Get well soon Danny!

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Arsenal’s draw against Sporting Lisbon was spoiled with a horrendous injury to the main man, Danny Welbeck. He was challenging for a cross and it looked like his ankle crunched with an awkward fall. The man is the unluckiest guy at Arsenal. Absolutely awful to see.

The added layer of toughness is this: his deal runs out in the summer. I know Arsenal aren’t a charity, but it’s going to be tough not to have a heart for someone whose money will dry up in June with an awful injury.

What do you do there? I trust in Arsenal here. Not like the man hasn’t gone all out for us whenever he’s been given a chance.

As for the game, what can you say? Sporting didn’t register a shot on target in either leg, we’re on top of the group, we’ve qualified in that position if we finish off the next two games without hiccup.

There was additional bad news as Stephen Lichtsteiner proved that despite protest, his body isn’t actually that of a 28-year-old as he pulled up with a strain. I can recognise his leadership skills, but it does seem quite irresponsible of us to have had him as back up this season. We’re going to struggle on the right if we don’t address the weakness this January. AMN will help there, but it’s not his natural position.

There’s not really that much to talk of regarding moments on the pitch. No one really stood out, though I did think we were worthy of the win after creating some good chances, particularly in the second half.

The positives are that we’re unbeaten in 15 games. We drew after making 9 changes. It’s also very tough for a team to pick themselves up after a horrific injury to a teammate, as Emery pointed out.

“The worst news is injuries. He was working well, having a good game, he had a chance to score. When you are playing football, when you are playing competitive matches, it can happen. You don’t want that.

“But that is our profession. When a player is having an injury like that the players on the pitch look at it, and in your mind you are thinking of the player. At the end of the match the players asked for him.”

The most important game is this Sunday. Wolves are going to stretch us after a European game, so we have to be motivated and sharp. That game is a real banana skin. Lots of good players, lots of potential. All very exciting. Still can’t believe we’re not 19 points behind as we usually are at this stage of the season.

Right, that’s me done. See you in the comments for a fight. x



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  1. Paulinho

    Dissenter – Get this season out of the way.

    Emery will have no choice but to go to eventually. Might as well quit messing about and just do it.

  2. London gunner


    I mean with the proviso we don’t I counter Chelsea in the europa league.

    No way will we beat any of the top 4. (baring exceptional circumstances, red card, injuries ect)

  3. Leedsgunner

    Very disappointing that we have again thrown points away through our own mistakes.

    Two points thrown away versus Crystal Palace.
    Two points thrown away versus Wolverhampton.

    Completely nullified the point gained versus Liverpool because I can’t see the teams above us losing to Wolves.

  4. Dissenter

    “Completely nullified the point gained versus Liverpool because I can’t see the teams above us losing to Wolves.”

    Wolves 1 City 1

  5. London gunner


    Spurs grind out a win against Palace we drop two points. This will happen again. We aren’t getting top four. Team is too unbalanced and missing in key archetypes in terms of player functions/abilites/roles. Aka we don’t have one fucking dribbler on the team. When ideally we need two, one for each flank

  6. China1

    Bad result. Looks like our spot of magic at finding second half wins is starting to evade us

    Drawing with palace or wolves is ok. You can’t win em all. Drawing with both, as well as an average sporting side at home is not good form tho

    I hope emery can dig us out of this rut sharpish

  7. Leftsidesanch

    Poor result. Chelsea drew, United lost we needed maximum points to keep pace with Spurs. Disappointing after last weeks showing. Where was the same commitment and energy today?

  8. Marko

    Disappointing to say the least. Positives Xhaka and Torreira were decent and Leno was excellent. Kolasinac is an obvious weakness and I’ll be honest I cannot wait until we see the back of Ozil at Arsenal. Nothing worse than a great player having one good game in the midst of so many bad/average ones. What is the issue? I get that he doesn’t want to be here but does he even want to be a footballer anymore?

  9. raptora

    We had our chances to score the first goal much earlier. Bad misses by Laca and especially that Auba miss… Wolves are a good team. Don’t make it bigger than it is. London Gunner I think, said that spuds are grinding wins, when we did that it was luck, no?!

    Spuds have been getting jammy wins for a while. Manure got several jammy wins. Pool have been barely winning by a goal margin and Chelsea got found out today and it could have happened much earlier.

    It’s a dog’s game. Teams make mistakes. But don’t make it sound like we are much worse than the rest of the contenders for top 4. We aren’t.

  10. Leftsidesanch

    Even worse when most of us would love to see the back of Ozil. After the summer he had you’d think he’d be intent on performing this season aswell.

  11. S. Asoa

    Wengermerry It is .
    Emery is not good enough.
    Not forgetting Wenger left his turd with an obscene salary for loser Ozil no one wanted

  12. useroz


    6 pts dropped in 3 games

    5 min viewing cheated… even though result could go either way.

    Poor, poo, poo game.

    Auba can’t go on missing those 5 yard open goals.

    Sead is just a lump of useless meat loaf. Spend to get a real LB in Jan ffs

    Back to the goal, how did we concede with a (Gk+ 5) v 3 can someone explain?? Xhara was defo an fucking idiot never learned.

    Still some dross around by the look of it.

    Or is it Europa taking the toll?

  13. Cesc Appeal

    A big worry for us is that we’re tied to Ozil for 4 years and there will be a compulsion to play him given his wages.

    He really is a bad CAM for us. He’s the Walcott of CAMs. When in form, great to watch. But that is 1 in every 10 games. If he isn’t scoring or assisting he’s offering nothing on either side of the ball. Ghosts into the game, ghosts out of it. No control, no dictating of play, no pressing.

    This is a huge problem for us because it leaves a black hole right in the centre of the team.

    Aubameyang at LM doesn’t work. Never has. Never will. I don’t know why Emery has suddenly gone back to this.

