‘We’ve got our Ozil back’

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Well, wrap that performance in a bow and call it an early Christmas present. Unai Emery turned a shabby opening 35 minutes into the best performance of the season. A Mesut Ozil masterclass chalked our 10th consecutive win of the season on the board and allowed us to climb to a heady 4th, ahead of Spurs (GD), just behind Chelsea (GD).

I think we can all confidently agree that this was the best 55 minutes Emery has had at Arsenal. The team started off terribly, as per usual. We were open at the back, we made sloppy mistakes, mostly stemming from looped balls over the back of the high line. Transitioning the ball in the final third was non-existent, our attack had zero sauce. The front three were anonymous, and Lacazette was being eaten alive by an Evans/Mcguire partnership.

We went down in sorry circumstances. Hector Bellerin was left alone on the right, Leicester switched play in his direction, Lacazette was slow off the mark (why he was tracking I’ll never know), Chillwell had the pace to pick up the ball, power past a vegan Bellerin (triiiger) and ricochet his cross off the Spaniards leg past a helpless Leno.

You wondered whether we were about to witness the brutal xG correction everyone had feared, but at the same time, it’s clear we’re really fucking slow starters under Emery, and we’ve come back enough times this season not to throw the towel in.

It didn’t take long to find our rhythm, the goal jolted Arsenal into gear. Leicester, who’d had great success with a strong strategic press seemed to fall apart. We found out rhythm in midfield, and Ozil started to pick the game up by the scruff of the neck. Our movement improved, Ozil, Mikhi, Iwobi and Lacazette started to work each other out and we became more of a threat.

Just before the break Torreira turned over possession finding Lacazette who played it back to Xhaka. The Swiss moved the ball forward to Ozil who surged forward 20 yards, he released Bellerin who played it right back to him first time, Mesut was on the edge of the box to pass the ball into the far corner. An immaculate finish, a beauty of a goal and just in time to wreck the Leicester halftime talk.

The second half was interesting because we didn’t make any subs on 45, the only notable change seemed to be Iwobi moving the right. We had a brief scare with Leicester hitting the bar after a Leno flap. The magic happened when Emery took off Mikhi and Lichtsteiner, bringing on Auba and Guendouzi. The move had an almost instant impact.

After some lovely passing moves between Auba, Laca, and Guendouzi, Ozil was found in space, he weighted a dream ball to Bellerin, evading 4 players in the process, the cross was first time AGAIN where Auba was foxing for the tap in. A wonderful goal.

Our finishing move was an epic masterpiece for the ages starting from the keeper. Torreira moved the ball Ozil. Ozil with the side of the foot flick to Guendouzi, who released Bellerin, Iwobi drags the attention of two players with a dummy run, Bellerin plays inside to Ozil who fakes and lets the ball play through his legs, Lacazette feeds it back into his run, Ozil the chips the ball with the outside of his foot to Auba who scores AGAIN from about 5 yards. What. A. Goal.

The game finished 3-1. Emery missiles us soaring to within 2 points of the league leaders. Arsenal look like a proper team again.

So, the first time we’ve won 10 in a row since October 2007 (a month after we started this blog). Auba bags 21 goals in 22 Premier League games for Arsenal. Arsenal top the league table for subs with goals on 6. Arsenal also corrected on their xG model, meaning we deserved the win. All the magic.

I don’t really know what to write. Things are going incredibly well. The players look fit, the football at times was exceptional and some of the goals were off the charts. We’ve had about 5 goals of the season and we’re only in October.

The key thing for me is if we’re performing like this now, it’s a good indicator that even when we have a blip, we’re capable of fighting for top 4 regardless. It feels like there’s a resilience to the setup. We’ll probably still have to go hard at Europa, but it looks like the squad depth is there. We’re rolling hard with the wins playing a 34 year left back and Mustafi. Imagine how we’ll be playing with Koscielny and Sokratis coming into the side. Also, did you see the team preserving energy on 72minutes? I love that. The coach has the players thinking past the 90 they’re in.

We’re still going to have to work hard on our defensive solidity, especially early on in the game. We were incredibly open and teams are exploiting our high press with ease. If we’re open like that against Liverpool, we’re buried in 15minutes. I’m fascinated to see how Emery approaches that game because it can’t look anything like the first 25minutes of every other game we’ve played this season.

When Mesut took control after we went a goal down, we were a different beast. He really unlocked Leicester and was a driving force in the revival. He is the key to any success we have this year. Unlocking his drive and personal ambition is a must for Emery. I really can’t put words to how scintilatting it was to have him revved up. I mean, it helps when he has a game off and an international break playing on his twitch, but shit, who cares, get me that every week, or at least in the important games.

Big shout out to Iwobi. He had some moments of sexiness out there. His final ball needs to improve, but you can see the footballer he could become shining through. That cheeky nutmeg he made, some of those beautiful passes and his improved movement are all items that are making it hard to drop him.

Also notable that Ramsey is now a bit part player. No doubt he’ll have a role to play in midweek (I mean, I’m not even sure there), but coming on with 15 minutes to go as a third sub tells you that Emery is going to play it his way, and he wants him gone by January so he can bring in players who are committed to the cause and can help. Ramsey’s agent has had a fucking shocker, his client is going to be out of form and out of mind when he needed to be playing games shop windowing himself.

What a fool.

Anyway, we’re above Spurs, everything is looking very rosy and the fans really do sound like they’ve got their Arsenal back.

See you in the comments! x

P.S. Shout out to the English I sat next to in an LA bar yesterday who leant over and said,

‘Do you listen to Arsenal podcasts?’

‘Yes, which do you like?’

‘That Yankee Gunner guy on Arsenal Vision, that’s the best one out there by a mile’

Still applying aloe vera to my third degree burns. Thanks a lot. 😭

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  1. Mysticleaves

    “Scoucers don’t really speak English. He’ll come to realize that with time.”

