Three areas to look out for against Bournemouth

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Chelsea’s run came crashing to an end at Wembley as a rampant Spurs picked them apart and showed that if you stop Jorginho, you stop all the good things Sarri has to offer.

That puts today’s game in an exciting light. Win, and we’ll close the gap on 4th to one point. Lose, and we’ll bring Bournemouth to within a point of our Europa League 5th place. A lot rides on this result, the most important item being confidence heading into a really tough period.

We’ve had one win in five, which isn’t ideal. Our last league win was October 22nd. This becomes a minor blip in the season, or it becomes a very big problem if the game goes badly today.

I’ll be looking for a few things today, knowing Emery has likely been holed up in a video room for 2 weeks working out a plan of action for phase four of the season.


He’s going to have to work out how he can find more balance in the team. Our midfield base of Xhaka and Torriera isn’t offering enough protection for the back 4 and going forward, our Ozil experiment isn’t returning a bundle of assists. The coach is going to have to make a decision. He doesn’t get enough from Ozil defensively to keep rolling with what he’s doing.

Does he switch things up and try Mikhi in a more modern #10 role? Arguably his best season in a Dortmund shirt came under Thomas Tuchel who played him centrally or on the left. He’s naturally a #10 by trade. I remember being told years ago that the thing Arsenal like most about his game was how industrious he was. A relentless attacking talent that could open up matches like a chess player. Is he as good as Mesut Ozil at threading passes? No. But could he give us more balance in midfield if he could do 100% more than Mesut defending, and 70% of what he can moving forward? Is that a sacrifice that could help us find more rhythm moving forward?

We’re running extremely low on options…

Starting 11:

We’ve been appalling in nearly every opening 45 this season. That has to stop. We aren’t going to be able to chase game forever. We need to play more cautiously in the opening 20 minutes, or we need to find our game quicker. Bournemouth are likely going to explode at us this morning, if we haven’t picked the right starting 11, we’re going to pay a painful price. I don’t know the answer to finding focus early on, but we all know it’s an issue, hopefully, the coach has a plan.


Auba and Lacazette both have exceptional individual talents, but playing one of them out of position isn’t really working. Do we lean in hard at working out a two-striker system? Or do we search for a better way to achieve width? We have a bit of a nightmare with the two of them. One can’t hold up the play and is best as a fox in box or over the top. The other is great at holding up the ball and bringing people into the game, he’s just a bit lightweight and easily anonymised against big teams. If the club is going to be ruthless this summer, you’d imagine one of the two will be on their way. We need to find a balance of skill sets, and unfortunately, we need to lean into someone who is a Giroud+++.

Plenty of excitement to look forward to this morning, let’s hope this is the start of a beautiful run that sees us take phase 4 by storm!


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  1. Pierre

    R Ramsey
    “You think the likes of Iwobi, Mkh would start over Ramsey if he hadn’t pissed off the club with the money-whoring?”


  2. Receding Hairline

    Notice how many changes to personnel Pep made to fit his style Charlie? Do you remember how he struggled first season?

    Notice how many changes Klopp has made and keeps making to playing personnel?

    That’s actually how this having a playing style thing works …you buy in your own players but till you do so you make do. Emery is making do

  3. Victorious

    Still sticking to my predictions from last summer, even though we literally now play dull football I would say the upside to how we play this season make us a bit more resilient and Also that City will win the league by a distance but with Liverpool being comfortably the 2nd best leaving the 3 London teams to battle for 2 CL paces and cups. And everyone from below Leicester batting relegation. And Mourinho having various melt downs til his plug is pulled.

  4. Graham62


    Yet another classic.

    “As far as they are concerned we have the second coming of the Messiah and they are blinded by their faith”.

    What a load of codswallop.

  5. Pierre

    “You hate the fact that I’m enjoying change after years of turmoil and regression”

    I’m enjoying it as well just as I enjoyed it previously whilst we were winning trophies and ,dare I say ,playing more attractive football ..

    Let’s hope Emery can find the magic formula to make us more pleasing on the eye.

  6. Victorious

    Genuine questions though, what has happen to Mikki?

    His first touch today when we had a 2 against 1 situation was akin to that of a rapist, he has become so cumbersome and painfully lacking in confidence
    Really shocking player
    Looking a stark contrast of the his Dortmund days, when he had decent touch, wonderful dribbling and spot on final third decision making
    He was really appalling today, whereas every other Player is improving under Emery, he’s taking the opposite direction,really an odd one

    Not sure how Emery will prefer him to ozil

    I think the moment a decent bid come in he’s off.

  7. Bob N16

    Although I do succumb to responding to Graham’s world view too, you know it’s pointless trying to have any sort of rational discourse Pierre.

    It’s black and white in his contrived mindset and he does drone on. Of course this is a blog where everybody’s opinion is welcome even if some are so agenda driven, I suppose that’s Legrove.

  8. TR7

    Well I didn’t get any answer from receding on what patterns he has been observing in our playing style. We buy the stock response.

  9. Champagne charlie

    “But I know you already believe it’s Emery so don’t let me distract you from that“

    Seems you’re the one distracted, so much so you can’t follow a conversation and find yourself too busy sniping with another poster as two converse.

