‘Hippie crack’ story a painfully sad read

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Ok, I know we had some fun with that Fortnite story that the media took a little too seriously this week. But The Sun ran with a Nick Parker special about Arsenal players inhaling ‘hippie crack’ in an epically pathetic hit piece designed to convince normal folk that Arsenal players have been engaging in peak Libertines mid-noughties style drug deviance.


The players went to a club. Got shitfaced. Passed nitrous oxide-filled balloons around for a cheap and very lame high.

The only thing we should be getting angry about is that they were dim enough to do something so subpar in front of security cameras.

I’ve never heard of this referred to as hippie crack. If anyone at a festival,party, or drug cave called it that, they’d be escorted from the event for false advertising. It’s like calling a Jaffa Cake ‘devils cyanide, or labeling a park swing ‘LOONTOWNS DEATH SPIRAL.’ It’s not a real drug. It’s like sniffing pens at school. It’s prepared with a chefs frosting gun ffs. Painfully middle class.

Sure, elite athletes shouldn’t do anything that resembles recreational fun, but in the grand scheme of things to worry about, I’d be more concerned about 5000 hours of Fortnite. And I’d hazard a guess that scientifically speaking, it’s the booze that’s the issue for a sports star. How many broken homes happen because Mum came down in the morning to 20 empty canisters and a stream of flaccid balloons around the living room? Not many.

To put a number on it, 8 people died from doing this in 2016. 8 too many, no doubt. 88,000 died from booze related illness. 259 people died from taking selfies. 1700 in traffic accidents. 9 people from jumping into water (seriously). This ‘hippie crack’ is so lame, Prince Harry does it and it’s not a scandal.

However, inhaling balloons for a cheap 10-second head rush isn’t the take away your average Joe… ‘crack party with Lacazette’ is… Just note this: we’ve outrun every team in the league and we’re 20 games unbeaten. It’s not a big deal.

On another note, what is it with nightclubs releasing that sort of stuff? Unbelievable breach of privacy.

In other news, Rob Holding looks likely to miss the rest of the season. Such a shame. He was really making a statement in defence. I have my doubts Sven will make moves in January. We have Monreal coming back into the mix, Emery has proven to be flexible with his backline, and there’s a lot of belief in Mavrapanos.

Aaron Ramsey also picked up a knock, which is a shame considering the good form he’s shown over the last two games (though Emery said it was minor). It is not unusual for bad fitness strategies to show up in December. Let’s hope the last two can be attributed to luck. Big questions over whether Burgess is going to be able to own the ear of Emery over his imported fitness coach. Julen Masach. If we’re going to have a good run, it really does have to go the Austrailian’s way.

There’s a piece doing the rounds in Germany about Sven and his diamond ways. He’s obviously very pleased with Guendouzi, who dropped unreal numbers against United (didn’t someone say he was no better than Denilson? Lol). He also talks in-depth about how he’s founded multiple firms that analyse data. Interestingly he highlights the dangers of spewing out insights based on isolated numbers, like distance run. He alluded to the idea that a player might be running about a lot because he’s making bad decisions all game (a hint at an issue with one of our players?). Muppets with stats really is a thing online, this week, Arsenal fans are peddling Mustafi over VVD. The audacity is quite something. Anyway, it’s incredible we have a scout of his prestige at Arsenal. I’d link the pirated copy, but that might not be legal, so I implore you to sign up to the site to read or go find the illegal shit.

Talking of MG, Emery had a scolding tip about what he should do about the bigger boys pulling his hair.

‘I think the best thing is that he cuts his hair before the next match, then the problem is finished,” Arsenal’s manager said. Just as Fellaini did. I have not told him that to his face, though. I respect a lot the players; their hair and their hair colour.’

BIG lol. Getting slapped down by a man who is rocking Shockwaves wet look gel in 2018. Gotta sting.

Our German power sniper is still in a weird place with his injury.

“On Friday we make the decision,”

“He had a backache and now he is working with one physio. Today he was on a pitch running and touching the ball. We are going to look when he can come with us.”

Odd how Emery is describing the injury, but whatever. We haven’t missed him. If he’s back, bonus, if he’s not, well, the party goes on!

Right, that’s me done, see you in the comments!

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  1. HighburyLegend

    FFs, we are truly doomed as a club, with a bunch of irresponsables player like those ones…

    But in a way, it explains a lot of things, Ozil and Mikki out of shape for example. It comes from The Sun, but if it’s true, we are in trouble – and I’m sure Emery will appreciate that article.