    “Diouf came from a shithole”

    Actually, these two statements are doing the same thing to Liverpool and Senegal yet the person that said the former jumped on the person that said the latter. Oh well…

  2. Dissenter

    Graham 64/Michael

    So you think Bamford is wrong because of his American-ness?

    Your comment clearly shows that your arrogance has you tethered to his know-all attitude, like peas in a pod.
    I see your comment as stupid as anything Bamford said last night.

  3. Dissenter

    “Careful what you wish for” was just a fear-mongering interference approach to delay the inevitable.

    Even if Emery gets sacked after two season for poor performances, they are still wrong.

  4. Redtruth

    Those FA Cuo victorious didn’t amount to much.
    I pointed out the futility in winning those Cups and the celebrations thereafter which were even.more pointless.

  5. Joe

    Careful what you wish for brigade cared more for the man who thought he was bigger than Arsenal than they did for The Arsenal.

    It’s a simple as that

    That Emery is doing so stole so fast or the worst thing for teg CWYWF brigade.


  6. Leedsgunner


    You must’ve me mistaken with someone else. I’ve wanted Wenger Out since he sold RvP to Man Utd for footballing reasons.


  7. Redtruth

    Those FA Cup victories didn’t amount to much.
    I pointed out the futility in winning those Cups and the celebrations thereafter which were even.more pointless.

  8. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    Missed the point where they were preserving energy ?

    What were they doing?

    You mentiond the flap but not the good save by Leno or quick distribution. .?

  9. Redtruth

    Wenger’s legacy are dropped standards.
    The fanbase needs to realise aiming for the title and Champions league is where the club is at, not top 4 mediocrity.

  10. Uwot?

    Yes savage.the knives are out & being sharpened by the pundits.waiting for Arsenal to f**k up.They think it will be their beloved scousers & kloppy who will burst the bubble.They hate the thought of Arsenal back as a force…whatever the result of that pending match at last we have a manager who will go into it tactically aware at least giving us a chance to get a result.what more at this stage can we ask for?

  11. Bob N16

    Personally I find Tim Stillman’s columns interesting and often insightful.

    Graham of course will right off a person and dismiss everything they say, simply if he believes they ‘over supported’ our old manger.
    As usual ignoring all intelligent discussion due to his binary view of the world. Just comes across as ignorant really.

    Graham, for what it’s worth I have a level 1 just like my 16 year old son!

  12. Pierre

    “Careful what you wish for crowd were lazy and a touch ignorant.”

    Oh dear Pedro….nil points for originality there .

  13. Graham62

    Bob N16

    I’m 56. I don’t need Tim Stillman educating me on something that was even evident to my son back in 2010, when he was also 16.

    Kudos to Mr Stillman if he gains financially from his blogs but the reality is his opinions mean little to me if he only saw Wenger in dire straights 6 months back.


    Have you ever heard of the expression “tongue in cheek”.

    Are you American by any chance?

  14. Graham62

    Really like the way Emery has handled the Ramsey situation.

    Nice to have a manager who shows balls and a semblance of common sense.

  15. Dissenter

    “Have you ever heard of the expression “tongue in cheek”

    Never heard of it
    I’m more familiar with reading you stuff your baby mouth with a size 13 foot.

    Americans “don’t know the game” because there’s another game called football. That’s an over-flogged meme that’s still peddled by intellectually incurious clowns like you.

  16. Bob N16

    Graham, I believe someone should always be open to learning, always be prepared to be open-minded and to discover new insights.

    You give the impression that as you are of a certain age, you are closed to others with different views to yours and allowing yourself the chance to have greater understanding.

    Fair enough, it’s up to you obviously, but someone with a closed mindset is unlikely to write anything particularly interesting and will just revisit previously stated views.

  17. Graham62


    “Wenger’s legacy was dropped standards”.

    My point exactly.

    Be careful, you may be accused of “binary” thinking.

    For me it’s all about competing. If success is achieved because of this, then all the better.

  18. jwl

    Watching the match yesterday afternoon, it looked like players are enjoying their football again. Genuine joy on players faces after each goal, luca and auba arent jealous of each other, team spirit has reappeared. And the fans seem to be getting their voice again, it seemed like more songs were sung than I remember hearing for past couple of years at least.

    It is great that gooners are feeling happy again after the past decade of dread.

  19. Al

    So true about the players genuinely looking happy. Not sure if it’s just from the streak they are on but the morale around the club is really positive and infectious at the moment.

  20. Hitman

    What IAm liking is that there is no one star in this team. If an individual player has a stinker, its no consequence as the others are making up shortfall.
    Eg Laca couldn’t hit a barn door last night but it didn’t matter.
    Its what title wiining teams do. All the players bring things to the party.

  21. TheBlaster

    I’ve had a careful look at the penalty shout and the Leicester player headed Holding’s arm, not the ball. The ref probably made the wrong call based on the information available to him at the time, but it was accidentally the correct decision.

  22. Graham62

    Bob (can I call you Bob?)

    I’ve experienced enough in my life to realise that what you see or hear is not necessarily what you get.

    I’ve have lived and worked in many different countries and diverse cultures. I married(very happily I hasten to add) into a different and beautiful culture and mindset. My mind has always been open to new ideas and perceptions on life. However, just because someone comes up to me and says ” You know, that Mr Wenger really is a great man and deserves our respect”, I will always counter by responding with “Oh really, then why couldn’t he see what we all saw. Why couldn’t he act on the bleeding obvious”

    The problem in the world, as I see it, is that there are too many nodding Churchill Dogs accepting the norm.

    Yes, I am of a certain age that sees things slightly differently, but please don’t keep harping on about binary thinking when you clearly couldn’t see the fact that our club was being run into the ground for so many years.

    Stop venting your own insecurities on those that have different opinions from your own and who have always put the club first.

    Binary thinking my ass!

  23. Leedsgunner

    Apparently Martin Atkinson has been confirmed as the referee versus Crystal Palace

    What’s our history with him like? It’s not as bad as Mike Dean is it? Anyone know?

