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Arsenal crashed at Southampton in what felt like a fairly predictable game and sadly, historically familiar.

The odds felt slightly stacked against us even before the game started. Two centre-backs suspended, Holding out longterm, our two returning defenders 32 and 33, and Lichtsteiner who is 34. Things were so rough, Emery once again elected to drop Xhaka into the back three.

We didn’t make it easy for ourselves, as has been the script all season. For the 17th time this season, we couldn’t manage to head into halftime with a lead. Our defending was awful, we conceded 7 shots on target, despite dominating 66% of the possession. The most damning stat? Southampton scored 20% of their goals against us yesterday. What a joke.

We went a goal down on 20minutes. Bellerin marshalled Targett out wide, the English left back whipped in a beautiful cross that evaded Koscielny at the front post, finding Ings who breezed past a dozing Xhaka. It really was an exceptional ball, but it was being defended by a player who hasn’t dropped a full 90 for 250 days, and a deep-lying midfielder who obviously isn’t going to be comfortable in a back 3.

We clawed our way back into the game, Iwobi used a burst of pace really well to release Monreal, the Spaniard found Mikhi in the box and his bullet header from 10 yards was enough to pull us level. We still managed to fuck things up, Redmond, who’d caused problems with his pace all game, evaded MG and Iwobi, floating a perfect cross between Lichtsteiner and Koscielny, finding Ings who lofted a perfect header under the bar.

The second half saw Lacazette emerge. We had a really good opening 15 minutes and drew level on 52 minutes. Lacazette rustled the ball as Southampton looked to break, he fed Mikhi who bundled home a dirty deflected shot.

I don’t want to scapegoat here, but I felt the air leaked out of our performance when Iwobi blazed over a backheel pass from Auba. It really was atrocious technique and the difference between Arsenal and the elite teams in the league. I really can’t fathom how anyone can defend that chance. When you’re an international footballer, you should at the very least be hitting the target.

Our final goal was also a calamity. Mesut Ozil lost the ball on the halfway line with a stupid stepover, the ball made it down our end, Austin is picked out at the back post, Leno came flapping and missed, the rest is history. Not good enough, and another silly error from our German import.


This is what the first season under a new manager will look like, if we’re honest, we’ve had it very nice up until today and we should be grateful. It took Klopp 3 seasons to make things work for him. We cannot expect Emery, with limited summer investment and a dirty Arsene Wenger hangover, to perform miracles. Our squad is very slim and we were exposed today.

The club needs to continue to upgrade. We need better wide players, we need to move on names that either don’t want to be here or aren’t suited to the system, and we need to focus on bringing through quality.

Emery needs to take stock of a few things that he’s been getting away with… namely, our shocking first-half performances. It’s true that our resilience to bounce back has been a joy to watch, but 17 games without leading in the first half is a semi-crisis. It means the manager is making poor decisions. We need to be seeing better selections and we need to see players more focused from the off.

I joked yesterday that an Arsenal player could play keepy-uppy in his own box and roof it into the net on purpose and you’d still have a group of fans screaming ‘FOOTBALL IS A TEAM GAME THAT’S NOT HIS FAULT’… well, in most jobs, there’s an element of individual responsibility. Mesut Ozil needs to take some stick for giving the ball away then not going hard to retrieve it. The great thing is that sort of subpar attitude might rub with some of our fans, but it won’t with Emery. The club needs to move him on. It’s clear that he’s not right for how the team needs to play, and he’s also not right for the sort of structure we need to build wage wise. He needs to move on.

We also have to do something about Aaron Ramsey in January. We have a very good player who would have been more useful than Mesut, sitting on the bench today. If he’s going to be a nothing player, let’s sell him and bring in a talent that can give our midfield the extra ingredient it needs to create and press.

That said, it is worth remembering that we don’t have a coach that’s denying we’ve been less than optimal. He said in the pre-match prezzer that there is a lot that needs to be improved upon. That’s good news. We’re dealing with a coach that understands reality and pragmatism. Let’s hope Sven and Raul have something smart lined up in January… Pepe and Cahill both available as potential stop-gaps at the back.

Finally, big thumbs up to Hassenhutl. He’s a manager we scouted when names were rumbling for Arsenal. He’s brought a lot of energy to their squad, and he bought all theb fans a beer. Can’t know that sort of carry-on.

Right, see you in the comments!

