Arsenal net spend enough to compete

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Well hot dang, we’ve not spoken about net spend for a while.

This MNF beauty is doing the rounds on the twitternet (I hate it when people invent twee terms for stuff), and it’s pretty interesting because it shows you that Stan K isn’t as conservative with the pennies as you might think.

Over 4 years, Arsenal has a net spend that sticks us 3rd in the Premier League. Pretty appalling that we occupy the Europa League on that money, but we took care of the issues there in summer. What this table tells you is three things.

  1. Arsenal turned into a hoarding club under Arsene Wenger. After years of having to sell players to keep things afloat, he went full on grandma on the other side of the family and hoarded players like she hoards newspapers and nik-naks from the local school fete.
  2. Chelsea really make their cash work hard for themselves. They buy high and sell even higher. They hire in the best coaches, fire them when it doesn’t work. They win things. If Chelsea can win the league on that cash, so can Arsenal.
  3. Spending money doesn’t necessarily equate to success. Manchester City has been dominant for the last 18 months, but United have been utterly shite. The reality is this season, the 5th highest net spenders are duking it out with the highest net spender. Again, we have to stop feeling sorry for ourselves and get smarter.

I didn’t want to put a 4th one in because it’s Spurs related, but it really does show you what an outrageous coach Pochettino is. He would be an absolute weapon at United, which is where I fear he’ll end up when Jose gets his P45 at some point this season. He makes players better, he motivates them to stay when there are greener fields and he spends fuck all. He’d have been a lovely manager to bring in when the money started rolling at Arsenal. It is what it is…

Rob Draper had some interesting quotes from VV and Sanllehi in The Daily Mail.

‘We want to make our fans proud of their football club,’

‘We do that in two ways: by winning and by winning in what we call ‘our way’.

‘We want to win the biggest trophies in the game and if you compete in the Premier League, there are only two: that’s the Premier League and the Champions League. And we want to win them in a way that respects 130 years of history and heritage (at) this amazing football club.

‘The short-term ambition is to get back in the Champions League. That is a step on the journey but not the ultimate ambition, which is 100 per cent shared by Stan and Josh.” (VV)

I mean… we’ve heard all this before, but it doesn’t just feel different this time, it looks different. We’re not hoping for progress based someone changing, we have a manager who has overseen title wins this decade. We also have a team on and off the field that is delivering really positive early signs. Also, and this is just me rose tinting… the LA Rams are doing really well, hopefully, that push for real success on the west coast of America will filter through to London. Trickle down winnertivity I believe they call it.

I also liked this comment from Raul.

‘We’re in a great streak of victories, hopefully, it will last longer. The longer the better. But we know there are going to be ups and downs this season. Performance has probably not been at the level of the results. Which is great. It is better to be a lucky winner than an unlucky loser.’

A bit of fucking honesty for once. We still have sections of our fanbase that can’t properly differentiate between winning and winning well, but at least we have people that can see that the performances haven’t been up to par. The reason I like that comment is it means there’s no mystical set of KPIs that are working out of view… success is the what matters. Putting on a show is important. Moving the club forward is the goal.

If it goes down the shitter, we’ll find a new manager. Anyway, take a read here. The bit about buying in a mega player left me a touch damp.

Right, that’s me done. See you in the comments. x


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  1. crimson

    WHY do so many people look into the past, when all we have is now.
    There is some shitty wisdom for the posters here.
    Wenger and Gazidis have gone…
    Spooky love for you all.

  2. Jamie

    The real question should be why Ramsey isn’t fetching even half of Coutinho’s fee. He’s one of the 6 best CMs in world football, entering his peak years. He’d play in the 3rd World 11, or the 1st World 11 if everything he hits results in a goal.

    Quite the conundrum. I might put some money on him ending up at AC Milan on a free. Like Flamini.

    In the end, the sale of Elneny will probably fetch more than what we get for Ramsey and [what we got for] Wilshere combined. Ramsey likely won’t even fetch Walcott money (more than £20m). Damning indictment of our past recruitment policy and the kinds of players we’ve had on the books for far too long.