  24. AFC Nemesis

    “I remain unconvinced that Iwobi is anything other than a hard-working squad player. His first touch is often poor as is his passing. He’s a stop-gap measure at best”

    This chap Bamford is very amusing , he must be on some kind of a wind up?!

    Didn’t he once spend every day calling Giroud abusive names, while claiming Benteke was World Class?

    Give it up mate, you don’t know as much about football as you think you do.

    One thing about Iwobi is he has a fantastic first touch and technically he’s really strong. Yes he has more to learn but he’s making great progress.

    As for picking on Iwobi today after his excellence performance last night that’s a bit weird. Try supporting the players, you do have a tendency to pick on players for no apparent reason.

  25. Thorough

    Is it just me or LT hardly passes backwards whether he’s in tight spaces or not, and those daring passes seems to start our most meaningful counterattacks?
    And I absolutely love his arrogance when he pushes the ball pass an opponent and stands there impossible to be moved. It’s like “I’m gonna enter the inexistent space before you and you can’t do nothing about it man.” After reading so much about him I thought we’ve got ourselves a great tackler. But goodness me he’s so much more than a terrier.

  26. AFC Nemesis

    “What’s our history with him like? It’s not as bad as Mike Dean is it? Anyone know?”

    Nobody has it in for us like Mike Dean, except his boss Mike Riley.

    Atkinson is okay, amongst a pretty poor bunch Leeds.

  27. Pierre

    I’m trying to work out what I prefer ….

    Is it the ” fans” who wanted us to lose games including cup finals.

    Or is the “fans ” who are so over the top that they probably think Emery’s shit don’t stink.

    Of course they are one and the same …very difficult to decide though .

  28. Bob N16

    Truth hurts Graham, your constant returning to the same old theme is fairly pointless.

    I made the point that Stillman often has interesting things to say, however you dismiss him in a ( if you prefer) ‘black and white’ way, due to your blinkered thinking.

    I have always put my love of the club first, I guess that manifests itself in different ways. Whether I have ‘insecurities’, not sure about that. I certainly have no insecurities about Arsenal, none whatsoever. You’ll have to take my word on that, if you were able to speak to any who has ever known me, they would back me up on that I’m sure.

    Now someone who is always banging on about a previous manager and who won’t listen to others if he suspects them of ‘over supporting’ this man, that is suggestive of a certain state of mind….

  29. Leedsgunner

    For what it’s worth I think Emile Smith Rowe should gain more by staying with us… although obviously he would develop even more with game time.

    Yet, what are we going to do if Iwobi or Mkhitrayan picks up an injury?

    Personally I would trust Brendan Rogers with one of our best youth prospects… I would rather he would learn under someone like Dennis Bergkamp.

  30. Leedsgunner

    14 wins in a row, I think is is our club record….

    If we beat Liverpool we will equal it. If we beat Sporting Lisbon at home… we will beat it.

  31. Pierre

    I agree regarding smith-rowe…he will get games in the league cup and Europa which will be good experience for him and ,as you say,if we get a few injuries then he is good enough to step in and may even proven to be good enough to start in the prem.

  32. Pierre

    Referee Atkinson is someone who finds it better not to make a decision than make a decision because he wants an easy life.
    By that I mean there will be less controversy if he doesn’t give a penalty or doesn’t give a red card even if they are blatant so he will normally wave play on and then the incident is quickly forgotten.

    This method of refereeing also creates a problem for a team like Arsenal when they play away to the more physical teams like palace.

    You will find that he will favour the home team as again ,it gives him an easier life, so he will only blow up against palace when he has no choice but he will let most of their niggly fouls go and at the same time will give a foul to palace if a palace player goes down .
    This will ,or course ,give him an easier life as he won’t have the home crowd on his back.

    In Atkinson ‘s thinking…..Arsenal are too close to the leaders so consequently will need to be brought down a peg or two and this weekend may give him the perfect opportunity so Arsenal need to go out there and blitz palace .

  33. mysticleaves

    “Americans “don’t know the game” because there’s another game called football. That’s an over-flogged meme that’s still peddled by intellectually incurious clowns like you.”

    This Dissenter guy is fucking hilarious. Is lack of self awareness an American thing? You mocked the Scouse because of the way they speak earlier on the same thread but frown at someone mocking Americans for their lack of knowledge of football. Smh

  34. Leedsgunner


    Atkinson or no Atkinson I hope for once we score early and hut the crowd up Selhurst Park.

    I’m very interested in how Emery will manage his squad considering he has already declared that in his eyes the Europa League is a priority of equal footing with the league.

    With all his main offensive stars coming into good form who will play where? Will Özil play versus Sporting Lisbon or will he be held back? What about Auba and Lacazette?

    Brilliant that our Emery has selection headaches in a good way.

  35. Pierre

    Will be surprised if ozil starts ,he may even leave him at home due to his recent back problem .

    could be Welbeck ,Aubamayang , smith-rowe and Ramsey …..midfield elneny and Guendouzi and he may have to go with the same back 4 depending on fitness.

  36. Joe

    PierreOctober 23, 2018 18:01:13
    “Careful what you wish for crowd were lazy and a touch ignorant.”Oh dear Pedro….nil points for originality there .

    Hahaha Pierre just called lazy and ignorant by Pedro.


  37. Joe


    Doesn’t matter who the ref is

    You play well enough, the ref won’t matter

    It’s only certain Akbs who used a referee conspiracy to defend wenger and his failings

    No ref was stopping us from scoring or winning the way we played the last 55m yesterday.


  38. Victorious

    Germany’s loss is Arsenal’s gain. Ozil is absolutely fantastic when he plays like the. And that’s why he gets paid as much. Ramsey does not influence games in the same way. Interesting that Emery has relegated Ramsey to bench duty but why play someone who is leaving at the end of the season when you can simply give experience to those staying.

  39. Sean

    Ozil was something else last night, hopefully he can maintain this form to shut all the haters up! Completely different player under Emery!

