild – I never thought that.”

“I am very happy that these people have been proven wrong.”


Right, that’s me done, see you in the comments.

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  1. Marc


    I think you’re right on the press going all mushy but I don’t think the Utd board will fall into that trap. It’s a huge job and Solksjaer previous PL job ended in relegation.


    Of course the ManU players look happier they’ve just got rid of a complete prick of a manager.

  2. Cesc Appeal


    Oh no, I don’t think United will, but it won’t stop the press.

    The only thing that would have been worse is if Carrick was interim and had this start.

    I honestly wouldn’t look at any sports pages tomorrow.

  3. Guns of Sf


    Doesnt surprise me. He is there best player this season and Lille are in second in ligue 1. I doubt they let him go for anything less than 50M

  4. Guns of Sf

    Sorry got it confused with Pepe… wrong team
    Transfermarket has Sarr at 20M so he might be feasible. Rennes in 11th, so might work if we up our initial offer

  5. Goonah

    I’ll say this again….gettin top 4 with this team is a pipe dream. Overachieving big time! Some here think we should do it by default. LOL. They didn’t realize the Wenger decline was so bad.

  6. Cesc Appeal

    Sarr has been one that Mislintat had his eye on for a longtime.

    Wouldn’t be surprised to see it happen.

    If we could progress him that would be a good move, he’s big, powerful and unbelievably quick. Wouldn’t cost a fortune either which is important given we badly need a CB and CAM as well.

  7. Goonah

    This is what should happen at Arsenal at this point:
    Josh: MOOOOOM, Dad wont give me money to buy the players I need for my Arsenal team!!! It’s unfair!!
    Mom: “Dont’ worry son, here’s a blank check. Buy what you want son, I’ll straighten your father up”
    Josh: “Geeeez mom tyyyyy, your the best!”

  8. raptora

    Not going to happen but it doesn’t mean we can’t compete in say 2020/21 with the right, smart buys. Liverpool have managed to do it. It’s entirely possible.

    Lozano is someone I wouldn’t want. He’s Everton/West Ham level.

  9. mysticleaves

    “Scousers everywhere are eating their Christmas trees.”

    😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 this was funny AF

  10. Goonah


    The owners hide behind a self-sustaining model.

  11. mysticleaves

    I prefer us to get Pepe but Sarr has a lot of scope to improve. And that’s the problem. Apart from his speed I struggle to really see what he’s very good at, unlike Pepe who’s already a good goal scorer and a cute dribbler

  12. Guns of SF

    He has speed- and age 20, that wont go away anytime soon. He is also 6’1 which a huge plus for size and strength and set pieces
    Anyhow, he has room for improvement for sure. I think he might pan out!

  13. Marko

    Lozano is someone I wouldn’t want. He’s Everton/West Ham level.

    He’s got 14 goals and 8 assists in 26 games and more importantly he’s scored in big games against Spurs and Inter in the champions league. He’d be a good signing

  14. Pierre

    Your attempt at discrediting Ozil failed earlier and then you decided to move the goalpost.

    You started with
    “I could mention those stats that show how Arsenal have been better without Ozil than with this season. Or have you forgotten about that 21 unbeaten streak we had in spite of the sponge”

    So,as you was talking about the 21 game unbeaten streak I made this comment
    “Ozil has started 12 games since the start of our unbeaten run and we have won 9 drawn 3 and lost 0…”

    This comment obviously hit a raw nerve with Marko as it proves what utter bullshit he talks so he moved the goal post as he realised that actually the team had done excellent with ozil in the team during the period he mentioned ,so he posted this
    “We have lost 4 games this season and Ozil started two of them came off the bench against Southampton (did fuck all) and was dropped for the Spurs league cup game. Are you sure you know what you’re talking about”

    Did you notice how he now has to mention the 15/20 minutes substitute appearance to substantiate his accusation against ozil and mentioned that he was dropped for a supposedly “meaningless league cup tie ” even though one could say he was being rested for the more important league game and to captain the side f Burnley.

