Clean sweep complete, new leaders at club speak out

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So, it would appear Arsenal are going to do a Liverpool and rock a more modern version of Houllier / Evan’s. Vinai Venkatesham and Raul Sanllehi did a joint interview with king of the internet, David Ornstein.

Most of the chat was fairly standard Arsenal speak. The self-sustaining model, we’re all friends, there’s one vision… their big message seemed to be evolution, not a revolution. That’s great news. When a long-time CEO leaves, it creates a power vacuum… that can often be filled with bad ideas and big changes.

“I don’t see this as being a time for revolution, where things are going to be turned completely upside down. There will be some change, things will evolve, of course we will be looking improve and push the club forward, but don’t think you’re going to see dramatic change ahead.”

“This is evolution, not revolution. We do believe they were in the right direction so that will go on.”

The path Ivan put us on was a safe one and a good one. Everyone is out there doing the job they’re hired for. Vinai takes care of off the pitch stuff, Raul takes care of on the pitch. There will inevitably be a crossover, and that’s where being adults comes in handy.

The other two messages were pretty standard, but also welcome. Firstly, the two joint bosses seem to think Stan and Josh want to do good things with the club.

“We last saw them [Kroenke and son Josh] two weeks ago and they are very, very clear – they are 100% committed to this club and want to get the club back in the Champions League, back competing for Premier League and competing to win the Champions League,” Venkatesham said.

“They’re behind that vision. Two individuals who are hugely passionate about the sport, very energised and excited about the future opportunity we have.

I still have doubts about this, we’re the sibling that went to Europe to study art, whilst the older brother stayed in LA and took a job in banking. But, with rumours of losses coming in the next batch of financials, you can’t say we don’t invest. I also don’t think you need to have a mega net spend to be successful. Just remember this, since 2010, Real Madrid has a lower net spend than Arsenal and quite a few more CL medals.

Arsenal need to pick a vision and roll with it. We need to be aggressive about gathering up young players on the cusp of greatness. We should have been there for Hazard, we should have been there for Dembele. If we’re seen as a stepping stone to Barca, so be it, as long as we’re the team that’s taking the chances on elite young talent. It always helps to have Pep budgets, but you can make up for weakness in talent by having better scouting and really smart ideas on the pitch. That’s what Atleti has done, that’s what Juve has done, that’s what we’ll have to do.

The second message, after taking the club private, is that the fans are still important and they see engaging with them as essential to a well run outfit.

“I don’t think fans should be concerned around any lack of engagement with the club going forward.

“One of the key things we’ve been speaking about over the past few weeks is how we can continue to step up our engagement with fans, look to build more constructive relationships with our fan groups as well. These aren’t just words, these are things that are very, very important to us.”

We’ll see where this goes. I think fan groups have been burned after the last 10 years of madness. It’s going to take some effort from both sides to retreat from the position of aggression. The club needs to offer access, the fan groups need to give the new regime a chance.  The most difficult thing Ivan had to deal with was the fact he was a straight up liar. You couldn’t trust a thing that came out of his mouth, the new regime should learn from that. We’ll take a shit sandwich, just don’t tell us it’s peanut butter and marmite.

As sad as it is to lose the shares that have been in people’s families for generations (great story here), the reality is they were worth nothing. I can say that, because I’m an heir to a share. It’s a nice to have, but it didn’t give us any power. It was about as useful as a signed shirt. The big loss is not being able to air grievances and the worry that the club doesn’t need to give a fuck about you anymore.

However, this is football, fans are hugely important to the process. If they don’t feel respected, they don’t turn up. Arsenal are still struggling to fill the ground, even after a mega run of wins. There’s a lot of trust still to be built, but a clean sweep of management on and off the pitch is a good place to start.

Onto website stuff. I’m having trouble working around the issue of you having to fill in your details over and over again. I updated my blog to the latest WordPress, that meant GDPR has come into play, so I’m going to have work something out. If you know anyone who can help, that’d be amazing.

Right, see you in the comments.

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  1. mysticleaves

    ‘Fantastic match from Martial. Wish we had him at Arsenal.’