    I said the following:
    “Nah Wenger didn’t do off the ball work to nearly the same degree as Emery, it’s just not working quite as well as anticipated. Probably a mix of all factors as it often is, but it’s something that needs addressing “

    But you’d rather deflect any questioning of Emery under whatever pretence you’re going for at this point. All managers have teething issues, but we’re witnessing a continued trend of giving up chance after chance in every game we play.

  10. Receding Hairline

    Width …we are meant to play with width and cut backs. The full backs playing a vital role in out attacking phases. Whoever plays the 10 is meant to be as close to the striker as possible. We play from the back to draw them to us and open spaces in behind.

    Are you happy now

  11. Graham62

    I think we can all conclude that your idea of enjoyment, in respect to our post 2008 history, is polar opposite to mine.

    As it stands, I’m feeling totally upbeat about things. The fact that the Football may not be appealing to the eye, doesn’t concern me one jot at this stage in the proceedings.

  12. Graham62


    Too much wishy-washy grey at AFC is the reason we found ourselves in this mess in the first place.

    Sorry to disappoint you all, but I’m really happy with things.

    My dreams have been answered.

  13. Champagne charlie


    Yea, and we’re 5th as a result… not top. We’ve also scored 7 goals in the first half of matches, and 21 in the second half which indicates we start slow every single game. We’re also scraping by our last half dozen matches.

    Emery himself stated that we’ve drawn the last three which isn’t our objectives despite being ‘unbeaten’. I struggle to see why you have such a difficult time applying any critical analysis to anything outside of the players.

    Emery has done, and is doing a lot of good. But he’s not perfect, why can’t potential errors or blind spots be speculated over without the snide talk of agendas?

  14. Batistuta

    This place is really funny!

    Somehow everyone and their cronies want to see a pattern and a style of play with a 70 million pound outlay and almost a full squad of dud

  15. Batistuta

    On one hand we say let’s give him 2 seasons to shape the squad in his own image and then suddenly we want to see a style of play months in with a transfer budget lower than that of West ham, Wolves and Fulham and yet someone says we are playing “boring” football and comparing us to the pile of shit they’re being served at Old toilet

  16. Receding Hairline

    Because it is an agenda Charlie. I can’t take criticism of Emery coming from someone who never criticized Wenger until he was sacked seriously

    I can’t take criticism of Emery from someone who believes Arteta would have been a bold appointment seriously

    You have already picked sides on this issue so whatever your measured criticism or your honest opinions are have lost all credibility. So also the posters you have decided to align yourself with all in the name of making honest observations

    No one has called Emery perfect so don’t know what you mean by he is not perfect nor does anyone care about winning first halfs or scoring more in the first half

    And yes we are fifth but we are not 12 points off fourth or third for that matter so that comeback was lame

  17. London gunner

    Victorious is the most pathetic stain of shit this website has ever seen.

    Completely and utterly focused on his agenda of attacking emery to make wenger look better.

    That comment about we gers free flowing football and his constant aspirations of the full Football we play now, it’s as if he has been living in a cave since 2008 and hasn’t seen the utter crock of shit wenger has served up to us for the past decade.

    What makes it worse is the fact the reason are football is lacking, the reason are Squad is unbalanced and the reason we are a mess is because of wenger. Wengers piss poor management of players contracts, wages and his awful acquisitions in the transfer market are the reason today we are suffering from such a plethora of issues, yet victorious doesn’t have an honest bone in his body and instead places the blame at emery feet.

    Fuck off to untold victorious.

  18. London gunner


    A lot of your comments come across as measured and fair, but people don’t trust you. Because you were such an apologist for Wenger and seemed to have no sense of awareness or critical analysis when he was at the helm. In fact you were often doing mental gymnastics and bending backwards to defend wenger. I remember a specifically absurd and laughable statement when you declared Wenger could still win the Premier league.

  19. Batistuta


    It was really weird reading Victorious comments, really really weird….I barely like to comment but that was a special type of tripe he spewed earlier

  20. TR7


    I do not expect Emery to secure top 4 this season nor do.I expect him to transform our players in one season. All I want to see is a clear sense of direction.

    Now you talked about width and cut back but today we did not have any player playing in wide position. We saw glimpses of it against Chelsea but not much since then.

    I am a strong votary of playing out from the back but for some reason Leno was kicking the ball in the air all game.

    That is why I say it’s all a bit haphazard at the moment and not all of it can be blamed on the quality of our squad. As for our results, we have been lucky. But again, I am more fussed about our style or lack of it.

  21. Graham62

    All considering, Emery is doing a fine job.

    I’ll take a 2-1 win at Bournmouth ahead the exhilarating but totally embarrassing displays of recent years.

    What do you prefer, our 3-3 result at Bournemouth last season or today’s display?

    Surely it’s a no brainer.

