Premier League debut mooted as defensive worries mount

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I tell you what, I’ve been listening to a lot of classical music this year. I’m not sure if that’s a sign of age, or that I feel disenchanted by the constant bickering between Kanye and Drake. Can’t you both just be friends?

Anyway, big up the classical music scene. Some absolute bangers from John Adams and Tchaikovsky pulling me through this post.

I know that it upsets people that I use references of the not-so-distant past to frame up where we are now, but look, for context, I’m the kind of guy who will make a beeline for a work colleague on a packed train, just to acknowledge that I have seen them… even if they are avoiding eye contact with headphones on. Simply put, I’m going to compare Wenger to Emery for at least another year, so get used to it.

Unai Emery showed exactly how different the mentality at the club is these days.

“I think we are doing our way and improving, but the reality is that we need more.

“Our ideas and work with the players is to learn together. All of us can give everybody new ideas.

“I think the players are open to listening to us about our new tactical work with our analysis in videos. We need to do this work quickly, but we also need patience.

If this had been 2 years ago, we’d be talking about winning the league and the big twitter accounts would be digging up tweets from 7 years ago gleefully proclaiming the victory was theirs!

Not anymore. Our manager is a pragmatist very much anchored to reality. We’re in 5th position, that’s not good enough, and even though we’re not losing, we could be doing better.

That’s a great attitude. That’s a message to players that complacency won’t be tolerated, nor will premature-back patting. We’ve achieved nothing this season and we’re still a long way off the levels City and Liverpool are bringing to the table.

This season is fierce, so many teams are on an absolute rampage. Spurs and City won again, Liverpool is likely to decapitate Jose Mourinho tomorrow when they host his shit-housing-extraordinaires. We have to keep up the pace, there’s no room for dropped points and that sort of pressure is hard to deal with.

It’s going to be very tough tomorrow against Southampton. You have a group of players who are under a new coach who is far smarter than Mark Hughes, so there’s an extra level of intrigue there. We also have a very old defence that is so worrying, you’d have to imagine even Southampton will fancy their chances. We could be rolling out with Hector, Lichtsteiner, Monreal and Koscielny. Two of those haven’t rocked a 90minutes in a while.

It’ll be very interesting to see how Emery deals with that. Do we sit slightly deeper to avoid counters, or do we just play the way we have been all season and try and drop them in the second half after going a goal down? I’d imagine there will be a tactical consideration here, because it does feel like we’re very exposed.

There are some rumours that are being fueled by Auba’s Instagram that suggest we could counter the age issue at the back by fielding Zech Medley. The U23 defender came into the side midweek and impressed in the second half. It’s risky, but these young players need game time if they’re to progress, and there’s no better way to know if a player can handle the pressure other than utilising them in an emergency.

Mesut Ozil will be back in contention for the game after a being out for a few weeks with back spasms, so we’ll see if the coach fancies him in the first team so soon… I’d imagine he’ll be benched and eased back into the first team. Aaron Ramsey is available again, which is great news. I do wonder if he’ll continue to be benched. We all want him to play, but it doesn’t make sense to get the fans used to his presence if we’re going to try and bin him in 3 weeks time.

There’s also the big NLD game that’ll be on the players minds. Spurs in the league cup on Wednesday is technically not as important as Southampton, but it’s huge one for the fans. How hard is Emery planning on going for that game? Is his priority #top4… or a trophy at any cost? So many decisions to be made!

Finally, just a few other items I wanted to check off.

People bringing Ashley Cole into the Sterling row are desperately revising history. He was an absolute darling of Arsenal football club until he betrayed Arsene Wenger in a shady backroom deal with Mourinho which he claimed was accidental. His book quotes were an abomination and a total embarrassment even for a mollycoddled footballer. Factor in the countless PR gaffs he brought on himself… like cheating on his wife with a hairdresser.

“We started having sex then he just rolled over and vomited on the floor all over the cream carpet, it was disgusting.”

“He had some mouthwash then jumped back into bed. We started having sex again but his mates piled into the room.”

For most men, that’s game over, so I have to give him credit for plowing on and being a solutions-oriented kind of guy… however, when you’re married to the most famous woman in Britain, you really can’t complain about bad press, especially when you sell your wedding to gossip magazines for a £1m.

Oh, he also shot an intern with an air rifle from 5 feet.

ALSO: Pavon and De Ligt being linked to Arsenal. Unrealistic, but damn exciting regardless!

Right, enjoy the game, I’ll see you in the comments.

P.S. I ran into an original Le Grove commenter in a New York laundry yesterday. The world is a small place when you’re a gooner!

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  1. Marc


    Kos is the wrong side of 30, had been carrying an Achilles problem for months and was on the slippery slop of the down turn of his career. Do I think he should be a first choice CB for us – NO. Once he’s back to a level of match fitness is he OK cover – yes until we see a complete revamp of the squad, he’ll go back to France in the summer anyway but to go to town on the guy is childish.