  15. Cesc Appeal

    If Mislintat has wanted him for a while I’m willing to take a chance on him.

    Pretty much everything Mislintat has done so far has worked out.

  16. Marc

    I really don’t give a shit what any stats show if anyone thought Ozil’s performance and input today was anything other than piss poor then they really need to reset there expectation levels for Arsenal to avoid relegation.

  17. Marko

    This comment obviously hit a raw nerve with Marko as it proves what utter bullshit he talks so he moved the goal post as he realised that actually the team had done excellent with ozil in the team during the period he mentioned

    Maybe CA can post the stats again because statistically we are better this season without Ozil than with him.

    As for the moving the goalposts comment you said and I quote “Considering we have lost a couple without Ozil during that period I’m not sure how
    ” Arsenal have been better without him”” which is why I replied in which I felt like it was important to correct you because we didn’t lose a couple because we were missing Mesut Ozil this season we lost once because he was dropped and he was fully involved in the other three defeats this season starting two and had a cameo to forget against Southampton. Point is…we don’t need the bug eyed charlatan

  18. Marko

    even though one could say he was being rested for the more important league game and to captain the side f Burnley.

    And I quote ‘It’s only a tactical decision,’ Emery said when asked about Ozil’s absence.


  19. Marc


    What was Churchill’s quote – A fanatic is someone who can’t change his mind and won’t change the subject.

    He must have met Pierre at some point. What’s he going to do when Ozil is forced out of the club?

  20. Cesc Appeal

    Sarr and Havertz were the two that Mislintat was rumoured to be looking at a few months ago. If we are going after Sarr I hope that means we’re trying to line something up for Havertz as well.

  21. Marko

    What’s he going to do when Ozil is forced out of the club?

    In a matter of months after Wenger? Honestly he’ll be on suicide watch

  22. Marc


    Obviously I want us to buy as many good players as we can but I can’t see us bringing in more than 2 in Jan and we desperately need another CB.

  23. Cesc Appeal


    I agree.

    But unless Mislintat has a great scout lined up already I think we need to really get the CB purchase right and that might cost a fair bit.

    It might be, similar to Liverpool, we wait on that and really land a big name CB.

    Our defence is poor, but I do think with a winger threatening the opposition and also a CAM actually having the balls to get on the ball and contribute more on and off of it we will improve all round anyway.

    It might be a case of get them now before they double in price as well. It won’t be long before Havertz is wanted by everyone. Munich are already starting to sniff around.

  24. Marko

    but I can’t see us bringing in more than 2 in Jan

    I thought this too but I think it will likely be more because it started out as us bringing in a replacement for Welbeck then it became a replacement for Welbeck and probably losing Ramsey and then it became a replacement for Welbeck probably losing Ramsey and replacing Holding to finally replacing Welbeck and Holding probably losing Ramsey and binning Ozil. I think the injuries and form of certain players in key areas as well mean that we’re likely moving for more than two. We have to right?

  25. Marc


    One of the things that has been becoming more and more of an issue is the lack of a CM / CAM who can slow and speed the game up, put his foot on the ball etc when needed and just start getting some less predictability (does that make sense?) in the team.

  26. Marc


    No argument the squad needs some serious surgery it’s just how much we have available and who is available which is why I think we’ll be limited to a couple in Jan. Next summer will see some wholesale changes.

  27. Nw9 gooner

    Posting again. Marco’s and Raptora’s anti Ozil opinion is becoming beyond comedy now. He is a great player but not consistent. I agree with TR7 -not bothered with his defensive abilities. He is there to create chances . Raptora-invisible after 60 minutes and we score in the end. All commentators were praising him . When he plays bad, criticise him but when he plays well give him credit. I also want him to play always like this – Pierre is right. His role has been unjustly criticised. We Britishers just like blood and thunder

  28. Marc


    I think the one real positive is we are managing to have the conversation without it turning into abuse or arguments and I think that is down to the trust in Sven and Sanllehi.

