Fit people can’t game + Matty G styling tips + Emery on injuries

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Sometimes, people say to me, ‘Pedro, you have great sensibilities in understanding physiological circumstances when it comes to diagnosis of player ailments.’ Need proof? Well, BILD took the Le Grove commentary on Fortnite playing to the next level

“Yes, that can be the cause of Ozil’s back problems,”

“A competitive athlete feels the consequences of hours of inactivity much faster than a non-athlete.

“This is because Ozil’s physical structures are highly tuned due to his intense training.

“A non-athlete, however, does not notice that.”

So, if you’re a fat c*nt, excessive gaming is not an issue… but if you’re a highly-tune athlete, maybe. Rent-a-quote isn’t always the best place to get your information, but it has been interesting reading around about this issue. There have been issues in MLB over here, with one player having to miss a game because of carpal tunnel syndrome. It’s also notable that China is taking note of the issue, looking to crack down on tech firms that use ever-smarter ways to keep people hooked into their games.

What is astounding about this whole story is how the media works. What started out as a tongue in cheek joke is now being re-reported as Bild’s story on a Russian propaganda website. Unreal times we live in.

Anyway, a touch alarming the German is still out of action. Hopefully whatever the issue, it’s resolved in good time.

In other sadder news, Raheem Sterling was racially abused by a bunch of Stone Island thugs at the Chelsea game over the weekend. A lot of soul searching has to be done over this bullshit rearing its ugly head again. Sterling dug out the media for their part in this. That’s certainly true to a certain degree. But I think you also have to give some of the blame to politicians who’ve lost all sense of decorum and the corrosive nature of social media, giving rise to fringe idiots.

It’s incredible that in the space of a week, we’ve seen vile fan abuse at one of the biggest Premier League showcases in the world, and a banana thrown at an Arsenal player.

I don’t want to tell people what to do in the grounds, but if you’re there, and you hear someone shouting racist remarks, it’s up to you to speak up. Don’t giggle along. We’re all responsible for enabling that sort of bollocks. If you can get punched in the face for calling Arsene Wenger a balloon head, you should get an ear full for taking player abuse too far.

This is a photo of Matty G looking fine for Canal+. There was some debate had online about his choices, but for me, he’s looking exceptional here. The light pattern shows off a penchant for understated flair, I like the crisp white shirt and his decision not to wear a bow tie, and finally, I’m very much into the choice of what looks like a vintage Rolex.

The kid has it all.

Unai Emery has responded to concerns of the site over the growing injury list and whether his intense training methods are to blame.

“No. I don’t know if this is the reason. Big injuries like with Rob and Welbeck is…

“Then it is normal. We have played three matches.

“Mustafi is ok. It’s only because he is feeling muscular [that he came off], but [it’s] not a break.”

Weirdly, it’s great news that whatever happened to Mustafi is not that important. Hopefully, we’ll have a solid December and keep the injury issues down to a minimum. We don’t have a particularly deep squad and we really are going to need to lean into hard if we’re planning on competing with an extremely competitive top 6 this season.

I still can’t get over how good our start has been, and how poor our league position is. We’re 8 points off the top and unbeaten in 21 games. Staggering. If we’re thinking pragmatically, it’s going to still be extremely difficult for us to break the top 4 this season. Perhaps Europa is our best bet for getting back to the Champions League?

If we do get there, we’re going to have to spend big to improve the squad, because at the minute, we’re getting by on having a really easy Europa League group to play against. Getting back into the big time and having to play an elite 11 6 extra times before the December crunch is going to be tough to master after 2 seasons in the wilderness.

Right, that’s all I have for you beautiful festive people. See you in the comments.


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  1. gambon

    Mykhitaryan is indeed an issue. I think everyone recgnises that.

    Our lack of attacking midfield quality is a real problem, especially as we have so many defensive issues as well.

    To highlight the issue:

    Salah & Mane = 16 goals, 5 assists
    Sterling & Sane = 14 goals, 11 assists
    Hazard & Willian = 10 goals, 10 assists

    Iwobi & Mykhitaryan = 3 goals, 3 assists

    Its very very clear to see we are so much weaker than our rivals in this position.

