‘Hippie crack’ story a painfully sad read

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Ok, I know we had some fun with that Fortnite story that the media took a little too seriously this week. But The Sun ran with a Nick Parker special about Arsenal players inhaling ‘hippie crack’ in an epically pathetic hit piece designed to convince normal folk that Arsenal players have been engaging in peak Libertines mid-noughties style drug deviance.


The players went to a club. Got shitfaced. Passed nitrous oxide-filled balloons around for a cheap and very lame high.

The only thing we should be getting angry about is that they were dim enough to do something so subpar in front of security cameras.

I’ve never heard of this referred to as hippie crack. If anyone at a festival,party, or drug cave called it that, they’d be escorted from the event for false advertising. It’s like calling a Jaffa Cake ‘devils cyanide, or labeling a park swing ‘LOONTOWNS DEATH SPIRAL.’ It’s not a real drug. It’s like sniffing pens at school. It’s prepared with a chefs frosting gun ffs. Painfully middle class.

Sure, elite athletes shouldn’t do anything that resembles recreational fun, but in the grand scheme of things to worry about, I’d be more concerned about 5000 hours of Fortnite. And I’d hazard a guess that scientifically speaking, it’s the booze that’s the issue for a sports star. How many broken homes happen because Mum came down in the morning to 20 empty canisters and a stream of flaccid balloons around the living room? Not many.

To put a number on it, 8 people died from doing this in 2016. 8 too many, no doubt. 88,000 died from booze related illness. 259 people died from taking selfies. 1700 in traffic accidents. 9 people from jumping into water (seriously). This ‘hippie crack’ is so lame, Prince Harry does it and it’s not a scandal.

However, inhaling balloons for a cheap 10-second head rush isn’t the take away your average Joe… ‘crack party with Lacazette’ is… Just note this: we’ve outrun every team in the league and we’re 20 games unbeaten. It’s not a big deal.

On another note, what is it with nightclubs releasing that sort of stuff? Unbelievable breach of privacy.

In other news, Rob Holding looks likely to miss the rest of the season. Such a shame. He was really making a statement in defence. I have my doubts Sven will make moves in January. We have Monreal coming back into the mix, Emery has proven to be flexible with his backline, and there’s a lot of belief in Mavrapanos.

Aaron Ramsey also picked up a knock, which is a shame considering the good form he’s shown over the last two games (though Emery said it was minor). It is not unusual for bad fitness strategies to show up in December. Let’s hope the last two can be attributed to luck. Big questions over whether Burgess is going to be able to own the ear of Emery over his imported fitness coach. Julen Masach. If we’re going to have a good run, it really does have to go the Austrailian’s way.

There’s a piece doing the rounds in Germany about Sven and his diamond ways. He’s obviously very pleased with Guendouzi, who dropped unreal numbers against United (didn’t someone say he was no better than Denilson? Lol). He also talks in-depth about how he’s founded multiple firms that analyse data. Interestingly he highlights the dangers of spewing out insights based on isolated numbers, like distance run. He alluded to the idea that a player might be running about a lot because he’s making bad decisions all game (a hint at an issue with one of our players?). Muppets with stats really is a thing online, this week, Arsenal fans are peddling Mustafi over VVD. The audacity is quite something. Anyway, it’s incredible we have a scout of his prestige at Arsenal. I’d link the pirated copy, but that might not be legal, so I implore you to sign up to the site to read or go find the illegal shit.

Talking of MG, Emery had a scolding tip about what he should do about the bigger boys pulling his hair.

‘I think the best thing is that he cuts his hair before the next match, then the problem is finished,” Arsenal’s manager said. Just as Fellaini did. I have not told him that to his face, though. I respect a lot the players; their hair and their hair colour.’

BIG lol. Getting slapped down by a man who is rocking Shockwaves wet look gel in 2018. Gotta sting.

Our German power sniper is still in a weird place with his injury.

