Arsenal stutter against Blackpool

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Arsenal sputtered their way to a win against Blackpool in the league cup. Goals from Steve Lichtsteiner and Smith Rowe gave us enough of a lead to counter a late resurgence in the second half from a pretty average Blackpool.

It’s tough to draw many conclusions from an uninspiring draw. Aaron Ramsey couldn’t control a game against a poor side, none of the young players really stood out, and outside that, there’s really not a lot to talk about.

Matteo Guendouzi caused supreme confusion amongst the fans after he was sent off. Does his red card mean he’s banned? Did the rules change? What happens to him versus Liverpool at the weekend? Seems like he’s good from what they said on the Arsenal TV channel.

There were no real injury scares. Auba looked hurt late on, that really would have been a killer to lose him under trivial circumstances. AMN made a solid return to action, Smith Rowe had his moments and certainly looks to have the frame and pace to deal at a higher level, and outside the red card, Guendouzi continued to show off his class and give us a look into his future potential.

The Liverpool match at the weekend really is bearing heavily on my mind. I think we’re likely going to get a smacked backside. We’ve shown signs of improvement of late, but mostly against pretty average teams. I think we’re on target to make an attempt at the top 4 this season, but it’s far from clear we’re going to slide into the Champions League. We know United and Spurs have another gear. What we don’t know is if the gear we’re in at the minute is based in reality, or are we simply playing above our level.

Liverpool will be a good barometer for that. If we lose to them, that’ll be the 3rd loss out of 3 attempts against a top 3 team. If that record persists, we might find ourselves in a hole at the end of the season. Mourinho is a master shit-houser and we know that Spurs have additional gears, and that’ll come through even more if they duck out of the Champions League bottom place in the group stadiums.

Plenty to consider… another win under the belt was crucial, but it was far from convincing. We need a response this weekend if we’re going to make a statement to the league. Still, it’s a big ask in year 1 of the Arsenal revival. It’s no failure of Emery, it’ll just be a clearer of sign of how much work is yet to be done.


Right, that’s me done, see you in the comments.

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  1. DaleDaGooner

    We know what Wenger had to spend because we know what our cash balances were and what our debt requirements were. We also know what men close to Wenger said about his attitude to spending along with Wenger’s own words.

    My answer: Fair enough, i agree..i didn’t dispute this, i only question the current posture of accepting what is a no money to spend but 70m…

    As for your point about our allegedly now not having huge cash resources, do you know what happens when you spend a lot of money (Laca, Auba, massive wage bill) and miss out on CL money two years in a row? You have less money in the bank than you did before.

    My Answer: Again, the fans posture, we’re getting commercials, new income, debt has reduced considering, when you compare to other clubs behind us, who aren’t in CL either, you begin to wonder if the BoD and ownership were absolved of the lash out in previous years.

  2. DaleDaGooner

    I don’t think anyone is criticizing Emery, I speak for myself anyway, I’m just not going to claim he’s god cause he hasn’t lost 13 in a row, remember Wenger went 49 and see what is being said about him these days, you’d think he never did that……I’m reserved about Emery, let’s start with Liverpool and we can anoint him. I’m an Arsenal fan so of course i want Emery to trash Pep and co at every chance, but i still reserve some doubt regarding winning a title or how it will be come December on…

  3. DaleDaGooner

    SamesongNovember 1, 2018 20:04:35
    Lol mosns about people being called names and calls Joe a cunt. Hypocrisy not much???

    You obviously aren’t following….let me walk you through, i am not on for days, joe has a pop at me even if i’m not engaging, i come on, leave my opion, joe is there again, calling names…

    are you related to joe or something? Joe is a cunt cause he doesn’t behave himself…he’s a child.

  4. DaleDaGooner

    Samesong, I stand on my word….glad how things turned out, but I’m still cautious, I won’t be fooled that all our issues are now magically gone.

  5. DaleDaGooner

    Example of apportioning some blame…Wenger is gone now, look how the Ramsey saga is going….had he still been on, we know who gets the blame, but somehow, it’s ok now….very ok that Ramsey is walking away with us not receiving a fee……i know what would have happened if this was last season.

  6. Samesong

    are you related to joe or something? Joe is a cunt cause he doesn’t behave himself…he’s a child.

    Steady on mate

    I can say are you related to Pierre? I’m not sticking up for joe that’s the difference just saying that your promoting double standards for all of us to see. And I’m not trying to mean!