    On the back of this match I wouldn’t want him as our wing option. No penetration, no dribble, no proper usage of speed. He was fortunate for the 1st goal and almost fucked up the second goal. Good player though but needs to consistently show more.

  2. Bob N16


    Martial’s first touch for both goals was quality, as were the subsequent finishes. Credit where credit’s due, surely?

  3. Dream10

    Chambers struggling at Fulham. I was wrong about him. Not sure how we’ll be able to sell him. Especially, after signing him to a new contract in August. Hope Fulham get a new manager.

  4. Up 4 grabs now

    Lol, wengers going to have Real Madrid and Bayern fighting for him at this rate.

    Good results today shame west ham couldn’t pull there finger out and get something.
    Let’s hope the bindippers drop points now!
    And we Just need to be focused for Monday night.

  5. mysticleaves

    Bob yea, he got 2 goals, credit where it’s due. He wasn’t fantastic though.

    Dream10, Well, Fulham is a shambles defensively. Can’t blame any of the players there.

  6. nepGunner

    Freakin Spuds went above us today.

    Cant wait for Monday to have our season back on track again by putting the chickens where they belong..somewhere below us.

    These int’l breaks are real killers in terms of momentum of PL form and continuity. Let’s hope the boys appreciate we can be level on 21 points with the Chavs and just two points adrift City (and possibly Pool). Then we have the chance to level it out with the unbeaten (so far) bindippers and see where we stand…And united could be 7 points behind us…another freakin reason to absolutely smash Leceister

    Bring it on!

  7. Marc


    You joke about Wenger being linked with Madrid or Bayern but there’s a good chance both of those clubs as well as ManU will be looking for a new manager soon. How long will the Poch sit at the Spud’s with no money to spend? What happens if they start to sell off the crown jewels? The best part is that if he were to go who the hell would want the Tottenham job at the moment – it’s going to be a poisoned chalice for the next 5 years or so.

  8. HillWood

    People on here can moan as much as they like about international football but I don’t think UEFA will take much notice

  9. Bob N16

    Marc, I’m convinced Lewis will sell Spurs and get out financially. I have no idea how they are financing/funding their very expensive stadium.

    Nep, much as I find international breaks boring, sometimes in AFC’s interest to have a break; swings and roundabouts I reckon!

  10. Up 4 grabs now


    You never know, nobody thought George Graham would go to the spuds.
    Maybe Wenger might fancy it?
    Could do us all a favour and get them relegated!
    Real losing 3 of there first 9, Bayerns looking a very old side and maureen hanging on by his fingernails.

    If Pinocchio has any sense he’ll be out the door straight away if one of them comes sniffing, as sooner or later his stock will start to fall, not that I rate him much anyway.

  11. Marc


    Lewis has been trying to sell the Spud’s for years. Rich fuckers keep buying all these clubs – ManU, Chelsea, City, PSG, Fulham, Arsenal, Liverpool, Cardiff, Hull etc etc and no one ever shows the slightest bit of interest in the Spud’s. Bearing in mind he’d want a chunk of money and the Spud’s are now £1 billion in debt who the fuck would want to buy them?

  12. Marc


    That’s the thing the Poch is getting close to a point of being that guy who plays some good football but never wins anything. Even Martinez won something at Wigan and he was pretty clueless.

  13. Leftsidesanch

    Hopefully our rhythm hasn’t been knocked from the interlull. Would like to see the same side we played v Fulham.

  14. Marc


    All depends how it works for us. You could argue it’s given Emery a couple of weeks to spend on the training ground so could help with tactics.

  15. TheLegendaryDB10

    Stefano14, Aubergin14, Uruguyan Pitbull

    Under your previous monikers.

    Glad to see that you are just as rude as ever. Do you speak like this with everyone in real life?

