Arsenal must end embarrassing Mourinho hoodoo

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Good banter travels far. The humorous comments section conspiracy theory grew legs yesterday and had a lot of people talking. Someone with contacts in the insurance world dropped this comment.

‘They were able to prove that the high profile player’s injury had in fact been caused by playing too many video games. In his case it was a knee injury caused by sitting on sofa for hours on end with his feet on the coffee table, This causes minor hyperextension of the knee. I think? Good luck with your conspiracy theory.’

Absolute gold.

This is mostly tongue in cheek, a lot of folk from countries outside England sending pelters my way because they don’t understand world class British bantz, but the reality is, spending that much time in front of a screen is really unhealthy. I know first hand what a corrupting influence the screen can be on your life, and I’m being absolutely genuine here.

My career has been built off the internet. Everything in my life past the age of 21 is owed to this blog, Twitter and the power of the Arsenal community. I’m on my phone a lot. This year, Apple added the screentime function. I was spending an average of 4.5 hours a day on my phone. That’s minus the computer screen I was sitting in front of.  If I went on a mad session, I couldn’t concentrate, I actually started to feel sick.

Don’t tell me that mad screentime doesn’t impact your life. It can be devastating to relationships, your work, and the outside world. Best thing I’ve ever done is delete all the time drainers. I don’t have Instagram, Twitter, Fishbowl, or my e-mail on my phone. I’ll bring Twitter back for games… but I remove them straight after.

The impact has been electric. I’m more present in everything I do. I’m a better boss, a better creative, and a better human.

Screens are a fucking cancer on the brain. But, you know, big thanks to 80% of the traffic that comes from mobile. I love you. Never leave me.

ANYWAY. Man United today. What a fucking exciting proposition we have.

Unai Emery not only has the chance to extend our incredible unbeaten run, he can potentially end the tenure of the most obnoxious manager in history. If Jose loses his job, the best he’ll ever do moving forward is Roma or Everton. This is a HUGE game for him.

We know what he’s going to do. It’s going to be a shit-house special. He’s going to set up to bully us out of the match. Fellaini will start, all his sharp-elbowed fiends will join. No doubt, all will have been sleeping outside in dog kennels. It’s going to be a shameful spectacle. The sort that’d give Graham Souness an erection. The type that’ll have Gary Neville lamenting the soft spine of Arsenal ‘yet again.’

But you know what? We’ll be prepared. We’ll be fired up. We have dirty players. This game could be an epic announcement to the rest of the league. This really is the chance to put the ‘soft Arsenal’ bollocks to rest. I can’t fucking wait.

United are utter shite. They’re 8 points behind us. Their goal difference is -1. The squad hates Mourinho. Pogba and the manager are at war as reality dawns that he’s not elite and United blew £94m on him. Sanchez would top himself if it weren’t for his dogs. No one is performing to the level they should be, mainly because they don’t want to.

The special one is dropping Arsene Wenger like statements in the press in a pathetic attempt to draw sympathy for his privileged attempt at making United a proper team.

“Before Palace, I said my target would be end of December in top four. Now the target has changed. Now we have to try to be very close to these positions. We need not to be so unlucky with problems that we have. We need some players to perform.”

“I can agree even though the investment Everton made was phenomenal,”

“I don’t think Everton will be in front of United by the end of the season.”

He is complaining about Everton’s investment! Un-fucking-real. What a pathetic man. The only reason United curtailed his spending this summer because his sporting director attempts have been utterly shambolic.

The press love him though, they don’t want him gone. The BBC ran an article about whether the Portuguese was getting harsh treatment.

‘However, there is frustration among some Old Trafford insiders who believe Mourinho is held to different standards, being compared both to his predecessors at United and rival managers at other clubs.’

ARE YOU KIDDING ME! The last time United were in a position this shite, it was under Moyesy. Jose has dropped £350m. If the ‘legends’ are critiquing a shite brand of football and 7th in the league, they are well within their rights.

