Ramsey end game is sad, but it shows the evolution at Arsenal

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The effects of the Ramsey contract renewal are still being felt… by the player.

“Hopefully somebody will come up and tell me why,”

“I’ll accept that if there’s a reason. When the time is right, I probably will find out but that hasn’t happened yet.

“There is no contract on the table at the moment so there is nothing for me to consider or whatever. We all know that the contract was taken away off the table. I’m not sure exactly why because a few weeks before we sort of agreed and I was ready to sign.”

“I think any player who is on the bench would be disappointed not to play but I’m part of the team and I want the team to do well,” he said. “We are all in it together to try and achieve the same objective. I’m going out and playing the way I have always played. I try to give my best for the team, help the team and try and go out there and play the best I can for myself as well. Nothing’s in my head when I’m out there; I’m just trying to have fun on the football pitch.

Kind of tough to read, he’s been an excellent servant to us, won 3 FA Cups, broke his leg and came back from hell… the fans love him. He’s one of our own, and it’ll be quite sad to see him exit.

I think the move is quite shocking, because we’ve been dicked around by players for the best part of 20 years. It feels alien that the board would initiate such an aggressive retraction. However, you can see why. Ozil bent us over the barrel with his outrageous deal, but at the very least, he has a commercial value. He’s the face of Adidas, he has sycophantic fanboy son all continents and he’s a world class player.

Aaron on the other hand is much admired, but he’s not kicked his game up to mega money levels. If you’re looking at this rationally, you have to look at the Welshman’s output and what £300k a week would mean for Emery’s ability to make big moves this summer.

How big has the impact been from Torreira? Massive. He’s earning no more than £65k a week. How much potential do we have in Matteo G? Unreal amounts. What’s he going to be earning, £40k a week. Then you have Ramsey, who can’t seem to operate with Ozil or Mikhi, hasn’t been able to cement a preferred positon at 28, and has suspect fitness… and he’s demanding  4.6x Torriera… I mean, that’s fucking insane.

I think the deal was pulled for a number of reasons. Firstly, Emery realised pretty quickly that Aaron at #10 was never going to be as sublime as Ozil. Then he probably noted that to be truly effective, you have to give him a free role… but he’s not really good enough to be afforded that sort of luxury. Emery needs cogs that work in his machine. Wenger had a crack at making art, but it eventually crashed us in also-rans.

The Aaron Ramsey debacle is what happens when you buy pieces without a grand vision. That’s why our squad is still in a mess. There was never a plan. Bottle them up, shake, pray for the best was the strategy and it just stopped working in the end. Sven, Raul and Emery now have to unpick the mess, and they’re going to struggle to do that with £600k worth of talent that can’t play together.

Ramsey was the sacrificial lamb. It’s cost him a fortune, and no doubt it’s set us back £50m in transfer fees.

But the show goes on… sport is ruthless, but it’s hard to feel too much for a man who makes more in a week than most do in a year. He’ll be ok, probably end up at United or Chelsea, and he’ll have a good close to his career.

At least he’s not going to Spurs.

I’m just excited big decisions are being made on data, guiding principles and a master plan.

We’ve dreamed of this… it’s happening… suck it up and enjoy the ride.

The real banter? Carl Jenks will be the last Brit standing from that famous British Core announcement. Guy has more sticking power than curry on a white a shirt. Legend. x


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  1. James wood

    KC. Liberal douche sounds like your pissed.
    Jealous of what Trumps done ????
    I’m a Cockney from London and now reside
    In Folkestone .Kent UK.

    What Trump does and what American people do
    I have no interest in .?
    Yes there was a predicted turnaround globally in
    financial markets .
    But this was a bit of banter with Unai from a previous
    comment HE made to me some weeks ago.
    Why your having a POP at me baffles me ,????

  2. Pendrey

    Ramsey, like Walcott, Wilshire, Chamberlin, was not, unfortunately evercoached so never developed. Ehen Walcott left after 10 years he was no diferent from when he stated and Everton have found this out. Emery does not need him, the new guys are doing the job.

  3. englandsbest

    I am a fan of Ramsay, always have been. I still hope he stays – but not at any price.

    We all know that when it comes to player’s salaries, the Club has been taken for a ride. Wenger bought the loyalty of his players. The £350k/wk paid to Ozil is way way too much, and the £400k offered to Alexis was even madder.

    Ramsay, entering the final years of his career, quite naturally is looking for a big pay-out. The mistake he made was hiring a hick agent who thought nothing had changed at the Club.

    When it comes to money, Stan is a smart guy. He ensured that transfer fees and players salaries come out of the same pot. Consequently Emery decided he’d rather spend Ramsay’s agreed salary on three or four other players.

    It’s evident (and no surprise) that Ramsay wants to stay. So maybe he’ll take a whole lot less, and everyone will be happy.

  4. Pierre

    Back in May when many on le grove were convinced that Ramsey would sign a new contract and believed that he would be the main man at Arsenal ,I went against opinion on here and stated that Ramsey will not be signing a new contract and he would be on his way and I stuck to that opinion rigidly .

    I always believed /hoped that the new manager would see what I see and that Ramsey is actually not as good as many think in fact he is a liability to the team.

    Of course Ramsey is a decent player but if there is one player that Arsenal do not need at this present time , it is Aaron Ramsey .
    I criticised Wenger for continually playing him in a 2 man midfield . Many thought he would make a good no.10 …I didn’t and this season he has proved me right .

    Emery has made a bold decision and I hope he sticks to it …I think he will . He is very clever at deflecting questions about the withdrawn contract and rambles on about concentration, focus ,Ramsey being ready to play his part but he never comments on the contract withdrawal…..

  5. gonsterous

    Ramsey doesn’t know why the contract was pulled ? geez, so many reasons just off the top of my head. Ramsey leaving Will be a blessing. Just like theo, sanchez and the ox. We’ll bring in a player that will give us discipline as well as play for the team.