  7. DaleDaGooner

    Samesong, I was sticking up for Pedro in all actuality, he has a right to be very downtrodden about Emery, he just so happen to caution joe regarding Pierre’s opinion, which i agree with again, especially being joe, like i said, joe has a go at anyone, very irrational that one, I was rolling on the floor the day joe had several pops at Bamford….I don’t like irrational and immature posters like joe, and there seems to be a lot of irrational behaviour many times here.

  8. Joe

    Rasmey situation?

    If wenger was here he’d be signed for 300k a week

    Emery has done it right and sent him pakxing( at the end of the season). Hopefully in Jan. Ramsey isn’t good enough.

    Who let him get into his final
    Year? Wenger. That gave Ramsey all the leverage.

    Wenger leaves and we aren’t getting bullied around by Ransey.

    Well done new backroom staff. Well done Emery for realizing Ramsey isn’t good enough.

    It’s wenger fault Ransey is in his last year of a contract.

    Wenger’s fault he over paid him at 110k a week

    Wenger’s fault he thinks he can make 250-300k a week with us

  9. DaleDaGooner

    “Emery has done it right and sent him pakxing( at the end of the season). Hopefully in Jan. Ramsey isn’t good enough.”

    Easy tiger….Emery is not doing fuck all about it, it’s out of his hands, it was Raul who pulled the contract not Emery, Emery wanted Ramsey after all.

  10. Joe

    Irrational ?

    Coming from dale who was calling for ozils and bellerins head minutes before they had man of the match performances for us

    That’s irrational and immature.

    Where I called Ozil was going to have a great match well before the game started.

    That’s a measured post

    And you did stick up for Pierre. It’s there in your post. Then you denied it ha

    Who’s irrational ? You’re so wound up you don’t even know what your writing

  11. Samesong


    Joes posts are quite funny imo I personally find him harmless and yours tbh.

    I’ll tell you something you would not see me calling Pierre akb but he has used my name a couple of times in things that I was never involved in, hence I called him a liar.

  12. DaleDaGooner

    ha ha
    Coming from dale who was calling for ozils and bellerins head minutes before they had man of the match performances for us

    and they had it again at Crystal Palace right? One performance in many….at the time, a lot of people had enough of Ozil and Bellerin, it’s not irrational to demand players give it 100 every time!

  13. DaleDaGooner

    Samesong, he is funny, I just don’t get why he has my pickle in his fingers everytime he feels like having a pop at Pierre, and all the other posters he likes to growl at.

    He strikes me as a child, especially the day he was giving it about, telling us how he makes more, funny boy that one.

  14. Joe

    He strikes me as a child, especially the day he was giving it about, telling us how he makes more, funny boy that one.

    That was done tounge in cheek as you muppets love to go on about me being a fire fighter and your fantasies about me sliding down a greasy pole

    So why not give a little back??

  15. DaleDaGooner

    That was done tounge in cheek as you muppets love to go on about me being a fire fighter and your fantasies about me sliding down a greasy pole

    wo wo wo cowboy….i didn’t care if you licked poles or slid down one….i also recall the day you were bragging about making good pancakes at the firehouse, nothing i say is of my own imagination but what you present here.

    Joe, let’s be friends? You stop calling me all sort of names here and we can be cool, deal?

  16. Joe

    What’s wrong with making pancakes at work? We are getting paid to make pancakes while at work. Sounds pretty good to

    Sure dale. Let’s call a truce

  17. Redtruth

    “I’ve said plenty of times why I don’t rate Emery.He went a whole season without an away win for Sevilla in his last year. He finished 5th, 5th and 7th there.He lost a one-horse race in his first season for PSG with the most outrageous squad in the history of the game.He’s never beaten Pep
    He’s never beaten JoseNow we expect him to elevate us to where we need to be?Maybe something amazing will happen, but for me, the best we can expect is a return to the CL.”

    Emery has taken Arsenal to it’s first ever victory in Portugal………..blunder man lol

  18. Joe


    To be fair , doesn’t matter what we think of Poch. He manages the spuds who are a much smaller club than Arsenal. If their fans are happy with his progress so be it

    Wenger was failing at arsenal. That’s all that matters. To compare him to Poch is not a fair assessment

    Was wenger meeting fans expectations at arsenal? No. He got sacked

    So gooners think klopp needs to win a title to be considered successful? Yes. Do scousers? Not the ones I asked. They want to see title challenges

  19. Ddkingz

    Today, I saw Pedro really involved in the comments section, until he lost the battle…
    Pedro… From all, I could make of your comments, I’d think you and Pierre have an agenda and not an opinion…
    You lost it when you said Emery had ney and co. and still lost the tittle…

    A point againt pool will be a massive improvement….