“On Friday we make the decision,”

“He had a backache and now he is working with one physio. Today he was on a pitch running and touching the ball. We are going to look when he can come with us.”

Odd how Emery is describing the injury, but whatever. We haven’t missed him. If he’s back, bonus, if he’s not, well, the party goes on!

Right, that’s me done, see you in the comments!

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  1. Al

    Positive is that Huddersfield wanted this game to be a physical dirty scrap and our boys stood up for the fight and gave as good as they got.

    Slowing loving Sok. Guy is just a dirtbag of a player which I absolutely love.

    Negatives are the lack of quality from the attacking players iwobi and miki. Hopefully they will improve but we can’t just sit and wait for that. We need a signing in that area.

  2. TitsMcGee

    When you play badly and still win……

    There are deficiencies , hopefully the rest of the dead weight get pushed out.

  3. Guns of sf

    Auba is shattered
    Good assist bit laca should have stayed on
    Horrible reffing. Laca goal good

    Anyhow it’s 3 points the ugly way and we need win ugly games

  4. Jamie

    3 points, clean sheet, 3rd place, Chelsea might drop some points later. Positives.

    Our defensive injuries though.. January can’t come soon enough. Hope Sven is working overtime looking for a solid reinforcement who can play right away.

  5. PieAFC

    It every game is glorious. Fair play to the team, they kept going.

    Offensively as many have mentioned, just don’t have the first team 11 and squad to change it drastically.

    I think emery knows the issues, using different formations to try gain width in matches, due to not having proper wingers in our squad.

    Least we can assume he knows the glaring mistakes in the team.

    CA, I don’t necessarily think he hates two up front, we just don’t have proper wide players to give us a better option going forward our wide or cutting in.

    If we had a Sane/Mane player either side, you know he’d adopt a 4-4-2 or 4-5-1 hybrid and probably tell Lacazette to play just in behind and interchange as a two.

    He wants a very versatile team, at the moment we clearly lack in the attacking options.

    Next up the kids.

  6. HighburyLegend

    @raptora : torreira scored at the very end of the game, and I must admit I was starting to worried… and 7 minutes of added time ?? Refs thought they were at old toilet ??

  7. Sanmi


    Torreira’s position in the team is b2b not DM. That’s xhaka’s role. Haven’t you been watching our match?

  8. Micheal

    I’ll take the 3 points. But the game demonstrates yet again that we are sadly lacking in creative players in the squad who can make a differrence.

    Mhiki and Iwobi are simply not good enough, Ozil has gone AWOL and Ramsey is, well, Ramsey. Is Smith-Rowe up to it ? Can we recall Nelson ?

    If that sleazebag Kroenke does not release funds this is going to be a frustrating and ultimately disappointing season.

  9. Sanmi

    We were not poor, Huddersfield played well. Kept discipline.
    We scored a good goal that was cancelled. We would have won by 4 if it was counted. In the end, we missed 3 sitters. And still won

  10. raptora

    If we score in the first half we win by 4. Unlucky but we showed character and got the 3 points. Tough week that we got a solid return from. Emery said that if we beat today he’s happy with the last 3 games. We did so so am I.

  11. raptora

    It was towards Pierre. His biggest critique on Ramsey is abandoning his position. Lo and behold, we won because Torreira did the same. Pierre is gonna show up and say how different Torreira did it compared to Ramsey…

    I was never worried. Just slightly annoyed that if we had scored earlier we would have blown them away.

  12. Joe


    Just willing us to lose. Saying we are playing for draw. Etc. Trying to say we have a chance at 3rd and we are going to blow it

    Like we used to in the Wenger days.

    Thank god those days are well
    And truly behind us

    21 straight undefeated.

    Careful what you wish for

    And emery’s only had 1 TW!

  13. Sancho Monzorla

    Victorious what a fucking scumbag cunt, didn’t even see that he said he wished Arsenal would lose earlier.