    Xhaka, just too error prone. Some improvement this year. But he’s a calamity waiting to happen. If that’s a big UCL game or a derby etc and he drops that mistake or one of his numerous mistakes we’re sunk without the opposition even having to try.

    Not much has really changed in terms of what we needed at the close of the window. CB, LB, CM, CAM, RW/LW.

    Said it for a while but I would think about a midfield 3 of Guendouzi, Torreira, Xhaka.

    Aubameyang doesn’t work at LM and we’ve lost Welbeck so the January window is now an emergency window for us to bring in a wide player.

  14. GoonGoonerGone

    At best we are a sixth placed team. No doubt, Wenger left a muddle here. Can’t understand why some of you lot thought we are a top four team.
    Reality is that this team today played with all the marks of a last season Wenger team.
    Actually feel sorry for Wolves.
    They deserved all the spoils.
    Emery better get his finger out. If a team can’t be bothered to start well, it’s going to catch up sooner or later.
    And it’s beginning to catch up, sooner …

  15. Dream10

    The left side of our back four is a problem.
    Holding and Kolasinac are a massive downgrade in comparison to the injury orone Koscielny and Monreal (who are both in decline). We know Kolasinac is subpar, but Holding is not a first choice CB for a club that wants to be in the CL. He doesn’t have high potential.

  16. Danny S

    Everyone has been getting a bit lulled into this whole top 4 thing.
    For me, top 4 was never a goal this season, it was just getting the squad sifted and things solidified.

    Although some of emery’s selection choices are suspect, there’s not much more we can expect at the moment.

    Things already look better, that’s all we can ask for at the moment.

  17. Marko

    Always maintained that what we do in January will go a long way towards whether or not we finish top 4 and I still maintain that. Do nothing and it’ll be a struggle and we’ll ultimately fall short. Bring in a couple and it might be enough to get us over the line

  18. Kayciey

    These players need to go asap
    1. Kolasinac
    3. Mustafi

    Whoever signed Kolasinac should be sacked if he’s still in Arsenal. Wenger binned him for AMN. We need at least two dribblers and a pacy winger. Bellerin is limited.

  19. Marko

    ” Positives Xhaka and Torreira were decent”Marko….did you watch the game?

    Bounced from stream to stream but I get your point. Relative to everyone else. I think we nearly lost/just snatched a draw today because of our forward/defensive players today. The lack of creativity

  20. Pedro

    Top 4 the goal, but the club think their best route there is Europa.

    Really poor performance today. Emery riding his luck very hard this season. Very worried about the Spurs game.

  21. Leftsidesanch

    Its no coincidence that we have started to drop points. When we were winning game after game it was against teams you’d expect us to beat and we were still fortunate in some games.

    Now the fixtures are getting harder and poor team performances (Pool aside) and individual mistakes from the usual culprit(s) are setting in.

    Xhaka has put in somewhat improved performances, Mustafi too but over the course of a season they’re mistakes will cost us. They shouldn’t be in the side.

  22. Leftsidesanch

    Pedro, thats the kind of game where we’ll cover ourselves in “glory” before putting in a horrible performance at OT.

  23. Marko

    To be fair they were worried about the Liverpool game and we stepped up to it. Wolves today showed how to beat us (nearly) sit back and counter with pacy forwards. Spurs will play some more so it’ll be a different game but for sure big improvements needed we need to get back to winning

  24. S. Asoa

    Arsenal is not like a mid-table team. The deficiencies are clear . There is too much acceptance on not buying in January. Considering the circumstances this is unacceptable.
    Time we raised Cain . What happened to the Club’s 200 million warchest ? Kept as guarantee for Kroenke buying off of Usmanov shares ?

  25. Dream10

    Sounds and the Utd matches won’t be as bad for us as the other matches. We’re creating less with less shots than last season. If this keeps up, we’re going to continue to drop points against the bottom 14 sides.

    Bournemouth away next. They should have put away Man Utd in the 1st half last week. They’re a fit team who start fast. Might be another draw at best

  26. Cesc Appeal

    Our best line up right now is, Leno, Bellerin, Sokratis, Holding, Monreal, Torreira, Guendouzi, Xhaka, Mkhitaryan, Iwobi, Lacazette/Aubameyang.

    By no means perfect, but it is the best and most balanced side we have. I would have had Welbeck in there but obviously not possible.

    That is unless we go for the 4-2-2-2 we played at Fulham which in my opinion was out best performance of the season, missing a certain someone as well from that side.

    On the plus side of everything our transfers have been great aside from Lichtsteiner who was free.

  27. China1

    I disagree Danny. If utd don’t turn a major corner and if spurs luck runs out 4th will be an achieveable, though difficult, proposition

    But whether or not we get it, to aim lower than that serves what purpose? If you aim low you are very unlikely to achieve anything at all. If you aim high you might come short but you’ll be more likely to get closer along the way

    I don’t see what we get from aiming for lower than 4th when it is a possibility. As well, it’s precisely a lack of serious expectations or targets that have allowed our team to be so blasé about dropping points in the past. You aim for as high as can be realistically achieved – no less.

  28. Cesc Appeal

    ‘Hopefully the Lacazette-Aubameyang bromance ‘understanding’ tripe is well and truly binned from now on’

    Unless we’re playing 2 up front I hope so.

    It is Wenger levels of lazy to ignore the need for a winger and play Aubameyang at LM so I’m a bit disappointing Emery has reverted to it after abandoning it. When he did we played better and also had a serious weapon on the bench.

  29. London gunner


    My point isn’t that the top 4 aides are miles better than us (only city are miles better)

    But that teams are that much better than us to come ahead of us, if only by a few points. The fact is whether we are beaten to top four by 10 points or 3 points the end result is the same.

    Spurs are grinding out wins as are/were we, but my point is spurs are grinding out more wins… Neither team is lucky or unlucky but spurs still are performing better than us, maybe not by a great deal but enough to leave us fifth.

