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You never want to be the person who says shut up and play football, but my word, you kind of wish Mesut Ozil’s agent would stop trapping off like the Trump of the agent world. Dr Ergot took time out to speak to James Olley at The Evening Standard.

“We had some really big offers from Asia – there were some crazy offers. But, for Mesut, money was by no means the biggest factor.

“Money is definitely one important thing to consider, but people must remember that footballing ability is just one aspect of a contract negotiation. The commercial impact of a footballer is crucial nowadays.

“It came down to what was in his heart. We were free to sign with other clubs and, in the end, Mesut loves the club. I put everything to him and he just said, ‘This is my home, I want to be here’.

This reads very much like: ‘PSG and Madrid were both spurned by loyal Wenger’

For me, it’s not a real offer if it’s from China. It really isn’t. It’s where hacks go to play out their dying days in a shite league. You’ve given up your sheen, you have no glamour, you’re a slave to money.

The reason Mesut’s agent has come out on the attack is he’s reading all sorts of opinion he doesn’t like.

  • Aaron should have landed the deal
  • Mesut isn’t worth the money
  • The sort of number 10 Mesut wants to be is over
  • The player is dead wood
  • Why is he captain?

Playing the love card is so tired. It’s nonsense PR to deflect away from the honest truth > he’s been a bit shite this season.

He could answer a lot of the critics if his best performances were against Liverpool, not worldies vs Leicester City. I really don’t understand the odd fanboyism that follows him around. Call his game what it is at Arsenal, don’t hide behind spreadsheets, ‘he bleeds for us’ and nostalgia.

In other news, Kike ‘the king’ Marin reckons Arsenal are tracking Dembele, and we had a £100m plan for him last summer. He also soured the story by stating the player has gone missing from training and earns a whopping £12m a year. I mean, I love him, if we could get the most out of him, we’d have a truly spectacular forward line next season.

I think it’s more hope than reality, but I’d be more than happy to take a chance on genuine WOW talent. Though it has to be said, I’m a little concerned about how our Bundesliga imports are fairing at Arsenal, I know they haven’t all been direct, but they’re hardly pulling up trees.

Finally, an embarrassing story is doing the rounds that the leaving-do committee at EPL HQ is asking Premier League clubs to hand over £250k to give Scudamore a golden fuck off. Wow. Really? Is that how leaving present shakedowns work? Pretty grotesque considering the cash he’s earned over the years.

Right, I recorded a solo podcast. If it’s shite, I’ll never do it again. But everyone was out of town and I needed to get it done.

Let me know what you thought in the comments.

Topics include:

  • Fans who want failure
  • Mesut Ozil, again
  • Danny and a deal (plus numbers)
  • Emery: Good, bad, ugly


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  1. Leedsgunner


    I commend you for the podcast. I loved the passion and the flow of your argument. You, IMO, did a great job, one of your best episodes in awhile.

    Don’t feel that you have to bring in guests for the sake of it, but bring in guest if they can offer something you can’t.

    I really enjoyed it.

  2. Pierre

    Oh well, going by the comments on le grove it looks like everyone has accepted that we haven’t got bundles ofcash to spend on players so I presume we won’t be hearing shouts of”spend some fucking money” aimed at Emery

    Also appears that top 4 is going to be regarded as a successful season (not by me) and I suppose that fans will now regard winning a trophy (any trophy) as an achievement…

    Sad really that all those fans missed out on the joy of winning trophies but at least they are getting some pleasure now in believing that we are improving though I am not sure we have seen it on the pitch yet

    A few more signings like torriera and guendouzi and we may see improvement but let’s not get ahead of ourselves as the prem is a very difficult league . I don’t think we have turned the corner yet .

  3. gonsterous


    are you thick or something? Want to know why no matter how many FA cups Wenger won, he had to go ? the answer is simple, he didn’t fix the squad problems, he was always buying just enough to paper over the cracks, it’s why we were in a bad position financially. Over payed average players, we had the highest priced tickets, we were laughed out of Europe. Wenger became a laughing stock and the arsenal name because we were associated with him

    The new manager gets top 4, we are happy because he won’t come out and say something stupid like, top 4 is a trophy. He will want to use it as a stepping stone to bigger and better things. He will want to prove himself in the CL. He will want to fill the cabinet with Real trophies. And the best part, if he fails, we don’t have to keep giving him contract extensions because he’s the chosen one.
    But I feel everyone and their dog has explained this before a thousand times in here but you are either thick as pig shite or you don’t want to listen or you are under the delusion that Wenger was unfairly treated or you just don’t like Emery.
    For me, you don’t like Emery and you are thick as pig shite

  4. TonyD

    Don’t take the bait – old woman Pierre is the queen of trolls and probably bleeds every month.

    A very sad individual who can’t accept his idol has been kicked out of the club.

    Obviously needs to see a specialist about his Wenger PTSD

  5. Goobergooner


    The only reason people will see top 4 as an achievement this season is because your mate Wenger lowered expectations and the quality of this team so far from where it should be.

  6. Emiratesstroller

    Wenger is now passe and we need to move on.

    That does not mean that we need to spend hours slagging Wenger on every occasion.

    Emery has the opportunity to rebuild the team and improve its performance.
    It is now down to him to show what we can achieve. Bluntly our horizon this
    season should be to qualify for Champions League. That should be the maximum, which I believe that the current team can achieve.

    What the club needs now to do is to “evolve”. We know that the club is going
    to stick to its current business model and Kroenke is not going to follow Chelsea and Man City where owners pump in money into buying players.

    There is no “magic money tree”.