  16. David Smith

    So we now know Stan won’t out a penny of his own money into the club.
    Self sufficiency isn’t the worst thing in the world, but it would be nice if he put just a little our way to make up for his mistake in letting one man ultimately lose the club so much. At least he could pay off Wenger and his merry men with his own money, let’s face it it was down to Stan for keeping those losers at the club.
    But that aside, good to see the swamp drained and the club going in hopefully a much better direction

  17. nepGunner

    Hilwood /Bob

    With 9 games winning streak leading up to the intl break, I think it hampers our momentum. Especially if players come back injured.

    If we were on a loosing run, then yes it could stop the rot and give us some time to recover and regroup.

    I do agree that the break does give any coach to mull over season till date, take stock, and then engineer the necessary tactics to address where required like our defence and transition play. I hope Unai used the break to its fullest and we absolutely spank Leceister

  18. englandsbest

    Brilliant interview. VV and RS were vibrant with expectation and honesty.

    What was made clear, is that by ‘self-sustaining’, Stan means that he won’t put any of his own money into the Club.

    I have no problem with that, The Club’s huge revenue should enable it to compete on equal terms with the very best clubs. provided it is run properly.

    We ought to remember that Stan loaded the Emirates Stadium debt (his debt) on the Club. It still has more than ten years to run. A gut feeling tells me that he now intends to load the Club with the £500 million he borrowed to pay off Usmanov , as well.

    If he does we won’t know for ages. Arsenal is registered in the most secretive of all the American states. Nor will we know how much per annum. But for sure it won’t be less than the stadium debt payment.

  19. HillWood

    International football is nothing new . It happens every season and has done for decades before the Premier League was even thought of
    Clubs and posters on here can complain as much as they want but it’s part of the football season so they just have to deal with it

  20. Marc


    Why is the stadium debt Kroenke’s debt? The Emirate’s project was under way before he bought into the club – in fact you could argue that the stadium debt was what brought him in however he never had anything to do with building the stadium. He first bought in in 2007 and we moved into the stadium in 2006.

    If you want to be critical of him fine but at least be factually correct.

  21. nepGunner


    I’m aware of the intl football.

    I’m just pointing it affects the momentum of a good ongoing form, like our 9 game winning streak.

    Of course I, nor anyone at LG-verse can do anything about it since we don’t run FIFA, UEFA, FA or any such institutions. It’s my thought and POV.

  22. TheLegendaryDB10


    I’ve read the blog enough to know that all you have ever spouted here is insults to everyone. Not once have you ever said anything constructive or started a meaningful debate.

    The way you write is too similar to those written by those previous monikers. The same aggressive and sometimes downright insulting tone.

    So why not for once come on this blog and say something worthwhile instead of this constant aggression that you aim at everyone who dares to question Wenger.

  23. Marc


    It’s a shame Vettel has a grid penalty, it’d be better to see the championship won on pure merit rather than a daft grid place reduction. Been far to many this season through either mechanical reliability issue’s or minor cock ups.

  24. Batistuta

    Wouldn’t be too suprised to see big Weng turn up at Madrid or Bayern at this rate……My goodness Madrid are bloody awful

  25. HillWood

    Ferrari have the fastest car and keep shooting themselves in the foot
    But the rules are the rules and it’s over a season
    I’d have loved it going down to the last race but the Italians just couldn’t hack it

  26. Graham62


    Good evening.

    Have you ever once tried to be pleasant on here?

    Do you take pleasure in being abusive and vulgar to other posters?

    Why do you hide behind so many different monikers?
    (Your language gives the game away on that one)

    What exactly are your motives? Is it just to spew hate and anger or is it to try and put up constructive and opinionated arguments and join in the banter. I don’t think so.

    Bullies come in many forms, but you my friend have to understand one thing. Most on here do not divulge their work or personal life, because it is irrelevant to the blog. Nevertheless, if I were to tell you that should you continue on your personal vendetta and sadistic trip, certain other posters(ie myself) may decide to take matters into their own hands.

    Can I therefore suggest you think long and hard before you next post a comment and maybe back off a wee bit, or else things could turn decidedly ugly for you.

    “Someone’s knocking on your door, someone’s ringing your bell”.

    Know what I mean?

  27. englandsbest


    If you bought a car from someone with an HP debt you would pay less for it. But you would have to pay off the outstanding debt.