    I have no sympathy for ramsey whatsoever. He and his agent tried to suck a lot of money from the club and now that the contracts off the table, he is acting like the victim. He can go get the money elsewhere, because I’m sure he cares more about the money than the club.

  6. Pierre

    “When it comes to money, Stan is a smart guy.”

    Are you saying that paying Ozil 350,000 was “smart”.

    Maybe it’s Emery who is the “smart guy”.

  7. ddkingz

    Hello everyone…
    Ramsay, for me is a decent player just like every other decent average player around the world….

    The fact is that, if Ramsay is not scoring, then he is having a bad game, which is very bad for a midfielder, he doesn’t contribute to play, he is not smart enough with the ball, and doesn’t posses good passing range….

    For me, Ramsay contract is a no…

    I’d prefer a player like de bruyne, of rakitic or a similar quality for 180k per week…

    Just an opinion

  8. englandsbest

    People who can’t follow this astonish me (And that incudes you, Pedro)

    The formers owners (for whatever reason) decided to build a new stadium. They borrowed money, sold off property, built apartments. Whatever debt that remained was the Club debt, No argument.

    The owners (for whatever reason} sold the Club to Stan. An entirely different set of circumstances. The debt existed, and Stan knew about it. Therefore he paid less for the Club equivalent to the outstanding debt. In other words he bought the debt along with the Club. Morally (if not legally) the debt was his, personally, not the Club’s.

    Paying off the debt with Club revenue was akin to robbing the fans. It made a joke of ‘self-sustaining’.

    Now he has borrowed £500 +mill to buy the Club outright. Does anyone seriously believe that he won’t load that debt on the Club?

  9. Ray in LA

    ddkingz: wish it were as simple as…

    “we’ll take de Bruyne over Ramsey, Thank You”

    it would take Ozil’s money and more to pry de Bruyne from City…but I agree better spent on de Bruyne than Ramsey

  10. gonsterous


    Back in May when many on le grove were convinced that Ramsey would sign a new contract and believed that he would be the main man at Arsenal ,I went against opinion on here and stated that Ramsey will not be signing a new contract and he would be on his way and I stuck to that opinion rigidly .

    oh fock off with that, for everyone one right prediction, you’ve come up with another 10 stupid opinions.

  11. gonsterous

    I don’t mind people having opinions but when someone comes in here with the “I told you so ” attitude, it gets on my flat ass and flat tits collectively.

  12. Pierre

    Sometimes people need reminding as they are now jumping on the Ramsey lacking discipline, not a team player bandwagon….. At least they have seen sense in the end .

    Oh ,and I will also put a little dig in when ozil proves what a quality player he is …why wouldn’t I as I have taken constant shit from le grovellers for my views on those 2 and yes ,maybe I will feel a little smug when Ramsey leaves and ozil is lifting a trophy as our captain at the end of the season…

    The most ridiculous comments on here earlier in the year were aimed at ozil ..

    Faking injury / illness ..especially with a world cup coming up.
    Downing tools due to the fact he had signed a new lucrative contract.

  13. Marc

    I’d say from Ramsey’s comments that his plan was to stay just with a huge new contract. His agent overplayed his hand and probably would have got away with it had Gazidis not left. The new management team decided to show everyone who’s boss.

    The most interesting thing is would Ramsey stay for a more modest deal? If he’s decided that’s it he should be eyeing up other clubs.

  14. Marko

    The thing I don’t like about the Ramsey situation is it looks like the narrative is being changed to poor Aaron Ramsey this great player who Arsenal are so stupid not to be resigning and I fucking hate that he’s turning it around on us because one he’s not that great and two he’s been offered contracts before now. It’s not like we just offered him the one contract and then took it away in dramatic fashion we probably were negotiating for a year plus probably made several offers that he turned down (because he always thought or hoped another club would come in for him but no one ever did) and even this last one that we pulled we put it on the table even he admitted that he thought there was an agreement then why not sign why give us the chance to pull the offer? Is it because you still wanted more? Is it because when Ivan left the people who took over the decision making thought better? Is it because of the form he’s in or ultimately how good he really is? I’d like to think it’s a little bit of everything but at the end of the day if he had reasonable demands or if he truly wanted to stay an Arsenal player he would have signed a new contract months ago. And so this narrative that he or his agents are trying to spin is a load of bollox to me they overplayed their hand and now they’re probably worried that this is the best he’s going to get and it’s downhill from here

  15. Globalgunner

    Even if Ramsey went to Spurs i would not hate him. He is an inconsequential player IMO. If he went to Sours he would handicap them at least until Poch punched him in the face for his ridiculous playing ways. He cant leave too soon for me

  16. gbolahan

    top 23………… if we let my favourite player at arsenal go we have to look for a suitable replacement cause ramsey never hides he always put in his best

  17. Marko

    The most ridiculous comments on here earlier in the year were aimed at ozil ..Faking injury / illness ..especially with a world cup coming up.
    Downing tools due to the fact he had signed a new lucrative contract.

    Definitely downed tools a lot of them did in the end and that’s why Wenger ultimately got the chop. Absolutely faked injuries/illness too. The back injury stuff is a case of questionable desire and how you can say it’s ridiculous to question the amount of fake illnesses he gets is incredible really considering he was out of a game with illness and then on Instagram with the girlfriend on holiday in Turkey. But of course it is Pierre and that’s really been his existence the last few years defend Ozil

  18. Leftsidesanch

    Poor old Ramsey, had numerous attempts to re-sign but didn’t. Playing russian roulette and its backfired and now almost sounds like he would sign given the chance again. For what he wanted we could find a far more well rounded player in a specialist position who can do a job. The club also know this and we are where we are now.

  19. TR7


    ”Back in May when many on le grove were convinced that Ramsey would sign a new contract and believed that he would be the main man at Arsenal ‘

    Many believed Ramsey would be the main man at Arsenal ? Nah ! There are few Ramsey fans here on Le Grove, you can count them on your fingers.