  22. Batistuta

    Don’t think anyone should be fuzzed about lack of style this season at all to be honest…I’d rather much focus on results really and especially considering the pile of crap he has to work with

  23. Receding Hairline

    TR7 virtually half of our goals have come through cut backs so saying you haven’t seen it since Chelsea is a blatant lie

    We didn’t play from the back today because our opponents were energetic and were expecting it,they left no options for passes most times so Leno opted for a safer option

    Sorry to ask but do you actually watch the matches? Bellerin was involved in the attack the whole first half and Kolasinac for most of the second, we kept attempting cut backs.. You saying you can’t see it isn’t my problem really

  24. Champagne charlie


    Just more slanderous nonsense because you’re totally incapable of accepting any Emery criticism. I criticised Wenger plenty, but at the same time I was one of the more vocal in defending the over the top nonsense he was getting from a sect on here.

    Doesn’t mean for a second I was pro-Wenger or any continuation, just meant I was against the ridiculous commentary that I was reading day after day.

    Arteta was representational, another point you miss because you’re that intent to sling mud hoping it sticks. It was the project he embodied that excited me, backing an apparent young upstart with touted potential. I had enough faith in the people in charge to think he was a credible candidate, so that approach was appealing vs what we’d seen in Arsene going very stale near the end.

    Plenty people care about patterns that emerge under management you fool, if we’re one of the poorest sides in the first half consistently then it’s something to address. That’s not a hard one. I’ve not called for Emery to be perfect either, I accept he won’t be and analyse accordingly. You however see no fault and deflect at all costs.

    Your top of the league rubbish is another misunderstood message, I’m not expectant if that, I’m saying you can’t shove your fingers in your ears because we’re 17 games unbeaten. We can go 6 games unbeaten with 6 draws but I don’t think the Pom Pom’s would be out. 5th place is the context.

    With respect mate that’s just false, Banford tried to peddle that as fact and he even posted the quotes of it. It’s not what I said, nor is it what I believed. It was cropped from a convo about Kroenke or Wenger being the biggest issue, and certain folk tried painting a nice little picture. It was a made up picture however. Banford managed to embarrass himself with the reposting of it in fact.

  25. Graham62

    What about the wonderful 3-3 against Anderlech in the CL? Remember that one folks?

    How about that incredible 4-4 against the Spuds(4-2 up going into injury time)?

    Let’s not forget that incredible 4-4 against Newcastle?

    The list goes on.

    Oh the joys of such enjoyable Football.

    I’ll take a 2-1 win at Bournmouth all day long.

  26. Receding Hairline

    Lol @ fool …throwing tantrums already are we big Charlie

    Keep telling yourself lies. Like I always point out to you there isn’t really much to choose BTW you and Bamford..both a pair of bullies.

    And yes you said Wenger was capable of another league title if he was given funds by can lie all you want but you said it.

    You can resume the name calling. I have no issue with Emery criticism, I am just not having any from you and your two stoogies

  27. Graham62


    Two questions.

    1. What were you genuinely expecting post Wenger?
    2.Do you think Arteta would be doing a better job than Emery and, if so, why?

    Just curious.

  28. TR7


    Respectfully disagree. Pep.did not have the players he needed in his first season at City to play his style to perfection but he stuck to his style and slowly got most players used to it. Come the 2nd season , he buys some of the missing pieces in his jigsaw and the rest is history. Klopp and Poch also are loyal to their distinctive style and that’s why their teams keep getting better season after season. Style is the foundation upon which good teams are built.

  29. Champagne charlie


    Oh Christ there you go, set off by the word “fool” of all things. Your high ground/precious routine when Emery is concerned is overplayed. You’ve spent the last hour trying to fling mud and now you’re called a fool for a ridiculous rebuttal and proceed to cry foul.

    You can dig through the archives if you so choose, I know exactly what I stated because it’s not the first time someone on here has tried to undermine my credibility. You’ll have to try much harder than willing things into existence i’m afraid.

    Cute, you trot out the mock offence to having a POV called foolish, but you’re going to claim I need to see a shrink for considering a young upstart a bold move for Arsenal post-Wenger? You mean like the fucking team that ultimately hired your new lord and saviour? Those guys saw him as a very real appointment, guess they’re all destined for the looney bin. Your input when discussing Emery exposes you something chronic, it’s pathetic.

  30. Victorious

    What makes it worse is the fact the reason are football is lacking, the reason are Squad is unbalanced and the reason we are a mess is because of wenger. Wengers piss poor management of players contracts, wages and his awful acquisitions in the transfer market are the reason today we are suffering from such a plethora of issues, yet victorious doesn’t have an honest bone in his body and instead places the blame at emery feet.”

    Ramblings of a clueless twat

    You struggling with dyslexia or something?

    I mean what I have said mostly to CC is laid bare in simple terms and it’s mostly about how easily oppositions pepper our defence,

    how we’re easily carved open,

    how we rank almost highest and allow more shots from oppsition attacks

    I mean we have just the one clean sheet this season, I mean discourse was just about factors that might be the cause for this ,nothing more nothing less
    But here you’re venting spleen mostly incohorrently and going on and on about the previous manager even when he has been barely mentioned

    Dunno what your point about untold is supposed to mean but I do know only one person here needs fvcking off and that my friend is you.

  31. Marko

    Are you muttering about me talking to Vic?

    I think he’s talking about Vic and Pierre but it’s understandable if he thought it was you and Vic

    We’ve got better players this season than last, and I don’t recall us giving up so many opportunities (though I might be wrong, I don’t know the stats) . We’re not any better in this department so why is that with a new manager and some better players added?

