Wingers on the lips

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Arsene Wenger is rocking the papers of the world hard, he wants in on ALL the jobs. Le Parisien is reporting that PSG are after him to replace the outgoing sporting director, Henrique. This is a really fucking weird move. If you’d paid any attention to Wenger over the past 15 years, you’d know firstly, picking out elite talent really hasn’t been his thing, and you’d also know that he was a world class ditherer.

‘Buying players isn’t like buying a loaf of bread’

Until we hired in competent people and reworked the entire spin of our team in 6 months and two windows. If the concern with Henrique is he didn’t get deals over the line, why would you bring in someone who let the contracts of Mesut, Sanchez and Ramsey crash into the danger zone?

The same paper also reckons Wenger is pushing for a sniff at Madrid and Bayern. I’d be happy to see him land both jobs. So would all the fans, regardless of the opinion they have of him. Let him go to one of those clubs, let him maybe win a trophy, just give him a little bit of a fun at a crisis club for a short amount of time before it all goes wrong and all the things that have degraded Arsenal hit him harder than a freight train at clubs that have seen what good coaching looks like.

Emery was in full on praise mode when it came to free-scoring Lacazette.

“When I arrived at PSG we were thinking about signing Lacazette. His quality & his characteristics we liked, & the people who were working at the club when we arrived, they said to us, ‘This player has the quality to play for PSG'”

“Last year was his first in the Premier League, it was a different to the French league, a different position for him, a different rhythm. Not a different mentality because he has a very good mentality & gives himself very good chances to score. He is very efficient”

Big words. He’s certainly been excellent this season. He’s the more well rounded of our strikers, he’s just not as physical as you’d like for the Premier League. That said, he scores bangers, he brings people into games and he looks like a great character to have in and around the dressing room. Hopefully, we get to see a bit more a plan about how to integrate him and his main bro, Aubameyang.

There’s a little transfer rumour going around that Arsenal are on standby to take Malcolm from Barca if the player continues to get the cold should from the manager over there. It was odd that he moved there in the first place, I’d have thought Arsenal or Roma were much more suited, and it’s clearly gone to shite so far. Could be a good loan move in January, where we’re really lacking true wide players.

That said, look no further than Reiss Nelson who scored two goals yesterday, taking his total to 4 in 4. Sancho and Reiss making a real point out in Germany, hopefully, their success points to a more traveled future for young English players. If we need to make a move on a wide player, why not bring back a superstar English kid working his socks off and delivering?

I really do think it’s a sign of the times that we have youth players good enough to be considered at other big leagues for loan moves. Smith Rowe is apparently on the radar of Thierry Henry, another move that’d make a lot of sense if he’s going to stay on the bench most of the season here.

Right, that’s me done, see you in the comments.

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  1. Paulinho

    Dissenter – You couldn’t say the same for every player because as I said, Ozil actually played with composure and didn’t cough up possession as soon as he received the ball.

    Iwobi is still the same player he was two years ago. His best spell for us so far was his first couple of months. Useful then, useful now, but still with the same flaws.

  2. prvhc

    The point is among the front 4(which admittedly didn’t create many chances) I thought Ozil was by far the best player.
    Most of his touches,feints and passes were spot on.

  3. Joe

    Dale “da”

    Are you black?
    A gangster?
    From the hood?

    Or just a 6 year old ?


    Hahahaha fucking comical

    I’m dale da gooner! Holla at me homiez!!

  4. DaleDaGooner


    My gripe with Ozil in the game is he never seems to take responsibility for the ball, he rarely makes the runs to be at the end for a goal except for the goal, he’s always looking to shift the ball on, he can’t even own a freekick ffs! He’s redeemed for the goal. Bellerin, with all the pace, still seems to always get beat defensively and his forward runs always seem to end up with a pass backwards or an errant cross.

    Iwobi has been better, IMO. Mhki is the one i think needs to make way now. he’s just anonymous, he isn’t showing up at all.