    And of course, when it happens with Chelsea or Manure players, it’s “not so harmful”, but if it’s with Arsenal, we must prepare for the mediatic tornado which is coming to us.

  2. HighburyLegend

    Pedro I’m confused.
    Do you really believe that this story will had zero consequence for the club ??
    Hope you’re right…

  3. BacaryisGod

    Well, looks like the term has been around for a while Pedro.


    Of course, it’s a ridiculous story. The only thing I would probably take issue with is I doubt it was the nightclub that released the video as they might lose more in business than they would get from a single story from a paper.

    It’s usually some greedy security guard who leaks it out. Not sure what the liabilty is in England for this but the media outlet would probably get sued for accepting stolen footage unless they can demonstrate the story is in the ‘public interest’. It’s happened before with security footage but I can’t recall the repercussions, if any.

  4. Pierre

    Is it a coincidence that the story has come out on the back of a 20 game unbeaten run to try and put a spanner in the works ..

  5. Danny

    If the club knew about this back in August so then there’s nothing to worry about, meaning it’s been taken care of BUT if just like us, they only found out today, then the shit will hit the fan……..

  6. HighburyLegend

    I know that the football players definitely do not live on the same planet, but this is just pathetic… a real bunch of spoiled childs.

  7. CanonSpike

    You guys need to calm down.
    its 2018 80% of all players have done this.
    Difference is that there were cameras here.
    Not so long ago Dele Ali had his sausage up a girls mouth and the media still considers him a national hero.

    So the Arsenal team decided to go have a team bonding session at the bar with some nitrous oxide, GOOD FOR THEM, AT LEAST THEY’RE DOING IT AS A TEAM LOL

  8. HighburyLegend

    So that’s what Ozil is doing with his money ???

    Should we laugh or cry about that ?? SEND HIM TO CHINA!!

  9. HighburyLegend

    Are we sure it was “only” 70 ?? lol

    And of course they have ZERO financial interest in seeing this shit coming out lol

  10. Bamford10

    Hilarious. I had never heard the phrase “hippie crack” until yesterday and wrongly assumed this was a British slang word for pot. Then when I read above that it’s nitrous oxide, I thought, “I would’ve preferred it if they were smoking pot; it doesn’t have the same stigma attached to it and it doesn’t kill loads of brain cells”. The latter is something I remember kids saying about nitrous when I was younger. Turns out that is a myth, though, so in the very least we can feel better that these guys weren’t making themselves dumber that night, even if they might have looked a little dumb. This is a meaningless blip of a story, IMO; I can’t see why this should be a big deal to anyone. A bit of harmless fun. Nothing more.

  11. Pierre

    Pedro says…….”Our German power sniper is still in a weird place with his injury. ”

    Then quotes Emery
    “On Friday we make the decision,”
    “He had a backache and now he is working with one physio. Today he was on a pitch running and touching the ball. We are going to look when he can come with us.”

    Then Pedro comments
    “Odd how Emery is describing the injury,”

    I am trying to work out how the injury is “weird ” and Emery’s comments are “odd”.

    There is nothing odd in saying he has back ache and working with the physio.

    The only thing that is odd is you saying that it is odd unless you think our manager is lying .

  12. Pierre

    Have a look at these odd comments by Emery regarding the Kosielny injury and possible return to first team action.

    He said: “We are on a gradual way with him. He’s played two matches with the Under-23s.

    “He played 85 minutes on Tuesday and our plan is that he can maybe be with us in the 18 on Saturday.

    “Maybe he can play against Qarabag in the Europa cup”

    What can be possibly mean ….

  13. Leftsidesanch

    And Guendouzi apparently passing out? F*ck outta here with that BS. That balloon stuff gives you a “high” that wears off in seconds.

    He was probably slumped from the alcohol if indeed he was slumped at all. The Sun up to they’re usual nonsense.

    You’ll prob get a pratt like “Vic” crying that this would have never happened before Emery came to town too.

  14. Savage

    I think if we followed the private lives of our footballers there would be a lot more interesting stories to add on.

    They don’t just play FIFA on Xbox the whole evening when they get out of training.

    How about Flamini rocking up at a press announcement to announce he was saving the world? So that’s what he was doing in his spare time 😀

  15. Josip Skoblar

    Anyway, this happened last August. It does not seem to have negatively impacted on their form. End of the story.

  16. Uwot?

    A non story.f** k me.we all did as kids,teenagers,young adults.it happened last August. & if that’s the case considering what’s occurred results wise since then I’ll be sending bag full of balloons to AFC ASAP!bSically it’s the press & that Manure rag The sun on a wind up to try destabilise our magnificent run.C***ts!