But football is all about the hierarchy. Mourinho has a sharp tongue, he’s handsome and he’s won things. His failings can’t possibly be down to his lack of interest in developing his ideas, could it? And look, I spent 11 years arguing Wenger was past it, and regardless of how correct my commentary was, people still wanted to side with the ill-informed folk who pushed a ‘good old Arsene’ narrative.

The irony that the manager who nailed Wenger so perfectly is now begging for the same ‘look the other way’ treatment is not lost on any of us.

Anyway, I can’t wait for today. We should be winning this. But football is a cruel beast and Jose always raises the bar for Arsenal. Mix in the fact that Emery has never beaten Jose in 5 attempts, and you start to worry.

However, this is a different era, we have the winds of progress on our side, the Arsenal players will go to war for Emery, and it’s about fucking time we put the Mourinho hoodoo to bed.

I am so excited.

See you on the other side. x

P.S. Listen to my fucking podcast.


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  1. Mysticleaves

    I thought Auba’s missed chance was easier to score than Miki’s. Auba knew how and where the ball will come. It was also on his favorite foot. Infact he shouldn’t have missed. Miki’s chance was more reactionary.

    I also thought he played well when he came in. Bar one hospital pass to Bellerin he couldn’t have done much more. Have seen worse from him.

  2. ddkingz

    If ozil manages to be fit against Huddersfield…. then it just sums up what everyone has been thinking about him.. .

    What a cunt…..

    Some moron on here…. Saying we don’t need ozil to fight we need his creativity.. ….we need ozil to achieve our goals…

    A player who has missed the tough matches of the season…. Where we might have needed him to fight for the club, but was nowhere to be found….

    What was our goal the past five seasons with ozil…. 3 face cup and community Shields….

    A player who was in the pitch, when ATM were one men down in the Europa league , for a whole 90 mins.. and they still drew the match and beat us in their home ground… Where was his creativity????

    A player rated by some old cowards (on Le-grove Who are blind to actually use their eyes) as the most creative player in the world, haven’t gotten up to 5 assist, when he has the deadliest striking partners in the league as team mates, is a laughable offense…..

    We don’t need him to do duck for us…. I’d swap David Silva for ozil anyday anytime anywhere…..

    If I was ozil, I’d just be thankful to Giroud for heading all my set piece.. ..

  3. Sancho Monzorla

    Goddammit I agree with Pierre.

    Don’t really see how Auba and Mikki’s chances were in any way missed sitters.

  4. TheLegendaryDB10

    December 5, 2018 23:22:32

    Steve is an outstanding spud troll..
    Double lols..

    I’ll correct you, just for his sake.. he is a chav. So he was indeed disapointed.. by the fact that they lost to Wolves. That’s where the lolz should be.

  5. Joe

    Anyway. 20 in a row. Disappointing result. 2 points dropped. But the 20 in a row includes spuds. Liverpool. Man U.

    Great job by emery. He can’t be blamed for today’s draw.

  6. TheLegendaryDB10


    Disapointing is harsh in the sense that we did not lose to these cunts. Yes we could have done better… but the most important aspect is that we did not lose.

    In effect we are now 20 games undefeated.

    Onwards and Upwards The Arsenal.

  7. Joe


    It’s only in the way we lost I feel
    It’s disappointing. That fuck for their second goal is hard to swallow. ESP right after we score. As someone has said. It’s unforgivable to make that sort of mistake.

    And the two sitters missed by aubu and mkhit.

    Anyway. Let’s smash Huddersfield hopefully. We need to win. That’s a must win match

  8. TheLegendaryDB10


    I know what you mean. In time we will get over that hoodoo at not winning at OT.

    We will get better with time. It is all part of the learning curve to get to handle that type of game. It will be useful when we next play Man Shitty.

  9. ddkingz

    Any Mkhi is with the ball….. I just feel like closing my eyes, until I know he’s nowhere near the ball…..

    His passes are totally awful… There no way a teammate can do a damage to an opponent with a pass from Mkhi….