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  1. Dissenter

    “That’s the life of a goalkeeper but I would do it again.”

    I wouldn’t go as far as to call Leno a “moron” for that comment
    Good players have to learn to not dwell too much on mistakes. That said the goal keeping coach won’t be pleased he’s saying that he will do it all over again.

  2. Pierre

    “West ham, Fulham and Wolves spent more money than Arsenal this past summer, it’s a joke really and hope I’m not the only one tired of this whole self sustaining bull crap model we’ve been running for a while now”

    Yes,12 years is a long time .

  3. Receding Hairline

    That said the goal keeping coach won’t be pleased he’s saying that he will do it all over again.

    He shouldn’t come for crosses?

    He took a few steps towards the ball before back peddling to make the leap. the intention was good there was no defender near Austin, he just needs to time it better next time. He should 100% come for crosses when no one is covering

  4. Champagne Charlie

    Don’t consider that as anything more than a minor misjudgment on Leno’s part. As far as fault goes it was the CB’s no question,

    Leno was put in the position to act desperately thanks to their incompetence. He misjudged it, but had he remained rooted to his line and got beaten by a free header the reverse would’ve been asked or why he never came to intercept. Not an error for me.

  5. Pierre

    “Rabiot doesn’t want to play for Emery.”

    I would imagine he would look at Ozil , a similar type of player,, and would think to himself ….not for me thanks and he probably won’t be the only talented footballer who would think that.

    Emery has similar problems with Lucas Moura who ,I’m sad to say ,is a very talented wide player who fell out of favour with Emery.

  6. Receding Hairline

    I would imagine he would look at Ozil , a similar type of player,, and would think to himself ….not for me thanks and he probably won’t be the only talented footballer who would think that.Emery has similar problems with Lucas Moura who ,I’m sad to say ,is a very talented wide player who fell out of favour with Emery.


    Rabiot is not a play maker and not similar to Ozil in anyway

    Moura was dropped because PSG decided to upgrade to Neymar, Mbappe and Draxler

    I don’t know what you gain by peddling this line attacking players do not perform under Emery when the reality is players without a backbone do not thrive under him

  7. raptora

    I gave my opinion yesterday that Emery fked up massively mainly by going for Ozil instead of Ramsey and massively contradicting something he’s said around two weeks ago.

    He also fked up by not playing Lacazette from minute one, and put their shambolic defence under pressure from the get go.

    Still, he was pretty close to a result with a makeshift defence and a horrible luck – injuries, suspensions, 3 chances 3 goals when Soton’s finishing has been utter trash all season.

    It’s pathetic really how some people can’t wait for a bad result (first loss in 4 months) to start circling around Emery. Thought that Pedro is not as reactionary as he showed himself to be. Disappointed.

  8. Dissenter

    Leno saying that he will do it all over again is akin to misjudging the cross, arriving late and leaving the net wide open for a simple nod-in. I still think that;s a talk he should have with the GK coach.
    It wasn’t entire his fault but he does share some of the blame. I din’t think he handled it as decisively as needed. These was some hesitation … and that gave Austin that extra second.

  9. raptora

    “would imagine Rabiot would look at Ozil , a similar type of player”

    “Emery has similar problems with Lucas Moura”

    Pierre is on a quest to prove that he doesn’t only sound like a dumb tard, he is one.

  10. Receding Hairline

    I din’t think he handled it as decisively as needed. These was some hesitation … and that gave Austin that extra second.

    Austin did not get to the ball before him rather got it after he missed the ball..don’t know where the extra seconds comes into play

    He made a step towards the crosser of the ball, that was his only error, it meant he had to take a few steps back to make the leap and that was when he got caught under the ball…Guess Allison also needs to see a goal keeping coach for failing to gather a simple cross or De Gea for spilling a tame Mustafi header into his own net

  11. raptora

    Add me to the people who think that Leno didn’t do anything that wrong for their 3rd. Risk was well worth because he could have stopped the danger right there. Knowing how well Austin plays with his header it would have been an easy finish for him regardless of Leno’s actions. His fault is down the line, clearly not the one that matterred.

    We saw what a blunder is from a 70m GK just an hour later.

  12. Receding Hairline

    Would anyone take Bailly in a swap for Ozil if United offered it?