    Yes it’s the same guy who loses a bet and doesn’t stick by it. Shameful human being, I don’t say that lightly.

  14. Joe


    That bet was Vs me. And yes he lost and welched on it

    Typical from an akb

    His analysis was so wrong during the match. Trying to describe it as if we were playing for the draw just to keep the streak
    Of 21 going.

    Ridiculous. We were all over them. Should have scored 4-5.

  15. raptora

    Any game that shows our problems to the coaching team but we still win is more useful than a stroll in the park.

    Fkin sell Mikki in the winter. The exchange we did with Manure was valued at 30m I think. We’d be extremely lucky to get 20m after a year of stinking the place up.

    Use the 20m and invest in a proper AM. Let Sven do his magic.

    Iwobi is trash, shit, terrible. Okay I get it. He’s been having bad several games. But he’s 1. Young! 2. Haven’t paid a dime for him. 3. Homegrown. He is not the problem compared to Mikki who’s collecting 170k a week!

  16. TR7


    Come on, why would Emery sell Lacazzete. Our two strikers and Torreira are our biggest strength. We have plenty of trash to offload and use the proceeds to fund incoming transfers.

  17. Joe

    Sitting in 3rd place.

    Hope Leicester do Tottenham.

    Sell mkhit. Ramsey gone. Wellbeck gone.

    I doubt emery sticks with Iwobi.

  18. Champagne charlie

    Man City have scored 8 goals in the first 15 mins of PL games this season, which is better than anyone.

    There’s merit to starting games well and scoring goals early. Our drab first halves need addressed before too long.

  19. Tony

    Relieved for the win and thought the lads dug deep when pretty much running on fumes.

    Never wanted Mikhi in the first place. Surely he has to be sold now.

    With ESR and others coming through we can sell Iwobi as well.

    Down to bare bones CB wise so doubt we’ll get a CAM and winger/RM.

    Ideal solution is to sell/get rid of Mikhi, Ramsey and Ozil next month.

  20. Sanmi

    Anyone who doesn’t see the tactical play of iwobi is blind. Granted we should have better winger, but to say he’s shit is over reaching. He’s the best winger we have. He stretches play.

  21. raptora

    I’m saying that if we decide to sell Iwobi right now, we’d make 20m profit.
    If we don’t sell Mikki his price is gonna keep dropping.
    Iwobi takes less than half of Mikki’s salary.
    Mikki is 30 in a month, Iwobi is 22.
    If we want we could sell both.
    But if we are to keep one I’d keep Iwobi.

  22. Mysticleaves

    Really bland selection coupled by awful substitutions. I am relieved we won. Shit match. Onwards and upwards

  23. gambon

    Today really was about our new signings.

    Thought Sokratis was brilliant, he’s our best defender. He really needs an elite CB alongside him to give us a good pairing.

    Guendouzi makes some silly mistakes but is a real talent. So mobile and agile, real eye for a pass. Reminds me of Vieira in some ways.

    Torreira is class. No nonsense player that unfortunately Wenger never would’ve signed.

    Our issues are very clear to see now were 25 odd games in. We can’t defend and we aren’t creating enough. It’s obvious that we need AMs and CBs as well as a LB.

    With Sven showing he can spend money very well, I want to see Stan back him.

    Our £70m of summer signings are probably worth £120m now. Stan should look at it as an investment, not throwing money away.

  24. Sanmi

    The problem with today’s match was
    1. We played 3 CDM.
    2. ZERO Wingers.

    Hence the lack of creativity. When we switched 2nd half, they had gone full defensive

  25. Joe


    Agree. Sokratis has not put a wrong foot in. He’s been great.

    We need summer to get rid of mkhit and Iwobi. Wellbeck and Ramsey gone.

    Hopefully find a buyer for Ozil.

    A winger maybe even 2. CM. A #10. A CB.

  26. Champagne charlie


    Agree, although I wouldn’t be so absolute as to say we can’t defend and don’t create much. We can do better with both, particularly defending, but the signs are good.