    How did Mkhi miss that, Just watched the replay and he managed to get in front if the defender while de Gea was moving helplessly…… But still awful Mkhi still blazed it into the sky… Just like against the chavs…. But he managed to score a goal ruled out for offside from an impossible angle….

    Totally useless player, should swap Mkhi for any player, even if it’s a prospect like MG/ ESR

  10. WengerEagle

    Old habits die hard I guess, fuck sake.

    Predicted a score draw before the game and a 3-2 if we had the bottle going forward which we didn’t of course.

    Take the point but disappointing given the context of the game and our OT PL nightmare continues, dropped points there in every PL match we have played since 2006.

    Wasn’t blown away by Emery’s transfer business in the summer and we suffered the lack of quality today needed to put away this shit lot.

  11. TonyD

    Happy we didn’t lose, but unhappy with the unforgivable, calamitous mistakes we made in defense. I don’t blame Leno for either goals.

    That said, losing Holding was a big loss and detrimental to Emery’s tactics, especially with Ramsey also going off because he would have continued to offer more than Mikhi.

    Ramsey still needs replacing along with Mikhi & Ozil.

    Guendouzi really did well considering he’s raw and new to the PL. Experience from that game will benefit us well going forward. Need to be quicker releasing the ball.

    Mariner typically gave United decisions he wouldn’t give to other teams at other grounds, which seems to be the way for over 20 years by most refs.

    Being swayed to book Bellerin by United players was all too typical and disgraceful, as was not red carding Matic for a 2nd yellow. Equally Rojo could have had a 2nd yellow for the foul on Lacazette as he took Laca first for our 2nd goal. Could easily sent Fellaini off for the hair pull on Guendouzi.

    With the above and offside for their first goal our earlier games’ luck with decisions have been leveled imo.

    Hard to say if we missed Xhaka because United would have targeted him relentlessly at pace; certainly we missed the part of his link up play and controlling possession in the advanced midfield area if he could have found sufficient space and time on the ball.

    Ozil would never have been in the game; far too brutal a game for Marty Feldman’s son.

    All in all we should be content, not happy with the draw considering what we put into the NLD only 2 days prior. However, happy we didn’t lose and our unbeaten psyche stays in tact.

    Going forward Emery is doing us proud with 20 games unbeaten. We need to win our games through to January including the Pool game, which I believe we can do after the NLD and last night’s game. Can’t see Chelsea fancying playing us either.

    As many say here we need to have successful TW with perhaps 3 players brought in: winger, CAM and CB. Obviously we need a mobile LB, but we can get by until the summer with Kola, Kos and Monreal coming back.

    Worst case is I’d settle for a winger and a visionary, very mobile, two-footed CAM.

    Then I’d say we have a very decent shout for 3rd or 4th place.

    Let’s hope Holding’s injury isn’t severe. He’s been improving all season. Hated Rojo picture of him laughing as Holding was being stretchered off.

  12. Guns of sf

    Fuck manure the thuggish trolls ass wipes of the league
    Satan worshipping shit fucks
    Now a draw is disappointing but all in all not bad given the intensity of Sunday
    Sven and co need to have targets lined up and ready to make offers Jan 1

  13. TonyD

    ‘Wasn’t blown away by Emery’s transfer business in the summer and we suffered the lack of quality today needed to put away this shit lot.’

    Who would you have bought with the limited budget we had WE?

    Not having a dig, but genuinely interested to have who you’d have bought?

    Torriera, Leno, Guendouzi for me were seriously good business for the money spent. Papa is turning out to be far better than Mustafi.

    Licht is the only WTF signing imo, but at least he was free.

    If you’re talking about a current player would should never have bought, look no further than Mikhi.

  14. TonyD

    ‘Fuck manure the thuggish trolls ass wipes of the league
    Satan worshipping shit fucks’

    Care to elaborate deeper, Guns of SF. Thought the description was a little light weight lol .

  15. Sancho Monzorla

    I still don’t really know, I mean yeah he could have scored but it was a speedy cross that he had to catch on a short hop, while between 2 defenders and the keeper. I can understand that kind of miss, it happens more often than not even in professional football.

