Ineptitude of the Wenger-era exposed

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What the bloody hell is cracking friends?

Arsenal’s game in Vorskla looking extremely precarious. The home team were at one point saying they might not be able to attend. It appears they relented in the end and accepted a kind of neutral venue. It’s going to be a lot better for the Arsenal players. A nicer hotel, a nicer pitch and less aggressive Ukrainians shouting at them. It’ll probably look a bit like a closed doors game. Emery had this to say.

“First, we need to respect Uefa’s decision because I think it’s not easy for Vorskla.

“Yesterday we were preparing for the first trip to Poltava and waiting in the evening for the last decision.

“It doesn’t change a lot to play here. In 90 minutes it is not a very big change. It is clear they are playing in Ukraine, not in their town, but they can also move their supporters to Kiev.

“In 90 minutes we want to do our work here.”

We have a very fresh looking squad playing. Tyreece John-Jules, Joe Willock, Charlie Gilmour and Jordi Osei-Tutu join veterans Eddie Nketiah and Emile Smith Rowe. John-Jules sounds like the name of some top geezer who is gonna smash your face in because he heard you sent his bird a Snapchat you shouldn’t have. Regardless of his scary name, let’s hope he gets a run out with the others. We’re as good as qualified if we don’t fuck this up, but that doesn’t make me feel any sort of pragmatism for this game. Let’s go wild. Let’s make this a Carling Cup 2008 extravaganza.

Poor old Aaron Ramsey though… I don’t care how pro you are, knowing this is your life for the next 7 months must be super depressing. Emery definitely pushing him to take the L and get himself sold up in January. Go join Wenger at Bayern.

Superb to see Liverpool lose to PSG. My man Tuchel has PSG players working hard, let’s see how long he can keep up the pretense he’s totally normal. I love his football, it’s so beautiful and thoughtful. But he’s a lunatic.

Last bit of football news. Remember I told you about how poor Gerry Peyton was waaaay back when… and people doubted the veracity. And I probs said, when Wenger goes, you’ll find out how shite things were. Check out this interview from our two exPolish keepers. The full transcript is here.

Szczesny Let me give you an example of a thing when you laugh at first, but then you’re like I’m playing for Arsenal, is this for real? Before the match with Chelsea I hear: Watch out. When Hazard takes his penalties, he will shoot at the opposite side of where you will dive.

Szczesny And that’s funny, but then you’re like did he really just said that?

Fabianski Mentioning penalty analysis he used to said (Garry): listen, he shoots that side or that side, but best go with your feeling.

So, he shoots here and there, but do whatever you want more or less(Fabianski comment on the matter).

Szczesny One time we had a GK debriefing out of nowhere

Fabianski And it was a video debriefing, we have never done video before

Szczesny Not knowing what it will be about we’re going right? And it’s a 4-5 min video of goals that I let past me, but could have done better.

Fabianski It’s only Szczesny goals though

Fab&Szcz They were only Szczesny’s, but there was us and Vito(Vito Mannone) and Emi(Emiliano Martinez), maybe?

Szczesny So, were watching, but we don’t know wtf is going on. It’s just showing errors, he Garry Peyton) is not explaining anything. So the video ends and Garry says: See, you’re not perfect. And that was it. We’re all looking at each other like welp

I can tell you, if you think that’s bad, you wait until you hear about the stories of players Steve Rowley passed on for not being ‘Arsenal quality’, or the horrors of the Tony Colbert fitness regime, or the weird little witch doctor that used to go to the club and advise Wenger about hair pills contributing to the injuries. It was an asylum towards the end. I cannot believe that Bayern is considering him.

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  1. Leedsgunner

    I’ve been saying for ages that I wanted to see the likes of Nketiah, W.illock, ESR and AMN in a game for us.

    Pleased that they have been given this chance.