  27. Tony

    Been saying that since posting here: players are the club’s core assets if bought right and coached well.

    Our commercials and TV money depend on results on the pitch.

    It’s not rocket science

  28. LeMassiveCoq

    @Gambon 17:57

    Exactly. Buy wisely and it’s making money (not pissing it away a la Wenger) – apart from the wage bill of course, although I don’t expect MG, LT and SP are on mega money.. Could make all that back by ditching Ozil…

  29. Rambo Ramsey

    City are blessed to have the Abu Dhabi Sheikh.

    I hate what the cvnt’s bottomless pit of money is doing to the PL.

  30. Leedsgunner

    A win is win… but this game is a warning shot across the bow. We lack quality in our squad… that’s for sure. We need to resist purchasing a panic buy for the sake of it… just to see us through to the end of the season. Promote our most experienced youngsters especially in defence. Let’s see what they can do. I would rather use transfer funds to buy a creative midfielder or a classy left back.

    Mustafi was a £35m panic buy, and he’s a squad player at best. We need less squad players, more starters… players that would start for our rivals.

    At best I can only think of four: Auba, Lacazette, Bellerin and Torreira… the rest of our first XI are squad players who are given starting roles because we lack squad depth.

  31. Rambo Ramsey

    Surely I can’t be the only one who’s observed that Bellerin is regressing to type(i.e shit). He looked a beast in the first 10 or so games of the season but that looks more of a case of luck than anything.

  32. Leedsgunner

    Mkhitaryan has been a great great disappointment. When he arrived with Auba, I was really really hoping that we would see a renaissance… strange really considering he was a superb player for BvB and a creative midfielder to be reckoned with which launched Auba’s career.

    What’s happened to him?

  33. Bob N16

    One moment of class, otherwise forgettable. Only other notable fact, 3 Arsenal players booked for diving in the same match, got to be a record.

    Otherwise, evidence enough today that we desperately need to buy a wide attacking player. Iwobi and Mhiki were average at best. Iwobi did one great pass to Kolasinac, apart from that….

  34. London gunner


    His time at dortmund was quite mixed in regards to his performance. He started poorly and was a massive bottler, but left after a good season. Don’t think he is a top class player.

  35. Rambo Ramsey


    Rubbish. I can’t remember him making one worthwhile contribution as an attacking fullback going back weeks now.

  36. London gunner

    Sanchez may be man united worse signing of all time and I’m a big fan of his, but he has been utter garbage for united, has he had one good performance?

  37. Bob N16

    Agree Mystic, Bellerin is looking a player again. Also, for what it’s worth, win, lose or draw he always makes a point of walking round the stadium applauding the fans at the end of the match.

    Sokratis spotted a Greek flag and gave the supporters his shirt.

    Acknowledging the support is not the most important thing but I for one appreciate it.

    Torreira after being mobbed by his teammates when he scored, made a point of connecting with the fans, love it- nor as much as 3pts!

  38. Champagne charlie


    Can’t agree that Bellerin has been top notch, he’s been solid and nothing more for me. Find he tried massively on recovery pace and in actual fact is an average defender, and pretty one dimensional attacker who suffers with a lack of technique and vision.

    Certainly not a detriment to the side, but he’s not got any outstanding qualities imo. Sound personality at times though.

  39. Cesc Appeal

    Some of the headlines out there, Arsenal win great for momentum but not title contenders, who the f**k thinks we are?

    I would say to be honest Emery is extracting about as much as he can from this lot.

  40. Leedsgunner

    I know it’s a big step up but if ESR, Joe W.illock, Eddie Nketiah and AMN play another impressive game against FC Qarabag, I personally would think about including them more in the EPL. At the moment, ESR offers more energy, width and attacking intent that Mhkitaryan.

    He’s been given plenty of opportunities to shine and apart from an odd Europa game this season, he’s been the definition of underwhelming.

