Emery’s luck with subs finally runs out

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Well, all good things must come to an end, but hey, at least the end was a point away at Crystal Palace. Not a great result, but given our low expectations of this season, I’ll certainly take that.

The game was lost on two blunders. The first came from Mustafi who lunged into a player inside the 6 yard box. A totally stupid challenge, but hardly unexpected from a player who does stupid things in every game. The second came in the second half when Xhaka planted his foot in the box, Zaha leapt into the offering and won a very clear penalty.

The afternoon really could have done without mistakes like that. Our players were clearly leggy from a tough away trip in Lisbon this week, and against an impressively athletic Crystal Palace, we were going to need events to roll our way.

After going a goal down, it felt like we might have pulled off another second-half masterclass. Granit Xhaka won a freekick to the far right of the 18 yard line. He fizzed a screamer that curled into the top corner. A stunning strike. Shortly after, some luck did fall on our plate, Lacazette couldn’t beat a shirt tug whilst tussling for a corner, he swiped at the ball with his hand pushing it to Auba to tap in at the back post. A wrong made a right.

Sadly we were unable to preserve the lead. The team went into a bit of a panic and lost control of the game. Part of me thinks that a draw might have been a good thing. The pressure of the winning streak is now off, so the players can get back to focusing on the chasing pack.

I think the day was lost on the substitutes. Emery’s luck failed him. He explained Welbeck as a defensive option to counter Palace bringing on Meyer to create chances. In hindsight, that wasn’t a great decision. Aaron Ramsey was kind of hopeless as well. Still, tough to knock a manager who has made some inspired decisions this season, can’t win them all, unfortunately.

I think we have some problems, and our squad certainly doesn’t look that strong. Xhaka as a left back really is a horrible thing to watch. Surely there has to be a better option against Liverpool next week? We’ll get massacred if he has to play. I have even bigger worries when it comes to Lichtsteiner. He’s really struggling with the pace of the league. Part of you is loving the shit-housing, the other part knows that he’s doing that because he can’t keep up. A long-term Bellerin absence could be a real issue for us.

It was also a worry to see Ozil back to his absolute most anonymous. He was rightly pulled on 70 by the manager and refused to shake his hand when offered. Emery didn’t seem too fussed.

“Every player wants to continue playing,”

“I like the players who show character.”

“He was not happy because the result was not good at the end.”

I don’t understand how you can go from such a dominant performance to an absolute stinker in 6 days. Maybe it really is his poor fitness? Maybe he’s just really inconsistent? Whatever it is, we need him back to elite sharpness for the Liverpool game next week.

Still, back to the positives. We took 22 points from 24 in our last 8 games. Set that against previous title winning seasons (cheers, Redtruth) and you have to be pretty damn pleased.

First 10 games of 2001-2 season:

Arsenal: 19 points

First 10 games of Invincible season:

Arsenal: 24 points

I’m not saying we’re going to win the title, but it shows we’ve come a long way, and it shows how intense competition is this year.

Right, let’s see you in the comments!

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  1. Jamie

    I rate Poch, perhaps not nearly as highly as the pundits, but he’s done a great job getting them into the top 3 in consecutive seasons.

    If he takes the RM gig, who do Spurs get to replace him? The new gagger will have to work on a restricted budget for the next few season at least until they refinance their stadium debt to long-term borrowing.

    Eddie Howe? Do Harry Kane et al. stay for the ‘project’, or does all the talent jump ship in the summer?

    p.s. Terrible seeing the NFL field markings on a football pitch at this level.

  2. Goonah


    You forgot one scenario:

    Lots of team mates wanted to pass to Ozil but couldn’t find him on the pitch

    Google Ozil and “hiding” pops up. Maybe not but it could be his middle name.

    Wenger’s solution to close out a game was to bring on a defender for an attacker.
    This is “the” best way to give up initiative and lose possession. We were hangin on by the fingernails even when playing bottom feeders

  3. Champagne charlie

    Mahrez has 5 in his last 8 but isn’t City quality according to some on here. Sane relegated to the bench, what does that Pep know eh?

    Mendy an absolute liability in this game right now. Lamela still looking more like Pamela.