    Yes I would

    Still young we can sell him back to Spain if it does not work out. He will be desperate to prove Jose wrong..not too long ago United fans called him World Class until Jose started his moaning that his entire defense was rubbish because Liverpool bought Van Dijk and City Laporte for big money

  13. Guns of SF

    I would take nothing from Manure
    The stench of wretchedness would be too much
    Even martial- i think there are better out there we can obtain

  14. Dissenter

    You just had add that extra punchline about Allison, didn’t you. Of course the GK coach has to have a word with him after that school boy error.
    Same as Leno’s.
    I think he was caught in two minds initially, tried for the near post the realized that his central defenders were on vacation and took the risk.

  15. Pierre

    Raptora massive criticism of Emery

    “I gave my opinion yesterday that Emery fked up massively mainly by going for Ozil instead of Ramsey and massively contradicting something he’s said around two weeks ago.”

    I support Emery in this decision.

  16. Cesc Appeal


    I liked Bailly when he first arrived, powerful, fast CB with decent enough passing ability.

    Like you say he has struggled a bit but then Mourinho has devastated him by publicly slating him and his entire defence and taking him off early in games essentially trying to blame him for the side’s failures.

    It could be he reignites what looked a very promising career with us, still only 24 as well. Some developmental time with Sokratis would benefit him hugely as well.

    I think I would do it, sneakily gets that £350 000 off the books as well.

  17. Pierre

    More criticism from Raptora

    “He also fked up by not playing Lacazette from minute one, and put their shambolic defence under pressure from the get go.”

  18. Pierre

    Then than Raptora surprisingly goes on to say

    “It’s pathetic really how some people can’t wait for a bad result (first loss in 4 months) to start circling around Emery. ”

    And he calls me a dumb tard (whatever that is)

  19. Marko

    Are you pleased with our style of play? Seems this is what it’s going to be. Are you happy?

    Pedro you’ve given him one transfer window and 6 months and determined that is it that’s as good as it gets which is ridiculous. Also you kept saying he won’t get us to the next level what exactly is that? He inherited a 6th place squad a Europa League club our next level is back to the champions league and he’s capable of that. How about you temper your expectations until he gets the club playing the way he wants with the players he wants

  20. azed


    Rabiot problem with Emery is positional. Emery played Rabiot as a DM while Rabiot prefers to play as a B2B.

    PS: Lucas Moura is the Brazilian Theo Walcott.

  21. Pierre

    Both very talented players imo….would I take Lucas Moura over iwobi( who Emery rates) ……….. Now let me think

  22. PieAFC

    Just because Moura looks good at Spurs doesn’t mean anything.
    Anyway, saying UE didn’t fancy him? You kidding me. Last season they were playing a front 3, who in the hell is going to get ahead of Neymar and Mbappe for the wide positions.

    This season TUchel has been more flexible and put Neymar behind Cavani.

  23. Marko

    Arsenal are likely to dip into the transfer market in January if performance levels drop off, according to head coach Unai Emery.

    “Only if we think the players can’t help us with a good performance.”

    Can’t be happy with what he’s getting from his defenders and certain attackers.

    “January is not a good transfer window for this reason, but we are going to look and the club is working for transfers in January, but also we are in a [good] way.

    “We are making progress with young players and giving them chances, and when we need to give them more chances to play and show their progress we are going to do that.”

    I believe he sees certain players underperforming and the injuries and we’ll see some movement

  24. Marko

    Worth noting Ozil hasn’t had a falling out with the manager he’s just playing a bit shit and pretending to be injured. Not sure you can compare that situation to anything Moura or Rabiot went through.

  25. Receding Hairline

    Moura and Rabiot didn’t have a falling out with the manager either

    One was upgraded on with players he can’t lace their boots while the other was asked to play a position he doesn’t necessarily like but which enabled him make the team most weeks

  26. Freddie Ljungberg

    According to le10 sports Rabiot is refusing to sign for spurs and we are still in for him.

    Would be a fantastic free signing in the summer for sure but I’m hoping we splash some cash to bring him in January, could be the difference maker.

    Either way it would sort out our CM for years to come. No matter how improved Xhaka might be, that is still one of the weak spots of the team.

    Not necessarily a first priority but if a chance like that presents itself we need to pounce.