  17. Sanogoals

    20 games unbeaten and a shit story like this is splashed across the paper! Pathetic. The press have nothing to bait arsenal fans with so they drag this out from August , so lame . Would be great if every arsenal fan took a ballon to the game on Saturday and let them go in unison , fuck the arsenal baiting media.

  18. Dream10

    With no PL match until eight days after the Huddersfield game (Qarabag on Thursday), Emery may opt to play Aubameyang and Lacazette tmrw. Back four too since Bobby Holding is broken and Monreal and Koscielny are not PL ready.

    Hector Mustafi Sokratis Kolasinac
    Torreira Xhaka
    Mkhitaryan Iwobi Aubameyang

  19. kelvin

    A harmless fun before the season kicks off. The Sun can fuck off, these guys are humans not robots.

    I did worse and still do. I can only imagine what i would do if am that rich. Let not try to play the saint card here.

  20. Pierre

    Keep lichsteiner in ,he did nothing wrong v man utd …proper defender.

    Play wing backs and feed Kolasinac the ball all day long….guaranteed goals .

    Mhkitaryan,Aubamayang and Lacazette should start….we will be 3 up by half time .

  21. Dissenter

    What a differnce a new manager makes.What a difference a 20-game unbeaten run can make.

    This is HYPOCRISY run amok.

    There would be an uproar of massive proportions, had it been Wenger in charge when a group of senior players decided to go inhale nitrous oxide in a night club. We sure won’t be waving it away like Pedro just did.

    Why are we still releasing. tacky dresssing/room photos after games like the stupid “king of north London selfie that followed the NLD?

    The hypocrisy is there for all to see.
    Emery needs to check the corrosive impact of Aubameyang before it gets worse.

    Pedro, stop waving away bad behavior, the type you would have flagged under Wenger.

  22. Dissenter

    I remember the torrents of abuse when Wilshere inhaled a few burst of cigarette smoke and when Szczesny tried to destress with a quick fag in the dressing room.

  23. Dissenter

    “Come again”?
    It will take me another 30 minutes hour to reset for another round. It used to be 10 minutes when I was a teenager.

  24. Dissenter

    Raheem Steeling was slagged by most for the same behavior
    Grealish was damned by some for the same behavior
    Kyle Walker had to actually apologize, if my memory serves me well ( doesn’t all the time)

  25. Pedro

    Dissenter, there wouldn’t have been uproar because inhaling balloons is not a big deal unless you’re 65 years old, live in Surrey and read the daily mail.


  26. Pedro

    Dissenter, remind me of how many people die of smoking a year? How many studies there are that show it impacts sporting ability?

    It wasn’t just cigarettes with him either.

  27. Ray in LA

    if party-ing with a few balloons and 70 girls builds the cameraderie we saw last Sunday, then I hope they have another session

    the party was taped at “The Tape Club” — bit of a give-away?

  28. Dissenter

    You’re the one banging on fitness.
    Aren’t you the one wrote dozens of posts (nice ones by the way) about Shad Forsyth.
    You think smoking nitrous oxide is good for professional athletes?

    There’s certainly a public value to this information. The Sun had every right to publish it, it would have been malpractice had they sat on it.
    I’m pretty sure your indifference would have been scientifically probity had it been the old regime in charge. That 8 deaths ascribed to N2O would be used to bash the players.

    There’s hope in the air I guess. We are all on nitrous oxide. Let’s be happy for 17 seconds.

  29. Jamie

    This is a non-story, and the comparison of nitrous oxide with cigarette smoking is laughable and lacking in scientific merit. Just ask your orthodontist.

  30. Dissenter

    I’m sure Adidas are ecstatic that they are spending big money on the club this morning.
    The club executives and their Adidas counterparts will be sending congratulatory emojis to one another because if this story.

  31. Pedro

    Dissenter, you are in total ignorance of nitrous oxide if you think you smoke it for starters.

    It’s not an issue. It’s a 10 second high. We are the fittest team in the league.

  32. Pierre

    “There would be an uproar of massive proportions, had it been Wenger in charge when a group of senior players decided to go inhale nitrous oxide in a night club”

    Of course you are right but don’t worry about it …..

    What should the manager do ….George Graham would tell the players don’t worry about it because he wouldn’t want to ruin the team spirit within the squad …he would tell the players that he would deal with the media ,say all the right things to the press and then he would use the situation to his advantage and tell the team to go out and hammer the next opposition…..and all would be forgotten..