  2. DaleDaGooner

    One look at Emile Smith Rowe and Ramsey’s bloated request for a contract was ran through the shredder. Shame they didn’t see them before Ozil’s contract.

  3. DaleDaGooner

    Our Arsenal was never gone…..if you ever followed Arsenal prior to Wenger, there were some pretty dire times too. So get with the current program and stop spouting shit. Liars

  4. Cesc Appeal

    Arsenal are a football club again without doubt, they had stopped being one for a number of years.

    So far this is going as well as you could want, basically no one there aside from Holding likely to start the NLD and we’re winning comfortably.

  5. Marko

    The kids coming through actually look decent now. I mean I honestly can’t remember the last time I was excited about some of the younger players coming through

  6. Nelson

    I would sub out holding and bring in that 6 ft 4 in guy and see what he can do. We may need Holding for the next two games.

  7. Marc


    Yeah the way “FC who” are playing I reckon another 10 and they’ll be on the bus home. Might as well give the kid a run out and rest Holding, would look at doing the same with Guendozi.

  8. Pierre

    “The kids coming through actually look decent now. I mean I honestly can’t remember the last time I was excited about some of the younger players coming through”

    Never thought I would see the day ……Marko giving wenger credit for producing such quality through the youth system.

  9. TheLegendaryDB10

    Good to see us 0-3 up vs Vorskla. I was hoping that we would lead in the first half.

    Missed most of the 1st half the game due to coming back from work. Saw the half time replay of goals and liked how Willock scored his goal.Henriesque indeed.

    Lol @ Ramsey taking the pen. Probably trying to keep himself relevant.

  10. Marc


    You’re dead right I mean Wenger did a great job with discipline – was all a big joke with young players answering their mobile phones during training.

    How much do you want to bet that happens now?

  11. Marko

    Marko giving wenger credit for producing such quality through the youth system.

    Huh? Nah nice try. Never gave Nketiah a fair crack despite promising him opportunities after his two goals bailed him out in the league cup that time. Never gave Smith Rowe an opportunity. I mean what youngsters have been on the edge of the first team these last few years? Bar AMN no one really. Nah I wouldn’t give him any credit for any of the players towards the end there. Obviously because he was fucking useless at improving any of them

  12. Marc

    No big deal Holding missing the last group match. Win tonight and we top the group anyway. Can play the kids, give Kos a warm up match or a someone like Jenkinson – put them in the spotlight maybe get some interest.

  13. Bob N16

    Seriously impressed withh Eddie’s hold up play. Hope we get to see a couple of other teenagers to make their debut.

  14. TheLegendaryDB10

    In fact never seen so many kids being taken away for such a game. Such a great way for Unai to see for himself what the kids can do! Really great from Unai to make the kids feel part of the First team.

  15. Danny

    In fact never seen so many kids being taken away for such a game.
    Wenger never did this, called it being disrespectful to the competition or some such shit.

  16. Marc

    I’ve just had the most peculiar idea strike me – I think it could be a premonition.

    Real Madrid are a shambles and go big in the summer – big money signings and get the Poch who leaves with the excuse “It was always my plan to do one season at the new stadium and then leave – it’s not my fucking fault Levy’s a useless tight cunt who couldn’t get it built on time or on budget”

    Completely broke the Spud’s need a manager who can steer them through the financial difficulties of a stadium move. Enter “Super Wenger” to the rescue!

    Pierre will you switch allegiances when that happens?

  17. Marko

    Wenger never did this, called it being disrespectful to the competition or some such shit.

    He’s been disrespecting European competition for years with some of his performances

  18. TheLegendaryDB10


    He’s been disrespecting European competition for years with some of his performances

    Just need to look at our games vs BM. Even after the first heavy defeat, he would, the following season, never change “his tactics” to avoid a similar outcome. 10-3. What a record!

  19. PieAFC

    Finally watching the youngsters come in a do a job, being excited about the team.

    They should all be proud tonight. Fair play to the club, some will make it, some won’t. But a professional performance tonight.