    Not letting pool score 2 goals by HT, and run away with the match will be a massive improvement…

    My only fear is for xhaka and ozil..

  20. Pedro

    Ddkingz, I’m at work mate… and this is football debate, no one wins or loses. It’s just an exchange of opinion. Especially at the start of November.

  21. James wood

    “I don’t like irrational and immature posters like Joe.”

    “ Joe lets be friends,you stop calling me names and we can be COOL.”
    What the fuck are you on.?

  22. Pedro

    … and fucking hell, lost a battle when I said PSG had Neymar, playing a team with a quarter of their wage bill?

    Fucking hell. How anyone can tot Emery’s loss to Monaco as anything outside a gross failure is beyond me. Monaco were rolling with Bakayoko in their midfield.

  23. azed

    Anyone know if Chambers is injured? He’s not in the line up for Fulham and not on the bench.

    If he can’t cut it at Fulham, then I don’t think he has a future with us.

  24. SUGA3

    Pochettino had made a mug out of Wenger, dicking him left, right and centre on half the budget. Hate to say this, but they play pretty good football.

    Forget Liverpool game, however important it is for the confidence and momentum. NLD will be the real test of what UE is made of.

  25. Redtruth

    Monaco won the French league with 95 points and scoring 107 goals, they also made the Semi-Finals of the Champions league…

    What a shit side lol lol lol

  26. steve

    Joe did you somehow manage to edit your comment @ 19:53 because I refreshed the page and a lot of words were missing. I swear your comment was initially longer.

  27. Pedro

    Red Truth, City, the PSG of England, won 100 points last season in a far tougher league.

    Not sure what your point is there.

  28. Joe

    Monaco was a
    Ridiculous team that season. No
    Team has won the French league with many more
    Points that 95. It’s not like they won it with 80 points.

    95 points the pretty much the normal point total to win the league in France.

  29. Pedro

    Anyway, I don’t know why I’m getting pulled into this. I’m fine with Emery, I just don’t carry the same faith in him as you lot.

    Time will tell.

  30. Joe


    That’s bollocks. Man city were an anomaly last season. They were amazing. Unstoppable. Pep is different level

  31. Guns of SF

    Not sure what happened on here today but things seem to take a nasty turn on here more often than not. Just my observation.
    Come on, we are all Gunners. Why fight with each other???

  32. azed

    Red Truth, City, the PSG of England, won 100 points last season in a far tougher league.

    Not sure what your point is there.

    I’ll hazard a guess and say his point is that same Monaco team knocked the PSG of England out of the Champions League and nobody calls Pep average for that.

    Pochettino was manager of Spurs when Leicester City won the league in a season when all the big boys tanked.

    If Emery gets a rap sheet for loosing the league to a very good Monaco team, why doesn’t Pochettino get the same treatment?

    Matinez won the FA cup with Wigan, Harry Redknapp won the FA cup with Portsmouth but Pochettino has won f**k all but you still rate him.

    That’s double standard Pedro.

  33. Pedro

    Joe, it’s not bollocks. It happened. Pep crushed the Premier League. The toughest and richest in the world with 100 points.

    Emery tanked Ligue One with the French equivalent against a team of rookies.

    Those are the facts.

    Pep would not have lost the league to Monaco.

    Azed, Spurs tanked the league, they weren’t the richest club in the world. Everyone changed their manager out that season bar Spurs, who have a neutral net spend and Arsenal, who had a man crush on Wenger.

    You can’t change the facts to shape how you want this Emery thing to pan out.

  34. Receding Hairline

    You can change the facts when they aren’t facts but opinion dressed as fact.

    You can’t rate one manager for winning the French league with Monaco while belittling the other for losing it.

    FYI Bakayoko moved to Chelsea for 40m pounds on the back of his exploits for Monaco so the bakayoko comment was another shot in the dark that didn’t hit its mark

  35. Joe

    I expect Ramsey to continue to be 100 per cent committed to the cause. He is a fantastic professional who will give everything to the football club.

    But I do find it staggering that the contract offer has been removed. When you think about how much it will cost to replace a player like Ramsey, it is astonishing that he will be allowed to leave

    Keown is a knob pundit.

    How much it will cost to replace a player like Ramsey. Ha I don’t know , how much do average players cost these days? Ask
    Everton or west ham how much they paid for jack. That’s Ramsey’s value

  36. Pedro

    Receding, that’s how it works mate. Praise for winning, belittle for losing. Think you’ve got yourself confused there.

  37. Un na naai

    JoeNovember 1, 2018 19:53:53
    I’m sorry. You can’t be genuinely criticizing a manager where he has gone 13 matches unbeaten after playing city and Chelsea to start.