  27. Guns of SF

    I think AC milan are in 4th or something. They would love to get back in to CL having bowed out or EL already. Holding on to their top 4 would be critical
    Take a punt on Ozil Ivan… bring him over. You fucked us with him- he is yours
    take him back pls! 🙂

  28. Cesc Appeal

    If we could get Bailly and Pepe in January that would be a boost to our prospects.

    Still leaves the attacking midfield problem though.

  29. gambon

    Bailly would be an awful signing.

    Doesn’t improve our team, yet would cost a fortune.

    Isn’t he also an injury waiting to happen?

  30. Cesc Appeal

    I don’t think Bailly would cost a fortune at all and for the price I think there’s a real chance we could turn him into a great CB.

  31. gambon

    He would be minimum £30m.

    He would be on huge wages.

    We’re on course to concede 50 goals. With Bailly we still concede 50, but we have no room for a top end CB in the summer.

    We need a VVD level player to improve us…not a load more Mustafis.

  32. Cesc Appeal

    I think you’re being super unfair on Bailly and if there’s a chance we can work an Ozil swap deal all the better.

    If you think we’re spending £70 Million on a CB you’re dreaming.

    You can talk about ‘kissing the league goodbye then’ but it just ain’t happening.

    We either need to find a CB under performing but with scope to improve, a young up and coming CB or a CB with a contractual opportunity.

  33. Major_Jeneral

    It is one thing to have lofty expectations, it is another thing for it to be met.

    Until the end of the season, the jury is still out on the performance of Unai Emery. I know he has something to prove and he will definitely find a way to bring AFC to the “next level” despite the problems of the squad he inherited.

    Klopp did not fix Liverpool in 17 games and Emery cannot do the same in a short period too..

    If after two and half season we are not there yet then we can hire another manager.

    Our situation is much better than United’s when SF left. However it can be improved so let us exercise some patience and see how it pans out after 38 games.

  34. Cesc Appeal

    Sure if Mislintat can find us one, you did say we can’t go all Mislintat hipster earlier, but I have no problem with trying to find a great CB before people take notice.

    BvB did it with Akanji, Diallo and Zagadou.

  35. Pierre

    Regarding the early ko against bate and it affecting the attendance, I actually think it could possibly have a positive effect on the attendance.

    I can remember many years ago an FA cup replay v Derby had to be played in the afternoon during the week because of power cuts I think it was …..
    The crowd was heaving , I was working in the city in Aldgate and so many people left work early to go to the game …not quite sure but I think I it was 1972 after Charlie George scored a couple in the first leg at the baseball ground and then gave the famous 2 fingered salute to the Derby crowd ….what a game to be at that first leg was ..electric atmosphere…

    A bit of useless information there but who cares ….

  36. Marko

    According to le10 sports Rabiot is refusing to sign for spurs and we are still in for him.

    If it did happen and it’s a big if then that’s Xhaka finished.

    Yeah I dunno what CB’s we can get in January I do certainly hope that in the summer there’s a plan for a significant purchase in that area we need to stop fucking about and address the problem and if that means spending 50-70 million on someone then so be it. As for January Pavard? Maybe Reuben Diaz of Benfica or Eder Militao of Porto who looks a prospect. Certainly De Ligt in the summer must be a target. Impossible though in January with Ajax two points off PSV and in the knockout of the champions league

  37. Pendrey

    Poor performance but with 3 out 4 defenders absent, (Holding, Mustafi and Socratis) it was always going to hard.
    Don’t know about you but Iwobi just does not cut it. He is busy, but passes often go astray and he does not score.
    Compared to the others the squad is thin, and we will struggle from now on.

  38. gambon


    You can always find a bargain. Not sure you can use that strategy for long term success.

    Liverpool have seemingly accepted this fact, hence making £75m, £65m, £58m and £40m signings this year.

    Your declaration that we can’t sign £70m players is also wrong. We signed a £56m player last Jan.

    Leno is a good example of this flawed plan.

    Yeah you can say he’s s bargain. But at the end of the day we have the worst keeper in the top 6.

    The teams that finish at the top of the PL consistently have the PLs best players.

    We don’t have any of the PLs best players. Until that changes were gonna keep finishing down in 5th or 6th.

    Let’s not overcomplicate the game.

    Liverpool are top because they have the best CB, possibly best GK, best wide players in the PL.

    City won the PL because they had the best full backs, DM, AMs last season.

    Chelsea won the year before cos they had the best DM and AM in the PL.