  4. Jamie

    CC is right – Mendy is an absolute liability. His mistakes will inevitably result in a goal for Spurs. He needs to sort himself out, or Pep should sub him at halftime.

    Gives Mustafi a run for his money in the calamitous defenders department.

  5. London gunner


    Not trying to pick a fight but I can’t see how mahrez can be Compared to Sane, Sane imo is miles better as a player.

    More skill, more pace, much better dribbler and a better finisher.

  6. London gunner

    Not watching tonight’s match but for those slating mendy it sounds like he is having an awful game.

    However he is a pretty epic talent when it comes to attacking fullback play. Last game I saw him in he wa quality

  7. Champagne charlie


    You’re entitled to that opinion, I happen to disagree. Not a chance Sane has more skill, or is a better dribbler than Mahrez though for me. Mahrez is arguably best in the league with Hazard and Zaha in 1v1’s, his ability with the ball at his feet is what he’s all about.

    Sane is a more physically gifted player, quicker, more powerful and athletic etc but skill? Nah, Mahrez isn’t getting outdone by Sane there. Technically Mahrez is on another planet to Sane, and I’m a huge Sane fan, Mahrez is a better finisher as such.

    I’m not comparing either, simply pointing out how Mahrez is comfortably good enough to be a prominent feature in the City XI. The fact Mahrez is keeping Sane out the side is a nod to Mahrez given how good Sane is heralded.

  8. Jamie

    London gunner –

    True, his attacking play is decent. It’s his defending that’s been poor in the first half. He’s been responsible for conceding a few great chances with poor decision-making.

  9. Champagne charlie

    Mendy may be a talent, but on this evidence he’s not a defender in any capacity.

    I get he’s attack-heavy in talent, but he’s Carl Jenkinson in defensive levels here. 50 mil should get you more and as Jamie points out, Pep will have a rocket for him at half time.

  10. Goonah

    Seems to me either Sane is injured, rested or Sterling is prefered.

    Mahrez is a right winger, Sane plays on the left

  11. Jamie

    Goonah is on point too – Sane usually down the left, Mahrez down the right.

    It’s Sterling keeping Sane out of the starting 11 I think.

    Hard to question Mahrez’ technical ability though. His finishing is exceptional for a ‘winger’, his dribbling is next level. I think he gets a hard time because his legs look like toothpicks. Get the ball to him, though, and he makes things happen more often than not.

  12. London gunner


    Sane to me is on a diff level, mahrez is too one paced.

    Sane has the technical ability of mahrez in terms of ball/close control and its harder to dribble at pace which is what sane does on insane levels. The way he regularly zig zags the ball in the tightest movements around players at fast pace is impressive.

    Sane is a faster more athletic mahrez basically.

    Mendy is a beast, if you get the balance right in the team you can have an attacking fullback. Look at Marcello for instance. Either way mendy is new to the league ha ING been out of action for a long time, I’m sure he will adapt. Lads a serious talent.

  13. Jamie

    London –

    For sure he can improve, and has decent attributes and a worldclass coach who can help him reach his potential, but he’s having a stinker tonight. It happens I guess.

  14. Receding Hairline

    Leroy Sane’s actually footballing ability is prone to exaggeration by his admirers

    Good player.. Yet to hit the next level.

    As for finishing and dribbling ability ..he has a few classes to attend to be on the same level to Mahrez

  15. Champagne charlie


    Not even close for me, Sane isn’t in the same league as Mahrez technically. Not even sure how you arrive at that opinion tbh, Mahrez is one of the few special guys in the league like Ozil, Silva, Cesc who are just amazing.

    Mendy can be a beast all he likes, doesn’t make his defending in this game any better. Moussa Sissoko has ruined him 3/4 times.

  16. London gunner

    Nah sane is a true talent.

    One of the best young players in the world.

    Impirtant to note mahrez is 27 and overall aside from one season with lecister has had a pretty lackluster career.

    Sane is only 22 yet had hit higher le els of ability

  17. Guns of SF

    Sad thing is that Mahrez was the non best kept secret to become and Arsenal player at one time. He fit the bill perfectly, but every summer came and we kept passing on him despite him wanting to join us.