    And that’s exactly what Emery should do …….a defeat or draw to Huddersfield will prolong the story.

    Mind you ,is it me or does Emery talk a lot of jibberish anyway, I know he struggles with the language but I just think to myself …..what the fuck is he on about…

  33. Leedsgunner


    You’re missing the point. They are professional athletes, paid eye wateringly amounts of money to keep themselves in top physical shape, plus it brings the reputation of their employer into disrepute.

    They need to know it’s a privilege to play professional sport not a right.

    Disappointing really… even before we go down the role model argument.

  34. HighburyLegend

    First I thought it was a recent story, I realized after that it was the famous “August story”.

    Pathetic from The Sun, really… They can f*ck off.

  35. Micheal

    As someone once said, a story is something some people do not want published. This particular episode arose because the Sun paid someone a few quid for footage.

    If it happened in the summer, it is a fair bet that Sun has been sitting on it for months because it barely passes the so-what test. They would not have waited until a Friday – a non-playing day with little overnight footy news – to publish if the story carried any great interest.

    Thsi is a one-day wonder and will be forgotten come kick-off tomorrow.

  36. Marko

    Hippy crack corn and I don’t care. It happened before the season started and as far as I’m concerned it hasn’t affected anyone from performing. What I will say is that it does tarnish the image of Ozil somewhat though and as the senior member of the squad he should know better.

    The hypocrisy is there for all to see.
    Emery needs to check the corrosive impact of Aubameyang before it gets worse.

    Dissenter respectfully you come across as a hysterical little girl sometimes. Since Aubameyang has joined us he has done fuck all wrong but score goals. Talking out your hoop

  37. Dissenter

    Actually I don’t think it’s the end of the world. That’s doesn’t mean I’m going to dismissively wave it away like it’s nothing and approach it with a conspiracy theory that the media are out to get us.

  38. Pierre

    Dissenter made the comment about Wenger not me ,I told him not to worry about it even though it probably had an element of truth about it ..

    So not sure about the” losing the battle ” remark …..I think maybe you have had your nose put out of joint because I pulled you up on your ridiculous comment about Emery’s remark about Ozil’s injury.

  39. Marko

    You’re the one banging on fitness.
    Aren’t you the one wrote dozens of posts (nice ones by the way) about Shad Forsyth.
    You think smoking nitrous oxide is good for professional athletes?

    You literally need to get a hold of yourself. It happened in August before a ball was kicked and it’s December and we’re on a 20 game streak there’s nothing wrong with the fitness. If it happened mid season and we were struggling you might have a point but it didn’t and you don’t. As for the commercial deal stuff and scaring off investment well Ronaldo may have r@ped someone Tiger Woods cheated on his wife and I can’t tell you how many times we’ve seen stories about footballers and doing stupid shit at parties. Basically relax

  40. Pedro

    Pierre, I’ve called Ozil out for years, and I’ve been bang on the money.

    He doesn’t care about Arsenal and Emery has him sussed.

  41. Jamie

    Dissenter –

    It isn’t a health issue, it’s a publicity issue.

    If a footballer photographed in a dentist’s chair having hollywood veneers fitted whilst sedated with nitrous and throwing “peace” signs at the camera makes the tabloids 6 months after the fact, would Adidas execs be worried? I doubt it.

    By the way, you don’t ‘smoke’ nitrous, so there’s that too.

  42. Marko

    Actually I don’t think it’s the end of the world. That’s doesn’t mean I’m going to dismissively wave it away like it’s nothing and approach it with a conspiracy theory that the media are out to get us

    Who said anything about a conspiracy theory? You do seem a bit hysterical about it. This is HYPOCRISY run amok and Aubameyang is having a corrosive effect… absolutely ridiculous

  43. Freddie Ljungberg

    Holding out for 6-9 months with anterior cruciate ligament rupture. Terrible news for us and him, he’s been doing good this season.

    Hope we go out in january and gets a new CB and not just relies on a 33 year old injury prone Koscielny or do something stupid like recall Chambers.

  44. Marko

    By the way, you don’t ‘smoke’ nitrous, so there’s that too.

    No no you snort it through a syringe off a hooker’s arse. Oh won’t somebody please think of the children

  45. Akilan

    You’d be right if it wasn’t for a neutral site like Football365 calling out the sun in the same way as Pedro did.

    So, like many here already said, it is a non story.

  46. G8

    It’s no coincidence that the sun publish this non-story bullshit after arsenal showing in the last two games ..