  40. Victorious

    Emery deserves credit for putting his stamp on the team after a short period of time. We’re still a bit open at the back but the likes of Torreira are definitely adding a bit of steel to the team. If he can get Özil to put in performances like that week in, week out then I think we have a decent chance of finishing in the top four and winning one of the cups this season.

  41. Victorious

    Hope Emery does some proper rotation for Europa as the games come thick and fast,re- establishing ourselves as a force in EPL has to be priority,AMN coming back is a wonderful news, hope he gets the nod in midfield against sporting,awesomely talented lad.

  42. Bamford10


    I was absolutely correct about Coquelin, just as I am absolutely correct about Iwobi. The former was nothing more than a hard-working squad player and was never good enough to be our CDM if we wanted to be a top team. This is exactly what I said about him, and because everyone wanted to be positive and believe in delusions about him, I received no shortage of abuse. Who was right in the end about Coquelin? I was.

    Iwobi will be no different. Hard-working squad player. Nothing more. Not enough quality, not enough class. This is obvious. But the “how-dare-you-say-anything-negative-look-at-how-much-he-is-running-crowd” won’t allow any reasonable discussion. All of a sudden Iwobi is good enough to start for a City, a Chelsea, a Liverpool.

    In truth he’s a million miles from that and will never ever reach that level. If someone wants to take me up on a wager on this point, I’d love to see it.

  43. Bamford10

    By the way, I was wrong about the formation change at the 60-minute mark. It looked at first like he had gone to three CB’s, but it turned out he hadn’t. I remain correct, though, that it wasn’t until Guendouzi and Aubameyang came on that we began to play champagne football. Prior to that we were solid but nothing special.

  44. Leedsgunner


    Just a friendly word, no abuse or name calling but mate, get over yourself.

    Whilst you trumpet how you were right about Coquelin, you neglect to mention that you were so so wrong about Benteke, Samba and Wilshere whom you repeatedly championed.

    Learn to not take yourself so seriously stop patronising people and at times even admit you were wrong. Harvard or no Harvard we’re all Gooners here and should be treated with courtesy.

    You sure like to be right don’t you Bamford? (Each to their own.)

    Even when you’re comprehensively wrong… No one is saying Iwobi is the second coming of Messi. He is though, at this point of the season our most improved player, without a doubt.

    What’s wrong with celebrating that? Do tell me.

  45. Pedro

    Joe, I didn’t call Pierre ignorant.

    Everyone entitled to their opinion.

    I’m of similar mind, I think the fans are getting a touch carried away with the new Arsenal. I’m loving it, but realistic about how this season will likely shape up.

  46. karim

    Hell of a game at Hoffenheim 3/3 v Lyon with the Germans salvaging a point in stoppage time with an offside goal which incidentally ruins my accumulator !!!

    Damn it

  47. Joe


    Right now all that matters is that we are enjoying it and it’s fun again and the change in manager has brought that on.

    I’ve always maintained that this is a transition year. Anything Emery gets out of it is a bonus

    But to be completely honest, this start has been great just so we can rub it in the careful what you wish for brigade.

    It’s fun to watch Arsenal again and there is hope.

    That’s all we were and could have asked for


    And why not get carried away. It’s part of the fun again.

  48. Marko

    If someone wants to take me up on a wager on this point, I’d love to see it.

    Again with the wagers. Look nobody’s saying that he’s anything more than a squad player that’s not the argument. The argument is even when he’s actually playing well you’re not going to be able to give him any credit because you sir are one of those people with favourites and players you don’t like and that’s that. Any notion of fair and being impartial is out the window with you.

  49. Pedro

    Joe, it’s great, but all Arsenal fans want the club to do well. Being smug about us winning is a bit of a waste of time. Everyone is feeling great at the minute

  50. Dissenter

    Hilarious is the word I would for you for sure.
    I was merely making my view points now to Graham that he could have knocked Bamford’s opinion for what it was, not to resort to silly cheap points about American’s not understanding the game, which is blatantly false.
    It seem you have a bone to pick me with these cheap shots.

  51. karim

    Rudi Garcia had a similar start with Roma couple of years ago with 10 wins at the start of the season

    Finished second behind Juve that year, would be happy with that although there is more competition in England to be fair

  52. Leedsgunner

    “Rudi Garcia had a similar start with Roma couple of years ago with 10 wins at the start of the season.”

    Wasn’t that when Gervinho left us and started scoring for fun all of a sudden?

  53. Bamford10


    Except that I have given Iwobi credit. I have said that I like the energy and work-rate he is giving us. However, I have also said that he is nothing more than a squad player, an assessment which you’ve said you agree with.

    The problem isn’t me; the problem is those who can’t deal with anything negative being said about a player, even if what is being said about the player is correct.

    And please spare me the lecture on “playing favorites” and “impartiality”: you’ve literally told Le Grove countless times that Aaron Ramsey is “garbage” — despite the fact that whatever his shortcomings, he is obviously and objectively a good football player, a much better player, incidentally, than Alex Iwobi will ever be.

  54. Marko

    Still need defensive reinforcements in January just to get us over the line. If Koscielny can show some form of fitness until the summer we can maybe wait on a CB coming in but I’m thinking a LB is probably needed. Monreal is old as fuck and Kolasinac isn’t ever going to be first choice LB here. Grimaldo would be the dream but Ferlan Mendy would be a great signing too

  55. Bamford10


    Yeah, your comment to me is misplaced because you have misread the thread. And not for the first time, I must say.

    I only brought up Coquelin because Mystic said that I was wrong about Iwobi just as I was (allegedly) wrong about Coquelin. Except that I was right about Coquelin. Hence my comment above.

    As for Iwobi being the “most improved” under Emery, maybe he is, but that isn’t the discussion. So it’s not really a relevant point. The question is whether he is (or has the potential to be) a top class wide player — the kind who starts for City, Chelsea or Liverpool — or whether he is instead a hard-working squad player. I think he is the latter; others seem to think he’s the former. That’s the argument.

    As for everything else you’ve said, it’s misplaced and I’ll just leave it there.