    Its also very clear to see that we are completely reliant on our 2 CFs for goals, which

    1- makes us unbelievably sensitive to injuries
    2- will allow teams to build a game plan around stopping supply to our CF(s)

  2. Mysticleaves

    Vickingz I am close by in Jos. Maybe if we have this big Arsenal bash, we fit hook up take one or two.

    Doublethink it’s way more than that. Abuse is generally bad, whether race or otherwise, it shouldn’t be condoned.

  3. Victorious

    I’m more concerned about Mkhitaryan’d form. Just as wasteful as Iwobi but can’t even go past opponents.”

    Spot on.
    Not sure how people can have so much to say about Iwobi when there’s Mikki with his poor pretense of being footballer a sad watch everytime he steps on the pitch

    At least Iwobi has contributed positively to why we’re joint 4th,has about 5 assists already and always look to make something happen when he has the ball while Mikki is simply just a nothing player
    I know who I’d rather have in the squad all day.

  4. BacaryisGod

    Well, we’ll see how good a deal Ozil’s new contract was soon enough.

    If he had left on a free it would have cost us about 3.3 million on his previous wages. With him staying, the cost has been about 16.7 million. We’re probably getting the value of a 100k player a week (assuming a legit injury) so deduct that and keeping him has so far cost us $4,880,000.

    Basically we could sell him in January for about 5 million and come out even on the deal. Selling him for 10-15 million would be a big win.

  5. Victorious

    Vickingz I am close by in Jos. Maybe if we have this big Arsenal bash, we fit hook up take one or two”


    Na only Nigerians fit speak this kind pidgin.

    Thank God for Jos, used to be a very troubled place.

  6. Mysticleaves


    Still happens once in a while. Though it’s not religious these days, just ethnic differences and political propagandas.

  7. BacaryisGod

    Damn-think the calculation is wrong. The break even point right now would be to sell him for 8.52 million. If we sell him in August, the break even point will be 16 million.

  8. Emiratesstroller

    Today two National Newspapers the Daily Express and Star publish the same tripe that Man Utd would offer a deal to Arsenal to exchange Ozil for Sanchez.

    The story is not only far fetched, but utterly ridiculous. The reason that we
    offloaded Sanchez to Man Utd apart from his determination to leave was that
    he had become increasingly a “disruptive” figure in the club. No-one in their
    right mind would take him back.

  9. DaleDaGooner

    I do not apologize for Iwobi, but some of you have to be realistic….the clubs plan, in a perfect world…Ozil, Ramsey, Mhki all above Iwobi in the pecking order….All above him are no better, so why the constant talk about a squad player, who at best starts if all above are injured or indisposed? That’s how Wenger started out with him, with him even playing better than Ozil in some flashes….He’s not even on a quarter of what the others are, so expecting him to be on Hazard, KdB levels and constantly moaning about him is very funny….PLUS, Emery seems to fancy him for whatever reason, if this was the former manager, he’d be getting it large on here.

  10. DaleDaGooner

    Salah & Mane = 16 goals, 5 assists
    Sterling & Sane = 14 goals, 11 assists
    Hazard & Willian = 10 goals, 10 assistsIwobi & Mykhitaryan = 3 goals, 3 assists

    Why do you conveniently leave out Ozil or even Auba in the equation? seeing as Auba and Ozil are starters ahead of Iwobi/Mhki ideally, Mhki/Ozil are the preferred in attacking positions with Auba and Laca to fit in in some capacity on the right or left

  11. Ozy

    Why do we want to sell Ozil? Cause his wages are too high?

    Shouldn’t the priority be to sell deadwood first? Jenkinson, Ramsey, Welbeck, Elneny, etc?

  12. Dissenter

    Iwobi isn’t good enough to start for a top-4 team…no problem with this line of thinking. Bamford has made this point all season. He’s only starting because we don’t have a proper wide player and Myhki is yet to recover his Dormund form.

    The Iwobi bias that irks me is when people say he’s not even good enough for the squad. Joe implied this yesterday and wanted him sold off. Iwobi is an academy product who’s not going to make a whimper is he languishes on the bench.

