Ramsey end game is sad, but it shows the evolution at Arsenal

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The effects of the Ramsey contract renewal are still being felt… by the player.

“Hopefully somebody will come up and tell me why,”

“I’ll accept that if there’s a reason. When the time is right, I probably will find out but that hasn’t happened yet.

“There is no contract on the table at the moment so there is nothing for me to consider or whatever. We all know that the contract was taken away off the table. I’m not sure exactly why because a few weeks before we sort of agreed and I was ready to sign.”

“I think any player who is on the bench would be disappointed not to play but I’m part of the team and I want the team to do well,” he said. “We are all in it together to try and achieve the same objective. I’m going out and playing the way I have always played. I try to give my best for the team, help the team and try and go out there and play the best I can for myself as well. Nothing’s in my head when I’m out there; I’m just trying to have fun on the football pitch.

Kind of tough to read, he’s been an excellent servant to us, won 3 FA Cups, broke his leg and came back from hell… the fans love him. He’s one of our own, and it’ll be quite sad to see him exit.

I think the move is quite shocking, because we’ve been dicked around by players for the best part of 20 years. It feels alien that the board would initiate such an aggressive retraction. However, you can see why. Ozil bent us over the barrel with his outrageous deal, but at the very least, he has a commercial value. He’s the face of Adidas, he has sycophantic fanboy son all continents and he’s a world class player.

Aaron on the other hand is much admired, but he’s not kicked his game up to mega money levels. If you’re looking at this rationally, you have to look at the Welshman’s output and what £300k a week would mean for Emery’s ability to make big moves this summer.

How big has the impact been from Torreira? Massive. He’s earning no more than £65k a week. How much potential do we have in Matteo G? Unreal amounts. What’s he going to be earning, £40k a week. Then you have Ramsey, who can’t seem to operate with Ozil or Mikhi, hasn’t been able to cement a preferred positon at 28, and has suspect fitness… and he’s demanding  4.6x Torriera… I mean, that’s fucking insane.

I think the deal was pulled for a number of reasons. Firstly, Emery realised pretty quickly that Aaron at #10 was never going to be as sublime as Ozil. Then he probably noted that to be truly effective, you have to give him a free role… but he’s not really good enough to be afforded that sort of luxury. Emery needs cogs that work in his machine. Wenger had a crack at making art, but it eventually crashed us in also-rans.

The Aaron Ramsey debacle is what happens when you buy pieces without a grand vision. That’s why our squad is still in a mess. There was never a plan. Bottle them up, shake, pray for the best was the strategy and it just stopped working in the end. Sven, Raul and Emery now have to unpick the mess, and they’re going to struggle to do that with £600k worth of talent that can’t play together.

Ramsey was the sacrificial lamb. It’s cost him a fortune, and no doubt it’s set us back £50m in transfer fees.

But the show goes on… sport is ruthless, but it’s hard to feel too much for a man who makes more in a week than most do in a year. He’ll be ok, probably end up at United or Chelsea, and he’ll have a good close to his career.

At least he’s not going to Spurs.

I’m just excited big decisions are being made on data, guiding principles and a master plan.

We’ve dreamed of this… it’s happening… suck it up and enjoy the ride.

The real banter? Carl Jenks will be the last Brit standing from that famous British Core announcement. Guy has more sticking power than curry on a white a shirt. Legend. x


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  1. kc

    Emery killed his own run of wins. Anybody with eyes could see Lacazette was two steps behind all game. Should’ve been benched.

  2. Jamie

    Palace had the better chances.

    Satisfied with a point away from home. If you can’t win, don’t lose.

    On to the next game.

    We need Nacho back immediately.

    Where’s Pierre though? He goes missing every time Ozil does, which is in 4 out of 5 games. Hiding like a coward. So is Ozil.

  3. Cesc Appeal

    Can’t complain with that result, their second penalty was not a penalty but then Lacazette handballed it for our second.

    Bottom line was we were totally ineffectual in attack today.

    Ozil was total shit.

    Lacazette was poor and gifted Palace the counter that led to their second penalty, Aubameyang was poor aside from the goal. Iwobi was also poor.

    Torreria was excellent and Xhaka also has to get points for playing LB reasonable well against Townsend who is fast and then Zaha who is fast and a great dribbler.

    I can understand why Aubameyang started but this has to put to bed this whole idea of Lacazette at ST and Aubameyang at LM. It does not work.

    I would imagine privately Emery is ruing changing his tactics from recent weeks.

    Yet another away game where Ozil doesn’t show up, wonder how long he will be allowed to dine out on the Leicester game. No doubt that was a 9/10 game, but he can’t then go and drop a 5/10 the week after when he hasn’t played in 6 days.

    This is the thing with Ozil, we all know he has the 9/10 games in his locker, but he needs to be able to put together consistent 7/10 in a chain particularly away from home.

    It’s like the 9/10 games are islands of refuge for his supporters in a sea of 5/10 no shows.