    Let me ask you a question – would you want to play your first PL match after 8 months alongside a MF with no other CB in sight?

    Pedro alluded to what’s going round after the recent rash of racist events in matches and how the press are being blamed. It’s not the press it’s social media – you can say anything with no fear of come back – half the comments on here would see the poster have the shit kicked out of them if said face to face in. There are some measured posters on here, you don’t have to agree with them but they have a point of view that you can see or argue with. A number are a mix of cunts, morons or children.

  2. Leftsidesanch

    How Emery is to blame I’ll never know. He’s the bloody reason we’re even in with a shout for a CL spot presently.

  3. Paulinho

    Alexander – Yes he has. Good at coming out to win the ball high up with his pace but shit in the air, gets turned far too easily due to being weak as fuck, and brings panic rather than calm.

    He’s the football version of Wenger: Managed to convince people he’s some vital indispensable cog despite his endless cock-ups.

  4. Batistuta

    You have to say though asides Auba and Lacazzete, Wenger Spunked a lot of cash on utterly useless players in the past couple of years.How do we have that wage bill and not a single decent defender? It’s a shame really because Emery can only work with what he has at his disposal and that includes that sorry excuse of a transfer budget

  5. DaleDaGooner

    For fucks sake this isn’t on Emery. This is not his team, he is still making do with what was left behind for him. At least 3 TFs before we can start saying shit about Emery.

    Didn’t Emery get the job cause he said he could work with Wenger’s squad???

  6. london gunner

    We simply aren’t getting top four. We keep expecting our rivals Chelsea and spurs to drop points and they keep grinding out wins. When Spurs scored in the 94 minute against Burnley I had the sinking feeling we would lose our game against Southampton.

    The draws and losses against Southampton and palace ect just aren’t good enough to get top 4 this season.

    PS I rate Emery this is no slight on him, just think we need to realise we are way further behind then people seem to think. It’s not 1-2 years till we are competing for top titles its more like 4-8 years.

  7. Kayciey

    Mhkitaryan was our best player by far today followed by Guendouzi, xhaka did well…Torriera very quiet ..
    Aubamayang ,great movement off the ball ,with a bit of luck could have scored a couple…

    Oh dear……Mkhitaryan was poor…very poor bar the goals.

    Ozil was doing a Pogba…..turning into a lethal virus.

  8. raptora

    Emery at fault for what was the in-game management.
    Very good all season long.

    Up until he decided to lay his trust on Ozil.

    At 2:2 Emery fked up massively to sub in the German twat. Loss from then on entirely on him. You expect an offensive sub to win you the game, not to lose it for you. Ozil would get minus points for his showing. And 95% of the fans could have predicted that. Absolutely gutted that Emery showed a weakness there.

  9. G8

    You would know we would loose when our center backs were xhaka and kocielny, who just played his 1st pl game of the season..add to that Bellend injury, Auba’s pony show, Leno’s inexperience and ozil sub .
    all around shambles and a bad day in the office.

  10. Leftsidesanch

    Our rivals for a CL place will all drop points. It happens, when I heard they hadnt won all season at home I knew that we would have difficulty.

  11. Marko

    I would forget any notions of signing the likes of Pavon or Fornals or Pepe shelve those plans defenders must be the order of the day. At least two because the ones we have a simply not good enough. You can blame injuries and suspensions all you like but 60+ conceded the last two seasons and this season on course for the same. We simply need better defenders than the clueless cunts we have on the books now

  12. Gqetseyi

    Wow! There’s a lot of negativity here. But clearly we don’t have the right players in key positions particularly the defensive area. It’s old and has zero responsibility and accountability..

    So disappointed with Ozil. I used to defend him quite strongly. I’d be happy if we sold him for £1m just to get rid of him. What a shocking waste. I drank the stats coolaid and quite frankly I still like him at his best. But he is a complete waste and I can’t in good conscience argue that he should stay.

    There’s something about Mkhitaryan that seems like a slow burning resurgence. He is nowhere near as exceptional as he was in his last two seasons at Dortmund. But sadly, I don’t see him really discovering that form because of age. I am hoping that he can prove me and other doubters wrong. I definitely want him to succeed. This is as good as it gets for him so he better make the most of it.

    I think we are a little too harsh on Emery. I can understand what he is trying to do with his rotation and evolving ormations. There are some players at Arsenal that you can’t quite figure out where their best position is like Kolasinac, Iwobi etc. And there aren’t enough players in some positions. Like the Charlie Austin goal – Maitland-Niles could’ve probably done more to disrupt the header had he trekked back sooner but you then remember that he’s not exactly a fullback so that instinct wont come naturally to him. Of course I wish it would though.