    Half of our squad is essentially worthless to all other top clubs, even on a Bosman.

    Some new signings and a few of our kids look promising, so hopefully we continue with the positive asset-building through smarter player acquisition.

  3. Dissenter

    I don’t see anyone paying more than 10 million for Elneny
    It will be 5 million plus add ons.

    One of our worst signings. Even Denilson was a far better player that Elneny.

  4. Cesc Appeal


    I was saying something similar in the summer as a sign of how far we’ve fallen, no one wants our players and they are not worth a whole lot.

    As of the summer players like Mustafi and Xhaka would have been sold at a loss.

    A sign of smart buying and good management is the players we’ve bought in have probably improved their value with the exception of Sokratis who was 30. Iwobi is certainly worth more than he would have been, Lacazette too, likely Holding, Xhaka has improved as well.

    Obviously you don’t want to sell all your players by the movement in their values is a good sign of how well you’re buying and how well you’re management is doing. Look at United, Pogba won’t be worth what they paid for him, neither would Lukaku, neither would Martial though that is a lot about the contract, neither would Fred etc.

    Sign of a failing club.

  5. Cesc Appeal


    But it is still £5 Million which is useful, especially if we’re going after this Ajax fullback at £8 Million.

    Also gets his £50 000 a week off the books.

    Also gets No.4 off of him, real annoyance for me when useless players hold down good squad numbers. Always special to me given that was the Fabregas shirt.

  6. Pierre

    “The real question should be why Ramsey isn’t fetching even half of Coutinho’s fee. He’s one of the 6 best CMs in world football, entering his peak years. He’d play in the 3rd World 11, or the 1st World 11 if everything he hits results in a goal.”

    You’ve outdone yourself this time in the talking shit department…

  7. Graham62


    Negativity for near a decade, which was celebrated by so many. Now we have 4 months of positivity and progress and yet these same people still can’t fathom out what they did wrong.

    I love where we are and endorse all of Emery’s efforts in turning the club around, but I will never forget the past.

    Brushing away the past ten years as an inconvenient event is, Imo, hypocrisy to the highest degree.

  8. London gunner

    Ramsey one of the best 6 cms?

    Bernardo silva, gundogan, Kroos, modric, rakatic, vidal, pjanic, veratti, debruyne, isco, hamsik, sms, Saul, naingolan, jorgino, rabiot, kovaic, dembele, thiago, keita, Iniesta


  9. Pierre

    In your positive little world, how long do you think it will be before we make a realistic challenge for the title.

    In my realistic world ,I can’t see a title challenge for the foreseeable future as I think city have the title sewn up for the next 4/5 years ..they will only get stronger year on year….it’s cup competitions or nothing for many teams ….Emery is doing his best and has probably over achieved so far but he is not competing on a level playing field unless he receives financial help from the owner.

    City will win the league by at least 15 points ( maybe more ) this season and you can quite me on that in may.

  10. englandsbest

    Thank heavens we are now starting to focus on the major problem. It used to be Wenger, now it’s Kroenke

    Let’s be clear: the man is only a problem to those of us who believe that Arsenal was, is and should always be, one of the elite clubs of the world.. If you are one of those who will settle for, say, WHU level, then you will find no reason to complain about Stan.

    So where does Stan stand?

    On the bottom line.

  11. Bob N16

    Graham, Joe, Kc,

    You go on as though you somehow ended up ‘on the winning side’. Anybody who wasn’t as equally hostile to the previous manager, even though they may have wanted him gone for years, you have somehow made them ‘the enemy’.

    You decided to withdraw your support. Fine, that was one way to go. Whether or not you were going to games or buying shirts in the first place. You believe that people who attended matches were complicit in the continued employment of the old manager- ignoring the fact that Kroenke had the power and should have had him removed years before.

    Your small mindedness is staggering.

    Oh and Kc, please find some other medium for your political mutterings. I can’t be alone in thinking that you come across as a hater.

  12. Joe


    What did you expect Kronke to
    Do when you had muppet Akbs like
    Pierre singing one Arsene Wenger until the very end?

