Two Points Dropped In Old Trafford Brawl

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Arsenal didn’t go to Old Trafford to play a football match, they went to fight a war. Jose Mourinho had no other way to compete. He’s built a £350m Stoke, a bland execution of hard pressing blended with brazen thuggery. This time though, we were their equal. For every clipped set of heels, we had a shoulder barge. For every elbow, we had a crunched shin. The game wasn’t high on technical wonderment, it was more a brutal showcase of the darker side of the English game. Though it has to be said, United made over 120 more passes than Spurs did at the weekend, and Arsenal roughly the same amount.

Though it was enjoyable to watch us go toe-to-toe, in the end, we walked away with the feeling that we fucked a great opportunity. That was two points lost. Familiar shabby defending and some not-so-familiar missed chances cost us in a game that finished a 2-2 draw.

Arsenal shouldn’t be conceding leads as quickly as we have been. We went 1-0 up from a corner. Mustafi managed to break free from a penalty box tangle and powered a strong header into the slick grass, De Gea fumbled the catch and Herrera on the line volleyed the clearance instead of heading it away, allowing the ball to creep half a yard deeper past the goal line. The ref looked at his wrist and saw that tech had decided the goal would stand. You have to say, Mustafi is an absolute menace from corners.

In a re-run of the weekend game against Spurs, 4 minutes later, we conceded. This time, from a freekick. Rojo surprised everyone and clipped a shot across Leno, the German pushed the ball wide, but he didn’t put it behind the goal. Herrera pounced on the second ball (was offside as well), the cross made its way through a huddle of aqua blue shirts, finding Martial who smashed the ball in from close range.

It was the same story in the second half after Emery introduced Mikhi and Lacazette. The Frenchman timed a great run into the box, he struck his shot into two United defenders and the ball somehow slinked past De Gea. Then, immediately from the restart, we struggled with a long ball, Sokratis misjudging the flight, Kolasinac and Leno were caught in no man’s land allowing Lingaard to zip in and take United level again.

The game turned into a slugfest as both sets of players tired. It was brutal. Violent tackle after violent tackle. I have no idea how Torreira survived, he was crunched over and over again, but never gave up. We had the better of the chances. Auba was denied by De Gea’s dropped leg when he struck from a Kola cut back. Lacazette headed the ball out of De Gea’s hand and struck into the empty net, I thought that was legal, but the ref didn’t. Then there was a moment right at the end when Mikhi came from an offside position to volley in from an impossibly tight angle.

It wasn’t to be. United will be feeling luckier than us today, but the 20 game unbeaten run goes on and we can say that we preserve the progress momentum heading into the Huddersfield game this weekend.


Iwobi: I think I was bang on when I called out his recent performances. He had a really poor game after being subbed at half time versus Spurs. His close control is Hleb like, but his overall decision making isn’t decisive enough and when it is, it isn’t often right. 72% pass completion isn’t great in a massive game at United.

Guendouzi: He stepped in for Xhaka at Old Trafford. I feel like he’s being judged through a 26 year old international lens when he’s a teenager. Though his start was shaky, he really grew into the game. He doesn’t ever give up, he’s always looking for the ball and he can drive forward with clever dribbles, or quick short passes. He delivered an incredible 87% pass completion rate (25 of his of his 65 successful passes made in the final third, 10 more than anyone else). He also made 7 ball recoveries. Just think about that. I was really impressed. Once his nerves subsided, he really made an impact on the game. Fellaini pulling his hair was the height of embarrassing… interesting that MG was also the most fouled (6). United clearly targeting the new boy.

Torreira: A mini man mountain. He is everything you want at the heart of your team. He’s focused, never complains and he’ll go to war with anyone. Each game he grows. To play next to a teenager and still look excellent is quite the achievement (90% pass completion / 10 ball recoveries). My worry is he’s playing all the games and we don’t really have anyone else in the squad to fill in for what he does. He’s integral to our mentality, maybe AMN could step in when he needs a rest? I ADORE this guy.

Leno: You have to call it out, he’s made two errors in two games. I think he could have done better with that free kick. The strike was surprising, but not fierce enough not to put it behind the goal. All players make mistakes, let’s hope missteps in big games isn’t a thing

Holding: Absolutely gutted Rob Baresi picked up an injury because if it’s a nasty one, we don’t have Kos now because he’s broken again. Not an ideal time to lose your best passer out of the back.

Kola: He’s a chance making machine. Absolutely devastating down the left. He created some fantastic chances this evening that should have counted towards goals. His defensive side needs some work, but his power and pace driving into the oppositions box has proved deadly when he’s played. He created three chances yesterday, 5 against Spurs. That’s not bad for a wing back.