  5. TR7

    I think we have found a gem in Leno. His ability with the ball is second only to Ederson and he is as calm and composed as the Brazilian.

  6. Goobergooner

    Xhaka for a passing master sure does pass to the opposition a lot in our final 3rd. Twice in that half he made the daftest passing decisions which luckily didn’t get punished. All he does for me is play a nice few sprayed long balls out wide. None of his other attributes would lead me to pick him (except that we have a lack of tried and tested options). He must be brilliant in training. When he is replaced our midfield will finally take it to the next level, bringing in Torreira has given us a solid base to build on though. Love that man.

  7. Joe

    Great feeling isn’t it

    Going down 1 nil and not thinking the match is over already.

    It’s great to be an arsenal fan again

    We’ve got our Arsenal back

  8. DaleDaGooner


    I’d explain to you that Da is first two words in my last name, a play on “The” but why would i owe you any explanation? You’re the canadian fireman who backs pasta for the firehouse, your knowledge of football is next to nothing, you enjoy being on Le Grove because it makes you feel like you have friends to play with, you know, everytime i pop in here, you’re having a go “loudly” on le grove. It seems to get you triggered well, best part of your life is spent on the blog posts, lol looser!

  9. Receding Hairline

    Hope those Leno doubts have been laid to rest..we bought a confident experienced goal keeper on a cheap if you consider the market

    I know Hector has been rubbish defensively but where would we be without his cutbacks….it’s an area of his game he has taken up a notch

  10. useroz

    Oh. Leicester got away with one.

    Laca overran and Mikki couldn’t hit the target with GK sort of stranded

    Jasper time wasting. See if he does it when down 2 – 1…

    C’mon man…

  11. Jamie

    Iwobi is having a really positive game, as is Ozil.

    It’s Mikki who isn’t performing particularly well, imo. Torreira hasn’t exerted much influence on the midfield either.

  12. DaleDaGooner

    I know Hector has been rubbish defensively but where would we be without his cutbacks….it’s an area of his game he has taken up a notch

    I agree with this….remember vs Chelsea he had a lot of these

  13. Joe


    Dale da!

    I’m at work getting paid to Watch the match and rip your stupid ass apart and watch my Arsenal come back to the fans

    Oh getting paid more in the 2 hours of the match than you get paid all day

    The Emirates is alive!

    Let me know when you get a clue.

  14. prvhc

    Mkhitaryan seems to be the kind of player who needs just the right environment to consistently bring the best out of him.
    The talent is obvious,but he simply drifts through games.

  15. TR7

    Most of the passes made by Iwobi are heavy. That he shows up for the ball all the time is a good thing but it’s not good enough to cover for his glaring weaknesses.

  16. TheLegendaryDB10


    Hope those Leno doubts have been laid to rest..we bought a confident experienced goal keeper on a cheap if you consider the market

    I totally agree. Makes me wonder if we should let Cech back in the first XI. Leno is getting more and more confident with each game.

  17. DaleDaGooner

    JoeOctober 22, 2018 21:13:41
    HaDale da!I’m at work getting paid to Watch the match and rip your stupid ass apart and watch my Arsenal come back to the fans Oh getting paid more in the 2 hours of the match than you get paid all day The Emirates is alive! Let me know when you get a clue.

    HaHaHa…..please tell me this joe kid is 12 years old or something! Please tell me!

  18. Joe


    You live in the Uk

    You claim to be super fan

    Yet you don’t go to matches?

    I know if I lived in the uk I’d be going to
    Every match

    Oh. Tell me more about Bellerin

    Haha wankwe

  19. Joe


    This is what I said before well
    Before the match :

    * Joe
October 22, 2018    19:15:08

    I’m expecting Ozil to shine today

    That’s knowing football.

    Not your nonsensical bollocks.

  20. WengerEagle

    Just wow.

    Leaves you scratching your dome as to why Ozil can’t turn up like this on a more regular basis, best game in an Arsenal shirt I’ve seen from him.