  13. Bob N16


    I can honestly say the ‘one Arsene Wenger’ chant was only sung in the last few games when it was known that he was leaving. I miss 3/4 home games a season and I am in block 6 where the majority of the old clock Enders ended up. For the last few years Wenger’s name was simply not sung. There may have been the odd individual but I certainly didn’t hear them.

    There is no way Kroenke sitting on his sofa in Denver or wherever, would have heard Wenger’s name being sung. Sure he would have noticed loads of empty seats but I suspect that was the fair weather supporters choosing to do something else than watch an also ran team.

  14. Jamie

    When I said Ramsey was one of the top 6 midfielders in world football, I was being facetious..

    Seems it went over a few heads.

    Someone else said that. It was either Bam or Paulinho. Maybe both. I said he’d find his level at Everton. He’s average.

  15. Ddkingz

    Can you fucks kindly get over yourselves… Why always fight a battle you obviously and actually can’t win… Trying to prove each other wrong..

    You’ve been kissing and eating wenger ass for some time now…

    Just get over it, and think positive, though sometimes our imperfect nature sometimes get the better of us.

    We playing tomorrow, probably without any proper LB and RB… So why don’t write on betters ways to play and get positive results and gain momentum, while preparing for our biggest task so far… Liverpool.

    Always a festival of goal when playing against Liverpool… Just hope and pray we come out of it with either maximum or minimum point..

  16. raptora

    There’s the City and PSG ways of having a sugar daddy where the scale they are working on is at the very top.

    Then there is ours (and several other good clubs around the world) – the selfsustainable model. The only way to climb the food chain is to struck gold with top scouting and good development of players. Now the beauty of our model is that if we make several top sellings like say we bought Torr and Guen for like a combined what? 35 mil? Now if we manage to sell both 60m each, that’s 120m going right in our pockets. That’s 120m more than the yearly NET spend that we can afford which should be around what we spent this summer ~ 70m. Now we have a much better Adidas sponsorship and hopefully some UCL money on top we could safely spend 100m pounds NET a season. Even a more reserved approach should give us a NET spend of 80m still looks decent if you have a solid core of good players. Now if you decide to sell some of the core players, the money go straight in to new players.

    Now, with my example, selling Torr and Guen for 120m combined, add it to the 80m and that’s 200m of investment that go straight in to our team right there. Manage to do this for several years and what’s happened – you’ve climbed the food chain. You’re a big player. Stan’s model of ownership allows for this to happen. It’s up to the directors/manager’s teams.

  17. China1

    Raptora I think it’s easier said than done but I agree with your general premise

    For example if you sold your valuable assets regularly to replace them you find yourself in a constant cycle without much continuity. Also huge player sales can lead other teams to boost their prices unreasonably because they know you’re minted. Look at what liverpool had to pay for a CB and a keeper last summer just because they sold coutinho for silly money and everyone knew it

    But like I said, I’m not disagreeing in pricniple, I just think doing it is a big challenge and needs to be very careful to avoid fueling a cycle of constant transition. Like torreira is sestablished as a quality player for us, by hypothetically if we sold him for mega money and bought his replacement, would the new guy settle as well? At least with Tor we know what we’ve got and he’s good. Replacing good players is always some kind of risk because there are no guarantees about the replacement

    That’s why I’d shy away from building our business model around regular player sales of key players. One player who is quite replaceable but has a large transfer value each year might be a better choice – for example Bellerin is replaceable, so if we could bump his valuation to 60m this season somehow and sell in the summer that would be very good business. For players in our spine, I’d be much more cautious

  18. Emiratesstroller


    Arsenal is a rebuilding process and we should not be discussing how to offload
    players who have only just joined us.

    However, the new management team have indicated that in future Arsenal will not allow any player to run down his contract to final year. That is of course a prudent policy, which sadly under Wenger cost us dear.

    The current squad is short of quality in the back line with at least two new players needed and it looks like we may have to replace Ramsey as well.