    We don’t have these players. Therefore we have to buy them.

  39. gambon


    I doubt you would find a single non Arsenal fan anywhere that would agree with you on Lloris.

    If you want to know how good your players are, look at what other fans are saying.

  40. Champagne charlie

    Ederson and DDG are top comfortably for me, with Ederson being the best of the lot.

    Quite frankly you can take your pick from Kepa, Lloris (who has nosedived by his previous standards), Alisson, and Leno.

    Find the Alisson chat totally without merit, hes has a season at Roma and half a season here and people want to don him best in the league/world? Amazing. He’s made some fucking howlers this season already, not poor decisions, absolute howlers, with feet and hands. Not deserving of the praise imo, and he’s getting a sugar coating thanks to his price tag.

  41. gambon

    Alisson has saved a significant amount of Xg, the best current measure of a good GK.

    They have spent £140m and built the PLs best defence.

    WE spent £70m and haven’t improved at all.

    I know which model I prefer.

  42. Receding Hairline

    One game lost since August in the middle of an injury and suspension crises in defence

    That’s all it took for Gambons toys to go flying out the pram

    Worst keeper in the top six

    Spend 70m on one center back or forget about it

    Liverpool did this Liverpool did that.. Was it done after 17 matches??


  43. Pedro

    RH, if that’s the first post you’ve ever read from Gambon, then I can accept that post.

    Likely not though… so you’ve either not been paying attention, or you’re just stirring again.

  44. Marko

    Definitely don’t see much between Leno Kepa and Lloris. DDG and Ederson are clearly the top 2 Alisson is a very good keeper but I dunno if he’s at the top of the standard just yet. I feel like he’s done well but alot of the hype came from that save against Napoli. I feel like Kepa has all the hallmarks of DeGea when he first went to England you’ll see him drastically improve over the next few years. Lloris is a total marmite keeper capable of some shocking keeping. Nothing wrong with Leno you get what you pay for with him he’s a good solid keeper and that’s it. You want more than that it’ll cost you and great keepers are at a premium. They don’t grow on trees

  45. gambon


    I wouldn’t bother.

    This RH idiot just exists to argue with everyone possible.

    Have you noticed there are a few on here who don’t seem to get on with literally anyone. Very strange that.

    Still they’re here 24/7 so good for blog traffic.

    If they ever get a job things might slow down.

  46. Receding Hairline

    The Allison thing has now left the realm of overrated to the ridiculous

    And his howlers are masked because Liverpool still win those games, a shot straight at him was Napoli was celebrated more than when Madrid won the trophy last season

    Lloris has more errors in him than a porcupine has quills but we have to ask Spurs fans if he is better than Leno before saying it . De Gea has conceded goals by the buckets this season but gets a pass because his defense is bad..but this is Le Grove God forbid we make allowances for our own players.

    As for Kepa, Chelsea fans are working over time to convince everyone they weren’t taken to the cleaners by Bilbao, if that’s what you do with 70 odd million I rather keep it in the bank

  47. gambon

    Hilarious that the “super fans” won’t accept ANY criticism of ANY player, yet we are clearly at best the 5th best team in the PL.

    Goalkeeper – we’re fine, nothing to criticise

    Defence – we’re fine, nothing to criticise

    Midfield – we’re fine, nothing to criticise

    Attack – we’re fine, nothing to criticise

    Anyone would think Keyser moved to Nigeria and decided to come back and argue 24/7 with everyone about everything.

  48. gambon


    Wasn’t implying anything regarding blog traffic.

    Just saying it’s noticeable that 3 people spend all day every day policing the blog, jumping on everyone’s opinion about everything.

    By the way, I didn’t get the BACS. No more comments until it clears.

  49. Cesc Appeal

    In a similar way that BvB have Akanji, Diallo and Zagadou I think that Upamecano, Konate and Mukiele look like they could be really good prospects.

    In all honesty aside from Sokratis and Bellerin I wouldn’t really care if we swept the decks totally in defence over January and the summer.

  50. Receding Hairline

    West ham picked up a pretty good young center back in the summer from France

    When Huddersfield played us one of their center backs also caught my eye

    Point is Van Dijks transfer to Liverpool should not be the reference point for how we fix our defense. We have the whole of Europe to scout.

  51. London gunner


    I must be tired I completely forgot about ederson. You are right he is best in the league.