  4. Leftsidesanch

    CP deservedly got something from the game if we’re honest. Better than they’re league position suggest. We were fortunate to be infront but still annoyed at their equaliser and the sequence that led to it.

    The run had to end sometime, lets see how we react against Pool.

  5. DaleDaGooner

    karma for the very obvious handball, Xhaka did catch Zaha, penalty for me…but mistakes by Laca killed us on that goal

  6. Marko

    Looks like I’m not the only one who thinks Iwobi is short on quality.

    Why do you do that? Mention someone when they agree with you on something but keep your mouth shut when they disagree with you on other things? Sure list off everyone who agrees with you on Iwobi but keep your fucking mouth shut when they disagree with you on Ramsey. That’s all you’re good for

  7. useroz

    2 pts dropped.

    Laca costed us.

    So fucking stupid and naive. Not first time Laca doing that long back pass and fucked it us.

    LT and Mustafi(I think) should have fouled and halted the counter (4 on 4) like what Guendouzi did in injury time.

    Not dropping pts in this manner.

  8. Bob N16

    Bamford, is your life so shit that you need support from complete strangers to nurture a level of self esteem that you can’t get from real life? If that is the case then Le grove is providing some sort of therapy, which I suppose on reflection is sort of ok, in a weird sort of a way. Still makes you really annoying.

  9. Dissenter

    I had expressed that the Xhaka vs Zaha one on one would pose problems today. Xahak shouldn’t have stuck a leg out but Zaha is very difficult to defend on the dribble. He’s the type of player that will hit you on your bum if you don’t foul him. Zaha jumped into the leg which is his right.

    The winning run was becoming the narrative which heaps problems.

    We did well.

  10. Moe

    Yep, Laca n Iwobi were piss poor today.

    Xhaka playing as a makeshift defender even had a better performance. Lacazette was by far worst player on the pitch. Should have been yanked.

  11. HighburyLegend

    The ref was shit.
    The weather was shit.
    Ozil was shit.
    Xhaka was shit.
    The pitch was shit.

    So all in all its not necessary a bad point. Comment Here

  12. Uwot?

    Dissenter,had the game gone on longer I swear that c** t Atkinson would have given them another given half a chance.The games his f** ked us over.hes right up there in the mike riley,mike dean hall of infamy….

  13. Jacko

    We were lucky to take a point, so no complaints there. Nothing clicked whatsoever.

    Iwobi has played well of late but that performance was appalling.

    We are crying out for some width, with pace and skill. Zaha today is the perfect example of what we are missing. Auba is filling the role pretty well but a winger he ain’t.

  14. Cesc Appeal


    Can you take the risk of playing Ozil for Liverpool?

    If he plays like he did today, which lets be honest is more likely than his Leicester performance looking over the past few years, we will suffer wave after wave of Liverpool attacks because he will not show for the ball, will waste possession and will turn it over.

    The only positive is Emery took him off and out of that whole ineffectual attack he was the only one not to play midweek. Very clear message to him.

  15. Marko

    Ramsey is really struggling in this cameo role he’s in at the moment which is quite funny because I seem to remember Paulinho arguing that it’s easier to impress coming off the bench late in the game when it was happening to Iwobi

  16. Rambo Ramsey

    Marko the jobless fvck having issues with Bamford’s criticism of Iwobi is priceless.

    This is the same guy who moans endlessly about 90% of our players.

  17. Un na naai

    Cesc Appeal

    Spot on there pal.
    I’d have started with Mkhitaryan and welbz myself. Or at least have brought them on early. I also think we should start xakha back in the middle and put Lichtsteiner at left back.

    Ozil was wank again. Skinny bug eyed little creep

  18. UTarse

    We were poor and didn’t lose so I will take the positives. Many players had a stinker so no use picking on one or two of them or a misplaced pass.

    Pool is a huge game for Emery to get it right from the off.

  19. Cesc Appeal

    For all the stick Xhaka gets, being a slow CM playing LB against the rapid Townsend and Zaha he didn’t do badly.

    He was more valuable and performed better than Lacazette a ST playing ST and Ozil a CAM playing CAM.

    Fair play to him. As someone who played CB and was very fast for a CB I did not enjoy covering at fullback. I can only imagine what it is like for a slow CM.

  20. DaleDaGooner

    Chavs destroyed Burnley away…. i keep thinking they’re lucky to be in contention and would soon be found out, but it looks to be us who are the lucky ones.

    I hope Spuds cock up.

    Sanchez is now a bench player….lol….he should have stayed, but then again, i feel he wouldn’t have improved us anyway

  21. Dissenter

    Actually that rant helped me immensely
    I’ve been wanting to say it for a long time

    FOYXH = **** off you Haha haters
    I’ve blanked the expletive in the interest of peace 🙂

    Emery is giving Ramsey a chance to show how ordinary he is. Did you notice how average your boy is. Average game at Sporting midweek, crap game again today.