Laca/Auba: I love these two. Auba was dying by the end of the game, but it’s great to know you’re always in the game with them on the pitch. I love them both. I’m especially enjoying the more creative side of Auba coming through. He’s starting to show he’s more than just a goalscorer. His pressing from the front was really solid. Lacazette is another warrior. What he delivers with his pressing is underrated. He’s also more attuned to the rough and tumble of the league this year. How he managed to score from two players swamping him is something else.

Mikhi: He started poorly, but I thought he grew into the game and had some excellent moments. With the real Mesut Ozil MIA at the minute, we need an experienced creative in the team. If he can give us Dortmund Mikhi, we’re in good shape. I feel like there’s some form in there somewhere, hopefully, Emery and the coaches can release him.

Warrior Mentality: It was interesting to hear Emery talk about how he was a coward of a player and he doesn’t allow it in his players. The team is motivated, they relish the fight and we are not to be fucked with. I think we’ve seen a lot of evidence that suggests the signings of Papa, Torreira and Lichtsteiner have been very smart. They are brawlers. They bring out the nasty in everyone. You want to go to war with those guys on your team.

We might not have the best squad in the league, but with smart preparation, fighting spirit and a lot of belief… there’s no reason we can’t secure top 4.

Onwards and upwards. What a fucking joy it is to love football again.

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  1. BacaryisGod

    Hey Leeds-nice that the conspiarcy theory is getting picked up but it’s funny that Pedro is getting attributed for it. Not quite what he intended!

    Good overall post-match summary from Pedro. The next month is looking like a real test for Emery with injuries starting to pick up and the schedule beginning to wear on our regulars like Torreira and Aubameyang. I knew that we would drop off from the high of the Spurs game but my prediction of a 2-1 defeat with goals from Lukaku and Pogba was way off thanks to Mourinho. Why he didn’t start a big game player like Pogba blows me away but I was thankful for it.

    Still, that so many fans are disappointed with a 2-2 draw at Old Trafford tells you we are setting are expectations higher and of course that we all know Mourinho is proving to be a total disaster there. The fact that he’s still under contract until 2020 is great because it will cost them a fortune to get rid of and replace him.

  2. Champagne charlie

    “And by the way, contrary to what some were saying here last night, Auba didn’t “miss a sitter”. That was more a case of De Gea making a really good foot save“

    It was meat and drink for an elite striker, he fluffed his lines. That’s not a save, it’s a miss. He hit it at the GK and nothing more.

    “Really good foot save” – what a load of soccerball gibberish.

  3. Pierre

    No …

    I am just making the point that there is no point in fans moaning about the defence as, from what I have seen so far, Emery is not setting up the team to stop conceding goals…

    I honestly thought that a new manager coming in would have made the defence a priority….yes we have bought Sokratis and Torriera and the midfield set up has improved and the keeper situation has improved but it is not showing on the pitch..

    Just confirming that it is not me criticising Emery ,I am just giving a reason as to why we don’t look solid at the back as many on le grove were complaining about the defenders and the defence …..

    The effort and commitment is there that’s for sure .

  4. Leedsgunner

    It doesn’t sound good for Holding does it? Sigh. Poor chap. I hope he doesn’t become a perpetual crock like Jack and Ramsey.

    Get well soon Rob!

  5. Champagne charlie


    Giroud what? I was commenting on a certain take of Aubameyangs miss last night getting dressed up as a stellar DDG save. It was a a shocker from Auba, spade being a spade and all.

  6. Arsnil

    I think that a lot of the defensive problems that we have at the moment may stem from the insistence that we play out from the back. There is nothing at all wrong with this if done at the right time. But it can cause indecision at times just like last night for the two goals conceeded if you take away the most elemental choice of hoofing it into the stands. If you watch both goals again you will see that no player wanted to do that even though both times two of our players had the option to do so.
    If you remember when Gaurdiola first came to Man. City they were often caught trying to play out from the back and made some dreadful defensive howlers but a combination of sticking at it and buying some really good defenders eventually solved the poblem. At the moment we are much too indecisive in my opinion. Need better defenders and a leader in the Adams mould. Can’t wait for Mavropanos to come back.

  7. Receding Hairline

    Aubameyangs chance saved by De Gea was not a sitter

    The ball came in and he placed it the only place is should go, low and under the keeper as De Gea had rushed out and made himself big, it was a good save end of. By no means meat and drink for anyone.

