Torreira, the hero we’ve been waiting for

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As expected, Arsenal didn’t have fun when Huddersfield came to town on Saturday for a rare 3 o’clock kickoff. David Wagner’s side were the metaphorical come down are a heavy session of hippie crack, factored in with the natural fatigue that occurs after an intense run of games (physical/mental) and you start to see that those three points were amongst the most important or our mini-marathon run.

The goal took a while to arrive and things really did look desperate towards the end of the game. The moment of magic was sparked from a speculative ball into the box from Matty G, Auba did an excellent job of tracing the flight, bringing the ball down, turning and finding Torreira. Our mini-man mountain pulled off a perfect scissor kick from 6 yards to make the breakthrough. Absolute elation in the stands.

The challenge before the goal was that Huddersfield flex at us in dogged fashion, clearly sensing we’d be tired. Their pressing strategy was obviously Klopp-esque. They didn’t give us a moment to breathe, they shut down passing avenues and they were very, very compact at the back.

That’s not to say we didn’t have chances. Auba and Lacazette spurned extremely good openings within minutes of each other in the first half. Jonas Lössl somehow managed to palm away a Torreira screamer that was destined for the top corner. The rookie referee also conspired with the linesman to disallow a Lacazette tap in because they wrongly assumed he was interring with play, despite play moving into the second phase.

It was also tough going on the players bodies. Firstly, we lost Mustafi to a hamstring injury, which is a real worry. We’re now relying on a 30-year-old Sokratis, 33-year-old Koscielny and the injury-prone 32-year-old Monreal. Unless of course Mavrapanos really is an option for us when he returns shortly. The players were also booted from pillar to post. Again, worth noting that our boys were fizzing back with the challenges. Arsenal really aren’t rattled by bully boy tactics these days, but it still makes for an uncomfortable afternoon.

Emery also leant into his favourite strategy, and made 2 changes at halftime. He brought on Mikhi and Iwobi for the booked Lichtsteiner and Lacazette. I guess the thinking was that we lacked width. The game changed pretty sharply after that. Huddersfield were rattled and struggled to control the game.

That said, it’s clear we’re going to need an upgrade in the wide departments of our side. Iwobi was frustrating to watch, his first touch was heavy and he made some very poor decisions. Marginally less so for Mikhi, but the Armenian just doesn’t seem capable of making the big game impact you’d expect from someone so expensive, with that much experience.

We made more attempts at their goal in the second half, clocking in 9 (up from 5). However, we didn’t really fuss their keeper, only registering 2 shots on target all game. Kind of pitiful when you think about it.

On the face of it, it’s hard not to feel extremely relieved. We kept our unbeaten run going, we’re now at 21. That’s magic. It really is. We showed a huge amount of grit to bring that result home. I don’t mean to keep comparing to seasons past, but that’s the sort of game that often hasn’t gone our way because we’ve either succumbed to the aggression or felt sorry for ourselves and capitulated.

There were positives, Matty G had another very good game along with Torreira. The young Frenchman was our main threat from an attacking perspective, he created 5 chances, had the assist to the assist for the goal and clocked an impressive 16 passes in the final third.

Xhaka also had a very strong game. Sure, he made some wayward passed, but his positioning at the base of midfield really helped snuff out counterattacks and heavy touches from Huddersfield players. He made 10 ball recoveries, 5 tackles and topped the charts for most completed passes (65), most clearances (6) and most headed clearances (4). You can’t knock that sort of impact on a really terrible game.

The big shout out goes to Torreira. He’s had such a huge impact on our team. He’s extremely focused on delivering his defensive duties, but it’s hard not to notice how good he is moving the ball forward. He’s always thinking about the most positive pass, he’s increasingly finding himself in good attacking positions and he created 2 chances of his own yesterday. He’s also our most fouled player. Which represents maybe his size, but if I were to think more sinister in nature, maybe it reflects how important other teams see him to our play. Break the little man, break Arsenal?

The great news for the team is we now have a week off. The home game against Qarabag should be an U23 team (non-senior). The players should be resting up hard all week so they explode out the traps and give Hassenhutl a rude awakening as he looks to reshape the dreadful mess Mark Hughes left the club in.

Not that our run gets much better after that. We have to play Spurs 3 days later in the League Cup, Burnley at home 4 days later, Brighton 4 days later, Liverpool 3 days later, then Fulham 4 days later, followed by Fulham 3 days after that. What a shit show of fixtures!

There was also good news elsewhere, Manchester City succumbed to the smarts of Sarri. That’s made things a little tighter at the top, which is exciting for everyone. 8 points now split 5th and 1st. I mean, we’re not going to win the league, but it’s great to still be realistically in the mix in the month of December.

Right, onwards and upwards!

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  1. Leftsidesanch

    Goodness knows what we’ll do at the back next Sun. Mustafi and Sokratis are suspended I believe.

    So, do we put to a back 4 with Bellerin, Kos, Monreal (to cover a cb position) and Kola?

    This month hasn’t been kind so far to us in terms of injury, suspensions even if results have been positive so far.

  2. James.wood

    Considering the way Huddersfield set up goals where going to be difficult that said a 1-0 was poor and chances keep going missing.
    Torriera timing his upfield surges better and was our star man and saviour.
    Bellerin also gave a good showing.
    Last thing we need is rushing Konch or Monreal back.

  3. UTarse

    I’d rather the pool kept their undefeated run till we face them at xmas so we can end it for the miserable wankers.

  4. UTarse

    “Xhaka also had a very strong game. ”

    You see this is where the stats don’t tell the full story, did you watch the game Pedro ? I was at the game and from where I sat he was close to awful, slow, ponderous, got tangled up in positions that a player in his position should never allow himself to be in. He’s the slowest player I’ve ever seen in an Arsenal shirt…. slower than Mertesacker even !

  5. Emiratesstroller


    There were not a lot of positives in yesterday’s game, which I suspect was a
    consequence of to many difficult matches in a relatively short period of time.