    Kudos to Unai.

  20. Pierre

    “Seriously impressed withh Eddie’s hold up play. Hope we get to see a couple of other teenagers to make their debut.”

    Eddie looks the part ..willock is the other one who has impressed .

  21. mysticleaves

    Oh my. I actually totally forgot we had a game today. This hasn’t happened before…😐😐😐 will probably make do with highlights later

  22. TheLegendaryDB10

    Well done kids! And a clean sheet! Well done The Arsenal.

    ESR particularly looks promising. Like Guen, they both still have a lot to learn.

  23. Marc


    Sorry mate the stream I was watching on had a delay, your comment timed with the block by Jenkinson – couldn’t see what you meant. Couple minutes later I caught up.

  24. Goldinho

    Another damning indictment of wengers reign,how many times have we struggled in games like this?where it looks like no one gives a fuck

  25. Pierre

    Emery with his disciplined approach should be an asset for these kids coming through ….
    Good mixture of players…medley looks a prospect at the back ..very comfortable on the ball ,hopefully he will get a start in the last group game.

  26. TheLegendaryDB10


    I am sure that Unai is fully aware that this is our derby. Really looking forward to it. Spoke to a Spud co-worker and he reckons it could be a draw. Not sure whether he was being honest on that one, though.

  27. TheLegendaryDB10


    I know what you mean. As I told him, everything always seems to go out of the window in terms of football. It really is a strange game to watch if you know what I mean.

  28. Danny S

    Makes me sad to think how much ground we have lost in the last 10 years.
    Imagine how we would have done with a Chelsea like transfer setup and actually making money on players we sell and not spy king huge wages on total averageness.

    We could be at Liverpool levels of spending now or even better.

  29. Pierre

    “Nah I wouldn’t give him any credit for any of the players towards the end there. Obviously because he was fucking useless at improving any of them”

    You already have given him credit which is also a credit to you for showing intelligence in realising that our former manager(who you often say ,ran the club from top to bottom) left the club with a bunch of talented kids who, with Emery’s hard work ,look like they may have the quality to succeed..

  30. mysticleaves

    Lol, no explanation. Great outing for the boys though. Willock scored I hear…how was his overall game? anyone?

  31. Nelson

    All our young guys are good with the ball but sometimes tend to hang on to the ball a bit too long. I wonder how MC trains their academic players. Their players think about pass first.

  32. Graham62

    Very solid and disciplined performance.

    Well done to all the youngsters.

    Great to see, even towards the end of the game, all the players remaining focused.

  33. Marko

    that our former manager(who you often say ,ran the club from top to bottom) left the club with a bunch of talented kids who

    Not sure if you can give him any credit for any of the lads tonight. I would say he ran the club from top to bottom from the perspective of the first team I mean if he was reportedly doing a poor job of training the senior team it stands to reason he wouldn’t have the time to poorly train/teach the younger lads. Takes a real prick to try and give any sort of credit to Wenger now considering the last two seasons. Man you must really love the man. You know he’s out of work and lonely now it’s probably your best chance to give him that proper rimming you’ve always wanted to give. Have at it

  34. Graham62

    That team tonight was an Emery team, not a Wenger team.

    Disciplined, structured, compact, motivated, committed, composed and genuinely focused.

    Everything that Wenger’s teams were not.

  35. Jaffa

    I really enjoyed watching the game tonight. The academy youngsters did really well and showed some good stuff. It’s nice to get a chance to watch them. COYG!!

  36. Dissenter

    Pierre can’t bring himself to admit that the club is now better run since the last manager left.
    From top top bottom, we are beginning to resemble a proper football club.

  37. Dissenter

    I’ve just read that it was -10 degree Celsius [14 degree Fahrenheit] at kick off.

    That was one hell of a professional performance.

  38. Graham62

    Really enjoyed today on le-grove.