    Joe you bell end

    You criticise a manger who went 49 games unbeaten. Do you actually think about this shit before you press send??

  38. Receding Hairline

    Nobody on this forum is touting Emery as the best thing since sliced bread. What everyone is pulling u up on Pedro is your contempt for a manager with so much success on his CV.. While bigging up others who he wipes the floor with in terms of sporting achievement

  39. Redtruth

    Spurs finished 2nd and Man City 3rd in the Premier league and both were beaten by Monaco in the Champions league.

    EPL far tougher league…you’re having a laugh lol

  40. Marc

    All of the arguments re the Poch are irrelevant until he wins something. He’s taken the Spud’s up a couple of levels but they’ve still bottled a couple of FA Cup semi’s. During the time he’s been there Wenger won 2 FA Cup’s, it’s all vey well talking about great football but the bottom line is trophies. The Poch is currently viewed as a great up and coming manager but at some point that has to translate into something more than potential and attractive football. Which is precisely why he will look to get out in the next 6 – 18 months unless the Spud’s win the League Cup or FA Cup this season. Even then it’s debatable whether he wouldn’t use this as an excuse to move on with the financial constraints the Spud’s are under he knows they’ll never compete, just wait until he has to start selling players to payoff a dry lining contractor.

  41. Guns of SF

    Seeing that the convo has turned now to Ramsey-
    I find it fascinating that he was in the dark as to why the contract was pulled…. hence his statements. Then the follow up was that the team met with him to answer that question. Now he is committed to the end. Hmm something seems a little off.

    How is he committed to the end of the season when someone told him that he is not wanted anymore? Id like to see him sold in Jan.

    I wonder how the conversation went down, and who was the one to have it with him? Emery, Raul????

    Im guessing that if he wants to go to a competitor, he needs to put in a performance as a super sub…. ?

  42. Receding Hairline

    Well I’m yet to read you belittle Pochettino ..he is yet to win a cup of garri at Spurs

    Belittle Jardim for putting together a team of supposedly talented youngsters and leaving them in the relegation zone in the so easy French league

    Belittle Pep for getting knocked out by Monaco

    Belittle Naglesmann for looking like a fish out of water last season once he steered Hoffenhiem to Europe

    The list is kind of endless if we are swinging that way

  43. Joe

    You criticise a manger who went 49 games unbeaten. Do you actually think about this shit before you press send??

    Joe many decades ago was that you absolute bellend?

    What does that have to do with 2017 you daft cunt?

    Emery is currently on a 13 match unbeaten streak. You were still sucking your moms
    Tit when wanker went 49

    Do you actually think about this shit before you type?

    What a clown. Great job to take the heat off pierre for the stupidest post of the day

  44. Cesc Appeal

    You’re making Monaco out to be some pathetic team of nothings, this was a well assembled side that was a bit of an anomaly in terms of the players they had.

    This is a team with players like Mbappe, moved to PSG for £180 Million, Bernardo, moved to City for £50 Million, Bakayoko, moved to Chelsea for £40 Million, Lemar who we bid £90 Million for and moved to Ateltico for £40 Million, Fabinho who moved to Liverpool for £40 Million.

    This was a fluke side in a way, absolutely loaded with quality and actually knocked the divinely anointed one out of the UCL.

    Heynckes was a brilliant manager at Munich, assembled in my opinion the best team of recent times there. Munich have Bundesliga by the balls, they can spend way above what most can over there and have an absolute monopoly on players.

    Is he poor because he cam runners up to BvB once?

    If this is what you’re fixated on as trying to undermine Emery, for whatever reason, it is a little bit weak.

  45. Pedro

    Arteta has an EPL winners medal in his first season, not a bad start. He’ll be the next head coach of city. He has a big rep in the game from people who are party to info you aren’t. We had the chance to do something visionary, we didn’t. I’m cool with that. We could have done a Barca with Pep, Zidane with Madrid or Newcastle with Shearer. We didn’t.

    Emery is our reality. My view of him is he’s a bland hire. I am allowed to have the view, regardless of where I’d have taken the hire.

  46. Redtruth

    The season Emery failed to win an away game, he beat both Real Madrid and Barcelona, drew away to Atletico Madrid, lost narrowly 5-4 (AET) to Barcelona in the Super Cup and won his third Europa league……

  47. Pedro

    Also not sure you can say arguements for Poch are invalid unless he wins stuff. That’s such basic thinking. The guy is working miracles on a budget with the added challenge of the club being Spurs.