  8. Receding Hairline

    You have to laugh at Gambon and his high standards, he has been on here since last night screaming like a teenage girl demanding we compete, and calling any player he can find names, what a drama queen.

  9. Leedsgunner

    I don’t know about competing again, but for the first time in a long time we look like we are a side that gives a damn about winning football games rather than just a collection of self serving individuals collecting a pay check.

    It’s a start.

  10. Champagne charlie

    Arsenal may find themselves NEEDING two additions in January with injuries to Welbeck and Holding.

    I’d venture to say Holdings injury is priority given we could band-aid the wing position with internal solutions, or promote an academy player at a push. Not at CB though.

    Anyone know who’s a defensive talent in our sights? Koulibaly etc ain’t happening, much less in Jan.

  11. Leedsgunner

    De Gea pulled off a good save from Aubameyang and suddenly it’shis fault? At least he had a shot and it was on target!

  12. Receding Hairline


    Dunno how anyone can have a go at a team who despite their obvious flaws have refused to lose a game since August, we are in December.

    I find it funny how most posters put up this i demand more from my team because i am not a loser attitude on here, we are coming along nicely, mistakes happen even the best make mistakes, with patience and the right additions we will get there.

    The only people criticizing Arsenal now are arsenal fans, i guess those who genuinely believed that once Wenger leaves we will romp our way to the league title, Champions league, la liga and the world cup

  13. kc

    What a shit post.. Two points dropped at Old Trafford? After two starters got injured? Guendouzi was like a chicken with his head cut off out there. No question we missed Xhaka. Pedro letting his personal opinions get in the way of facts. It’s a common symptom of the disease known as as liberalism.

  14. Dream10

    Holding done his cruciate. Out of the season. Feel bad for the young guy. Just as he was putting a string of games together.

    We’re on pace for 79pts. One stats prediction model guy saying we’re projected for 73pts. Looks like fthe 5th place team will be averaging close to two pts per match. Similar to 16-17 when we finished 5th with 75pts, Liverpool 4th with 76pts and City 3rd with 78pts.

  15. Graham62


    Forget 1st and 2nd, we are competing for 3rd and 4th.

    This would be an incredible achievement based on the where we were.

    I know some won’t like me saying this but, if we were still under Wenger, we would probably be competing for 5th- 7th position and would be at least 8 points worse off than we are now. Taking everything into consideration.

    Hypothetical I know, but I would still say close to the truth.

  16. Guns of SF

    As I said earlier – Jose will make this a dogfight and that is exactly what happened.
    Personally, I think having both Auba and Laca to start would have made a difference- it would have put immense pressure on the D, one would surely score or even both.

    Auba does need a rest- hopefully he can come on as sub for Huddersfield

  17. Graham62

    Receding Hairline

    Yep, these are the same Arsenal fans who cheered on abject misery and failure.

    Sorry to repeat myself, but mindblowingly stupid.

  18. Graham62

    Let’s be honest here, how many of you felt that as soon as Mourinho brought on Lukaku, Fellaini and Pogba, we were fcuked?

    Amazingly, because we’re now under Emery, we weren’t.

  19. gambon

    I hope we don’t do anything silly in the transfer market.

    At the end of the day we were going to bring in a CB and AM in the summer no doubt (unless Emery & Sven are mental)

    So the injuries to Welbeck and Holding should just bring that recruitment forward by 6 months.

    However if we can’t get the top calibre players we want, I don’t want some shit just to fill a space.

    In both positions we need players that are better than what we have. Not another squad level player.

    If we can’t get them just get Chambers and Nelson back….then go after them in the summer.

  20. Paulinho

    Sickening for Holding.

    Something weird about that Old Trafford pitch last night. Seemed like every player was on the verge of doing their cruciate after a tackle or landing on it.

  21. TheLowCrows

    I think we did break a hoodoo of not being outmuscled by thugs at Old Trafford. Also noticed the familiar tactic of last minute aerial bombardment when Mourinho threw in Lukaku, Fellaini and Pogba? Last year’s Arsenal would not have coped. We were wise to it and pretty much sussed this tactic out. I’ll take this result considering we gave so much during the Spurs game.

    In the end, let’s be honest. Considering where they are, this was not a 6-pointer (I think). This was just another premier league game and all things considered, a tough place to go away and get a point during the winter where energy levels dip.

  22. Guns of SF

    It was the thuggery of manure players.
    We played the real football. More chances created. It felt like Stoke City again- but this time with much better players. Im bummed with the draw, but given how things played out- I can live with it. As long as didnt lose to those orcs, we will be fine.