    While I think Ramsey is another player who flatters to deceive, his reaction to his whole saga has been fantastic. I hope Emery isn’t playing him because of some ego trip. I don’t mind if Ramsey leaves, I think we can do a lot better than him but I think he is a fantastic tool when you’re in trouble.

    I want to say now I’d probably prefer to see the back of Ozil’s head first before Ramsey’s even though Ramsey can be so terribly disappointing. Like Giroud, he is very useful in a bind but you can’t extract consistency over the whole season from them. Definitely not worth the big bucks if you can get someone better and there are plenty. They are just impact players unless your system is tailored around their deficiencies which tend to inconvenience the rest of the team performance.

  13. DaleDaGooner

    Eden Hazard got the same kind of position to score and scores, I saw Aubameyang get into the same and he couldn’t convert

  14. Gqetseyi

    Also think Emery needs to use kids like Emile Smith-Rowe in some games if Guendouzi is getting this much game time. I’d love to see them get blooded in the PL to see how they perform under the insane intensity of the league.

  15. DaleDaGooner

    Chelsea actually lucky to win today. Offside and a sure red card not given went their way. Chelsea will drop points, as is Spuds

  16. Marc

    Receding and Cesc

    Both spot on with your comments


    I’m frustrated but Rambo’s comments were of a level of cuntishness and moronacy that deserved to be called out. Who would he have picked to play at the back – of course with hindsight on his side!

  17. tunnygriffboy

    We need a proper wide player in Jan plus a CB.

    Injuries crippled us at the back today

    Also feel we lack a bit of creativity/little bit of magic to provide to our front two. I really worry about Ozil.

  18. london gunner


    The point is mate we need to rely on them to drop points whilst not dropping points ourselves.

    Chelsea and Spurs will drop points like you have rightly said, but so will we, we are playing catch up now and have lost a position of strength, after beating Spurs we really needed to make the most out of that and instead have got 1 point in two games since.

    This is look very bleak for Arsenal, however we still have europa

  19. Dissenter

    If only Mark Hughes was still the gaffer at Southampton we would have won.
    Timing is everything it seems.
    Why didn’t the S’hampton owners just wait for another two weeks?

  20. Cesc Appeal


    Absolutely not.

    We need attacking midfielders and wingers badly.

    Our defence is bad but won’t be that bad again with returning players, but I cannot stress enough how much Arsenal need to improve in the attacking midfield particularly with this 3-4-2-1 formation Emery is using.

    I will break it out again, 3-4-GAP-1, you cannot have an attacking midfield that only wants to dummy, one touch or make runs. It doesn’t work.

    You might as well walk into the opposition dressing room and hand them a piece of paper with ‘the initiative’ on it just so you can literally as well as figuratively hand it to them.

  21. DaleDaGooner

    raptora, sarcasm or actual agreement? I don’t doubt Hazard is top top quality but are you saying Aubameyang isn’t quality?

  22. PieAFC

    We’ve been lucky in some games, that emery pragmatism and planning has won us games.

    It was only going to last so long. There has been great reforms fed by the team, but also some poor ones were we’ve just got a result due to the extra talent we had in some players.

    I don’t think emery is kidding himself or us.

    He knows what he wants. I’m happy to give him at least two seasons.

    No worse than years previously…

    We need two wingers so badly. Iwobi needs a kick up the ass, needs to realize his position is under threat.

  23. Dissenter

    There were too many players coming outbox their graves today.
    Too many clocked players returning…it was always going to be a slippery one.

    Southampton deserved their win.

  24. tunnygriffboy

    We have to get back on the horse. We knew this day was coming. No point in throwing the baby out with the bath water.

    We were going to have set backs. We probably are the 5th best team but we not out of 4th place race yet. Do feel we need reinforcements and get our defence back.

    We have to hope those above have injuries/poor run

    Think we missed Kola down the left today

  25. Danimax

    Can someone explain to me why we have to play with 5 defence again a team like Southampton. We should have attacked them from the get go. My little opinion

  26. london gunner

    A serious gap opening up between us and Spurs.

    However, Emery is still a quality manager. We are the 5th placed team with the 5th best squad in the league so he is providing value for money seeing as this is his first season, new team/new league etc.

    I really think people need to moderate their expectations Spurs and Chelsea are a lot better than us pound for pound over a consistent frame of time aka a season. Their base average performance is higher and they have more balanced dynamic teams.

  27. Guns of Hackney

    Mark Hughes would have beaten this side today. It was poor.

    £250m on defence.
    £400m on midfield.
    £800m on attack.

    That should do it.

  28. Marc

    We all seem to have forgotten that Mavropanos wasn’t available today either. 4 CB’s who all are part of the first team squad – first choice and back ups and we are surprised we struggled defensively, we started with a LB who’s been out injured, a CB who’s been out for months and a CM who’s not the best defensively.

  29. Guns of SF

    Lets hope manure get crushed.
    Rumors of Pavon coming in Jan? Not sure he is what we need… but hell at this point… we will take anything that can help!