  21. Marko

    When Ozil plays like that I got no problem paying him what he wants. That ball for the second was vintage Bremen Ozil

  22. TheLegendaryDB10


    Leaves you scratching your dome as to why Ozil can’t turn up like this on a more regular basis, best game in an Arsenal shirt I’ve seen from him.

    I hope this game helps Ozil find his brilliant best that we all know has been buried away.

  23. Joe

    Leaves you scratching your dome as to why Ozil can’t turn up like this on a more regular basis, best game in an Arsenal shirt I’ve seen from him

    Just took the right manager to motivate him

  24. mysticleaves

    “Emery has managed Guendouzi really well.
    Just had to say that.”

    My good friend, shouldn’t you be apologizing to me? winks. I mean you thought I hated the boy for being a good prospect that needed to be managed.

  25. TheLegendaryDB10


    Just fuck off from out blog if all you can do is slag off any British player playing.

    Not a single one of your posts have been about Arsenal.

  26. TR7

    ‘Leaves you scratching your dome as to why Ozil can’t turn up like this on a more regular basis, best game in an Arsenal shirt I’ve seen from him.’

    Ozil looks a different beast when he has 3-4 players making runs around him. He doesn’t have an all round game to shine in all sort of situations and all kind of opponent style.

  27. InsideRight

    I’ve slagged off Ozil lots of times on here.

    So it’s fucking lovely to be able to come on here and praise him up for an excellent performance. He’s tackled back, chased forward, scored, created and looked like he’s up for it. All credit to him for tonight in particular.

    We’ve seen Ozil do well in patches before. What we need now is consistency for the rest of the season. That would turn me around and lots of others I suspect. Shout out for Alex Iwobi too, he’s been superb tonight.

    Feels like we’re getting our Arsenal back.

  28. DaleDaGooner

    Laca didn’t miss that, Schmeichel got that, perhaps Ozil could have scored if he saw him step up to smother that…

    he wasn’t happy to come off there

  29. E54_

    Wenger in charge

    ‘I dont mind losing, i just hope we don’t get humiliated’

    Unai in charge

    ‘We’re gonna batter these f’ing mugs! Lets do ’em 3,4,5! Come on lads!’

    “Be careful what you wish for” – Cowards

  30. Dissenter

    Guendouzi had that many minutes initially because Torrierra wasn’t up to speed initially. Everyone knew that except for you.
    You didn’t think he was good enough and wanted him to sit on the bench to learn.

  31. Joe

    10 on the trot

    Should be 11 as we shouldn’t have lost to Chelsea.

    What could have been if made this change a decade ago

  32. Paulinho

    Definitely a squad game this year.

    Sometimes you have a great first 11 – like 07/08 – and sometimes it’s about mixing and matching. That’s the type of team we are. Using the whole squad.

  33. Joe


    There seems to be a great chemistry amongst the whole team.

    And amongst the fans again

    Well except for the bitter Akbs

  34. mysticleaves

    You are not one for continual digging. I actually thought you would agree you were wrong about my thoughts towards Guendouzi as i made them as clear as possible. Anyway, let’s leave it at that, cheers man.

  35. Dissenter

    You got that prediction wrong

    I guess I wont be asking you for tips for the mega-millions lottery [cash prize of $1.6 billion]

  36. Dissenter

    You’re certainly framing our disagreement regarding Guendouzi to your advantage.
    I agree…lets leave it there my friend.
    Enjoy the win.

  37. TheLegendaryDB10


    C’mon mate! His turn will come in the next game!

    We have got our Arsenal back. Game after game! Lovin’ it!!!!

    Onwards and Upwards The Arsenal!

  38. azed

    10 wins in a row.

    Unai is yet to draw a league match.

    Inspired substitutions. Feels good to know your coach can affect the game with his subs.

    Pierre owns Le grove for the next few days, so y’all should let him be.