    Auba’s shot I think it was just some good keeping with a little bit of luck on De Gea’s part.

  16. Guns of sf


    I hate them hate hate
    Otoh we seriously need attacking players including a winger cam and 2 defenders

    Sven better have dug up something good
    Our season now depends on it

    The lads need a real rest. Day off tomorrow and take care of niggling injuries. Huddersfield might be a hangover so need to be careful with them

  17. Emiratesstroller

    As I wrote yesterday a draw against Man Utd at Old Trafford was not a bad result considering our record there

    Man Utd may be considered a poor team this season, but they have lost only one home game at home in EPL this season.

    Most pundits forecasted that Arsenal would lose their last 3 games so getting two wins and a draw is not a bad outcome.

    The disappointment however were firstly the very poor concentration levels
    and decision making after we scored both our goals and allowing them back in

    In reality our defence remains brittle like it was last season. We have conceded 20 goals in EPL and that is unacceptable for a team seeking a top 4

    Frankly it is more important that the club focusses on finding replacements
    in CB and LB positions than recruiting midfielders or wingers. We need to tighten up this area of team.

  18. WengerEagle


    Wasn’t bowled over with the Papa signing at CB, He’s done ok in there tbf to him but we still need better if we are to be competing. I mean 20 goals conceded in 15 matches is dreadful and cause for major concern.

    Guendouzi is still very raw, people were getting carried away with him based off of a few tidy cameos. He still needs plenty of time to develop into the player that he has shown faint glimpses of potentially being so far.

    Just felt that we could have done more, was clear that even with the signings that we are a few quality players short in midfield and at the back. LB and creative midfield being two huge problem areas.

  19. TonyD

    Pretty much agree with you. Papa is slowly gaining my respect and my view is Mustafi and Kola are our weak defensive concerns.

    I feel the limited money was spent well; there just wasn’t enough budget to get what we really needed.

    January and next summer TWs are going to really be telling as to whether the club is serious about the rebuild.

  20. Guns of SF

    Guen is getting some serious trial by fire. He is a little slow in getting the ball moving sometimes- looks for a nice tidy pass but overall, not so bad for a teenager.
    He is a big strong kid, so in time, will be able to use his size to his advantage more.

    We have 3 mids who are around 30 years old, CM and CAM… they are not doing the job. Mikki, Rambo and Ozil have the odd great game but not the consistency we need.

    We need younger more mobile, attackers with speed and creativity. Someone even mentioned Shaquiri! Heck he would have done better than what we have.

    All of us can only hope that in the next few weeks, we have identified and gone after the targets we need.

    I hope Holding will be ok. Danny, now him. Along with Monreal… this is not looking good for our back line. A defender that can play across the back line is what is needed

  21. WengerEagle


    Yeah with you on that, we’re in a very good place to take the club to the next level with the right amount of strengthening in the next couple of windows, remains to be seen just how serious the club are about reaching our potential.

    We’re due a bit of a form slump given we’ve been unbeaten in 20 matches so a player or two in January would be the perfect boost to push on through it.

    Be amazed if we signed more than one player in Jan mind, I’d be pretty pleased even with just one so long as they were an improvement on what we have in the starting XI.

  22. Guns of SF

    Surely we need a defender with our injury/age crisis
    We also need better attackers

    What would you prefer if we had only one player to get in Jan?

  23. Joe

    Great article:

    The cynical may say that the longer you wait for something good to come along, the quicker you are to rush to judgement.

    There may be something in that and it is worth remembering that it is only early December of Unai Emery’s first Premier League season.

    Nevertheless, it is hard to ignore the creeping feeling that the scale of Arsenal’s improvement under their new manager is more than marginal.

    The scale of Arsenal’s improvement under Unai Emery is more than marginal
    Much was made of Sunday’s home victory over Tottenham and they played very well in a game that appeared to underline the emergence of players like holding midfielder Lucas Torreira.

    Here at OId Trafford, however, it could be argued that Arsenal produced a performance of equal substance.