  30. Receding Hairline

    People carrying on like Southampton carved us open..they scored from three situations they should not have scored from, I will go easy on the manager praising, I saw nothing to overly impress. They were points in that game we had them on the ropes but our overall lack of quality and application let us down.

  31. Rainman

    Dale Da gooner,
    “Didn’t Emery get the job cause he said he could work with Wenger’s squad???”

    Really? He said that? He took the job with belief that he would not be able to purchase players and eventually have his own squad? When did he say that, please do tell.

  32. Marko

    he’ll go back to France in the summer anyway but to go to town on the guy is childish.

    I’m sorry but if Xhaka was at fault for 2/3 goals today like the way Koscielny was he’d get absolutely slaughtered and it would be fair because HE was at fault irrespective of injuries or whatever.

    what’s going round after the recent rash of racist events in matches and how the press are being blamed. It’s not the press it’s social media – you can say anything with no fear of come back – half the comments on here would see the poster have the shit kicked out of them if said face to face in

    So the criticism that Koscielny is facing after today is not only true but fair and has nothing to do with his character or race. I’ll be honest with you you’re talking absolute bollox right now Marc considering the fact that Laurent Koscielny while being poor the last few years has barely received any sort of real sustained criticism and you’re taking such a stance now on him but for some reason take no stance on the abuse Xhaka, Ozil, Iwobi, Mustafi get on the regular. Justifiably so.

  33. TonyD

    You can’t blame Emery, not with the squad he has to work with.

    We should be thankful for what he’s done.

    Emery needs new players and we all know who needs to be shipped out, but who would want to buy them?

    The onus is now on Sven, Raul and more importantly the Kroenkes.

    Let’s see how we bounce back. The next 3 weeks is going to be tough – very tough and I’m not expecting any miracles.

    I can’t see how anyone can make any predictions for the season now until we see what happens in the transfer window because our best youth players are still a way off the first 11.

  34. Guns of SF

    Pedro had a funny caption on yesterdays post- the photo.
    Something about AMN looking like he left his facebook messenger open with a jealous GF at home…
    Just look it up

    anyhow….AMN didnt do shit either. Both late subs sucked

  35. raptora

    I agree that Kola was missed a lot. Nacho doesn’t have the same level of energy anymore. Kola’s runs give us a different dimension. Same way Mendy and Walker do for City.

  36. Dissenter

    They doin’t have to “carve us open” to beat us.
    How many teams have we actually carved open too?. We’ve had our share of lucky wins as well.

  37. Rambo Ramsey


    ” It’s not the press it’s social media – you can say anything with no fear of come back – half the comments on here would see the poster have the shit kicked out of them if said face to face in.”


    Like the below comment from you

    ‘Fuck me I’m so glad the majority on here never get within miles of going to a match. They aren’t any real type of supporter, they’d be better off playing CL manager or FIFA.’

    Absolute tosser.

  38. Danish Gooner

    We have gone 21 games without defeat that is no mean feat but Pool and City have exceptional squads and they never seem to suffer the same problems with injuries like we do,we need to get uncle Stan to spend some money on the squad.

  39. Marko

    Our defence is bad but won’t be that bad again with returning players, but I cannot stress enough how much Arsenal need to improve in the attacking midfield particularly with this 3-4-2-1 formation Emery is using.

    Yeah maybe a bit extreme what I said but fuck it I stand by it. 27 goals conceded so far this season 8 clean sheets 3 in the league. It’s simply not good enough. We need to significantly improve the defence

  40. Major_Jeneral

    To add salt to injury, Bellerin had to be forced off with injury after the break. Despite their mistakes Sokratis and Mustafi would have made us better today. Monreal and Koscielny are far away from their best.
    Southampton and Austin who have a good record against arsenal were up for it today. It was a battle.

    Aubameyang, Torrera and Guendouzi looked extremely out of sorts today. Leno tried especially due to the fact that he tried to cover Koscielny who still more games to be competitive and match fit.

    Hopefully we can start another run till January. Let us get behind the team and move on to the next game.

  41. Receding Hairline

    Ozil’s role in the goal.. He should be ashamed of himself

    Dissenter I’m not taking anything away from their win, just don’t think they were meant to work for it so I don’t see it as an indication their season has turned

  42. Marc


    Well when you’re man enough and save up your pocket money I’ll be in the Tolly.

    You seem very touchy about never attending matches?

  43. Danish Gooner

    90 percent of us in here wanted Wenger gone in any other season we would be higher ranked but teams like pool and city have immense squad built over 3 or 4 seasons,we will have to do the same thing .