    It’s a shameful propaganda by some sad spuds and manure losers in the media.
    Obviously they don’t like it and would do anything to derail our current momentum .

  47. Marko

    Sad news on Holding he was getting a good run of games and impressing and staking a claim for the first time in his young career. Football is all about moments and he had seized his. Will he get another chance when he comes back?

  48. Dissenter

    The bright spot of the bad Holding injury is that he’s young….and young players heal fast.
    He’ll be back stronger.

  49. Jamie

    Dissenter –

    Don’t pull a Bam and try to shift the parameters. You said “smoke,” not “inhale.” Or are you smoking the air you’re breathing now too?

    You’re better than this. It’s a non-story. Move on.

  50. Pedro

    Dissenter, smoke assumes you’re lighting something on fire.

    It’s doctors gas and air. They give it to pregnant women and kids in the dentist.

  51. Marko

    guy amazes me with his take on things sometimes….jeez

    It’s true not a one off either. Wanted Spurs docked points for the stadium thing too. Hysterical

  52. Pierre

    “He doesn’t care about Arsenal and Emery has him sussed.”

    Not quite sure what you mean when you say Emery has him sussed…

    Emery is saying he has a back injury and will be back in the squad when fit …which means that he has not been available for selection due to injury which ,believe it or not, happens to many players who play football…

    I presume Emery is being honest ,if not then I can’t see how he has ozil sussed unless you mean he has sussed out that he has a back injury ,then you would be correct .

    At the moment there is no evidence to suggest that Emery is lying about Ozil’s injury

  53. Dissenter

    You don’t think I know what nitrous oxide is….really?
    Smoking doesn’t necessarily have to involve a flame. You “smoke” e-cigarettes too…and that doesn’t involve lighting it.

    You know it’s that time of the month for me.

  54. Pedro

    Pierre, benching him because he can’t stand the heat, leaking to the press that they’re holding him to account for his performances.

  55. Nelson

    Two weeks ago, I read a lot about Emery wanting to get more out of Ozil. And then came this story of falling out between Ozil and Emery. For me, I wouldn’t single out Ozil and I would shield him from the media and the fans. We all know that the media and the fans like to make noises to get attention. Is it good for the team? Now, Ozil must feel that he is alone against the whole world. I still think that a committed Ozil can help our team especially we are still in so many competitions.

  56. Jamie

    Dissenter to his pals:

    “You guys should really stop smoking. It’s bad for you.”

    Dissenter’s pals:

    “None of us smoke.”


    “What do you call ‘inhaling that air you’re breathing’?”

    Dissenter’s pals:

    “Um, ok dude. We’ll stop ‘smoking’.”

  57. Receding Hairline

    I am sure if they hadn’t done this abominable thing we would be topping all 5 major leagues in Europe right now

    And that corrosive guy Aubameyang would not miss all those sitters

    And we would have been offered a joint kit deal by Adidas and Nike

  58. HighburyLegend

    “benching him because he can’t stand the heat”

    Depends of what kind of heat… (sorry, couldn’t resist)

  59. Pierre

    you probably put 2&2 together in that ozil was left out of the team for the Bournemouth game and believe he was also left out for the Tottenham game so he decided to go missing ….plausible

    That being so ,why would Emery lie about it because I am sure there was a similar situation earlier in the season regarding whether ozil was injured or not.

    He has nothing to gain by lying and everything to lose …..trust for one.

  60. Pierre

    “Pierre, benching him because he can’t stand the heat, leaking to the press that they’re holding him to account for his performances.”

    all our offensive players this season have been benched ,ozil is no different …

    He didn’t “leak” it to the press ….he actually said in a press conference that ozil may not be suited for the Bournemouth game …..that’s not “leaking”.

  61. Pierre

    correct…..That would be regarded as good management as ozil always receives more publicity than other players …

    Let’s see how it pans out ….

    I believe he will be back in the team very soon .

  62. Dissenter

    I’m going to save that joke for my lunch break which isn’t for another 5 hours.
    It will take my humorless soul that long to figure it out.
    I may seek a dentist to provide some N2O to instigate merry laughter even then
    Bye ladies

  63. HighburyLegend

    “Players including Raheem Sterling and Kyle Walker have previously been caught on camera inhaling laughing gas.”

    But of course they were far less interesting than Arsenal players lol

  64. Uwot?

    Yeah agree.The club should fork out for a red ballon in every seat with a big cannon on it .have a countdown just before kick off & let them loose.would be spectacular & a big f** k you to The Sun & their toe rag manure/spud loving journos.By The way if they’d started off that shit with the scousers.Theyre rag of a paper would be boycotted…..