    Karma is a bitch- and Manure will suffer that for their dirty tactics. Fuck them

  23. SUGA3

    Been on the way from the airport, so I did not get to see the game, just saw the goals now. That 2:2 goal was absolutely shocking, WTF was Kolasinac thinking. Leno should have reacted to that too, IMO.

    Still, a point from OT? Good result. Also, Emery will make the most of this error in training, the team will genuinely learn from this.

  24. Jamie

    I like Guendouzi too, but he’s young and needs to be bled in slowly. He makes mistakes, and if we’re being fair, had Xhaka made the foul on Martial which lead to the free kick and goal, he would’ve been pilloried.

  25. Micheal

    Kos update:

    “Emery says: “We are on a gradual way with him. He’s played two matches with the under-23s. He played 85 minutes on Tuesday and our plan is that he can maybe be with us in the 18 on Saturday. Maybe he can play against Qarabag in the Europa League. “

  26. Victorious

    Remember after the wolves game and I had quite a revealing exchange with CC(i think) on why we don’t have anything remotely close to a defense capable of making the top4

    I was devoured upon by the EKB pack and called all sort of names for no offense other than simply stating the bleeding obvious,

    i mean it’s telling since that time my concern continues to unravel in the eyes of this set of fans

    For all the praises Emery seems to be getting in making us a fighting team, a team hard to beat, an attacking fluid team,etc..(deservedly so I might add) you can’t still help but wonder why the DEFENSE looks worst than that of the previous manager,i mean it’s staggering

    It’s been a problem from day one, we ALWAYS look to concede STRAIGHTAWAY after we score,and against united was particularly embarrassing considering we failed to hold leads TWO times for more than 4 minutes after scoring,

    I mean we have worst defence from all the teams in contention for top 4

    We’ll comfortably be a midtable team if we didn’t have the most potent attack after city in the league,Half of the season gone and only 1 clean sheet to show for the effort is poor anyway you care to slice.

    Really in utter disbelief of how yet again we have managed to cock it up against united, we probably won’t have a better time of winning at old toilet again

    Our disgrace of a defense has cost us against C. Palace, wolves and now united, gradually losing grounds to make a stake for a top4 place,If it continues this way over the cause of the season we won’t come close

    might be a mentality thing or incompetency from both manager and players but one thing is almost certain UNLESS drastic measures are taken to make us a defensively responsible team, we ain’t making top4

  27. string

    kc you are so right about pedro s post the bloke is now running this site for his own kicks he describex last night as a violent brawl ! what the fuck was he watching last night its arsenal v the mancs its football u toby pedro stick to american football and politics uve lost your direction on being arsenal

  28. Northbanker

    Does string stand for the fact that you can’t string 2 words together in a coherent discussion? What a plonker

  29. Graham62


    You were never this vocal under Wenger.

    When we shipped five or six goals and consistently made comical defensive errors over many seasons, were you ever this concerned?

    I don’t think so.


  30. Joe

    When we lost 8-2, 6-0, 6-3,5-1, 10-2,3-0,4-4,4-4, 5-1 again there was no manager is fault.

    He’s had 6 months and one TW to sort it out

    Neither of those goals yesterday were defensive philosophy at fault. Iwobi fell asleep/being lazy or whatever the fuck he was doing.

    What the fuck was kola thinking. He’s not
    Rookie? That has nothing to do with emery. It was a brain fart

    We’re undefeated in 20. With a “crap” defence. Wait for emery to buy in
    Jan/summer then let’s see what happens next season

  31. Joe


    Because we were playing lovely “Wenger ball”. Haha haha

    The agendas are so funny. We have been shit defensively for years and years and some posters like Vicky are just mentioning it now.

  32. Graham62

    If we beat Huddersfield and Spuds and Chelski slip up against Leicester and MC respectively, we’ll be 3rd.

    Losing ground to MC and Liverpool is, at this stage, inevitable.

    Our concerns center around Chelski and the Spuds.

  33. sting

    can you read or just another twat that doesn’t know what arsenal is about . we’re a team again for first time in years

  34. Dissenter

    What do you know of this Wesley Moraes, the Club Brugges striker.
    There’s tabloid talk we are seeking to sign him as replacement for Welbeck.

  35. Guns of SF

    I saw that too Dissenter. Big tall strong striker. Aerial threat?
    Dont know much more but he is making waves apparently.

    We do need a back up at striker
    CAM ( likely in summer) my guess

  36. Joe

    We always needed a new CB signing. Maybe holdings injury gets us that in Jan

    I trust the new back room to get it right. They won’t be signing squillaci or Sylvester type signings.