  44. Guns of SF

    a defender who can play across the back line
    A winger- left or right side
    a AM

    As i said earlier- a defender is a must with one of the other

    CEsc- i think your right. we need to move up the summer spending to Jan. This season depends on it

  45. Mysticleaves

    The amount of defensive injuries and suspensions we accumulated over 2 weeks was unreal. It was an impossible task today. Sokratis and Mustafi were sorely missed, Kos is not yet ready. I mean I like Xhaka but if he’s the one nominating himself to fill up open gaps he should stop it. We missed him in midfield today

  46. Guns of SF

    Auba looks exhausted- or just mentally not sharp
    I agree Laca should get a run of stating some games.
    The lack of a third striker is going to kill us unless we get something from Jan. or the youth make more appearances

  47. Dissenter

    Mavros has played only one full competitive game for Arsenal. He got a red card very early in his second start.
    Why do people keep repeating his name like he’s some prodigious talent that will rescue our season?

    We should be thinking of U-21 players now to bridge this gap because the old back-up players we have are too far gone.

  48. Rambo Ramsey

    Marc the pussy,

    Maybe go out and talk with your London neighbors, then? Why are you wasting your time playing the big billy bollocks with foreigners on here?

  49. Marc


    Kos wasn’t up to speed and shouldn’t have needed to be thrown into this type of match. My point was fuck wit comments saying he was doing Wenger a favour on purpose.

    Kos under normal circumstances would A) be eased into matches after such an absence, B) would have other CB’s around him or at least next to him and C) is 5th choice CB.

    You have to ask would Jenkinson have been an option today.

  50. Cesc Appeal


    There was a frustrating feeling of inevitability about it given the defensive issues.

    But some of the players just were not good enough and some should be ashamed.

  51. PieAFC

    We’ve all agreed on here multiple times, I get reactionary responses seeing their team lose and playing shit, you say things.

    But we’ve all agreed this isn’t really Emery’s full squad yet. Some players too close to the first 11 shouldn’t be there.

    Few weeks and the transfer window opens.

    Let’s just get through to that first before we jump conclusions on how the rest of the season goes and what or if the new regime at Arsenal has any bollocks about them to be successful.

  52. Marc

    Ozil was so ineffective today (I’m trying not to get personal rating players) I just can’t see how he can recover his position at Arsenal. He’ll probably start against the Spud’s on Wednesday but all that does is confirm his descent into second string.

  53. Gqetseyi

    No doubt this might cause some reactions but I really think Lacazette is a more complete footballer than Aubameyang.

    I think Auba is perfect our wide. I also think since we have Lacazette, we should take notes from the successes of BBC (Bale, Benzema, Cristiano). At their best, Benzema was providing quality assists and creating for two wonderful outlets on either side and scoring his own. This is what I think Lacazette is perfectly suited for.

    Aubameyang might think he prefers playing up front but he has been a lot better out wide. He is a poacher and doesn’t seem like much of a creator, which is something Lacazette is.

    Emery should really think about this.

  54. Dissenter

    The loss does have its positives because it has helped us to reset our expectations.
    It has also taken away that easy cudgel that was too often used to silence legitimate criticism – “shut up we have an unbeaten run”.

    Let’s see how we react to this loss. We have a difficult run of games against teams that can defend well.

  55. raptora

    For Emery to shit his pants and use Ozil again, in a tough away game, after the applauds he received for his decision and his interview after the B’mouth game… He’s really done no favors to himself today.

    Disappointed in him to be honest. I hope he learns from today. Ozil needs to be shown the door. End of.

  56. Paul Mc Daid

    Badly needed dose of reality, Wenger left us with total Brock all thru the Squad but especially in Defense, Got to get rid of Wengers rubbish and let Emery get a few of his own players in, Was at two Boca games this year and Pavin is a poor man’s Walcott.

  57. azed

    At this stage, I’ll play the Europa League squad on Wednesday.
    There’s no point going far in a pointless tournament.

    We need at least 2 players in January. Ramsey, Ozil, Elneny out.

  58. Samesong

    I don’t know but I expected the boys to win today regardless of the shit defending the 2nd goal before halftime changed the whole dimension of the game.

    First half we gave the Southampton attackers too much space. Auba sometimes thinks he’s too smart with his finishing just smash the f ing thing. Crossing from the right in the second half was poor licht and even Guendouzi were just hitting the first man.

    Southampton are rubbish this season there’s simply no excuses. Saints Will probably lose their next 3 games in a row.

  59. InsideRight

    This has been coming. We’ve been laboured recently. We’ve had some luck, but our defensive weakness has caught up with us.

    The absolute priority is to fix the defence. I hope the funds are released because if we sort out the back line we will make top 4 this season.

  60. Dissenter

    Oxlade doesn’t have a place in this Liverpool team if and when he dies return back.
    Injuries aside [his last injury was near total rupture of several knee ligaments, Anyone up for Oxlade to return?