    All the Wenger talk, culminating in the positives of tonights performance.

    Great stuff.

  39. Pierre

    “Takes a real prick to try and give any sort of credit to Wenger now ”

    Don’t be so hard on yourself ..yes you did give him credit earlier(without realising it) but that doesn’t make you a prick.

  40. Jamie

    Great performance tonight.

    Most of us have been desperate for as many under 23s as possible to get minutes together on the pitch to see what they can do against a senior side.

    Loved every minute.

  41. Northbanker

    Actually think Willock would make a really good DM
    What’s promising is how assured in touch all of our youngsters looked
    Obviously they won’t get the time they had tonight in the typical EPL match but still a great sign
    Emery must be drooling at these prospects for his future first team
    The restricted budget might not be as problematic as some think

  42. LeMassiveCoq

    Kids great – ESR will be a 1st team player next season.

    Love Guendouzi, so composed. One mistake late in the game which better opp might of punished but the little Sideshow Bob is still learning his trade.

    Ramsey? loooolooolol. Found his level. Still not our best player either.

    COYG for Sunday! We will need to bring the A game.

  43. TT

    Good result to night and what difference it makes when a team presses the opposition when it has the ball. Looking forward to Sunday, not because I think we win but because I haven’t a fucking clue how it will go. If the gazbag was still at the club I could have bet the house that we loose.

  44. David Smith

    The latter day wenger would, with the aid of his backroom staff, ruin every single one of these kids
    Lucky to have Unai

  45. Marc


    Well I hope you are right because a Spud win is a fate worse than a fate worse than death. A losing result squares against pi times by the angle of the dangle which basically means that I have to drink far more to drown the scum out.

    I’ll be sending you the bill if we don’t’ win!

  46. Pierre

    “Pierre can’t bring himself to admit that the club is now better run since the last manager left.”

    Of course the club is now better run ….

    we now have specialised people doing specific jobs so that goes without saying….

    pity kronke wasn’t strong enough to delegate the jobs previously and leave the manager to manage the team.

  47. Pierre

    Why the negativity for the spurs game…

    They have beaten us only once in the last 24 games in all competitions at the Emirates and Highbury…

  48. Leedsgunner

    It’s only one game but hey I have to say I’m excited. I’ve been looking forward to our current intake of youngsters making the step up to the first team — and they’ve sone really well tonight. Congrats to Per, Freddie and the other youth coaches involved in bringing this bunch through.

    Up to now, ESR and Nketiah has been attracting attention but I’ve known for a while that Joe W.illock was a special talent too. Man of the Match huh? Not too shabby.

    It’s just a first step but if we cand evelop these kids alongside established professionals, we could do something special this year… and save millions that ewe can spend on that world class winger or centre back.

  49. TheLegendaryDB10

    I hope some first team players have watched the game tonight (which I am sure most would have, right?) and seen that their are some hungry kids out there ready to take their place.

  50. Leedsgunner


    Last week there were rumours that Leicester was looking at him and willing to pay £15m… although after tonight they might be having second thoughts.

  51. Ddkingz

    What a great game…..

    Would have list this game, had it been wenger in the dugout coaching today’s match…

  52. Emiratesstroller

    Impressive result today by our youngsters albeit against a very poor team.

    All the six players from our U23 squad despite their lack of experience played exceptionally well.

    I would highlight in particular the performances of Willock and Smith-Rowe. I
    would have no qualms in playing either of these two players in the first team, although I think that it would be best for them to come off bench for 20-30
    minutes rather than play 90 minutes.

    What I saw tonight is that Arsenal have on their books a number of youngsters good enough to play in the lesser Cup Competitions and that will
    allow our more experienced players to be properly rested for the games against our major opponents as will be the case on Sunday.

    The comments made by Sanhelli and Mislintat following Wenger’s departure
    that there will be more focus in future in developing properly players in our
    youth programme makes sense and will hopefully allow the club to be more selective in future in our transfer policy.

