Netflix and whaaaa? | Fixture madness | United swap on the cards?

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Well good f*cking morning to you all!

2 days until I leave for sunny England. Land of the free. Well, nearly. I am hugely excited to head back home to reacquaint myself with that Essex accent I try so hard all year to suppress, get knee deep in Marmite, proper bacon and highly offensive ‘banter.’ Things are so bad in New York these days, a woman apologised to me the other day for saying ‘they didn’t have the balls.’


Right, what are we going to talk about today?

We could talk about SPOTY? Or we could decide that people who shriek about that need to grow the fuck up. It’s a popularity contest. Who cares?

We could talk about Mesut Ozil? NO. We should talk about the German Netflix show called Dogs of Berlin.

This show is about a German footballer of Turkish descent that’s murdered.


Now, I haven’t seen it, but look, we live in a culture of outrage. If my balls can get offended, then so can I over this abomination. Likely just a rough set of coincidences, but my word, not a good look after the carry-on over the World Cup.

Anyway, the German is being linked to United. Now, not that I’d be fussed if we could do a deal, as long as it doesn’t involve a player. We’ve had WELBZ, Silvestre and Mikhi off them. I quite liked Bailly from his Spain days, but he’s not cutting it in a terrible side, I’m not sure we should be taking a chance. That said, give me him over Cahill or Pepe.

Arsenal face BATE in the next round of the Europa League. Round of bloody 32. How boring. Even worse, the kick-off times are 5.55pm. That means people have to leave work extra early. What a pain in the backside. Additionally, City and Southampton move from Saturday’s to Sunday’s and our Bournemouth game moves from a Tuesday to a Wednesday. Europa is the absolute pits for weekend games. I really miss 3pm kick-offs on a Saturday.

What else could we talk about? How about the story that Rabiot is going to be sold by PSG this January because he won’t sign a new deal. Rumours are Spurs are in for him, as well as Juventus. No chance we’ll be in for a player Emery insisted wasn’t good enough to be a box to box midfielder, but it’s nice to dream of us picking up sexy deals like that.

Finally, I really love The Arsenal Community team. LOOK AT THAT KIDS HAPPY FACE. So damn cute.

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  1. ddkingz

    If Ronaldo has 5 ucl trophies and cost €100m at 33… And benzema has 4ucl trophies and will cost €35m @30…

    Then I think I would go for benzema…

  2. Bob N16

    Just a thought but does it help the discussion to consider if you had the chance who would you prefer to play like? I’d probably say Messi but Zidane had an elegance about him (like Cruyff), Ronadinho a magic, actually I’d certainly think Maradona who was superhuma takes some beating.

  3. Champagne charlie


    I disagree, and I’m also not dismissing Messi in any capacity or calling him just a goal scorer. I’m simply stating that for me Ronaldinho was capable of more in hi short-lived pomp.

    You know what Messi is capable of and what he’s going to do (not less special because ofthat) whereas Ronaldinho was capable of doing things that defied all expectations. It was artistry and efficacy on a level never seen by myself.

  4. WengerEagle


    RM weren’t getting to that Final without Ronaldo’s goals, did Rakitic/Suarez win the 2015 CL Final for Messi then?

    Same as last season, RM weren’t getting to that Final without Ronaldo’s goals vs PSG and Juventus.

    Nothing without goals? You clearly didn’t watch him at United or in his earlier RM days.

  5. WengerEagle

    Ronaldo has scored 60 CL knockout goals, 20 more than Messi. Benzema has likely scored less than 10 knockout goals, certainly no more than 15.

    Like saying that Wiltord was as responsible for our success as Henry was.

  6. WengerEagle


    With you on the artistry but not the dominance/efficiency which have to be dictated by the team success and Messi’s Barcelona >>> than Ronny’s even during his 2 seasons peak.

    Ronny wasn’t anywhere near as consistent because while he was unplayable one week to a level that even Messi wasn’t, he could be fairly average the week after. Still remember how poor he was in the Final against us.

  7. Bamford10


    Lebron will never be considered Michael’s equal for a number of reasons, and you are right that rings is one major factor in this. It’s not the only factor, though.

    I’m not really all that interested in getting into a MJ v. Lebron discussion, but in addition to more rings, Mike was a better basketball player: better jump-shooter, better dribbler, better all-around scorer, and a better defender. He was also 1,000x more tough mentally.