  61. Guns of SF

    Ozil is just utter garbage. lost posssesion every time he had the ball and could not win any balls
    He is not made for this team His descent is clear for all to see.
    I dont know what team he would start in …. bottom half teams maybe

    He is not needed or wanted at Arsenal…. must got in Jan

  62. Bamford10


    “so much better than Allison’s overrated stop this week”

    Nonsense. And today’s third was not Leno’s first schoolboy error. As I said above, people have swept his previous errors under the rug because we were winning. None of which is to say that Leno has not been value-added this season; he has been. Clearly. However, he has mistakes in him and anyone who says otherwise is lying about the situation, something that does no one here or anywhere else any good.

  63. Dissenter

    Auba misses too many chances to be considered world class.
    Provocative comment?
    Yes … but I’ve seen enough of him to draw this conclusion.

  64. China1

    People feel emotional and that’s understandable but in the cold light of day there’s a bit more grey area to what we’ve just seen

    Those implying emery sucks because of this game are complete jokers.

    Those who are relishing the end of the unbeaten run are weird as hell because I don’t see what benefit losing this brings us

    But it was a poor performance from front to back. We missed chances, didn’t control the game and all 3 goals were crap.

    Despite that tho, take out half of liverpool’s First choice defensive unit, play Henderson at CB and have the players alongside him in th mid 30s straight back from long term injuries and do you think they would defend well?

    This isn’t an excuse for the whole team, because another day we would’ve scored more and controlled the game well enough to protect the defense better – but let’s be objective here – that wasn’t a defense, that was a dad’s army of makeshift nonsense because of injuries.

    Kos is probably finished at this level as he’s been poor for the last two seasons, but this particular game wasn’t the one to judge him on. As Pierre said, he shouldn’t be on the pitch for another 2 weeks or so whilst he slowly builds up sharpness. But everyone is injured or fucked so what are you gonna do

    The big mistake from emery today was going for ozil rather than Ramsey. I hoped it would spark a reaction from him but he’s the last player in the world to rise to the occasion and emery needs to simply accept this. Ozil gets a lot of hate and this was precisely why. Ramsey gets hate too but you know he’s have come on and done better than that.

  65. Bamford10

    “AMN didnt do shit either.”

    It wasn’t too long ago that certain types had this kid playing as a starting fullback or central midfielder for us.

  66. Paulinho

    “Ozil is just utter garbage. lost posssesion every time he had the ball and could not win any balls”

    Every criticism of Ozil always is centred around his defensive flaws, and his general attitude, but I’ve always said he’s extremely overrated on the ball. He has the odd game where the ball sticks to him but in general – in tough away games – he is hopeless on the ball. Constantly losing it, and reduced to dummies and token flicks in the hope one comes off and can dine off his bullshit assist record.

  67. Dream10

    Liverpool winning the league would be unbearable. The media love in is at an all time high already smh. Love Klopp and a few of their players, but need them to fall short.

  68. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    Torriera was booted every 5 mins with no support from the ref….

    Still played well
    Losing xhara to defence unsettled us…
    Ah well

  69. Bamford10

    Whoever said above that they can see Ozil starting on Wednesday, I would hold off on that. I think Emery can see what we all just saw. I think he’ll start Ramsey, Mkhitaryan or Iwobi before he starts Ozil. We will see, though, I guess.

    I think Emery played Ozil today in the hopes that Ozil would show some life, some energy. He didn’t.

  70. raptora

    “We lacked creativity and he brought in our most creative player on paper in a period we needed creativity…”

    We lacked sharpness, fight and character. Ozil gives you none of that. At 2:2 game is there to be won, and Emery put his trust on the limp dick. And he lost the ball for their 3-rd goal. Not surprising. Emery’s fault all day long.

  71. Dissenter

    I think that was a very poor error by Leno, poor enough to fit the “school boy” title.

    He would have been better off staying on his line and spreading himself out. Instead he tried to knick the ball from the head of the striker.
    A goal keeper is meant to make it more difficult for the striker in that situation, instead Leno presented an open goal for the header.

  72. Marko

    That’s the worst about being on an undefeated run any sort of dropped points or when it ends we go back to be a shit side. I’ve always maintained that our chances of top 4 will depend on our business in January and I still maintain that. Do nothing and we won’t do it but make a couple (or more) signings and we’ve got a good chance. Recent comments by Emery on the defence and links to attackers suggest that they see January as important to our seasons chances.

    Alisson doing United a favor there

  73. Tony

    Perfectly summed up China.

    It’s one thing to let the emotional frustrations fly during the match, but people need to have some perspective after the final whistle as to why we were so poor all over the pitch.

  74. Guns of SF

    Rambo would have at least tried to create something or try to get in the box himself. Ozil dummied when he could have shot the ball. Oh well – we can go on and on about him.
    The real question is if Emery has the balls to sell him in Jan. I cannot see him offering us anything – he is a squad player now. and a bad one.
    Summer window must happen in Jan!!!!

  75. Globalgunner

    The Mane goal is the type Auba is constantly flunking up front for us. Worst 1 v 1 striker in the league .