    De gea
    Leno-Allison-kepa the verdicts still out.

    I think Leno has a very high ceiling but right now his instincts aren’t always great.

  52. Marko

    Regards to keepers there’s not much more that we could have done last summer I mean there’s no one more obvious that we could have gotten. I do like Anthony Lopes of Lyon and I’ll be keeping an eye on Lafont beyond that what could we have done?

  53. Marko

    Probably should have signed Ter Stegen from Gladbach but you know who couldn’t spot an opportunity to sign a goalkeeper ever. Negligent fuck

  54. Pedro

    What do people think of Thomas Strakosha?

    I also think Franco Armani is a good keeper. Great hands in the final last week.

  55. Pedro

    The thing with signing Leno is we picked him up after a shite season. Part of the job was rebuilding him.

    That said, I love him with the ball at his feet and he makes some great saves. He’s just very poor with crosses into the box. Most foreign keepers are for the first year.

  56. Champagne charlie

    “Just saying it’s noticeable that 3 people spend all day every day policing the blog, jumping on everyone’s opinion about everything.“

    Who’s on Gambons naughty list?

  57. Dissenter

    “That said, I love him with the ball at his feet and he makes some great saves. He’s just very poor with crosses into the box. Most foreign keepers are for the first year.”

    I’m not so sure this is still true. There aren’t Neanderthal styled clubs in the league like Bolton Wanderers or Stoke city anymore.
    Thus was true when Stoke were pre-treating balls with dry towels before catapulting them into the box.

  58. raptora

    My opinion on Kolasinac kind of changed in the last month or so.

    Guy has a lot to give in attack. Valuations should be made if we are to play with wing backs often, if yes, then he is the closest we have to a real winger because the timing and sharpness of his runs is second to none in our team. In defence he could improve although most of what we’ve seen he isn’t solid in that part of the game to say the least.

    Jury is definitely out on him. I see the positives and negatives of playing him. Up to the people with power to decide what to do with him in the summer.

  59. WengerEagle

    ‘That said, I love him with the ball at his feet and he makes some great saves. He’s just very poor with crosses into the box.’

    Pretty much sums up how I feel about Leno too.

    Not like Cech was noticeably better at dealing with crosses himself and he was painfully poor with the ball at his feet whereas Leno is very good in this department. Also rate Leno as a better shop-stopper than Cech although that wouldn’t be hard to be fair.

    He’s dodgy at aerial duels/crosses but so are the majority of GK’s, never been many around that are solid in that respect.

    We really did miss a trick cutting Shezzer loose though, was surprised that he wasn’t highly rated on here or by the club.

  60. WengerEagle

    Give us a shot of them specs raptora because I’d love to rate Kola as the end to our LB crisis, he’s average at best though, not sure what you are seeing in him.

    Decent going forward with the ball at his feet but crap defensively and very slow, runs like he’s been shot in the leg.

  61. WengerEagle


    Not true, he had very decent spells here including winning the Golden Glove one season, guy’s been excellent for Juve too.

    At no stage was he worse than Ospina or Cech.

  62. WengerEagle

    BATE lol, Christ the EL is fucking shit.

    Tough watching the CL draw and the Spuds and Liverpool pulling out Dortmund and Bayern.

    Another season of EL would be rough, top 4 looks a big ask though with Tottenham winning most weeks and Chelsea putting it together.

  63. Marko

    I’m not so sure…he was displaced on more than one occasion by Fabianski. I just don’t think he’s all that at all really.

  64. Sancho Monzorla

    Anyone would think Keyser moved to Nigeria and decided to come back and argue 24/7 with everyone about everything.

    LOL hahah. This line made me laugh and feel nostalgic all at once, bravo.

    I hope Keyser is still alive. If he’s dead, I hope someone went down to the basement and found his body at least.

  65. WengerEagle


    AW wouldn’t know a decent GK if one slapped him upside his old noggin, he had Manuel the waiter between the sticks for like four seasons.

    Juventus weren’t drawn towards him for nothing.

  66. Sancho Monzorla

    I thought Szczesny was a pretty talented keeper that just didn’t have consistent performances for Arsenal. Probably right to let him move on, don’t think he was going to reach that level of consistency here.

    That said, he was extremely young back then and now we’ve had it confirmed what a joke the GK coaching at Arsenal was like while he was there. So yeah probably could have done better developing him at least. But either way having sold such a young GK who had experience starting in the EPL, CL for only £12m…really not sure it would be worth it.