    Why always Xhaka?

  22. Uwot?

    Cesc.agreed. Ozil is not your man in a physical match away from home.no way can u count on him.bar a miracle goes awol every f*** no time.waste of space….away from home.is he worth keeping for half a season effectively ?

  23. London gunner

    We have been on a good run, but we really shouldn’t be losing to a team like crystal Palace, these are the games you look back on when you finish 5th at end of the season missing out on 4th by three points.

    We have to be winning these types of games

  24. Marko

    Laca was poor today. If he plays against Liverpool I’d prefer it if he was coming in off the right with Auba centrally and Danny or Iwobi on the left

  25. Duifg

    Never realky Controlled the midfield. Torreira was a man tryibg to do the job of 3 men. Warrior.

    This looked like a Daniel Wellington type of game for me, surprised he didn’t start.

    Not sure why xhaka was left back or bellerin came off. Our left side was non existent. Xhaka is a hot head and pretty dumb. Nice free kick but his left foot does not cover bio his basic personality or lack of legs,.

  26. Dream10

    Emery in Spain was known as a conservative coach who tried to hold on. His tactics cost points against Chelsea and Palace today.

    We sat back in the 2nd half at Stamford Bridge when they were on the ropes at the end of the 1st half. We were up 2-1 today and he took off Özil. Our technical level when to shit. Can’t do that when Iwobi and Guendouzi weren’t having good games. Emery likes his CMs to drop deep and fullbacks to push high. Xhaka and Lichsteiner are both sitting deep. So we had six players sitting deep. We’re not a side built to absorb pressure.

    Hope we learn from this

  27. HighburyLegend

    Yep, Atkinson and his pals… the anti-Arsenal ref brigade is still alive and well.
    (Well played Zaha, you’re a cheater but who gives a f*ck ??)

  28. Emiratesstroller

    We saw today the consequence of playing three games in five and half days.

    Satellite tv has done the club no favours as I suggested two weeks ago.

    There was absolutely no reason for Arsenal to play against Leicester on Monday night. That game should have been played on Sunday. Also why is a team who have played on Thursday expected to play at lunchtime on Sunday? It could have been played later to give us maximum break.

    When you consider that we have to play another two games this week we are
    effectively playing five games in 13 days. Absolutely unacceptable.

    Nevertheless we played poorly. The passing was dreadful albeit on a crap surface and the defence as usual showed why we need to recruit some class at back.

    Personally I would give all our players a complete rest for midweek game and
    put out squad and U23 players against Blackpool.

  29. Rambo Ramsey

    Emery subs were off. A change needed to be made in central midfield. Even Elneny would have brought some much needed composure.

  30. Cesc Appeal


    Are you suggesting Ozil was playing well or was in some way propping the team up?

    I mean, extraordinary if you are.

  31. Un na naai


    I’ve played left back at a high level. Not pro but high for regular folk. I was slow. Always one of the slowest in my side. But my positioning was good. I’d read the game and show the winger down the line or onto his weaker foot
    Xakha should have done that but the two points remain intact.
    1) he’s not a left back
    2) he didn’t touch zaha.

    We were shit all round today
    I want xakha back in the middle. Ozil has proved that he cannot be relief upon and that show of petulance I think indicates more abject performances to come. He’s our highest paid player. He’s our no10. The man we should be turning to. Nothing from him today
    Nothin. We just need to fuck him off to Turkey. That Leicester game hasn’t fooled me.

  32. Cesc Appeal

    Torreira was our best defensive player and attacking player.

    That really was the problem.

    I would imagine privately Emery is kicking himself about that selection. It went back to those early matches in the season when it just didn’t click

  33. Dissenter

    “Emery in Spain was known as a conservative coach who tried to hold on. His tactics cost points against Chelsea and Palace today.”

    So you would have still gone gong-ho, up 2-1 away ion your third game in six days?

    Emery was right to try to hold on to the win.

  34. Un na naai

    Highbury legend

    Why wait?? We all know what’s coming. Best just not to start him. He’s a waster. He always will be. Another me me me, chipped shoulder wanker

  35. Leedsgunner

    It’s a draw but why does it feel like a loss? Ugh.

    We needed to be more positive when we went 2-1 up… oh well, at least it takes a bit of the pressure off the Liverpool game and frees up the squad to chase for the win without any added expectation of breaking any records.

  36. Receding Hairline

    Its not even a loss and the I told you so brigade is out in full force. You have to love this place.

    Monday.. Thursday..Sunday.. Two of those games away from home. We won two and drew one. Get a grip!!!

  37. Pierre

    In my opinion ,the error was made last Thursday in taking and playing first teamers to Portugal and it showed in the lethargic performance today.

    We should play the kids and fringe players in the Europa group games ,we are certainties to qualify so a draw or defeat in Portugal wouldn’t change anything.
    The majority of the first team should have been left at home to rest.