  56. AFC Nemesis

    “Just a friendly word, no abuse or name calling but mate, get over yourself”


    Bamford you need to stop coming across as a patronising, arrogant, big headed, know it all intolerant of other peoples views. Especially as you get more wrong than right. There is nothing wrong with having or giving an opinion but there is a way to do it. None of us are perfect, however hard you find that to accept. Like all of us, you talk your fair share of bollocks mate.

  57. Marko

    The problem isn’t me; the problem is those who can’t deal with anything negative being said about a player, even if what is being said about the player is correct.

    Yeah sure mate. What was it last night poor first touch and poor passing and he’s overrated? Some of his play last night was excellent and as for being overrated no one is getting ahead of themselves with regards to him.

    you’ve literally told Le Grove countless times that Aaron Ramsey is “garbage”

    Right specifically I said trash and more specifically I said trash this season which is true because a nothing squad player like Iwobi is keeping him on the bench.

    he is obviously and objectively a good football player, a much better player, incidentally, than Alex Iwobi will ever be.

    I mean say what you like about Alex but at least he knows his role and is capable of improving due to his age. Aaron at 28 is he a number 10? A CM? Incidentally Iwobi is a better number 10

  58. Leedsgunner


    I have no desire to engage in a tit for tat with you, and actually I was trying to give you a friendly piece of advice. Obviously you’re fully entitled to reject it. We’ll agree to disagree and I wish you the best.

    “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink.”

  59. Joe

    I bet you Iwobi becomes a player under Emery

    He looked great when he first came on the scene and as per usual failed to improve under wenger. Can’t blame the lad.

    He’s already improved immensly under Emery. And that’s only after a few months.

    Ramsey is garbage.


  60. Bamford10

    AFC Nemesis

    No idea who you are. But I am no more dogmatic in my views than any other regular poster here. Nor am I “intolerant” of others’ views. Indeed, the intolerance at the moment is entirely on the other side: it is Iwobi’s fan-boys who will not tolerate someone suggesting that he is little more than a hard-working squad player. I am perfectly willing to tolerate their view, i.e., that he is more than this, except that rather than simply stating this view, they abuse me and hurl insults simply because I think otherwise.

    So, sorry, guy, but the intolerance and arrogance is entirely on the other side.

    Thanks for your input, though.

  61. Marko

    The question is whether he is (or has the potential to be) a top class wide player — the kind who starts for City, Chelsea or Liverpool — or whether he is instead a hard-working squad player. I think he is the latter; others seem to think he’s the former. That’s the argument.

    This right here is the definition of moving the goal posts and is why Bam is considered such a shameless poster. Nobody not one single person has ever said he’s a top class wideman or mentioned him alongside Liverpool Chelsea or City. Hasn’t happened. The argument is why are you incapable of giving praise to a player who is quite obviously in form and showing signs of improvement? I mean I know why you’re incapable and they got doctors for that now

  62. Joe

    We don’t need Iwobi to be a starter for Chelsea, city or Liverpool, we just need him to start for Arsenal and do the business for us. That’s it

    I could give two fucks if he could start for Chelsea city or Liverpool

    How many Leicester players could have started for city pool or Chelsea??

  63. Bamford10


    One, Iwobi did have many poor touches last night, along with a number of poor passes. If other people have decided to overlook these, that is on them, not me.

    Two, are you seriously claiming that your criticisms of Ramsey have always been measured? That if you called him “trash,” you were only speaking of “this season”? Are you seriously suggesting that you have never made more sweeping, more damning remarks about Ramsey as a footballer player?

    Because while I definitely have better things to do with my time, I can’t imagine it would take me very long to find examples of you saying things about Ramsey that are a thousand times more overboard than the very limited criticism I have made of Iwobi.

  64. AFC Nemesis

    “Thanks for your input, though”

    You haven’t even got the brains to see your comment above has just proved me right.

    Get over yourself mate, seriously.

  65. Bamford10

    Those have been my goalposts from the get-go, guy. So I am not moving anything.

    This is yet another example of you not understanding a discussion.

    If everyone else agrees that Iwobi is nothing more than a hard-working squad player, then why is it that so many seem to have a problem with my saying so?

    The answer is simple: because they think he is more than this, hope he is more than this.

  66. Leedsgunner

    “So, sorry, guy, but the intolerance and arrogance is entirely on the other side.“

    If anyone can find a bettter example of passive aggressive irony, I would like to see it…

    Bamford, you’re becoming a parody of yourself.

  67. Marko

    Two, are you seriously claiming that your criticisms of Ramsey have always been measured? That if you called him “trash,” you were only speaking of “this season”? Are you seriously suggesting that you have never made more sweeping, more damning remarks about Ramsey as a footballer player?

    Yes to all.

    than the very limited criticism I have made of Iwobi.

    Every one of your opinions on football are limited

  68. Bamford10


    Will we be able to challenge for the title with players who could never start for a top three team?

    Will we be able to challenge for the title with Alex Iwobi as one of our starting wide players?

  69. AFC Nemesis

    “it is Iwobi’s fan-boys”

    This isn’t true at all and you know it.

    I am know Iwobi fan boy however I praised him on last nights performance because he deserved the praise. If he had a mare in the next game I will criticise him. Thats how it is supposed to happen, right?

    Nobody here said he should play for Man City, you side that up because you knew you had lost the argument, much the same as your absurd ‘fan boy’ allegation. As for him having a poor first touch, again that is the one thing he can’t be criticised for.

    So yes you are intolerant why else call us all ‘Iwobi fan boys’? I stand by everything I said about you being patronising, arrogant and intolerant. It’s you to a tee.

  70. Joe

    If he becomes an integral part of our team then yes we can.

    I trust Emery to bring it out in him more than I do wenger

    The talent is there.

  71. Leedsgunner

    People who complain of moving goalposts are the same people who continually shoot own goals or miss the goal altogether but lack the willingness to change.

  72. Leedsgunner

    “As for Iwobi being the “most improved” under Emery, maybe he is, but that isn’t the discussion.”