    Come January I would look to move out, for starters Jenks, Mkhitaryan and Elneny and use that money to put toward one classy player who is a winger or a left back.

  41. Pierre

    “It was towards Pierre. His biggest critique on Ramsey is abandoning his position. Lo and behold, we won because Torreira did the same. Pierre is gonna show up and say how different Torreira did it compared to Ramsey…”

    Raptora…I do understand that you have difficulty understanding tactics,systems etc but you make yourself sound ignorant (in the football sense) when you make a crass comment like that .

    I will make this easy for you and then see if you can work it out how “different torriera did it compared to Ramsey ”

    We had 3 central midfielders on the pitch ………there you go , now try and work out why it is different .

  42. Leedsgunner

    “He’s been given plenty of opportunities to shine and apart from an odd Europa game this season, he’s been the definition of underwhelming.”

    That is Mkhitaryan and not ESR! 😉

  43. Bob N16

    CC, maybe I’ve got my rose-tinted Arsenal glasses on but Bellerin has been better than ‘solid’. Wouldn’t swap him for many in the PL in his position, also a Gooner after being with us since 16.

  44. London gunner

    Also would never bring Sanchez back, apparently he has lost his pace and mata beats him in sprint races now

  45. Emiratesstroller

    Just returned from Emirates.

    Pretty awful game to watch. One excuse is that there was an exceedingly strong wind sterling around stadium, which made it rather difficult to play skilful football. Conditions probably suited Huddersfield better than us.

    However, that should not have been an excuse for the overall poor performance. The only player who came out of this game with any credit was
    Torreira. Apart from his spectacular scissor kick goal he at least used his brain
    and played the ball to feet with on the whole measured passes.

    Huddersfield made the decision to play a “slow” and “stop start game” with
    countless fouls. The Arsenal players eventually reacted.

    The referee and assistants were pretty dreadful. I would be very interested to
    see what happened with Lacazette “disallowed” goal. It looked fine to me and
    most people in stadium including Emery and the Arsenal players.

    Also was the Guendouzi claim for penalty not valid? If not why did the referee
    not card him?

    Emery’s starting lineup was for me strange. As others have said why play no
    creative midfielders in the team? Anyone of three including Smith-Rowe could play and done a better job.

    Arsenal are now in trouble because our centre backs are suffering with injuries. Mustafi has obviously damaged his hamstring and even Sokratis
    took a knock late in the game. We seem to have a lot of injury problems and
    I suspect very tired players.

    The game on Thursday is meaningless. We should put out a second string/U23 team. The first X1 needs a complete rest.

  46. Leedsgunner

    Imagine if Wenger had bought Ngolo Kante instead of Xhaka.. still shaking my head over that one. We would have a Torreira-Kante partnership — a modern 21st century equivalent of Petit and Vieira if there ever was one.

    Xhaka was poor today. I expected him to boss the game… considering that he would have been well rested too. What’s up with him? He seemed to be mentally somewhere else!

  47. Champagne charlie

    Bob n16

    Not for me, think it was said in commentary that he’s not scored since February or something. Just has very little end product, and is more of a robust runner that excels at nothing in particular.

    Trippier, Walker, Azpi all better for me. Wouldn’t make claims he’s a gunner honestly, spat the dummy out a while ago about going back to Spain so not sure I buy that one.

    What would you say he’s been good at this season primarily?

  48. Leedsgunner


    Agree with your assessment that HM7 is not quality. Ship him out, January… with the wages freed would you open negotiations with Ramsey or would you leave it be?

    I’m really split.

    Ramsey is a decent squad player really with an occasional outstanding game which makes him look better than he is.

    If he wanted a modest raise it would be a no brainer but he is nowhere near the 200k per week he is reputedly to have wanted.

  49. Graham62


    There is a massive difference between hoping Arsenal lose games to rid the club of a manager that was destroying the club, than there is “wishing Huddersfield can nick a win” to end our unbeaten run under a new manager who is doing his utmost to refloat the ship.