    Palace are a decent ,physically strong side and were the better side ….a draw was the least they deserved….

  38. Dream10

    Cesc Appeal

    He had an average game, like the rest of our XI.

    I did not like that change. Knew Emery wanted to hold on to what we had.
    Unless you’re Atletico Madrid, it’s not a smart tactic. Couldn’t stand it when Wenger use to do that in the last couple of seasons. We’re terrible sitting back, even with Torreira. Pochettino did the same thing against Inter on Matchday 1 when he was 1-0 facing little pressure and lost 2-1 .

  39. Bamford10


    I usually agree with your analyses, but I disagree with you re Ozil today. There are days when he is ineffectual because he is listless or lacking in commitment, but I didn’t see that today. I think he was up for it, he just didn’t have much to play with in front of him. Not a lot of space, not a lot of movement, not a lot of passing options.

    Given the limited amount of space, we needed more technical players in attack. We would have been better with Mkhitaryan and / or Ramsey than we were with Iwobi and Auba.

    We’d also have been better in a 4-4-2.

    Either way, our lack of offensive groove was not down to Ozil, IMO.

  40. Un na naai

    We should have kept the midfield pair of xakha and Torreira.

    We were dominating games. It was balanced. We need to be starting welbz more often too

    Ozil only starts home games and not agaisnt the big sides. I’m sick for he back teeth ofnhim and Ramsey and their abject performances. If it means a midfield 3 and lose the no10 then let’s try it

  41. Dissenter

    Conte to Real is a done deal it seems.
    Lopetuigi will get sacked and he won’t get a shred of pity after the stunt he did at the World Cup.

  42. Cesc Appeal

    Dream10 Bamford

    I’m shocked at that, I thought he was fucking abysmal.

    There is no reason for Emery to pull him at 69 minutes otherwise considering he’s the only player in attack fully rested for the last 6 days.

    He exudes no control on a game for us. You can’t have that in CAM. I don’t understand his problem either because he proves he can do it, then decides to take an afternoon off. It’s getting to the point where the people saying you can only play him 19 games a season might be right.

    Torreria was excellent, Xhaka gets a good for playing at LB, Guendouzi was average, the rest were pretty shit.

  43. Joe

    It’s a draw but why does it feel like a loss? Ugh.


    Agree. Was angry we drew at the end of the match

    Very different to last year where it would have been a shrug of the shoulders

  44. raptora

    So you’d rather have left Ozil instead of playing Welbeck. Mind you we were under intense pressure for 5 mins already with Ozil on the pitch. He couldn’t deal with the game being so fast.

    With Welbeck we did get some of the control of the game back. It’s how we got in the situation that Lacazette “started” Palace’s attack.

    We needed some fresh legs along with a player that can hold the ball up front, win some headers in both sides of the pitch and that can use his physical strength vs the tired CP defenders. It was a sub that makes perfect sense. Why? Because we were cracking with Ozil playing and he really didn’t do absolutely anything in 65 mins.

  45. Bamford10

    Un na

    “We should have kept the midfield pair of xakha and Torreira.”

    Sorry, but are you suggesting that Guendouzi was poor today or that he was one of the reasons we drew rather than won?

    Care to explain this? Because not only do I think Guendouzi was good today, I fail to see how Granit Xhaka would have done more for us in central midfield.

  46. Leedsgunner

    Well done Arsenal in any case — 12 games unbeaten is a brilliant start, better than we could have imagined just 6 months ago.

    Let’s dust ourselves off, pick ourselves up and get back on the winning trail versus Blackpool.

  47. raptora

    Dream10: “I did not like that change. Knew Emery wanted to hold on to what we had.”

    How does taking Ozil off for Welbeck suggest that Emery wanted to hold on? Really?

  48. useroz

    Still pissed about the way we dropped points.

    Emery managed to fix some but residual bad habits still remain.

    We aren’t slick and ruthless enough in the mind to win. Full stop.

    1st pen caused by a not good enough CB who didn’t know better not to lunge esp when opposition had the ass facing our goal.

    2nd pen caused by a stupid/ naive striker making a poor long back pass that backfired AND not for the first time. Wouldn’t blame Xhara in this case. No contact from slow mo. Zaha dived. The lino should have seen.

    When Laca (also iwobi, Ramsey in the past) tried to stay up when fouled proper in the box, Zaha and the like dropped before any contacts in anticipation of a foul!

    Works both ways but defo should have video playback.

  49. James wood

    Thought we got away with a draw and that Hennessy
    at 6’ 6” would be disappointed with his position on the goal.

    Our Midfield is dire and I’m afraid it’s to early for the hairy one.
    Ozil same as I said before no consistency will win you nothing.?
    Iwobi looks like someone is working him he’s passing is piss poor
    but he strives —-not good enough.
    Roll on when Konch comes back because the German is just not good enough
    Lichtenstiner embarrasinly poor excuse at 32 to be even considered.