    Consider the way the second half unfolded. Arsenal scored a goal to take the lead for the second time only to give it away again within a minute on the back of calamitous defending

    Having lost two players – one of them their captain – to injury before half-time and playing a Manchester United team that had bolstered its familiar rudimentary football with some much needed aggression and tempo, it appeared the visiting team faced a very long final 20 minutes indeed.

    Previous Arsenal teams – those that tarnished Arsene Wenger’s legacy in his final years – would have folded. But this one was different.

    Despite the fact that the second half had a distinct feel of ebb and flow about it, it was only Arsenal creating the chances.

    Emery is a brave coach, of that there is no doubt. With the game locked at 1-1, he had not sought to close it down. Instead he sent on a forward, Alexandre Lacazette, and this notification of intent was mirrored by the performance of his players.

    Three times in the final stages of the game, United goalkeeper David de Gea made very good saves. De Gea had handed Arsenal the first goal of the game with an error – why didn’t Ander Herrera head it off the line? – but he more than atoned with two saves from Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and one late on from Torreira.

    Each of these chances were constructed by some clear, precise, incisive football. There was also another big chance, Henrikh Mkhitaryan poking a shot over at the near post when it looked easier to score.

    So placed in the context of the game and the context of Arsenal’s season, it is clear that Arsenal are learning to play like a big club again. They had become so diminished – both in terms of results but also character – under Wenger that it was painful to watch.

    But this was a game they should have won. It was an open game in terms of the territory and the possession.

    United were improved in terms of attitude and maybe that was to do with Jose Mourinho’s decision to leave some of his established players out of his team. Some of those who did start had a little to prove and they approached the game in this manner.

    However, United did not fashion a proper chance in the second half and this points to an enduring lack of quality that undermines everything Mourinho is trying to achieve.

    United did play with more forward thrust but their attacking players feed off scraps these days while their supporters have been reduced to greeting a corner or a tough tackle with the same enthusiasm that used to follow a shot on goal.

    How many saves of note did Arsenal’s Bernd Leno make during this game? For all United’s improvement, it is hard to think of many.

    This was a fierce contest at times and we were grateful for that. In recent times, this fixture has served only to remind us of how things used to be and how much we have missed them.

    Last season’s version – preceded by a presentation to the departing Wenger – was so lame that it is hard to remember the score. United actually won 2-1 but nobody really cared.

    On this occasion, some of the old ‘dog’ was back. Torreira transpired to have a poor game but his midfield partner Matteo Guendouzi did not. The teenage Frenchman began uncertainly but his influence grew as the night wore on and he looks a prospect.

    For United, Nemanja Matic and Ander Herrera did not wish to concede a yard of space and at one stage in the first half referee Andre Marriner dished out four yellow cards in as many minutes. As strange as it sounds, it was pleasing to see.

    The goals were not great. Three came from errors while the other – United’s first – could have been called offside. But that only served to deepen the uncertainty and the welcome smell of sporting chaos.

    There were moments to savour, moments of quality. Arsenal sought to create angles and at times passed the ball well. United were rather more blood and thunder.

    On Thursday morning, Arsenal sit fifth in a two-horse title race but only two points behind the heralded Tottenham. That represents progress. United, meanwhile, are in a cluster with Leicester and Brighton. That is a surprise, but maybe not much of one.

  24. TonyD

    Good to see the Telegraph talking up our performance yesterday:

    ‘A draw, for once, is something for United to cling onto and, while Arsenal extended their unbeaten run to 20 matches in all competitions, they will come away feeling they should have done so with a first win here since 2006.

    They were the better team, whatever Mourinho claimed, and created the better chances. If David de Gea was horribly at fault for Arsenal’s first goal he was, by the end, standing between Arsenal and ­victory with some fine saves.’

  25. WengerEagle

    Not sure why Leno was copping some blame for the 2nd goal btw, was Kola’s shocking touch that was the culprit, lokoed more like a Lukaku-eque rap/ist 1st touch than an under-hit back pass, either way he sold Leno short.

