Sven transfer leaks are exciting

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Pet peeve of mine. Ex-players talking about how they got shit-faced before a game then scored a hattrick. Nice one. You were reckless. Your career never blew up because of it. Not sure you should be celebrating that.

Secondly. Seems like the comments section of Le Grove has turned austere in times of plenty. No one seems to fancy Dembele, preferring to invest in a creaking squad. I have to say, as much as I love the French international, spanking out £100m on one player at the minute feels a touch luxurious. We really do have very serious issues that are going to be exposed like a loose plaster trying to cover an axe wound.

Still, it is nice to see the club addressing the issues, well, if the rumours are to be true.

Pepe of Lille seems like a very hot target, and at £40m, could be a shrewd purchase. Sarr of Rennes has also been linked, could be electric if he carries on honing his craft. No doubt other clubs will be into him, like Chelsea, but we are a draw now, no doubt. We’re looking at Ramires (pictured above) from Brazil who is a center midfielder who can get about the pitch. he’s only made 11 appearances, but he’s bossed them, scored some good goals and it looks like Sven is prepared to take a risk and strike early. I LOVE that we’re trying to be a more elite Dortmund. There are also tender links to Emerson, a young Brazilian right back.

Great thing these days is this… if it looks like a hole, affects your team like a hole, it’s probably a hole in the squad the club will address within one window.

In other sexy news… Aaron Ramsey… the best Welshman in the world.. has apparently made a decision. BAYERN MUNICH. That’d be a great move for him. Germany is a wonderful country, Bayern is a huge team, they’d find a way of making him work in their setup. Well, I hope so anyway. One thing you can be sure of, he won’t be making £300k a week there… but he’ll probably win the league and be mighty well off regardless.

In Chelsea news, this BOMBSHELL dropped.

According to documents obtained by Football Leaks, and published on Thursday by the Danish newspaper Politiken, Chelsea employed Sten Christensen as an overseas scout on the same day they signed his son, Andreas, from Brondby in 2012.

Alleged copies of Chelsea’s consultancy agreements, published by Politiken, state that Sten started working for the London club on July 1 2012, the same day as his son, and was paid £11,400 per month plus VAT for four years – a total of £656,640 – while he was still working for Brondby as a goalkeeping coach.

Oh my, Chelsea, what have you done? It gets worse…

‘The Football Leaks documents also claim Manchester City, another of the five Premier League clubs under investigation by Fifa’

Now, I think we can safely assume Arsenal are not one of the clubs. I heard from a good source that we missed out on M’Bappe because we wouldn’t pay his family a chunk of cash to move to us. The big question here is this: What are FIFA going to do?

There’s talk of 2-year transfer bans. Can you imagine? It’d be unreal to watch Pep and the Manchester monstrosity function without adding six £70m players every transfer window. I mean, they’d be fine, but still, someone needs to get a grip of football.

The game is slipping away from the fans. No one has stepped in to stop blood money washing into the Premier League. No one has stopped Manchester City flagrantly break the rules. No one stopped Qatar even when it became clear they bribed their way to the World Cup.

Who and what is going to get in the way when a group of 16 or so clubs decide European football can operate like the NFL? No relegation. No way to creep into the league. I’d be appalled. As nice as it is to play great teams every week, I have a deep affection for the football of my own country. I love the rough and tumble of the league, I love the office rivalries, I love the away days I don’t go to any more.

My one hope if the Super League comes to fruition is that the fans absolutely reject it.

Football fans held captive by their bond. Shit kick-off times, expensive shirts, tickets, pies and beers… but there is always a limit to the love. I think destroying the domestic game is a gross misunderstanding of what makes football great. I’d love to see the greed punished

Big up Matty G for dropping a masterclass for France U21.

Big up the Premier League for voting in VAR next season. The masochists will be upset. Must be horrible knowing the chances of your weekend being ruined by a bad result just dropped by about 90%.

Before I go, a quick productivity tip. I was burning 4 hours a day on my mobile phone. I ditched all the apps consuming my life (remember, I work on the internet and social media is my livelihood), and it’s been great. The time I’ve wasted online gets funneled into things like reading, creating and socialising. My head feels free when I’m not thinking about those sexy, radiant, moreish red alerts on my phone. Highly recommended. Though it was sad today when all I wanted to do was post an Instagram story of the snow with the caption ‘Happy SnowYay.’

ALSO, BIG branches from four trees fell down on my road today and someone was killed by a falling tree outside a pal’s apartment. Be careful people, trees ain’t what they used to be.

Right, that’s me done. Check out my solo podcast. The reviews were pretty good. Moving forward, I think there’s no need to go a week without dropping some dirty self-aggrandising opinions.


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  1. Bob N16

    Redruth, in your life outside blogging , do we assume you are a hard taskmaster who sets high standards for yourself and those who work with you/ for you?

    I imagine you must be somewhat unforgiving as a workmate. Leaving the milk outside the fridge, for example, you must make your fellow workers nervous wrecks with your ferocity. You should be leading the Brexit talks, those EU negotiators would be so fearful of antagonising you, we’d probably get ‘our cake and be able to eat it’.

  2. Marc


    Your having the wrong argument, no one is saying Elneny shouldn’t be upgraded but Elneny isn’t getting anywhere near the first team at the moment – I mean has he even made the bench for a league match this season? I think 99.9% of people on here would be amazed if Elneny was still an Arsenal player next season and hopefully he’ll generate some money.

    The issue at the moment is one of our first choice starting CM’s is nowhere near good enough. You’re worrying how much the waters going to cost rather than putting the fire that’s burning your house down.

  3. Marc


    Are you that fucking stupid? Go back and look at some of the squad players Fergie had at Utd who won multiple league titles some of those players were worse than useless.

    Yes we all won’t the quality of players improved but Elneny is currently not even an after thought, he’ll go by next summer and we’ll bring in further first team starters and young promising players like Guendozi. Why are you so focused on a guy who is not a problem and ignoring one who is.

  4. Bob N16

    Marc, not sure why you are getting so worked up. The principle of improving the squad is a straightforward concept. I’m not the slightest bit focussed on Emery, that may well be your issue.

  5. Marc


    The original conversation was “is Xhaka good enough or should he be replaced” CC then turned that into “there are other players to replace first” which included Elneny.

    My point is the list of 7 players CC mentioned are already effectively gone / will be gone. Xhaka at the current time is a first choice player – do you think Xhaka should be replaced in the summer yes or no?