    Ah but you see Bamford, this was indeed the discussion and you just decided to take a contrarian view based on 10 minutes of a game you were watching on replay… even when someone kindly told you hold your fire until you watched the entire game… you single handedly decided you knew better than everyone and ran down Iwobi… and patronised everyone who disagreed with you.

    Like I said, you’re entitled to your views. They’re wrong but you’re entitled to them.

    Wishing you the best.

  73. Goobergooner

    I find it seriously strange that Unai is being blamed for the slow starts from this squad.

    Did anyone watch the last few seasons? Especially last season. How many times did we go behind early and then just give up.

    Emery is working on bringing back the legendary ‘mental strength’ that late Wenger teams never had (except in a few fa cup finals).

    I understand that it is emery’s job to get them playing for a full 90, but I do believe this will improve, just as a lot of things are starting to improve already.

    What i am saying is that these slow starts have been a squad issue for way longer than Emery has been manager.

  74. Bamford10


    Wait, so you think Emery can win a PL title with the likes of Alex Iwobi in the XI? Really? Wow. Interesting.

    While I definitely have more faith in Emery than I ever did in late Wenger — for good reason — you are out of your mind if you think Emery is going to win a PL title with an Alex Iwobi in the XI.

    We will not be winning any titles — be it under Emery or any other manager — with an Alex Iwobi in our starting XI. Sorry.

  75. Goobergooner

    I am the new Ishola,

    Xhaka is just too slow for our midfield. get someone with more mobility who can pass and we will already look better in there.
    By the end of the season i see guendouzi in there over him, unless we buy in Jan, which i wouldn’t as we still need defensive replacements.


    Quality post regarding what you think needs improving on the first page.

    We just don’t have enough technical ability in the middle of the park. We need that player who always wants the ball, and doesn’t care if there is a bloke on his back; who can turn and pass forward or beat a man and gain a midfield advantage to play through the middle and open things up.

  76. Bamford10


    You’re really a piece of work, mate. One, I thought you were done speaking with me at 22:37:40, done humbly “trying to lead a horse to water,” yet you have kept on with tired comment after tired comment directed toward me. I guess you just don’t want to give up on this particular horse, eh? How noble of you.

    Except that, sadly, you continue to get everything wrong. My comments re Iwobi last night were part of my own ongoing commentary on this player, not part of whatever was being said about him by various people here in-game. (Although I can pretty much guarantee that some people here were overstating the quality of his play.) So again you’ve gotten the context of my comments wrong.

    I have an idea: you stay over where you are and I’ll get my own water. Sound like a deal? Great. Thanks.

  77. Marko

    you just decided to take a contrarian view based on 10 minutes of a game you were watching on replay…

    In a nutshell really. And now it’s we won’t challenge with Iwobi in the side. Who said that we would? It’s very possible that Bamford is engaging in a different discussion on a different blog or arguing with himself at this stage

  78. Marko

    Although I can pretty much guarantee that some people here were overstating the quality of his play

    First off you ain’t guaranteeing shit and secondly it’s been established long ago that the overly high opinion of yourself as a sage football expert is as you might put it bogus

  79. Bamford10


    No, I’m speaking with Joe — and everyone else here who is interested in seeing Arsenal eventually challenge for a title.

    And you’re also doing this annoying thing where you assume that everyone else here thinks as you do. Again, if everyone accepts my (and your) view of Iwobi, then why do certain people get so upset when I point out that he is no more than a squad player? You never answered this question.

  80. Bamford10

    TR7 (in game last night)

    “Most of the passes made by Iwobi are heavy. That he shows up for the ball all the time is a good thing but it’s not good enough to cover for his glaring weaknesses.”

    Glad to see others also see his lack of quality.

    I’m looking, though, for comments that overstate his quality. I will keep looking …

  81. Bamford10

    Rambo Ramsey (in game)

    “Marko, move your fat arse out of mum’s basement and find a job already. Patrolling Le grove all day, everyday isn’t gonna make your life any better.”

    I just kind of liked this one.

  82. AFC Nemesis

    “I”m looking, though, for comments that overstate his quality. I will keep looking”

    I think you are a patronising narcissist. You need help.

  83. Bamford10

    Paulinho (in game)

    “Iwobi has improved a bit in the last ten minutes but he’s still been shit and was guilty of several Ramsey-like heavy touches in the first half hour when that is supposed to be his strength.”

    Thank God for Paulinho. Good eyes for the game.

  84. Goobergooner

    “I mean, Ozil has to play, Laca has to play, Auba has to play. Before the contract impasse you would imagine Ramsey has to play too. Good luck finding a balance with a line up that consists those players.”

    I do agree with you, but only until Emery has another window or two.

    Maybe Emery sees this squad and thinks well I can’t play how I’d like just yet, but I do need the big players on the field.

    For all I know, he could be looking at purchasing a winger or wingbacks capable of helping change to a 3 5 2 so he can start both strikers in their preferred positions.
    Maybe he likes the 4 1 2 1 2 because we don’t have any proper wingers.
    Iwobi is doing well. Don’t mind him on the left.
    But down the right, I’d prefer if it wasn’t mhiki or ozil.
    They both have to be played as a 10 and not together obviously.

    To me the imbalance isn’t in the forward line. Midfield isn’t competitive enough, and the defence, well it’s still arsenal’s defence.

    Xhaka has definitely improved with torr beside him. Everyone and their dog knows we have needed that sort of player in there for so damn long. But it just still isn’t good enough to dictate games against proper opposition. Anyone running at xhaka would be loving it on a counter.

    Bellerin imo is a way better wingback than rb if he can keep his positive attacking work rate up.

    I’d love to go 3 at the back with even just one new winger bought in Jan, and have iwobi/new winger on the left and bell on the right. The new winger could also keep bell on his toes as backup/competition.

    I just can not wait to see how this season unfolds.