    Put him at Madrid, or with a world class squad and he’ll work wonders.

    Would be very worried to see him at United

  48. Pedro

    CA, no I’m not. I’m merely pointing out that PSG were a bunch of some of the most important somebodies in world football. You should be hitting 100 points in France with that squad.

  49. Joe

    You criticise a manger who went 49 games unbeaten

    No we criticize the manager who finished 40 points behind league leaders last year.

    20 something the year before.

    Lost 10-2 to Bayern and hasn’t made it past round of 16 in 7 seasons?

    Didn’t win an away match in all of 2018 until the last match

    Lost 6-0, 5-2,8-2, 5-, 4-0, bham, Blackburn, forest , brentford, 4-4, 15-3, 4-4, 5-2 , 3-0, Leicester etc etc

    Haha. Kids these days

  50. Cesc Appeal

    ‘Arteta has an EPL winners medal in his first season, not a bad start’

    As an assistant.

    ‘He’ll be the next head coach of city’

    I thought it was going to be Vieira? Now it’s Arteta. Based on what?

    ‘He has a big rep in the game from people who are party to info you aren’t’

    And yet has been sniffed around by, oh yeah, precisely no one.

    Except for us, and thankfully sense prevailed.

    See this is what people’s problem is. A frankly ridiculous statement about Arteta and his ‘achievements’, being the next manager of City, being massively well thought of, and yet Emery has literally honours, not as some gimpy assistant but as a manager. Three times winner of the Europa League in a row, won everything there is to win in France but he’s ‘bland’ and won’t take us to the next level.

    Arteta has a winner’s medal as an assistant and his different gravy.

    Do me a favour.

    Let the hipster train pull into the common sense station and depart.

  51. Receding Hairline

    Arteta has an EPL winners medal in his first season… Wow

    There is actually no valid response to that. Its basically just trolling your own blog.

    He has a big rep from people in the game… Yet countless clubs have had vacancies and he was never mentioned.

    We are not interested in a Newcastle with Shearer ..thanks but no thanks

  52. Pedro

    CA, you’re comparing him to Arteta.

    I’m not.

    I’m saying Emery’s record is bland and I’d not have hired him. You think it’s great. Brilliant. Let’s see where this ends. The only thing that matters now is how well Emery does… not how well Arteta does.

  53. Marc

    “Arteta has an EPL winners medal in his first season, not a bad start.”

    Sorry Pedro but that’s the worst comment I’ve ever heard on here let alone by you.

    On that basis we should make Pat Rice manager because he was assistant in the Invincible’s season.

    It also makes Steve Bruce, Brian Kidd, Steve McClaren and Carlos Queiroz great managers because they worked with Fergie.

    Arteta can only be judged as a great manager when he’s done the job and would have been a huge risk.

  54. Pedro

    Red Truth, he didn’t win an away game all year. That’s appalling. Saved his season with a Europa League win. Who’d have been celebrating Wenger’s success if he’d won that last season? Not you.

  55. Joe

    Madrid job has been available twice. Arteta not mentioned once.

    PSG. Rangers. Everton. Barcelona. Bayern. All needed new manager. Arteta still
    An ass manager at city. Hmmmmm

  56. Marc

    Bloody hell Pedro’s just been bitch slapped to near death. Someone call an online ambulance, maybe they can fix the comments whilst giving Pedro the kiss of life.

  57. Ddkingz

    The same bakayako you are trolling, was bought for a whopping…£40m..

    @ Pedro 21:23:53…Fucking hell. How anyone can tot Emery’s loss to Monaco as anything outside a gross failure is beyond me. Monaco were rolling with Bakayoko in their midfield.
    If wenger had lost the league to Leicester, and won the league with ramsey, ozil and sanchez at the top of their games.. he would still be having a job by now… How wenger managed to lose the league to Leicester, when we were the only to beat them both home and away, and all the top 5 teams imploded, still manages to piss me off…
    Pep wouldn’t have tanked the league if he was at psg… The guy is proper/argueably the best manager in the last decade… But since his days at barca… He hasn’t pulled his weight and win another CL trophy… Even after inheriting a treble winning team… Don’t judge a book by it’s cover, some may say… But was wenger a great manager prior to his time to arsenal??? And how robust was his CV….???
    Pierre/ Pedro… Please enlighten me on this… Both on wenger and why hasn’t pep won a cl trophy when zidane just won 3… And isn’t still considered great…

  58. Pedro

    CA, there’s no shovel. I’m not arguing to hire Arteta. I’m saying I don’t rate Emery.

    That’s what we all live and die by… you guys are all in, I’m not so much.