    Devil still firmly has Mourinho’s back. United, undeservedly level

  76. Marc


    The best thing about the club at the moment is the back room team. I’m not sure we’ll recognise the names of players we sign but I trust the quality we will get. Also the level of person we’ve brought in around the club reeks of ambition. Fingers crossed.

  77. Globalgunner

    If Ozil starts against Spurs, they will target and collect the ball from him every time. He will of course just stand there watching Sissoko run away with it

  78. Dream10


    It’s the Premier league. Refs will avoid making certain calls for the sake of the spectacle. Entertainment>rule book

  79. Champagne charlie

    Alisson cost 70 mil and just have lingaard a tap in from nothing, happens.

    Arsenal got, in some sense, what was coming to them. Poor first halves put pressure on the team and we huffed and puffed to a clumsy loss, finale unable to usurp going behind.

    Dust off, learn, on we go. Some of the commentary is fucking tragic, Kos getting ruined for a shocker despite being out of action 250 days, our defence was a total fixer upper at the very best.

    Special praise for you gambon with your ‘I’m done with us this season….turned it off at half time’. Amateur dramatics

  80. Guns of SF

    Must say this. I think that Rambo needs to go.
    However, I am impressed with his professionalism. He is playing hard every game, confronted the spurs trolls, and generally is not whining or saving himself knowing that he will be gone. He still goes all out.

    Ozil is playing like he is in Rambos position. feigning injury and playing like shit, not making any effort and just flat out being shit

    When both players leave- Rambo will be on the better team. Ozil – hah

  81. Marc


    How dare you make intelligent, insightful and thought out comments. If you aren’t butchering you own children and setting fire to your house you’re just not a real Arsenal fan.

  82. Receding Hairline

    Gambon’s comments were embarrassing to the extreme…. The elite fan.. Too good to support a team unless they are winning. I guess a trip to Vegas beckons to get over the trauma of losing a football game

  83. Marko

    I hope he doesn’t check any social media at half time Rambo will crush him, a career finished.

    To be fair if you’re in a profession that’s in the spotlight and you’re thin skinned and take every criticism to heart then you’re not long for the spotlight.

  84. Dissenter

    I get your push back about the savage Kosh criticism but do you really think he will get better?
    I’m not so sure.
    Every player has a shelf life, I just think Kosh is at the level where a return to Ligue un will do him a lot of good.
    It’ s hard to expect that a 33 year old who suffered relentless tendinitis will return back after an Achilles tendon repair.

  85. TR7

    Emery on whether he has money to spend: “It’s not easy but I don’t believe a lot in this transfer window because there’s not a possibility with the players. The club is working and only if some player can help us with a high level.”

    Is it me or we have heard someone else say this before :p

  86. Pierre

    Of course le grove will jump on Ozil …that’s normal .

    Watching the game I thought our best period in the game was during that 60 -85 minute period ..we were dominating possession and looked like we actually had an element of control for the first time in the game though I wouldn’t say it was necessarily because of the introduction of ozil.

    Yes ,prior to the goal ,ozil tried a dummy in the final third of the pitch that didn’t come off but we had 4 defenders and 2 midfielders goal side of the ball so it shouldn’t really have been a problem ….if he had tried that in his own half then criticism would be warranted.

    But of course you have the schoolgirls on here screaming and shouting at Ozil though if memory serves me correctly ,he did create at least a couple of chances for his team mates that on another day may have been tucked away and then everyone’s perspective of the game would be different.

    Tottenham on Wednesday is a more important game in my eyes…win that and we have 2 exciting semi finals to look forward to …

    We play like a good cup team …we raise our game for the big games as shown in our performances v Tottenham and Liverpool.

  87. Micheal

    This has result has been coming for weeks. I reckon most sane people would realise that we have been over-achieving so far this seasonand unbeaten run of 23 games has not reflected the overall state of affairs. We have definitely made good progress, but we have rarely been convincing.

    I totally agree that we badly need reinforcements in key positions and to ship out the obvious wankers. Commercially speaking, I reckon we have some money to spend.

    The only question is whether Sleazebag Kroenke is prepared to invest in the team – something he has not done since he pitched up. Personally I think we will be very disappoointed and that any spending in January will be modest. I hope I am wrong, but I am not optimistic.

  88. Dissenter

    What do you want Emery to say?
    “We have instructed all our agents to identify targets and use are willing to spend all that it takes.”
    “The club will releasing the names of identified targets on Monday morning”

    It”s not even in Emery’s hands to be honest.

  89. Marc


    Do I think he will get better? No, he’s the wrong side of 30 and has had a bad injury as well but to go to town on him is unfair. Do you think Emery would have picked him if Mustafi, Sokratis and Holding were fit?

    He should be back up with the occasional run out against weaker teams in cup competitions or in the PL with at least a competent CB (or 2) next to him. Today was a perfect storm of fuck ups and bad luck but none of it can be laid solely at the feet of Kos.