    Also can you not put words in my mouth in the future and misrepresent my arguments. I don’t do it to you, so please extend me the courtesy back.

  30. Pierre

    The most worrying part of the game is that after we scored ,there was only one team that looked like scoring the winner and it wasn’t Arsenal.

    Emery has been applauded for his substitutions earlier in the season ,and rightly so ,but his substitutions v palace, Liverpool and wolves were poor.

    The last 20 minutes we played like headless chickens ,we scored a fortunate goal but the balance of the team was all over the place ….we could have conceded 3 or 4 goals towards the end .

  31. James wood

    London Gunner.
    We a screaming out for a athletic ball player.

    Biggest mistake so far this season not jumping in for
    Shaquiri the guy somehow manages to get about he’s mobility
    is good.
    That type of player is something we lack.
    Still it’s a point but not pretty.

  32. Marko

    Another classic Ozil performance am I right Pierre. Certainly has turned a corner alright since the Leicester game. Back into the cul de sac for him

  33. London gunner

    Aubam on the wing is basically us playing with 10 men. He is next to useless there.

    We need two ballers on the wing, to cut in from a 45 degree angle, beat the fullback and also to win penalties in the box by trippy dribbling skills

  34. Victorious

    A draw was undeserved and Wolves were unlucky in the end. Signs of the old Arsenal in this performance, far too slow, backward and sideways passing and painfully lacking in dynamic play,ni dribbler. Xhaka proved he’s an idiot and lacks concentration. Kolasinac needs replacing and showed he shouldn’t be 1st choice too. The positive is that we didn’t lose!

  35. Victorious

    That’s too many draws now to get top4…not acceptable against mid table teams

    Shock horror, different manager but same outcome.

    Is one place up a notch worth the fuss? Absolutely not

    5th at best

  36. HighburyLegend

    ” did a half time sub lolz”

    Lol raptora you’re right!!
    Vicuntious are you ironic about Leno ?? Just asking…

  37. Graham62

    Surely the jury can’t still be out on Ozil.

    Where was he? Mkhitaryan ahead of him for me.

    Not a good performance. Slow and ponderous.

    However, 24pts from 12 games and 3 points off the Spuds is not too shoddy, all considering.

    International break may come as a blessing.

    Aubameyang, at this moment in time, looks so brittle.

  38. Receding Hairline

    Leno basically gave us a point today. Very brave goal keeping

    Aubameyang played through the middle and was useless same as lacazette

    Kolasinac is a horrible footballer

    The earlier we get dribblers into this squad the better

  39. mysticleaves

    lol, Ozil did all he could against a team that defended with purpose from the blast of the whistle. Scape goating is bad. He could have played better but definitely wasn’t shit.

  40. Pierre

    “Surely the jury can’t still be out on Ozil.”

    After ozil went off do you think we looked better as a team , do you think it was a coincidence that wolves had chance after chance because we kept losing possession of the ball.

    If you want to keep applying the pressure on a team ,the most important thing is to have possession of the football…without the ball you start playing panic football, You give away free kicks which in turn allows them to run the clock down …if you keep giving the ball away it allows the opposition the chance to counter which wolves did very effectively.

    So people criticize ozil if they want but personally ,when we are attacking and chasing the game I prefer Arsenal to have possession of the ball and play with composure and intelligence than watch the team give the ball away , give free kicks away and concede chance after chance…….but that’s just my preference.

  41. Cesc Appeal

    Emery needs to use the international break to have a detailed discussion with Mislintat and Sanllehi about squad plans. There’s a lot of players who’ve made gains but still are well short of what we need. Such an unbalanced squad lacking in quality.

    He needs to really have a think about selection and formation too. Right now Leno, Guendouzi and Torreira are the only real shining lights. Have to say Bellerin has improved as well when you consider he was truly bad at the start of the season.

  42. Emiratesstroller

    As I wrote after game on Thursday Arsenal have gone into “draw’ syndrome and
    that is not good enough in the EPL.

    Drawing three successive games in the League means that we have now dropped 6 points. Okay the Liverpool result may be acceptable but not the results against
    CP and Wolves.

  43. Bamford10

    I guess we won’t be “blowing apart” United or Spurs any time soon.

    I guess Xhaka remains precisely what his critics here have long said he is.

    I guess I was right to think Iwobi lacks quality and isn’t a first-XI wide solution for Arsenal, not if we want to be a top team.

    I guess Emery still has a lot of work to do — as do Mislintat and Sanllehi.

  44. Bamford10

    I would go 4-4-2 diamond. Like so:


    But Emery likes to be able to press from wide positions, so he’d probably prefer 3-5-2. In that, he could have the two wingbacks provide wide pressing.

    Auba wide is a dead end, IMO.

  45. Marko

    Bamford may be an obnoxious prick most of the time but he’s certainly right about some things… and apparently that’s important to him. Not anyone else though

  46. gambon

    In terms of xG, Wolves “beat” us 2.4 to 1 today.

    Thats pretty shocking for a home game against a small team.

    I have to say, I’m really worried about where we’re going.

    Im not sure we’ve actually seen any improvement at all under Emery so far.

    I like Torreira & Leno, but players of that calibre arent going to transform us into a top team.

    Defensively we dont seem to have improved at all, and going forward we seem to struggle massively apart from some very brief spells where it clicks.

    I see what Emery is trying to do, but I think his game plan cannot possibly work without top class players.

    He wants the attackers to play narrow with overlapping full backs, but the problem is our attackers dont have the quality to play in congested areas.

    Some of our players are just not good enough and never will be. Man City would not be top of the PL if they had Kolasinac, Mustafi, Xhaka, Mykhitaryan, Ozil, Iwobi etc.

    We have to bring in so many players to compete at the top of the PL.

    I have a horrible feeling the powers that be at the club will just pretend these issues arent there.