    Would anyone swap Leno for Szczesny right now?

  67. WengerEagle

    I probably would, not much difference in quality though and I prefer Leno’s attitude so not a bad trade-off.

    I think that Leno is fairly close to Lloris and I definitely prefer him to Kepa who looks a complete fraud for the fee that they paid, very average GK that struggles with bread and butter efforts.

    Ederson and DDG are a class above the rest, Allison and Lloris edge out Leno but he has years on the latter and could well go on to be better once he settles in to the PL.

  68. TonyD


    “Anyone got or knows about the Sonos 1 multi room speaker system? Is it any good…sound quality?

    ’m looking to upgrade the mansion.”

    If you’re being serious Guns here are my thoughts.

    A while back it looked like Pedro had a Sonos Play 1 in a podcast picture, which someone commented on.

    Play 1s are for small rooms and more for background music but have a decent enough sound for their size for that purpose.

    Play 3s are pretty much an upgrade on the Play 1 and offer more sound definition, but again would be more used by students and in businesses/doctors waiting rooms etc.

    Both types can be set up as sole speakers or connected to a 2nd speaker for stereo or multi-speaker configurations.

    For a budget system or part of a TV surround system the Play 5 is decent enough where for around the cost of a decent phone (£1000) for 2 you’ll have something pleasant and detailed enough to enjoy music etc. Certainly better than buying a cheap amp and speakers.

    I’ve got two 1st generation Play 5s in our kitchen and breakfast area. Had them for about 4 years and have no complaints for what we use them for.

    However, when IOS 11 came out we had network problems for about 10 months. Sonos couldn’t get their updates right and kept fobbing me and many on the Sonos web boards with bogus answers saying Sonos couldn’t work with wifi extenders other than their own Sonos ‘Boosts & ‘Connect’

    Tracks kept skipping where a 400+ playlist would be completed in under an hour.

    Thankfully Sonos has fixed the bugs.

    We are restructuring the rear of our house in January adding a 2nd family room and separate cinema. The family room is 12 meters by 6 meters and I’ll be getting two 2nd generation Play 5s for that room, which will be ample and I’ll connect them using very fast CAT 8A LAN cables, so won’t have to worry about future network problems if they occur.

    The latest Play 5s are a big improvement on the 1st generation both with wifi connectivity and ‘D’ class sound reproduction.

    As for in-room multi-speaker setups, I have no experience, but I would imagine them to be decent enough where the added value of being able to make up playlists from Spotify or Itunes etc is good, as is being able to access all your digital music files you have on your PC from the Sonos app.

    My experience is that Sonos works better from a PC than Mac and I’ve tried both extensively.

    Sonos I’m told by a friend is certainly great for multi-room setups where you can have different tracks at different volumes up to a total of I believe 32 speakers in as many rooms or stereo in 16 rooms.

    Having extensively researched multi-speaker equipment for the last 12 months for my cinema, I would wonder how well Alexa can control/process everything.

    Not something I would look at and I’d stick to 2 Play 5s.

    I recommend you go to a store and see a multi-speaker system working and you’d definitely need a good download speed of at least 25Mbps.

    I have fiber optics connection with 350Mbps download so no problem, especially with streaming Netflix, Apple TV etc and the family using all their phones, laptops and Ipads at the same time or at least leaving them all switched on draining the wifi.

    Best wifi equipment is Netgear Orbi mesh systems, which should work ok with Sonos now even though they may tell you different.

    Most of my friends now use multi-speaker systems to listen to music but use quality brand processors to set soundstages on different presets. Only one is still a really old school purist preferring pure 2-channel stereo.

    You can’t go wrong with Sonos as long as you’re not expecting too much from whatever set-up you get and should be ok for your mansion. 🙂

    Play 5s are very decent, though for the price.

  69. TonyD

    Can’t help thinking that if Emery had gone with Medley and Cech we might have snatched a draw or win.

    I said in the last post Leno couldn’t be slated for the 3rd goal with such AWOL defenders.

    Add starting with Laca and using Ramsey instead of Ozil in the mix things could have been entirely different.

  70. TonyD

    I’m sure Emery will have learned from this and he still gets my vote.

    Plenty still to be fixed and put right starting with the TW.

