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11 in a row. Not since time began has such a feat been mastered. Well, since 2007 when we clocked up 12 wins on the bounce. Regardless, it’s fucking impressive. If you can grind out a win away from home with Xhaka at left back, you’re doing something right.

Emery chopped up the team, giving the folk looking at ways into the first team a run out on the pitch. Guendouzi, Elneney and Ramsey all given a chance to shine.

The 1-0 win felt about right on an afternoon that wasn’t a walk in the park. Danny Welbeck scored the goal after Torreira fluked a ball right through the Sporting backline, the man mountain capitalised with his pace, burying his shot between Ribiero’s legs. A great finish that could have been 2 if his earlier disallowed goal had stood.

There were notable performances elsewhere on the pitch. Matteo continues to impress. The Frenchman is utterly relentless in midfield, he demands possession, he sprays the ball all over the park, and he’s aggressively fit, hustling and harrying anyone that gets within range. What a find from Sven, ol’ diamond eyes making his money with that 5-carat steal.

I also thought Rob Holding had a strong game. He’s dominant in the air, great on the ground and his confidence seems to have soared now he’s actually being coached properly. It can’t be long before he’s lining up as a first choice in our backline. Sokratis also had a solid return to the starting 11. I’m so glad our compliment of defenders is slowly returning to the fold.

There were some shaky performances, I think it’s clear Xhaka has no future at left back. His now famous lunge reared its head early on. He clearly lacks the pace and mobility to play in a position that demands it, but hey, we kept a clean sheet. I also thought Lichtsteiner looked off the pace. Too many games in short succession? Or just the ravages of age catching up with a legend of the game?

Aaron Ramsey was ok. You kind of feel he’s a lost lamb at the moment. His manager won’t play him in the box to box role he wants and he’s never going to excel as a 10. He’ll be a bit part player unless there’s an injury, I’m guessing the hope is someone will come singing for his name in January and we can ship him off. We’re in desperate need of a winger and we’re crying out for left backs.

Another major difference between this season and last… the second string give a fuck. They’re playing because there’s competition for places, not because they’re second string and that’s when you play. Emery is giving everyone the hope they can make the starting 11 at any time. I don’t think the hope was there. You were a fave or you were Europa. I also LOVE the rotation, it helps that it’s paying off with wins, but I can’t tell you how stupid our lack of rotation was back in the day. Providing Emery isn’t slamming the boys in training, we’re going to hopefully have fresher players come crunch time.

Overall, everyone is feeling good about the run. Emery has absolutely owned the opening 3 months of his career at Arsenal. The fans love him (bar the salty one’s who’ve interestingly found their critical eye now you know who is gone), the players are adapting to his ideas and he has a whole bunch of wins to show for his progress.

Palace away at the weekend will be a tough game, especially after an away game. Hopefully we can grind out two more wins against them and Blackpool, then chase the record against Liverpool. Wouldn’t that be a fantastic way for Emery to start his career, with a new record!

Dreams people, premature dreams.

One thing I’m wary of is the Black November of yesteryear, so what I’m saying is this… put those chickens away and stop counting them.

Right, see you in the comments! (which should have a new look!) x

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  1. ddkingz

    Ramsay and arsenal have both done well for each other…. So if it’s time to say goodbye, I don’t why or when we sell him, just sell when convenient for us, and do better business with the cash or AMN or ESR take the spot…

    If it so hurts the Ramsay brigade and the AKB’S, they shouldn’t worry, but they should be present when he plays his last game, so they can cheer him up, and do a lap of honour…. Before he joins Jack fucking wheelchair at West Ham…

  2. Pedro

    Guys, 32 games, 11 goals and 12 assists. Those are numbers.

    I’m not a huge fan of Ramsey, I think the hype is OTT… but to say he’s not a good player is OTT. He’s a very good player, but not £300k a week.

    Our position in the table is an irrelevance to his output.

  3. un na naai


    I have to keep entering my user name and pass word every time I try to post. Is this a website issue or my phone? Is it happening with anyone else? It’s really annoying. I should have picked a simpler user name

  4. Pedro

    I’m sorry about that, working on a solve with an internet hero who is helping behind the scenes.

    You can work around by signing up for a wordpress account and using a Gravatar

  5. AFC Nemesis

    “but to say he’s not a good player is OTT. He’s a very good player, but not £300k a week”


  6. un na naai


    He is of course a good player but his attitude is off. He neglects his duties. He could have been sooo much more than what he is. What his own ego prevents him from being.
    I always say it. The worst thing that happened to Rambo was that season. He was great that year but his ego over inflated and he went down hill from then on.
    We were lucky to beat Chelsea in the final because he was awful. He left gaping holes any time we picked up the ball in our half and on any other day our defence doesn’t hide the way it did that day andChelsea beat us

  7. un na naai

    You can work around by signing up for a wordpress account and using a Gravatar

    How do I do that? I’m not a tech kind of chap. I’m manual. Analogue. Old school. Vintage

    Is this happening to anyone else or just me?