    And like I said yesterday. Sokratis did nothing wrong when he played. He can fill in. Kos a stop gap until summer.

    But still hope we sign someone. If it means waiting for a big name signing until summer so be it.

  37. Northbanker

    Agree with Gambon that buying a CB in Jan is potentially dangerous as there is a higher probability that we will end u with just another squad player in long term. That will take us nowhere.

    I’m hoping Mavrapanos can make strong progress as we will now need him as cover.

  38. Graham62

    So far, under Unai Emery, we haven’t been 4-0 up at HT, 4-2 up going into injury time, or 3-0 up (Anderlect 2014) and failed to win the game.

    That’s a major improvement as far as I’m concerned.

  39. string

    north wanker
    i’m surprised you can read your reply makes no sense this is about arsenal not you keep blogging and watching sky .prick

  40. tunnygriffboy

    Hello Dissenter

    I’ve been following le grove regularly. Been abroad for a while.

    I took an hiatus for a while. My head was well and truly in the shed about what was happening at the club. I watched the games but tbh was getting minimal enjoyment out of it

    Now I’ve got the bounce back and I’m buzzing. I just love fact we go toe to toe with teams and don’t back down. I’m sure we’ll improve as we move forward as well. I’m excited again

  41. Dissenter

    “Edie will/can be our 3rd striker next year”

    That’s sentimental bollocks.
    Assuming Auba and Laca get niggling injuries in late January , both out for two weeks, are you comfortable to play Eddie in that situation?
    Eddie is too green at the moment.

  42. Joe

    You’re a miserable one dissenter 🙂

    If Rashford and matrial can be starters for Man U at 19 , Eddie can be our 3rd string

    It’s about time we produced a striker at our club

  43. SUGA3

    I would give EN minutes, just in case. 10-20 minutes in comfortable games, if he does well, ideally of he scores or at least makes a nuisance of himself, give him a game to chase, Kid has the right ideas.

    Comfortable? Ask me this question after two games he features in. I would start him against Quarabag

  44. SUGA3


    I think EN has much much higher ceiling than Welbeck. Would ease him though for many reasons. Like avoiding teenagemutantwengeritis. Back to the old school.

  45. Joe


    That’s why I’m saying 3rd string is perfect. We need one of our young strikers to come good. Nelson or Eddie or both as “3rd string”.

    If both laca and aubu go down injured we will need to buy another CF no matter who is our 3rd string

  46. Joe

    I don’t rate wellbeck at all

    Man U reject. Waste of 15m. That 15m could have been added to higuain bid and got us higuain

    Wenger is a genius.

  47. Dissenter

    We ought to have been more decisive over the summer and sold Welbeck to the highest bidder.
    Eddie Nkettiah should have had his run-in this year to see what he has. He would have deputized form Laca/Auba and be more refined by now.
    My concern is that there’s bound to be a time when both Laca and Auba wont be available for selection, out third striker is too far behind in experience and quality.
    Chelsea will spend in January to get a main striker, Liverpool have Sturridge as third striker, City have several wide players that can fit in. ..we have Eddie.

  48. Marko

    At the end of the day we were going to bring in a CB and AM in the summer no doubt (unless Emery & Sven are mental)So the injuries to Welbeck and Holding should just bring that recruitment forward by 6 months.

    Big difference between going for Pepe and De Ligt in the summer and going for them in January. To be fair we could get Pepe this January but q top quality CB is probably going to be difficult. As for names De Ligt is the best one imo we can pick relatively cheap who’s going to explode in the not too distant future. This January though expect a Hermosa type even though I think we should look at someone like Tah at Leverkusen or maybe Gilk at Monaco both at struggling teams. Reuben Diaz of Benfica young and a hot prospect could be a good shout mid season

  49. Marko

    Victorious honest question but where was this criticism when fuckface was the manager? Had problems in defence for years had a horrendous defence the last two seasons especially and had so many embarrassing defeats under Wenger how cum you didn’t say much then? You little cretin

  50. Northbanker

    Can’t see how we could sign De Ligt as every top club after him inc Barca
    We will be outbid and we shall need to look elsewhere
    Hope I’m wrong but he’s the best known secret around as far as CBs are concerned

  51. Marko

    I hear ya north but at the end of the day it’s more about convincing the player than anything else. Doesn’t matter if we’re outbid by Barcelona they can hardly give Lenglet, Umtiti and Pique a game on top of De Ligt. Point is that will a big club give a 19 year old the game time when already these types of clubs have good CB’S? I feel like a big club can give enough game time to someone young in midfield like Frenkie De Jong but a 19 year old CB would be used sparingly. He’d guarantee start here though

  52. Marc


    I posted earlier this seasons goals for, against, points and away points compared to the same fixtures last season. We’ve scored more, conceded less, have more points and are only 2 points off of last seasons total away points tally.