    Where do we get a squad replacement who’s happy to collect 50k weekly wages and sit on the bench?

    In a perfect world of subbuteo or footbal manager, I can play Pep Guadiola and spend 60o million in 1.5 seasons and buy the core of a new team. The real world is different.
    We have more pressing needs that to spend money to buy a starting wide player and a back-up wide player just to get rid of Iwobi.

  13. Dissenter

    “Shouldn’t the priority be to sell deadwood first? Jenkinson, Ramsey, Welbeck, Elneny, etc?”

    Jenks – worth a bag of chips
    Ramsey is going for free
    Welbeck is going for free
    Elneny – maybe we get 10 million

    We may free off 300-350k weekly wages at best which is what we pay Ozil right now.

  14. Graham62

    21 games undefeated is, based on where we were and what Emery inherited, an incredible feat.

    Yes, it hasn’t always been pretty to watch and yes we’ve ridden our luck on occasions but there is no disputing that Emery has instilled a team ethic and ethos that had not existed at the club for many many years.

    The body language of the players has visibly improved. The desire to fight it out instead of accept the inevitable has meant that we are now a “team” once again. It is a joy to behold to see the players genuinely bonding and fighting for one another.

    On top of this, to see a manager live every moment on the field of play, like the fans, has made being an Arsenal supporter a joyous experience once again and given us all a sense of belief and pride in the club that had been eroded year in year out, over the past decade.

    Loving this feeling of hope.

  15. Graham62

    Just been watching Gary Neville on Sky talking about the Sterling incident and the repercussions.

    He is head and shoulders the best pundit on TV.

    Well said Gary.

  16. ddkingz

    Iwobi is way better and way better than Mkhi.. …. I’ve never seen Mkhi take on a player…. All he does is run away from opponents by running to the byline to bring out a cross or cut-back as if he is our rb….

    Total waste of space

  17. Globalgunner

    There is no point trying to make Iwobi look better by pointing out how crap Mikhi is. Most Iwobi critics are aware of Miki`s shortcomings too, Bringing Iwobi and Mikhi on in a game is like asking two Dustbinmen to help fight a fire

  18. ddkingz


    Just reading through earlier comments, and read your comment about laca tracking number back , which was right…

    but saying your personal view despite all the usual negatives from posters is that Ozil does make a difference when he plays and provides the best service to our forwards….
    I guess based on this comment you didn’t watch the game or maybe you were just listening from a radio broadcast of the match… Because I you did watch the game, you would have noticed ozil would have been bullied in that match by the continuous/persistent fouling of our midfield players to disrupt out rhythm… if I didn’t know better, I would have thought we were playing stoke city…

    All we missed was creativity, not that of which ozil really have to offer…. We need creative player who can dribble opponents, and move swiftly with the ball and create space for our offensive players to flourish…. More of an advanced version of Hleb or fabrepass.. .. And also a perfect winger, with end product, can dribble very well with good stamina….

  19. ddkingz

    anybdoy still saying Mkhi has not found his form, should be taken out of le-grove and shot through their email. ….

    @30 yrs of age, Mkhi hasn’t found his form… When will he find it???

    Mkhi is no Pirlo, Ronaldo, Messi, or even ibracadabra who like a fine wine, gets better with age….So if at 30 he hasn’t found his form, then he’s no good to our course…

  20. Sancho Monzorla

    Victorious is a welching cunt and he doesn’t seem to care. What a scumbag. People that make bets and don’t pay up should not be taken seriously in any walk of life.

  21. vickingz

    @Leftsidesanc, RH and mysticleaves, it’s nice hearing from y’all. Though I haven’t seen y’all but it feels like we have been acquaintances. I’m happy meeting you all. I probably would have visited Jos if I knew I have a family friend there in mysticleaves,,, let’s see how it goes bro.
    @victorious, where in naija art thou?

  22. Emiratesstroller


    I was at the game on Saturday and saw first hand what was going on. I did not
    listen to match on radio!!