  8. Hugh Jampton

    Pedro……”Danny Welbeck scored the goal after Torreira fluked a ball right through the Sporting backline”

    Was that irony on your part?

    Torreira did what Torreira does! He laid a lovely forward pass to Auba who back heel flicked it on to Danny for him to drive on and score!

    Keep up mate!!

  9. Champagne charlie


    I’d argue that Cesc did well leaving us, on paper and in terms of trophies sure but beyond that? maybe i’m looking at it from another angle however.

    Put it this way, you give Cesc and RvP the option to make the same choice all over and Cesc stays for his career imo. RvP got fed up waiting for us to match his ambition, went and reaped what is talent sowed. Cesc had his Barca dream burst with it not living up to the hype and took the only option back “home”.

    Cesc could’ve been a statue bearer at Arsenal for me, still incredibly fond of him and find the notion of him being a snake utterly piss through. Same with RvP frankly, he left for football reasons and i’ve no ill-feeling toward him. Loved watching him for us.

  10. jwl

    I would let Ramsey leave unless he signs new contract with minimal raise in salary. Other players will use his contract as benchmark and we will never be able to get our salary\contracts under control. Wenger was wildly overpaying middling players and that needs to stop. Our total salary budget is similar to Man City or Chelsea and that is crazy because those teams are winning titles and Arsenal are not.

  11. jwl

    I would be shocked if Cesc regretted leaving Arsenal and our half assed manager. Cesc took chance at Barca, didn’t work out, and now he at another proper team that also winning trophies. Why would Cesc regret success, and chasing his boyhood dream, when Arsenal had semi retired manager who didn’t give a flying fcuk about trophies?

  12. Joe


    Cesc May regret leaving arsenal but I’d bet he’d do it again to play for Barca. That’s his heart and I think it would have left a big hole in his career and heart if he didn’t give it a go. In regards to his Chelsea era i think he would have no complaints with 2 legaue titles, one of which he played an important part in.

    RVP was the reason man united won the league that year. Career kind of died after that but he was 32? By then? I’d think he be happy with decision

    Think if they both looked at what happened to arsenal after they left they would feel they made the right decision.

    Wenger wasn’t and never did show the ambition needed to fulfill class players like Cesc and rvp.

    Talent Totally wasted by wenger. I still think if we got rid of him at the change of stadium we would have been so much better off

    Even with a manager who should 30% more ambition could have been the difference between buying a player in Jan and a kallstrom. Etc

  13. un na naai


    You could be right there. I’ll never forgive him letting van Persie leave like that. He clearly wanted to stay but Wenger made it clear that he had no ambition to match his own. I’ll always love wenger for his early years but he should have gone after the 06 final. He was a busted flush. Shame

  14. Un na naai

    The thing is with you anti wenger lot, You’re all bleeding hearts apparently when it comes to certain things yet chastise Wenger defenders for believing in someone.
    You’re all ruthless fuckers really and the virtue signalling on these pages doesn’t disguise that.

    Yes it’s sentimentality but you lot couldn’t give two hoots for that when it suits you. And by the way. If you really cared for “refugees” you’d be appalled at the way grown men push past vulnerable children, alone in the world and in need of the living embrace of western nations. For every single sexually active Male that gets in, a vulnerable child is at risk of all sorts in his wake.
    Your nenatiluty prevents them getting at the front of the queue. Hang your heads biatches

  15. Champagne charlie

    “Why would Cesc regret success, and chasing his boyhood dream, when Arsenal had semi retired manager who didn’t give a flying fcuk about trophies?“

    I’m not saying he necessarily regrets leaving Arsenal, because you don’t know until you know. I’m saying if he could choose to make the decision again knowing how it’s went for him I think he stays at Arsenal and pushes for us to be better.

    Just advocating that a players trophy haul isn’t the only yard stick they consider when reminiscing over a career. I’d put good money on Cescs best time as a footballer being in midfield for Arsenal alongside his friends Flamini and Hleb.

    GG Buffon was quoted recently (unless its a fake quote which there’s every possibility) saying that Dani Alves tells him all the time he’d swap his 3 CL medals for GG’s one World Cup. Cesc won a truckload with Spain, he wasn’t starved of success in his career.

  16. BacaryisGod

    So what the hell is really going on with Ramsey? Questions below.