  71. Receding Hairline

    Well if Klopp had gone with Mignolet they would have kept a clean sheet against United

    If José had gone with Romero against us we won’t have scored two goals at old Trafford

    If if if …….hindsight is a wonderful thing

    How dare a goal keeper try to stop a cross from getting to an unmarked striker who would have had a free header from a few yards out. He should have stood on his line, conceded the goal and escape blame.

  72. Goobergooner

    To me it says a whole lot that Sokratis has come in from another league and in 6 months has been our strongest defender.

    To say it’s Emery’s fault that our defence is shite, completely overlooks how shit it has been for the last few seasons, so shit infact we have dropped out of the top 4.

    Signing quality defenders was one of Wenger’s major weaknesses. Everyone knows this.

    It really can’t be emphasised enough how bad (in comparison to top 4 and great Arsenal sides, even some sides in Wenger’s last 10 years of his tenure) this 6th placed arsenal side is.

    Even if Kroenke doesn’t dig into his pocket to help us out, and we only get the same budget Wenger had for the last 5 years, I guarantee you we won’t be buying absolute shite for money that Wenger did.

    70 odd million for xhaka and mustafi is a serious joke. Seeing as torreira and Sokratis came in at nearly 20 million less and are both better players.

    If some of you clowns can’t see an improvement on the last 6 months of Wenger’s arsenal tenure, then I really feel sorry for you.

  73. Goobergooner

    Also there is no way in hell, that we will go into another season only buying a keeper. If between Sven Raul and Emery they can’t see glaring holes in the squad then God help us all.

    The times are a changing, even with our self sustainable model of business.

    It takes more than one window, 70 mill and 6 months to turn Wenger’s shit fest around.

    Some of you really need to calm your farms.

    The best part of this whole change is that this season isn’t groundhog season. Who knows what is yet to come?!?!

  74. TonyD

    Not about hindsight but tactics and preparation.

    Ffs even Pierre foresaw the height advantages they had before the game. He used up valuable troll time to make a very valid point.

  75. Goobergooner

    Also like to say that Cesc, Jim Lahey and a few others have made some very solid points I very much agree with throughout this post’s comments.

    Well said fellas.

  76. Receding Hairline

    Tony they had no height advantage.. They didn’t out jump any of our defenders for any of their three goals, bad positioning took care of that. Cech doesn’t come for crosses as much as you would have us believe he does. Change the record

    Eagle he was forced into drastic action and couldn’t make up the distance. Don’t know why this is still being discussed. Are u suggesting he simply stands on his line after accessing the situation. It was a split second decision to cut out a cross destined for the head of an unchallengeable Austin…I mean come on. That was no glaring error

  77. WengerEagle


    He was hesitant getting across to meet the ball and slightly misjudged the pace of the cross hence diving underneath it, it’s not a glaring error but it’s definitely an error and he was partly to blame along with the shambolic attempt at defending the counter.

    Re discussing it, isn’t that what we do on here?

  78. TonyD

    Change the record?

    Try vitamin B complex and a good night’s sleep and you’ll find yourself more tolerant of us repetitive annoying posters.

    You’re heading into CC’s territory with a dash of Bamford.


  79. Pierre

    Its swings and roundabouts with the Europa league .

    Yes, up until March it can be pretty tedious though it does give many of the academy and fringe players a chance to see what they are made of, however come March and April it starts to get interesting and we know we have a good chance of going all the way unlike the champions league where we regularly played Bayern or Barca in the round of 16 .

    Atm Europa suits us fine as it keeps the interest going plus we need to beat Tottenham tomorrow as it is the cup competitions where all the excitement will come from this season.

  80. Receding Hairline

    If we win the league cup will that save our season?? Just asking. We played in the league cup final last year and i don’t think anyone actually cared that much.

    Except you Pierre

    The only way I will consider this season a success is if we do not play in the depressing Europa league next season. We do not belong in that competition

  81. Guns of Hackney

    Tony D

    Thank you for the comprehensive review on the Sonos system. I will look into the various models to find the best fit.

    Good luck with the remodelling!

    And thank you for such a kind response.

  82. gonsterous

    scezyney wasn’t helped by the defence. But playing for juve a team who dominates the league will clearly mask his deficiencies. We will have to see how he performs for them in the later stages of the CL. That’s when you can really judge GKs from food teams.