    I’d like to address this it’s almost like what I’ve been saying that it’s not enough to replace the manager that there’s so many players here that are simply not good enough and now they’re being asked to do new things and I’d imagine that’s why we’re still giving up big chances. I mean nothing’s going to change until Xhaka, Mustafi, Ozil, Mhiki, Ramsey and to a lesser extent Bellerin are gone from the starting 11/club

  32. Receding Hairline

    Its sad you see nothing wrong in calling someone a fool because you disagree with them ..sad indeed

    Anyway you can keep digging are slowly losing credibility on here.

    And yes u really do need to see some one, you always come across as bitter and angry

  33. Receding Hairline

    Marko it’s actually all three of them. A kind of weird trinity determined to make all “over the top” Wenger bashers suffer.

    They invade this space on match days, especially the weird one from my country to make sure we get no pleasure from the victory. A kind of payback I assume

  34. Victorious

    Ogbeni Receding
    Why do you always take even the slightest ofcriticism directed towards Emery to heart? It’s absurd ,almost like he’s family,except he’s not which make it the more baffling.

  35. Batistuta


    I get what you saying but the reality still is that both Poch and Klopp have won didly squat with all that style they’ve implemented and they’ve had several cracks at it and Pep well, he has the finances of basically a country to help him over there( you can see his style though but still)…..For me football is all about results and trophies, don’t care how they’re gotten.

  36. Receding Hairline

    For the record I have absolutely no issues with criticism of the manager, he should be criticized and questioned like any other manager

    I am not just taking it from the three stooges cos I know their agenda. You can’t start criticising a new manager from the first game and expect me to believe you have no agenda

    No sirs

  37. Marko

    We’re also scraping by our last half dozen matches.

    Until we start seeing humiliating defeat after humiliating defeat he’s doing a better job.

    Doesn’t mean for a second I was pro-Wenger or any continuation, just meant I was against the ridiculous commentary that I was reading day after day.

    You could have fooled everyone that you weren’t pro Wenger. I believe London at 19:54 said it best.

  38. Champagne charlie


    You’re comically talking of credibility when you literally introduced yourself today sniping at two other posters having a bog standard conversations about Arsenal. You’ve then gone on a tirade of slander toward me because I push you to address Emery two which you resort to claim a personal stance of not taking someone seriously. What a hero you are.

    You’re again trying to take some virtuous high ground, but clearly you miss the arrogance in your own views. Allow me:

    “nor does anyone care about winning first halfs or scoring more in the first half”.

    That’s your take to someone observing a pattern of performance – we’re shit in the first half of games. Nobody cares apparently (in your eyes). Well plenty do was my rebuttal, and you’re a fool for thinking you decide what people care about. Pretty simple. Since then you’ve latched onto the word fool and are trying desperately to milk it for all it’s worth to sling more mud. Now i’m bitter and angry, says you. If that’s how I come across then there’s two things to note, either I am, or it’s your perception that’s false. Nothing to do with Arsenal leaves me bitter or angry, so have a word with the man in the mirror.

    You’re evidently not as perceptive as you think you are, nor are you intelligent enough to manipulate the conversation with me to reflect anything you’re attempting to. This is just another example of your contempt for anything resembling criticism of Emery.

  39. Marko

    Its sad you see nothing wrong in calling someone a fool because you disagree with them ..sad indeed

    You got off easy RH he’s got a tongue on him towards others

  40. Marko

    Why do you always take even the slightest ofcriticism directed towards Emery to heart? It’s absurd ,almost like he’s family,except he’s not which make it the more baffling.

    Oh the irony from this one

  41. Receding Hairline

    Marko its actually sad he sees nothing wrong in calling people names simply because they disagree with him.

    Then you somehow start running in circles to prove that he either didn’t mean anything by it or that you had it coming

  42. Marko

    You’ve then gone on a tirade of slander toward me

    Obviously not a big deal but the hypocrisy here if Bamford said something like this the absolute shit storm you’d ran down on him.

  43. Graham62

    What I truly don’t understand and probably never will, is why, after so many years of mismanagement and a blindness to act by our previous manager, some fans feel the need to criticize Emery, after such a short period in charge?

    Is it because many of us openly criticized Wenger for so long, that you feel justified in doing the same to Emery? Please explain.

    Also, please don’t come back with the lame excuse that Emery is not getting us to play attractive Football.

    I readily admit that I lost respect for Wenger but what do have against Emery when he’s only just put his foot through the door?

    I await with baited breath a logical response.


  44. TitsMcGee

    football ..Let’s hope Emery can find the magic formula to make us more pleasing on the eye.”


    What a cuck.

    More attractive football is code for 40 points behind? Lol

    Have a word with your soul in private…

  45. Emiratesstroller

    I think that anyone who watched today’s performance and is being honest knows that Arsenal are not a great team and we are at the moment miles behind Man City in performance and squad talent.

    However, a team, which has gone now 18 games without defeat after some very
    difficult games is clearly resilient and difficult to beat as we demonstrated in the game against Liverpool.

    I am not sure that I would have picked the formation we put out today. It looked brittle in the first half. However, at the end of the day we won.

    What is clear to me is that there are three or four positions in the team, which
    most definitely need an upgrade.