    1. Why is he airing his concerns through the media?

    This is strange. Can’t he just have his agent contact Raul and find out? Or ask Unai after training?

    2. So did Arsenal take the contract off the table? Was that bad business practice?

    100% no. Ramsey let the cat out of the bag with his following quote…‘A few weeks before we sort of agreed and I was ready to sign’. So let’s get this clear. There was a contract offer from Arsenal. We know that for sure. Ramsey’s team did not accept it because they only ‘sort of agreed’ to it. Arsenal got tired of the games and maybe Emery decided that there were better ways to spend the money. Arsenal pulled the contract and Ramsey’s team panicked realizing they were unlikely to get a better offer than the monstrous sum they had cajoled out of Arsenal.

    Amy Lawrence is guilty of pretty shoddy reporting when she writes ‘the midfielder had been close to signing an agreement when the club he has represented for 10 years unexpectedly reneged on their offer’.. Essentially, she’s accusing Arsenal of breaking a promise. We all know that’s not the case based on his comments and how long his team has been dragging the situation out.

  17. Vladimir

    In my opinion Ramsey is a very good player when played with the right partners. During his whole career at Arsenal his beat season was while he player in the BtB position next to Arteta, who was collecting the ball deep in our half and distributing it at a fast rate.
    In the present team the only player close to what Arteta gave us in his first two seasons is Torriera. And until now they never played together in the two CM positions.
    At the beggining of the season Torreira was eased in to the team. When he became a starter Ramsey was played out of position at the CAM, while Ozil was on the right. Now Ramsey is not a starter.
    I would love to see the midfield to be containing Torriera and Ramsey as a flat duo with Ozil in the CAM position. There isnnonneed to have two tranquista in the same team which is exactly what we get with torreira and xhaka. On the other hand Ramsey has some attributes that no one has in the team. His engine is second to none in the team. For a CM he has a good pace. His foreward bursts in the box offer so much treat. I still think that with the right instructions he can be a really important player for us. And if he doesn’t follow the instructions, then he can be left out of the team, which will be all of his doing.

  18. David Smith

    Quite a few saying that Arsenal made Ramsey an offer, he ” sort ” of accepted, but his agents went incommunicado. Heard very similar stories with Ox, no idea how true such things are, but it is not beyond the bounds that agents have seen this club as a very soft touch under the old regime at least.
    If this is anywhere near the truth, don’t blame the club at all.
    If Rambo really wants to stay, he could start by ditching his agents, but may be too late for that.

  19. DUIFG

    Welbeck has had a shocking run of injuries. That’s what’s kept him from playing more.

    You don’t want him as your primary cf but you definitely want him in yiur squad. Rapid, tall and strong, huge commitment too whuch is key for me.

    Want to see this man signed up, huge squad man

  20. arsenate

    They weren’t planing on being legends, they wanted trophies. They got it an the Arsenal got the monies. it hurts yes, but no hard feelings towards them.. They played their part in sustaining falling ship.

  21. BacaryisGod

    When it comes to contracts, we should always follow the golden rule. ‘There is no loyalty. Everyone acts in their own best interest’. This includes the players, the manager, the club executives and of course the owners.

    So why do I get so upset when some players leave? Well, it’s really to do with their behaviour rather than their decision.

    RVP, as captain of the club, started talking about the ‘little boy’ inside of him screaming to play for Man United when we all remember him as a kid wearing an Arsenal shirt.

    Adebayor appreciably showed less effort and intensity as interest from other clubs increased.

    Fabregas looked like his heart wasn’t in it and Flamini, ever the astute businessman, talked about staying until Arsenal had no leverage then left on a free.

    Ramsey just comes across as self-pitying which is fine. He’s working hard on the field and if he leaves, I doubt there’ll be many hard feelings. Just like Ox. Here’s a player who clearly had not reached the level expected of him and needed a new challenge with a more inspirational manager. He actually took less money to leave.

    At the end of the day, very few players will leave a club with everyone feeling great about the departure. At Arsenal we’ve had a few. Players like Bergkamp and Adams ended their brilliant, trophy-filled years at the club and Henry, Pires, Freddie and Gilberto gave us their best years. Santi has his shining Arsenal career snatched from him (and us) too early. All are remembered fondly.

    I hope in time players like RVP and Alexis will be given at least some credit for a few remarkable seasons. They both lifted the club in their shoulders when there was so much weakness around them. But they should also bear responsibility for the lack of affection they hold in fans’ hearts. Or just maybe, they don’t even care.

  22. ddkingz

    Just like every other fucking English players we’ve had in the last decade…. Ramsay is fuck…

    Been at the club for a decade and hasn’t held down a true position in the team… Just like Walcott, Chamberlain, jack wheelchair, and jekinson… Only Gibbs was a know LB but he wasn’t good enough…

    Just let Ramsay be, Ramsay would be sold or let go for free in the summer… Which I very much..