    Ozil has played in plenty of games not just at Arsenal, which are physical. Despite what many say he can and does cope in such games even if he does
    not enjoy attempts to kick him off the park.

    What skilful player enjoys such a game!

  23. qna

    ES: The story is not only far fetched, but utterly ridiculous. The reason that we
    offloaded Sanchez to Man Utd apart from his determination to leave was that
    he had become increasingly a “disruptive” figure in the club. No-one in their
    right mind would take him back.

    Agree the story is ridiculous. But United are one of the few clubs that can afford his salary. United are also lacking a creative mid which is why the hope is that they are interested. IF.. they are, the best outcomes imo are (in order)

    – Martial (unhappy)
    – Decent transfer fee
    – Sanchez (unhappy)

    Agree that the way he acted was bad. But the club is partially to blame. One could argue that Sanchez was the only player who didn’t put up with the destruction Wenger and Ivan were doing to the club. Sanchez should have been sold for £60m plus in the summer. Instead Wenger amen Ivan left one last devestating blow to the club by running his contract down, then trading him for a worthless and average 29 year old Mkhitariyan and giving Ozil an unwarranted contract that is still hurting us.

    Sanchez comes back under Emery and it’s a different story. I’d take him back. I’d prefer the money and spend it on that Housseim kid from Lyon though.

  24. Emiratesstroller


    Exchanging Ozil for Martial is an entirely different proposition to Sanchez. Martial is a talented “young” player.

    However, I do not think that Man Utd will sell/exchange this player to us. We
    tried to do this deal in past.

    At the moment there appears to be a lot of dissatisfaction at Old Trafford. My
    view is that Mourinho will be offloaded at end of season rather than some of the key players like Pogba.

  25. qna

    ES. I agree. But I am saying short of being able to get Martial or a decent fee.

    I don’t want Sanchez, but I’d exchange him for Ozil. I want Ozil less. I have been saying we need to focus on players not older than 25./26. Was against Mkhi and Sokratis.

    But Ozil and Sanchez are the same age, so I’d rather that swap. Play him back into some goal scoring form and sell him to Italy.

  26. vickingz

    Nice one famz, left lasgidi for kd early this year. Hailings to all naija gunners here. Let’s get mata and martial for ozil then

  27. Pierre

    there are some on Le Grove who use the C word with impunity …why they have to !ower themselves to gutter level ,who knows .

    Raheem Sterling should be commended for behaving in such a mature manner because if he had confronted those morons I have no doubt the incident would have escalated.

    Maybe some of the posters on le grove who embarrass themselves by using the C word should watch that video and realise how pathetic it is to call someone a c*** whether it is racist or not….

  28. Ken

    The C word?? How easily offended are some people.. I mean it can be used as a term of endearment in some places, ie. Scotland or Ireland: “Do you know x?” “Oh yeah I know x, he’s a sound c*nt”.

  29. HighburyLegend

    Wow… Liverpool-Manure, it’s at Anfield.

    Do not miss this, it will be a real horror show, but it will be fun.
    I predict 6-1 for Liverpool.

  30. Leedsgunner

    The greatest difference between Wenger and Emery?

    It’s the sound of silence. By that I mean, the complete lack of excuses and complaining from our manager despite the injuries and suspensions mounting up.

    At this point, Wenger would have allowed his squad to take their foot off the gas so dropping valuable points. Instead of accepting his role in it he often pointed to injuries and suspensions as the reason for why the team was failing in December again.

    No such antics from our present head coach. We’re on a 21 game unbeaten streak. Out of 4 EPL games in late Nov/Dec so far, we’ve won three drawn one. We’re top of our Europa League group easily, even though we’re playing our youth and fringe players.

    Err, someone tell me, why were we so afraid of change again?

    Well done Emery.
    Well done Arsenal.

    How refreshing.

  31. gambon



    I like what G NEville had to say about Emery.

    Basically saying he is getting the maximum possible out of this squad, and he needs to be backed by Kroenke in the transfer market to take the team forward.

    Exactly what ive been saying for ages.

    If we’re planning to spend £200m in the next 2 years, I would much rather we spent all that next summer.