    Ohhhhhhhhh to be a gooooooner!!!!! 😃😃😃😃

  85. Goobergooner

    I actually believe it has been a great thing Emery has come in and not just overhauled the squad. He is a manager that loves to coach. So refreshing.
    I do believe he probably would have if we had city levels of moolah to spend, but coming into the arsenal ‘values’ system and coming up with the results he has, I am over the moon.

  86. Bamford10


    Because some / many people cannot see the game. Iwobi ran a lot, and he had one or two good (and largely fortunate) touches. Most of his touches and passes were meh to poor, though. That Ozil was the MOTM is obvious to anyone with eyes for the game. He was fantastic. Iwobi was … hard-working.

  87. China1

    Bamford not every player in the first team needs to be incredible for the team to win the title

    Is iwobi worse than everyone in that Leicester title winning team? No.

    Is he a worse player in his position than average players like Anderson and fletcher who won the title?

    I’m not making a case for iwobi as an incredible player but it’s nonsense that he’s so bad that you can’t win a title with him in the team. You agreed with me yesterday that winning the title is a game of maths. With our excellent record dispatching the weaker teams with iwobi in the side, if we do ‘fine’ against the top 6 and maintain this kind of record against the dross we would get a competitive points tally.

    So yes, you could win the league with an iwobi standard player.

  88. Joe


    It’s pointless to try to teach bamford about football. He’s really quite clueless.

    #neymargate *cough

    He obviously doesn’t understand the “team” aspect of football. Guess they didn’t teach that at Harvard.

    The kid has improved every week. That’s all you can ask right now and won MoM. Not because he “ran around a lot” but because he was good yesterday.

    Now wellbeck is a player that just runs around a lot.

  89. Joe

    Guess Atletico, Leicester and Dortmund were full of players that could start at Barca, Real, city, pool, Chelsea, Bayern etc.

    Every one of their players!!

    Right Bam?

  90. ddkingz

    @ bamford

    You are just an arrogant fuck….
    No one can withstand your know it all nonsense…. I wonder how you interact with people around you, because for sure with this attitude, you don’thave friends

    I just think, oh sorry, I know for sure you are a fool…. For nagging about a particular player for the past 27hrs, not even talking about alternatives to the wide positions since you want Emery to drop him…..
    Without contributing anything positive on le-grove on how to make the team play better on future matches…

    I just happened to find a way of not reading your comments anymore….

    You lonely cunt, seeking for attention on le-fucking-grove….

  91. Marko

    And you’re also doing this annoying thing where you assume that everyone else here thinks as you do.


    TR7 (in game last night)…Glad to see others also see his lack of quality.

    Oh the irony

  92. ddkingz

    Anyone here, reading/seeing bamfords lame complaints would have thought he was at the Emirates stadium or maybe he watched it live on TV…..

    For goodness sake….. This nagging cunt watched a fucking highlight not even a replay of the match….

    Bamford you are a total waste of space to the arsenal community… I guess you better remove yourself from the arsenal identity and cross over to spurd camp so everone can see you clearly for what you are…..

  93. Marko

    Because some / many people cannot see the game. Iwobi ran a lot, and he had one or two good (and largely fortunate) touches…He was fantastic. Iwobi was … hard-working

    See this is why you can’t be taken seriously the lad is getting fair praise (nothing overboard) for his recent performances you can’t even muster up the decency to say anything more positive than saying he’s hard working and then you quote a bunch of butt hurt Ramsey fuckboys sorry fanboys as if that proves you right. I mean it proves that you continue to show your ignorance to the sport you pretend to know so much about. I don’t even know why I bother engaging with you you’ve been proven to be a know nothing numpty for the last two years

  94. omar

    Shoya Nakajima. You heard it here first. If not in January, make it happen in the summer, shouldn’t cost a fortune. You are welcome Arsenal scouts, get him before the other EPL teams take notice.

  95. Sancho Monzorla

    Either that or get some more hours working as the gimp for those Harvard old boys, because you’re obviously not getting enough punishment around here.

  96. Goobergooner

    “Emery has transformed this squad so that the distinction between a starter and a squad player has been obliterated and in a way, in the form they are in, it doesn’t matter whether they start on the bench or not.When they are called upon, they are ready to come on and play for the win.The first team squad at Arsenal at the moment is more unified than I’ve seen it for years. No favourites, no hierarchy, no passengers… everyone of them playing for the shirt.Be careful what we wish for? Honestly?Why we were we so afraid?”

    Very well said sir!

  97. Goobergooner

    This is not backed up by stats, just a general observation, so please correct me if I’m wrong…

    Darren Burgess came in from the AFL, which requires a higher level of physicality and fitness over the course of a game. In saying that, the season is shorter, and not as intense, and generally only one game a week.

    This season, I can see the physical difference our players have improved on previous seasons.
    And, I am touching wood as I type this, our players seem stronger and more physically up for it, without major injuries occurring just yet.
    I think between rotation and a great fitness and conditioning regime brought in by Burgess, our players are reaping the benefits.
    I can only see our team getting stronger, and hopefully couple strength and technicality over the next few seasons.

    Every part of The Arsenal is so damn exciting this season! I really am loving it.

    That was brought to my attention reading Raptora saying he sees a difference in laca. I feel the whole team is improving physically.

  98. China1

    Bamford, iwobi is better than welbeck and welbeck played about as often under Ferguson as iwobi has under emery so far.

    An important squad player who has been in and out of the first team.

    And welbeck is a title winner lest we forget…

  99. China1

    Also I disagree with whoever recently said laca is not really physical enough

    Laca is very physical but he’s not big. He’s been in the wars this season. He puts himself about, harries players and puts himself on the line. Against a 6’2cb of course he won’t be as strong in the tussle but it’s not for a lack of aggression or physicality. and because he is playing more aggressively, he puts himself in positions to draw fouls by competing against players who are big enough to knock him over where last season he might have been a bit more way of competing

  100. China1

    Sporting next

    I have a hunch we’ll play badly, go a goal down and edge a late equalizer and a 90+ minute winner

    Heck based on this season that’s hardly a prediction. More like a certainty haha

  101. China1

    Christ if we can make it 11 in a row that would be fantastic! Every extra win the stats people keep saying ‘the last time we had a streak this long was back in…’


    It never gets boring. Last time was back in 2007. Emery rolling back the years like it’s nobody’s business. I wonder what the last record was for 11 wins? Beat sporting and we’ll no doubt get told!