  6. Bob N16

    Marc, I would be very happy if we were able to upgrade Xhaka in the Summer. Do I think that it is likely to happen, I’m not so sure.

    Maybe with our new, seemingly top class people behind the scenes, we can get some serious sorting out of our squad in the summer. We can all name 6/7 players we’d be happy to get off the payroll. With three or so incoming players ready to challenge for the first team and the promotion of a couple of youngsters, our squad will show real improvement. I’m not sure though Xhaka is going to be culled.

  7. Marc


    There we go and I agree I’d like to upgrade on Xhaka although I’m not sure whether it will happen this summer. Maybe Guendozi will solve the issue by locking down Xhaka’s position as his own and Xhaka will look to move on.

  8. Bob N16

    I’ve a feeling that Guendouzi wouldn’t be the catalyst to get Xhaka moving; more likely the prospect of a top class CM incoming, would encourage Xhaka and his agent to find a different club.

    How many years has Xhaka got on his contract? This will obviously influence the decision of when to sell him.

  9. Champagne charlie


    It’s a matter of strategy, not the backward logic you’re trying to invent to undermine.

    If you replace Elneny with a player capable of playing in the first XI then it solves the idea that Xhaka isn’t good enough to start. But it also solves the nothing player with zero appearances picking up 60k as backup, instead it’s now Xhaka who has proven his use to us miles more than Elneny.

    Your version replaces Xhaka, but we still have Elneny kicking about offering absolutely nothing to the team. Explain how that’s superior reasoning?

  10. Cesc Appeal

    Emery certainly appears to appreciate Xhaka’s range of passing and his ability to help us in possession. Xhaka is a good passer of the ball when not under pressure.

    But the way Emery has his team play means it seems as if all the central midfield players need to be multi-talented and have a huge work rate and good mobility.

    I think this will mean very one dimensional players like Xhaka and more so Ozil will slowly be phased out of the team over the next year or so.

    The links to central midfield players seem to suggest that as well, it was no secret Emery was looking for another one in the summer gone in the shape of Banega and that scouting wise we seem to be looking a lot at central midfield players, CBs and full backs.

  11. Marc


    I’ve said several times Elneny will be gone he’s not getting close to a sniff, this is about Xhaka not 3rd string squad players.

    It’ strange that you accuse me of inventing backwards logic when the list of players you put up earlier that need to be moved on had two players who’s contracts run out in the summer so will be gone whatever, a player put out on loan as he’s surplus to requirements / not good enough, two players who have been solid but are coming to the end of their time with us – Monreal’s contract is also up in the summer and I think we’ll release Kos.

    Your logic is to list 7 players we should focus on moving out of the club but the only one who is an issue is Jenko who we’re stuck with till his contract runs out.

  12. Marc


    Think Xhaka would do well in Italy, slower pace to the play and would suit him. If we’re eying any talent in Serie A we should use him in a part exchange.

  13. Bob N16

    CA, I think that you are spot on with your analysis. Xhaka is a great passer but limited defensively. The way we are set up we need multi faceted players in CM. Torreira fits the bill and with experience possibly Guendouzi and AMN. Ozil and Xhaka would appear to have a ‘sell by date’! Ozil is fine if you’re a top 2 team, otherwise he appears to be a ‘luxury’ player.

  14. Champagne charlie

    “It’ strange that you accuse me of inventing backwards logic when the list of players you put up earlier that need to be moved on had two players who’s contracts run out in the summer so will be gone whatever”

    What’s backward about that? They’ll be gone, but quite evidently need replacing which demands resources does it not?

    I named those players because one way or another they are of greater concern than a guy who positively impacts the first XI. I mean there’s already dispute about Guendouzi being a better option than Xhaka alongside Torreira, so why the fuss over an apparent backup CM?

    You still haven’t addressed, or seemingly computed, the approach i’m advocating so i’ll offer up one last example that i’d appreciate your thoughts on:

    We have Laca, Auba, and Welbz as strikers. Is it ‘better’ (in terms of gathering talent) to get rid of Auba for Aguero, or Welbz for Griezmann?

    Auba/Laca/Griezmann or Aguero/Laca/Welbz… you not see the fundamentals at work there?

  15. Marc


    “We have Laca, Auba, and Welbz as strikers. Is it ‘better’ (in terms of gathering talent) to get rid of Auba for Aguero, or Welbz for Griezmann?”

    You live in a fantasy land, we’re already trying to shoehorn 2 quality strikers into the team and your talking about bringing more in or swapping one for another. Welbeck is already gone and we will need to bring another body into the squad – this is a difficult one as we need a winger but will no longer any strikers who offer a physical presence. If you’re trying to make the point that Auba is better than Welbeck – fuck me who the hell ever even thought any different.

    You seem to have an issue with addressing a simple point. Is Xhaka good enough?

  16. Antidote

    Thank you HillWood for your post celebrating the simple pleasures of life: good antidote to some of the stuff going on here today

  17. Cesc Appeal

    Bob N16

    I agree.

    At the moment Torreira is the only Emery type of midfield player in terms of great off the ball and good on the ball, a top level work rate and good mobility.

    To compliment him you want someone good off the ball and great on the ball, the same work rate and the same or better mobility.

    That could well be Guendouzi but he is still 19, though I do think we have a potential superstar player there and I’m glad to read people at the club are very happy and smug about our find there.

    I really hope you’re right about Ozil and his wages and commercial benefits don’t keep him here. I don’t like him as a player and I’ve said it before but I feel as if we have a very definite and unnecessarily low ceiling as a team with him.

    Hearing that Munich always thought of him as Arsenal weak link, regardless of all the tribal defence of him, really should make it hit home. He’s only great when he wants to be and even then he’s only great at what he wants to be great at.

    You just can’t have that.

    Annoyingly I think a CAM like Alli is exactly the type Emery would want. That kind of CF/CAM/CM type player with a great work rate and tenacity.


    I agree.

    Or maybe back to Bundesliga?

    I would like to buy someone in and have Xhaka take a squad role to start slowly building a really formidable side. But on what I’m guessing would be about £100 000 a week and given his international reputation to uphold would he settle for that?

    It would be great to use him in some sort of deal for Havertz given that he must still be well thought of in Bundesliga. But then would he want to be a part exchange and would he want to go to any other Bundesliga team other than Monchengladbach?

  18. Champagne charlie


    I don’t have an issue, I simply disagree at the strategy. I’ve outlined why, explained why further, and still you haven’t once debated or addressed what I’ve actually said. Just made ponderous and glib remarks because you see one way only and want to damn every other offering.