    Good for him to be at city.

    Sane on the other hand is a beast. He was the cause of the complete implosion we had 2x in one week against City last season. What a nightmare we had against him.

  18. Champagne charlie


    No it’s not important to note age, because not every player has the same career trajectory. Mahrez was trying to make it as a pro in Scotland and the like as a teen whilst Sane was brought through an elite German clubs academy.

    That sort of comparison is typically drawn when trying to assert a particular POV. Sane hasn’t “hit higher levels of ability”, that’s an opinion. More than welcome to it but that’s all it is.

    Mahrez drove Leicester to a title and won POTY along the way so to try and diminish his achievements to date with a “one season” remark is a bit lame.

  19. WengerEagle

    Complete disservice to say that Mahrez is levels above Sane in the technique department, simply isn’t true.

    Happens all too often with athletic freaks, Bale is another one.

  20. Pierre

    “The worst part of being a “footy” fan is calling it footy”

    It’s hard to take them serious …one of my pet hates I have to say.

  21. London gunner


    At the end of the day mahrez is a quality player no doubt, just Sane has a higher ceiling.

    Sane is one of the best young talents in the world with scope to improve as most players peak later in their careers.

    Mahrez wasn’t being talked about at 22 and tbh he is at his peak years already at 27.

    Mahrez performances most likely won’t keep improving whilst Sane likely will barring injury or some kind of syndrome where he turns into a fat Brazilian as soon as he hits 27

  22. London gunner


    Sane was the best young talent in the hardest league in the world last season.

    He was city’s best player after kdb. Sane literally owned every defender in the league and made them look ordinary and the kid is only 21.

    He hit higher levels mahrez is good no doubt but he is inconsistent and one paced and lethargic at times.

  23. Leedsgunner

    You have to be intimidated by the sheer quality that City possesses. I guess when you are backed by a sovereign wealth fund it shouldn’t be that much of a surprise.

  24. Champagne charlie


    Simply not true because you say?

    I rate Mahrez’s technical ability among the best in the prem easily, I don’t Sane’s. That doesn’t for one second mean I suggest Sane isn’t incredibly gifted, so the disservice angle is a nonsense.

  25. London gunner


    I think there is a bit of revisionism about Sane. I think because he wasnt included in the Germany squad the impression people have of his talent level is misguided.

    Dudes a rockstar, his peak level has been shown to be higher than mahrez who often flatters to deceives.

  26. WengerEagle


    You’re always quick to throw around the nonsense label, my point was that Bale gets similar treatment in that he’s nearly a victim of his own exceptional standard of athleticism when people are debating his technique, he strikes and crosses the ball as well as anyone as well as having a brilliant first touch and ball control.

    Mahrez is just a different style of player, I don’t think that he does anything in the final third better than Sane does and that falls into the technique bracket.

  27. Champagne charlie

    Because I don’t care for someone like you to come on here and try and surmise an opinion as a “complete disservice” and something that “simply isn’t true” when the counter argument is nothing more than an opinion itself. So as I stated, it’s a nonsense. The fact you feel Bale gets hard done by is of no relevance to me discussing Mahrez and Sane.

    For someone that wasn’t looking to argue you’re throwing about some odd comments. Now there’s revionism because someone has an opinion opposite to yours? Cool.

    “Dudes a rockstar, his peak level has been shown to be higher than mahrez who often flatters to deceives.“

    Again, I’ll disagree and you’re welcome to your view of Sane.

    However here’s both their standout seasons to date in the prem:

    Sane 17/18: 2423 minutes, 10 goals, 15 assists
    Mahrez 15/16: 3058 minutes, 17 goals, 11 assists

    Sane’s came for City and their star studded squad (compared with the best prem league team ever) that managed to score 106 goals on their way to the title. Mahrez however, his was for Leicester who scored 68 goals where the only other notable attacker was moonface Vardy – he deservedly won POTY that season too.

    So I’ll stand by my disagreeing with the idea Sane has shown a level above Mahrez to date based on that.