    Huddersfield were exceedingly physical and played a “stop start game”. That
    made it hard to play fluent football against them. There was not clearly shown
    a very strong cross wind and this required the ball to be played on pitch. That
    was not always apparent.

    Overall we did not play particularly well and there was a lack of creativity in
    the game. Whatever others may think there is something lacking without
    Ozil’s creativity. Guendouzi may be an all action player, but he does not offer
    that creativity and frankly Mkhitaryan is for me a very average player.

    What is on the whole a positive in the current team is Torreira. He is intelligent, works exceedingly hard and in my view has brought out the best
    in Xhaka. We have now a very stable base in our midfield.

    However, the real concern has to be how we are going to cope over the next
    few games with our limited resources at CB. We have at our disposal next
    weekend just one established player in Koscielny untested since May!!. Both
    Sokratis and Mustafi who is definitely out with injury are suspended and Holding is out for season. Mavropanos is also out injured and has played no
    football since last season.

  6. Cesc Appeal

    I really want to believe the stories about us selling Ozil.

    That could be why we’re continuing not to play him, not letting him near the field with the intention of selling him.

    If Emery can get the CAM that he wants we will look much improved. None of our current lot are good enough they don’t have the work rate off the ball and they don’t have the control and the ability surge with the ball.

  7. Pierre

    Confusing really…21 games unbeaten ,the players are being slated from all angles (especially on le grove) but we still keep getting results.

    I only caught the last 15 minutes of the game but going by the comments on here, Xhaka had a nightmare and must be sold , Mhkitaryan came on and was hopeless and Ozil was a lazy piece of shit ( even though he wasn’t playing), bellerin and iwobi have regressed ( is that a criticism of Emery) and we would have another 4/5 points if Aubamayang didn’t keep missing sitters …

    Reading a few other reports it appears that xhaka and Bellerin had pretty good games so maybe they were watching a different game to many on here.
    As for Mhkitaryan ,I would take any criticism of him on le grove with a pinch of salt, the unwarranted barrage of criticism he received for his second half performance v United told me that some really do not have a clue what constitutes a good performance….he was actually the most influential player on the pitch for the last half hour v united.

    Guendouzi needs to try and stay on his feet more ,a very good player but he will gain a Deli Alli reputation for diving if he is not careful…though ,of course,Guendouzi will be carded for it unlike Alli.

  8. BacaryisGod

    The little engine that could….Pedro, you’ve taught us all a lesson in how something can get out of control so quickly. These sites just feed on each other. Simply insane. Now I feel bad because Ozil gets enough shit as it is.,view=amp.bildMobile.html

    and my favourite (because they properly credit Le Grove amongst all the Italian).

  9. Emiratesstroller


    I don’t know who you listen to but Xhaka was not terrible. Okay he does as we know make periodically some silly errors, but overall he has played quite well
    this season.

    The combination of Torreira and Xhaka is very important to team. Xhaka’s
    passing record is amongst the best in EPL.

  10. BacaryisGod

    Not sure we can buy another central defender with the number of players we already have on our books.

    To fill 3 CB positions, we will have to make do with a makeshift approach.

    We’re down to 1 of our starting 3 CBs. This leaves Kozzer, Montreal, Lichtsteiner, Mavrapanos, Kolasinac and even Elneny and Xhaka as emergency options.

    It looks like our budget will be focused on finding replacements for Ramsey, Welbeck and possibly Ozil in the summer. There may be internal solutions but it will be expecting too much of players like AMN and Nelson to play key roles in the near future.

  11. Pierre

    I’m sure he wasn’t but reading through le grove comments gives you the impression that xhaka was having a nightmare.

    I respect your well balanced views on players and performances.

  12. BacaryisGod

    With a tap on his keyboard, Pedro might have just killed our chances of offloading Mesut. Ivan will say ‘I could live with the Hippy Crack but the Fortnite killed the deal’

  13. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    From last posts

    Think we should throw in Eddie Bit like a poacher, gets in to good box postitions… Would then put a bit of pressure on the other two… otherwise they got a free run.

  14. Pierre

    Below are a few of the comments regarding xhaka….

    “jasongmsDecember 8, 2018 15:57:25
    Sub Xhaka and bring on another attacker…”

    “rambo RamseyDecember 8, 2018 15:38:09
    Xhaka’s been utterly Wank today.Even worse than usual.”

    “Al December 8, 2018 16:04:18
    Xhaka was so poor in that half.”

    “bamford10December 8, 2018 16:12:16
    Xhaka loses the ball in a dangerous spot. They get a good chance from it. Too casual from Xhaka.” I

    “MoeDecember 8, 2018 16:14:28
    Jesus, Xhaka is poor……..who scouted this guy?”

  15. Pierre

    !lichsteiner , kosielny and Monreal will be fine in a back 3 next week …all good experienced defenders …lacking in height but they have enough know-how to get through the Southampton game especially now we have good protection from midfield ….

  16. ddkingz

    For all it’s worth…. The saints are going to be test, no that they are good, but how AFC are going to prepare and execute their plans against them….

    Saints are poor, but our attack is going to be what will win us that game…..

    Not playing ozil will be great…. We need all our players to be hard working and accountable for the team when without the ball and defending since kos will be the only established CB who has been untested since april…

    Auba don’t need to miss sitters next week

  17. Rambo Ramsey

    So Perrie has flipped the switch and is once again a high and mighty Superfan.

    It would be funny if it wasn’t so damn pathetic.

  18. Pierre

    Yes Stroller , at long last we have a well balanced midfield who know their jobs and out are also useful with the ball at their feet…..

  19. Bob N16

    Having attended the match I would say Xhaka had a decent enough game. He did make one brain fart pass in our penalty area that resulted indirectly into a great chance, otherwise he tackled, intercepted and passed tidily.
    As I’m sure you’d agree, people have their favourites and conversely, players they appear to detest. Wearing those narrative-inducing glasses, a Torreira misplaced pass will be ignored and say a Bellerin or Xhaka will course apolexy.