    There are of course players in the squad who are now 30+ and have little or
    no commercial resale value. Cech, Monreal and Lichsteiner have just one
    year left on contract and Koscielny has two. We are unlikely to get a transfer
    fee for any of these four players.

    Personally I don’t think that Arsenal are as short of money as some pundits
    suggest, but I do think that the club wants to buy players who are “good value
    for money” and not pay grossly inflated prices.

    Many of the other top clubs in EPL think differently and land up spending £50
    million for players who turn out to be quite average

    As I suggested in earlier posts I think that Arsenal’s net budget is regulated by
    the value of our sponsorship currently provided by Emirates, Puma and Rwanda. The Replacement of Puma by Adidas should increase the pot by an additional £30 million.

    Any additional revenue is dictated by sales. Frankly looking at our current
    squad I see very little additional revenue coming from departures. Somehow
    I would be very surprised if there are wholesale departures generating much
    revenue at end of this season.

  19. Emiratesstroller

    Looking at potential departures in the next two transfer windows I see very
    little fee revenues coming in.

    If Ramsey and Welbeck were to leave they will do so on a Bosman in the Summer. I see absolutely no prospect of either player leaving in January unless it
    is to a club that they want to move to and are willing to pay us a fee.

    The only players that I would choose to offload and who might fetch a modest
    transfer fee are Chambers, Elneny and perhaps Ospina if Napoli exercise their
    option. Collectively I doubt that these three players will generate £20 million.
    Jenkinson is unsaleable.

    As I wrote in last post I doubt that we would get a dime if Cech, Lichsteiner,
    Koscielny and Monreal were to leave.

  20. Pierre

    Slightly concerning that our striker who is top of the premier league’s scoring charts is not valued by Emery as highly as he should be.

    He is often a substitute or if he starts he is normally substituted and he still keeps knocking in the goals.
    Will this treatment of Aubamayang knock his confidence,possibly….
    A striker knows that it’s the last 15 minutes when the game is opening up, especially a top class striker like aubamayang who has speed and tremendous awareness of where to be in and around the box …his timing of his runs are perfect, you rarely see him caught offside and his composure in front of goal is as good as any..
    He is a gem in the Arsenal team and Emery should Look at the positives he brings to the team as it is important for your most potent striker to retain his confidence so he is relaxed in front of goal and not under pressure to score to retain his place in the side.

    There are some on le grove who think iwobi and Welbeck should be ahead of him in the pecking order ….. I’m afraid it’s the difference between a Ferrari and a ford .Mondeo when comparing those players..

  21. Samesong

    There are some on le grove who think iwobi and Welbeck should be ahead of him in the pecking order …..

    name and shame instead of inventing lies!

  22. raptora

    I didn’t wrote what I did with the idea to encourage the sales of our core players. It was merely a speculative thinking that if we manage to make some big sells, presumably Stan won’t take the money, but give them entirely to the directors to do whatever they want to with them. That’s the glory of the self sustainable model. Yes, on one side – forget about huge investments from our owner’s own pocket. But on the plus side – if we manage to make our money count and start buying well, and selling well, the time when we’ll be able to compete with the big boys on the transfer market wouldn’t look too far ahead. We could be so much more than Borussia D, so much bigger than Napoli, on a totally different scale to say Monaco and Lyon. Why? Because our owner would not touch the money that our club could start to generate if we become more successful on the pitch. With a visionary directorial navigation, the scouting guru of soon-to-be diamonds and a new generation top class manager it feels like we can finally have a chance to compete with the best.

  23. Leftsidesanch

    There are some on le grove who think iwobi and Welbeck should be ahead of him in the pecking order

    Who’s said this?

  24. Goobergooner

    “Think clearly, creatively and constructively and look at what is possible rather than what is not. The time for excuses was yesterday and those days should be left with the last manager. Let’s look forward.”

    This. I love it!


    “2. a major miracle (like the liecester year) were all the major powers uncharacteristically shit their pants and all the stars aligned”

    Your mate Arsene couldn’t even best Leicester that season.

  25. KAY Boss

    Pedro, please Wenger is gone. I feel u are obsessed with him.
    Looking forward to Liverpool’s game.
    I’m confident we will win.