  20. Marko

    Where is Ramsey getting into the Spurs team? They can’t give Wanyama a start sometimes Dier is on the bench and Harry Winks barely plays. Maybe back up to Erikson? I would imagine if he ever got injured they’d find a way to play Son or Lamela or Lucas instead.

  21. Cesc Appeal

    Yeah I don’t agree with this whole let’s feel sorry for Ramsey stuff, he was a greedy bastard who tried to do the same thing Ozil did because his agent knew they had Gazidis at the club who was a big fan of his and who for some reason seems to think giving out big deals makes us look like a big club.

    Ramsey wouldn’t get into that Spurs team, he isn’t as good as Alli, he is not fit to lace Eriksen’s boots when it comes to technical ability, you have to say even Winks looks like a better possession player, Dembele is way ahead of him and Dier is a CDM which he is not.

    With Chelsea, I don’t see it with the way Sarri likes to play, Kovacic, Jorginho and Kante are all better midfield players.

    You could see him being a Klopp type player but I think he would end up causing Liverpool problems in terms of him emptying the midfield and leaving gaps which is suicidal for a high intensity press.

    We’ve got Ozil on £350 000 a week, Mkhitaryan on £140 000 a week and then Ramsey wanting £280 000 a week, the 3 of them can’t play together.

    In terms of of our buying Leno, Torreria, Guendouzi and Sokratis earn about as much as Ramsey’s new wages would cost. That’s why Emery has pulled the deal, all of those players are more important to the team right now than Ramsey and they have been here just over 2 months playing EPL football, one of them is 22 and one of them is 19. That says everything.

  22. Sancho Monzorla

    I wanted Ramsey to stay over the summer but at this point I am thinking that was just a fear based motivation, similar to the reasoning that made the club hand £300k + a week to Ozil. He is not the perfect player and we can have endless discussions about his quality but he was one of Arsenal’s best players for years, it would feel like a loss to see him go.

    It still does to an extent but not nearly as much so, now that the club have Torreira and Guendouzi, they are clicking with Ramsey just playing a bit part, and I think everyone can see what is possible with the kind of money Aaron was expecting. People have rightly been critical of Ozil until his recent performance but even through all that Ramsey never had a chance if he was going to be competing with Ozil for the #10 position.

  23. China1

    I don’t hate Ramsey or think he’s shit but I don’t feel sad about this at all

    1) he was greedy (I don’t care what others in the team were earning, he can’t claim to be worth as much as he wanted)

    2) he isn’t a huge miss. Right now we look better without him and can’t even work out where to play him in our system. He has talent but he’s more of a drain than an asset on the pitch regardless of how unbelievably awesome that goal was a couple of weeks ago. Not good enough to be there, weakens the balance of the team. Our performances have jumped around the time he was dropped

    3) he seems like a pleasant guy and all but I feel no personal attachment to him. He’s no Vieira dominating teams and dragging the fans along with him. He was no cesc bursting on the the scene and embarrassing some of the world’s best players with unbelievable vision and technique. He’s just another talented player and outside of a solitary season hasn’t particularly shone at any special level, even if he’s done better than some of our other recent dross

    4) now is the right time (money and contract issues aside) to say thanks for the memories and good luck. Sentimentality fucked us so many times and he’s really not a player that I think merits that on balance.

    Thanks for your great work rate, some stunning teams goals and those Hollywood flicks (when they came off!). Also thanks for being a catalyst for our FA cup success after the barren spell. All the best and hope you have a nice career.

  24. Marc


    Everyone’s missing a basic point by even suggesting Ramsey would go to the Spud’s. If he did it’d be on a free so he’d want a signing on fee that would translate to something like £70k per week over a 4 year contract add the basic of £180k ish per week and you’ve got £250k per week a) they don’t pay those type of wages b) they can’t afford it anyway.

  25. Marko

    Our performances have jumped around the time he was dropped

    Very true.

    Look let’s be honest here he’s not being considered as a CM anymore he’s an attacker now and in that regard is he worth it? No. Would he be easily replaced? Yes. Almiron could replace him Nicholas Pepe could replace him Pavon 3 players we’ve been seriously linked to and who could bring something to the team that we lack and that we actually need as opposed to what Ramsey would bring these days and also worth noting that they all seem reasonably priced. This notion that people like stroller have about resigning players like Ramsey to big contracts because it’d save us mammoth transfer fees to replace them well I’m sorry but that’s not a good enough reason and some of these players are good value

  26. useroz

    Ramsey is average for a club with PL champion aspiration. Hopefully we do.

    Ramsey wouldn’t likely make. a top 10 PL midfielder. Lucky on 110kpw.

    Hollywood stuff aside, Ramsey isn’t known for a position, or two, after a decade?!.

    Going by public info, Ramsey (+agent) fucked it up. Congrats to the club for pulling it in time when Snake left for his next master.

    Just hope the club manages to get something for Ramsey in Jan …but not optimistic. He isn’t half as great as his wage packet.

    Ozil and Mikki aside, we need more consistent creativity. AMN would get time but not ready. Guendouzi is good at driving forward, link up and spraying balls but isn’t a proven creative MF. Ditto LT.

    If Emery steadily improves the team and we tweak the squad intelligently in Jan, getting a top 3 isn’t completely outta the question.

    Liverpool is a litmus test. Don’t see us getting slaughtered like some idiots do. Of course we’d lose but 13 wins (assuming) under the belt isn’t trivial. The 19 to 33 yo alike will be oozing confidence, and swagger!

    I don’t see CP a ‘tough game’, away or not, as it’s portrayed in the previous post.

  27. Marc


    It doesn’t matter if Ramsey is a Klopp type player or not. Where would he fit in? Who would they drop? They had 2 new MF players join the squad this summer and the Ox is injured. Liverpool can’t afford to pay someone £200k plus per week to warm the bench.