  59. Receding Hairline

    Yep let’s make excuses for Pochettino at Spurs and ignore the fact Emery was manager of Sevilla..yea Sevilla not Real Madrid or Barcelona

    Funny thing is PSG were so impressed by his failure at Sevilla they handed him a job

    Everyone is so impressed by Arteta..yet no one but Ivan is willing to hand him a job.

  60. James wood

    And that’s why Pedro Arteta was just a pipe dream he was never ever coming to us.
    Why logically would he have left city the worlds he’s oyster.
    As you said he will be the next head coach and with that squad carefully managed and a few astute buy’s will be around at the very top for a good time.
    He will probably go on to manage Barca.

  61. Marc


    Grow up? Sorry but you’ve made a really daft comment, don’t get pissed at me for the banter. You of all people know that’s what goes around when you’re at a match / in the pun before hand etc.

  62. Pedro

    James, he was very close to coming to us.

    He didn’t. So we don’t need to keep talking about what could have been.

    Emery is our man now.

  63. Marc


    I don’t think everyone on here is all in on Emery. I just think other posters like me, Cesc etc are just glad for the breath of fresh air. Emery will get this season as a freebie unless he cocks it up beyond belief, if he doesn’t get top 4 next season he’ll be on thin ice.

    Arteta could go on to be a great manager but the position we were in it was just too risky. It’s strange no one’s talking about Henry being a huge success at Monaco and coming to us.

  64. Joe

    Un you daft cunt

    They’ve bought ex Barca to be players. Why wouldn’t the cross that line for the great arteta

    Think before you type you muppet

  65. Pedro

    Joe, top 4 is our target this season. If we can’t make that, then of course I’d take a Europa League.

    I’d also be game for a cup. Any cup. New era and all.

  66. Pedro

    Marc, he was in the mixer along with Paddy as an maybe this summer.

    We didn’t go for Rookie. We went for experience. That doesn’t mean rookie would have failed.

    Management is all a roll of the dice. Just look at Jose…

  67. Redtruth

    “In fact, the season before, PSG landed 96 points.Emery came in and dropped them to 87.”

    Blanc: 2015-16
    PSG: 96 points,
    Lyon: 65 points
    Monaco: 65 points…

    Emery’s first season
    Monaco: 96 points
    PSG: 87 points
    Nice: 78 points
    Lyon: 67 points

    Competion was non-existent in Blanc’s last season in charge..

  68. Joe


    Schuster ex Barca. Real manager.

    Celades. Ex Barca. Assistant manager real

    Enrique played for real. Barca manager.

    It happens

  69. Ddkingz

    @pedro…Arteta has an EPL winners medal in his first season, not a bad start. He’ll be the next head coach of city. He has a big rep in the game from people who are party to info you aren’t. We had the chance to do something visionary, we didn’t. I’m cool with that. We could have done a Barca with Pep, Zidane with Madrid or Newcastle with Shearer. We didn’t.

    What a crappy comment…
    1)arteta has an EPL medal in his first season…
    Pedro, please answer the questions with all honesty.. and don’t shy away from it..

    ¹) who was the assistant coach of Monaco, when jardim won the league???
    ²) who was the assistant coach to zidane, when he won the league, super cups, world club cups, the the treble successive CL trophy.??

    I would pick the Madrid ass. Coach over arteta even in my dreams and nightmares..

  70. Joe

    You’ve changed the parameters.

    All you said is why they would take a chance on ex Barca player.

    But Keep going…

    You right. You should tap out.

  71. Ddkingz

    @pedro…He’ll be the next head coach of city. He has a big rep in the game from people who are party to info you aren’t. We had the chance to do something visionary, we didn’t. I’m cool with that. We could have done a Barca with Pep, Zidane with Madrid or Newcastle with Shearer. We didn’t.

    WTF…. PEDRO you totally pissed me off on this…
    1) he has a big rep in the game…
    When you said rep, did you mean representatives or respect… If it was the latter, I would love to ask you a question, who is the fucking arteta to the fucking arsenal community?? And what does he represent to the arsenal community worldwide…???
    For me, arteta is just one of those average players wenger bought to the squad…

    He’s no legend to the game, and to arsenal, and doesn’t even command much respect in the arsenal community worldwide as compared to even jack crawling wheelchair…

  72. Jamie

    Who was on Conte’s coaching staff at Chelsea when they won the league?

    All them coaches also have league medals. What are all their names again?

    p.s. Last season, Domenec Torrent was Pep’s assistant manager. Left in the summer to take over NYV from Vieira. Arteta wasn’t even Pep’s 2nd in command when he picked up his ‘winner’s medal’ last season, just one of many coaches.