  65. steve

    Lol at everyone thinking it’s a conspiracy against Arsenal from the media.

    Btw Holding is finished at this level by that injury. Should be released.

  66. Guns of Hackney

    Mmmnn…well, yes. Sniffing balloons is nothing compared to chasing the dragon or smashing grannies over the head to score cash for horse but…it’s unprofessional. And that’s the crux, isnt it? Arsenal are doing well, not great…but these pieces of shit are out on the town celebrating throwing away 2 points at old Trafford like they just won the league. That’s a problem.

    All these fucking idiots do is create an issue that Emery now has to deal with. It discracts from the positives and brings us back full circle to when Wilshere was puffing fags and getting into brawls outside shit nightclubs, or Chesney doing crack in the toilets at the Emirates.

    We know what they are doing isn’t illegal but neither is engaging in a group train with a starlet you’ve just thrown £500 at in the bar…but it still doesn’t send good vibes about their professionalism. Let’s remember, these clowns aren’t Best or Maradona. They can’t get away with being drunk, drug taking womanising heroes.

    It’s just bad.

  67. Guns of Hackney

    Also nine months for Holding is basically 18 months at Arsenal.

    Remember Rosicky being out for 20 months with a pulled hamstring?

    Shark attack victims recover quicker.

  68. Guns of Hackney


    Even fucking worse as we’d just lost two on the spin. Either way, it smacks of jerks being jerks. They are not good enough to be doing this.

  69. Graham62


    Are you on Nitrous oxide?

    I was led to believe the pictures were preseason.

    Big mistake. Had they not heard of the British gutter press?

    Would have made training interesting this morning.

  70. Guns of Hackney

    It’s not the press who should be blamed. It’s the players.

    They are not paid to muck about sniffing balloons.

    As I’ve said, when one is great…one can be forgiven for a few misdeeds. When you are bang average, nope.

  71. G8

    If the incident happened pre season in August ,the question is why the story just popped up now from nowhere?
    If it’s not a media conspirscy then I am JFK!

  72. Joe

    Dissenter losing his shit at some non story about something that happened in August and trying to bring Wenger v Emery into it is beyond hilarious and pathetic.

    You’ve been quite ornary since the Wenger sacking and the unbeaten streak dissenter.

    Something you want to tell us?

  73. Nw9 gooner

    Joe don’t go after Dissenter -he was not a Arsene supporter- what he is saying has truth in it- harmless or otherwise probably better if it had been avoided

  74. Joe


    It’s 20 year olds having some harmless legal fun. They weren’t doing heroin with granny hookers and then kicking the shit out of a kid in a wheel chair

    It’s like dissenter has never had any fun before.

  75. Marko

    Even fucking worse as we’d just lost two on the spin. Either way, it smacks of jerks being jerks. They are not good enough to be doing this.

    Before the season even began you idiot. Did you even read about the incident? Not before or after Spurs or United and not after we lost to City and Chelsea

  76. kc

    Holy shit Dissenter so you don’t know what Nitrous Oxide or vaping is? What kind of awful sheltered life have you lived? You don’t smoke e-cigarettes, you vape them. If you don’t know there’s a difference, then you never done either one. The lungs certainly know. Coughed my ass off for weeks when I switched off cigarettes for my vape mod. The nitrous isn’t an issue for me at all. It’s honestly some high school type shit. Who hasn’t done a few whip its?

  77. Joe

    I wish they had videos of them
    Doing lines of blow off a hookers ass.

    Then I’d actually have some respect. Sucking NO out of a balloon is pretty amateur vanilla stuff

  78. Mysticleaves


    I don’t know what it is, haven’t done it and don’t think I will.

    Dissenter has a point though. If Wenger was here it won’t be waved away faster than a wrong or penalty call.

    Care to see as no other player is coping flak except Ozil? I could have sworn I saw 7 players there

  79. Guns of SF

    Come on guys- leave Pedro alone. Who hasn’t done Nitrous Oxide? Its what you will balloons with and makes your voice all high pitch and shit.
    This is what you call a NOTHING BURGER!


    Pedro – you probably shouldn’t have written this article. Its a real nothing burger pal

  80. Bob N16

    Personally Nitrous O story from August is sensationalist, slow news day from the gutter press. Deal with it in house with a quiet word, end of.

    It seems to me that this is the time of year when the medical team earn their money- patching up players and advising wisely whether a player should sit a game out. Injuries are just around the corner.