    It’s going to be a difficult 12 – 18 months coming up but we have the right people at the controls.

  29. Marc


    I was at the match today and Ozil was awful – that’s not just my opinion but the people sat around me and people I spoke to after the match.

    Whilst there are a few anti Ozil obsessives on here they are balanced by the pro Ozil obsessives. I’d love him to go on a run of influencing matches getting 7-8 goals and 15 assists in the league between now and the end of the season. I’m not going to get my hopes up though.

  30. Cesc Appeal



    Been banging that drum for a couple of months now.

    All our CAMs are ghost CAMs, they like to dummy/one touch/release as quickly as possible and don’t really have the balls/technical ability to get on the ball and dictate the game.

    It is a huge failing because Torreira and Xhaka frequently have no one to release to.

    We need a a player who likes to get on the ball and drive forward and to pass setting the attacking tempo. They also can’t be gigantic pussies who think they are there to do one thing and one thing only.

    If we persist with our current options we will never take the next step. Simply not good enough.

  31. Marc


    During the match the crowd around me seemed to be shocked that Laca went off and we didn’t change Ozil for Ramsey / Iwobi.

    The more the match went on the more I came to the conclusion that Emery is giving Ozil enough rope to hang himself.

    Just as a thought what would you think of offering Chelsea a swap deal Ramsey for Cesc in Jan. It’s short term but we get something for Ramsey and it should help the MF out?

  32. Cesc Appeal


    I’m glad the crowd are coming to their senses. It is so like Wenger this whole Ozil thing.

    I wouldn’t offer them Ramsey because I still think in January we could get £20-30 Million for him even with his situation. Rather keep him and run him into the ground in pointless Europa League matches and closing out EPL matches.

    If we could get Fabregas for free or a minimal fee I wouldn’t mind. He’s the best Arsenal player on the ball in recent times along with Cazorla. I would see him as potentially transitioning to coaching staff, what a player for Guendouzi and Smith Rowe etc to learn from about playmaking and possession play.

  33. Marc


    If we can get serious money for Ramsey in Jan then that’s another matter. I also think Cesc likes London and going into coaching at Arsenal might make him feel he’s coming home.

  34. Cesc Appeal


    I also think despite everything the fans would welcome him back like he was indeed returning home.

    Fabregas is still my favourite player of the Emirates generation.

    Him teaching youngsters how to use the ball, when to move forward, how to calm the team down etc would be great.

    Spanish as well which could suit Emery.

  35. China1

    Some people set the bar so low for ozil

    He’s not a fox in the box poacher who is only needed to contribute a tap in each game to justify his place in the team

    He’s playing in the center of the team. One of the game’s most important and influential positions. Yet he had all of two excellent moments in an otherwise entirely average game yesterday at home against relegation fodder and some people think that’s enough

    Enough for an Everton maybe. I thought we wanted to compete for higher positions…

  36. China1

    I’d take cesc back for his dressing room influence and he adds squad depth.

    His best days are passes tho, so I wouldn’t want him in the starting 11 every week long term.

    Amazing to have him in and around the club tho

  37. China1

    I’ll probably regret saying this but kos mustafi and sok should be enough at CB for the next game

    Sok looks really decent, mustafi was on reasonable form recently and kos should be that bit sharper than he was against Southampton

    As much as anything, I think it would be an improvement to return to a midfield base of xhaka and torreira.

  38. HighburyLegend

    The Chavs losing 3 points at home is so much more interesting news than all this ridiculous “Manure reborn” hype, they destroyed the mighty Cardiff, amazing performance indeed lol

  39. Joe

    Think every poster on here would love to see ozil go on a run on a WC level. 7-10 goals. 15 assists.

    He is not the new wenger on here. People are just frustrated with him. Show us what you got ozil. Or just leave.

    The ball is at your feet Ozil.