  28. TR7

    United a possible destination for Ramsey. Not that I rate Ramsey but United midfield is so average , even he would be an improvement over what they already have.

  29. Marc


    Ramsey at ManU – where does he fit in? You’ve got Matic in DM, they’ve just bought Fred for £50 million and they’ve got Pogba as well.

  30. Marko

    Marc would anybody else pay Ramsey upwards of 200,000 a week? Honestly even without the transfer fee you’re talking about a huge signing on fee and mammoth wages I’m just not sure any of the big boys would be interested in that. Maybe United because let’s be honest their dealings for a while now have been shite and what’s another overpaid player sitting on the bench. Chelsea and City don’t need him or would want him. Liverpool seem a bit more shrewd with their signings these days targeting wise anyway and besides why bring in Ramsey when you’ve got Wjinaldum

  31. Globalgunner

    Spurs cant even afford to pay the site waste contractor right now, Daniel Levy has been seen fly tipping trash all over london in his 2nd hand Bentley

  32. kc

    James Wood, you made a backhanded comment about the American market and I set you straight. You see if you’re going to be a liberal sjw, you should at least learn the correct talking points. Our market has been skyrocketing up until this recent predicted correction and not one word from the bias media. Oh but now let’s talk about the market right?? Don’t try to play dumb buddy, it comes so natural for ya.

  33. Marko

    Ramsey’s not a CM so I’m not sure how he’s getting into even United’s midfield. I can see him going to everton because they’ve more money than sense or possibly China for the mega bucks. Milan is a possibility if Arsene joins Ivan over there. Which is incredible really because haven’t Milan been through enough these last number of years

  34. Hitman

    Hey Rambo, snooze, you lose.
    If someone offered me 200,00pw I’d sign up in double quick time. What we’re you waiting for?
    Just your deluded spoilt greedy modern average footballer.

  35. Paulinho

    “Oh ,and I will also put a little dig in when ozil proves what a quality player he is …why wouldn’t I as I have taken constant shit from le grovellers for my views on those 2”

    Ozil is still the same pussy, and him having his annual worldy performance against some open premier league team at home doesn’t change that. United home three years ago, Chelsea home two years ago, even for a ten minute spell against Liverpool at home last season he played at a similar level.

    Emery seems smart though, and will hopefully keep chopping and changing depending on the opposition, which means Ozil will be riding the bench when we go to Anfield or any other away ground where the opposition have a pulse.

  36. jwl

    I don’t believe Ramsey doesn’t know why Arsenal withdrew their offer, it is because the new execs don’t believe he is worth what Gazidis was offering. It is not rocket science.

  37. Marc


    Agree can’t see any of the top clubs over here going for Ramsey. Everton’s a good shout they seem to be all over our cast offs – wouldn’t be surprised to see Wenger pitch up there at some point. Again overseas could well be the option and I can see that appealing to him.

  38. GoonerInNY

    I never feel sorry for a player whose agent does something stupid and greedy, because the player hired that agent knowing what the agent is like. The agent isn’t substituting his philosophy for the player’s. Rather, the agent is pursuing a philosophy the player signed off on.

    So, the agent didn’t overplay his hand. Ramsay overplayed his hand.

    No sympathy here.

    Great piece today, Pedro.

  39. Marko

    Again overseas could well be the option and I can see that appealing to him.

    Overseas like China maybe most reasonable teams in Europe couldn’t afford his wages and we all agree that none of the biggest clubs would go near him really.

  40. TR7

    Marc, Fred is anything but a nailed on starter for United. Besides, United under Mourinho don’t mind splashing cash just for the sake of it.

  41. Marko

    I do agree with Paulinho I’d hold off on thinking Ozil has turned a corner and is back on a consistent basis until he’s back on a more consistent basis. It was one outstanding performance in about a year (+). Hold off on the rimming basically cause he could just as easily be getting subbed against Palace on Sunday or dropped against Liverpool the following week

  42. Marc


    I disagree about ManU splashing the cash under Mourinho just for the sake of it. They might have chucked money about before but the summer shows they don’t trust Mourinho’s judgement anymore.

    You’ve proved that point in your own comment “Fred is anything but a nailed on starter for United” they spent £50 million on him. If they’re happy to spend on Mourinho’s targets where’s the CD he was screaming for all summer? They also seem to be looking at resale value when they sign players – an injury prone 28 year old doesn’t carry too much of that.


    Well said jwl Most probaly Ramsey’s agent taught that He is INDIPENSABLE ,while NOW He found that Ramsey is a SURPLUS to requirements,and must consider a less pay increase if He considers Arsenal is His Team
    Your Comment Here

  44. gonsterous

    I know a place where Ramsey will be welcomed with open arms. Cardiff city. Back to Wales for the Welsh Jesus. Would be emotional and done right. Now just need Cardiff to cough up 12-15 m for him in Jan.

  45. Leftsidesanch

    Looking forward to the Palace game, their throwback stadium is so close to mine I can hear the atmosphere on matchdays particularly when they score.

    Lets rack up another away win.

  46. Bamford10


    “Emery has made a bold decision and …”

    Sanllehi has clearly stated that they reach decisions like this by committee and that they reached this decision by committee. I believe Pedro even quoted that interview here. You should try making honest arguments, Pierre.

    Also, the question this summer was about both whether we thought Emery would rate Ramsey and about whether we rate Ramsey enough to offer him a contract at a higher wage. You claimed that Emery would not rate Ramsey. There is no evidence that this is the case: indeed the opposite. Everything Emert has ever said about Ramsey and everything he said about Ramsey before the board was highly positive.

    Ramsey’s contract withdrawal was a group decision and was likely down to his age demands / expectations (versus what they can pay younger and just as productive midfielders,) not his footballing quality.

    So, ummm, no.