  28. DaveB666

    BTW regarding Poch and Madrid – interesting in the pre match txt on BBC he was quoted as saying despite Spurs best start since blah de blah he wasn’t happy – maybe the Spanish climate will suit him better (where he has a chance of winning a semi final)……

  29. WengerEagle


    Lol ‘someone like you’, how’s it up there on your high horse?

    I was making a counter to your point, sorry if I used absolutes then. Think you’re talking bollocks that Mahrez sits a few tables up from Sane in the tekkers department then, how’s that?

  30. Pierre

    Sane or mahrez…..both please..

    If ,as was being reported , we turned down mahrez then it’s a sackable offence ..especially as it was being reported that his heart was set on coming to Arsenal a few years back.

  31. Champagne charlie


    Obviously had a bad day, out here getting offended at every remark made. High horse now is it? Sure thing. You can have whatever opinion you like about what i’ve said about Sane/Mahrez, the attempted baiting is boring. Have a cup of tea after a moment in your safe space ffs zzzzz

  32. Marko

    Because I don’t care for someone like you to come on here and try and surmise an opinion as a “complete disservice”

    Ah jaysus you don’t have to be a dickhead every single day.

  33. WengerEagle


    Haha how about elaborating on your point about Mahrez being certified Citeh qualidee and his technical ability being levels above Sane rather than being preoccupied with my day…

    The truth is that he’s started slowly for Citeh, he’s looked ok but far from brilliant.

  34. Marko

    I was just about to say that. If Bam gave that kind of dickhead response to someone i guarantee you that Charlie would pop out of nowhere with engorged penis in hand ready to cut down Bamford.

  35. Goobergooner


    Pretty sure we lost a game in the europa group stages last season. And also lost against oestersunds. Wenger knows best And Emery has no clue.

    For someone who had no expectations under the old regime, you have certainly stepped things up a notch now.

  36. Marko

    Anyway Mahrez or Sane it’d be Sane for me. Younger and a much higher ceiling and far more explosive… but sure Mahrez has technical ability to blah blah blah.

  37. Champagne charlie


    I talked back and forth with London about Mahrez/Sane, I don’t fancy a rehash because you suddenly want to butt heads with someone.

    I’ve plenty self awareness thanks, you’re being incredibly touchy and defensive over nothing at all. Read into that if you like but you made a personal comment about me and I stated why I dismissed your original input. It was semantically redundant, there’s no hidden meaning behind it and it was a a wordy turn of phrase that you’re attempting to attribute something to. Can’t be clearer than that.

    Now Marko is in proving Rambo Ramsey’s point. Weagle is an adult Marko, doesn’t need your running commentary.

  38. Marko

    Now you’re name dropping posters like Bam does. It’s all very amusing. What did Rambo say? Presumably something about lefty snowflakes and living in my mother’s basement

  39. WengerEagle


    Oh ffs get a grip, it’s a game of opinions on here, you’ve shot down enough of mine in the past.

    Nothing personal in disagreeing on a point about a player, you chose to take it personally is all.

    This all started with you crowing about Mahrez and taking a swipe at those that deemed him not quite up to the incredibly high standards of Pep’s Citeh, I was one of those hence the rebuttal. And ‘butting in’, lol what a daft thing to say, everyone butts in on here it’s a blog mate, that’s kind of the idea…

    I notice how you haven’t been able to explain at all your point or back it up with any sort of evidence.

  40. englandsbest

    Spurs have operated on a tight budget ever since the departure of Venable. But they have bought cheap and sold expensive,, And their wage structure has always been economical.

    Also their home-grown (or almost home-grown) players have been far better tan ours. And of course they haven’t had to cope with a stadium debt. The result is they have a decent squad of players, and top 4 status in PL.

    The question is: how will they manage with a stadium debt far bigger than ours?Or rather, will they even bother?

    As we now know the Emirates Stadium was simply a manoeuvre by the owners to get get top dollar for the Club. It may be that the same applies to Spurs owner.
    He has been trying to sell–up for years.

    Or he might do what the old arsenal owners ought to have done: have a Rights Offer.

  41. Champagne charlie


    I’m not arguing over you disagreeing about a player, I even said as much. This whole interaction is boring as fuck frankly, I don’t feel I need to clarify or explain further why I rate Mahrez better technically – it’s self evident much like being a goal threat is self evident in a player.