    Bob n16 understood instantly what approach I was advocating, it wasn’t complex or a reinvention of the wheel. I think Arsenal’s transfer strategy should be to identify the weakest members of the squad and improve them to a level where they challenge the first XI. Groundbreaking and backward stuff apparently.

    Think I’ll just leave it there, you’ve made absolutely no attempt to reason anything. I live in fantasy land because I offered up an illustrative example of what improving the worst player of a group does for the whole. Lol ok.

  19. Marc


    I’m not sure Xhaka would settle for being a squad player when you have a replacement, Guendozi and AMN in competition.

    There would also be an issue of is he a good option off the bench? Personally I think his issues make him the last player to bring off the bench, you’re chasing a game and need someone to make an impact he’s too slow and fucks up under a press alternatively you’re a goal up and want to see the match out, last thing I want to see is someone who is likely to make a mistake leading to a goal.

    That relegates him to playing League Cup, European matches and FA Cup matches against lowly opposition. Can’t see that happening so sell him get some money in and move on.

  20. Marc


    Your strategy is so obvious that everyone moved instantly past it. You seem to be positioning yourself as having made an intelligent point but then list players who are irrelevant. I’ll spell it out nice and simple.

    Kos – Contracted till the summer of 2020 but will likely be allowed to leave in the summer on a free or for a nominal sum.

    Ramsey – Leaving on a free in the summer unless SAS can pull off a miracle and get a fee in Jan.

    Welbeck – Leaving on a free in the summer.

    Monreal – Good solid player who’s being caught up by age, contracts up in the summer and we haven’t offered a new one by the looks of it. Will most likely go back to Spain on a free in the summer.

    Jenkinson – Stuck with him till his contracts up.

    Chambers – Surplus to requirements will be sold or put back out on loan,

    Elneny – Deemed not good enough will be sold.

    So with those 7 players dealt with and for the most part leaving we will have to bring in some replacements. Some will be first choice and some will be young / squad players. Do I actually have to state that I’d prefer the replacements to be better than those they are replacing?

    Now try and answer a simple question is Xhaka good enough.

  21. Marc


    As someone who avoids all of the “Britain’s Strictly got a bunch of useless fucker’s who should all hang – on ice” programs like the plague I’ve got to say I can’t imagine watching anything worse than Albania vs Scotland.

  22. Champagne charlie


    The topic is dead with you, you’re totally oblivious to anything but your own noise.

    I look forward to the summer where we’re going to see circa 10 players replaced, just the half a squad then according to you. Brilliant

  23. Marc


    What do you see happening in the summer? Your listed the 7 players what do you think is going to happen with them? I’ve only suggested moving on one other player although Mustafi could easily find himself slipping down the pecking order as well.

    Replacing players who don’t feature isn’t major surgery

  24. Champagne charlie


    I’m not clairvoyant, this is a new Arsenal era so our approach is very much questionable until laid bare.

    I’ve told you what my approach would be to the squad and you’ve spent your time belittling it because it’s not what you’d do. As you were on it, I told you it’s a dead topic at this point.

  25. Marc


    I’m not belittling the general idea I’m pointing out that the list of players you posted as something that needed to be dealt with has already happened, you just haven’t experienced it yet.

    I’m excited by what we’re seeing at the moment and I think the Arsenal team in a couple of years will look very very different from what we see today.

    Cant’ you accept that?

  26. Cesc Appeal


    I mean if I could trade out Xhaka for someone like Partey and improve the CAM position as well I would. I really think our midfield as held us back for years as being totally unbalanced.

    I think when you have a three of Torreira, Xhaka and Ozil two of the three have strengths but also glaring issues which you just can’t have. Only one of them is a well rounded player and it’s pretty damning for the other two that Torreira is already way more important to our midfield than the other two.

    Partey, Torreira, Havertz would be my ultimate central midfield after next season while selling Xhaka and Ozil.

  27. Marc


    We definitely need to strengthen the base of MF, another Torreira would be perfect can defend, is mobile, moves the ball quickly and can get forward. Would resemble the Petit / Vieira MF we had.

    I think we’re stuck with Ozil for the time being but it will be interesting to see how Sanllehi approaches the situation. He’ll be down to 2 years left on his contract in the summer and he’s 30. The thing I struggle with is Mikki – he’s good player and played wide for Dortmund but just doesn’t seem to click for us – it’s a real shame.

  28. Champagne charlie

    “I’m excited by what we’re seeing at the moment and I think the Arsenal team in a couple of years will look very very different from what we see today. Cant’ you accept that?”

    What are you talking about?

    This entire discussion has been about transfer strategy, why are you now trying to make out I’m somehow against your good feeling towards a refreshed Arsenal?

    I’ve explained my POV about three times already, you are fixated in replacing players currently in the first XI and I’m not. Can’t you accept that?

    You want Xhaka replaced, I’d rather see Elneny replaced with someone who can actually sit Xhaka on the bench. We’re going in circles here, but that’s the crux of it all.

    Make it dead simple, you advocate changing up the first XI and leaving the subs. I advocate turning the subs into players that can contend to start.

    We’re Arsenal, we aren’t seeing wholesale changes and great influxes of talent. Which is why having someone offering fuck all to the squad (Elneny, Chambers, Jenks) is something I can’t get on board with.

    We have enough in our plate this summer replacing two ageing players of considerable stature (Monreal, Kos), plus two freebies who contribute (Rambo, Welbz).

    If I were doing the business I’d extend Danny and Monreal, replace Kos and Rambo (CB and winger tho). Then sell those 3 duds, promote from within, and consolidate until the next window. Of course this is totally speculative and depends on various circumstances yet to reveal themselves per player heading into the summer.

  29. Cesc Appeal


    That has been my worry since the new contract.

    If we’re stuck with him there is a serious limit to what we can achieve. The only plus is that everyone at the club is under intense scrutiny so I cannot see them tolerating a player who turns up for about a quarter of the season, regardless of his commercial benefit.

  30. Marc


    You really are dense. I’ve said repeatedly that Elneny and Chambers will be sold in the summer. Jenks we’re stuck with and Welbeck is already off, if we were going to offer Monreal a new contract something I wouldn’t be adverse to we would have done it by now.

    The major difference is you want to relegate Xhaka to the bench and replace him with Elneny’s replacement. I know that Elneny’s replacement is AMN or Guendozi and getting rid of a £60k per week back up player for a £100k per week player is fucking moronic. I also don’t think Xhaka will be willing to take a step down. Why not sell him AS WELL as Elneny and invest the money back into the squad?