  40. TonyD

    “He must have met Pierre at some point. What’s he going to do when Ozil is forced out of the club?”

    Exactly the same since Wenger’s firing: Troll at every opportunity

  41. TonyD

    I’m with many posters here and would love Ozil to prove his detractors wrong, but he’s had several chances to do that and failed miserably each time.

    2 moments of what’s required of Ozil in yesterday’s game is not proving yourself.

    Ozil is a lightweight powderpuff too easily dumped on his ass or dispossessed.

    He has no pace even against lumbering CBs.

    Start Ozil against Liverpool and tell him that game is made or break for him at Arsenal.

    We all know what is going to happen that is if Ozil isn’t injured or sick for that game.

    As far as Ozil goes your pomposity knows no bounds.

  42. Joe

    “He must have met Pierre at some point. What’s he going to do when Ozil is forced out of the club?”

    Same as he did when wenger was gloriously sacked on to his ass

    Throw a tantrum for the next 6 months( and counting).

  43. Emiratesstroller

    Tony D

    I am not being pompous.

    Personally I am sick and tired of posters who spend so much time “destroying”
    almost every player on our books.

    Ozil has a lot of faults as I have said many times, but he is the only midfielder on the books with creativity, passing skill and ability to unlock a defence.

    Yesterday he showed those skills on two separate occasions, which resulted in goals by both Aubameyang and Iwobi.

    As I have said on many occasions find another player who is an upgrade in
    other departments of game and who can deliver “creativity” as well and I would be more than happy to see him replaced.

    Somehow I don’t see that happening anytime soon and there are for me more
    important priorities at the moment such as sorting out our defence.

  44. Guns of SF

    Cesc back at Arsenal would be great. He was a kid but was surrounded by the invincibles – so he remembers and he knows what has happened since then.

    I always felt back in the day when we were under pressure in games, that I wanted the ball with Cesc or TR7- they were safe hands always and rarely gave the ball away

    We dont have that now. Ozil just gets bumped goes down, hands up and the opposition has the ball.

    He needs to work on that aspect of his game. Getting stronger physically is important, especially as players age. Weight training to avoid injuries is critical

    Anyhow, hopefully Ozil is not here much longer and Cesc makes his way back. a Steady hand and fiery competitor. No one can compare to his chucking the pizza on red noses face in the locker room melee.

    Always a legend

  45. HillWood

    E S
    Unfortunately I think you set yourself up on here not for your views on Ozil but the importance you placed on watching him live at the ground
    Sky have have a Zillion cameras at the match , can show endless replays and slow-mo and close up shots of whatever they like
    In other words a different perspective of the same match

  46. TonyD

    Sorry but you do always have this lofty way about you where so many time you write, “as I wrote…..” etc. It’s very condescending as were your views that only people at the stadium can see the full spectrum of the game.

    Ozil really only had 1 special moment with the pass to Kola the ball through to AMN was lucky and a fortunate rebound.

    As has been posted here often there are numerous young players out there who can offer so much more than Ozil, which is why Ozil is not wanted any longer by the majority on this blog.

    From my reading here many (including myself) acknowledge Ozils skills, but feel Ozil cannot perform them in the PL in any consistency (even throughout a match like yesterday) and therefore he would be better suited to a slower league, such as Italy, MLS or China.

    A lot of posters here garner much respect from many others, such as Cesc Appeal as one example of posters who not only offer POVs, but also have extensive knowledge of players around the globe.

    Your assertions that most poster here come to post to slate many or all the players is not just wide of the mark but way off the charts.

    POVs are given on players and their performances both good and bad. The problem is we have too many bad players that need moving on from the club and is why so much deserved negative post has been made here.

    Nothing personal meant ES

  47. Unai

    Ozils ball in for the first goal was fantastic, he’s always got one of those in his locker.

    My criticism is that he can’t influence games in a way that’s required of a modern PL CAM, he’s a luxury and you don’t get luxury in the PL.