  20. Pierre

    Wenger wasted the last 3 years playing Ramsey in a 2 man midfield… his credit the new manager rectified that area from the off for the benefit of the team.

  21. Nelson

    I am not a fan of experimenting different formations. It can cause confusion. Anyway, if we continue to use wing backs for attack, they’ll need forwards to support them. The three central midfielders used in the first half is not the way to go.

  22. Pierre

    I can’t see there being a massive turnaround of players ( if any ) in January….the team are competing well without playing great football so to offload players like Mhkitaryan and Ozil ( along with Ramsey) as many are suggesting on here , is not going to happen .

    Looking forward to seeing how the kids progress because, as you know , many of the most successful Arsenal sides over the years have had players that have come through the system ,george,rice ,brady,o’leary Stapleton ,Kelly,Kennedy back in the late 60’s/70’s were hugely successful plus George Graham had half of home grown players ….sometimes a manager has to take a gamble on the kids and now might be the time for Emery to blood a few.

  23. Bob N16

    Agreed Pierre, the only thing is standards have been raised since the 70s when there were no foreign players(pretty much) and home grown players didn’t need to be of international standard to get in the squad. That being said my boyhood hero, Liam Brady, would have got into pretty much any team in Europe!

    Feel the strategy the to be bringing home grown through to fill out the squad. If decent players feel like they’re not getting enough game time, we can sell them on to contribute to our net spend.

    We should sign 2/3 starters who are likely to take all of our budget.

    In this window feel the biggest need is another attacking option, someone who is not a one trick pony, who can offer goals and width. A decent buy could mean CL qualification, no time for fall economies.

  24. Emiratesstroller


    The club has made earlier this season the decision not to renew the contract of Ramsey and now there is a “holler” by many so-called supporters to offload Ozil as well.

    The Ramsey decision will result in him leaving on a Bosman and if Ozil were to
    go I bet that the transfer fee will be minimal. If Inter Milan are interested I am sure that they will want him on a “loan with option to buy” like most Italian clubs, which means we get zippo in terms of transfer fee. At best you get Ozil’s wages off the books.

    So that leaves us with Mkhitaryan who in my eyes is at best a bench player and
    Smith-Rowe who looks like a ‘promising’ player but needs at least one season
    as a squad player before you consider playing him regularly in starting lineup.

    Arsenal would need therefore to find a high energy, skilful and goalscoring
    midfielder to replace either Ozil or Ramsey in order to improve the team.

    Bluntly such players don’t grow on trees and apart from strikers are the most
    expensive to buy. My guess is that buying such a player would cost north of
    £90 million.

    The problem with Ozil is that he is not a high octane player who will run all
    over the pitch, which is clearly what Emery likes and prefers. What Ozil offers
    is skill, creativity and the telling pass which top strikers and forwards thrive on.

    Leaving aside all the mud slinging in Germany the main reason that the national team failed was that they lacked quality goalscorers in the last World Cup and that was not down to Ozil’s performance.

    I have watched Arsenal since he arrived at the club. Yes he is frustrating, but
    when he plays well he is sublime. Most good strikers appreciate what he can
    do and you should not forget also that he has scored 4 important goals this
    season despite limited appearances.

    If money was no object and more importantly we did not need to resolve other
    weaknesses in the team I might agree to offload Ozil, but that is not the case

  25. Cesc Appeal

    No, get rid of Ozil as soon as possible. Emery has to be able to build his team.

    It says everything doesn’t it if you think we can only unload him on a free or for a minimal fee despite him being ‘sublime’.

    Work that one out.

  26. Marko

    Arsenal would need therefore to find a high energy, skilful and goalscoring
    midfielder to replace either Ozil or Ramsey in order to improve the team. Bluntly such players don’t grow on trees

    Are you suggesting that it’d be hard to replace these two players? Such is their rarity. I’d suggest you watch more football outside of Arsenal. You can easily and I mean easily replace an injury prone position-less midfielder with almost zero defensive responsibility and a CAM who averages about 4-5 goals a season and who’s only gotten 9 and 8 assists the last two seasons in all comps. I mean with numbers like those…

  27. Emiratesstroller


    What are you going to use for money with all these offloads that most of the
    posters on Le Grove consider necessary?

    The club has a limited budget almost certainly dependent on our sponsorship.
    Kroenke is not going to finance new players a la Chelsea and Man City owners.

    The AMF position is now becoming a problem, because of decisions being taken at management level. I might accept that decision if we were generating
    considerable revenues from sale of Ramsey and Ozil, but that is not the case.

  28. Emiratesstroller


    I am suggesting that if you want the type of player who offers more than Ramsey
    and Ozil he is going to cost mega bucks which the club clearly has not got.

    Do you think that Arsenal are the only club on planet looking for such players?

  29. Cesc Appeal


    Ozil does not get to stay by default, because Wenger and Gazidis were f*****g planks with his new deal.

    We cannot tie up £350 000 a week in a player that Emery clearly does not fancy and dropped for Bournemouth, Spurs, United, Huddersfield on a real gauntlet run.

    At the moment he’s worth little to nothing to us playing, if we can get some money for him, great, if not we speculate in January and pull on our summer budget if we have to and get Emery the CAM he wants. This is part of the reason we hired Mislintat as well.

    If you brought a CAM in who worked Emery’s system better than Ozil and pad him less than £100 000, very likely, you are saving at least £250 000 a week off the bat which means you’re banking £1 Million a month more.

    Emery is doing all this with no CAMs and no wingers, the answer isn’t indulge Ozil because his deal is too big, the answer is get Emery what he fucking wants using every penny we’ve got.

    Please stop excusing Ozil as well, it is beyond pathetic. He is a 30 year man with one of the worst attitudes in a professional sportsman I’ve ever seen.

    The Wenger defence has just shifted to Ozil. Over emphasize the good, ignore or excuse the bad.