    The defence is still very shaky and we need at least one new centre back and a
    left back. Mustafi demonstrated once again that he is reckless. The foul just outside the penalty area was unnecessary. We cannot afford to having a defender making such silly mistakes as he showed against both Crystal Palace and Bournemouth.

    I have also some serious concerns about Messrs Mkhitaryan and Iwobi. The former does not have the class of Ozil, but more importantly is a “powder puff”.
    I saw nothing today which suggests that he is good enough to play in our starting lineup.

    Iwobi is still very raw and the goal we conceded just before half time was a direct consequence of his show boating when he should have done the sensible
    thing and made sure that he protected the ball.

    There are also weaknesses elsewhere. Bellerin needs to learn that sometimes
    there are occasions when you need to defend rather than attack. When Iwobi
    lost the ball he “walked back” rather than covered the “counterattack” and
    in consequence Bournemouth were completely unchallenged on the flank
    and cross from which they scored. He needs to improve his positioning and

    Emery is clearly an intelligent manager and sofar he has achieved all that can
    be expected of him with the limited resources at his disposal. Let us hope that
    over next two transfer windows he is provided with budget to make improvements.

  46. Champagne charlie

    I’m not feeling sorry for myself like Banford but good effort. You’re clearly bored and intent on providing a running commentary god knows why. I’m pointing out the double standard from Receding, who has went from staunch defence of Emery (where one wasn’t called for), to having a pop at me calling his arrogant assertion foolish.

    Moving onto a concept that i call people names for disagreeing with me? Lol brilliant, yes, that’s the one. More mudslinging because you have a strange propensity to defend Emery. Pedro gets it whenever he coins a concern in an article, rather than disagree with a POV you start the “can’t take you seriously when you wanted Arteta” line of defence.

    So please save it, you’ve already declared you’re happy to accept criticism but not from certain people, but it’s me that’s intolerant to POV’s? Is that right? Excellent appraisal

  47. TitsMcGee

    What I truly don’t understand and probably never will, is why, after so many years of mismanagement and a blindness to act by our previous manager, some fans feel the need to criticize Emery, after such a short period in charge?“

    Because the AKBs supported a man, not the club. Now that man is gone(thank you Jesus) .

    That’s it.

  48. Marko

    Some people just love to romanticize the last few years. We haven’t played proper attractive football since Cesc left. By and large

  49. Wenker-wanger

    Logic tells you that support for a trashed out manager on his last dithering legs for 5 years at least and sacked compared with a manager picking up the remnants of a shaky squad and then achieving a 17 match unbeaten run, is one of blind loyalty….a cult type of madness.
    It makes no logical sense….the desperation of the argument that we played attractive football under Wenger really is pathetic. Was 8_2, 6-0 etc attractive? No it was feeble tippy tally with the odd twice a season great team goal. Oh and we have already scored 2 of those great goals already.

  50. Marc

    Against the like for like fixtures of last season switching Swansea for Cardiff, Fulham for West Brom and Wolves for Stoke we’re 6 points better off than last season.

    For all of the Emery haters please tell me why things are worse than last season?

  51. Marko

    For all of the Emery haters please tell me why things are worse than last season?

    Cause we’re having poor first halfs I guess. Even though it’s worth noting that under Arsene we were notoriously bad starters as well.

  52. Pedro

    Hey everyone, let’s keep it to the football.

    If you can’t tolerate constructive critique of anything Arsenal, this is the wrong blog for you. You’ve become exactly what this blog was set out to counter… a ‘knows best’ type.

    No manager, player, coach, or detail of the club is beyond discussion.

    The only thing that I won’t abide by, is disagreeing with me.

  53. Marc


    I can’t get the issue with some on here. So far we’ve seen some improvement, it’s not perfect and we need to be better but it isn’t that last season was bad under Wenger it’s it was getting worse and worse.

    As we speak (so to say) I’m actually watching a series on the Kim regime on Nat Geo and the personality cult that they created.

    The Kim’s created a cult by fear and executions I can’t get why Wenger follower’s can’t accept that great became poor, that poor became desperate, that desperate became delusional with no threat.

    It makes me sad that someone who gave me so much joy has become a figure of such divide and ridicule.

  54. Pedro

    Interesting that we had 20 attempts on goal today.

    4 on target

    1 goal.

    Does that keep our clinical edge stats high? 25% of shots on target go in (OG)?

    Or is the stat combined from all shots?

    xG today was Arsenal 1.6 Bournemouth 0.65

  55. Marc

    “The only thing that I won’t abide by, is disagreeing with me.”

    Sorry Pedro but I think you are wrong and you’ve got a silly haircut.

    No ban me I dare you!

  56. Marc


    I’ve been reading the blog and commenting for years and that’s the first time I felt like I really belong!

    Have a good one everyone.

  57. Cesc Appeal


    I don’t think it is a ‘knows best’ type it is a ‘you’ve changed your tune on what being a fan means suddenly after 7 years of obstinate denial and I can smell your agenda from a mile off like a gigantic heap of disingenuous, hypocritical shit’ type.

    There are some people here, only a few, deliberately on a wind up. Even if you won’t see it.

    That is what is annoying a lot of posters.