  31. Ddkingz

    Wtf….. Hell no CC
    I’m very well onboard with your last statement….
    You killed it…. Anyone opposing otherwise should be taken out the back door of le-grove and binned off…

    Why don’t sell elneny and bring a xhaka upgrade… Xhaka becomes squad player and helps us see out cup competition’s while the young lads learn a few passing tricks from him…. Then sell xhaka by next two season and promote guendouzi and ESR to battle it out for starting spot….

    Just hope Emery manages to read all our lovely comments on le-fucking-grove….

  32. Graham62

    Watched bits of the Brazil v Uruguay game last night. My god, Torreira is a pocket dynamo. He reads the game so well and, despite his stature, is capable of putting his foot in when needed.

    A real gem of a player that, thankfully, plays for Arsenal FC.

  33. Marc

    Yeah what we really need a player on the bench who regularly makes error’s that lead to us conceding goals.

    Get rid of both of Xhaka and Elneny – AMN and Guendozi are both ready and good enough to be cover.

  34. Ddkingz

    Sorry to intrude…. But someone should please enlighten me….

    Marc…. Please, who the f**k are you????

    Stop been too clever, by using the word…. I know……
    If you ain’t an insider in the Emirates, then you are a clown trying to impose your half baked thoughts on everyone thinking you know it all……

    How do you expect to sell xhaka without actually having a tested and trusted player in place of him….

    Would you rather sell xhaka and elneny by the coming summer, bring in your xhaka replacement, and then realise that your xhaka replacement is not up to speed with the EPL… and needs a season to settle in and integrate into the squad while learning how to dance to the tone of the league…
    While all these is happening, and ramsey is gone, elneny is gone, xhaka is gone, ozil is lazy and only up’s his game when he feels like…. What do we have left, a bunch of kids who can’t cope with the pressure of the epl, and would be bullied by their opponents/rivals…

    Grow up mate….

  35. Champagne charlie


    Where do you get off calling anyone dense? You’ve spent a whole evening all but unaware of what pov I’ve actually been for.

    You’re conflating matters talking from a players perspective, if Xhaka doesnt want to compete, or feels he’s above being benched, then his sale can be expedited. It’s one of the various unknowns I alluded to. But back on topic, it’s a matter of opinion which strategy to pursue and your continued jabs are fucking boring.

    Kindly explain what’s moronic about having a backup in Xhaka on 90k per week (who actually participates and offers an option to the first XI) versus having Elneny on 60k (who offers absolutely nothing by your own admission) which is the current scenario. Which one’s moronic there? If you’re so concerned with the 30k difference then bin Jenkinson and don’t replace him in the squad.

    Just isolate Elneny and Xhaka for a second and forget applying the logic to the whole squad. What’s your way of dealing with them both?

    For me, you sell Elneny for 10 mil and look to add a player of considerable talent to make a midfield 4 of ‘Xhaka, Torreira, Guendouzi, and player X’. Yours appears to be ‘Player X, Torreira, Guendouzi, Elneny’. Because we’ve established (I hope) that it’s Arsenal we’re talking about here, and not Man City who can bring in 5 top drawer names like for like per window…. right?

  36. Marc


    Who the fuck am I? I’m a season ticket holder who goes to matches. Who the fuck are you?

    Also I don’t understand half of what you say it’s in English but makes no sense.

    “Stop been too clever, by using the word…. I know……” What the fuck does that mean?

  37. Marc


    We need to break this down to 2 separate points.

    First – I’m all for selling Elneny he currently offers nothing to the squad. Can we agree on that?

    Second – This assumes we can agree on the first point – I don’t want Xhaka anywhere near the squad he’s a fucking liability and would be worse coming from the bench. Let’s sell both – if we can get £10 million for Elneny we should be able to get £20 million for Xhaka that’s £30 million towards your player of considerable talent.

    What’s the problem with that other than you seem to have a hard on for Xhaka?

  38. Ddkingz

    Now I really understand…. Most Londoners are brainless cunts, who know nothing than their self proclaimed righteousness…. Fuck.

    As a season ticket holder, do you consider yourself more a gooner than i….?

    The answer is NO…

    Your last sentence, justifies just how dumb you are… Asking me, what the fuck does that mean…. Go read your previous post before the last one….
    Get rid of both of Xhaka and Elneny – AMN and Guendozi are both ready and good enough to be cover….

    Please answer this, you dumb…
    Guendouzi and AMN are ready to be cover of what….

    #Season ticket holder my shithole

  39. Marc


    And where the fuck are you from? By the way I’m don’t live in London but in Hertfordshire.

    I sit upper tier north bank row 6 what’s the closet you’ve been to an Arsenal match? I’m guessing 3 feet from the TV – just another loud mouth irrelevant cunt – you don’t exist as far as Arsenal are concerned.

  40. Ddkingz

    Marc….. Don’t be so hard on yourself… For you know nothing about the game than been a brainless phat cunt occupying a seat at the Emirates every weekend and midweek….
    You want to loose, ramsey, xhaka, and elneny on one tw…. This just explains your knowledge of the game….

    I don’t like xhaka, but I won’t want to lose the most epl proven players on my team just in one season….

    Then promote esr, mg, AMN…. Because arsenal f.c have turned into an academy youth team… Or maybe because a fucking season ticket holder thinks so…. You bloke

  41. Marc


    I’m doing my best to understand your posts but they’re like they’ve been through Google translate. You didn’t answer where you are from?

    “but I won’t want to lose the most epl proven players on my team just in one season….” The only thing PL proven by Xhaka is how unsuitable he is for the PL.

    Ramsey is gone either way and has been awful, Elneny hasn’t kicked a ball in the league this season so losing those two is irreverent. If we sell Xhaka in the summer Guendozi would have had a year of PL experience and AMN has had a couple of years of being around the PL so as back up they’re good enough.

    How do you know that the new MF we would buy wouldn’t be a great signing?

  42. Champagne charlie


    You come across like a 5 year old, I have a hard on for Xhaka because i’m not foaming at the mouth trying to bin him?

    I can see the value he brings, so while we’re in a position where finances are tight, I think you’re being a touch delusional to start assuming players that actually perform in the first XI are going to be sold left and right in such swashbuckling fashion.

    Especially with the contractual implications of 2 contributors, and the two first XI players that are getting a bit long in the tooth. You think with all that going on it’s the time and place to scratch your Xhaka itch? That’s my disagreement.