    I will give Emery 2 seasons, but if I hear anything about just needing 1 or 2 players next summer I will be an Emery out.

    Pep Guardiola came in, gave it a season, and recognised he needed £250m of players to move the team forward. Make no mistake, we aint getting anywhere if we dont do the same.

  47. Cesc Appeal

    What’s worse is a lot of these players have had a fill weeks rest. Lacazette again today I thought was poor, good game against Liverpool and a great goal, but poor again today and had a very similar performance to Palace. He had a full weeks rest.

    Mustafi and Xhaka as they so often have kind of undermine the entire side with shaky performances, stupid mistakes, stupid giveaways and in Xhaka’s case massively injurious mistakes. Both had a full weeks rest.

    Ozil is part of that tripartite of instability along with Mustafi and Xhaka that undermines the side. Again, full weeks rest.

    Kolasinac added to that instability today as well with a really poor performance. The rumours of a LB in January are not surprising.

    Need to get Sokratis back in the side, Monreal too and then sort out this attack because as a lot of people said all throughout the summer Aubameyang at LM will not work. It is a FIFA team that can only exist in a virtual reality where systems and balance count for nothing.

  48. Cesc Appeal


    We’re never going to be a city. Guardiola has spent £400 Million or something and had a very so so first season for the money spent but kept building a great side bringing in the players he needed and has built a truly great team.

    Emery is never going to get £400 Million over 2 seasons. He will get half that if he’s lucky.

    The added problem for Emery is he’s turned up and so much poor transfer work has been done. He arrived the season after Sanchez was wasted as an asset and Ozil has weighed the club down as a poor player on a massive contract. Our of UCL for 2 years and are spending power at a real low.

    From that he needs to build. That’s why we’re going to have to rely on good transfer finds like Leno, Guendouzi and Torreira and the youth players like Nelson etc along with the occasional big purchase.

    No way do we go out and spend £50 Million on a LB the way City did a RB. No way are we spending £50 Million on a CB the way City did, twice, or near to that.

    This is where I do feel some sympathy for Emery, only some though, he took the job, he talked himself into it and is taking home £6 Million a year. But he is building from a position of financial weakness, misallocated funds and a squad of players who have not been coached.

    This is why Allegri turned us down. Hard road. But we can do it. The difference is we have to make every penny count and maximize the potential of 90% of our players through great coaching.

  49. gambon

    “No way do we go out and spend £50 Million on a LB the way City did a RB. No way are we spending £50 Million on a CB the way City did, twice, or near to that.”

    Well, we wont be competing then, will we.

  50. Thorough

    We absolutely must spend in January.when the big boys aren’t shopping just to breach the huge gap. It’s even more obvious now that the only reserve player Emry believes in is Guendozi.
    Finally, Leno has just become our first choice. Today could have been embarrassing.

  51. Receding Hairline


    I will be Emery out if he doesn’t spend 250m next summer.. Good grief

    Does Emery decide how much there is to spend on players? Do some people even think before they type? Conte took on the Chelsea board about signings and how much he got given to spend, that worked out well for him in the end. Mourinho is going on and on about what City have spent, forgetting he has brought in some players as well .

    So Emery out if he doesn’t spend, ignore the fact he has little say in how much is available to spend, then what?

    I noticed certain people came back on here once the wins started drying up. Make of that what you will

  52. Cesc Appeal


    If you think that is the only way we can compete then no. We won’t be.

    Not a chance Emery is given £400 Million to spend over 2 years, remembering as well because of previous appalling management we have no assets in this team to recoup money. We don’t have a £120 Million Coutinho, for example, and we have not been smart with our youth system meaning we have a nice supply of young talent to sell like Chelsea did.

    We’ve been so poorly run for years we’re basically building a club from the ground up.

  53. London gunner

    I agree with Cesc, it’s gonna be a long rebuild job. We won’t actually challenge for at least 5 years.

    I don’t think we will achieve champions league football this year, I think the best we can hope for is to implement emery ideas, work on the tactics, improve the play(ers), develop/identify the young talent worth bringing in/keeping in the first team and get us playing good football.

    This summer we need four players at least.

    Next season we need to get top 4 and maintain that for at least three seasons, improving the squad year on year so the majority of the first 11 is elite level players and players without huge glaring defencies in their game aka xhaka Ozil ect.

  54. Paulinho

    We’re are going to have be patient but and when we do sign a player it’s got to be the right one.

    Unfortunately City have the monopoly on the type players we need: Players that can dribble with their head up at all times, ability to swivel on a dime and bring 360 degree vision, and players that are quick and mobile.

    It’s not all down to money. United have had loads of it and bought limited players like Sanchez (who can’t dribble with his head up and lacks awareness as a result) and Mata (who can’t dribble against a press and neither is quick or dynamic enough).

    We need to scout incredibly well and pick up players that well-rounded and don’t possess the obvious flaws that our current incumbents in midfield and forward positions are afflicted with.

  55. Receding Hairline

    Good post Cech Appeal

    The state of the squad has little to do with the manager. I will get on his back when he has brought it at least 8 players and they are still not playing the way he wants. Not when he is playing with a squad without a single player that can take on a man and beat him.

    He isn’t responsible for the squad we have

  56. gambon

    Cesc Appeal

    Man City won the PL last year – biggest budget in UK football
    PSG won Ligue 1 last year – biggest budget in French Football
    Barca won La Liga last year – biggest budget in Spanish football
    Bayern won Bundesliga – biggest budget in world football
    Juve won Serie A – biggest budget in Italian football

    Any plan to get to the top of the league that doesnt involve significant investment is akin to crossing your fingers and praying to the football gods.

    In fact, if Man City’s 5 year plan is to spend £500m on players, ours should be to spend £501m on players.