  58. Cesc Appeal

    ‘Elneny being linked with Leicester in a £15m move for January, please let it be true’

    If we sold Elneny for £15 Million and bought Fornals for £18 Million I would feel like it was some sort of hidden camera show.

  59. Marko

    I can’t get the issue with some on here. So far we’ve seen some improvement, it’s not perfect and we need to be better but it isn’t that last season was bad under Wenger it’s it was getting worse and worse

    According to Pierre recently the last 5 years were reasonably successful. That’s what you’re dealing with. The recent years were in fact successful and Emery is trash really

  60. Leedsgunner


    Whereas naturally the focus in a transfer window turns to who we BRING IN actually our club has been awful in selling our players. Ideally, I would be delighted if we sold Ramsey for £20m, Elneny for £15m, Jenkinson for £2m, Ospina for £3m, Kolasinac for £10m and then we brought in a decent winger and a LB with the proceeds it would be a great window for us in my opinion.

  61. Cesc Appeal



    Part of it was we bought so badly and the players all regressed.

    I think it might actually be given the way we play a LB if a position we either spend a fair amount on or it is a really great scout by Mislintat. Because Emery relies on his RB and LB for a lot of our threat.

  62. Cesc Appeal

    Someone like Telles for example at LB, £30-40 Million but is a bit of an assist machine.

    Also has a very high work rate and gets back and defends well.

  63. gambon

    Would like to see what Chilwell could do at LB.

    Home grown, could give us 12 years, quick and gets forward well.

    A top CB, as well as:


    Could see us make huge improvements. All have high ceilings and are way off their peaks.

  64. Pedro

    CA, that sort of carry-on isn’t just here either… amazing how many pro-Wenger places have suddenly found a critical voice. A lot of folk seem a little too keen to make up for years of refusing an opinion. Very transparent.

    Elneney for £15m would be great business.

    Wonder if China will come in for any of our big white whales this summer?

  65. Marko

    Chilwell just signed a new 6 year deal though recently. Grimaldo is the dream but to be honest Tagliafico and Firpo seem like really good links recently

  66. Leedsgunner

    I can’t see Leicester letting Chilwell go for less than £40m. Quality homegrown left backs are in short supply and in their minds they will want Maguire type of money for him… unless they were open to a straight swap for Ramsey.

    Considering that we need to make our money go further I would look at someone like Tierney, 20, with plenty of experience at Celtic. Unless AMN was drafted in as a lb/lwb… so could focus our attention on a winger and a cb.

    I believe Man United has an option to extend Martial’s contract by a year. If they do, he won’t come cheap. The same for Sancho, although apparently he’s best mates with Reiss Nelson so he might want to move if Arsenal was willing to stump up the money.

    However with ESR and Nelson primed for the first team I can’t see Arsenal doing that.

  67. Pedro

    Also, you MUST listen to the Gladiator podcast on Aaron Hernandez. It is seriously fucked up what people will do to get an elite athlete on the field.

  68. Pedro

    Leeds, I reckon United dropping Mourinho before Christmas might let Arsenal in. They’ll want to recoup some of that wastage as they prepare for life outside the CL next year.

    Really hope Spurs fuck things up this year and United steal Poch away.

  69. Leedsgunner

    Did Mkhitaryan had another stinker? Shame really, because I thought the arrival of PEA would bring about the best in him. A shadow of his best that was at Dortmund.

  70. Pedro

    Absolutely shocking performance.

    He looks totally lost. He isn’t interested in working for the team. His passes were often underhit. He was just awful. Really had high hopes for him.

  71. gambon


    Fact is it’s going to cost a lot of money to sign the kind of players that can make a big difference.

    Look at the best AMs in the PL:

    DeBruyne £50m
    Hazard £32m 6 years ago
    Mane £34m
    Salah £37m with one year left
    Sterling £50m at 19 yo

    The club have to bite the bullet and invest in a raft of young and elite talent in the next few windows.

    Or else we are just hoping to get lucky, not a good plan.

    Signings like Torreira, Guendouzi, Sokratis are shrewd buys….but the next raft of signings need to be real difference maker’s.

    We need our VanDijk, our Salah and our Mane.

  72. Leedsgunner


    Pochettino will have an interesting choice to make if United and Real come calling. Unless Levy decides to throw a tonne of money I can’t see Pochettino staying at Spurs. I can’t see Levy doing that because they won’t have any money to spare with this new stadium.

    If Real throw £200m for Eriksen and Kane I can’t see them saying no, especially if Pochettino goes. As we know, a new stadium is nice to have but it has to be paid for.

    I personally don’t see Solari being a long term solution for Real especially if Pochettino gets itchy feet.

  73. Leedsgunner


    I agree with you but with the club still publicly spouting the self sustaining mantra I can’t see them biting the bullet to spend that kind of money. I would love it if they did, but I don’t think they will.

  74. gambon

    Self sustaining doesn’t mean “only spend what’s in the bank”

    Every company in the FTSE 100 has some level of gearing. Every single one.

    Spending let’s say £200m, When we have projected 5 year revenues of £2.2bn is absolutely self sustaining.

    Look at our business this summer. Spent £65m on 5 players that are probably now worth £120m.