  90. Emiratesstroller

    Frankly this was a game, which I expected Arsenal to lose when you are playing without 5 established defenders.

    Our patched up defence included only on established Centre Back [out of 5] and Koscielny looked what he is a “wounded animal in the headlights” incapable of performing at EPL level.

    Just imagine what the score might have been if we were playing today against
    Man City or Liverpool with this defence.

    The whole team was inevitably disjointed with other players forced to play out
    of position. Xhaka is no CB and our problems were compounded by both Bellerin and Lichsteiner also forced out of the game through injury.

    The situation was also not helped by Leno’s performance today. The goalkeeper needed to command his defence and he failed to do so.

    I suggested before this game that sooner or later Arsenal would come a cropper if they did not perform better in the first half of games. You are not
    going to keep on winning if you are always playing one paced football in these
    games in first 45 minutes and so it proved.

    The result was disappointing and highlights Arsenal’s weaknesses. We need
    to recruit in the January transfer window as a priority a new Centre Back and
    stop talking about sorting out other positions on the field.

    Forget about replacing midfielders and wingers until the Summer when we
    should have a decent transfer pot and more quality options to buy than will be
    case in January.

  91. Champagne charlie


    We were losing at some point, I’d rather there than one of the big sides and hand a psychological advantage. We had a mish-mash of a defence out there and some slack defending was brutally punished.

    Personally I felt the midfield was a yard off the pace, we never seemed like we’d dominate at any stage. Was a lot of turnovers in possession and chasing their players. Just a poor day at the office.

    Emery is going to have a fucking field day on the old DVDs Monday morning.

    But listen, we have to be better in the first half. That’s been brushed aside because we’ve been finding the answers, but something substantial needs changing to get more out of us in the opening 45. My view anyway.

  92. Dissenter

    C’mon man
    How can you still defend Ozil after today’s games.
    He was a ghost when he came on. He’s meant to be the creative spark that ignites the team.
    One dummy doesn’t cut it.

  93. Marc


    Dead right our first half’s are becoming a write off. It’s not only about subs though we seem to come out with more purpose (before today at least). I’d love to know what Emery is saying at half time.

  94. Samesong

    Frankly this was a game, which I expected Arsenal to lose when you are playing without 5 established defenders.

    Against a team that only scored 6 goals all season? Surely we could of managed to beat Southamptopn today.

  95. TR7


    Nah, I know there’s not much we can do in.January transfer window. I just thought Emery’s comment on Jan transfer window was eerily similar to that of Wenger.

  96. Emiratesstroller


    What exactly was wrong with Ozil’s performance?

    You are being utterly ridiculous. The man was on the field a relatively short time and he delivered two excellent crosses plus a sublime interplay which could have resulted in a goal.

    Arsenal did not lose this game today because of Ozil’s performance. Our problem was in defence and the disruption it caused to rest of team.

  97. raptora

    Pierre is a lunatic but I thought that you’d see the light… eventually… Sadly, no hope left.

    If I didn’t watch the game, I’d almost believe you.

  98. Dissenter

    “Utterly ridiculous” ought to be reserved for anyone who thinks that Ozil effort is acceptable.
    He played like a styrofoam mannequin, avoiding any 50-50 challenge. He didn’t even bother tracking back.

  99. Dissenter

    In fairness to Ozil, he played like a player with no backbone which is consistent with his current injury.
    There will always be spinal muscle spasms when there is insufficient skeletal scaffolding.

  100. Marko

    You would think reading Pierre and strollers comment that Ozil came on and had a good substitute appearence. You would think that having not watched the game but just reading their comments

  101. Emiratesstroller


    I watched the game!

    Arsenal’s defeat and in particular the third goal we conceded had absolutely nothing to do with Ozil.

    As I pointed out this makeshift defence would have conceded a bucket full of
    goals against any other team in the EPL. It was a complete shambles.

    Koscielny based on his current performance level should never be considered
    for the first team if we had not had four other CBs absent through injury.

    In my view he was at fault for all three goals albeit that Leno could also have
    done better.

    Bluntly there are far too many posters who have become obsessed with Ozil.
    They have something negative to say even when he does not play.

  102. TR7

    I didn’t understand Emery’s decision to play Xhaka in defense. I am not even his fan but his best position is alongside Torreria in central midfield.

    Putting all 3 of Laca, Ramsey and Ozil on bench suggests Emery himself is getting sucked in to this 2nd half comeback philosophy/strategy.

  103. Emiratesstroller


    We were missing Sokratis, Mustafi, Holding, Mavropanos and Kolasinac. Bellerin and Lichsteiner were also injured during the game.

    So Xhaka is more or less a last resort playing in defence. By playing him there
    it also impacted on the solidity of our midfield as was the case when he was
    recently suspended.