    Lebron James is an incredible athlete. Incredible. But Mike was the better basketball player.

    Were you connecting this to Neymar, Messi, Zidane, etc., though? Sorry, I have to re-read your comment.

  8. Leedsgunner

    Pepe is clearly a stopgap, playing a role very similar to that of Lichtsteiner… considering we have a couple of young defenders that might not be a bad move for a season. Only if he’s on a free though.

  9. WengerEagle


    Ronaldo has been banished from the all-time great discussions while there are names up there such as ZZ that he has won FAR more than. Why I brought up the ring argument.

    5 CL titles is phenomenal, Messi has won 3 CL titles and he’s largely seen as the best player of all-time and certainly as the best club player of all-time.

  10. WengerEagle

    Why is the party line being towed in the media that Mourinho didn’t get the defenders he wanted in the summer being the beginning of the end?

    He dropped 65 million pounds on Lindelof and Bailly and also 50 million pounds on Fred who he has barely even used.

    Can you blame the board for being reluctant to part with another 50 odd million for potentially another dud defender?

  11. Leedsgunner


    I stand guilty of starting off the GOAT discussion.

    Although my reference was that ZZ was the all around best player in the past 30 years when seen for what he did during his club career AND what he did for his country internationally and especially in leading France to WC and European championship glory. I know you love Messi and CR7 and that’s cool but for me ZZ was a transformational player… definitely one of the great sporting icons of the modern era. A person, like Michael Jordan, who reached outside the boundaries of his sport and impacted his society as a whole.

    An insane footballing genius.

  12. WengerEagle


    His international career was great but his club career wasn’t, let’s not revise history.

    Messi and Ronaldo’s club career is on a different planet to ZZ.

    And in terms of being sporting icons, doesn’t get better than Messi and Ronaldo for me.

    Opposites in nearly every way in their physiques, personalities, the representation of God-given ability vs unparalleled hard work and dedication to make it to the very elite tier, played for the two biggest clubs in the world and rivals at that, have split 5 Ballon D’ors each.

    We’ve never seen players dominate European football for a over a decade in the way that these two have.

  13. WengerEagle

    ‘Pretty good..The French side had far more flair and flamboyance in 70’s and 80’s than in the 90’s and 2000’s.’


    Late 90’s/early 2000’s side won both the WC and the Euros, also only got beaten in the 2006 WC Final on PK’s.

    Platini never took France to a WC Final.

  14. Leedsgunner


    Like I said, it’s all subjective. As great as Messi and CR7 has been at club level in my mind, the lack of international World Cup success will place them behind ZZ for me. 😉

  15. Bamford10


    Well, in short, because titles are not the only thing one looks at — and CL titles are definitely not the only thing one looks at.

  16. WengerEagle


    What about Messi’s 8 League titles/4 CL titles or Ronaldo’s 5 League titles/5 CL titles to ZZ’s 3 league titles/1 CL title?

    They’re nowhere near the same level in club honours and club is 80pc or more of your career.

  17. Receding Hairline

    Ronaldinho was a wonderful footballer, even people who didn’t understand the game would have paid just to watch him play but therein lies the problem, he was a showman not a serious sportsman.

    Messi on the other hand has been a devastating footballer for a decade now posting insane numbers in terms of goals and assists year after year. How anyone can talk about him with a “but” beats me. We will probably never see another Messi while we have already seen another ronaldinho in Neymar.

  18. WengerEagle


    Except it’s not the only thing in favour for Ronaldo.

    After us and Chelsea dominated the PL for 3 seasons, Ronaldo was United’s best player for 3 consecutive titles in a row and a CL title, only Fergie’s second in 23 years at the time.

    Destroyed the PL before going to RM and putting it right up to Barcelona and Messi, both largely seen as the best ever club side and player.

  19. Leedsgunner


    Yeah I get you on that but because of their club success both Messi and CR7 have been expected to step up and prove themselves special on the world stage and they have fallen short. Messi especially crumbled in world cups… frankly I think it was not that he lacked the mental strength or fortitude but the man was physically exhausted by the time WC came around.

    His great club exploits took so much out of him he couldn’t be the great player for Argentina.

    At least CR7 won a European Championship with Portugal!

  20. TheLegendaryDB10


    Absolutely spot on. Ronaldhino was a joy to watch. You know when you have a talented player when he his smilling all the way through. Messi was like that in his early days.