    Other than that . Well I could go on.

  50. Dissenter

    Lopetuigi signed a deal with Real Madrid on the eve of the WC without informing his bosses at the Spanish FA, weeks after extending his nation team contract.

    There’s a very delicate balance in the Spanish national team between Barca and Real players making transparency very important.

  51. Cesc Appeal

    I agree.

    I think we can count ourselves lucky to draw.

    Hopefully that wakes us up to a few issues in this team though to be honest it sounds as if the club has a very realistic outlook on things right now.

    We need Monreal back as well.

  52. Leedsgunner

    Solution to having “lost” a winning run? Simple. Go on another one. A comprehensive win versus Blackpool would be a great start.

    We can do it.

  53. Dream10


    Didn’t think Özil was the issue. Welbeck should have come on for Lacazette who was struggling today. Would have allowed us to push Auba to #9 (less technical worry). Guendouzi off for a midfielder (Ramsey/Elneny) as well. We took off Özil and went 4-2-4 when we were already struggling technically. Plus we had the lead. Slow the game down.
    We also would have had the threat of Auba and Welbeck to run on behind

  54. Joe

    No idea why they would have us playing mon/thuRsday away/Sunday away.

    Terrible scheduling. Sun/thu/sun and our guys would have been sharper. Even with the great rotation Emery has been doing

  55. Uwot

    Really should have left Ozil at home.hopefully the penny has dropped for Unai today with regards as to the no show from Ozil.The boys a homer & games like today a waste of space.still realistically it’s a learning curve for Unai & something tells me he’ll learn from this & tactical errors of today.a lot of players were out of sorts today as emirates has already mentioned for a no of reasons & it shows the squad still needs fixing in a no of areas.This Emery knows.so patience reqd even if it is frustrating.it was palaces cup final today.

  56. Bamford10


    You’re a really weird dude, mate. When you get angry, you say mean-spirited shit that isn’t even rational. Why do I highlight when others have a similar opinion to mine? Because certain people try to make it sound like I’m the only one who sees things that way, that I have an “agenda,” that I’m being unfair. Pointing out that other people see things exactly as I do disproves that bogus narrative.

    See how that works?

    I do what I do because it is reasonable to do this.

    No offense, but I think your cynical view of human beings and your pessimistic view of human existence (“life is futile”) have made you a bit of a miserable person.

    You really are an unpleasant sort.

  57. Guns of Hackney

    The team believed in their own hype and were lucky to get a draw. Hopefully this will refocus the team for the next few fixtures.

  58. raptora

    I’d have started Iwobi, Laca, Mikki and Welbeck instead of Auba and Ozil. Both performed bad and it was easy to predict. Welbeck would have given us much more presence in the middle/advanced areas of the pitch which we never got to have with Ozil and Iwobi would have played in his preferred left side.

    All said I don’t blame Mustafi for the first pen, but for the second he should have stopped Palace a long time before the ball even reached Zaha. That’s where you judge a player’s brain and fk me that was a moment for him to show us that he’s got it, but he didn’t.

    On a sidenote Zaha moved to the other flank after Lichtsteiner kicked the shit out of him several times. He hated to play vs him and went to Xhaka’s side. That’s a good trait to have that Licht possesses.

  59. Cesc Appeal

    Might be a bit of a blessing heading into Liverpool.

    Little bit of realism, we broke away from a winning formula today and rightfully then didn’t win.

  60. Pierre

    I have praised Emery for his substitutions this season ,they have been more or less spot on during the unbeaten run but today I feel he got it wrong.

    By taking off Aubamayang especially and also ozil he handed the initiative to Palace for the last 15 minutes.

    Ozil did have a quiet game but he does pass the ball to a team mate and that is what you need in these type of games to take the sting out of the opposition plus Aubamayang on the break is lethal so by taking him off it allowed palace the freedom to press higher up the pitch.

    By keeping the 2 players (iwobi&Lacazette)on the pitch who were frequently wasteful in possession it allowed palace to have possession and in doing so exert continuous pressure on Arsenal’s defence .

    A draw is not the end of the world ….Palace are a decent side with a decent manager.

  61. London gunner

    Men of le Grove let me ask you now, do ye belive we will finish top 4?

    Or have thoust revoked all hopes for such a position?

  62. Emiratesstroller

    Guendouzi should not have played two full games on Thursday and Sunday. I
    think that it is a big ask for such a young and inexperienced player to so in less
    than three day.

    Frankly he did not play well today, but he was by no means the worst player on the pitch.

    From now on Arsenal need to rotate their squad in the remainder of the games over next month. Hopefully most of the players who have been out
    injured like like Sokratis, Monreal, Kolasinac and Maitland-Niles will be ready
    for next two games.

    We need our best side to turn out against Liverpool and be properly rested for
    that game. They do not have a fixture mid-week.

  63. TT

    To be honest I think we needed this. To mush expectations had been building up and they were totally groundless.