    Dissenter pointed it out earlier, Emery rates Xhaka, he’s improved him in his time already, we’ve seen further flexibility with him at LB, and the guy is arguably the most durable/fittest player in the premier league with 69 straight matches when available I believe. Xhaka’s value is clear as day to the current manager.

  43. Ddkingz

    To your 1st sentence…..
    I don’t owe you any explanation on where I’m from.

    To your 2nd sentence…
    I do agree on how unsuitable xhaka is in the EPL, but you don’t want to loose ramsey and xhaka at once….. Because from the handwriting on the wall ramsey and elneny are already gone….
    # I don’t rate xhaka… And I really expect guendouzi to take his place, when the time is right… But shoul this happen next season…?? NO

    To your 3rd sentence…
    I agree with the first part… But on the second part, hell no…
    I would love ramsey and elneny replacement to be an upgrade to xhaka, while xhaka can help deliver a few cup titles to the Emirates… By next two seasons… Xhaka gets sold off and guendouzi gets fully promoted…

    To your 4th sentence
    I’m not saying,he would or wouldn’t be a great signing, but how do you know the new midfielder we would buy would be a great signing????

  44. Marc


    Oh dear you really seem determined to keep digging. I’ll go through your points one by one.

    ” I think you’re being a touch delusional to start assuming players that actually perform in the first XI are going to be sold left and right in such swashbuckling fashion. ”

    I’ve only pushed for one “first teamer” to be sold and if you think Xhaka performs you need to get your head out of your arse. Would Xhaka get into the midfield of any of the other top 5 teams – if yes who?

    “Especially with the contractual implications of 2 contributors, and the two first XI players that are getting a bit long in the tooth. You think with all that going on it’s the time and place to scratch your Xhaka itch? That’s my disagreement.”

    Ramsey hasn’t contributed anything this season an odd goal doesn’t do anything. Welbeck is an odd one – not clinical but he’s been a useful squad player but he’s gone. I’ve moved on. Monreal I’d like to see kept on but I don’t think it will happen. Kos has been replaced already.

    “Dissenter pointed it out earlier, Emery rates Xhaka, he’s improved him in his time already, we’ve seen further flexibility with him at LB, and the guy is arguably the most durable/fittest player in the premier league with 69 straight matches when available I believe. Xhaka’s value is clear as day to the current manager.”

    Part of this I agree on Emery seems to like Xhaka but flexibility at LB – gave away a pen. Fittest and most durable player – in that case we should get Eboue back – fucking stupid comment if the quality isn’t there so what. No one will ever convince me that Xhaka despite the odd good performance is good enough for Arsenal.

    You seem to be scared of change at the club or at least whether the club can handle a turnover of players. I have more faith in the management set up. We’ll see who’s right over the next 12 – 18 months.

  45. Marc


    Well when you start branding Londoner’s as brainless cunts I think you need to at least show you come from somewhere more enlightened. I’m guessing it’s actually closer to a toilet.

    You move your argument as you get shown up – I’m not a ST holder then I’m a brainless fat (it’s spelt that way) cunt who does go to matches but doesn’t know anything.

    Xhaka will not lead us to a few cup titles – firstly there’s no such thing and secondly whilst we did win the FA Cup with him in the team we’ve also dropped out of the CL places since he joined us.

    I wish him luck where ever he goes but the quicker we get rid of the better.

  46. Champagne charlie


    Just going to leave it now, obviously you don’t deal well with differing opinion. That much is painfully clear.

    You’re all over the place, rainman would skip you. The current Arsenal manager rates Xhaka, you don’t, but anyone who isn’t gunning for him hard is all sorts according to you.

    I’d change every player in that squad for the betterment of Arsenal, I’m just not daft enough to think a total overhaul is happening this summer. Least of all players that the manager clearly trusts to work with. Have a good one

  47. gonsterous

    we all know xhaka isn’t worthy of being first XI but the real question is, is he worthy of being on the bench and being a back up option ? Is he good enough to be a squad player ?

    If yes, we can keep him and upgrade the first team, hence making our bench stronger in the process.

  48. mysticleaves

    Lol, the high hopes pinned on Guendouzi for this season is amazing. Can I state it categorically that no way does Guendouzi displace Xhaka from the starting XI this season or next. If it happens I would be shocked. The boy is not ready at all to START in our midfield (same as AMN though).

    It seems I and Charlie are the only ones watching Xhaka closely this season. He has come on in leaps and bounds this season. At the moment I wouldn’t want him replaced by just any CM but a properly scouted one like Torr that will do what he does better. Xhaka seems more mobile, has added athleticism and more zip to his game this season. His defensive awareness and tackling has been consistently improving as well. He’s one of our top3/4 performers this season without any doubt.

    As for the mistake against Wolves, yes they scored from it. I remember Torr passing straight to an Everton player that led to Theo(?) one on one with Cech but he saved. Torr gave the ball away again at Liverpool that led Salah almost 1v1 vs Leno before Xhaka intervened. (I might have the opposing teams and players misplaced). Guendouzi has also made 1 or 2 unforced errors that faced the opponent with clear sight of goal against us.

    Again, against Wolves Xhaka from CM was our best attacking player. He also seemed like the only player that cared (the passion card, lol). Apart from his mistake, he had a top top game. Shame the mistake was all people saw.

  49. Bob N16

    Isn’t it interesting how fervent and fixated on certain players . Our passion for following players like Torreira mean we get intoxicated by footballerswho appears to tick all the boxes. Then of course we have the passionate ‘hate’.

    Last season the majority of posters on here spelt Bellerin, Bellend. Get rid was the constant message. Xhaka obviously is another target of strong emotion. Understandably I guess, as we don’t have the full picture as fans, many would chop and change the squad as if they were on play station.

    What might appear an obvious move, to upgrade a player, is surely more complicated, or am I seeing this wrong? Clearly the squad needs to be considered holistically and the effect of shipping out a player is probably not as black and white as some people seem to see it.

  50. mysticleaves

    As a football fan I use my eyes especially while criticising my team. I recognize the difference between talent and application of said talent. In the case of our players, many of them we want binned over the last two years have talent in abundance but the application was not there, for obvious reasons.

    Problem is, there’s improvement coming on individually and the application is getting right but most of our fans are still stuck in their ways.