    That Hollywood superstar wanted to hold arsenal for ransom, but it backfired and didn’t go as he planned..

    This issue is as grave as it seem, but most people just take it for granted….

    Ramsay nagging in the media is as good as him begging for a new contract….

    This should be a benchmark for every other player who try to bring instability to the club and try to hold arsenal for ransom….

  23. PK

    Sell Ramsey for goodness sake.
    He was a Wenger arse licker and now he is facing the reality ie not good enough.
    Championship player in my opinion.
    Has had one good season in 10 years and wants mega money….bye bye pal.
    Welcome to the new Arsenal.

  24. Marc


    “Sell Ramsey for goodness sake.”

    You do understand how football and contracts work?

    Ramsey will be gone in the summer, it’d be great if we could get some money for him in Jan but you need two things 1) Someone willing to offer money for something they can have for free in 6 months 2) the player to be willing to sign when he can leave on a free in a few months.

    This “just sell him” thing is bloody stupid.

  25. kc

    James Wood it’s called a market correction you liberal douche, and it’s the first one in 2 years. It was predicted to happen after the market under Trump keeps breaking new records. Our economy is booming and the job rate is flat out amazing. Obama said we’d need a magic wand to accomplish half as much. Fucktards like you are just jealous you can’t get in. Here’s a tip for ya mate, just sneak in the Southern border with the rest of the world.

  26. Marc

    Those that hate Trump and what he stands for should spend less time moaning about him and more time asking themselves why out of a population of 300 odd million the best candidate the Democrat’s could put up was Hilary Clinton.

  27. alex cutter

    “I have to keep entering my user name and pass word every time I try to post. Is this a website issue or my phone? Is it happening with anyone else? It’s really annoying. I should have picked a simpler user name”

    Or, you could just stop posting until the problem is fixed, you fucking dimwitted twat. It’s been a known issue for days.

    Do you consider your posts so vital that they’ll be conspicuously absent to other readers?

    I love how someone as thick as you presumes to share your opinions regarding grown-up issues…

    Pedro, you must be so proud.

  28. Leedsgunner

    A consistent feature in the last few years of Wenger’s tenure was the team’s inability to face and handle pressure. Whenever the team had a chance to exploit an opportunity, they would slip up.

    This run has been good but the real test is if they can keep it going… withstand scrutiny and withstand the pressure.

  29. ddkingz


    Just hope, he is watching, and dare comes out of his closet and air his opinion on the current Ramsay contract dilemma…

    It’s been 3months, and hasn’t have the courage to come out and support arsenal… Be it present in the stadium or on social network or media

  30. Marc


    You just sound like a child with that comment. If Wenger had come out with any comment even supporting or congratulating the club or Emery you’d try to turn that to slagging him off.

    He’s gone give it a fucking rest.

  31. Joe


    Spot on.

    Wenger can just stay hidden and keep his mouth shut on anything Arsenal.

    He’s done and said enough the last dozen years.

  32. useroz

    “That Hollywood superstar wanted to hold arsenal for ransom, but it backfired and didn’t go as he planned..”

    Well said, through his agent anyway…

    Jenk, Elneny and Ramsey aren’t good enough for different reasons and paid at higher than PL market level wages. If Ramsey is on what Welbeck reportedly gets it’d probably be a different conversation.

    The club suffers from skewed wage levels for over a decade and caused untold damages to contract management eg can’t move ’em on.

    It’d be another 2, 3 years before the new management could cleanse/ make it healthier. Borrowing from Trump, Ramsey leaving “is a good thing” and will help AFC achieve the infamous ‘next level’.

    Btw, on ‘numbers Ramsey dropped last season’, how many of the 11 goals won us the game? Against which teams he scored? Any towards season end when some teams were on holiday mode?

  33. SUGA3

    Ramsey pretty much always takes the sting out of every counterattacking move with this annoying run, turn back, wait for the opposition to track back and then pass back to someone running behind him bullshit.

    Bar the odd Hollywood goal, what does he really contribute?

  34. Ivan

    @ Suga

    Spot on m8. Few of my rl friends and Gooners including me spotted that too.

    It looks great when he pulls one of his Hollywood flings and scores but thats rare. Rest of time he really smothers the ball and hes runs look good but more often than not he occupies other player attacking position and gets in a way of attack intead of opening space and contribute to attack.

    I bet hes very good at 5v5 but on open field he just lacks to much in positional awareness and all his play is so instictive.

    This would be good trait for attacker bit acomplished midfielder should use fair amount more brain than instict.