    No one on here thinks everything is perfect or there doesn’t need to be improvements in several areas however the simple facts point to everything being better than last season.

    Now matter how you want to dress it up, shape it or try to paint it Emery is a staggeringly better option than Wenger has been for years. END OF.

  53. TheLegendaryDB10


    No matter how you want to dress it up, shape it or try to paint it Emery is a staggeringly better option than Wenger has been for years. END OF.

    Absolutely. We are a work in progress. Anyone expecting a fast revival is deluded. It will take some tine to get us back to being a proper football club with a football team than go toe-to-toe with the top clubs.

    The great thing is that Unai is getting us there quicker than we all could have expected.

    Last night was an example. Yes we conceded two poor goals. BUT we did not lose the game vs the Manc bastards. That is in itself is an achievement to build on. And as you can see, Unai will not give up.

    Onwards and upwards The Arsenal!

  54. Marko

    No surprise Graham. I’m sure him and Charlie were discussing how bad we were defensively after the game against Wolves and were criticizing the manager I’ve no doubt that is the only time in the last number of years that they’ve done that. Which is weird considering that we’ve only lost by one and two goals this season and have 15 wins in 22 games this season. No 6-0’s or 8-2’s yet

  55. Graham62


    Most ten year olds also know ” Emery is a staggeringly better option”.

    Shirt sales are up.

    Commercially, the club is raking it in once again.

  56. Northbanker

    Couldn’t agree more but we would all think that wouldn’t we?
    Mind you I never thought we would get Auba either!

  57. Marc


    Before last night when was the last time you watched a match at Old Trafford with a genuine sense of optimism or actually enjoyed the match?

    Pretty much tells you everything.

    Emery is doing a good job – on a score card I’d say he’s pitching at a B. The best thing for Arsenal though isn’t Emery it’s the management structure that appointed him, scouted Torreira, Sokratis, Guendozi, Leno and Lich, have just done a deal that doubles our shirt deal and are re vamping our club from top to bottom.

    2019 will be great.

    2020 will be better.

    And so on and so on.

  58. Marko

    North De Ligt by all accounts should stay where he is for a few more years but honestly he should not contemplate a move to someone like Barcelona this young.

  59. Marc


    You know Pedro needs to set up 2 comment sections, an under 10 and over!

    Some of the poster’s on here are laughable. It’s not a differing of opinion it’s immaturity or insanity.

  60. Graham62

    Nearly everyone I speak to with a knowledge of Football, speak so glowingly about Arsenal and Unai Emery.

    Just a shame that some Arsenal fans don’t see it that way.

  61. Marc


    Winning the FA Cup was a great thing, Wenger should have walked out on the pitch after the first if the three and said “I’ve got you through the stadium move, I’ve got you to where the money is feeing up and I’ve given the club the first trophy at the Emirates but it’s time to step aside for something new”.

    Would’ve gone down an absolute legend, instead it’s going to take 10 – 20 years before people cool down and appreciate what he did achieve.

    It’s actually really sad.

  62. Graham62


    A ten and under section would be brilliant.

    “Emery is a nice manager. but Mr Wenger was much more nicest”

  63. HillWood

    This week we have stuffed the Scum
    Drawn at Old Trafford
    Play Huddersfield next
    Yet there are still people on here whining and moaning

  64. Joe


    That’s all fine in hindsight but he didn’t leave and has made his own bed.

    I truly think that the decade of regression will sour how Wenger is viewed. No matter how time has passed. It’s not like he left on top like Ferguson.

    It’s not like it was only a bad season or two. It was more than a decade. Plus on top of that his behaviour. His arrogance. His disdain for the fans. Lying to the fans.

    His legacy has been tainted for ever

  65. Marc


    That’s what’s so sad about it. He could’ve easily gone down as a legend but he soured it all by himself and damaged the club in the process.

  66. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    What an horrible dirty cunt Rashford is…

    Didn’t need to tackle like that … hope the same injury visits him some day…

    Or is it Jose thought , did he tell them to kick them off the park.

  67. Joe

    damaged the club in the process.

    And that’s the worst part. Tried to say he loved the club. Did it all for the club.
    I could care less about him ruining his own legacy.

    But he has damaged the club year on year for over a decade for his own personal ego and wealth.