    Bamford coming to gloat every time Iwobi misplaces a final third pass or when Xhaka let the ball run through before the wolves goal is testament to that fact. Those two are probably the most improved players and in our team and fans aren’t seeing it (in Xhaka’s case)

  51. UTarse

    Why you so sure Guen wouldn’t be starter material by next season ? He’s improving in the short time he has been here and continuous 1st team experience can only equip him better for the future, near future IMO.

    You’ve had a bee in your bonnet about the the lad since he came and was hailed as a gem by most fans.

  52. S Asoa

    Hey Pedro
    You better resurrect. In absence of afresh topic it is just CC flashing his arse and everyone else pointing out to various warts around the anus.
    Say something man

  53. mysticleaves

    Why you so sure Guen wouldn’t be starter material by next season ?

    Because he’s not better than people starting ahead of him already and both are equally getting better along with Guendouzi. He has talent but people pushing for him to replace Xhaka by January are reaching. He’s not as good yet. Not even as good as Ramsey or Wilshere when they were 19 TBH.

    I rate Guendouzi but he’s not the second coming, sorry.

  54. Bamford10


    Dumb. Whether a player has improved and whether he is good enough for the XI are two entirely different questions.

    A person can recognize that Iwobi has been better under Emery but still think that he lacks the quality to be a top-class, first XI player.

    A person can also recognize that Xhaka has been better under Emery — he was excellent, for example, against Liverpool — but still think that he is too error-prone for the starting XI going forward.

  55. Champagne charlie


    Flashing my arse? Is that what debating our transfer strategy with another poster on an Arsenal blog is?

    Christ, you live a sheltered life.

  56. UTarse

    Maybe Guen isn’t quite there yet to replace Xhaka this season, but if he continues his improvement I think can come August 2019.

  57. Bob N16

    Bamford, you (and others) give the impression that you’d rather be right about a player not being good enough than a player improving and you being proven wrong.

    You may have some knowledge but don’t kid yourself that you’re some sort of authority on Arsenal.

  58. mysticleaves

    but still think that he is too error-prone for the starting XI going forward.

    Dumber. He’s not too error prone for the starting XI going forward. He just made an error that resulted in a goal against the previous match. Many players make errors like that but it does t result to goals most times

  59. Marko

    Another international break another Xhaka debate. He must have been good this week for the Swiss…oh they lost to Qatar. Never mind

  60. Bamford10


    That’s not the first time Xhaka has made a bad mistake in our defensive third, nor the first time he has made a mistake that led to an opposition goal. Indeed he has made more mistakes that led to opposition goals than any player in the PL.

    You might think he’s good enough for the XI going forward, but I do not, and neither do many others here.

  61. Bamford10

    Let’s say we don’t sign any wide players in January, we don’t bring Reiss-Nelson back and we continue playing in a 4-5-1. Who should our first-choice wide players be? Is this an issue for us or not?

  62. Champagne charlie

    “Indeed he has made more mistakes that led to opposition goals than any player in the PL.“

    Arsenal have made more errors than any other PL side the last two seasons. Sounds more systemic than Xhaka simply being error-prone.

    “You might think he’s good enough for the XI going forward, but I do not, and neither do many others here.“

    There’s the standard retort of appealing to apparent consensus. What is meant by “moving forward”? Because it seems like you’re positioning yourself for a ‘see, we were right all along’ after an eventual sale.

  63. mysticleaves


    Every defensive midfielder makes mistakes occasionally in their defensive third, they are humans after all, even the best of them. This season he has only 1 glaring mistake and it led to goal against. He might have made others but it didn’t lead to goals so we don’t talk about it.

    Even Torr has made forced and unforced errors this season that has not resulted to goals. Does it make him not good enough for you?

  64. Marko

    Every defensive midfielder makes mistakes occasionally in their defensive third, they are humans after all, even the best of them

    Not a DM. Shouldn’t be in a conversation with the best of anybody. Let’s get it straight he has improved recently (couldn’t get any worse than he was under Wenger) and a large part of his improvement is down to how well Torreira has done since joining. Now in saying all that we’re the only top 6 side he could start for and that really says alot about where we’re at as a club. We can’t really get by in the future with one of our two holding CM’s whilst being good on the ball but at the same time being a hindrance by and large on the defensive side of the game not if we want to improve. I mean could you imagine if Torreira was pair with a much better midfielder? I mean we wouldn’t be having these kinds of discussions. Easily replaceable

  65. Bamford10


    Yeah, as I’ve explained many times now, when I say that others agree with me on this or that point, I do so only to highlight that I am not alone in my view, not that I am correct on the point. So you can stop stupidly saying that I’m resorting to argument by consensus: I’m not.

    Two, by “going forward,” I mean post-break, post-January or next season, because whether I think Xhaka is the best option next weekend is a different question from whether I think he should be in the XI come February or come September.

  66. Champagne charlie


    ‘Xhaka can’t defend’

    Against Liverpool (where Torreira got his bits fondled for his input) Xhaka had the most passes on the pitch, most recoveries, most tackles.

    You continue to oversell an idea that simply isn’t true, because it’s one you believe. If he’s improving why not concern yourself with a player actually struggling to contribute?

  67. Champagne charlie


    There’s no need, other than to argue by consensus, to introduce others when voicing a POV you hold.

    I’ll wager Emery keeps Xhaka in the CI post-January. What will that say about our new coach?

  68. Bamford10


    Actually, there is: to counter the implication that my view is somehow exclusive to me.

    The argument by consensus says, “most people think x, therefore x is correct.”

    In no way, shape or form have I ever resorted to such bogus logic.

    All I have ever said is, “I think x, and I am not alone in this view.”

    This is very different from the argument by consensus. So again, you can stop falsely accusing me of that.

  69. mysticleaves

    Marko you say he’s not a DM and yet you want to hang him for deficiencies in his defensive game, which is not an issue at all. Yet you are the one that’s ignoring the deficiencies in Auba’s all round game and want him played through the centre because he’s a pure goal scorer.

    Now can you compare Xhaka’s defensive actions this season with that of other players of like in the top 6? Would like to see how wide the gap is.

  70. mysticleaves

    I mean it helps having another CM beside Xhaka. Any player not being properly coached and at the same time is tasked with doing the job of two persons will most definitely have more mistakes and errors.

  71. Bamford10


    If Xhaka is still in the XI post-January, that could mean any number of things: it might mean Emery doesn’t have any better options; it might mean he rates Xhaka more highly than I or others do.

    If Xhaka is still in the XI next September, however, and if he is still making the same kind of mistakes he has made regularly since his arrival, then I will say that Emery is wrong on Xhaka. We need better.