    We’re lucky as a wealthier, more successful team to have a squad that can manage two games a week. Our next few fixtures are against weaker squads, who will be struggling to put out a team which isn’t weakened by fitness issues.
    We obviously shouldn’t be complacent but our youngsters do look half decent.

    This weekend for example, AMN and Nketiah might be worth a sub appearance.

  81. BacaryisGod

    Can we agree that this is not a media conspiracy to get at Arsenal? It’s out there because The Sun knows it will generate online traffic and sell papers. The story came out when it did not to undermine our unbeaten streak but because these things sometimes take time (bidding for the footage, legal paperwork etc). If they had the story preseason the best time to release the video would be after our loss to Chelsea not when there was clearly no correlation between the party and the team’s performance.

    A couple of side notes on the video.

    1) Interesting to see the social dynamics at the club. You have the French (Laca, Guendouzi), and the Germans/Bundesliga connection (Kolasinac, Mustafi, Ozil, Mkhitaryan). I doubt Per would have been there even before he moved to management though!

    2) Leno and Sokratis were both signed before the party was alleged to have taken place. Leno is good friends with Mustafi and Sokratis with the Dortmund players. Where the hell were they?

    3) Love Mustafi dancing like Michael Madsen in Resevoir Dogs before he slices the cop’s ear off.

  82. BacaryisGod

    Come to think of it, you’ve got 7 players aged 18-30 in a private nightclub room and 70 invited young women milling around.

    Where’s the sex and drugs? Laughing gas is the best the Sun could come up with?

  83. Pierre

    The fixture congestion , which leads to injuries ,which leads to sub standard football is ,in my opinion ,all down to the international breaks .

    What we have atm is the more successful sides having to cram in European games, league cup quarter finals , mid week league games all before the busy Christmas period .

    If they played these international matches at the end of the season or pre season it will allow clubs to spread out the fixtures in the first 4 months of the season and we wouldn’t have so many players going down with injuries plus the standard of football will remain at a high level.

    I have been saying for the last few months that I don’t believe Arsenal have enough depth in the squad and it may catch up with them sooner or later …
    We have just played 2 of the most demanding games of the season within a 3 day period …it’s probably a good job we are not in the champions league so we can give the starting 11 a rest next week unlike Tottenham who have to play Barcelona.

    I think it’s time for clubs to make a stand on releasing players for international duty.

  84. Batistuta

    Remember being in the same club with some Milan players after a derby win back in 07/08 season i think….let’s just say our players are absolute virgins compared to the scenes that night

  85. Emiratesstroller

    So Arsenal have now provided update on Holding’s situation and he has a cruciate ligament injury and will be out of action 6-9 months.

    Arsenal will have to make a decision very quickly on the CB situation. At the
    moment we have two fully fit players in Mustafi and Sokratis.

    Koscielny has been out for a very long time with a serious injury with no certainty that he will be at his age and after such an injury good enough to play in first team and Mavropanos has been out all season with an injury.

    That leaves us down to the bear bones with option of playing Monreal as third
    CB which is hardly ideal.

    The other possibility might be to recall Chambers from Fulham, which is hardly a choice that I would wish to make.

    It seems to me that Arsenal need to recruit a Centre Back in January. One option previously discussed is Benatia from Juventus who has not been playing regularly for them. However, I suspect that Juventus would seek an
    extortionate fee for a 30 year plus player.

  86. Cesc Appeal

    Arsenal were apparently looking at Konsa, a young English CB from Brentford, might be Holding’s injury means we go in for him in January.

    £15 Million was the price being talked about.

  87. Marc

    Feel really sorry for Holding he’d shown some real improvement and I think there’s a player in there. I suppose on the upside at least a cruciate injury isn’t the career ender it used to be.

    Can we call Chambers back from loan? Not a perfect solution but sometimes needs must.

  88. Pierre

    Lichsteiner did a very good job on Wednesday night in a back 3 …I don’t think it’s desperate at the moment …can always draft one of the kids in if need be .

    Sokratis,Mustafi,lichsteiner,Monreal,Kosielny and mavropanos are all close to full fitness …maybe give Monreal and Kosielny a run out on Thursday …

  89. azed

    We should only be buying Konsa if we are giving up on Holding.

    Holding and Mavropranos are young while Sokratis and Koscienly are old. The only age prime defender we have is Mustafi and he’s not good.

    We should be getting a defender between the ages of 25-28.

  90. Mark

    ” Would be great if every arsenal fan took a ballon to the game on Saturday and let them go in unison , fuck the arsenal baiting media ”

    Great suggestion 😂 , I was cracking up. Thing is get this out there and I reckon it might happen.
    Priceless .