  57. Receding Hairline

    Spurs picked up Son and Moura

    Liverpool got Salah and Mane

    None of these players cost that much. They basically came around the same price we paid for Xhaka and Mustafi

    Very smart signings.. That’s what we need. Extensive scouting, signings like Torriera, out of the blue and very good.

    We don’t need our manager to spend every press conference complaining about how much City have spent

  58. Cesc Appeal


    I also think of the players we’ve bought during Emery’s very brief time here we’ve done well and he has got a lot out of them. These are players that do not pre-date him.

    Lichtsteiner has not been good but I think he was also bought for his off the field influence.

    Sokratis has been solid, given way too much unfair stick and looks a mountain of a CB compared to Mustafi.

    Guendouzi, great find, just £8 Million, playing really well and developing.

    Leno, smart buy, £20 Million, compare to Allison and Kepa who were £70 Million. No real difference.

    Torreira, just a great buy, great scouting, £26 Million, developing all the time and probably our best performer of the season consistently.

    That is hugely encouraging. When you think our main purchases of Leno, Torreira and Guendouzi cost £54 Million and Fred alone cost United £53 Million you first all see the difference in spending power but most importantly you see the difference in smart spending.

    That encourages me for the future. Not to mention no player has got worse. Some have stagnated but we knew he they were anyway. Some have got better either by a small amount or a fair amount.

    I’m hopeful. No reason not to be.

  59. Cesc Appeal


    Then we will have to settle for a title push and hope for some luck. We’re never going to spend what a club backed by an oil producing country can spend.

    But that is never what any of us were asking.

    All we asked was with the resources available that our club give us the best probabilistic chance of success.

    Nothing they’ve done from June onwards has shown me they are doing anything other than that. Our spending was potentially one of the smartest out of the top clubs, Mahrez and Fred cost City and United respectively what we paid for Leno, Torreria and Guendouzi.

    I’m on board with smart spending of all our resources, smart scouting, good youth development, good coaching and good management.

    If that doesn’t win us the league, so be it.

  60. Receding Hairline

    Full agreement Cesc Appeal

    I for one do not believe the best way to success is to emulate City, we do not have their resources so I don’t even understand that view point.

    Athletic Madrid, Dortmund, Napoli. Even Spurs have built consistent teams over the years without spending an arm and a leg. Let’s do that first, break into the top four on a regular before talking about City.

    Patience is required here and some on here on here don’t seem to appreciate that

  61. Marko

    I see what Emery is trying to do, but I think his game plan cannot possibly work without top class players.

    I hear you but at the same time you must realize that only with time and transfer windows will he ultimately be able to change and get the players in that he wants. As for the potential one or two I firmly believe that he recognizes that wholesale changes are needed and because we’re not City or United that will be more gradual than instant. The fact that he didn’t offer contracts to Ramsey and Welbeck and continues to sub Ozil and not start with Mhiki suggests that he’s not happy with the squad. Now in saying all that I don’t think that we’ll all be happy with the caliber of signings that we’re likely to make it’s just not possible. Sure I’d love it if we signed De Ligt instead of this Anderson lad from Sampdoria or if we replaced Ramsey with Sanson or Fekir instead of possibly Almiron or if we signed Grimaldo instead of possibly Tagliafico for the LB position or if instead of Pepe we were signing Bailey but we may not be able to but that’s not to say some of those players won’t improve us. I’d like to think we can have marquee signings and not just shrewd ones

  62. Leedsgunner

    “Arsenal midfielder Xhaka has made five errors leading to goals since his Premier League debut in August 2016. No other outfield player in the competition has made more in that time“

    Even the BBC can see the obvious, why can’t the club?

    I guess it’s up to debate and perspective whether Xhaka’s clumsy tackle invited Zaha to fall on it which led to the 2nd penalty upon which Crystal Palace equaliser… I personally think Zaha exploited Xhaka’s error to the maximum.

    That being so, where is the censure for Xhaka’s naivety? Perhaps it’s a bit harsh considering he was playing in an unfamiliar position in the Crystal Palace match but there can be no doubt today that Xhaka’s mistakes led to Wolves taking the lead, from which we never recovered. Therefore, that being so, what is Emery’s response going to be?

    If Granit retains his spot without any consequences, this is no different than Wenger who used to fall back on mistake prone out of form favourites.

    Özil got benched earlier in the season, why can’t Xhaka? I’m not going to exaggerate and say he is the worst footballer in this team because he has improved this season but he does suffer from repeated bouts of stupidity.

    Hopefully these insipid performances against Palace, Sporting and Wolves will motivate Raul, Sven and Emery to action, if they don’t, they will just be repeating Wenger’s stubborn mistakes.

  63. gambon

    “Athletic Madrid, Dortmund, Napoli. Even Spurs have built consistent teams over the years without spending an arm and a leg.”

    How many leagues have these teams won in the last 5 seasons out of 20 possible titles?

    “Patience is required here and some on here on here don’t seem to appreciate that”

    People would probably show patience if there was any evidence we have improved. Im not sure there is any at all.

    I’m not a football manager on £6m a year, but I said 100 times in the summer that Mustafi was a problem, left back was a problem, Xhaka was a problem and our complete lack of wide players was a problem.

    People would have more patience if they thought certain people at the club recognised these issues.

  64. Marko

    One things for sure we’re not buying these obvious players that better us until we’re back in the champions league and that’s a fact and the only way to do that is with some investment in the January window. That’s just a fact. Top 4 has to be the target because I don’t think we’re winning the Europa League one of Spurs or Inter and PSG or Napoli or Liverpool will be dropping down into the tournament and it’ll be tough

  65. Receding Hairline

    Yes Xhaka made a mistake that led to a goal, a very stupid mistake out of nowhere.

    No one is doubting that. But he was by no means the worst player out there today so I don’t get the calls for punishment. Since Emery arrived here he has relied on Xhaka a lot, sometimes to cover a position he has never played in before. Our attack from the left was non existent today until he moved there.