  26. Dissenter

    “There are some on le grove who think iwobi and Welbeck should be ahead of him in the pecking order“

    We are all waiting for you to source your silly comment.
    Who said this?

    You do post some dumb shite, just like your recent valiant efforts to rewrite history to make it seem like you ever criticized Wenger.

  27. Graham62

    Bob and Pierre

    Just love the way the two of you see yourselves as the innocent and honourable party in all of this.

    Oh and by the wayPierre, who said anything about mounting “a title challenge?” All I want is someone at the helm who can maximize OUR TEAMS RESOURCES and set them up to compete once again.

    Keep sitting on your high horses and accepting no blame for what materialized under Wenger but please don’t keep pointing fingers at others, including the owner, for our failings.

    No doubt the two of you sleep very well at night

  28. Jamie

    I’m looking forward to tonight’s game.

    It’s a good opportunity for us to keep a clean sheet, to win both halves, and for a youth player or two to get some decent minutes.

    We’re still light in the defenders department; Kos, Nacho, Kolasinac, Bellerin, Sokratis, and Mavropanos all nursing injuries.

    I think Cech and AMN are back in contention, so our line-up might look something like this:

    Lich Must Holding AMN
    ——–Elneny Guen
    –Mikki ESR Welbeck

    Nowhere near our strongest side, but should be enough to give Blackpool a bit of a hiding at home.

    Torr, Iwobi Ozil, Xhaka, Eddie, Auba/Laca, Willock, Ramsey all decent bench options too, although I expect a couple to be completely rested for tonight’s game..

    Going for 3-0 Arsenal.

  29. Jamie

    Graham –

    Ha, as do I! I especially like the early round cup games because it’s a great opportunity to give minutes to some of the younger players. I really like AMN, ESR and Guendouzi, all of whom could start tonight.

    I prefer AMN in midfield though. He’s right-footed too, so playing him at LB isn’t ideal either.

  30. Graham62

    I would like to take this opportunity to offer my deepest condolences and sympathies to the family of Mr Srivaddhanaprabha, as well as all the employees and fans of Leicester City FC.

    The Footballing world thanks you for not only making the season into a fairytale of events in 2015-16, but also making us all realise that by genuine hard work, belief and a core of talented players, dreams can come true.

    Claudio Ranieri proved to be the icing on the cake with his dignified and honourable leadership but we all know that it was Mr Srivaddhanaprabha who made it all happen.

    Thanks to you, Football fans from all around the world fell in love with the game once again.


  31. Graham62

    As the 2015-16 progressed, I actually wanted Leicester to go on and win the league.

    I know many others who felt the same.

  32. Leftsidesanch

    Highbury Legend,

    Paul Merson is a dullard so I try not to pay too much mind to what he says, but it’s easier said than done. He’s correctly ridiculed by most sets of fans in the country but he’s kept on because his “views”/idiocy are quite entertaining and he’s also a bit of a parody.

    The wip about Spurs the other day was brilliant though.

  33. gonsterous

    left side

    I forgot how cold Europe can get. Luckily I’m in south east Asia where it’s never winter.

    On the downside, all arsenal games start too late here.

  34. Leftsidesanch

    Sounds glorious right now Gons,

    I’m alright with the colder weather usually, infact, one of those “strange people” who prefer it. When sitting/standing in the Emirates though I find I get really cold in the winter.

  35. Pierre

    “As the 2015-16 progressed, I actually wanted Leicester to go on and win the league.I know many others who felt the same.”

    so do I…..Leicester city supporters.

    You see ,that’s what happens when you support a team want your team to win the league ,not wish for your own team to finish 2nd….each to their own I suppose .

    It’s like me saying I want Liverpool to beat us on Saturday because I want them to win the league….

  36. Pierre

    What about tonight G42 ..will you be rooting for the underdog or will you actually be wanting the team you support to qualify for the quarter finals …

  37. HighburyLegend

    “It’s like me saying I want Liverpool to beat us on Saturday because I want them to win the league….”