  30. Freddie Ljungberg

    They’re both bit part players this season so would only need to be replaced by buying one starter as Cam, can easily be done for between 30-50m.

    Mikhi and Welbeck the same, replace with one starter on the wing.

    Nelson is coming back in the summer to flesh out our wing options and ESR can start getting more minutes if needed.

    North of 90m you’re having a laugh…

  31. raptora

    Doesn’t mean that we can’t get a homerun. Sven did it with Torreira. 26m for a CDM. A cam/winger of similar potential would be ~40m. It’s affordable.

  32. Cesc Appeal

    ‘I am suggesting that if you want the type of player who offers more than Ramsey
    and Ozil he is going to cost mega bucks which the club clearly has not got.’

    Simply not true.

    Ignoring the fact that they can’t play together and ignoring the fact Emery has dropped both of them.

    As Freddie said, you can buy one player to cover for them both in this system.

  33. Marko

    I am suggesting that if you want the type of player who offers more than Ramsey
    and Ozil he is going to cost mega bucks which the club clearly has not got.

    I am suggesting that you watch more football than just watching Arsenal. There are plenty of talented attacking players out there who would improve us and who wouldn’t cost an arm and a leg. If it was left to you we’d remain stuck with shit players because of the hassle of replacing them and that’s an awful way to look at things. Take Ozil for example gets about 5 goals a season less than 10 assists and can’t be trusted to put in the effort against a team like Bournemouth and you make it sound like it’s damn near impossible and too expensive to replace that and it’s not. Been linked to Pepe, Almiron, Fornals and Havertz the last few months and none of them are going to bankrupt us

  34. Cesc Appeal



    This is what we brought Mislintat in for.

    Especially if they are looking for a smartly scouted winger as well which means we add goals and assists from the wide position that simply aren’t there right now.

  35. Rambo Ramsey

    Mesut Ozil is just a bizarre human being.

    You have been given a chance to play football in a side entering an exciting new chapter. And you get to live in one of the best cities in the World collecting an extravagant salary every week.

    Why wouldn’t you want to give it your all in these circumstances?

  36. Marko

    I still think we should be cheeky and try and use him in a deal for Skriniar. 40 million and Ozil would price him at 60+ million which seems a fair price

  37. Alexanderhenry

    Another great result.
    Fatigue and injuries are both starting to kick in however.
    Koscielny’s return is a bonus though. I think he’ll play a part this season as will monreal.

  38. Guns of Hackney

    Lots of people struggling with the concept of contracts on here.

    Ozil signed a lucrative and long deal. He has zero obligation to leave. Arsenal can not sell a player who does not want to move.

    He has no international career.
    He’s 30.
    He’s a gutless prick.
    He’s amazing at computer games.

    He will happily sit out the remaining 3 years getting £1,000,000 a month.

    Arsenal fc fucked this and will have to suffer the consequences.

  39. Guns of Hackney


    Arsene Wenger
    Ivan Gazidis

    You can swap them around but both of these clowns lit the fire at Arsenal…now we’ll truly see how bad financially we’ve been left.

  40. Micheal

    “Whose fault is this mess???”

    In descending order:

    3. Wenger for arranging the Ozil contract
    2. Ivan as CEO for approving it and signing the cheque
    1. Stan as owner for overseeing the shambles and not intervening.

  41. Dissenter

    The best Christmas Arsenal can get is for Ozil to be sold for anything.
    Let him go on his free transfer in January 2018.
    Surely someone may give him the 350k weekly if cost them nothing in transfer.

    His back injury is not going to fully recover because he’s spineless to begin with.

  42. Dissenter

    “Do you think that Arsenal are the only club on planet looking for such players?”

    That’s so Wengeresque
    That’s why you pay people and set up a system. It’s alreasy working with Torriera. We just need to replicate that level of scouting and deal making across th board.

    We don’t need to spend and arm and leg to get players better than Ozil and Ramsey.

  43. Guns of Hackney

    Torrier will be a Barcelona or city player within 2 years. Every club will be sitting up and watching him.

    Arsenal need to make his contract watertight. He’s a real class act.

  44. Dissenter

    Guns of Hackney
    We can come to an agreement to have someone take him on a free transfer p, lay him 250-300k in wages….and pay the balance of the wages.

    Ozil is no Winston Bogarde
    He’s not going to stay where he’s not wanted. He’s an ultra pride guy. That’s why he quit playing for Germany. He’s not going to stick around a club that detests him.

  45. Jamie

    No chance the machine behind Brand Ozil is going to let him sit on the bench for effectively the rest of his footballing career, or at best, his few remaining ‘peak’ years.

    There’s still money to be made for him and his management team. If he isn’t off in January, it’ll be in the summer. Any fee, provided Arsenal doesn’t have to contribute towards his wages is a good deal for us.

    Guns isn’t right about much, and he isn’t right about suggesting Ozil will be happy to sit on the bench collecting his wages until he retires. That would do irreparable damage to his lucrative brand. £7m a year after tax isn’t going to get his entire team wet. Him sitting on the bench for the next 3 years at Arsenal is fake news.

  46. Dissenter

    “Torrier will be a Barcelona or city player within 2 years. Every club will be sitting up and watching him“

    You talk as if that such a bad thing.
    I don’t really care if Torriera leaves for Barca or Madrid in 2 years.
    Thare are more Torrieras in the fish tank. So long as those clubs are willing to pay a kings ransom of 100-150 million, he can leave in 2018
    We take the money and we reinvest it and move on.

  47. Guns of Hackney


    Mate…would you leave a job paying you a million a month where you don’t even have to actually work? You can also call in sick whenever…play games and take selfies all day.

    He quit Germany because he was made scapegoat (some truth to it) and his ill timed photo session with the Turkish president. I don’t think it’s pride as such…more pouting.

    I just don’t see Ozil at 30, commanding £300k a week wages. Even if there was no transfer fee. It’s still a lot of cash over three years to pay someone who doesn’t fancy it.