  73. Jamie

    Receding –

    I get that Emery isn’t lighting up the league. We’re scratching out wins, slow in the first half of most games, sometimes questionable player selection. He could be doing better, and there are arguably better managers around.

    But the Arteta love.. It’s beyond baffling.

    Emery has a much higher chance of getting us back into the CL next season than Arteta. Surely everyone can see that.

  74. SUGA3

    ‘The next level is the next level’

    Arteta is an assistant coach, that’s his lot. He was meek as captain and will be just as meh as manager.

  75. Pedro

    The Arteta issue comes up when I say I don’t rate Emery.

    Here’s the thing, if Emery does fail, the club will go heavy hitter next time. No chance we’ll take a big risk moving forward.

    Enrique / Conte like figure next.

    Would love to be first in line for Nagelsmann if Leipzig goes well.

  76. Pedro

    Suga, Per hardly played at all last year but I was told without him that season would have been so much worse.

    At least we were top 4.

    Anyway, everyone needs to stop obsessing with Arteta. Emery is the manager. He is the focus.

  77. Joe


    Emery isn’t the focus

    Arsenal are.
    The best thing about wenger fucking off was that’s it not about 1 man anymore.

    It’s all about The Arsenal.

    . Emery doesn’t get arsenal to progress then he gets the sack. We move on.

    He’s done a great job dealing with the shit show wenger left behind. A broken team.

    Bring on Liverpool.


  78. Leedsgunner

    If Arteta is SOOOO amazing why isn’t Real Madrid breaking City’s door down? Why did they opt for a caretaker manager instead?

    City will opt for Nagelsmann before they opt for Arteta. They will opt for Lucien Favre, Luis Enrique, Max Allegri before they opt for Arteta.

    They can afford any in the world… and you think they will opt for Arteta? With no actual track record? Right…

    When Pep leaves and Arteta isn’t appointed what will you say then Pedro? Perhaps something like, “It wasn’t he’s time… his time will come” no doubt.

    Love your blog but you are wrong about Arteta… frankly I don’t understand your fixation with him.

    You are badly overestimating him and you are underestimating Emery. Arteta was an average player who is not even brave enough to take a risk. He wants everything given to him on a plate. That’s why he hasn’t left City and that’s the only reason he wanted the Arsenal job because he thought it would be a coronation.

    Arteta is a complete melt, not even a snowflake.

    After utterly and completely being done over by Gazidas one would have thought one would be more cautious.

    Whatever, each to their own.

  79. Pedro

    You’ve just assassinated the bravery of a man you don’t know anything about. A Spaniard who moved to Paris, Glasgow and Liverpool doesn’t look much like a snowflake. But again, it’s so odd that you’d have such a reaction to someone you can’t really quantify and be so defacto about the next managerial move of City.

  80. Pedro

    Jamie, probably the best interview of Wenger in the last 5 years.

    That’s how they interview the managers in Italy. Properly hold them accountable, unlike the boys club that goes on here

  81. Emiratesstroller

    Guardiola is clearly a very good manager, but the reality is that his success whether in Spain, German or England has been built at clubs, which were at
    the top of the tree in their respective countries and with very little opposition.

    That applies to his position in England where Man City can outspend every other club including their neighbours Man Utd. That applies not just to starting X1, but their squad players as well.

    So whilst I agree that Arteta might have been an excellent choice as Head Coach it does not follow that to have made that appointment based on his record at Man City would have been the correct reason to choose him.

    There are of course many coaches floating around who are rated highly from
    time to time. Very few in reality have proven consistently that they are the bees knees when moving on from one club to a higher level.

    Pochettino is clearly a very good manager, because he has brought Spurs into
    the top 4 frame with very limited resources comparative to most of the other
    major clubs. He is punching above his weight as is also probably the case with
    Howe at Bournemouth.Both are in my view excellent coaches.

    Frankly I did not know much about Emery before he arrived at Arsenal. I am
    not going to make a judgment on him until the end of the season. At the moment the club have lost two games against clubs I think most pundits would
    have expected us to lose to.

    Otherwise we have produced a sequence of results which I don’t think most supporters would have expected from our current squad albeit we have struggled in a lot of games. This week’s game against Liverpool will provide perhaps
    a true reflection of the progress if any which we are making.

    My guess is that the current Arsenal team is more resilient than the one under Wenger in recent years. Whether it can and will challenge for a top 4 place at end of season only time will tell.