  39. Paulinho

    TR7 – I fear we are not good enough to acquire the required points against top sides to mount a title challenge, but we definitely have the squad to consistently beat everyone outside the top six.

    United won the league doing that a few years back so I wouldn’t completely write off a challenge but we need to try and improve our base technical level playing through the lines against a aggressive opposition.

  40. Cesc Appeal

    Obviously not an Ozil fan but he had a great game tonight, the best he’s played in memory for us.

    Iwobi was outstanding on both sides of the ball.

    Bellerin was good.

    For all his faults Xhaka was good as well and displayed confidence to play LCB.

    Aubameyang is just lethal. We feel a more threatening side as soon as he comes on.

    Guendouzi was also great when he came on and seems to be developing as a young player nicely with these 30 minute roles.

  41. Marko

    Second half to first half is like night and day. Credit to them they were all excellent second half standouts Leno, Özil, Bellerin and Auba but I honestly thought Iwobi was MOTM.

  42. DaleDaGooner

    We still look like 2nd half team…since last season. We can’t afford these type of play against Liverpool and the other top 4 teams…I don’t count Spurs.

  43. Cesc Appeal

    It may be Emery is slowly realizing you cannot play Ramsey, Ozil and Mkhitaryan together.

    Understandable that it has taken time to see it for him.

    We’ve gone from playing them all to just 2 of them, one against Fulham and then whilst we played 2 tonight 1 was taken off at 57 minutes and the team instantly looked more balanced.

  44. mysticleaves

    Sticking up for Ozil all season only to end up missing the one game he actually made everyone united in his praise. what a life.

    For all intents and purposes I wish Paulinho and Bamford keep eating their words abouy Iwobi. upwards and onwards ..

  45. Dissenter

    We played City too early
    We were very unlucky to lose to Chelsea
    We still aren’t firing on all cylinders yet but we have two of the best 10 strikers in European football.

    I really hope we bring in someone this winter window. Sell Elneny and bring in another central midfielder.

  46. Dissenter

    No one is talking crap about Xhaha again. He’s improving as the season progresses.

    If you want to see what a bad midfielder looks like..go check out Bakayoko.

  47. OleGunner

    Champagne football for that third goal, incredible stuff!

    Think it maybe overlooked, but I thought it was a tactical master stroke by Emery to move Xhaka to left back which also mitigated his yellow card/gave us better passing off the left.

  48. Cesc Appeal

    Xhaka isn’t playing badly but unfortunately for him I think his total lack of mobility mean we will need to replace him at CM.

    Guendouzi felt more effective when he came on on both sides of the ball.

  49. WengerEagle

    Yeah I too worry about our capability to handle the pressure cooker matches against other top 6 sides, especially away from the Emirates.

    We have rectified in emphatic fashion the inability to win away from home under AW, pretty confident that we’ll get as many points as anyone against the teams from 7th downwards, just so much firepower when you have two guys that are good for 20 plus league goals each.

    Have to wait and see how we fare against Liverpool in a couple of weeks to really ascertain if we’ve truly turned a corner in that respect.

  50. DaleDaGooner

    I hate to say it, but Mhki is looking on the outside from here on, he is talented, but far too anonymous.

    Anyone wondered if Sanchez had stayed would he have stunk up the joint with his attitude and his giveaways? No doubt if we had him in addition with Laca and Auba, it would have been a nice front 3, but we wouldn’t have Auba if he stayed and I’m glad we got shot of him. 16 goals compared to Sanchez’ 12 in the same amount of games since first joining.

  51. WengerEagle

    People ready to admit by now that Elneny is worse than Xhaka and that he should be the first one out the door?

    Non-entity of a CM, does nothing but pretty crab passes and such a wimp.

  52. Dissenter

    Is is excitable blather to suggest that we have two of the best strikers in Europe?

    It poses a challenge playing them together but damn we are going to be hard to beat when you have two strikers that can find the back of the net.