    I think the only way arsenal should deal with it is thus. Tell him that he will rot. He will never train with the seniors or the youth teams, never kick a ball again for arsenal. I don’t think it will matter but you never know.

    Someone like Ozil isn’t good for team morale.

  48. Dissenter

    Guns doesn’t realize that Ozil probably makes more in branding/commercial endorsements than he makes from direct wages.p from Arsenal.

    The lad who took on the German FA won’t just stay on the bench. So long as the board stands behind Emery, Ozil will be gone super fast.

  49. Dissenter

    The pint made is that Arsenal aren’t the only party that will be seeking a resolution.
    Ozil too will be desperate to leave because he’s a proud dude.
    For Arsenal it’s about mitigating a bad situation. We are not going to make money from an Ozil exit.
    For Ozil is about moving to a club where he feels accepted.

  50. tunnygriffboy

    Devils advocate. What if Ozil is genuinely injured???

    Would anyone give Kos and Monreal a half on Thursday to get 45 mins in their legs ??

    I’d give some players 2/3 days off this week. We looking tired atm and ridiculous run fixtures coming up.

  51. Dissenter

    Ozil is a major brand amabassador for Adidas, signed a $35 million deal spread over 7 years in 2014. He’s also a major face for Mercedes Benz.
    I do think his marketability has dropped since he stopped being the multicultural face of German football.
    All we can do is hope I guess.

  52. Dream10


    Expecting both Koscielny and Monreal to get minutes on Thursday. Big ask to play Kos against Southampton though. After being out with a serious injury, I don’t think he can play in a match of that intensity. Is he ready to cover the gaps we leave when both our fullbacks/wingbacks push up and at least one of Torreira/Xhaka join the attack? Our way of playing exposes our defenders. Koscielny was a hero for us for many years. Lot to ask of him now.

  53. Thorough

    I think if we want to replace Ozil and Ramsey with one player the answer is so glaring – Nabil Fekir. If we have a midfield 3 of Xhaka, Torreira and Fekir, and an attack of Auba, Laca and Pepe that would be next level or a few steps closer I guess.

    I don’t know About Ismaila Sarr and Kai Havertz, but if we can add some goals in CAM and the wing we would be on our way.
    And about time we fine someone worthy of tutoring ESR.

  54. tunnygriffboy


    Just wondering if we have to play Kos. Need a must and all that. It not ideal though at all and the defence will be a worry next week. Very makeshift.

  55. Joe


    Iwobi has not regressed. He’s the same level of crap he became under Wenger. He shown a few more flashes of a player under emery’s guidance mind than he did under Wenger

    Bellerin has improved a lot under emery. The only criticism of him yesterday was that his finishing was shit. Expected from a RB. But his overall game has been much improved under emery.

  56. Joe

    If emery isn’t going to use Ozil, sell him for free. What ever it takes to get him off the books and replaced.

    Get rid of mkhit as well who is crap no matter what clueless about football Pierre thinks of him.

    Get rid of both of them and buy one top player. Like Fekir. Etc.

    Pierre wants us to trust his judgment on mkhit after he backed Wenger (and still does) for the last 14 years.

    Man U stole Sanchez from us by giving us mkhit. Thanks Ivan and Wenger. Parting gift

  57. Joe

    I trust our guys to be able to find someone to replace Ozil and mkhit and Iwobi , if they feel like it’s the right move.

    A Torriera like signing as our AM

  58. Bamford10

    Sokratis is apparently out for next Sunday on account of card accumulation. As is Mustafi, who may also be injured.

    Koscielny? Monreal? Jenkinson? Medley?

    Not a good situation.

  59. Bamford10

    I think Almiron is worth looking at. He’s skillful, brings both assists and goals and he runs and presses non-stop and is full of athleticism. Yes, he is coming from MLS, but he’s Paraguayan, not American, and he played in the Argentina league before MLS.

    His season with Atlanta just finished. I don’t know exactly how these things work, but I would bring him into camp for a few days and see how he looks against our players.

    I think he could be a Torreira-like signing. Slightly off the radar of others, but a polished, hard-working South American.

    Worth at least looking at.

  60. HighburyLegend

    There is a clear break between 5th (us with 34 pts) and 6th (Manure with 26 pts).
    I really don’t see why we couldn’t stay in this mix all the way.
    (With maybe some opportunities for the top 3 ?)

    Funny how it’s been a f*cking while that I haven’t been so positive in my comments… go figure why.
    Proud to be a Gooner again. At last.

  61. Joe

    We’ve lost only 1 match less than city

    2 less than spuds

    Same losses as Chelsea.

    We are having a good season!

    Liverpool will drop points. We will beat them. Hopefully so do united.

  62. Marc


    I wouldn’t be in the least surprised to see us go with a back 3 again next week of Kos, Lich and Monreal. It’s not great but it could worse we could have City or Liverpool away and at least the midweek match is irrelevant. I don’t want to see any senior players in that.

  63. HighburyLegend

    “So Perrie has flipped the switch and is once again a high and mighty Superfan. It would be funny if it wasn’t so damn pathetic.”
    And if he didn’t find the way to be the first to use the name of his former master in his comments.

  64. Nelson

    My hope is Wenger joins a team in January and Ozil will team up with him again. We can finally move on and start a new chapter.

  65. Marko

    I don’t know exactly how these things work, but I would bring him into camp for a few days and see how he looks against our players.

    Yeah that’s not how it works. You’re speaking of a trial that usually doesn’t happen with senior sellable star players

  66. Pierre

    “Devils advocate. What if Ozil is genuinely injured???”

    Let’s look logically…there are pictures of ozil having one to one training sessions with the fitness coach shad forsythe and Emery confirming that he has back spasms .

    Is it all a facade ..are the photos of ozil taken with the fitness coach fake …is it all just a deception to get us to believe that he is actually injured.

    It doesn’t say much for Emery and the fitness coach if it is all a facade does it ….

    Personally,I would rather believe the management team .