  26. Guns of sf

    Bad awareness by kola but besides that was good. Feel for Leno . First goal was offsides with a lucky blind cross by Herrera the asswipe

  27. Mysticleaves

    “Guendouzi is still very raw, people were getting carried away with him based off of a few tidy cameos. He still needs plenty of time to develop into the player that he has shown faint glimpses of potentially being so far.”

    I have been one of the biggest voices shouting caution. But yesterday, guendozi proved he can play in this team from the start. The whole team was nervous in the early stages but immediately after that he picked up and really bossed the midfield. I can even say he came of age yesterday. Monster.

    Again, Kola was fantastic. We conceded via his mistake but I am not letting it blind me to the fact that he created up to 4 chances yesterday and was never threatened defensively.

    And the mob keep saying replace Mustafi. Against the biggest teams we have faced recently, he has been impeccable. Had another masterful display yesterday. I wouldn’t sell him at all.

  28. kristoman

    not to sound pessimistic but we have not really done better against the big team per se. the only improvements I see is that we beating teams we should beating. 5 matches 1 home win 2 loss 2 draws. in fact this is first away draw against top side this season

  29. WengerEagle

    On paper it may not look like much but when you factor that:

    – The Citeh and Chelsea losses were literally the first two matches of the campaign.
    – Pretty much everybody loses to Citeh.
    – We just as easily could have beaten Chelsea if Aubameyang had located his shooting boots a few matches sooner.
    – Beat Spurs convincingly, only one of three sides including Citeh and Chelsea to even take points off of Liverpool so far, came away from OT with a point in the bag which beats most seasons.

    -Most importantly for me, we have played very well for large spells in all of these fixtures barring the Man City one, and seeing as how that was our opener as well as City’s absurd quality, not one to get too hung up about.

  30. Leftsidesanch

    We’ve done well. We had chances to put Chelsea and United away that we didn’t take.

    Not sure how anyone can’t see the improvement. We are resilient, hard to beat, willing to scrap (as shown in the Spurs/Utd clashes) and this is largely with the same players as last term.

    It will be a sight once Emery really gets his own stamp on this side.

  31. gonsterous

    watching the highlights, either team could have nicked a winner, so maybe a draw was the best result.
    Mou and co are a very dirty side. I can’t see how the higher ups at man utd will let this continue next season.
    I’m not too disappointed with the draw but we need reinforcements in Jan or else we will be very lucky to get into the top 4 when the crunch season begins.

  32. gonsterous

    we have a very small squad in terms of quality so I would welcome even a single signing in Jan. But minimum 2 players are required to help us push to top 4

  33. Samesong

    Man U were there for the taking. We dropped 2 points don’t be all caught up in well a draw was fine.

    Man united will probably lose their next game.

  34. Graham62

    Happy with the result, although we could have won it in the final 20 mins.

    It was clear that Sunday had taken it’s toll on some of the players. Mistimed tackles were evident and on occasions, speed of thought. However, this is a new Arsenal and, a far better Arsenal.

    The way they responded after MU equalised for a second time was admirable.
    Effort was outstanding and you could see the players were disappointed they hadn’t won. Guendouzi, once he settled, had a good game. Kolasinac, despite his mistake, also played well.

    We all know now that Ozil is the weak link and, had he been playing, we would probably have lost. Players need to rest their bodies for a couple of days and hope the injuries to Holding and Ramsey, are not too serious.

    Bloody hell, 20 games unbeaten and Chelski lost!

    Life is good again.

  35. Leedsgunner

    In the context of the season as a whole, yesterday was not a bad result, if Wenger was here still, I dare say we would have been “celebrating” it.

    It’s because Emery has raised our expectations that we are all very disappointed. That’s good, our expectations have been too low for too long; sure, it’s not the perfect result but it is a start in the right direction. A draw was my very absolute minimum for this match anyways although I would have loved a win.

    We just need to ensure that we beat the teams that we are expected to beat like Huddersfield, because it’s worth three points just like this one. We can’t draw to them like we drew to Wolves and the Eagles.