    Stan bought Arsenal on the cheap and the Club is paying off the debt. Smart business man.

    It’s on record that Stan admired old man Glazer greatly and intended to follow in his footsteps. He borrowed the money to buy Man U, and the Club is still paying it off. Smart business man.

    Sad for Stan, Usmanov stepped in, bought a whack of shares. Now, with Usmanov paid off, he can do what he intended to do from the start, Load the debt on the Club. Smart business man.

  28. Marko

    It’s on record that Stan admired old man Glazer greatly and intended to follow in his footsteps

    A bit loose with the auld truth there but continue with what you’re doing

  29. Leedsgunner

    So….. we have an owner that is saying (through his managing director and his head of football relations) that the club will operate on a “self sustaining model” when it comes to investing in new players, but he is itching to heavily burden the club with his business debt to the tune of hundreds of millions.

    Is it just me, or does anyone else see this as supremely contradictory and hypocritical?

  30. Marc


    Sorry but that’s not what you said in your first comment. You claimed Kroenke loaded the club with the stadium debt – he didn’t we already had it.

    As for what he’ll do in the future – I have no idea but I can tell you this – the Glazer’s did load the purchasing debt onto ManU and it’s cost them a huge amount in interest payments but they’ve still spend a fortune on transfers which keeps the fans happy. Arsenal do not generate the turn over currently to do the same thing – if we don’t spend, even with some serious gems coming in the fans will turn and not show up to matches. You can’t accuse Kroenke of being a smart businessman and in the same breath talk about actions that will hurt the “business”.

  31. WengerEagle


    Oh the irony, we all know that you’re a mouth-breathing 5 foot 6 string of piss keyboard warrior wiping the Monster-Munch dust off of your mitts in yer Mum’s gaf so spare us the pretence you sad twat, have literally lost count of the amount of your monikers by now.

    Bet you’re not more than 15, and if you really are I don’t know what’s more tragic.

  32. Marc

    “but he is itching to heavily burden the club with his business debt to the tune of hundreds of millions.”

    This really fucks me off – I don’t have any desire to stick up for Kroenke but can anyone show me any proof that that’s what Kroenke plans to do? It’s pure speculation and left wing spite = all rich people have bad intentions.

    The other major point is Sanllehi – his CV is all about running a huge force in global football why would he some to Arsenal to help run a club into the ground? Why would Adidas give us a huge new shirt deal to be associated with a club being bled dry?

    I’m pretty sure there won’t be any replies to this that are serious or coherent because there are no facts to back up the bullshit positions of some posters on here.

  33. TheLegendaryDB10

    And to think Pierre supports that kind of guy. Embarrassing.

    Stefano14 I will dig out all the shit you have said under this and your other monikers so we can compare your tone when I’ll have the time.

    Your just a complete waste of space and an embarrassment to all Gooners out there.

  34. Pedro

    Web warriors. Sad breed of little people angry at their lot in life.

    I’ll keep an eye out.

    Email if he comes back and i’ll delete.

  35. Marc


    Forgive my ignorance on the subject but is he “signing on” with a different email address each time?

    Changing names on here is easy but does someone really have the time to set up a new email address each time as well?

  36. Marko

    It’s pure speculation and left wing spite

    Can we go one fucking day without some ding a ling mentioning left and right wing bollox. Is it possible to judge a person’s comments for what they are I mean I look at englands nonsense and I couldn’t tell you if he leans right or left all I know is that he’s a bit unhinged

  37. englandsbest


    Read leedsgunner’s point, perhaps that will open your eyes a little.

    At the price Stan paid for the Usmanov shares, his 64% of Arsenal shares is worth three times what he paid for them. That’s good business isn’t it? Hence his reluctance to change things, to fire Wenger.

    What’s more, the outstanding stadium debt has diminished by more than £200 mill over those ten years. Good business, right?

    He’d love Arsenal to win titles and trophies, but why take risks, he’s doing great anyway. That is the kind of owner he is.