  67. gonnerram

    Liverpool have a very tough and must win match coming their way. They will have to play top notch etc to keep their CL dreams alive.
    It is the same for the spuds as well. They play Barca and usually PL teams are knackered at the end of it.
    I am sure both spuds and pool will drop points in December and we should be able to consolidate out position in the top-3. As long as we stay within the touching distance we should be fine going into Jan when the madness of these games subsidies.

  68. Dissenter

    “I don’t know exactly how these things work, but I would bring him into camp for a few days and see how he looks against our players.”

    C’mon man 😊
    It’s not like buying new shoes. The selling club wont afford a restocking fee should we decide to change our mind after the trial.

  69. Pierre

    “Pierre…Iwobi has not regressed”

    My comment on here earlier was ” going by the comments on le grove ,iwobi has regressed” …so I would suggest you question the people who hold that point of view,not me..

  70. Joe


    He’s same level as he was last year with a few more flashes of being a player thrown in

    Don’t think he’ll be around much longer. Unless he has a drastic change in performance.

    Unfortunately he couldn’t build on his couple good performances earlier in the year

  71. Pierre

    Bob N16
    “Agreed Pierre, the only thing is standards have been raised since the 70s when there were no foreign players(pretty much) and home grown players didn’t need to be of international standard to get in the squad”

    I always say the “foreign players” back in the day were the scots,Welsh and the Irish though I agree that the level is higher now so consequently the openings are not there for young players to make the breakthrough..

    You only have to look at the abuse iwobi and Bellerin have received on le grove over the last few years to understand how difficult it is for academy players to succeed …

  72. Marko

    Let’s look logically…there are pictures of ozil having one to one training sessions with the fitness coach shad forsythe and Emery confirming that he has back spasms

    One could argue they’re keeping up a facade and having him train alone because he’s been ostracized from the group. Also Emery said back ache. Question would you put it past the cunt? Granted back spasms can’t really be proven but what can be proven is that he said he was out with illness before and was then photographed in Istanbul with the girlfriend. I mean it’s quite clearly a question of effort and commitment from the wet sponge two things he’s clearly lacking but what I don’t get is why joe twat (Pierre) from fucksville with his imaginary family and his pathetic golf game is continuously going to bat for a guy who clearly doesn’t want to be at the club he pretends to support. I mean are you that infatuated with him?

  73. useroz

    I’d say Matty G’s assist of assist was measured (+perfect weight) and not speculative at all. , Auba took it down beautifully but the attempted shot was blocked tho he did well to recover and float a great ball over two defenders…rest is history.

    If only Iwobi and Mikki could do those…

  74. Joe


    Iwobi has been pretty bad for us.

    What do you want people to do? Praise him for having a horrible first touch and terrible pass ?

    Jesus man. Pull your head in.

    We haven’t produced anyone out of our academy who has proven to be a star.

    Hopefully Eddie and Nelson change that.

    If Iwobi wasn’t an arsenal player you’d be laughing at the team who kept playing him.

    Same as mkhit. He’s average and has not proven otherwise.

    Wenger was proven to be shit and you couldn’t see that either.

    You make it easy to prove your judgement about football is shit

  75. Joe

    MAtty G. A 19 year old rookie has shown he’s a better footballer than Iwobi who is in his 3rd year with the first team.

    No one is abusing MAtty G or Torriera. Why?

    Because they can play.

  76. Pierre

    So what’s your excuse for the abuse aimed at Bellerin.

    and what happens If Guendouzi has a drop in form , will he get the same treatment,will the abuse be justified ..

  77. MuddyGooner

    Respect to Raheem Sterling for speaking up.
    The gutter press portrait the black players in a shocking way, as opposed to white players.

  78. Ozy

    “He is a 30 year man with one of the worst attitudes in a professional sportsman I’ve ever seen.”

    Cesc Appeal, what do you mean by this? Would you be able to elaborate on why his attitude is so bad? Worst you’ve ever seen?

  79. Joe


    Iwobi is not having a dip in form. It seems this is his level. I know a couple years under Wenger did nothing for him but it may just be this is his level.

  80. Joe

    Again, Only abuse aimed at Bellerin was about his finishing

    I think he has improved quite a bit this season under emery

  81. Emiratesstroller


    I watch a lot more football than Arsenal and in contrast to a high percentage of
    those who express negative opinions I see the players perform in the flesh even when the camera is not focussed on them.

    Yesterday’s game was not televised and for the record most of the camera stations were unmanned offering a very “limited” perspective as to what was
    actually happening on the pitch.

    Arsenal started the game [at home] without either an attacking midfielder or
    a winger. For the record both Bellerin and Kolasinac also spent very little time
    making forward thrusts.

    We were relying almost entirely on Guendouzi to play an offensive midfield
    role. Bluntly he does not have either the creativity or experience and it showed.

    Both Aubameyang and Lacazette were starved of ball and Lacazette spent a lot
    of time tracking back, because of that situation.

    Last season and indeed for many seasons that I can count Arsenal’s weakness
    was the lack of a midfield general. A player who can control the game. In Torreira we have found such a player and he has helped Xhaka to perform better playing alongside him.

    My view is that Ozil is never going to be a high octane player and if that is what Emery wants he is the wrong player for the job. However, if you want a player
    with skill and creativity Ozil despite those limitations will be the right player.

    With Torreira and Xhaka now playing in the central midfield role Ozil can
    devote more time to doing what we know that he can do best.

    The real problem for most posters is not his talent but the salary the club
    pays him. Yes it looks grossly inflated for what he offers, but the reality is
    that finding an alternative who is going to cost us a transfer fee and wages we
    can afford is limited. There are no bargains today in the market for such a

    My view is that we should have held onto either Ozil or Ramsey for next two
    seasons until Smith-Rowe has been integrated into the first team squad and
    good enough to play in starting lineup. At the moment he is not ready for that

    When we discuss Welbeck the situation is different, because he ranked as our
    third string striker. So considering both Nkietah or Reiss Nelson as potential
    options is an entirely different proposition.