    The test of progress will be in the second half the season when we face Man City, Chelsea, Liverpool, Tottenham and Man United again? Are we good enough to have learnt from our encounters and get the results we need? So for me, the bare minimum I would accept in the second half of the season are draws to Man City and Chelsea, and wins to Liverpool, Tottenham and United… especially if we strengthen in the January. We need to learn from our mistakes not just repeat them.

  36. Leedsgunner

    Our remaining December fixtures are all winnable… especially the EPL ones of Huddersfield, Southampton and Burnley.

    Sure, Liverpool at their ground will be tricky, but we went toe to toe with them, and at home so we need to do, at least that in their ground, but really, if we are moving forward we should be winning at grounds like Anfield.

  37. Guns of Hackney

    1. We didn’t lose.
    2. We should have won.
    3. The defence is utter trash.
    4. City spent £250m on theirs.

    A defence this poor can only mean losses and draws (like last night) when we should have won. Since day one, a great defence will always give you a shot even if your forwards are misfiring.

    That was 2 points dropped but hey…it was away at United. So not all bad.

    That defence though. Yuck.

  38. Graham62

    Let’s be honest here, what Unai Emery has achieved with this group of players, in such a short period, has exceeded all our expectations by a mile and a furlong.

  39. ddkingz

    @ arsenal.. .

    January tw….

    Cb, and a goal scoring winger is the most important players we need….

    If koscieny manages to cut back strong and reliable, then just buy a goal scoring winger, who is very reliable and can change the pace and direction of our play….
    We can’t always be relying on auba and laca to score goals for us….

    Maybe a winger, and a cam with the Output of that of a player like admiron capable of supplying goals and assist to help progress the team…

    Love Iwobi, but anything more than a squad player is a joke…. He needs to improve A LOT….

  40. ddkingz

    From the current trend the epl is going…..

    Buying up to two players next month is a must for us….. Oh look, Stan is going greedy the the cash, but I’ll still be watching my arsenal, while Stan and his club will be losing millions of pounds from missing out of the CL spot…..

    If we don’t perform well in January, both in recruitments and on the field, we are fucked….

    Mkhi, elneny, Ramsey, ozil all naughty players and not good enough for arsenal….

    Just swap Mkhi with a good player…. Or sell him for £30m to everton, and use to funds to buy Pepe….

    Ramsey, elneny already out for a combined £10m… What a joke.

    Ozil… May GOD help us all

  41. ddkingz

    Aubameyang need to learn how to finish his tap in, when the keeper is in his front…

    Needs to hit the ball very well, so the ball can lift off the floor of the pitch, thereby evading the feet of the keeper… Just like what happened against de gea and against Bournemouth, though it was ruled out for offside….

    If he manages to watch his videos, he would notice it and maybe improve on it, thereby increasing his chances of scoring whenever he gets those tap-ins from kolasinac….

    Just an opinion

  42. ddkingz

    Yes a draw Was The absolute minimum we should be expecting from that game… After the tough NLD…..

    I really appreciate emery for all he’s doing… It’s great..

    And also the wing backs are trying their best…. Trying to do the work of FB and winger… Not an easy task….

    Mourinho came to play for a draw, and never wanted to give arsenal players space in the early stages of the first half… Even with all the pressure they applied in the first 20mins, I still couldn’t see what their game plan was….

  43. gambon


    So let me get this right.

    All of our players are really good…but we’ve conceded 20 goals in 15 games, with a pathetic 2 clean sheets.

    All I keep reading is how all of our players are great and none need to be replaced.

    Yet we are conceding more goals than mid table teams.

    Kolasinac is a disaster defensively. Mustafi is a disaster defensively. Holding is bang average.

    If we keep playing the same players, we will keep conceding goals.

    Tim Stillman said it on Twitter last night…”There’s only so much coaching can do. At some point we have to start buying new players”.

    Arsene Wenger couldn’t get these guys to defend. Unai Emery can’t get these guys to defend.

    Most fans are way too sentimental in their views.

    Outside of Torreira and Aubameyang there isn’t a single player at the club that would be missed if they were sold.