  68. TheLegendaryDB10


    I don’t disagree with you. That’s why I am so looking forward to The Arsenal’s future.

    As much as Gazidis was a total asshole, he indeed left us with a competent management team who will want to make us better.

    Of course the bottom line is that Kroenke will still have a valuable company to help him offset his huge debts.

    But this is all to our advantage as we now have a team of people looking to make us more valuable (and therefore more succesful cuz without it this would not be the case).

    Ps: And I definitively agree with you. Last night was the best night we had because we still managed to not lose to Manure despite all their antics.

    Next season will definitively be something else.

    Onwards and Upwards The Arsenal!

  69. Marko

    Mauricio Pochettino says Arsenal should save celebratory social media posts for after trophy-winning triumphs rather than mid-season derby wins.

    What would he know about celebrating trophies.

  70. BacaryisGod

    So we now have security footage of Ozil, Aubameyang, Lacazette and others smoking Hippy Crack at a wild party. That’s shocking and disgraceful and dangerous for your health.

    Anyone know where I can get some?

    Sounds like a good team bonding exercise to me, and at least Mesut isn’t playing Fortnite all the time then.

  71. Marko

    To be fair that incident happened before the start of the season and with the exception of Ozil everyone else is doing well at the moment so it’s not ideal but not a big deal. I will say though as the most senior squad member there and the one with the most to lose you’d think Ozil would have more sense and with regards to the balloon stuff with recently joined up 19 year old Guendouzi it sets a bad example. It doesn’t paint a great picture of Ozil but what’s new there. Lad’s a proper useless cunt these days

  72. Prodigy

    That article from the Sun is so much clickbait, it’s embarrassing.
    That’s exactly the kinda shit the fans like to see from the team, before the beginning of the season

  73. TonyD

    Emery has made a great statement to the world, fans and players implementing his will, philosophies and tactics on the PL.

    The team have equally made their own collective statement in getting their winning mentality and team mental resolve back again.

    Now it’s time for the club to follow suite suit and make their statement in the January TW.

    I’d see it as a strong message for now and the future if we bought the 2 Dutch lads posted earlier (De Ligt & De Jong) along with Pepe or better winger.

    Age and experience it might make us a bit lightweight now, but Guendouzi is shaping up nicely and the future core would have a great look about it.

    Commercially it could make sense because these lads could become shirt ‘Names’ much sooner or at least we could sell them on if they don’t fit in for profit.

    Could always bring back Chambers & hopefully Kos and Mavp can be brought back in.

    Getting the Dutch lads now will be easier than in the summer.

    The Dutch co-owner of my wife’s company who has connections to Ajax dating back 30 years told me the general consensus in Holland is that those lads are going to make it at the highest level.

    He’s rarely wrong with his footballing views.

  74. Freddie Ljungberg

    Ajax values De Ligt at 57m pounds and De Jong at 66m so the likelihood of us buying either of them is slim unfortunately.

    Would still be a good investment I think but can’t see it happening. 2 superstars in the making for sure.

  75. Freddie Ljungberg

    Wilshere has played 3 games for West Ham sice he joined them and is now out with another ankle injury.

    Can’t believe there are still fuckwits that wanted us to give him a new contract.
    Hope the clearout of deadwood continues in the next 2 windows.

  76. TonyD

    Agreed Freddie and is why I said it would be a major statement for the club to make.

    Both have the real potential to become £100+ million players in the next 3+ years.

    If Stan sanctioned those buys, He would win huge kudos from the fans and really prove his future success ‘Intent’ statements as well as proving himself as an ambitious owner.

    It’s the perfect timing to spend £150 million (including a winger) for the club to show its real ambition and to be honest it’s not even a risky gamble.

  77. TonyD

    When you consider purchase prices are paid over several seasons, it’s not like the whole £150 million has to be paid January – maybe only around £40 million outlay in January.

    Pretty sure we could offload players for that amount in January and the summer.

    Sell Mikhi and we get his £170K a week wages to pay their salaries.

    We get Ramsey’s £110 a week free in January or the summer.

    If, as we should, get rid of Ozil next year, we will be in a good position to pay incoming players.

    Financially it could be made to work if the club really wanted to make it happen.

  78. Freddie Ljungberg

    I would take De Ligt in a heartbeat, De Jong too but think we need an AM more than a CM right now.

    Neither Mikhi or Ozil are good enough.

    Ozil has apparently said he would like to try a new experience in Italy, ship him out asap.

    Lyon wants a resolution with Fekir before the window opens since he only has 18 months left of his contract, time for a cheeky bid?