  82. Pierre

    As I said ,I would rather believe the new management team ..if you think Emery and his fitness trainer are lying then fair enough….

    Your jackanory input regarding ozil is funny …

  83. Marko

    Excellent retort Pierre. I mean they should publicly shame him and his attitude but clearly they feel given the squad that he might be called upon before they sell him

  84. Pierre

    You’re wasting your time trying to educate Marko regarding the virtues of Ozil..

    He’s more interested in making up or believing stories about him off the field ….

  85. Pierre

    “One could argue they’re keeping up a facade and having him train alone because he’s been ostracized from the group”

    Yes one could argue that if you want to make up silly little stories to discredit him

  86. Bamford10


    Atlanta have stated they want fairly big money for Almiron & that they regard the offers they’ve seen so far as somewhat insulting.

    Why wouldn’t they let him train with us for 3-4 days? What do they lose?

    I don’t even get your “re-stocking fee” comment. Their season is over. They are ready to sell Almiron, but they want more money than people have offered them thus far.

    I don’t really see the downside for them, and they’d only have to “re-stock” if someone offered them good money for him and they took it. They’d obviously use that money to “re-stock”.


    Yeah, I get that it would be a little unconventional for a 24 year old, but he has never played in Europe so I feel like that might make it somewhat of a peculiar situation.

    In the end, though, Tara Martino has been his manager for two years now; if Emery or Sanllehi have a good relationship with Martino, they might be able to get him to give them his assessment of whether Almiron is good enough to succeed in the PL.

  87. Pierre

    “. I mean they should publicly shame him and his attitude but clearly they feel given the squad that he might be called upon before they sell him”


  88. Pierre

    “Again, Only abuse aimed at Bellerin was about his finishing”

    Did I imagine Bellerin constantly being abused on here last season

  89. Graham62


    Wrong! I personally don’t care that Ozil is being paid a massive salary. What concerns me is his attitude which, if we’re all totally honest, stinks.

    There is no doubting that he is a skillful, technically gifted, individual(when it suits), but, regrettably, he is too precious for his own good.

    If I’m totally honest, I don’t think he has the balls for it anymore. Emery is dealing with him in the right way, tough and fair. He is treating him exactly as he would any other player.

    Ozil has a responsibility not just to the team and the club but also, importantly, to himself. He is failing on all fronts. He is a drain, not just financially, on everything associated with the club. As a fan I am fed up and Emery has my utmost respect with the way he is handling a very difficult situation.

    He is a spoilt little brat and deserves the wrath of the fans, not their support and sympathy.

  90. Bamford10

    Pierre & Emirates

    Emery himself chose to keep Ozil out of an important match because he thought it would be “too physical” for him.

    So it’s not just posters on Le Grove who think he is limited or soft.

    As talented as Ozil is, are you really suggesting that it makes sense to pay him £350k a week to play only occasionally?

  91. Dissenter

    The Atlanta CEO has already confirmed that Almiron is leaving for the premier league. A premier league club has already acquired him
    The speculation was either Arsenal or Leicester.

  92. Dissenter

    Emirates and Pierre
    Are you asking that Ozil be treated differently?
    If he can’t adapt to the new managers tactics, then he should be frozen out.

  93. Pierre

    Before coming to all these conclusions,wouldn’t it be better to find out if he really is injured or not .

    If it is all facade from the management and player then your opinions may be correct but as yet ,we don’t know and all your assumptions in your comment have no credibility unless you have some inside information and no ,Marko’s comments do not constitute inside information.

    I am sure you have enough sense to understand that if a player is in fact injured it is very difficult to show your talents .

    It is obvious from your comment that a large percentage of the hate is due to his contract ..

  94. Pierre

    “Emirates and Pierre
    Are you asking that Ozil be treated differently?
    If he can’t adapt to the new managers tactics, then he should be frozen out.”

    All I’m saying is let’s wait for the truth , ” frozen out ” is something that the press are going with .

    Put it this way ,if ozil did refuse to play or refuse to sit on the bench then yes he should be shown the door but,as yet the management are saying he is trying to get match fit under the guidance of our first team fitness coach ….does that seem like he is being frozen out …..if he was training with the kids then you could reach that assumption…

  95. Joe


    He has improved a lot under emery. Why did you skip over that part

    Wenger made him regress and he deserved the critics the last few years

    He has improved this season under a proper manager and most people
    Have mentioned that this season. He has been one of more improved players under emery

  96. Pierre

    “Emery himself chose to keep Ozil out of an important match because he thought it would be “too physical” for him…As talented as Ozil is, are you really suggesting that it makes sense to pay him £350k a week to play only occasionally?”

    Correct …very good management . .we won the game .

    Your argument as to why he should play is quite ridiculous really…

    Put it this way ..Aubamayang is on 200 grand a week or thereabouts and has been left out of the side a number of times this season for tactical reasons or because the manager doesn’t think he’s suitable for a particular match.

    So does it make sense to only play Aubamayang occasionally .

  97. Joe


    What do you except emery to say

    “Ozil is a primaddona and left in
    A huff when I said he was playing”

    That would really work well if trying to offload the player and trying to get maxim £££

    You really can play daft sometimes.

  98. Marko

    Yes one could argue that if you want to make up silly little stories to discredit him

    The story about him being ill and going off to Istanbul with the girlfriend isn’t made up no matter how many times you refuse to acknowledge it.

  99. Marko

    Bayern Munich have signed Vancouver Whitecaps teenager Alphonso Davies for $13m (£9.84m) – a record fee paid for a Major League Soccer player.

    The amount could rise to $22m (£16.66m) for the 17-year-old Canada international, who will join Bayern in January after the MLS season.

    My guess is that Almiron will go for similar contrary to what Atlanta want. Players from the MLS don’t go for much and that’s that

  100. Marko

    Asked about his decision to drop Özil, who had started each of Arsenal’s previous four Premier League games, Emery said: “We thought how we can do better in the match, a very demanding match with physicality and intensity.”