  47. Bamford10

    Not only has Ozil been invisible and ineffectual in a good many matches historically, he has been a pouty, indifferent pussy in a great number of matches as well. We aren’t going to forget about this here because he’s had one fantastic match and because Pierre and this newly-arrived positive crowd want to establish a new (and inaccurate) narrative.

    He was genius the other night. No question about it. However, this does not for one moment erase or negate his weaknesses or his many weak-as-fuck showings in the past.

  48. Alone + Easy Target

    On the wage he’s demanding it’s better to forget about this sentimentality and just move on for the better situation for both parties. Would like to see how he will fare at other club and we can’t afford another player that is just coasting once they get their big paycheck. Also will just inflate the wage budget once the players know that we bend over to their demands.

  49. Bamford10


    OK, but the other day you claimed that you are certain Kroenke is going to saddle the club with his LA stadium debt. Now you seem to be talking about a different debt, and I have to say, I would be pretty shocked if he placed that debt onto Arsenal’s balance sheet. That is a personal debt of his/ his company’s. That would be a brazenly awful move and would / should result in fan protest.

    Also, you still have never provided any support for your provocative claim that Wenger once wanted to spend 30m on a CB and GK but Kroenke refused to make this money available despite our having some 150m in cash reserves. Would you please provide support for this claim? Or if you can’t, you might just admit that this claim was bogus.

  50. Bamford10


    Ramsey has not played very well thus far this season. No question. There is also no question that he is a quality footballer.

    And for the record, in general, I was for re-signing Ramsey if his wage demands were reasonable, and I regarded “reasonable” as around 180k.

    My point was always that, one, Ramsey is a better footballer than some of his critics here would have it (though he definitely has his shortcomings) and that, two, he is a better footballer and better-suited to a pressing, high-octane, lots-of-running system than a Granit Xhaka.

    If the club has decided he does’t make sense on account of wages and age I have no problem with this whatsoever. Makes sense. Especially when you look at how well a Guendouzi is playing. If we can go younger and less expensive in certain positions, more power to us.

  51. Bamford10


    “Ramsey is average for a club with PL champion aspiration. Hopefully we do.”

    I think “average” is a little strong for a player of Ramsey’s quality, but I’m curious, if Ramsey is an “average” footballer relative to PL title aspirations, what is Xhaka, in your opinion? Genuinely curious.

  52. James wood

    Liberal social justice warrior.?
    I vote conservative you dumb prick.
    Im about as Liberal as your dumb comments.
    Perhaps if you had understood why I posted said comment
    You would not look so stupid in your remarks.

    If I had to say anything about Americans and I take it your
    American most have big mouths and have a habit of jumping
    in on other people’s business.
    You fit the bill.

  53. Marc

    What I would have liked to see is Ramsey given a few games alongside Torreira under instructions to show some discipline. He’s always presented as a box to box MF, would he under better training and instructions offer a better option in CM?

    Quite a relevant question when we’re a week off Liverpool a match where I see Xhaka being a serious liability.

  54. Marko

    My point was always that, one, Ramsey is a better footballer than some of his critics here would have it (though he definitely has his shortcomings) and that, two, he is a better footballer and better-suited to a pressing, high-octane, lots-of-running system than a Granit Xhaka

    Hi Bamford prominent Xhaka critic Marko here and as much as i criticize him and as much as I’d like an upgrade on him at least there’s a place for Xhaka and at least he knows/has a role in the team. Ramsey on the other hand… look it’s all well and good saying he’s a quality footballer but the fact is he’s been poor this season he doesn’t know if he’s a number 10 or a CM and he’s ultimately not good enough in either position so we’re better off getting rid. I don’t believe that it’s just a matter of excessive wage demands I don’t think the management are that keen anymore which is understandable

  55. Bamford10

    You have to love it when two anger-fueled right-wingers aim their insults and venom at one another. Popcorn, please.

  56. Paulinho

    Marc – Would like to see that as well. Seems like a pipe dream though and Emery simply doesn’t fancy it or feel it is worth trying especially with Ramsey leaving.

    Ramsey needs to be kept in one position, preferably a deeper one. He’s a thoroughbred that starts off slow and and builds a ahead of steam but he needs that time to work through the kinks and then he can flourish. Him and Torreira could run over teams from the start if the partnership was given a chance.

  57. Marko

    Quite a relevant question when we’re a week off Liverpool a match where I see Xhaka being a serious liability.

    Agree with this but I have to point out that pretty much every game Ramsey has played in this season he’s been a passenger a luxury player not doing enough and as far as his performances as a CM in a midfield two in the past suggests that you’d be substituting one potential liability for another

  58. Marko

    Has anyone ever seen Marko take a day off from Le-grove? You gotta feel sorry for his mum.

    You’ve gotta be able to make better counter arguments Rambo.

  59. HighburyLegend

    “He’s the face of Adidas, he has sycophantic fanboy son all continents and he’s a world class player.”
    A “world class player”… only when the opponent is weak.
    Please be objective in your description of Ozil.

    If there is a “Mesut show” at Anfield, then I will be very pleased to have been wrong.

    In other news, Ramsey can fuck off, he don’t fool me with his melodramatic contract story.

  60. Bamford10


    Agreed. I would like to have seen him play alongside Torreira with instructions to play as an 8, as he did quite well last season against Milan. Problem is his wage expectations are probably too high regardless of how well he might have played there, so I think that ship has sailed.

  61. Marc


    Thinking about our options for Liverpool that’s all. Guendozi – love him think he’ll be a great player for us but might be a little green for such a match. AMN – is he fit? If so he might be a better option than Xhaka but he might be needed at LB.

    Not sure what other options we have.

  62. Marc


    The HMS Ramsey has set sail and will disappear into the sunset it would have been nice to see the CM earlier in the season but it is what it is.

    I think the reason we are all so relaxed by the option is that we are comfortable with what Sven will bring in as a replacement. And for a lot less money.