  102. Graham62

    Aaron Ramsey epitomises everything that went wrong under Wenger.

    Here is a young man that was mollycoddled beyond belief, promised the world, believed in his own hype and, consequently, failed to deliver on a consistent basis.

    There always seems to be a sense of smugness about him. Look at me, I’m a world class performer. I’m on a par with Gareth Bale and must be respected and rewarded because of this.

    He, along with his mindblowingly stupid agent, have really cocked things up by demanding far more than he is worth.

    Guendouzi and Torreira are the future.

  103. Graham62

    Ramsay has given us some wonderful moments, but so to did the likes of Walcott and, to a lesser extent,The Ox.

    He obviously doesn’t fit into Emery’s plans, so getting rid is the only logical option.

  104. SUGA3

    Absolutely loving this. Hell, even the players’ body language before walking out is different from last season. You can tell the team is no longer on autopilot.

    This is actually enjoyable for the first time since the 07/08 season.

  105. Receding Hairline

    There is something seriously wrong with this fellow Bamford

    You were right about Coquelin u say yet when the time came for a move he went to Valencia.. A perfectly respectable team with European pedigree

    You were right about Iwobj yet a man like Emery who doesn’t owe him anything comes in and immediately identifies his quality and wants to make him a key player. That same man passed the verdict that Ramsey isn’t worth the pay he demands and can’t wait to get rid

    Iwobi can’t get into the Chelsea team yet he gave them the run around at the bridge in a devastating first half. Henderson and Chamberlain play for Liverpool so I will go easy with bigging up who gets in there

    And your whole argument falls on its face when you insist on calling Iwobi a wide player.. He is a playmaker who just happens to be playing wide… He can run a game same cannot be said for Ramsey

  106. mysticleaves

    “I was merely making my view points now to Graham that he could have knocked Bamford’s opinion for what it was, not to resort to silly cheap points about American’s not understanding the game, which is blatantly false.
    It seem you have a bone to pick me with these cheap shots.”

    I don’t really have any bones to pick. Just that your are so busy removing the log in the eyes of legrovers while yours is blinding you.

    I mean you shouted down Unai for calling Senegal a shithole, shouted down Graham for calling American’s knowledge of the game into disrepute but you made a mockery of the Scouse intonation. Hypocritical don’t you think?

  107. mysticleaves


    You failed woefully about Coq. You had to change your moniker to “dipshit” because you lost our wager. He basically made you eat your words for 2 seasons playing in the first 11 of The Arsenal where your original claim was that he was not up to requires level to play for Arsenal. When he eventually left, he went to a Valencia that is in the UCL and doing good in their league and he’s an absolute starter over there. You were only “right” because he left, due to circumstances beyond his qualities and also because even a broken clock is right twice a day.

    As for Iwobi. Nobody said he’s world class. just that he has made massive strides and improvements to the point where he meaningfully contributes to our game. Why people are against you is that last week and this week he probably played his best but you can give him no praise, Almost like a scorned bitch. Check around le grove, 99% are calling for a top winger but we also recognise the progress Iwobi is making.

    You say he cannot play for City, Chelsea, Madrid and Barcelona bla bla bla but you had Ramsey as a top tier quality CM. What a load of hogwash. You think Ramsey can start in those teams? You were wrong about Ramsey when you said Pogba was 3x the player and you are wrong about him now when you say he is top6 CM player in the world

  108. china1

    Some of those guys told us we weren’t really enjoying what we were seeing because the football wasn’t electric from day 1 and we still had to improve

    Fucking lol

  109. China1

    If Ramsey is a top 6 in his position then I must not watch enough football, because he’s the 3rd best player in his position at arsenal.

    Maybe our CMs are all top 6!!

  110. China1

    The unsentimental truth is that Ramsey’s career progression curve is likely on a downward swing

    He was a more important player at 23 than he is at 28/29

    He doesn’t even have an established position anymore. People can’t even agree where he belongs or how he fits. In all likelihood he’ll be a bench player for a good team next year or a starter for an unremarkable one. This is his level.

    He’s not getting better. He scores and makes less goals now and plays worse on average now than he did in his early 20s. He’s not a bad player but he’s nothing special. No one special would find themselves in his shoes right now. At least with ozil who is rightly killed on here sometimes, at least we know his best position and know that he offers one genuinely exceptional quality. In Ramsey’s case, he will score occasionally and when he does it will probably be a very nicely taken goal – but he doesn’t work in our system and isn’t better than ozil or our wingers. And he isn’t disciplined enough for a deeper position

    Thanks for the memories Aaron. Enjoy the rest of your career

  111. Steiner


    How is Coquelin a failure or not good enough?
    The guy had some of the best defensive stats in Europe’s top 5 leagues the year he came back from loan.

    He may be a one dimensional player, a destroyer, but damn he was excellent at doing what he did best.
    His effectiveness waned when Wenger paired him with Ramsey, who would make runs forward and leave him without an outlet, we all know his passing and retention was poor, compared to his time with Carzola, when he would spoil an attack, and pass the ball to Santi for the transition.

    If Coquelin was with us now to partner Guendouzi in deep midfield I’d be OK with that.
    I’d even be OK with him and Torreira playing, as Torreira has the range of passing to offer that transition each time Coquelin broke an attack and got possession.

    So I don’t see how you were “right” about Coquelin.

  112. Bob N16

    Graham, the most ‘Wengerised’ poster on here and he doesn’t see it- I guess that’s what bugs me so much, people who mention and complain about Wenger and continue to talk about him, in an attempt to continue the discourse.
    Sorry, I’m now banging on about the same point….never again….