    If, however, Xhaka is playing game-in, game-out as he did against Liverpool, I will gladly admit that I was wrong about Xhaka and that Emery was right to persist with him.

  72. mysticleaves

    ‘If, however, Xhaka is playing game-in, game-out as he did against Liverpool, I will gladly admit that I was wrong about Xhaka and that Emery was right to persist with him.’

    This looks like your decisiveness in semi final and final of a world cup nonsense. Creating levels that nobody can reach so that you can be proven right.

    No player in the world can play like Xhaka did against Liverpool game in game out. So you can as well carry your trophy now.

  73. Marc


    That’s the thing we have nothing personal against Xhaka we just don’t think he’s right for the PL. I’ve said repeatedly he’d be a better fit for Italy but if he suddenly turns it around and puts in performances like Liverpool 85% – 90% of the time then fantastic we can use the funds that would have gone on a CM on another position.

    CC repeatedly accused me yesterday of being closed off and not accepting his point of view – that’s runs both ways why can’t he accept that my opinion is Xhaka needs to be upgraded upon as a mater of urgency.

  74. Bamford10


    He wasn’t so good against Liverpool that it is unreasonable to say that that is the player we need to see going forward. He was good, and he didn’t make any egregious errors. This is precisely what we need from our holding CMs. There is nothing unreasonable about saying that this is what we will need to see from him consistently if he is to remain in the XI.

    However, if you think there is, then I’ll revise what I said for your benefit: if Xhaka eliminates his careless game-changing errors, if he demonstrates that he is quick enough and assertive enough to be a top quality holding mid in the PL, I will gladly admit that I was wrong about him.

  75. Dissenter

    Consensus means nothing when it comes to holding an opinion, especially regarding Xhaka.
    The majority isn’t away right.
    I recall that the vast majority here wanted us to keep Sanchez….it turns out there were wrong.

    Xhaka has his strengths and weaknesses like every other player, it’s obvious that he’s win athe respect of Emery’s favorites because he’s strong minded, does let his head drop, is ready to sacrifice himself for the team and is the fittest player we have in the team.

    Like I said, he’s not going anywhere, not anytime soon since the club just renewed his contract till 2023.

  76. Marko

    Against Liverpool (where Torreira got his bits fondled for his input) Xhaka had the most passes on the pitch, most recoveries, most tackles.

    Very true but I did say by and large and you say continue to over sell an idea and can only point to one significant performance in about 2.5 seasons to disprove the idea that he’s not that good at the defensive side of the game. It’s one of the more obvious weaknesses in his game everyone knows this

  77. Marko

    Marko you say he’s not a DM and yet you want to hang him for deficiencies in his defensive game, which is not an issue at all. Yet you are the one that’s ignoring the deficiencies in Auba’s all round game and want him played through the centre because he’s a pure goal scorer.

    Respectfully this is a ridiculous thing to say there’s a difference between needing a midfielder to be good and both sides of the ball and needing your striker to do more than just score. For example Auba can get by as a striker who’s just a prolific goalscorer whereas a midfielder needs to be good offensively AND defensively. It’s not hard to fathom. If you are one of two holding CM’s you have to be competent defensively and by and large he’s not. I look at the improvement Torreira has brought to our midfield and I can’t help but imagine how better it would be if he was paired with a Kondogbia or a Ndombele instead of Xhaka you know someone who is good on the ball but also very competent and comfortable with doing the defensive things too. Again he’s improved recently but we can and should strive to be better he’s not as good as we can be in CM

  78. Bamford10


    No idea why you are bringing up the argument from consensus given this was a bogus assertion of Charlie’s from the get-go.

    Interestingly, though, you seem to be relying on a different logical fallacy, namely the argument from authority: “Emery thinks Xhaka is good enough; therefore he is good enough”.

    Sorry, but Emery is just as fallible as anyone else. He may see reasons to like Xhaka, but he may also be wrong about Xhaka, may not be seeing his flaws properly. This remains to be seen.

    Further, the question was whether Xhaka should be in the XI, not whether he should be in the squad. So your insistence that he will in the squad for the foreseeable future is a little beside the point.

  79. Chika


    “Xhaka has been better under Emery — he was EXCELLENT, for example, against Liverpool.”

    5 minutes later:

    “He wasn’t so good against Liverpool that it is unreasonable to say that that is the player we need to see going forward. He was GOOD, and he didn’t make any egregious errors.”

    You’ve always been a dishonest cretin.

  80. Bamford10


    Right, he was excellent, precisely what we need him to be, precisely what we need from our CMs.

    He was excellent against Liverpool, not otherworldly; so it is in no way unreasonable to say that he needs to continue to play like that if he wants to be in the Arsenal XI going forward. We need excellence, not less than that.

    Nice try, though.

  81. Dissenter

    The most important authority is the manager’s when it comes to who features for Arsenal. There’s just hard fact, no fallacy there.
    The same argument used to be made against Mikel Obi when he was at Chelsea. Regular Joe fans would say he was crap when virtually every Chelsea manager (until Conte) has him in there starting eleven (or first 15 on the squad list).
    First Wenger rated Xhaka…a new manager comes in and still rates him…he can’t be that bad, can he?

    I just think you tend to seek validation from others to prove your point. It’s puzzling because you communicate your opinion so clearly and shouldn’t need to have people back you up.

  82. UTarse

    “Against Liverpool (where Torreira got his bits fondled for his input) ”

    Are you sure ? I don’t recall seeing that nor hearing it as a view anywhere.

  83. Bob N16

    Haven’t we Marc? Oh, you’re not an insider so you wouldn’t know.

    He is far from my favourite player but AFC extended his contract and he is being picked again and again. It may well be in say 3 years time, when our team is killer, that we will look back and agree that it was steady progression that improved our chances, not wholesale changes. Be patient, eventually he will be upgraded, just as most of our team will be!

  84. Marc


    Your comment is an example of perfect logic in some sort of alternative Universe but that’s not how reality works. When a big club goes after a player aggressively they leak it to the press.

    You know as well I do that we have not received any large bids for Xhaka. Also selling one first choice player is not making wholesale changes. How many players should we bring in in the summer? Or are you stuck in Wenger’s can’t buy too many players it upsets the squad?

  85. Bob N16

    Marc, you and I do not run Arsenal, whether we would make a better job of it I somewhat doubt it. Your reality does not take into consideration all the nuances and subtleties that go on outside the public eye. Decisions on who stays and goes is not as clear cut as some make out.