    I’m also not about to hash it out because you’re spoiling for a war of words. One that’s obviously been fuelled by me striking a nerve in my initial barb about those claiming Mahrez wasn’t up to snuff. Dropped yourself in it there, clearly that’s why you’re on here foaming over an arbitrary view someone has of a player, let it go.

    I never mentioned anything about anyone “butting in” so again, you’re reading what you want to read because you’re having a little moment. You’re not a cunt like Marko, in fact you’re usually much better than this, just drop it.

  42. Pierre

    “Pretty sure we lost a game in the europa group stages last season. And also lost against oestersunds. Wenger knows best And Emery has no clue. For someone who had no expectations under the old regime, you have certainly stepped things up a notch now.”‘

    I’ll give you ten out of ten for talking a load of twaddle…

  43. WengerEagle


    You’re the one making a mountain out of a molehill, bore off with the ‘having a moment’ rhetoric, it’s weak deflection at best and makes you look a condescending twerp at worst.

    I’ve seen you argue on here for literally hours over the most innocuous disagreements, funny what one finds boring isn’t it?

    I’m the one foaming when you openly admitted to taking my comments on Mahrez personally? Lol ok then. All right we’ll leave it at that so. Guess you won’t be so quick to jump down throats from here on it then as you find it so tedious.

  44. Bamford10

    “just drop it”

    Read: do what I tell you to do.

    A fair-minded man would say, “let’s drop it,” acknowledging that both parties had maybe been a little pissy or dogmatic. Not Charlie. Charlie tells other men what to do, and tells them that they, not him, are the cause of the problem (“you’re having a little moment”).

    It’s always hilarious to me that this guy gets away (for the most part) with his absurd imperious manner, while I get criticized for shit I don’t even do.

  45. Dissenter

    “Sane or mahrez…..
    both please..If ,as was being reported , we turned down mahrez then it’s a sackable offence ..especially as it was being reported that his heart was set on coming to Arsenal a few years back.”

    Sackable offense for whom?
    a]The groundkeeper
    b]The lunch lady
    c]Monsieur Wenger
    d]Stan Kroenke

  46. Bamford10

    Ironically, Charlie is correct on one point here, namely that Mahrez is of City caliber; however, I don’t know that he has played at a consistently high enough level since arriving there.

    The comparison between Mahrez and Sane is a difficult one. On one level, they are both very gifted, highly technical, quality-dribbling wide players. Sane has a bit more cachet, while Mahrez has actually achieved more. It’s a hard call.

    One thing I’d say is that as good as Sane is — and he is really fucking good — he has yet to have a season like the season Mahrez had during Leicester’s title run and he has yet to score goals like those Mahrez scored that season. He is enormously gifted, but Mahrez might have a bit more mental toughness, ruthlessness, fire, ambition.

  47. PhD2020

    Bamford10October 30, 2018 00:47:38
    “just drop it”
    Read: do what I tell you to do.A fair-minded man would say, “let’s drop it,” acknowledging that both parties had maybe been a little pissy or dogmatic.

    This coming from a guy,who has no self awareness,is an absolute thunder c**t of a non-entity.Who will go for days,even weeks/months,posiibly years pursuing an argument,just to be proven right.When it is abundantly clear to all and sundry that he is unequivocally wrong,especially in the face of overwhelming evidence that refutes his claims or nonsensical arguments.

    Now,he’s trying to take the moral high ground and talking as well as preaching about being fair minded…??!!!


    Have not laughed in ages this week….
    You certainly do take the proverbial piss….

    Comedy gold…


  48. Champagne charlie


    I’m deflecting nothing, you’ve come on here in a tiz because my original quip about Mahrez being good enough for City apparently landed at your feet because you don’t rate him their level.

    Everything since has been fuelled by that. I’ve said drop it because it’s boring, and yes I reserve the right to say what I find boring (im also busier than normal so don’t have the patience to go back and forth unlike other times I have done). In this case it’s a poster I actually rate going on about something that’s not worth a debate.