    Let me ask you this: how will you feel if he does a ‘glazer’? Will you still say, ‘Who cares, Man U are doing fine’?

  38. Marko

    Roast or mashed lad?

    Roast all the way. Sometimes I just have a couple in me pocket too. They feel great and make me feel like a big shot

  39. kc

    I’d wager Real Madrid is going to be making a huge swan dive into the transfer market in January. They’re in turmoil. Maybe we can pawn off Ramsey to go play with his buddy Bale. Or maybe they can persuade Hazard to bail on Chelsea mid-season. Chelsea minus Hazard equals barely a top 6 side. He is that team.

  40. WengerEagle


    Big mistake not to go in for Hazard in the summer.

    Real were out of their mind thinking that they could replace Ronaldo’s guaranteed 40+ goals a season internally.

    Lopetegui is getting sacked in the morning, no way he’s sitting in the dugout at the Camp Nou next weekend.

  41. Dissenter

    Real were naive to think they could lose Ronaldo and replace him with internal solutions.
    It also put the Gereth Bale hype to rest.

  42. gonsterous

    great post pedro but every thing you said, top teams have already been doing for years. We were just in the dark and now we see the light and we think we are going far. Mark my words, we are going in the right direction but winning the PL or CL is going to take a lot longer than most here think.

  43. Joe

    Ramsey is shit

    Why do you think real would sign him?

    Think that would really appease the Madrid fans?

    Aaron fucking Ramsey?? That’s as funny as them signing Arsene fucking wenger

    Actually hope they sign both. Banter at its best

  44. Leedsgunner

    Declan Rice (as competition and cover for Torreira as I said the other page) this January in exchange for Welbeck (if we doesn’t sign) a top young CB and an experienced winger to guide and provide competition for Reiss Nelson, Emile Smith Rowe would be a great winter transfer window. (Although if Fulham continues to play badly and remain hopelessly in the wrong end of the table there might be a deal to be had with them). Kieran Tierney is also another leftsided player we should look at if we’re still in the mix in the league, in Europe and the cups.

  45. Steiner


    Le-grove isn’t showing the “Save my name and email” checkbox required by GDPR, might be in your options for the theme, perhaps turn it on there?
    Your theme author should have updated it to comply, unless you have a heavily customised theme and don’t update it.

    If not drop me an email and I’ll send you the location and code to make it right, you should be able to do it easily.
    I’d send it but your contact form is 404.

    Another option is to try a GDPR plugin, free, takes minutes to install, and would load after WP core files, so should over ride whatever conflict you’re having.
    ‘WP GDPR compliance’ seems to have decent reviews and needs no coding to install, but it might not force the comment box.

  46. Leedsgunner

    I just wonder if all this self sustaining talk by Raul S is a bit of mind games before the January transfer window especially after announcing a monster deal with Adidas.

    I would be amazed if we lose Ramsey for nothing (or a reduced fee) that Sven doesn’t have a replacement in mind to bring in. Whatever you think of a Ramsey he does leave a hole that needs to be filled properly.

  47. Pierre

    The legendary DB10
    “Ah he’s been banned. Good. Cheers Pedro.”

    Have you ever thought of changing your name to “The legendaryBamford10 Mark 2 “……

  48. Dream10


    We’ll sign a player or two in January with Ramsey, Elneny, Koscielny and maybe Welbeck gone by June. I think what Raul/Vinny/Ivan/Kroenkes message is don’t expect Arsenal to sign marquee names. There’s a chance that playerd like Varane, Pogba, Lewandowski, Dybala, Hazard or future superstars from excellent youth development sides from Lyon/Ajax/Benfica change teams next summer. So, don’t expect those aforementioned established/future stars to be signed. Likely we go more down the Guendouzi/Mavropanos route. Sign ten of them over the next three years and hope two or three of them become top players.

  49. Leedsgunner

    Dream 10

    I get what you mean but I do think the club will sign a marquee player if they sense an opportunity.

    With both Bayern and Real Madrid in chaos… I can’t believe that both Raul and Sven are not working their collective contacts hard to seize an opportunity. Remember we bought PEA last January! Those who dare wins!