  32. Guns of Hackney

    Anyone read about that gamer who beat up his pregnant girlfriend after she distracted him playing…you guessed it: Fortnight.

    Ozil has a lot to answer for.

  33. Emiratesstroller

    I like Emery’s positivity and realism. Clearly that has rubbed off on most of the squad not just the recent arrivals.

    Obviously when you are unbeaten over 21 games in all competitions that makes a huge difference to morale in the squad.

    However, I still believe that there is an inherent weakness in our backline which needs to be addressed. We may be the team scoring the second largest
    number of goals in EPL, but we are ranked only 9th or 10th in the goals conceded column and that is not good enough.

    That needs to be sorted first before you start upgrading offensive positions.

    I am personally cautious about the rumours circulating about Ozil’s im pending departure. This is primarily because I am fairly confident that Man
    Utd will not agree another swap deal in light of what has happened since Sanchez arrived at Old Trafford. Once bitten twice shy.

    Also I don’t see Inter Milan taking Ozil even at a cut price deal of £25 million.
    We know how the Italian Clubs operate. They will want to take him on loan
    with an option clause to buy him future. Somehow I can’t see both Ramsey and
    Ozil both leaving club on zippo.

    The only player that I see who might leave in January is Elneny. Clearly he is
    surplus to requirements considering he has not played a single minute in EPL
    and once we enter DE stages in Europa Cup somehow I think his playing time
    would be even less if he stays.

    Clearly the club will need a fourth option to play in Central Midfield who is an
    upgrade on Elneny.

    Personally I am taking Ozil’s current situation on face value. He has been injured and the club has not suggested otherwise. Obviously if his absence
    continues indefinitely I might change my mind, but not just after two weeks.

  34. Leedsgunner


    A club’s transfer window activity is often graded on who they bring in… but I think who they sell is just as important.

    Wenger held on to players who simply were not good enough for too long.

    Sven and Raul need to step up this January and maximise the sales of our players… criminal really that in the age of golakeepers going for £70m plus… we sold Szczesney for a mere £10m. We needed to do better than that.

    Up to you Sven and Raul… do your stuff.

  35. Leedsgunner

    Instead of spending money on upgrading Elneny, spend that money upgrading on positions lacking in our development squad… like in a left back.

    Elneny’s game time should be given to Ainsley Maitland Niles with Joe W.illock as his understudy.

  36. Dissenter

    How do you expect Koschielny to gain match fitness without playing in a low intensity Europa league gam at home?
    Would you rather throw him into a must win premier league game?

  37. Leedsgunner


    Personally I don’t think Kos is anywhere fit enough to play a full EPL game but I would rather have him one the field against Southampton away for 20-30 mins helping us close off a match (provided we are leading) than risking him picking up an injury in an Europa League game.

    I suppose a happy compromise might be struck if he played 45 minutes in the upcoming Europa League match… so he would have something left in the tank versus Southampton.

    Southampton will be a very tricky match. With a new manager in charge, all the Southampton players will up their game because they know they are playing for their jobs… with the transfer window around the corner.

  38. TallestTiz

    Arsenal rumoured to be looking at a Valladolid defender called Fernando Calero.

    Anyone following the La Liga? Is he that good?

  39. raptora

    Auoar had a phenomenal game vs City. Haven’t watched him in any other game though. Not sure how good he is on a regular basis, but surely a player with a very high ceiling. At 21 yo he is in the age bracket we should be looking at.

    A player like Cazorla, like Nasri, like Hleb but with goals. Like peak Arsenal Fabregas. We need to get a player like that, in addition to a winger in the mold of Dembele, Martial. Add a top class CB and it would be good enough for this winter + summer 2019.

    Any less than that and we’ll repeat our troubles at the moment with glaring holes that Emery + Torreira need to make heroic labours if we are to get a result.

  40. Emiratesstroller


    How much do you think all this is going to cost and where will the money come from?

    I think that we have spent most if not all our budget for this season so even if
    we get lucky and sell a couple of players I doubt that it will generate more than
    £30-40 million.

    There is a huge gulf between what you would like us to do in January and what
    can and will be achieved.