    Although your comment was pathetic and embarrassing, it was not surprising.

  50. Bob N16

    CC – Just lost a detailed post re.Bellerin as my wife rang me. Can’t be arsed to re write. I rate Bellerin and think there are at least four positions that need upgrading before him. Definitely a Gooner whatever you might reckon about ‘a dummy’.

  51. Dissenter

    I’m really glad Chelsea are beating City.
    I’m sick and tired of the Guardiola-Arteta nonsense. The dude spends £250 million on defenders and he’s a genius.

  52. Dissenter

    No one gets a prize for being third place on Dec 8th. We just need to stay close to the top 3-5.
    This makes the league more competitive.

  53. Champagne charlie

    Bob n16

    I didn’t call him a dummy, I said he spat the dummy aka wanted to go back to Spain after stamping his feet. So I don’t see Gooner when I look at him.

    I’m not suggesting he’s a position to address anytime soon either, just saying if someone wants to offer big money (as previously suggested) then thanks very much for me because he’s not outstanding at anything that I notice.

  54. Mysticleaves


    He’s a RB. TBH I wouldn’t look at his goal scoring at all. I would look at how he provides width, his defensive and attacking game. And bar the last two few where it seemed we prioritized the left for our attacks and probably because of the tinkering in front of him, he has been top notch. I wouldn’t take tripper over him. Even if you do, it’s just 3 in front of him the whole PL.

  55. Bob N16

    Cc, didn’t accuse you of calling him a dummy, just couldn’t be bothered to write whole quote. He was gettin a lot of shit from idiots for being an outspoken 23 year old with a brain. He’ still with us after 7 years from arriving as a 16 year old. He g ets Arsenal and we need some stability in our personnel given that our squad needs overhauling. Obviously if Barca or whoever offer shit loads then okay but then that would sort of re affirm my judgement of his worth.

  56. Bob N16

    CC, ‘ spat the dummy out’, really?
    He has been consistent this season, an ever present who has had to adapt to whichever average player has been selected in front of him. Not big on stats but I would imagine he has stacked up the pass completions etc. He may not have scored but his pace provides a threat down the right and he has had a fair few blocked, goal bound shots.
    You don’t rate him, fine but there are at least four positions that need improving before considering upgrading RB.

  57. London gunner

    Have to say city losing today is great news for the league/football even if Chelsea are cunts and it would have been of Chelsea had dropped points from an arsenal perspective.

    City winning another title is awful and highlights the problems with modern football.

    I despise scouser fans, but Liverpool winning shows what smart buying and a manager with tactical nous can do and makes the league more competitive overall.

  58. TR7

    I don’t think Chelsea’s victory opens up the title race. City are far and away the best team in the league. Liverpool top of the table right now but they have actually regressed from last season in terms of attacking prowess. City have more or less been at the same level as last season.

  59. loyika

    Rubbish game today but the 3 points is what matters in the large scheme of things.

    Winning or “Not losing” is a good habit the team needs to get in their DNA.

    Only thing that might hamper us down the line is fatigue and if the BoD decide not to spend in Jan TW.

    But Emery can only do what he can with what he is given (and so far he is getting the job down the best he can)

    Mixed feelings on the Chav vs Citeh game. Happy that Citeh lost but sad that it had to be the Chavs that beat them (guess it was always going to be the Chavs to come up with the goods).

    Now who is going to put the Scousers out of their misery and remind them that they ain’t winning fcuk all this season regardless of how much they feel its their year.

  60. Champagne charlie


    I didn’t mean to judge Bellerin by his goal return alone, it was the idea he’s rarely a threat as a RB with such attacking licence. He’s not a prolific assister, doesn’t beat his man with any skill, he’s just a decent RB – despite early promise indicating otherwise.