    Yes in the long run he will have to be replaced, but calling for him to be dropped as an example I do not agree with that.

  66. Paulinho

    ” our complete lack of wide players was a problem.”

    Yep, I remember certain posters claiming we didn’t need wide dribblers, and all the concerns over that were over exaggerated.

  67. Receding Hairline

    Gambon finish in the top four at least twice in a roll first before talking about league titles

    I like league titles too, but making unrealistic demands I know cannot be fulfilled doesn’t help anyone. Kroenke isn’t putting his hands into his pockets anytime soon. We have to spend smart and coach smart to succeed. Success is relative by the way.

  68. Marko

    I’m not a football manager on £6m a year, but I said 100 times in the summer that Mustafi was a problem, left back was a problem, Xhaka was a problem and our complete lack of wide players was a problem.

    70 million budget in the summer and it was clearly spent on shoring up the midfield and backline. Not enough of course but my point is that we were never going to address all of the mess that Wenger left us. Summers end 2019 if Unai Emery hasn’t brought in two natural widemen and a LB then rest assured he doesn’t know what he’s doing and we’ll just be waiting for the inevitable sacking.

  69. Leedsgunner

    I was overjoyed when we held Liverpool but progress can be achieved when we face reality head on. Draws against teams like Palace, Sporting and Wolves is not good enough.

    Wenger achieved similar results and called it progress. If it wasn’t progress under Wenger, it’s not progress under Emery just because he’s new.

    We played, pretty much our strongest team today who were well rested.

    They should have won. No excuses.

  70. Receding Hairline

    I am yet to see anyone here make excuses for today’s draw

    Pointing out the obvious deficiencies in the squad aren’t excuses

    That we played our strongest squad today doesn’t automatically guarantee 3 points anyways. Wolves actually played very well.

  71. gambon

    “70 million budget in the summer and it was clearly spent on shoring up the midfield and backline. Not enough of course but my point is that we were never going to address all of the mess that Wenger left us.”

    Agreed. We got off to a great start in the summer, but didnt try our hardest and kind of limped out of the summer.

    For example:

    – Why didnt we sell Chambers. A loan is worthless for all parties. Cost us £20m
    – Why didnt we sell Welbeck and Ramsey. Making a decision on Ramsey in October is a shocking thing to do just 2 months after the window had closed. Cost us £50m

    We heard that Emery had a detailed dossier on all players and how to improve them.

    Well from what I see, Mustafi is still shit, Xhaka is still shit and a liability, Ozil is worse than ever, Mykhitaryan is on the bench earning £170k pw, Kolasinac is appalling.

    Like I said, happy for Emery to take 2 years building a top team, but a bit worried if its going to happen.

  72. Leedsgunner


    Punishment? I call it, accountability. One of the worst excesses under Wenger was that no matter how badly someone played they were rewarded with starts. This led to a morass of stagnation and complacency.

    I don’t want that to appear again in our club.

  73. Marko

    We played, pretty much our strongest team today who were well rested.They should have won. No excuses.

    And you’ll get no one making any. It’s absolutely ridiculous to see players like Özil and Xhaka and Lacazette and others being rested and then put in a performance like that. It’s not good enough but it’s all too familiar from the likes of Mesut and I believe it will be eventually addressed under this manager unlike the previous one.

    Gambon I agree that the summer window ended in a whimper one of my biggest problems was with the budget and the need for more and better that we should have been way more aggressive in getting rid of some of the more obvious weaker players in the squad. But whether it was laziness or the way the window was with the world cup and how it was closing earlier than normal we just didn’t do enough. Now next summer assuming that we managed to get champions league football I’m absolutely convinced that you’ll see even more replacement of dross. Otherwise the appointment of Sven and Raul makes no sense. I predict this time next year you won’t see Ozil or Xhaka or Mustafi in an Arsenal jersey. Also one or both of Monreal and Kolasinac will be gone

  74. Leedsgunner

    Hindsight is of course 20/20… but the draws against Crystal Palace and Wolves were draws because they exploited our mistakes. Had we not made the mistakes we would have won those games… and this is what makes me a bit sore. Palace and Wolves aren’t any better than us, they just made the most of our errors. If Palace and Wolves scored unstoppable shots against us I think I would find it easier to take.

    Cutting out errors and learning from our mistakes should be part of progress… I hope Emery gets the video out and intensely coaches Xhaka so he doesn’t repeat the makes he did today.

  75. Receding Hairline

    I could say the same of your obsession with Ospina

    The top four makes us a champions league club, increases revenue and makes us attractive to players. We are not going to go from a club that finished 6th to one winning the title

    No Chelsea didn’t do that, their last title isn’t 14 years ago.

    All this talk of spending sprees, does AFC have 500m pounds kept somewhere the public isn’t aware of?

  76. David Smith

    Emery at this stage is blameless, takes a while to turn around what Wenger and co left.
    If emery tries to change things too quickly, the risk is that wengerised players on fat contracts will just down tools and make things even worse. He cannot get rid of all the underperforming over night
    Whatever he is doing is going to take time, and his own players

  77. Nelson

    It is disappointing that Emery still plays Auba on the left and Iwobi on the right. Auba is useless on the left wing. Iwobi has much more confidence playing on the left.
    Today, we started the game so slow as if we needed 30 mins to warm up. After we gave up a cheap goal, the opponent parked the bus and played counter. The game became so much more difficult. Sometimes, it seemed that they have 9 guys inside the box and blocked all the shots.

  78. Guns of SF

    Credit to Wolves. They defended increadibly, every attack we had they dropped back and were in perfect positions to make life miserable for us. The reality is that we are going to struggle with teams who set up the same. Wolves just gave the league the blue print to slow us.

    Auba is really looking not good. Fortunately, he tends to break the hoodoo quick, unlike other strikers who lament for weeks before getting their mojo back.