    True ballers are always enjoying the game!!

  21. WengerEagle


    The margins are razor-thin with Messi, 3 Finals losses despite not losing any of them in the 90 mins, 2016 he has to take blame as he skied his penalty over the bar but the previous 2 Finals were more on his team mates.

    Ronaldo also has Eder to thank for that as he wasn’t even on the pitch. Pivotal in Portugal getting there though so was obviously deserving.

  22. Leedsgunner

    Well done to Solihull Moor for pushing Blackpool to the brink. Shame you couldn’t get it across the line.

    So we’ll be going to Blackpool then for the FA Cup third round.

  23. Champagne charlie

    “We will probably never see another Messi while we have already seen another ronaldinho in Neymar.“

    Neymar is absolutely fantastic, so keep that in mind when I say it’s utterly disrespectful to suggest he’s anything resembling Ronaldinho.

    It’s like saying Auba is the new Henry, vague similarities but vastly different levels.

  24. Nelson

    I just read that the share price of MANU goes up after Mou’s sacking. Does Glazer family own 100% of MANU. What business model do they use? How come they have so much more money to spend compared to us?

  25. WengerEagle


    Neymar is far closer to R10 than Auba is to TH14.

    Auba is a penalty-box poacher reliant on service whereas Henry was a free-roaming wrecking-ball that could dribble, create chances for himself, create chances for others and was a nightmare for defenders as he would drag them all over the pitch. All the while being practically as prolific as Aubameyang has been over his prime seasons.

    Ronaldinho was magic and definitely was technically superior to Neymar, the latter isn’t miles off at all though in this regard.

  26. gonsterous

    “We will probably never see another Messi while we have already seen another ronaldinho in Neymar.“

    false. Same thing was said of pele and maradona. we will see another great player dominate football for a long time in the next 10 years.
    May be mbappe or some other kid who will come up. Anyone know about mbappe 3-4 seasons ago?

  27. TonyD

    “You seem like you might be a bit of a stereophile. What kind of music do you listen to? Any recommendations? I thought it was kind of a weak year for new music, but I found a few new-ish things I liked, e.g., Nicolas Jaar (Sirens), Liza Flume (Spain), I’m Your Vinyl, Lord Huron and Khruangbin.”

    Stereophile? Is that a new terminology? Genuine question.

    I have always been an audiophile and have been fortunate to be in a position to fund this passion and also work in the music industry.

    To be honest, at 63 I don’t follow the charts much; I leave that to my son and daughter who are always making up or finding new playlists to play on our kitchen Sonos system.

    The names you mention are lost on me.

    I’m still fully vested in today’s latest sound and vision tech through my love of both music and movies.

    My first sound system 40 years ago was quadraphonic when everyone else was into stereo systems.

    With Dolby Atmos, Aura 3-D and DTS:X starting to be streamed sound formats, new technology has made home theater far more accessible for most budgets. The new processors also allow for a whole new experience in multi-speaker sound where sound stages can kind of put the musicians in the room with you.

    Below are the latest flagship examples of processors ranging from around £3500 to £25, 000, Denon & Marantz offer much more affordable lower tech models that still do a decent job.

    I won’t go into speakers and amps here or other system tech, such as Lumagen, but you can get the gist of where I’m at.

    My kids keep me kind of up to date and there is a wealth of music from all genres to keep me happy from the last 70 years and then there is classical music.

    That said, I’ve never really been interested in Indie and punk or thrash or very heavy metal, although I’ll admit some indie over the years have been good, such as The Cure and Stone Temple Pilots.

    Dance music, such as Bassheads I really don’t get: I’m more into Enigma or softer forms with more melody. Ditto heavy rap music, I’m more a PM Dawn kind of guy.

    My daughter plays piano and guitar and my son is learning guitar, which I also dabble with, but I’ve always considered the sound desk and associated equipment as being my instrument of choice.

    One of the reasons I’m building a fully soundproofed, tech high-end cinema that is acoustically perfected is that it can double up as a digital recording studio for songwriting, rehearsal and a place to listen to music and watch movies/TV series.

    More importantly, I’ll be able to pretty much recreate match day stadium surround sound to watch Arsenal and other sports pretty much as being there.

    I’ve just sold my interests in my remaining business interests, so going to enjoy my remaining years with my interests: family & friends, Arsenal, music and films in that order.