    Yes, as you say we’ll probably buy talented youth hoping they’ll come good but what I’ve really enjoyed about the club’s recruitment since last January is the mixture of youth and experience. They’ve got the balance just about right so far. You need both to win titles and trophies.

    Your comment about Elneny being sold is interesting. It certainly seems that Emery doesn’t fancy him does it? Whether it’s intentional or accidental I don’t know but if they are going to sell him they will have protected his value due to a new contract being signed recently.

    I wonder if that was the thinking behind giving Chambers a new contract before he left on loan to Fulham.

  50. Dream10


    Yeah it seems clear that Elneny is at the bottom of the CM depth chart. Hope young Maitland Nilles gets big Mo’s minutes from January onwards.

    We messed up on Chambers. I get the idea of preserving his value, but he’s getting bad reviews at Fulham. Will be difficult to sell him with a long contract. He would probably have done better being a Europa league player for us. He’s not built for relegation scraps. Neither is Rob Holding.

    Would be class if we sign players of Aubameyang’s talent level. Less complaining from me lol

  51. Leedsgunner


    With games coming fast and furious now I want to see AMN being given game time too. I think he will but the other young players who I want to see are Nketiah and W.illock. With transfer fees being what they are the more we can recruit from within the more we funds we free up to buy true world class potential in those areas we are lacking in our development squads.

  52. Sanmi

    It’s funny some legroanians wanted us to sign Fabinho, apparently klopp prefers a half fit Milner to him. He’s that bad. Same goes for Fred, lol.. Felainni, Mctommnay and Herrera are ahead of him.
    Our midfield is better than pool, and united.

  53. Graham62


    At least with Bayern and RM you know the “chaos” is short term, unlike some teams I could mention.

    Looking at the respective league tables, it’s not that bad.

    Guarantee both will be competing for top spot come Xmas.

    Very confident about tomorrow.

    3-1 for me.

    Onwards and upwards.

  54. ddkingz

    It been a good start to the season…just hope we manage to get good results and play better as the season continues…

    my only issue with the club is with our transfer policy….which somehow tends to be detrimental to the growth of our young Stars….

    why not sell Ramsey or elneny by winter tw, buy a winger with the cash and let esr and guendouzi battle for the spot and improve with their development with good competition among themselves…

    and of course…I don’t fancy arsenal selling Ramsey as he might come in handy when the fixtures get thick with arsenal playing EFL finals and going further into the latter stage of the Europa league..

  55. ddkingz

    and one final thing…..

    I just pray and be hopeful arsenal doesn’t give wellbeck a new contract…. not that he isn’t a good player, but I just want a better prospect for us in the future to have his chances and take it at the cup matches…@ EDDIE NKETIAH

    not even sure wellbeck is better than him…and wellbeck is fucking 28yrs and less a better finisher than Eddie N..

  56. Bob N 16

    Do we feel Malcolm loan deal is just agent stirring up interest?

    With our budget, having Malcolm on loan would fill the gap before Nelson’s return in the summer. Nelson’s minutes for goals must be ridiculous- 4 league goals with only one start ( add in a couple for u21s). Is there an argument for bringing him back in Jan(if it were possible) or should we be happy that he’s getting a worthwhile experience there?

  57. Wenker-wanger

    Stan won’t put his money in to arsenal but he is very committed to bringing trophies into the club and winning the champions League. Well good luck with that….. If that’s achieved then Emery will become a legend . Let’s face it Man city Chelsea and United will buy £100 million players next season….. I don’t think we can compete on a tight budget
    But I would rather have Emery on £10m budget than Wenger on £200m ..,as the fraud would just piss that up the wall and screw up matches with his non-tactics anyway.

  58. Emiratesstroller

    I am all for evolution rather than revolution at Arsenal provided that the club makes progress both in improving our football team AND its performance level.

    No-one would argue with the idea that if you are running a Development [U23]
    team and Academy that there should always be a PATHWAY to first Team for
    those players with outstanding talent/potential.