    If I was Stan I’d be urging Sven to go and spend as much as he can.

  75. China1

    I don’t think anyone here is against emery being criticized. Most of us actively call out what we consider to be his mistakes on a game to game basis, I already did straight after the game

    But yeah, lots of people take issue with people only using critical faculties the instant the old goat left the building. None of those guys can be taken remotely seriously. And that’s how it will remain.

  76. TonyD

    “You didn’t have to look far to find a plank ….”

    You probably don’t live too far from Graham on the south cost, so you’re right – easy for Graham to find a plank.

  77. TonyD


    RE: CC

    “A lot of your comments come across as measured and fair, but people don’t trust you. Because you were such an apologist for Wenger and seemed to have no sense of awareness or critical analysis when he was at the helm. In fact you were often doing mental gymnastics and bending backwards to defend wenger. I remember a specifically absurd and laughable statement when you declared Wenger could still win the Premier league.”

    Perfect summation

  78. Emiratesstroller

    I wrote yesterday that Mkhitaryan is a “powder puff”. There is nothing in his game, which suggests remotely that he should replace Ozil in the team.

    His passing and skill set is not at the same level.

  79. TonyD

    “it’s not the first time someone on here has tried to undermine my credibility”

    What credibility? That really made me laugh. Thanks for that Charlie.

    No one needs to do that Charlie boy, you are most capable of doing it to yourself.

    Like others before him Receding’s posts yesterday has ripped you a new one for all to see.

    You, Pierre and Vic would be perfectly at home in a Lampoon movie: Trolls Forever.

    I’m seriously bored with you three now, so I’ll take Cesc Appeal’s advice and ignore your future posts.

    My take is Emery is doing the best he can with players that should never have been bought in the first place: Mustafi, Xhaka, Mikki, Ozil, Elneny, Sead & Ramsey

    Until they are replaced we’ll continue to witness games like yesterday.

    Yes those games aren’t pretty football, and we are relying on too much luck, although we are at least making some of that luck or we wouldn’t be 17 games unbeaten.

    As much as there is too much talk placed about the too many chances against us, there should be as much complaint about Mikki, Iwobi and Auba not hitting the target at least with the amount of decent chances they have had.

    Cesc Appeal, Gambon and others have summed up our problems perfectly in this post where until the above named players have been replaced, Emery should be appreciated for what he is doing and continually trying to change making the bad into not so bad.

    Emery should be judged when he has the players he needs to implement his tactics and playing style.

    By then if he’s not at least winning 3 FA cups in 11 years, then he should go.

    Moreover, our real immediate and future success lies more with Sven, Raul & Kroenke because without investment and quality player replacement (even if only potential young rising stars or slightly older players with unfulfilled ability) Emery will stand little chance of achieving his end goals.

  80. Goobergooner

    “As far as they are concerned we have the second coming of the messiah and they are blinded by their faith .”

    So what you mean there is the second coming of Wenger.
    Which is highly ironic coming from you as you are still blindly following a man who doesn’t even manage the team anymore.

  81. Goobergooner

    I agree with cesc, RH and a few others that there is somewhat of an over-expectancy from some posters here as to what should be achieved this season.

    If we are going to look at it at face value, it’s a massive task for Emery to bring a 6th placed squad back into the top 4. Especially with our financial structure.

    This mess is on gazidis Wenger and Kroenke. But at least 2 of the more involved personnel are gone, and replaced by a structure I have tenfold more faith in that the last 10 years of Wenger and gazidis.

    Our squad is not as good as Wenger would have had some of you believe, that is for sure. Even after having an absolutely appalling away record in the 2nd half of Wenger’s last season, and dropping to 6th place, 6th god damn place, some of you expect miracles with one transfer window of 70 odd million and not even 6 months into a new season.

    It’s just so odd that it’s the same select few that couldn’t take criticism of Wenger who are now the over criticising portion of the posters.

  82. Graham62

    You couldn’t make it up.

    Those that stood by AW for so many years, out of so called loyalty and respect, now criticize Emery after just a few months, because the Football doesn’t look good.
    Those that criticized AW all those years, because it was shambolic and embarrassing, now stand by Emery because they know it’s not going to be easy and will take time.

    Oh to be a gooner.

  83. wenker-wanger

    yh i agree with many that say we have quite an incomplete team…many flawed players….some with weaknesses that you would worry about against the top teams.
    But how do we keep on being unbeaten?
    why didnt liverpool thrash us in the first 25 minutes?
    simple! A manager that is very astute tactically and has the players confidence in everything he tells them.
    Im very impressed with emery….we are to some degree punching above our weight.
    The contrast to the mr magoo we had a year ago is stark.

  84. Receding Hairline

    I am finally coming round to the idea many have been putting forward on here, to really make that leap forward at some point we will have to pump in at least 150-200m a transfer window into this team.