    I still dont think he would be on the wing, I thought that giving him space would play to his strengths, – running but that did not work.

    Laca needs to be doing more. He needs to drop back out of the box and help us instead of us finding him surrounded by much taller and bigger defenders.

    Ozil wanted to give the killer pass today instead of getting to scoring positions himself. At least Ramsey pushed into the box. Ozil forgets that he cannot drop back like that and do nothing. At least provide another option in the box.

    Glad he was yanked. Of course lucky shot but Mikki

    This was a really bad game, all these draws are not good. We will end up in 7th again at this rate.

    The needs for another attacker is screaming out at us. January cannot come to fast. I hope Raul and his ” no need for a player in Jan” is just a smoke screen to behind the scenes neogtioating. Not playing all our cards in public you know…

    Positives were Guen and Lucas. Those guys are performing well and trying to push the game.

  79. Emiratesstroller

    Arsenal’s main problem in recent games is that the goals have dried up. We are struggling to score goals.

    There is an overdependence on both Lacazette and Aubameyang to perform in almost every game and if they don’t do so then we are going to struggle.

    No-one other than these two are reliable finishers and we are lacking goals
    from midfield.

    The absence of Welbeck with longterm injury has also reduced our physicality upfront.

  80. Guns of SF

    Auba, while a great sprinter down the line, is not very good technically with the ball at his feet. I thought he would be better than what he has shown, but aside from quick passes in or around the box, he cannot really dribble his way to scoring position. He needs the ball to him or very close to his shooting range. He seems more a fox in the box more than anything despite some pretty nice shots from outside the box so far. Its a conundrum how to use him to his strenghts

  81. gonsterous


    you would be better off supporting city or pray a sheikh take over arsenal if you think we are going to spend 200m in a season.
    We need smart buys. We need player upgrades. If we had a good winger, we would have won against CP and wolves.

    Red truth

    top 4 isn’t a stand still. you don’t go from coming 6th to winning the title. You build your team and then come closer to it season by season (unless you do a Leicester ).
    Top four gets you revenue to build your squad. And the new manager would be ambitious to get as far into the CL as possible.

    I’m disappointed with the draw and we need to start getting wins again. I did say at the start of the season top 4 is a must for emery but it’s a hard season and I won’t mind missing it by a few margins.
    We do need reinforcements in the Jan window though. hope emery and co will be discussing certain targets for the January window.

  82. TonyD

    I remember thinking when watching the highlights of Auba’s Dortmund goals when we were negotiating for him was we haven’t got a winger anywhere near the Dembele mode. I had serious reservations that Auba would be as effective for us without decent wingers, and that reservation is becoming a reality as this season wears on.

    Auba is best utilized coming on late in games – not starting out wide.

    Although Xhaka has improved a little, his ingrained deficiencies, such as momentary lapses of concentration, being far too slow on the ball for PL football and rash challenges cannot be improved. He is too easily targeted and will be more so in future games.

    Xhaka only improves when LT babysits him to have the chance to go forward unencumbered with time on the ball.

    For Wolves’ goal Xhaka had totally switched off and had no awareness of the immediate area he was supposed to be commanding. With no recovery pace this will continue to be a liability with more goals against being a comon reoccurrence.

    Sead is a championship level player nothing more. AMN should be first choice if Monreal is injured.

    Then we have Mikhi, Ozil and Ramsey giving Emery selection problems as none are really good enough for us to go up to the required level or fully press in the way Emery’s game plans dictate or have the consistent ability to unlock defenses.

    We are going t see a repeat of yesterday’s game many times this season if new and more importantly the right players aren’t bought in January, such as a LB, winger and a striker who can hold the ball upon be an attacking force aerially.

    Yesterday was the first time we saw a close up of Emery looking shell shocked. Mouth open and staring in utter disbelief. It was clear his game plan was clearly lost on the players and left on the training ground.

    You really had to feel for him.

    Six points lost to three draws or the equivalent of two losses.

    Bournemouth will not be an easy game; Howe has just won manager of the month and he will have learnt a lot from yesterday’s game.

    As much as Bournemouth are similar to Wolves; both winning and losing games, we can expect Howe to employ similar tactics to Wolves, which we seem to have no answer to, but to keep playing slow tempo sideways and back passing footballs.

    The only way – imo – to beat the parked bus is quick tempo one-touch passing though congested areas with quick transitions from defense-midfield to attack, as well as fast ball drilling wingers who can beat their first man and then draw CBs out wide.

    Sadly Emery doesn’t have players with the skill sets to do this other than Laca, Guendouzi and Torreira and Ozil maybe once in ten games unless we buy well in January.

    The aforementioned problem players are not scape goats, but the actual problems stopping us moving to at least qualifying for the CL.

    Most of the team is getting the right mentality, but do not have the requisite talent and skill sets in their lockers.

    Unfortunately one without the other doesn’t work!

    Sven & Raul need to earn their keep and find players we can afford as they did with Guendouzi, Torreira and Leno who proved yesterday he is by far our first choice keeper.

  83. gonsterous

    looking at the highlights, what the hell was xhaka doing ? did he let the ball roll past him or did he mis control it ? either way, we got punished for it. Leno produced some great saves. Onwards and Upwards. Up the arse and at em.

  84. DivineSherlock

    Wow, knives are out isn’t it ??
    Ozil was average yeah but so was the entire team. Bellerin or Auba had finished those chances we wouldn’t be talkinh about him but no its all his fault. So much hate for a player really.