    If you would have told me this at the start of the season we would have been on these points come end of October I would have taken it in a flash.

    We need 2 or 3 more transfer windows to get a good team together that can challenge for the PL and CL.

    The early signs are very promising, we have a manager now that will learn from mistakes and will give no one a free ride, hence the Ozil tantrum when he came off.

  64. Dream10

    Even if we lose to Liverpool,. we will be averaging two points per match for the first 11 games. I would have taken that at the start of the season. Been a big critic of Emery and still am. Points wise, he has had a solid season. 8/10 so far. Well done

  65. englandsbest

    No complaints. Crystal Palace have a cohesive side, and in a Derby game, an away draw is always a decent result. Our motor is still running.

  66. Bamford10


    Yes, we can definitely finish fourth. However, Emery needs to figure out his XI and formation in matches where there isn’t a lot of space, and we need a healthy Monreal / a good LB.

  67. Un na naai

    Cesc AppealOctober 28, 2018 17:05:56
    Might be a bit of a blessing heading into Liverpool.

    Exactly what I was thinking. It will change emery’s attitude towards the game too. Had we walked this we may have played ozil and I think that would have been a mistake.

  68. Dream10


    I would love to say yes. But, I have to say it’s unlikely right now. Probably need 75 points. Difficult to see us averaging close to two points per match and dominating more matches. We need Xhaka, Torreira and Bellerin to play every PL match. Emery needs to start resting players in Europa if we are to make top 4. Hope we don’t hit a wall during Christmas if we don’t rotate. Our fitness has paid off though. One of the reasons for our class 2nd half performances

  69. Marko

    I do what I do because it is reasonable to do this.

    Bullshit you do. You continue to harp on about Ramsey even though he is poor this season and you will not shut up about Iwobi even though he’s improved this season. So no not reasonable.

    No offense, but I think your cynical view of human beings and your pessimistic view of human existence (“life is futile”) have made you a bit of a miserable person

    Clearly a joke at the time you boring nerd.

  70. Marko

    Of course he will start ozil…

    I mean he shouldn’t. Even you have admitted in the past he’s not a big game player

  71. Dissenter

    Guendouzi had the know-how to know when to take one for the team; his professional foul of Max Meyer in the 92nd minute.

    Ramsey wouldn’t have have committed that foul.

  72. TR7


    Top 4 looks improbable. Although there are clear signs of improvement I still think we have been somewhat lucky so far. City, Liverpool,Chelsea and Spurs all have been better and more likely to finish top 4.

  73. Joe

    Pickford unlucky there

    What a loser run in by Pogba

    Play should be called dead if the goalie saves it. Not fair that he makes the save and Pogba gets an easy tap in after fucking the penalty

  74. Guns of SF

    Taking auba off was puzzling. I think we needed him as an outlet. Laca disappointed today. Ramsey came on and nothing happened

  75. Bamford10

    Given the lack of space we had today, we needed more technical, crafty and creative players in the attacking third to break Palace down.

    We would have been better in a 4-4-2 as follows:


    And for those who have recently taken a shine to Welbeck, the above might have been even better if Welbeck had started over Lacazette.

  76. Victorious

    Hopefully the plonkers pushing the #EKB malarkey will give it a bit of rest now
    shitty first halfs and semi- decent second was bound to catch up with us.
    Not enough quality today with and without the ball
    Hope Emery doesn’t let the heads drop as dippers will be licking their lips against our panicky defense

  77. Cesc Appeal

    I didn’t think Aubameyang was any good either, wouldn’t say he was an outlet personally.

    That was part of the problem, most every pass our attackers made was wrong, they dribbled into trouble and took too many touches. Slow and lacking precision.

    Lacazette was bad today, certainly, that’s the second time he’s played an unnecessary pass this season that has led to a goal against us. One against Chelsea and then today from our corner, for some reason he tried a chip ball back to Torreira which was intercepted and led to the penalty.

  78. Victorious

    Still 4th at best from where i sit

    City,dippers,chavs top 3 and a dog fight between us,spuds and united for 4th

    Alot hinges on our winter transfer business, there’s a desperate need for a LB and arguably a tricky winger

    A look at how Zaha individually wrecked havoc on our defense today will tell you how such a player can be of of utter valuable to us.

  79. Joe

    Fucking Vicky has been absent for a weeks now while we’ve been racking up the wins and comes back the first time we drop points

    Fuck off victorious. Every one can see through your bollocks

    Still undefeated in 12. Suck on that akb

  80. Pierre

    Marko…”Life is futile”?

    Some on here struggle with humour ..

    The”careful what you wish for ” remark I made to Joe a few weeks back has been thrown back at me a few times ….

  81. London gunner

    I really struggle to see us hit top 4.

    City and Liverpool are obvious bankers for top 3.

    Chelsea are massively underrated side, very well balanced, just have a shite striker but this is more than made up for by hazard whose playing peak level consistent football.