    However, the club needs also to recognise that those programmes will never
    fulfil all the requirements of the first team and for that reason we need to be
    proactive in the Transfer Market.

    At the moment I see that there three players on our books who should move
    into the first team squad sooner or later. Those are Smith-Rowe, Nelson and
    Nkietah. All three should be offered that opportunity to prove themselves.

    However, there are gaps elsewhere in the squad, which need an upgrade sooner rather than later. In my assessment the club does not have on current evidence players of similar quality in the defensive department of the game.

    It is there that the club needs to focus, because we know that our squad is mediocre in that department.

    I believe also that whilst the club should always work within its means the money generated from our three major commercial sponsors should be invested in the team and not covering shortfall in any general expenditure or
    paying dividends.

    Looking at the expected sponsorship from Adidas when combined with Emirates and Rwanda the sponsorship available for next season will be north of
    £100 million and that should be our net budget.

    Whether we spend that amount of money or not it should be available to be
    spent on the right players, which we need to buy.

    Another consideration is of course the wages that the club are expected to pay.
    The club should always be competitive, but that does not mean spending silly
    money on players whose abilities are not in short supply in the transfer market.

  59. Marko

    Another consideration is of course the wages that the club are expected to pay.
    The club should always be competitive, but that does not mean spending silly
    money on players whose abilities are not in short supply in the transfer market.

    Another reason why I believe that we’ll be seeing this as Ozil’s last season. His wages alone could be two new players maybe even 3. And it’s pretty obvious this new regime isn’t interested in keeping passengers in the club.

  60. up 4 grabs now


    I do think we need to gradually introduce a few youngsters into the side, a loan or two away to learn and get the mistakes out the system then gradually into our squad, then its the bench and 10 minutes here and then when we have games won.

    look at city, they have sterling then Mahrez as back up and this kid Foden that everyone is raving over can hardly get a sniff.
    we still need to supplement that with some finished article players as well.
    just no more 30 plus players.

  61. Champagne charlie

    “Bullies come in many forms, but you my friend have to understand one thing. Most on here do not divulge their work or personal life, because it is irrelevant to the blog. Nevertheless, if I were to tell you that should you continue on your personal vendetta and sadistic trip, certain other posters(ie myself) may decide to take matters into their own hands.

    Can I therefore suggest you think long and hard before you next post a comment and maybe back off a wee bit, or else things could turn decidedly ugly for you.

    “Someone’s knocking on your door, someone’s ringing your bell”.

    Know what I mean?”

    Fan of your work in the movie “Taken”, but this is a bit pathetic Liam..

  62. Dissenter

    The metro is reporting that Arsenal fans are demanding that Reiss Nelson “return” back in January because he is having a good season at Hoffenheim.
    This tabloids are full of shite. They take a few drunken tweets and generalize it to “Arsenal fans”

    The lad needs a full season away in loan to develop, even if he scores every week. He needs to experience the full spectrum of euphoria of scoring and dither deflation of having horrible games.

    For me, you’re not a footballer until you’ve gotten past your first year of playing regularly in th senior team.

    We should be sending more players out on loan.

  63. Jamie

    Moving Ozil on will be virtually impossible. I can’t think of a single club in world football who would pay him 350k a week on top of a modest transfer fee.

    He’s literally a 150k a week player, even at his ‘best’, and he isn’t getting any younger.

    Our best shot at getting rid of him is to release him on a free, and even that will be a tough sell if he’s expecting to be on similar terms at his next club.

  64. mysticleaves

    Dortmund are really on fire. This could be their year. Out in front by four points. Scored 27goals in 8 games, has a striker that has scored 7 goals in about 150mins.

    We should also look out for Santiago Ascacibar from Stuttgart. 21 year old tenacious CDM in the mould of Torr.

  65. Cesc Appeal

    Great move from Nelson, it will toughen him up as well.

    Too many times in recent years we’ve seen the mollycoddled young players who know nothing other than Arsenal and the safe environment at the club. If Nelson can make a name for himself in Bundesliga then return to Arsenal for next season his confidence will be all the better for it.