  41. Dream10


    Guardiola talked up Aouar in the media after the two Lyon clashes. something along the lines of “Ndombele is fantastic but so is Aouar”. He did the same with Bernardo Silva after Monaco knocked them out a couple of years ago. Aouar praised Pep on French radio, saying he would love to play for him at some point.
    Haven’t watched a lot of him, but press resistant players, especially ones the can play CM like Iniesta, Cazorla & Bernardo are rare. Highly unlikely we win his signature.

  42. raptora

    I said this winter plus summer 2019.

    I expect us to have around the same money available as this summer – £70m + hopefully money from UCL + money from the new Adidas kit + Rwanda sleeves deals etc.

    A realistic view I think is between £70-100m available to Sven and co in the summer.

    Now add to this 10m Elneny, 15m Ramsey if we sell him in January, one of 20m Mikki and 20m Ozil; 10m Chambers and god knows who else. We could upgrade on each of Xhaka, Mustafi, Kolasinac so they could be on the market as well.

    Pessimistic number would be £50m from sales that could reach £100m with ease if we really decide to go on it.

    Add the £50m from sales to the number above and it makes £120m to £150m at the least available for spending.

    Say Aouar 60m and Pepe 40m + Koulibaly or Skriniar or de Ligt 50 to 60m or whoever is entirely possible.

    After the Torreira signing I’m not going to say anything bad for Sven for a while, if he was the main culprit in spotting that player from nowhere (in my eyes absolutely unknown player).

    I trust that it’s entirely possible that we can 3 fantastic players even if we just repeat the summer spending we had this summer at £70m NET spent. We just need to sell some of the players that don’t fit Emery to make a bank and also drop the salary which would be perfect if we can find a team for Ozil.

  43. raptora

    I know.
    But Pep cannot buy every great young player. He missed Torreira and Torreira is better than Fernandinho is already and he needed a player for that position also.

    The pool of players that would upgrade us is not that small by any means. It’s not Wenger anymore saying that if an X top player becomes available then he would buy him. I got so fkin tired of this BS. There are a lot of great players that me and you don’t know. People get paid to watch football all day and spot talents.

    We have the foundation now. I think we have assigned the right people with power. We just need to go big and not be afraid.

  44. Leedsgunner

    I think these Özil to Inter Milan stories are just clickbait fantasies.

    Unless Özil decides to take a massive pay cut and Arsenal agreed to give the player a massive golden handshake to incentivise him to go… quite frankly… there is no reason for Özil to leave until his contract comes to an end.

  45. Cesc Appeal

    I can see Emery liking Aouar for the CAM position in our system, decent pace, very good dribbler of the ball and a good passer. He could be one that manages that sort of CAM/RM/LM/CF role that Emery likes one of his attacking midfield players to have.

    Going to cost a lot but if we can get someone to buy Ozil that might offset it a bit, anything we get for Elneny as well will go toward it. Factor in that he would likely come in on £80 000 a week or something, means we will also be saving on him £30 000 from Ramsey’s wages, £50 000 from Elneny and £350 000 from Ozil. That means a saving of £430 000 a week as well without any further additions.

    Some people are saying he the price is £40 Million, but given it is Aulas that is likely to be £60 Million or something like that.

    If we could sucker Inter into buying Ozil and sell Elneny you could chip £30-40 Million out of that straight away.

    So important we let Emery build his team, the ideas are there, the direction is there but we need to get rid of the useless players.

  46. gambon


    I think everyone could be happy if we let Ozil ave a free transfer. That wouldnt involve a paycut for Ozil or a golden handshake from us.

    Next summer a team would have to stump up £36m to get Ozil on a 2 year contract.

    I could see a lot of teams taking that risk.

    First things first though we should try and sell to China.

  47. Cesc Appeal

    ‘there is no reason for Özil to leave until his contract comes to an end’

    Except for pride.

    Stupid me, what am I saying?

  48. gambon

    Torreira was far from an unknown signing. He was mentioned on here numerous times as a great DM option.

    One thing Sven is very good at is understanding contract situations and buy out clauses.

    I dont think you will see us splash huge money on the likes of Pepe & Aouar.