    The only chance we have is taking spurs spot, but they are a well drilled side, playing consistent football and don’t seem as reliant on Kane as they used to be. They aren’t spectacular imo but they have the quality to keep hitting enough wins and more importantly for them they have less uncertainty and moving variables than us.

    Hope I’m wrong but I see us being 5th. I think the arsenal Tottenham games are going to be crucial

  82. karim

    No, was just joking because you said it was for weak people and then made that strange remark about us losing today, so I was thinking maybe you’re high that’s all.


  83. Joe


    You said “ careful what you wish for rings true” You couldn’t wait for Emery to fail.

    You meant it and now have been trying to backpedal on it for weeks. No one is buying it pierre.

    You’re a wanker and definitely not funny.

  84. Bob N16

    As ES said playing, Monday, Thurs, Sun (all away fixtures, let’s not forget) was harsh. Having such a mess of fb injuries screwed us up. Thank fu*k Lichtsteiner didn’t have to try and stop Zaha for 90 mins.

    Laca was off his game today but he wasn’t alone. Torreira stood out….Holding was okay…nobody else was all that. All in all a draw was fine. Nothing too knee jerk needed.

    Looking forward to seeing some youngster against Blackpool, hope AMN can play one of the fb positions.

  85. Victorious

    Not being around because we’ve been racking up wins?
    Surely you cant be serious?
    Like it absolutely cant be because may i have a life?
    Surely the fact you spend all day,every day on here cant mean other folk are that jobless you twat
    I mean you’ve made a 180 from being a negative pillock to finding yourself at the end of the spectrum and pushing an idiotic # EKB brigade in the space of like 1 month.
    How daft can such a move be especially just a couple of games into into the season
    Surely you don expect to embarrassingly show your hand like that and be taken serious?

  86. Joe

    Oh you’ve been busy have you victorious

    Funny how that coincides with us winning 11 in a row.

    And now you’re free to post as soon as we drop points.

    Funny that

    Yes I have done a 180. Because I knew we were going to fail before we even kicked a ball with the wanker in charge. And most of us knew that for a decade.

    Just because you supported wenger more that arsenal and now all of a sudden start criticizing Emery about being 4th best but hailed it as a miracle under wenger

    It’s fans like you that are a joke

    #ekb. # inemerywetrust

  87. Joe


    A bump in the road. A slight bump. A point away is a good result after 3 matches in a week

    Let’s see a big response v Liverpool. Hopefully we can see how Emery plans to play v the big teams at home. Should be a little bit better prepared than we were beginning of the season

    Still positive we will see a draw or an Arsenal win.

    And I could give two fucks how we win. Beautiful. Ugly. Off Leno’s ass in the 97th minute. Don’t care

  88. Receding Hairline

    A draw away from home after a run of fixtures that has stretched our squad and all of a sudden the doomsday merchants are out on force.

    How exactly have spurs been better than us this season? I will need that explained to me.

    How many of you experts predicted we will be four points off the top by this stage? What’s that.. We have been lucky.. Lol..I think you might have to go and watch the Liverpool you are wanking over again.. Chelsea have played far better football than them this season.

    A draw against crystal palace is not the end of the world.. We are unbeaten in 12 games in all competition.. 11 wins and a draw..have you bothered looking at it from that angle?

  89. vickingz

    Dunno what to say about those stating that they’d have started with welbeck bla bla bla, didn’t welbeck get played in the second half? What’s his contribution? If I was gonna play welbeck, I would have played him as LB instead of zhaka and played zhaka and LT. Today, none of our attacking midfielders cared to withdraw a little to collect and move the ball forward and there was no zhaka to give those forward long balls. This was really obvious and if gendouzi really wants to play football, he needs to toughen up and stop being sissy

  90. Joe

    RedtruthOctober 28, 2018 18:59:14
    The fanbase needs to be fumigated from the rodents who kept backing Wenger despite Arsenal being in the doldrums for ysars.


    That is probably your best post ever

    Couldn’t agree more!

  91. Cesc Appeal

    There is a positive that Xhaka looks more confident than ever before and perhaps playing LB might give him a bit more of an appreciation of defensive awareness and positioning.

    Torreira really is good at getting us on the front foot and I think he’s a bit wasted if we just sit him really deep.

    The way forward I think is to dispense with any idea of a CAM in the midfield 3 and go for a more CM/CAM type of player in there and push the more flair creative type player to RM/LM with a pacey winger on the other side.

  92. Un na naai


    You flaming turd. How exactly do you fumigate the fan base?? You have no power. Stick to plucking cats from trees if it makes you feel big, nobody cares but that’s about your limit son. You’re fumigating nothing else.

    I’ll say it again. Any fan who wants arsenal to lose for any reason whatsoever isn’t a fan at all but a self aggrandising wanker who’d rather be vindicated than have his side win.


