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The third international break in 3 months is by far the most frustrating. It’s the guy who gets booted out of the pub and keeps trying to get in. Fuck off. You are boring.

I tried to take in some of the games, I caught a bit of Torreira at The Emirates which was fun. Neymar gave a shout out to a manager he helped push out the door.

“Now it’s easy to say because Arsenal are playing really great football,”

“They are coming from a great run in recent matches and everybody knows he’s a really great coach,”

“We know about their quality and I was really happy to work with him because he’s a really hard working guy. He really wanted to coach us and really wanted to study about football.

“I think he will bring good things for Arsenal, which is a really huge and important club here in England. I wish him luck.”

Very sweet. We are starting to play better football. It’s going to be interesting to see what the reaction of the team is after the break. We have some tough games coming up, so I’m hoping it’s a positive one.

Our first game back is going to be against Bournemouth away. Always a tough game, Eddie Howe is having a great start to the season and his side look like they’ve made strides this summer. They’re only 4 points behind us, which is staggering considering how small a club they are. We’ll have to be on our toes. We then take on Vorskla, followed by 3 really tough games against Spurs, United (A) and Huddersfield. The first two really could make or break our December. They’re certainly tone-setters for what usually is a make or break month, particularly for title chasers (we can dream).

That’s why it’s imperative we land a good result against Bournemouth. They’re not an easy side and the players will certainly feel good if they make something positive happen in that game. I obviously love playing Spurs, but the game is always a toss of a coin. The one I’m most looking forward to is United away. That’s where we’ll find out how far we’ve come. Can our new manager motivate his players to take down a cunning manager who knows how to shithouse?

The rest of our December is fairly straightforward. The smaller clubs generally struggle because they don’t have the squads to deal with the rapid-fire games. I can’t see too many of them seeing us an opp for points like they may have last season. Our big one in the fixture crunch is Liverpool on the 29th of December, nestled between Brighton (before) away and Fulham at home (after). That really is going to be an exciting game, and Emery is going to have to be very clever about how he rests and rotates. We’ll need fire in our legs.

Arsenal are being linked to Christian Pavon, Raul is pushing Boca for a deal apparently.

Right, that’s me done. It’s going to be a struggle this week for content as there’s not a lot going on, but bear with me.


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  1. gambon

    “Anyone else seen that Jeff Rene-Adelaide is in the top 5 for dribbles completed in Europe so far? Not saying we should of kept him just thought it was interesting considering how desperate we are for a winger.”

    Problem is he has literally nothing else to his game.

    I think Emery is the type that will give youngsters enough time to show if they have it or not.

    At the same time, you have to be selective over which kids you do and dont give chances to, because you cant have a squad full of kids.

  2. gambon

    I like Fornals, think him or Havertz would be great for the AM role. Emery usually plays with an AM thats more of a midfielder than an attacker, so Fornals fits that perfectly.

  3. Marko

    I used to like Dennis Suarez but I really think we should aim a bit higher he hasn’t pushed on from his decent spell at Villarreal

  4. gonsterous

    I’d prefer other players to shaquiri but for 12m that was a steal. He has his moments, but I think he plays a lot better for the Swiss than he does for the clubs. One of the factors maybe because he’s a big fish in a small pond when it comes to the Swiss national side.

  5. Graham62

    Just how good is Eddie Howe?

    According to the players who work with him and many of his peers, exceptional is the word often used.

    No disrespect to Bournmouth but he deserves better. I suppose if he was German/French/Italian or Spanish, he would already be at a bigger club proving that he can hack it with the elite.

    We all know it will be a tricky encounter at the weekend and I hope we get out of this draw syndrome we are in. I’ll therefore stick my head on the line and go for an eventful 3-2 win.

    Fingers crossed.

  6. Frank Mc

    Always right, chopping and changing like the weather to suit his/her narrative and has to have the last word……. Bumford is a woman!

  7. gonsterous

    Eddie howe may be good, but I’m glad he’s not taken over arsenal. He is doing a great job at Bournemouth, but definitely not making history there. Basically doing what moyes did at Everton and we all know how that ended.

  8. Emiratesstroller

    Arsenal’s weaknesses in recent years have been frequently discussed.

    Currently there is room for improvement in a number of departments of the

    A club of Arsenal’s standing should be able to recruit a top 12 player in all positions in the first team. Currently we are well short of that position.

    If we look at Transfermarkt our Centre Backs do not make the first page of
    most valuable players. The same applies also to the left back and wing positions. So we are well short of quality in at least four positions in the team.

    When you analyse potential at the club there do not appear to be many defenders coming through the system at U23 or Academy Level. Most of the
    players who are discussed are midfielders and forwards.

    My view is that Arsenal’s priority in the transfer market over next two windows should be to find 1] left back and 2] centre back.

    Wing is also important, but that position might be solved by bringing back
    Reiss Nelson. There may be also other players in the pipeline at Academy
    who could fill that position in next two years. One thing is for sure it will cost the club a huge transfer fee to buy a player of calibre of Dembele.

    I am not sure that the club is ready to allocate a huge chunk of money to spend on a winger when there are other positions in the team which also need strengthening.

  9. Pierre

    I see that VAR is coming into operation next season..

    Typical that it’s coming in now that we don’t need it.
    This season we have been the beneficiary of a number of calls that would have been overturned by VAR.

    Rob Holding hand ball v Leicester which should have resulted in a pen.

    Sadio Mane disallowed goal for offside v Liverpool would have resulted in a goal.

    Aubamayang offside goal v Everton would have been disallowed.

    Some people may think that decisions are going our way now that we have changed manager.. It does seem like a coincidence doesn’t it.

    Arsenal fans biggest regret should be that VAR wasn’t introduced 3 years ago when it was reported that we would have been crowned league champions ahead of leicester if VAR was in operation.

    Arsenal fans were denied celebrating another title success.

  10. raptora

    If we had won that title Pierre, Wenger would have gotten another 6 years to a decade more. Regardless of the potential title, we would have kept regressing just like we’ve done in every single season in the last 12 years. I’m not talking standings wise. I mean quality wise. We were falling lower and lower by the season.

    Our 71 points in the Leicester year show in how bad of a state we truly were and still are. Liverpool had 75 points last year and it barely helped them to finish 4-th.

    Long term the damages might have been irrepairable. Who knows if Wenger would have gotten another 12 years if Villarreal had scored their last-minute penalty and we had lost that semi-final. I’d rather we lost the Villareal game if it would mean Wenger’s removal before the 2010s.