  63. Marko

    Marc then we’ve got to go with Guendouzi and Torreira in midfield. I get the worry about Xhaka everytime I see him play in an Arsenal jersey I get it but he’s a better option in CM than Ramsey for us at the moment. Think about it like this given everything this season the slow integration of Torreira the drop in form of Guendouzi and Xhaka being Xhaka how come Emery has never given Ramsey a run in CM? Must be some reason

  64. Marc

    “Think about it like this given everything this season the slow integration of Torreira the drop in form of Guendouzi and Xhaka being Xhaka how come Emery has never given Ramsey a run in CM?”

    Well that’s the £300,000 per week question!

  65. Marko

    I think the reason we are all so relaxed by the option is that we are comfortable with what Sven will bring in as a replacement


  66. Bamford10

    That question has a simple answer: it’s because he sees Ramsey as a player who can contribute in the attacking third. Ramsey’s goals and assists and desire for contributing in the attacking third all support this view (even if in the end he’s better as a CM who gets forward).

    Emery often played Rabiot in front of, say, a Motta and a Verratti. I think Emery sees Ramsey as more Rabiot than Verratti.

  67. Marko

    Marc you think it’s wage demands and not his form that’s the reason for him not being tried in CM? I mean it also helps that we’re on an 11 game streak without him in there.

  68. HighburyLegend

    I’ve heard sanchez wants a move to psg… (lolZ)
    This man really is a c*nt from the highest level.

    But I must admit that I find his situation absolutely hilarious.

  69. TR7

    I have never been a fan of Xhaka but still Xhaka-Torreira is a better partnership than Ramsey-Torreira.

    Xhaka primarily a left footed player who likes to operate from deep and mostly relies on long diagonal passes while Torreira a right footed player who presses high up the pitch and is good at short range passing – their style sort of complement each other.

    Torreira and Ramsey are too similar in their passing and pressing style except one is more attacking while the other is more defensive. Again I am no fan of Xhaka but Torreira-Xhaka partnership should continue unless we get an upgrade on Xhaka or Guendouzi forces Xhaka out of starting 11.

  70. Marko

    That question has a simple answer: it’s because he sees Ramsey as a player who can contribute in the attacking third. Ramsey’s goals and assists and desire for contributing in the attacking third all support this view (even if in the end he’s better as a CM who gets forward).

    I mean there are better options for the number 10 and we don’t exactly need a CM who gets forward especially when we play two in CM and have serious issues in the defensive side of the team. Hardly a case for Ramsey being a CM. And before anyone says it no it’s a 4-2-3-1 not 4-3-3 and even if the suggestion is to change the formation to suit Ramsey there’s better players here and out there that you build the team around

  71. TR7

    Also, if when Torriera moves higher up the field, Xhaka drops deep and vice versa. I don’t see Ramsey dropping deep to cover for Torreira. Not that Xhaka is good defensively but having a body as a cover is better than not having anyone at all.

  72. Marc


    It’s not just Sanchez – Pogba want’s out, Martial has turned down a contract offer and there are rumours that De Gea is going to look to get out on a free. There’s also a whole host of players whose contracts are running down.

    As it stands the future for ManU looks pretty rocky and the Spud’s are fucked. We’ve never had a better opportunity to get back into the top 4.

  73. Joe

    I’ll say it again. Ramsey has been average his whole career. Bar the 6 month purple patch

    Show me who and when he scored his 9 goals last season. Stats mean nothing without context

    And his broken leg? Oh boo hoo. I broke my leg in a soccer match at 22. 100% healed and never been an issue. Tearing your ACL is a lot worse injury to recover from.

  74. China1

    I think too much significance is placed on how this Liverpool match goes

    Providing they don’t smash us, wreck our confidence and send us into a horrible run of form, which I do doubt, even if we lose, it’s just one match

    We could lose against them but what will it really tell us? Extended runs of form and repeated results against certain opposition are absolutely telling *cough* 15-3 *cough* but the fact is this is emery’s first quarter of a season. If we lose 3-1, does that mean we are soft? Does it mean we will lose next time we play them? Does it mean we can’t crack on a pick up a competitive points tally specifically off the back of this game?

    None of us really know because this regime is still in its infancy. Just like we had people here saying we were shipping far too many goals on day 1. Then we started keeping clean sheets or limiting it to one. Then they said the football was boring. Then we started playing better. Then they said emery is boring. Then they started to come round to him.

    There are so many changes we’ve already seen this season, some small, some big, that I wouldn’t read any more into us losing against Liverpool than I would from us beating them – because this leopard has changed so many spots already that who honestly knows what it’s going to look like come the end of the season!

  75. Marc


    I don’t think anyone’s saying the Liverpool match will be season defining however it’ll be the first real test Emery’s come up against having had a bit of time to imprint his ideas on the team.

    I think it’s more anticipation to see the progress we’re making.

  76. China1

    Man Utd and spurs are both a total fucking joke

    God bless Daniel Levy and all the cunts at Utd for making it so

    God bless them all!!!

  77. China1

    Marc I’m quietly hopefully because I don’t think Liverpool are *quite* as good as gets made out – and we’re improving week on week

    But who knows, if their strikers are ruthless we could be eating dirt…

  78. China1

    As much as the pool game could be a cracker and I’m looking forward to it, I’m mostly curious about the game after

    If we lose, do we drop confidence or pick back up?

    If we win, do we do an arsenal of old and then drop points against a dross team straight after getting a big result (this shit was so infuriating and happened so many times before)

  79. Joe


    Tib/ fib fracture.

    Chin to chin with another player

    Only difference is the risk of infection from a compound. And he got his surgically repaired and had the best treatment in the world to re-hab

  80. Receding Hairline

    Is today Aaron Ramsey day?