    We could easily make a statement and spend 200m in the next 2 windows if we wanted to. With the new sponsorship money coming in and moving on some players.

    Chambers, mustafi, Ozil, Mikhi, Ramsey, welbeck, Elneny. Monreal


    AM + winger + CB + LB

    If we decide to get another CM as well then move Xhaka on.

    Would save us some wages too moving on some of our most overpaid players that are barely contributing

  79. Mysticleaves

    I would look closer to home for a CB. Bailly and Toby would be more attainable than De Ligt. Both are also ready made and know the PL. Let’s get in there for Toby. He’s in the wrong north London club, we should make him realise it.

  80. Dark Hei


    Wenger was a football addict. A junkie.

    Someone needed to make him go because he would never leave.

    No junkie will ever go willingly to cold turkey.

    I don’t think Stan is clueless or weak. I think he deliberately allowed Wenger to stay because there was no incentive for Arsenal to progress until Usmanov left.

  81. Graham62


    There is absolutely no chance Arsenal will be spending £200m in the next two windows.

    I’m afraid you’re living in cloud cuckoo land.

  82. Freddie Ljungberg


    Maybe learn to read before before issuing dickish statements.

    I said we could easily do it if we wanted to, never said I think it’s likely.

    It wouldn’t be 200m net anyway, more like 100-120m with all the outgoings.

    This is what we should be doing, not what I think will happen…

  83. Leedsgunner

    What happened to Julio Pleguezuelo? The young Spaniard that started against for us in an Europa League game a few weeks ago? Is he injured?

    If not, I want him to step up. He’s 22. If he’s not good enough sell him on, but he needs to be given a chance… Quarabag should not be too beyond him.

    Time for Medley to show us what he is made of.

  84. Pierre

    wing back system..

    Although we have conceded goals in the last few games, I think in general we have looked more solid as a team .
    The goals we have conceded in the last 3 games have mainly been individual errors that could have been avoided ..3 dead ball situations , an error by Kolasinac v man Utd with the Bournemouth goal being the only time we have over committed and were punished for it.

    Kolasinac is a potent weapon in the wing back system ,his delivery is first class and bellerin also has the pace and energy and a final ball to allow the system to work well.
    Our full /wing backs have probably been our most creative force in the team this season plus having 3 central defenders haven’t left the team as exposed as in earlier games .

    Will be interesting to see if Emery continues with wing backs…I hope so.

    Pleased to see Mhkitaryan have such a good last half hour v united …very influential, created a goal , creating chances , linking play well , goal disallowed, missed a good chance but a very intelligent performance from him despite what the majority on le grove think ….

    I sometimes wonder what game they are watching the amount of shit they give their own players in a very hard physical game ….then again I suppose they need someone to abuse now that ozil is out injured so Mhkitaryan fits the bill perfectly .

  85. HighburyLegend

    FFs, we are truly doomed as a club, with a bunch of irresponsables player like those ones…

    But in a way, it explains a lot of things, Ozil and Mikki out of shape for example. It comes from The Sun, but if it’s true, we are in trouble – and I’m sure Emery will appreciate that article.

    And of course, when it happens with Chelsea or Manure players, it’s “not so harmful”, but if it’s with Arsenal, we must prepare for a real mediatic tornado is coming to us.

  86. Ray in LA

    Have just read…

    a stat analysis of Chelsea…it points out the impact of displacing Kante to the right to make room for Jorginho — the result was Kante goes from hero to being vilified by Sarri as the reason they lost to the Spuds

    criticising the performance of a player who’s played out of position…sounded familiar

    Thank you for the link Danny…@ 1:30 nice to see the senior players looking after the kids like Guendouzi 🙂

  87. Goobergooner


    “some not-so-familiar missed chances”

    I know you love your xG stat, but we have missed some glaring opportunities from ‘big chances’ this season. Bellerin, iwobi, mhki, auba and Laca have all missed some seriously big chances. Whether that is blasting over, or the keeper saving brilliantly or just very lame shots straight at the keeper, we have witnessed quite a few sitters missed from in and around the 6 yard box.

  88. Mark

    So the Jerk Mariner tells the FA he dealt with the hair pulling by giving a free kick.
    Why no card then ??? Dodgy Cunt!

  89. Nelson

    This formation doesn’t work. To use the wing back for attack, you need to have the inside forward to set it up. Instead we have 3 midfielders. We need Mikki to play with Bellerin or Iwobi for Kos. Also why Sokratis kept carrying the ball upfield and then passed it back. It is totally useless. Now both our CB’s have 5 yellows. What a bad half of football.