    Look, he’s not a concern of mine, I’d just be hesitant to suggest he’s top drawer as he’s sometimes referred. Would love to see it, but he doesn’t standout in any facet I can think of. Just an observation

  61. Champagne charlie

    “Now who is going to put the Scousers out of their misery and remind them that they ain’t winning fcuk all this season regardless of how much they feel its their year.“


    See, this man gets it. All you ‘soft spot’ for Liverpool cunts blow my mind.

  62. Hitman

    ‘Best team ever’? My arse-nal.
    Best team in last two years? Yes.

    If Emery can convert those draws into wins then top 3 comfortably this season…
    But caveat being injuries , small first XI squad could thwart rather than Chavs and Spuds out performing us.
    A couple of strong Jan buys should do the trick.

  63. Bob N16

    Fair enough CC. I maybe being wishful when it comes to Bellerin, I want him to be top class.
    As for Liverpool, hope we are on our top game on 29th and burst Liverpool’s bubble.

  64. London gunner

    I hate Liverpool but beginning to hate city more. Its not just the fact they can take all The top talent on a unprecedented scale but the fact they are shady as fuck rigging the books with fake commercials to evade ffp and they are backed by very dodgy sources.

  65. G8

    I thought we played better in the 1st half, created clear cut chances despite Huddersfield 10 players defensive wall, play acting, and cunting refereeing.
    It really halted our attacking rhythm .

    2nd half substitutions slowed us down I thought , neither mikhi,nor iwobi had ball control or composure to improve our attack..
    Can’t fault the energy and hard work ethos from the whole team, coaches though., except may be Stevie Bould ..he still thinking about wenger’s zipper I guess

  66. Pierre

    Something tells me that Chelsea are going to get a call regarding racist abuse towards sterling in the first half down by the corner flat .

    I quite clearly lip read a Chelsea fan shouting no more than 2 yards from sterling “fuck off you black c*nt” and there were 5 or 6 more giving it at the same time..

    More fuel to the fire after the banana peel incident last week.

  67. Bob N16

    Pierre, in my experience, Chelsea are the most objectionable, neanderthal supporters I’ve ever had the misfortune of sharing the same planet with. I also have a fair few mates who are Chelsea fans who are needless to say, decent people. NF core, always has been in my life.

  68. Graham62


    I also saw that.

    Remember, you are talking about Chelski supporters.

    Worrying signs though these past few weeks.

  69. London gunner

    Chelsea and West ham were the two London premier league clubs who who welcomed national front back in the day.

    Never the Arsenal and tbf never even spurs.

  70. PieAFC

    Chelsea/West Ham fans, they claim to be London fans, “from the manor”

    Most of their fans, probably worse than all the others, hardly any live in London or any real multicultural area in Kent/surrey and have a disgusting narrow minded racist mentality.

    Horrible the lot of them.

  71. Guns of sf

    Iwobi needs to sit
    Just a squad player
    Seriously at least 3 new addition needed


    20 unbeaten has shown its cracks shame we do not do anything about. It

    Get on it Sven you ass

  72. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    What’s your take on the 20

    Unbeaten ?

    Still bitty but there’s a better comardrie amongst the squad..

    Now the players are coming out to coat wenger…. good

  73. PhD2020

    London gunnerDecember 8, 2018 20:41:21
    Chelsea and West ham were the two London premier league clubs who who welcomed national front back in the day.Never the Arsenal and tbf never even spurs.
    I know you mentioned Chelsea and West Ham were the two premier league clubs back in the days welcoming the NF.But weren’t Mlllwall (albeit not a Premiership club)one of the main protagonist’s as well, for accommodating such
    far right (NF) elements,as well inciting unruly behaviour amongst the fans.In turn, subjecting opposing fans and players of colour to untold racial abuse and at times violence?