  53. TonyD

    Hope Sol Campbell does well at Macclesfield, loved him as a player .

    At least Sol is happy to try to earn his stripes at a lower level club in trouble unlike Arteta even though Sol achieved more in the game than Arteta could ever have dream ed of doing.

    Tough ask, though.

  54. Dark Hei


    Errr no.

    Arteta has achieved more in management than Sol Campbell.

    Not as if Sol Campbell didn’t try. He just tanked.

  55. Dark Hei


    It might be Stan’s fault. But I don’t blame him.

    Why put time and money in an investment where you don’t get 100% of the profits.

    Now that Usmanov is gone, we have suddenly a new way of doing things.

    In hindsight, I think Stan deliberately allowed Wenger to crash.

  56. TonyD

    Dark Hei
    Arteta being a manager?

    To my recollection Arteta has just been one of Peps many assistants.

    Actually I was referring to Campbell’s footballing and international achievements, you might have been to young to know about.

    How many times did Arteta play for Spain? Club trophy winning medals?


  57. Samesong

    Sol I hope he does well but his opening speech about he was one the best players in the world bla bla bla, won’t cut when it comes to management.

  58. Graham62


    The ultimate wind-up-merchant.

    “pity Kroenke wasn’t strong enough to delegate the jobs previously and leave the manager to manage the team”


    Sorry mate, but can’t take you seriously.

    You’re only embarrassing yourself.

  59. Alone + Easy Target

    Haven’t watch the match yet but it’s good that we can ease in our youths with no pressure knowing that we are shoo in qualified already.

    The first XI will be up and ready for the derby and there are no complaints about hectic schedule or something like that when you can look ahead and manage it properly.

    I guess I’ll go and watch the highlights now so that I can go through minute by minute with my abyss-like in-depth analysis of the match.

  60. Pierre

    Will be interesting to see which of the young players(if any ) go on to become regular fixtures in the Arsenal team.


    That’s quite a large group of talented players that could save Arsenal a fortune .

    3 of the most successful periods of Arsenal’s history pre wenger, during my lifetime ,the Promotion of youth players to the first team have proved beneficial to the club .

    In the late 60’s early 70’see had Charlie George, Ray Kennedy ,Pat Rice, Eddie Kelly

    In the late 70’s we had…Liam Brady, Graham Rix, Frank Stapleton, David o’leary, David price.

    Late 80’s …Tony Adams, Michael Thomas,Rocky,Merse.

    Promoting youth has proved beneficial to the club over the years and as it is become more obvious day by day that we are going to continue to lag behind the others in investing in the squad , then taking a gamble with these young players may prove to be the way forward.

    Alex Ferguson did it in the 90’s …he took a massive risk but was rewarded for his bravery as it so easily could have failed.

    Emery has a difficult task in deciding who has the talent and personality to make the breakthrough…..
    We could be seeing quite a few of those players this season get a chance as I feel we lack depth in the squad ….it could be sink or swim time for some of them and going by last night’s showing they look like they are ready for the challenge.

  61. Jamie

    Pierre calls Highbury Legend ‘Led End’, Pochettino ‘Potlesstino’ (or something similar), thinks chances created stats are the only metrics by which an attacking mid should be judged, all the while wanting us to think he was watching footie in the 60s.

    Absolute plonker.

  62. Dissenter

    Pierre shouldn’t be taken seriously.
    I saw the answer he game to my remark yesterday.

    “pity Kroenke wasn’t strong enough to delegate the jobs previously and leave the manager to manage the team”

    Guess who was insisting in having near absolute control?
    Wenger: “No, director of football, I don’t know what it means,” …. “Is it someone who stands on the road and directs the players left and right?..
    I never understand what it means, director of footballI’m manager of Arsenal and as long as I am manager, I will decide what happens on the technical front,” he added. “That’s it.” ….