    I can’t think of one other PL player that gets indulged in the way Ozil does.

  48. Champagne charlie

    Lots of Ozil talk for obvious reason, I think it’s clear to all with eyes that he’s supremely gifted but not returning enough. Fact remains however that he’s still returning moments of unparalleled quality in games he takes part in.

    It’s this reason I don’t have the axe to grind with him at present and would sooner see other ‘useless’ squad players shown the door for new blood ie Chambers, Elneny (circa 20 mil). If Ozil can be sold then fine, but his critics need to keep it consistent, either nobody would entertain Ozil or they would. This idea nobody would have Ozil but he should be sold for 25 mil is a bit odd.

    He’s not the player with the least returns in the squad so i’d personally start there and work up. We need Ozil the second half of this season to fire. We don’t need players offering nothing. Get them out, get a guy like Pepe in, and make the big moves in the summer.

  49. Thorough

    Unlike most on here I think we don’t need a central defender in January. We have Sokratis, Kos, Mustafi, Mavro and Monreal when needed. Holding is injured and Chambers is on loan. That’s 7 center backs by June and probably 8 average to manageable Centre backs if we go on and add another. Wait for summer when you can get a CB that’s a total upgrade on all our defenders and bin 3 of the present ones.
    If we can get Tagliafico for left back and a Sarr/ Pepe for the wings in January I think we would be just fine. And I’ve watched Sarr in the world cup 8th runs the length of the pitch in record time, he’s feisty, a bruiser and has a good shot on him. What’s there not to like.

  50. Receding Hairline

    I like how some on here act like Nicolas Pepe is some next level signing.. He isn’t

    Its a punt, no matter the size of the fee

    Sarr, Pepe, Lozano I really don’t care. I just want players who are actual wingers

  51. Emiratesstroller

    Tony D

    I am as disappointed as many others that Ozil does not play to his full potential.

    However, the continuous posts slagging him so repetitively is unlikely to improve his performance or morale. He is STILL an Arsenal player.

    The fact is that he is a World Cup Winner and was rated on many occasions t Germany’s top player and a candidate for UEFA Ballon d’Or. The idea that he was always a “crap footballer” as many on here seem to think is ridiculous.

    Whatever you and many others may think he is still a very talented footballer
    and at the age of 30 should not be beyond redemption.

    Based on what is going on at the moment I suspect that Ozil will leave sooner
    or later, but whilst he remains at the club I want him to play to his best level.

    Despite many posts our strikers play better when he is in the team, because he
    is creating the passes which unlock a defence.

    As I wrote previously Aubameyang had a relatively dry goalscoring period in Ozil’s absence. The only goal he scored from open play in previous six games
    was against Bournemouth.

  52. Emiratesstroller

    Arsenal under Emery have performed better than the club did last season if
    we compare our points, victories and goals scored column.

    However…. other stats tell a different story about the team, which is why I focus more on our defence than the attack.

    Despite Torreira’s inclusion in team our DEFENCE is shocking and watching yesterday’s performance against a limited Burnley confirmed this.

    We have conceded MORE goals this season in first 18 games than we did last
    season and more importantly have managed only 2 clean sheets.

    The club went into the season without Koscielny and Mavropanos has been
    out injured for entire first half also with a groin injury. Holding is now out
    for the rest of season.

    Others in backline are hardly top class players. NONE would make the starting
    lineup of the top 4 clubs and some case not even the bench.

    Realistically the club should be focussing on improving the defence rather than spending mega bucks on replacing Ozil and recruiting a winger.

  53. Graham62

    One sublime pass leading to a goal, versus several appalling lapses of concentration (downright laziness) that puts the entire team on the ropes.

    Oh dear, this is a difficult one. We are in a conundrum here. Outweighing the advantages against the disadvantages. What the hell do we do? How do you solve the problem that is Mesut Ozil?

    I know. Give him a mega contract and build the team around him.