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Remember those sweet early to mid-2000s League Cup games when they mattered (kind of)? Remember when they’d play more exciting football than the first team? Carlos Vela. Nikki B. Denilson. Nordveit. Wilshere. Djourou. Lupoli. Owusu-Abeyi. Tavlaridis. John Spicer. Jerome Thomas. Justin Hotye. Manone. Fonte.

So many utter classics in there. More potential than a New Years eve party. More disappointment then a whiskey-infused first date.

Well, maybe the excitement of that competition is about to come back. Maybe we’re about to be reborn into a world where the kids coming through are coached better and play more exciting football. Maybe we’re about to see the next layer of progress in the development of BIG PER’S YOUTH DREAM!

I’m looking forward to tonight. Blackpool shouldn’t be a nightmare for us.

They sit a miserable 12th in the league, above Charlton, but below Sunderland (how the mighty have fallen). I’m confident that if complacency doesn’t get in the way, it should be a fairly straightforward day out. Arsenal has young hungry kids that are getting so good these days, teams like Monaco are sniffing around for deals for our players.

Willock, Smith Rowe, Maitland Niles, Nketiah should all be getting game time. Whilst players like WELBZ, Guendouzi and dare I say it… Ramsey, should be there for the guidance.

This really is the prelude to the MEGA game that we have going on at the weekend. The hope is that no one gets too jaded, that everyone comes back fit, and we make sure it’s a powerful win for that psychological edge.

Right, that’s me done, short post today, see you in the comments! x

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  1. gonsterous

    on what he thought of Blackpool…
    For me, it’s a very organised team. Tactically they do very well and it was difficult to win against them. They have players with quality. I don’t know the level in League One for this team against other teams, but for us I know, and I spoke before the game with people to know the level of this team. They are in League One but they said they watched every match and in every match it is difficult. I know that this team was in the Premier League eight years ago. It’s a reason also that firstly I have respect and secondly because I want to win each match, like today against Blackpool. We needed our performance with a big preparation.

    I’m super impressed that he did his research for a small team like Blackpool. Not many managers give a fk how long ago a team was playing in the same league as theirs. Emery has really grown on me, and I’m sure a lot of supporters will have his back when we beat liverpool this weekend.
    As I’ve always said, the liverpool game is the one where emery can win over all the fans and the ghost of Wenger (pierre please gloss over this part ) will be forgotten.

  2. Leedsgunner

    Pleased that Julio Pleguezuelo gave a good account of himself last night in first team debut. Hope he goes from strength to strength.

    It’s a very small first step but every player we can bring through our youth team is good. It builds team identity, loyalty and fosters unity and it saves the team millions in the long run because we can focus our energies on that one or two quality player to strengthen the squad.

    Nice to see Emery bringing youth into team from a position of strength rather than as a throw of desperation.

    With Elneny out for weeks, I hope we see W.illock do the same soon. The boy is ready just need to be given a chance.

    The same for Nketiah… conventional wisdom says he has no place in the Liverpool game and that he’s too inexperienced, but if we are doing well why not give him a go? Remember Rashford made his debut against us under similar circumstances and he did well why not Eddie as a late sub when Liverpool legs are tired?

    Obviously the game is too important for him to make a start, but if we are playing well what a sign of confidence in the youngster if he was given a run in the next game.

    It would be a brave choice but if the winds are blowing in our favour… why not?