    I didn’t take your comments on Mahrez personally, how would that even be possible? I said you got personal when you started talking about how I typically comment etc over the remark about it being “a nonsense”. Nothing about Mahrez, London said several times he rates Sane more and I said he’s welcome to that and I disagree. So don’t get the two confused.

    You skip responding to comments I make and emerge to take shots where you see the slightest window.

    Traits of a self-conscious twat eager to point score where possible. I can’t even be bothered undressing the mountainous irony in you having a dog about me apparently “telling men what to do”. Same cunt that is literally renowned for telling others to go to other blogs etc.

    As I say, Harvard special ed summer camp. You’re a fucking moron of epic proportion, I feel bad for the kids that have to endure your company. What a harsh baptism to the world they get, but at least they can build a tolerance to bullshit early? Silver linings and that.

  49. Bamford10


    One, I don’t tell other people here what to do. I don’t tell people to “wind their necks in” or to “just drop it”. Yes, I will argue a point for days on end, and I will insist that I am right, but I don’t go around telling people what to do. Thus your point is a bit of a non-point: what I am criticizing Champagne for is different from what you are criticizing me for.

    Two, please provide us with an example or two of points on which I have been “unequivocally wrong” but on which I have refused to cede any ground. I would love to hear about this. But please prepare for counterargument, as there is a pretty good chance that I don’t agree with you that I am or was “wrong” on these points. And please note that just because a number of other posters might disagree with me on this point, this wouldn’t make me wrong. That’s the fallacy of the majority.

    Three, I’m just curious: why do you call yourself “Phd”?

  50. Bamford10

    Charlie replies with empty, meaningless insults and invective. Very Charlie. Doesn’t even merit reading or response.

  51. Champagne charlie


    As ever you’re the only one on here that addresses Le Grove as a singular audience time and again in order to construct or augment a particular view. In this case, as you’ve done numerous times prior, it’s in order to chip away at my character.

    Of course your stock response is to state I’m not worthy of responding to, because you’ve been there and done that and know where it ends up. You looking silly because you’ve not the wit or substance to debate anything with me. You’re a transparent character, it’s genuinely curious how you can be so off the mark about your own inputs. Case study material.

    “I don’t go around telling people what to do”

    You don’t? So would you enlighten PHD as to how you would classify telling many a poster what Le Grove is and represents, and that “positive” commentary isn’t welcome. That these “sorts” should go back to untold and the like?

    I’d be interested to understand how you don’t on one hand tell anyone what to do, but on the other tell people what’s acceptable discourse and whether they should post here or not.

    There seems a conflict, but perhaps it’s only understood by elite minds as yourself.

  52. Bamford10

    It is also very Charlie to misrepresent what someone else here has said previously.

    I never said that positive commentary wasn’t welcome here. Far from it. I said that former anti-Le-Grove, Untold AKBs (like a Nemesis) don’t get to come to Le Grove and tell more negative or critical Le Grovers that they must now adopt a positive line or narrative. Sorry, but no: that’s not how it works. If they want to blow sunshine up everyone’s ass, they are free to do that. But they don’t get to tell the rest of us — whom they’ve been insulting as “the mob” for years — what we are allowed to say here.

    And that is very, very different from what you have accused me of.

  53. Champagne charlie


    You’ve not explained how telling various posters to go to other blogs ISN’T telling people what to do…

    Still awaiting the elite thinking there. Don’t go shy suddenly when spoken to.

  54. Joe

    6 consecutive clean sheets in the pl for city

    Wenger couldn’t wash pep’s balls for him.

    Don’t ever mention those two in the same breath again.

  55. Pierre

    Many on le grove never rated Guardiola and there are still probably some who find it hard to give him the credit he deserves.
    What I like about him (besides the quality of his football) is that he backs himself when buying young players..I know he spends good money on them but his judgement is normally spot on ..
    Talking about Sane, Jesus ,and John stones.

    We missed the boat with pep about 4/5 years ago …if Arsenal as a club had shown some ambition they would have gone in for pep ,offered him fortunes and given him a blank cheque to get the players in we needed and we would now be where city are ….dominating the league with a realistic chance of champions league .

    I suppose that’s what happens when you have an owner with no ambition .