    As for the Xhaka haters..well unlike Ramsey he has proven himself to be a player Emery can depend on..even playing out of position to help the team.. Too bad many on here would rather drink a cup of acid than give him a tiny bit of praise

  81. Marc

    Just reported on Soccer Saturday that Glenn Hoddle has been rushed to hospital after collapsing earlier on. Apparently he’s seriously ill.

  82. Joe


    I’m not belittling the injury but to keep bringing it up every time someone tries to justify Ransey is bullshit

    It like it adds 50% to what kind of player Ransey was for us because he broke his leg etc.

    Thousands of kids break their legs playing sports a year. It’s a non issue in the case of Ransey in regards to how he should be remembered as a player for arsenal quality wise.

  83. Marc

    Spud’s next 6 fixtures in the league.

    City – H
    Wolves – A
    Palace – A
    Chelsea – H
    Arsenal – A
    Southampton – H

    Some tough fixtures in there and a few potential banana skins as well.

  84. Joe

    Everton. 90th. 5-2

    Everton hat trick


    Moscow 2

    West ham 4-1,

    Ramsey’s goals last year. 7 PL. 4 Europa

    Anyone want to bring up the numbers again to tell us how good ramsey was last year??

    Ramsey is average.

  85. Pedro

    Joe, someone offered £50m for him in the summer and he nearly won an £300k a week contract. He’s a great player. You need to give it a rest.

  86. Joe


    Proof that someone offered us 50m. I call bullshit

    And no, gazidis and wenger offered him 300k. As soon as real football people got a hold Of the contract , it got pulled. The whole world knows he isn’t worth it bar wenger and gazidis

    Just because you say he’s great Pedro and I totally debunked your “numbers” theory on Ramsey, you don’t need to get moody

  87. China1

    Pedro how can he be a great player when he has only had one properly great season before almost reaching his 30s

    There’s no escaping this reality. He’s had one fantastic season and he’s 28. And that season was about 4 odd years ago

    The occasional masterclass flick/goal/assist aside, he hasn’t been great. He’s been one of the cogs in arsenal’s worst midfield in decades and that’s literally not an exaggeration.

    The last 2-3 years have probably been the lowest point in terms of quality that our midfield has seen since prewenger times

    Xhaka was terrible (improving now thankfully)

    Ozil didn’t exist outside of some assists

    And Ramsey left xhaka by himself to get eaten alive

    If he was great, he’d have realized how badly our midfield was doing and been willing to take one for the team by supporting xhaka more. That didn’t often happen and our worst midfielder (xhaka) was exposed as hell

    We can blame arsene for not giving instructions but players too need to use their eyes and respond to what’s in front of them if the manager doesn’t call it.

    Ramsey has some cool talents, but he is demonstrably not that great – or he probably wouldn’t be in this situation right now.

  88. Marko

    No way someone offered 50 million for him. It’s absurd to suggest that we rejected a 50 million bid for anyone let alone someone who had a year left on his contract after a season where we finished 6th. Ludicrous the biggest amount we sold a player for was what 30-35 million? No way

  89. China1

    And as joe said, what’s the value of statistics without context?

    He scored 7PL goals last season. Not special but decent at least – but wait, almost half of them (3) came in a single game…

    7 goals in 24 games sounds good but 4 goals in 23 is hardly setting the world alight is it?

    A couple of years ago people here were talking about Danny Welbeck having like 1:2 ratio of goals to games in Europe as evidence of his quality. Then you notice almost all of his goals (a hat trick) came in a single match against total dross (Everton)

    Stats only can be taken seriously with context

  90. Joe

    Love how when
    Pedro gets something in his head he doesn’t ever let it go now matter what anyone else says




  91. China1

    Talking of statistics, he’s famous for his goal scoring – yet in 11 years which is a major data sample he’s averaged only 5.3 goals a season – and that number is greatly inflated by the single season he scored 16 which boosted his average from what would have otherwise been just 4.6 a season.

    He’s scored double figures only 3 times in his career and apart from when he was quality and hit 16 (fair play) his other two highest scoring seasons (covering all competitions) were just 10 and 11. And those two years were separated by two years where he scored only 4 and 6 in all competitions respectively…

    And since I strongly believe memories of his one brilliant season cloud people’s judgment in much the same way the sight of wilshere doing Barca defines his following 10 years even though he dropped off significantly, let’s notice that in the two seasons prior to that awesome Ramsey season, he played a combined 91 times and scored a total of just 5 bloody goals lol

    Now he’s a midfielder not a striker and many great midfielders aren’t amazing goal scorers – but this is one of the key things his great reputation is built on. And whilst he was bombing forwards to get us all of 5-6 goals a season, we had a woefully exposed midfield for some of those years which got eaten alive on so many occasions

    So no. Ramsey is not a great player. He had a great season. Before and since he’s been decent at his best as poor at his worst

  92. AFC Nemesis

    “when it comes to technical ability, you have to say even Winks is a better player”

    No no no. You can Hate on Ramsey all you like but comparing him to Winks is ridiculous. How on earth is Winks a better player than Ramsey? Look for what Ramsey is demanding it’s way too much especially as his is a position we don’t really need. The money can be put to better use and it is right to take the offer off the table.

    But to say Winks is better after listing other Spurs players is a bit bizarre. Winks?

    Football is certainly a game of opinions.

  93. AFC Nemesis

    Joe, there is lots of positive things Ramsey will be remembered for. He’s scored some great goals, 2 x FA Cup Final winners and generally he’s performed well for us. Ramsey is a very good player.

    The question is about whether he is worth the money being demanded and the consensus of opinion is no. The greed in football never abates.

    I think that money can be better invested and if we can do a swap deal with Man Utd for Martial, I think that would be good business.

  94. Guns of SF

    This is a great summary Pedro…..

    Bottle them up, shake, pray for the best was the strategy and it just stopped working in the end. Sven, Raul and Emery now have to unpick the mess, and they’re going to struggle to do that with £600k worth of talent that can’t play together.