    Never dropped Aubameyang for tactical reasons like that more a case of rotation. Ozil was dropped because he can’t take the physicality or intensity of Bournemouth.

  101. Jamie

    Player trials are usually offered to young players, as much for the player to decide whether or not they feel they can adapt to a new environment as for the ‘buying’ team to decide whether to take a chance on the kid and offer him a professional contract.

    Sending one of their senior players on trial makes almost no sense for the club who already owns the player’s contract, particularly if they feel the player has significant sale value or if there’s interest from several clubs for his services.

    ‘Try before you buy’ stacks all the benefits in favour of the buying club, not the selling club. If a player under contract tanks his trial, his value might drop. Too much risk with little upside.

  102. Bamford10


    Atlanta’s president (Darren Eales) said that Almiron would be headed to the PL in the January window, but some have wrongly interpreted this to mean that a deal was already in place with a club.

    I think he only meant that given the number of PL clubs interested in Almiron and given the player’s interest in such a move, the club and the player had determined that this is what all parties want, that this is what would happen.

    However, based on what Eales said just two days ago — “if a serious offer comes in, we’ll look at it” …. “Almiron won’t be sold for chump change” — it sounds like such an offer has yet to come in and that Atlanta have not yet accepted a deal with anyone.

    “Atlanta United president: Almiron won’t be sold for ‘chump change’ ”

    I suspect he’ll go to Newcastle and for around 22-25m; it will be interesting to see how he does in the PL.

  103. Dissenter

    Most of the South American players in the MLS have specific exit clauses that will Ley them exit for a particular fee.
    Almiron would never have signed to the MLS with the realization that an excessive fee will make his exit difficult.
    The transfer fee cannot be more than 10-15 million, that’s the only way Newcastle will be involved anyway

  104. Jamie

    Can’t see a guy who is 25 in two months, plying his trade in the MLS, going for £25m. £15m tops, and he would still have to be a pretty special player in the MLS..

  105. ddkingz

    I really do like Iwobi…. But if doesn’t begin to add goals and assist to his game…. The he should be offladed asap…. Or used in a swap deal for another young prospect…..

    Some might argue and say he should be a squad player due to his economical salary, but I’d rather let ESR be a squad player with talent, than hard working Iwobi without end product….

    And esr is even cheaper in wages than Iwobi

  106. Dissenter

    ESR is 2-3 seasons behind Iwobi, that’s obvious to anyone who doesn’t have an agenda.
    What ESR needs is a loan move to a club where he can get senior games week in-week out.

  107. Joe


    What’s the agenda?

    Iwobi has proven he’s not good enough.

    Unless he has a miraculous turn around in the last 4 months of the season he can be sold in summer.

    What’s the agenda?

  108. Cesc Appeal


    Smith Rowe looks like he good be decent but needs time away to play week in week out.

    As Gambon said a little while ago, even with Nelson, whilst what he’s doing is great he still isn’t getting starts or lengthy playtime which he really needs to.

    Smith Rowe does have a tendency to drift out of games for long spells which we can’t have.

    A loan would be great.

  109. Dissenter

    My point was about expecting ESR to take over Iwobi’s place.
    Selling Iwobi is a poor advice because we won’t get that much for him and he’s on a low wage anyway.
    Bring a proper pacy winger in and let Iwobi compete from the bench.
    ESR is far behind Iwobi.

  110. Dissenter

    How much did you think we get for Iwobi, should we sell him in the summer, like you’re proposing?
    How much will it cost to get a squad replacement who will be satisfied with being on the bench and 50-60k weekly?

  111. raptora

    Scandalous that Mike the cunt Dean didn’t give a red card + pen for a clear elbow to the nose vs Perez.

    Instead of 3 well deserved hard fought points. Newcastle ended up losing the game.

    A swing like that and the drop of confidence can have grave consequences in the relegation battle. Imagine similar situations happening to Newcastle in 2 more matches. That’s 9 points swing that is a quarter of the points you need to stay in the league.

    It’s absolutely unacceptable. And FA are the dumbest/ most corrupted organization for not introducing far years earlier.

    They made it so EPL is even behind Serie A in technology and fairness. Can you fkin believe that?!

  112. ddkingz

    Iwobi should compete for the bench…… On what basics???

    Like I said in my last post, I do like Iwobi…. But watching him is sometimes awful…

    I’ve never heard much of loftus cheek … not until this year…. But the guy when given the chance by sarri has delivered both goals and assist…. but Iwobi has been a regular for 3 full seasons and yet doesn’t have end product and does not know how to strike the ball…..

    If he doesn’t make a big leap to the next level next season…. Then hell no, he must be sold for whatever the fee even for €5m

  113. Joe


    If he’s not good enough then what’s the point of keeping him on the bench?

    He doesn’t influence matches so what’s the point. He won’t be a super sub.

    Could care less what we get, if he’s not good enough to influence matches coming off the bench then get rid and find someone who can.

    A player coming off the bench should be good enough to challenge the first 11 player and give the manager a tough choice.

    Iwobi is no different to elneny or jenkinson

    I had hopes for Iwobi after a couple good performences earlier in the year but he’s gone back to Wenger level form.

    “How much will it cost to get a squad replacement who will be satisfied with being on the bench and 50-60k weekly?”

    This is a cop out. I hate when people say well who would be happy to sit on the bench. A player happy to sit on the bench isn’t good enough for the arsenal

  114. Joe

    How much will it cost to get a squad replacement who will be satisfied with being on the bench and 50-60k weekly?

    Give him until the end of this season. He needs to make some progress over the business end of the season.

  115. Dissenter

    You don’t think Iwobi is good enough to be a squad player?
    There are more pressing needs that to spend money on a proper wide player tons rat games and then spend money on a back-up wide player.

    Sometimes it seems you think it’s Subbuteo or FIFA 2018.
    Do we sell every player who has a spate of bad games. You’re over-reacting to Iwobi’s recent poor form.