    Kind of went off on a tangent here so apologies to those not interested and those who feel I’m bragging – that is and was not my intention.

  28. Goobergooner

    You’re a dumb cunt…Only League Winners were allowed to compete in Europe’s premier competition back in the 80’s lol
    Well guess Platini should have won more league titles then you window-licking spaz”

    Has to be the funniest interaction I’ve read on legrove haha 😂😂😂

    Good quality chat today fellas (and sheilas if there is any).

    Keeping things interesting. Gotta love this place!

  29. Leedsgunner

    Ooohh, I forgot to say, has anyone called up the Glazers and told them of the managerial talent that lies just down the road at the Etihad?

    No, I’m not talking about Pep.

    No, I’m talking about his protege, Mikel Arteta.

    I know he’s not been a manager but Pep says he’s good and Arsenal ALMOST took him on… surely that should be worth something?

  30. raptora

    No way that Manure could tempt him. He is going to be the next Man City manager.

    Or at least Pedro claims that lolz.

    Guy is special! Not like that ordinary fraud Emery we ended up with. He’s exciting!

  31. Receding Hairline

    Man United’s choice of Interim Manager shows they wan’t to calm down and make sure they don’t balls up another managerial appointment

    Spurs should be very worry, United can afford to buy out Pochettino’s contract come season end

  32. raptora

    On Manchester United’s offer for Kalidou Koulibaly:

    “[Jose] Mourinho wanted him, we rejected £95 million,” De Laurentiis said. “But now it’s impossibile that he leaves Napoli.”

    This cannot be true. Right?!
    That’s mad money. Who would say no to £95m for a CB?! Fkin hell…

  33. raptora

    Yeah. Looks like Manure consider that the coaches without a job aren’t good enough and the ones that they want would not be persuaded to join them mid-season.

    Zidane is unemployed. Conte, Jardim.
    Zidane would want an easier job imo, which is understandable but also kind of shows lack of faith in himself. He has earned the right to decide where to coach though, by being extremely successful in a small period of time, so fair play to him.

    Other alternatives include Wenger, Allardyce, Frank de Boer, Alan Pardew and Arteta is just too good to not be considered.

    By the look of it, Manure’s management decided to stop looking for the best available manager but the one that they consider the best attainable manager. And they are ready to spend a lot of money and time for it.

  34. raptora

    Interesting if Solskjaer’s appointment means that they are waving the white flag in the battle for top 4 and the season as a whole.

    The Norwegian had a horrific spell at Cardiff several years ago. 20 points in 25 games speaks for itself.

    It’s hard to imagine Manure playing worse than what they’ve been though. Their thought process surely that Ole would allow the stars to “express themselves” as he has said already. Pep Guardiola fan apparently. Interesting appointment.

    I expect “Manure showing Arsenal how it’s done” to be the title of Pedro’s next post. We’ll see how it will go for them. Ole has been a coach/manager for good 7 years so definitely some differences to the subject of his fangirling.

  35. Leedsgunner

    I have more chance of being Man United manager than Arteta. For one thing, I don’t think Arteta will risk his comfortable cushy life at Man City to risk it.

    He’s like Goldilocks. He wants to make sure he’s almost guaranteed he’s going to get the job before he takes the plunge. However, real life isn’t like that you have to take risks if you’re going to do anything of note.

    To be honest, Arteta’s arrogance is the reason that really irked me about his approach when we were looking for a new manager. I think the only reason he put his name forward is because he thought it was going to be a coronation, a shoo in into the job. It’s his sense of entitlement despite not having anything to justify this which irritated me.

    It must have been a real shock to the old ego to have been turned down. No doubt Gazidas all but assured him of the job before shirking off to Milan.

    A bullet dodged.

    Thank goodness Raul and Sven prevailed and Emery got the job.

  36. HighburyLegend

    “I expect “Manure showing Arsenal how it’s done” to be the title of Pedro’s next post.”

    lol it will probably be something like that.

  37. raptora

    Leeds: “A bullet dodged.”

    But Leeds

    “You have no idea what Arteta could have done at Arsenal. If we were going curveball, that would have been an excellent choice at the time.” – Pedro

  38. Leedsgunner


    Like I said, a bullet dodged. I say let Man City or Man United or any other club take the bullet with Arteta.