    What a moron…

  38. grooveydaddy

    Once we lost to United and Swansea (I think??), and were pretty much out of the running, I wanted Leicester to win at all costs.

    I’m guessing most, if not all, of our fans felt the same way.

    The alternative was Sp*rs pipping them…..we were never going to get there.

  39. Dream10

    Leicester’s unlikely title win was unbelievable. Was happy for them. Didn’t want them to win until we were out of the title race in March. Couldn’t imagine the thought of the Spuds winning the damn thing.

  40. China1

    Pierre as good as city are (and minted) there’s no way it’s sewn up for the coming 4-5 years.

    1) no competitive leagues are won every single season by the same club regardless of how good the best team is. No team is that consistent in a league that actually has other good teams.

    2) Barca had pep and possibly the greatest club side of all time and lost the league to a (bluntly saying) inferior Jose Mourinho Madrid side (obviously still a great side)

    3) they will have to replace aguero in the coming couple of years. Even if they spend a fortune on a worldie (they will) there’s no guarantee the new guy will match aguero’s returns. Think Torres at Chelsea, or shevchenko etc

    3) players dip in form sometimes, however good they are. Let’s say mane has a one off bad year for whatever reason and whoever their best other winger is in said future season has some injury trouble, will the replacements score as many goals? Maybe. Maybe not.

    4) David Silva is ageing now. Will his replacing by seamless or will they miss him for a bit when the time comes?

    5) some of their elite talent could still be poached. Just because city are awesome and can pay top dollar, doesn’t make them as big as Barca or Madrid. Madrid are going to have a total rebuild in the coming 2 years I bet. You can bet your ass players like de bruyne will be top of the list and who knows if they can be tempted by Madrid. God knows c. Ronaldo was winning even the CL with Utd and still left for Madrid.

    Long story short, nobody can see a few years ahead. There are far too many uncertainties to be confident that the stand out team this season will be 18 months or 2 years from now – or that some of their rivals won’t have improved as well

  41. Graham62


    Having a good old chuckle reading your(and Bob’s) responses.

    You wouldn’t get it even if it hit you square in the face.

    You are, without a question of doubt, the biggest ignoramus on this blog.

    I don’t think you read any posts thoroughly, you just react to what you want to react to.

    The reasons I wanted Leicester to win the league that season are self-explanatory……………or would you like me to spell it out for you?

    Enjoy your golf.

  42. China1

    Also, everyone always assumes that every top team will improve every season but it doesn’t happen to all of them and in half the instances they get worse

    Utd are supposed to be better this year but are worse. Chelsea yo-yo between elite and average in boom bust cycles. Liverpool have had a handful of false dawns. City haven’t been consistent in the past. Arsenal signed cech as the last piece of the puzzle and got worse

  43. Dream10


    Agree that it will be difficult for City to maintain this level for another four or five years. Aguero is special, but he is on the wrong side of 30 now. Doesn’t look like young Gabriel Jesus will be their next starting #9. Sterling is a confirmed star now and is stalling on a new contract, City don’t want to pay up He’d start for any of the four or five CL contenders. As you said, David Silva is getting older as well. Bernardo Silva is a better CL player than DSilva and DeBruyne. Like Sterling, he’d start for any genuine CL contender. Utd are definitely winning the PL in the next five yrs, they’re too rich not too

  44. Joe


    Wenger made sure we were well out of the title race that year by feb.

    So, really us “wanting” Leicester to win it had nothing to do with us not wanting arsenal to win it. It was already a forgone conclusion that wenger had blown it and we were not going to win the league.

    So why not want Leicester to win. Would you have rather the spuds win it?

    You really are a simpleton pierre

  45. Pierre

    Unless I am mistaken joe,a season is over 38 games ,not 20 or 30 games and after 38 games we finished 2nd behind Leicester who you wanted to win the league along with a few other knob heads…but that’s your choice….personally I would prefer the team I support to win the league instead of rooting for their competitors.

    So in simple terms joe,if Leicester hadn’t won the league then the team that finished 2 nd would have won the title.