    I think we will be looking at players other big clubs overlook, players that are running contracts down, players with clauses.

    Not sure how I feel about that. I think its a very smart way to build an 80 point team, but I dont think it will build a 95 point team.

  49. raptora

    Fekir is another fantastic player that is probably going to move in Summer 2019.

    Pipedream or not is not up to me to say.

    But on in June 2017 he was valued at £12m in contrast to the £58.50m that he is valued at now.

    Our friend karim has been banging that drum for years.

    I trust our scouts to do karim’s job and find the next superstar in the making like they did with Torreira.

    Hopefully now that the ditherer is gone, Voldemort is also gone, we will be decisive in our negotiations.

  50. Cesc Appeal

    It may be Guardiola sees him as taking Silva’s role in that CM/CAM position.

    If City go hard enough we won’t get him, but be interesting to see what happens there.

    Good to see Guendouzi talking us up as a destination for great young talent when you consider Aouar is only 20.

  51. Cesc Appeal

    I still think midfield wise it may be Havertz that Mislintat is looking at, links a while ago, Bundesliga, still going under the radar a bit but looks a potential great talent.

    That or someone like Fornals who has a release clause opportunity.

  52. Marko

    Not sure how I feel about that. I think its a very smart way to build an 80 point team, but I dont think it will build a 95 point team

    Let’s be an 80 point team before we can be a 95 point team okay baby steps.

    As for the Aouar City links they like everyone and while I’m sure they’d love to hoard every young talent in Europe they can’t play them all and they’ve more pressing needs than Aouar. He’s ripe for us though. Bid for him and convince him that with Ramsey and Ozil leaving he’ll have the chance to make this team his

  53. Leedsgunner

    Here’s a thought… what about Özil to BvB? Ask for Sancho or in return. I hear Reiss Nelson and Jadon Sancho are best mates… 😉

  54. Leedsgunner

    By taking Auba and Sokratis for the sums we did, we allowed Lucien Favre to have the transfer funds to fill key positions with his own signings.

    It’s time for BvB to return the favour, I say.

  55. HighburyLegend

    “Except for pride.
    Stupid me, what am I saying?” lol

    I don’t see why BvB could be stupid enough for wanting him, they are very glad to got rid of Dembele – same kind of irresponsible behavior.

  56. raptora

    Dembele is going to settle down in Barca. Mark my words. He and Mbappe have the potential to become the new Ronaldo v Messi.
    Messi commended him for being very good after his goal in the weekend. He has what it takes to succeed in every single club in the world.

  57. gambon

    I would definitely go after Sancho

    Hes from London, hes best mates with Nelson and Willock.

    I really cant see how he wouldnt want to come, as long as he knows he will play.

  58. gambon

    I would also look at Samuel Chukwueze.

    Hes out of contract next summer (according to transfermarkt), just broke into the Villareal team, 19 year old Winger has scored 2 in his first 5 games.

    We tried to sign him as a 16 year old but it went wrong for some reason.

    Probably cost £8m or so with his contract running down.

  59. Georgio

    The more Ozil is out of the team…wether sold, gaming back injury or benched! Whatever keeps him out of the starting 11 is fine with me!

    @Lasgidi gunners. I hail thee.

  60. Thorough

    I would also look at Samuel Chukwueze.Hes out of contract next summer (according to transfermarkt), just broke into the Villareal team, 19 year old Winger has scored 2 in his first 5 games.We tried to sign him as a 16 year old but it went wrong for some reason.Probably cost £8m or so with his contract running down.

    When we were linked with Kelechi Nwakali, the Captain of the under 17 team that also contained Chukwueze, I felt the people we need to take a punt on were Victor Osimhen and Samuel Chukwueze. As it is Osimhen too isn’t doing badly. He’s got 7 goals in 12 games on loan at Charleroi from Wolfsburg. Sadly Nwakali has absolutely tanked. The last time I checked he wasn’t even a starter for Porto B team.

  61. Icheleaki

    Come January Sven must do his all to sell Ozil. The next stage for Ozil now is to develop into a Sanchez-like poison.