    The players we have stockpiled over the years don’t seem to fit any particular system, its almost like they were brought in for non footballing reasons i.e their character and what not. You can see they are trying but their inherent flaws keep getting in the way. We have to bite the bullet and let some of them go on a cheap and rebuild

    El Neny
    Ozil and i kinda like him but the fact he cannot be trusted to compete in a game against Bournemouth says its all
    Iwobi should not be a starter and might actually fetch some decent money

    And please what happened to the Greek kid Mavropranos, what sought of knock is he carrying for so long

  85. wenker-wanger

    ‘ RECEDING…. yh agree… wenger kind of put together a frankenstien outfit….we need to shed those players you indicate.
    Iwobi is different, i feel… ive seen magic in his boots….and i think we should wait a season or two to see if he develops further. He sometimes overdoes stuff and is rash at times…but hey his close control at speed is awesome at times.

  86. Pierre

    “According to Pierre recently the last 5 years were reasonably successful. That’s what you’re dealing with.”I

    I actually said history will say that this period was reasonably successful just as the period with brady,Stapleton etc is looked back on as a reasonably successful period even though we lost 3 cup finals and only on won one.

    1953 -68. Nothing =unsuccessful
    1968-72…1 league title ,1 fairs cup ,1 fa cup ..3 losing finals =successful
    1972-78…….nothing = unsuccessful
    1978-80.1 FA cup ….3 losing finals = reasonably successful
    1980-87…..Nothing = unsuccessful
    1987-94…..2 league titles..1 FA cup ..1 cup winners cup..2 ..league cups …2 losing finalist=successful
    1995-98 nothing = unsuccessful
    1998 -2005 = successful
    2005 -14…Nothing= unsuccessful
    2014 18 ….3 FA cups ..1 losing finalist.

    Not difficult to work out that it was a reasonably successful period in Arsenal’s history is it.

  87. Akkimaniac

    4 – Wins by Arsenal in 19 away matches 2017/18
    4 – Wins by Arsenal in 6 away matches 2018/19
    16 – Arsenal points in away matches 2017/18
    13 – Arsenal points in away matches 2018/19 (so far)#UnaiEffect

  88. Dark Hei


    I will forever be an AKB, nothing’s going to change that.

    But please don’t assume anyone who still have some affection for Wenger is an Emery critic.

    The football so far has yielded the results and Emery has beaten all odds against the xG; which is huge.

    He can make our strikers score on low shots and create this wall that makes opposing players miss good chances. Whatever that is, more of it.

    As an AKB, I hope Emery smash Mourinho a good one and boot him out of United. Please no post-match Wenger bashing and spoil my fun.

  89. Freddie Ljungberg


    Mavrapanos was supposed to be back in training now in November so should hopefully be back soon, been very quiet about him.

    As long as we’re ruthless with shifting underperformers out in the summer, which I think Emery will be after a season of seeing the shitshow in place, we’re going to be alright.

    I don’t for a second believe the 30m budget claim when we have more than that just in increased sponsorships.

    Backline: Mustafi and Chambers out, should be able to get 30-35m for a young english cb and former german international. Let Monreal go and keep Kola as backup.

    We have been linked to plenty of CBs in the 30m region, like Joachim Andersen from Sampdoria, can see that happening, very good on the ball.
    Also linked with a couple of LBs in the 15m region, like Firpo and Tagliafico.

    Total cost to revamp the defense 10-15m

    If the Elneny rumours are true and we can get 15m for him we can add that to whatever we can get for Xhaka in the summer (25m? ) and buy someone that’s good both defensively and offensively and offers some mobility. Another Torreira level signing there and we’re rolling.

    Total cost 0-20m

    Plenty of 30-40m wingers that would drastically improve us, Pepe is one of them.

    Sell Mikhi, should fetch 20m. Too bad we’re unlikely to see any money for Ramsey and Welbeck.

    Bring back Nelson in the summer and we have 2 new wingers for a total cost of 10-20m

    All in that will take between 20-45m out of the budget. Our weakest links would be gone and replaced with younger players with plenty of potential.

    If we really want to make a statement we’ll find a way to move Ozil on as well and get in someone more consistent in his role, or role the dice with someone like Havertz.

    All very doable within our self sustainable model. Not a guarantee for success of course and not the same as spunking 200m in one go but a lot more realistic.

  90. Dream10

    Apparently, all of the Arsenal players stopped to spend time with a young disabled Bournemouth fan at full time before heading to the dressing room.

    Tremendous. What a club. Classenal

  91. wenker-wanger

    we have the driver(emery) , now we just need the components of a fast car and we will be hammering it!
    at present the mechanics of emery have tweaked the engine etc and we are racing better and more reliably than last year…just need the boost of top tech quality components.

  92. TitsMcGee

    If Wenger was on 17 unbeaten he would have been given a 5 year extension. Pretty pointless arguing or allowing yourself to get wound up by what effectively are religious zealots.

    I’ll take “ugly” unbeaten in 17 than “attractive” futility. Anyone longing for attractive football are the same ones popping champagne for beating Crystal Palace while our rivals were winning the league multiple times over the past decade and a half.

  93. Globalgunner

    The worst part was that it was not attractive under Wenger, not since RVP, Cesc, Hleb, Songhino, Nasri and Co were playing like mustachioed musketeers. It was pretty but ultimately spineless and futile, but when it was good it was very good. the latter 5 years were boring backward/sideways passes with ne`er a shot on target.

    RVP…what a lad. I miss those days when a twist of his hips would send defenders inside and out. Thanks for the memories….you twunt!