  85. Drey

    The sad thing I learnt yesterday was that we do not have enough quality players. The performance by the boys, albeit being a complete eyesore, was to me the ceiling we would get with this current crop of players. I’m sorry but most of our players are not good enough. A coach can only take you so far, if you have tactically inept or error prone players you are going nowhere.
    It was a really sorry sight seeing Emery looking confounded yesterday, as he obviously has done all he could on the training ground but the players are not just up to the level.
    I couldn’t believe how terrible Kolasnic is a footballer, let alone a defender. Xhaka was being Xhaka, I feel that Torreira is being wasted alongside that lamppost, Lucas offers much more than just defensive awareness, had it been he has an intelligent partner we will get to see another dimension to him.
    Auba on the wing is a waste of time and striking options. Was that his 3rd big miss this season? Dude could be infuriating at times.
    Laca needs to stop letting defenders bully him, it’s getting annoying.
    The fact that only Leno, Torreira and Guendouzi can truly raise up their hands that they are our best players this season says a lot about the squad.
    I hope Emery is under no illusions that the squad is perfect.
    we need upgrades and fast!

  86. Graham62

    Believe me “Emery is under no illusions that the squad is perfect”

    Of course we need a couple of “upgrades”.

    Ask yourself this. We’re you expecting more at this stage?

    Better to be struggling under Emery than struggling under you know who.

  87. Ben D

    I just watched the game again and whilst it wasn’t a good performance, Wolves made blocks that they won’t make everyday. We had a number of really good chances but there was a Wolves player in the right place at the right time each time.

    We all expected to beat Wolves but it didn’t happen. On to the next game.

  88. Pierre

    We have not been leading in any game at the end of the first half in the league and are relegation material but in the 2nd half those same players have a record that is good enough to win the league.

    yet the manager is blameless…………I don’t think so somehow…

    If he can get the credit for his amazing half time talks then he is culpable for sending the team out to play in a lethargic ,insipid manner.

    Obviously there is something wrong with the players and manager’s mental attitude prior to the game …..the fault lies with the manager in this respect and it needs to be sorted.

  89. WengerEagle

    Four draws on the bounce now excluding Blackpool and we were fortunate to beat Sporting in Lisbon in the fifth match since Leicester.

    Worrying aspect is that we’re not playing well and coming up short in terms of our finishing/luck, we’re not creating much at all and are struggling big time to dominate matches or even have decent spells of superiority.

    Only positive really is that it’s been a long time since we’ve lost which is good for morale and keeps the unbeaten record in tact, draw too many games though and it’s worse than getting beat the odd week.

    Never had us pushing Liverpool and Citeh for the title so we’re still on track, have to hope that Emery will be proactive in January and find us a bit more quality in the midfield or final third that we desperately crave. Chelsea dropping points was crucial as it keeps them in sight and for me that’s the achievable goal to aim for, third spot and automatic CL spot.

  90. Pierre

    People questioning Aubamayang and what he brings to the team are not showing any real understanding of the game and the fine lines between being branded a success or a failure.

    Aubamayang has been playing out wide and his goals per minute ratio this season are 2nd to none and that is why he was player of the month in the prem, but people still question his ability and his use to the team.

    He hit the post with a chance that He probably should have put away ,if that had gone in fans would have been singing his praises …..fine lines.

  91. WengerEagle

    It’s not that they’re questioning his role, we’re privy to what he brings and what he does best is score goals, he’s as good a penalty box CF finisher as you’re going to find so what is he doing playing out wide left is what we’re all questioning as it’s been shown to render him invisible at times and ineffective. He’s had three very poor games in a row now.

    I still think that we should just play two up top and change up the formation, we’re weak anyway in the centre of the park so why not just play to our strengths until we bring in better personnel in CM?

  92. Pierre

    “Worrying aspect is that we’re not playing well and coming up short in terms of our finishing/luck, we’re not creating much at all and are struggling big time to dominate matches or even have decent spells of superiority.”

    The only thing that is different is that our finishing is not out of this world anymore but that was never going to last was it.

    You say we are not playing well ……no change there.
    You say we are not creating much … change there
    You say we are struggling to dominate matches….no change there
    You say we haven’t had decent spells of superiority… change there.

    So the only thing that’s changed are our strikers are not hitting the heights they were earlier in the season and already they are being criticised from all quarters..

  93. WengerEagle


    Wasn’t ever going to be sustainable to maintain that run of form in front of goal, the concerns were flagged up weeks before the end of our purple patch.

    I suppose I was looking for a bit more out of Emery in terms of improving the play of the group that we already had. Didn’t expect anything radical due to a lack of quality in the side but we’re not playing any better football than we were last season under AW and defensively we’re still poor.

    So when the wins dry up it’s to be expected that questions are asked.

  94. Guns of Hackney


    Ultimately our chickens have come home to roost. We still have a very poor team/squad that needs a complete rebuild. We do seem a more combative unit and the unbeaten run shouldn’t be underestimated, although it has been a rocky road.

    Our attack is still powderpuff although capable of really nice moments.

    Mikki, Ozil, Ramsay and Chaka Kahn are at best, consistently 6/10 players with the odd stand out game. We need 8/10 every game.

    Our defence is still very bad. Bell end has improved but he’s not a great defender. Kos is finished. Holding meh. Mustafi is garbage. Montreal is 32 and that Kosalniac is plain shit. Leno looks good. Cech is done.

    We may have enough for top four but it will be a squeeze. I’m struggling to see the future without serious investment which probably won’t happen if we miss the CL again…and even if we did make the CL, is Stan likely to pony up £300m?

    As for the talk of adding Cesc and Mata…fuck me.

  95. WengerEagle

    Cesc and Mata would be terrible signings, the latter isn’t even one of United’s better players and the former would be purely a sentimental move as he’s got splinters lodged in his arse from parking up on the Chav bench.

    Only way I would be happy to see Cesc come back would be if we moved on Elneny and he came back as a squaddie, could use him for his leadership and experience.

    Finished as a top level competitor in CM though.

  96. Guns of Hackney

    Like we need another couple of 30+ players. Our squad is actually getting on a bit…

    Let alone adding another £300k to the already bloated wage bill.

    We need yoot and we need cash/money.