  95. Cesc Appeal

    Sancho with a brace today for BvB.

    Amazing to see some City fans wanting him back to replace Mahrez already.

    If he likes it at BvB and is progressing at this rate I hope he stays there.

  96. Guns of SF

    Why is the always having to log in to post back again?

    Anyhow, Rambo served us I think to the best he could. There is no more upside tohim. I also believe the same for Ozil. Sure a few great games here and there but not what we need to progress overall. These guys are 30…. not much more happening after that.

    He is equity at this point- So Rambo must be sold…..

    20M hopefully

  97. ddkingz

    For fuck sake…

    Ramsay is almost a Deadwood to arsenal and he himself knows that…

    So why the blabbing about that, next time please, Pedro never use anything Ramsay as the topic for discussion…. Ramsay is gone, he’s just doing himself no favours still playing, for he’s no longer part of the next future (next season)

    Just trying to put the blame on arsenal, Because maybe he hasn’t received any offer, or maybe no whispers about future clients calling for him on a lucrative pay

  98. ddkingz

    The biggest club Ramsay would ever represent is arsenal…..

    So he’s already on the losing side…

    I’d prefer a winger or a CAM/CM to provide top competition for ozil

  99. mysticleaves

    Sancho is really tearing up the bundesliga. He’s on something like 7 goals and 6 assists now if I am not wrong…and hes 18!!

    BvB also have Pulisic who is 20 and is also contributing his fair quota. He averages like 5.1 dribbles per game or something.

    Oh the beauty wingers add to an attacking team…wish we can get Almiron and Pepe with the Ramsey money

  100. Receding Hairline

    It seems the club that offered the fictional 50m pounds for Ramsey are too embarrassed to put their name on the bid

    All we hear is someone offered 50m…who is that someone?? If you can’t put a name on it isn’t it about time u filed that away in the unsubstantiated rumor shelf?

  101. Marc

    A player with a year left on his contract worth £50 million means with 2 or 3 years he’s worth £75 million plus.

    Who else would it suit other than Ramsey’s agent to leak a false rumour about the above. You’ve got to pay my guy £350k per week don’t you know he’s a £75 million player. Ozil got what he did because the club (Gazidis) panicked about the perception of losing our record signing for a free. Ramsey’s agent was trying to cause the same sense of panic.

  102. Marc


    So ManU who have Fred (just signed for £50 million), Pogba, Matic. Herrera, Fellaini and McTominay plus players like Mata who can fill in plus any youth already in CM. Mourinho is screaming for a CD and they offer £50 million for Ramsey?

    I’d also point out that the article is in the Daily Star.

  103. Cesc Appeal

    Yeah given Mourinho’s toys were flung from his pram because he wanted a big buy at CB I doubt very much United bid £50 Million for him.

    Again though talking about Fred, £52 Million for him and we got Leno, Torreira and Guendouzi for about £54 Million.

    It’s not always about £200 Million spends.

  104. Marc


    Blasphemy – Blasphemer

    How dare you assert that spending more money on a player doesn’t makes him better. In fact as everyone knows if you pay £30 million for a £20 million player it automatically makes him 50% better.

  105. Rainman

    I agree with you guys, it doesn’t make any sense to me either. Just to point out that there might be some truth to it, unless we have access to the Manchester United board room we will never know for sure.

    Plus Fred was signed in the same summer when the bid was reportedly made. It’s possible that it was when Arsenal rejected the bid that Man utd turned their attention to Fred.

    Mere speculation of course, but we can’t rule it out entirely .

  106. Marc


    There aren’t any casualty reports but you’d think anyone in the helicopter would need a miracle to survive and as it came down in a car park there could have been people milling around.

    Could be a serious lose of life of people just having a day out at the football.

  107. Marc

    I can’t rule out completely that Wayne Rooney is not a scum bag who should hang but I’d still rather go with common sense and start tying the knot.

  108. Cesc Appeal

    This is the thing I was never onboard with ‘sustainable spending’ while Wenger was here because you had one idiot making all the spending decisions who could no longer find a player, who had no idea what kind of system he was creating and who made players either stagnate or regress when they arrived.

    Now we have one of the best heads of recruitment going, a very astute and hardball DoF and a modern manager with modern coaching staff with a clear idea of what he wants his team to be actually improving the system and players.

    I find the idea of clever spending and youth development under that set up far more appealing and exciting than £200 Million summer spends.

  109. E54_

    “But the show goes on… sport is ruthless, but it’s hard to feel too much for a man who makes more in a week than most do in a year. He’ll be ok, probably end up at United or Chelsea, and he’ll have a good close to his career.”

    No he absolutely won’t. Everton at best. They bought Walcott don’t forget. One by one all of Wenger’s players are being shown up and exposed. Even welbeck is a Fergie product if you want to get specific. Bloody heck just admit it, Ramsey was and is a failure for Arsenal. 10 years and you have no position? Ridiculous and grossly unprofessional. Wenger should be ashamed of himself. Ramsey played RW for almost a whole season. Hilarious!!!!

  110. Marc


    The worst thing is that’s exactly what Wenger was doing for the first 8 – 10 years.

    It’s almost criminal that he allowed himself to become a figure that cause such a chasm between fans when he should have gone down a legend.

  111. Marc


    I’m just happy you didn’t use an example of “as much chance as Marc putting one on Cameron Diaz”

    Means I’ve still got some hope!

  112. Dissenter

    There’s no way we refused an offer of £50 million for a reluctant Ramsey with one year left on his contract.
    Pedro is misinformed.

  113. Paulinho

    Since when does a club go out of their way to claim they have bid £50 million for a player they didn’t get?

    The lengths some will go to dismiss facts that contradict their agenda is embarrassing.

  114. Cesc Appeal

    I’m looking forward to the future now, Arsenal is such a massive part of all of our lives it’s great it’s a source of excitement for us now instead of a laborious chore and source of anger.