    He may provide a great example to other young players like Smith Rowe, Nketiah etc who could potentially look for regular playing time in other leagues.

  66. Dissenter

    Spuds are royally fucked up
    There’s no way they come out of an £850 million stadium boondoggle. They’ve bitten more than they can.
    I just read they’ve had to borrow £100 million more to handle the spill overs.

  67. Marc


    It’s worse for them than you think they were quoting the cost of the stadium at £1 billion and the Mail on Sunday is saying that they have increased there stadium load from £100 million to £500 million due to the delays.

    Now I’m guessing that the stadium loan isn’t the only debt they’ve taken on it must be a shorter term overdraft type set up but to increase it by £400 million is crazy – that’s more than the cost of the Emirates.

  68. Jamie

    £500m is gigantic debt for any club. Spurs will be desperate to qualify for the Champs League in each of the next 5 seasons for the participation money.

    2 or 3 seasons out of the top 4 and they’ll sell all their talent to the highest bidders in order to service their stadium debt.

    If they use all their available loans, they’ll be carrying more debt than Utd which, for a club Spurs’ size, is absolutely bananas.

  69. Marc


    I don’t believe that the Spud’s have the money to finance half the stadium build without borrowing. Where the hell would they get £500 million cash?

  70. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    Net spend lower than real is down to cr7…

    Least see in the next few year although. He did get back the initial out lay,,..

    Let’s stop taking long shot punt an get short price certain to make it youngsters

  71. R.S.P..C.Arsenal


    Kane 100m
    Eric son. 80m
    Sanchez 40 m
    Son 30 m

    Gets a bit

    Good luck Pedro in getting admin sorted… horrible task

  72. Cesc Appeal

    They can raise a lot from their sales, Kane, Alli and Erisken alone could probably get them about £350-400 Million.

    But the question then is replacing them with limited money and still getting UCL in a league that is getting more and more competitive. Their transfers have been very hit and miss.

    I still think Pochettino will be gone soon and Howe will be manager, he will have to work with young players and bargain buys.

    Unless Levy has a different approach altogether in terms of aiming for the stars and speculating to accumulate. Adding debt to the club with a long term status goal in mind.

  73. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Well done reiss…

    Roll on next season…

    God to have a proper manager ..


    Poch off to United

    Howe won’t leave

  74. Dissenter

    Spuds have to get it 100% right… 100% of the time to emerge from the debt hole.
    The Emirates was less than £400 million and see how long it took us.

    They have £850 million of debt …and still counting..

  75. Cesc Appeal



    They are up against it now and they probably won’t like the look of the landscape in the EPL now.

    Liverpool have got a lot better and Arsenal finally dumped Wenger which probably pissed Levy off immensely. Getting a UCL place now is going to be very, very difficult especially if they are not spending.

    It’s not a case of 2 great teams and then you can likely slide into 3rd or 4th, now you have City, Liverpool, Chelsea, Spurs, Arsenal and United who all have a shout at UCL places and you have basically have no banker games away from home anymore.

    They’ve just signed up to Nike as well so they are locked in there. They will need to get a massive deal on the stadium naming rights.

  76. Jamie

    In order to keep players like Kane and Dele happy, they need to stay in the top 4. In order to stay in the top 4, they’ll need to recruit additional talented players, which will cost money they don’t have.

    If/when they drop out of the top 4 and lose 70m a year on CL money, they’ll be forced to sell their talented players to keep up with debt repayments, making re-entry into the CL even less likely.

    They should’ve tried to negotiate a ground-share at the Olympic Stadium with West Ham, and saved their £1 billion, and invested heavily in training facilities and players over the next 5 years.

    Can’t even sell the naming rights to new WHL.

  77. Cesc Appeal


    That is good news.

    I would to see him get the Europa League minutes that Elneny currently is, unfortunately Sporting Lisbon is probably too much of a tough test to give him minutes having just returned.

    Guendouzi, Maitland Niles should be the base we go with in easier Europa League and cup games.

    It would be really nice if next year Nelson, Smith Rowe and Maitland Niles can genuinely offer the side something along with us having bought and sold well again.