  74. Marko

    I think we can all agree that Chelsea fans are the worst shower of scum knocking about and have been for years and years

    Anyway so realistically speaking what do people think is going to happen January? Honestly seems to be changing week by week. Went from some wingers because we have no wingers to AM’s because our AM’s aren’t doing it to CB’S and LB’s. I personally would imagine that two attackers are likely (Pepe? Almiron?) And now a CB or maybe a LB who can play CB like Firpo. I expect us to be busy.

  75. Bob N16

    Marko, hope we’ve already identified our 2/3 players and will announce Jan 1st, an attacking wide player at the very least.

  76. PhD2020

    MarkoDecember 8, 2018 22:25:24
    I think we can all agree that Chelsea fans are the worst shower of scum knocking about and have been for years and years
    Although Millwall doesn’t have the same high profile as Chelsea-in terms of global reach and media exposure.I think you will find Millwall weren’t too far behind Chelsea &West Ham in years gone by,when it comes to such questionable behaviour.

  77. Marko

    I’d imagine we’re already at work on something Bob. Gone are the days of waiting until the end of a transfer window before you look at what’s available. Much more proactive

  78. Marko

    Millwall are infamous but you lose your bite when you become a shitheel club with no success. Now Chelsea are horrible cunts who’ve been successful over the years and that would make them even more unbearable

  79. Bob N16

    We all know Chelsea”s success is down to Abramovitch’s ill gotten gains. Fuckers won the CL otherwise shit club, limited history.

  80. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    What would you call t then Pedro..

    It’s been proved that cash buy trophies..

    Now pool have spent … because they sold granted ,, but bought the best about with big money to end the 28 year drought…

    All clubs tried the rough diamond in a bunch. But pur outlay wins trophies… with great respect .

  81. Sekard

    From my experience Chelsea are by far the worst for the racist element.The local Chelsea boys back in the day seemed to be fine(Fulham,battersea,Shepherd’s Bush etc)as I know a fair few but they always had an element from further a field that were NF and racist.Chelsea mates used to tell me they used to be regular fights amongst their own in the shed due to the split amongst some of the fan base in the 80’s due to the racism.A few stopped going because of it.The gentrification of the Bridge in recent years has never got rid of that element and never will.Millwall was never in the same level as Chelsea although they had their element like every club back in the 80’s as they had a sizeable black following and a lot of the millwall firm were local to South London and they knew and grew up with one another.Chelsea remind me of them muppets who win the lottery and think money will buy them class and status.But I suppose it can buy you a few league titles,cups and a champions league.Such is life.

  82. Bob N16

    Brit, Kroenke has not put one cent into Arsenal’s transfer funds so where he got his money from is not really the point.

    Abramovitch, in his attempts to ‘wash’ some of the billions that he acquired in the croneyism that occured when the Soviet Union’s state resourced were handed out, is now ‘owed’ £1 billion by Chelsea.

    Where is the comparison?

  83. TonyD

    Osaka/Kobe and Kyoto are really nice areas to visit as a zone and see Japan’s culture.

    What is seriously impressive is their country’s rail network where the Bullet train 1st class seats you can book are not too expensive. Their stations are like mini cities and run with German like precision. Try the Japanese cream cakes/deserts at the stations.


    Tokyo is a wonderful vibrant city where I agree with other posters you can get truly wonderful Ramen and sushi in the small family run food places that are often tiny with glass sliding doors affording maybe 6 tables, which are not just limited to Tokyo, but everywhere.

    From Tokyo you can access Mount Fuji easily for a few days, but hotels around the that area are excessively expensive.

    Our next trip with the family will be to arrive in Tokyo and then get the train to go up to Hokkaido which is about 10+ hours. We’ll probably stop off at a couple of places on the way up. Great skiing in the north as well.

    If you’re going for 3 weeks, maybe break the journey in HK (3 days max), Bangkok (week), KL (3 days max), Bali (week), Singapore (3 days max) or Maldives for a week.

    Maybe ask China for his thoughts regarding Shanghai as it’s another destination on our radar. maybe that’s a route worth considering.

    Anyway, hope this info helps.