  93. InsideRight

    We’ve won ugly, now we’ve drawn ugly too. I thought we would take Palace apart today, but in the end I’m grateful for the point.

    The thing to watch now is how Emery picks the side up and moves them on from this. Today’s game will be another reminder for UE, Sven and Raul that our priority is fixing the defence. It is weak as a kitten and undermining the side as a whole. Yes, we need a creative mid, but without a solid back line we will always be suspect.

    Let’s see what the new managerial team do to get us back on track this week.

  94. Joe


    I didn’t make arsenal lose you wanker

    Me knowing we were going to lose is different than me wanting us to lose

    I never wanted us lose. I just knew we were because of wenger and just didn’t care.

    Wanted wenger gone so him making us lose to expidite his departure was what it was.

    Wenger made us lose. The fans didn’t

    Any fan who wanted WENGER TO STAY to the detriment for any reason isn’t a fan at all but a self aggrandising wanker who’d rather be vindicated than have his side win.

  95. Bamford10

    Chelsea are better than us, but I don’t think Spurs are. Spurs have more balance and depth, but we have more firepower and more fire in the belly. We can finish fourth, but Emery does have a couple of issues to address.

  96. Un na naai

    But joe

    I did want wenger gone dumb dumb. We needn’t have dropped to six for that to happen though did we?

    Even the moderates such as myself were aware and honest enough to admit he had to go. He had to be pushed because he just wasn’t going to relinquish his post. I did not however SAVOUR every loss and humiliation under his charge.

    This site was littered with wankers cheering at our own demise. Pathetic and petty

  97. TonyD

    CP deserved the draw and we were lucky to get a point. They were a yard quicker all over the park where it’s glaringly obvious we need pace on our wings with players who can go past defenders and draw CBs out to give more space in the central area for our attackers to be more effective.

    The January window imo will decide whether we get CL qualification because UE is having to play players out of position, which although has worked thus far, it can’t for the whole season.

    It’s clear we have the right manager in UE but he needs at least a quality LB and mobile winger who can switch sides as Zaha did today. A very mobile creative midfielder is also sorely needed.

    As shown this week 3 cups & the PL is going to be too much for our current squad to deal with even with rotation.

    Brilliant start to the season from UE and the squad, but sustained maintainability requires experienced additions in key positions mentioned here and by other posters in January.

    Either that or we play mostly youth in the league & FA cups to help cope with the inevitable injuries and fatigue in older players as the season progresses.

  98. Joe

    Chelsea are better than us. Missing a striker.

    Spurs are what they are because although not top quality they are playing great under a top manager. Think Emery will get us playing better than them soon

    Think under Emery we are a better “team” than united.

    Liverpool and city are better

  99. TonyD

    Ok who’s going to start the Wenger PTSD support group?

    Would make a great sit com.

    I don’t need it because he’s gone and I’m completely over the no good,two bob, 24 carat cvnt. Lol

    One last time guys: Wenger has left the building!

    Focus on this: 11 wins and 1 draw.

    Doesn’t that make you feel warm & fuzzy?

  100. Bob N16

    Tony D, the support group sounds a promising idea. Interestingly, it’s not the few who still wanted him to stay who seem traumatised but those fans who made it so much a part of their lives to be modern day crusaders, who are now suffering a significant void.

    Some have filled it by a full on, love-in for Emery, others still try and maintain the habit of continued criticism. The use of the AKB term is a clear sign.

  101. Un na naai


    You think signing Lichtsteiner on a free is ok but that cesc can’t replicate what he’s done? He’s an arsenal legend and he won it all. Huge experience. Not to mention fantastic player. I’d take him over ozil in a millisecond

  102. Pierre

    Last season after ten games Arsenal were tied 4th….qualified for league cup and top of Europa group.

    This season after ten games we are 4th ( Tottenham have game in hand so could go above Arsenal tomorrow)possibly 5th…….qualified for the league cup and top of Europa group.

    Yes Emery is doing very well to replicate wenger’s worst ever season….

    Of course we expect Emery to have a much better 2nd half of the season compared to last season and maybe he could even improve on our cup semi final and final defeats…

  103. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    It’s a long season

    Will get the bounce in a few games … Just not today..

    I agree Lacs looked tired. Get Eddie warmed up

  104. Radio Raheem

    Finishing top 4 will be pretty special. A more realistic expectation would be 5th. ManU are underperforming but you won’t expect that to carry on all season. These players finished second last season. As for the spuds they’ve a more settled side further along with their manager. We could finish above one but unlikely both.

    Chelsea underperformed last season, albeit with an FA cup. So how they’re performing this season (especially after hiring a new manager) isn’t that much of a surprise. They’ve a strong squad. Not much to say about City and Liverpool. But those three occupy the top three positions end of the season in whatever order.

    What we’ve done so far is beyond expectation and not a good barometer to set end of season target. There’ll be a trough and from there we’ll find the sensible middle from which to gauge the side.