  82. Leedsgunner


    I’m passionate about it, because oddly you seem to have more faith in the next potential City manager (according to you) than in the present Arsenal manager who is doing a decent job.

    Arteta, was one of the most insipid uninspirational Arsenal captains of recent times and I don’t understand your fascination with blowing his trumpet so much. He is the definition of sycophantic mediocrity.

    With my best wishes, Pedro.

  83. Pedro

    Emiratesstroller, can’t disagree with that. But Pep gets the best jobs because he’s the best manager. He landed his break because he was a darling of Barca and did a good job with their B team. He’d make any team better.

  84. Jamie

    Pete –

    It’s fantastic. Brave of Humphrey to keep pressing him the way he did.

    Jacqui Oatley had a crack a few years earlier too during a post-match, no?

  85. Pedro

    Leeds, you all have an obsession with him. I don’t bring him up, you all do.

    I’m not convinced by Emery, that shouldn’t offend everyone.

    I back him in the blog every day, outside bowing down to him and joining the EKB movement started by Joe, I’m not sure what else you want me to do.

  86. Leedsgunner


    A football player who moves to a new country to play a game he loves and is getting paid millions to do so isn’t brave.

    He is privileged.

    I haven’t assassinated anyone’s character, I just haven’t bought into your narrative.

    True bravery is a father moving hundreds of miles away to take a job to feed his family because he doesn’t have a choice. Or a soldier answering the call of his country. Or a police officer facing up to call, not knowing what she will find when she gets there. Or a fire fighter rushing into burning building. Or a mum choosing to undergo chemotherapy for her kids.

    That’s brave.

    Nothing brave about choosing to hide behind a security blanket earning a comfortable salary waiting for someone to go because you can’t be bothered to make a name for yourself.

    Perspective please.

  87. Emiratesstroller


    Of course Guardiola is one of the best managers in World Football. That is why he is recruited for the plum jobs. No-one would argue with that.

    The point is that we considered Arteta for the Head Coach role at Arsenal not because he was a successful manager in his own right, but because he was working as an assistant at the most successful club in England.

    I was like you a strong supporter for his appointment, because I do think that
    Arteta has the making to be a top manager. He is clearly well respected within
    the game. Time will tell whether Arsenal made the right or wrong choice.

  88. Pedro

    Thank you for the true bravery context.

    He moved to City to learn his trade, had an opp to fast track at Arsenal and he didn’t get it. Not sure how he’s hiding behind a security blanket. He just didn’t move job.

  89. Joe


    I’m just happy about the change. It’s a breath of fresh air. The weight has been lifted. A stench has been eradicated from the Emirates. For me it’s not about Emery.

    It’s about the arsenal. And no one can complain about 13 undefeated.

    The crowd is better at the Emirates. The players are more energetic and seem more into it.

    It’s not a chore watching arsenal anymore. I honestly hated seeing wenger on the sideline doing fuck all , no clue as to why the team seemed dead on its feet

    Ekb is all tongue in cheek but it’s fun

    Sign me up.

  90. Pedro

    No, it’s great fun, no doubt.

    Long may it continue. Last time Emery played Klopp, he beat him in the Europa final. Good omen, hopefully!

  91. gonsterous

    reading through the chaos. it was a right mess in here (but that’s why I love le grove), pedro getting in on the action. First time I’ve seen him stay long on the site in years. Onto liverpool com Saturday. We will get eaten alive if we employ the high line but we should have enough in attack to really hurt liverpool. Laca better put away his chances or he’s going to start becoming The new giroud (needs 10 chances for a goal ). Of course he doesn’t have The majestic beard as oli

  92. gonsterous

    How have RM not gone for Wenger ? I May not like Wenger and I think he was too relaxed at his job here at arsenal, but combine his philosophy and RMs cash and he could do some serious damage to other teams in La Liga.
    Wenger In

  93. Graham62


    Don’t forget, many were quite happy seeing “Wenger on the sideline doing fudge all”.

    “Yeh, but we wanted Wenger out as well”


  94. OleGunner


    Shocker, mans still pining for Arteta for that “vision”
    You can’t have given a rookie coach with not a game managed the sinking ship that was our Arsenal team.

    Your comments regarding that and belittling Emery so hard for his career at PSG (that Monaco team was unreal in his first season) and Sevilla away form (they won 3 straight Europa leagues and finished 5th twice, 7th once, all while selling their star players) have been eye opening.

    We are nowhere near perfect, and have a metric ton of shit to fix before we are fully decent squad, but you sound miserable for the sake of wanting to be miserable with a dose of needing to say “I told you so”.

    Yes yes it’s your opinion etc *yawn*