    Do not make the mistake of suggesting I am in favour of not selling Xhaka, I am simply saying that clubs don’t generally turn over that many players in one or two windows- that is the reality. Xhaka, I’m guessing, is not near the top of the list of players who will go in next two windows.

    Obviously those who can’t stand him will find this tough to take.

  86. Marc


    I’ve never suggested that I could run Arsenal better than the current management team – I’m 100% behind them however I’m allowed an opinion on here just the same as you.

    As for ” all the nuances and subtleties” that go on what about the glaring fucking errors that Xhaka commits far too often?

    The turnover of players you mention isn’t as great or severe as you claim.

  87. Marc


    Great news means we can claw back some of what we spent on him. You on the other hand missed my point completely.

    Based on Torreira’s performances so far how many clubs in the PL would buy him for what we paid for him? Xhaka just isn’t cut out for the PL – he’s not an awful player but he’s not good enough to be a lynch pin for us.

    Why can’t you accept my view that we should sell and bring in someone who’s a better fit for the PL? You don’t have to agree but you’ve dismissed my as wrong – how can I be wrong with the concept of getting a better player?

  88. Dissenter

    I understand the point you-are making. I just happen to disagree with it.
    It’s just that I don’t think Xhaka is anywhere near the top of our most pressing priorities.

  89. bennydevito

    I wouldn’t be at all surprised if clubs started using AI algorithms to decide substitutions and even tactics and tram selections in future based on statistics, it’s very possible.

  90. Antidote


    Based on research by this brainless resident of N5, I recommend ignoring any poster who uses z when it should be an s

  91. Drey

    Bamford is 100% right on this.
    Xhaka is the midfielder I’ve seen at Arsenal. slow, error-prone, indesicive, defensively terrible, etc. I could go on.
    For the guys hounding Bamford about fallacy of making d crowd agree with him, I’m sorry Xhaka is not fit tie even Alex Song’s boots.
    He needs to be gone from the team if we want to truly consider ourselves title challengers too

  92. Leedsgunner

    David Ornstein reporting that Arsenal is opening contract extension talks with Welbz. Good squad player, but is he worth a new three to five year contract? I’m not sure. I hope it’s not sentiment driven. I want to see Nketiah given a chance during his recovery…

    Eddie, Eddie, Eddie!!

  93. Champagne charlie

    “CC repeatedly accused me yesterday of being closed off and not accepting his point of view – that’s runs both ways why can’t he accept that my opinion is Xhaka needs to be upgraded upon as a mater of urgency.“

    I accepted that as your opinion, I just disagreed with it and told you what I’d prefer. But because I did this you were out with the insults and calling me an idiot for wanting to replace Elneny with a player that could bench Xhaka.

    I didn’t say anything of the sort to you, I said your POV makes no sense to me because you’re fixated on players that actually contribute to the first team when there’s a good few that offer us nothing – not to mention the 4 first teamers that require action this summer (Kos, Monreal, Rambo, Welbz).

    If everyone offered something we’d be stronger as a unit. I compared it to buying Auba to replace Giroud in the starting XI. It “improved” us, but if we had kept Oli and spent 56 mil on Koulibaly in defence to replace Chambers say, then how much better would we be? I’d say a good deal better.

    Youre welcome to your POV, I don’t agree with it given our finite resources.

  94. Dark Hei


    ” I’m sorry Xhaka is not fit tie even Alex Song’s boots.”


    I will up the ante a little.


  95. Graham62


    Having watched England for nearly 50 years, believe me when I say it, GS has performed a minor miracle.

    He has managed to create a proactive team environment and rid us of all the egos.

    On top of this, he has managed to give us all a sense of hope and pride in a group of players that quite clearly, love playing for their country.

    We are now (fast becoming) a force to be reckoned with.

  96. Dark Hei

    Agree with you CC.

    Xhaka is an issue, but not the biggest problem.

    1. We need a new LB
    2. We need a new backup LB
    3. We need a new backup RB.

    After that it is a tossup between Xhaka and Mustafi.

    Because as bad as those 2 heroes are…..they are still ahead of Kolasinac, They are also relatively injury free and their bodies can play 90ms (not their brains of course; these ADHD types get distracted by the pigeons)

  97. Receding Hairline

    Xhaka weekend on here

    National team he is virtually irreplaceable

    Here a new manager comes in and Xhaka is one of his favorites

    But the fellows on Le Grove with top notch footballing knowledge believes the first thing we should do is replace Xhaka, well it did not happen in the summer and it is not happening anytime soon.

    it’s funny Bamford went to great lengths to point out that Emery is wrong in his assessment of Xhaka and will come to see things his way moving forward, the delusion is top notch. Once again Bamford..YOU ARE NOBODY

  98. mysticleaves

    Marko, in a two man midfield where one is a DM and the other is a CM its is a pipe dream to expect the CM to be excellent in both the defensive and offensive part. In our current set up, frankly speaking, Xhaka is good enough defensively and is excellent offensively to be our CM.

    That you are clouded by last season where he had to be excellent on both sides–because Ramsey always vacated his position–and failed is your problem. I have seen what a steady DM like Torr can add to a midfield.

    Make no mistake, the impact Torr has had on our team this season is not an indictment on how bad Xhaka was for two seasons but a vindication that he needed to be the CM and not the DM of a double pivot.

  99. mysticleaves


    How many people have bid for De bruyne, Silva, Sane or Fernandinho since they came to city? How many have bid for Hazard? How many people have bid for Messi? Since we want to get silly.

  100. Chika


    ” I’m sorry Xhaka is not fit tie even Alex Song’s boots.”

    Your tripe above explains why you’re pals with Bumford.

  101. mysticleaves

    It’s good news all around. The melt down at Spuds seems to be in full flow. Toby and Vertoghan or set to leave on free transfers. Both haven’t committed to new deals up till now. I know Jan is not our level, he will be looking for a much bigger and better club but we should definitely try for Toby if we are in for defenders. That way we can let Kos leave and allow Mav and Holding learn from the best.

  102. Drey


    What “tripe”? Xhaka is a terrible midfielder, a walking mistake always waiting to happen.

    I have always disagreed with Bamford on Iwobi, but in this case he is bang on the money.

  103. Graham62

    The “Xhaka” talk has become rather boring.

    No domestic Football, our international team flourishing and all we talk about is GX.

    What about Simon Jordan and Gareth Southgate taking over the Brexit negotiations? Far more interesting.

    As for my POV, Xhaka is doing far better under Emery than he was under our predecessor.

    Patience is the virtue.