  91. Hitman

    I was worried when Holding was selected for Ukraine game last Thurs. Only 1st XI player to travel.
    5 games in a row or perhaps more. Not to mention ridiculous TV scheduling of our games which didn’t help.
    The injury was totally predictable. Poor management by fitness coaches. We have enough of them.

  92. Pierre

    I find it intriguing that if wenger wins another award for his services to the game …not a mention of it on le Grove.

    But if an ex player or players tell a funny little insignificant story as Schezny and fabianski did last week then it is worthy of mention and discussion for days by Pedro and all his cronies and is regarded by many on here as confirmation of wenger’s inadequacies.

    I suppose that’s le grove for you ….

  93. Mark

    “Mind you ,is it me or does Emery talk a lot of jibberish anyway, I know he struggles with the language but I just think to myself …..what the fuck is he on about…”

    It’s just you.
    I often thought that about whatWenger said at the end of matches. All that BS about mental strength, and quality… What games was he watching??

    Emery’s a very intelligent man. If he answered in Spanish, I still don’t think you’d get him. 😁

    He’s still learning English so obviously can’t express himself how he’d like to.

    Whether you get confused byhim , matters not. The players seem to have no problems with his speech or directions, even during the matches, which of course is totally new to them wouldn’t you agree?

  94. Pierre

    “ARSENE WENGER picked up another award last night and joked he should have left Arsenal earlier in order to win more trophies.

    The Frenchman was handed the lifetime achievement award by the League Managers Association (LMA) after earning a similar gong at the Leaders Sport Awards in October”

    I’m sure le grove will be offering their congratulations for Arsene Wenger winning such prestigious awards.

  95. PieAFC

    The players shouldn’t have done it. Especially in a club where they can get caught or video.

    But probably only got released now as the Sun have had to go trough all the legality to get it published – I’m assuming.

    The club probably knew about it. And have handled behind the scenes.

    Typical though it’s published now after we’re on an unbeaten run and haven’t lost in two games some journalist thought we would.

    Oh well. I’ve done way worse. Who am I to judge.

    Bring on the Huddersfield game.

  96. Pierre

    “I often thought that about whatWenger said at the end of matches. All that BS about mental strength, and quality… What games was he watching??Emery’s a very intelligent man. ”

    Don’t take it so seriously and by the way, not every comment should be related to Wenger……..did you know he won another award yesterday?…

  97. Jamie

    Pierre –

    Wenger was so highly rated by the LMA during his managerial career, they awarded him the Manager of the Year award a massive 2 times in 20 years, and not after 2004.

    David Moyes has won it more times and more recently, and if he’s still in the game in 10 years, he might be honoured too with a ‘lifetime achievement award’ when he retires.

    You know who else has won ‘special merit awards’ from the LMA? Di Matteo and Steve McClaren.

    As bad as Ramsey’s inclusion into some silly Euro ‘team of the tournament’ as evidence of anything.

  98. Mark

    ” Don’t take it so seriously and by the way, not every comment should be related to Wenger”

    Pierre it’s just another little dig at Emery tho isn’t it.
    So Wenger is the perfect riposte, cos it’s not only ironic but actually very true.

    Careful cos if you keep in chipping at Emery you might find a diamond emerges, but it takes time.

  99. Joe

    Another mean nothing award for Wenger

    Bore me off

    Too bad he was an absolute joke of a manager in terms off footballing for over a dozen years

  100. Mark

    Oh and the awards Pierre, good for him.

    But the way he blamed the fans for the decline of AFC & his self satisfying desire to stay forever, regardless of how it was destroying the club I love, plus everything else means awards for him mean very little now.

    When you’ve lost respect for someone because of their actions, it’s hard to give a toss. Still unemployed too.

  101. Pierre

    Not a dig at Emery ..I like him, he’s a good hard working manather…….I just have trouble understanding what he is talking about and I’m sure
    I’m not the only one.

  102. Joe

    Hey Pierre

    How many manager of the year awards did he win for actual footballing accomplishments during his 20
    Years at Arsenal?

    Lifetime achievement award bahahahaha

    It’s like the janitor who stays at the same job for 20 years and the company gives him a pin for his service.

    Way to go dude!

  103. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    I’m surprised that united have not been in touch to say sorry

    So the cunt rashford is u there with Dan Smith Ryan shawcross and Martin Taylor…
    Let’s hope justice prevails

    An the cunt aim said sorry !!!