Wenger puts the January feelers out

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Grab the bloody popcorn, Arsene Wenger is coming BACK to football.

The man is recharged. He’s ready to go. He wants revenge on you. Ok, maybe not the last one.

“I believe [I will] start again on 1 January. I don’t know [where] yet,”

“There are associations, national teams, it could be also in Japan.

“From my 22 years at Arsenal, I have big experience on different levels. There are enquiries from all over the world.”

Is it a coincidence he’s talking to Bild? Can he smell the blood of Niko Kovač in the water? It’s worth remembering that Bayern Munich were sniffing around Wenger before he came to Arsenal back in the day. They’ve been making some pretty average choices when it comes to coaches since Pep left, so maybe there’s an option there?

I personally think he should go in at association level, or maybe international. He’ll not do that, he’ll go for a power job. His vendetta is against the notion he’s too old to rock it at the highest level. Reality is it’s absolutely true, but at the right club, with the right backroom team, maybe he could do something of note.

Also, total banter that a man who said no value can be found in January… is now touting himself in January. Sly dog…

Thierry Henry did his first prezzer. He interestingly said that Pep was his reference when it comes to coaching.

“Pep is the reference, for me, I’m not saying for everyone. There’s no right or wrong; that’s the reference for me. We learnt how to play the game when I went to Barcelona under him.”

I mean, I’m not surprised. Pep is the best in the world, has been since he burst on the scene. If you want to play attacking football that has ruthless attention to detail, he’s always going to be your god. Thierry also made mention of Wenger.

“Arsene unlocked a lot of stuff in my mind, made me understand what it was to be a professional, what it was to perform. I will never forget that. You know the relationship I had with him so I will always carry some of the stuff that he was doing.”


Fair comment, he was never going to say he was using him as inspiration now. Only people like Keown or Bobby Pires say things like that with a straight face these days. Thierry certainly looks the part in front of the cameras. That job is going to be so tough. He’ll get an initial bump from the players, but after that, it’s all about how his ideas are transmitted and how well he gets along with the players. Very exciting times for him.

Great news on the injury front… AMN is back in training, and so is Laurent Koscielny. If anyone is going to get our defending back on an even keel, it’s that guy. He’s now 33 years old. Incredible. Where did the time go? I miss him. I miss the 29-year-old him. But whatever, he’ll be well received, especially with Liverpool coming up!

Right, short post today, see you in the comments.

P.S. My podcast equipment, STOLEN. Can you believe that shit?

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  1. NW9 gooner

    Every one has an agenda- the worst is Graham. Can any genuine supporter begrudge our team winning trophies . He just goes up to stupid extent to belittle our success because of his dislike for one man. I have also wanted Arsene out for the last few years but still enjoyed our three FA trophies which I am sure the Sp’rs and pool fans would give up their balls for.,

  2. Redtruth

    The ban on English clubs in Europe deprived Graham of a crack at the European Cup in 89.
    Graham’s trophy haul was far more complete than Wenger’s.
    Graham bagging all the domestic trophies and winning a European trophy tops anything Wenger achieved.

  3. Joe

    Funny it’s a children’s playground when you post that goes against their own views.

    Bats I gave you a reasoned answer as to why I don’t believe wenger is the greatest or most succeful bringing yo Alison Whitaker GG and Chapman

    Sorry if you’re mature enough to handle a difference of opinion. You’re right up there with the maturity of 60 year old Pierre

    Oh Pierre I’d say it was GG who brought the glory back to arsenal as we went 17 years after mee won it

  4. Nw9 gooner

    It’s the last two years of our club where we really slid down. But people forget that even these two years have been par with the average position of teams like Spurs and Pool – we have had great managers which is natural given our history, it has been Graham and then undoubtedly Arsene who have turned our club into a world brand name

  5. Dissenter

    “Anyone else having to type their user name and e mail in every time they want to write a new post??”

    I’ve been having the same experience

  6. ddkingz

    Some many pussies on le-fucking-grove……
    it’s like some AKB’S here have managed to forget wenger managed to go 13 yrs without a league trophy and about 9yrs without a cup trophy….

    fucking AKB’S

  7. Marko

    Those reports of a 40 million pound budget for next summer are ridiculous to say the least. No way it takes into account the Adidas money or obviously our league position. I don’t know where the reports came from or the thinking behind it but it makes no sense

  8. Dissenter

    “The ban on English clubs in Europe deprived Graham of a crack at the European Cup in 89”

    I doubt that Graham would have been able to handle the AC Milan teams of the early 1990s though but the freaking bin dippers denies us a chance to compete in Europe.

  9. Redtruth

    The longest period for any Arsenal manager to go without a trophy is Wenger.
    Arsenal are the most successful (appearances) club not to win the Champions league and the first to concede 200 goals in the Competition.

  10. TheLegendaryDB10


    It’s the last two years of our club where we really slid down.

    You’ve got to be kidding. The last 2 years only? Are you sure? Are you conveniently forgetting our drubbing to manure (8-2) or the 6-0 loss to Chelski no less on AW 1000th game for the club or more importantly the severe drubbings we got at the hands of BM in the CL?

  11. Bamford10


    Those are the AST’s figures. Their estimates have us realizing an operating loss this fiscal year and have us with 40m for transfer spending in the summer. This was all over Twitter, but there are obviously questions about how accurate the AST’s figures are.

  12. TheLegendaryDB10

    G62 has no agenda. He is telling it as it is. Whether you like it or not, you must accept thst this is what has happened during AW tenure.

    Yes AW was successful in his first 10 years. And we are all greatful for what he has done for the club. The sublime football, pushing for real sporting perfection (the ban on alcohol and pushing players to be their best).

    After that, power and the fear of being sacked corrupted him completely. All you have to look at is how he would belittle anyone’s involvement in making improvements to the team. Just look at how he pushed away any defensive improvements either made by Keown or Bould.

  13. Bamford10


    Yes, the Arsenal Supporters Trust. I don’t think they are skewing the numbers because they have an agenda, though, if that’s what you’re thinking.

    I think they’re probably working with some fairly conservative assumptions, though.

  14. TheLegendaryDB10


    They are fighting (A losing fight unfortunately) to have the privilege to have the opportunity to have some part in the great club that is The Arsenal.

    This cunt Kroenke is stripping this away from them.

    I am so pissed off that this bastard now has full control of the club. He has single handedly destroyed the history of how this club was run by his unlimited greed.

  15. Graham62


    I can assure you, I have no “agenda”.

    You have to accept that there are different levels of anti-Wenger supporters.

    I’m about a 9.5 on the Richter scale. Believe me there are many others who rate higher than me.

    Winning 3 FA Cups did little to satisfy my needs. You see NW9, it’s never been about the winning of trophies for me, it’s all been about a manager and club underachieving on a consistent basis for far too long.

    I will always fight my corner, even if others on here find it boring and predictable. I’m too set in my ways to worry about offending those who insist I should never say this or that about Wenger. I didn’t come on le-grove to support Wenger, I came on here to voice my opinions in getting him out.

    Now that he has gone, we can move forward. However, if and when other posters feel the need to promote Wenger’s ways in a positive light, as long as we are discussing post 2006, I will always bite.

    Just accept that some fans saw the writing on the wall far earlier than others.

  16. Marko

    Their estimates have us realizing an operating loss this fiscal year and have us with 40m for transfer spending in the summer.

    Now I get that it’s the AST and I get that we’ll be at a loss because of Wenger’s final two seasons but where they pulled 40 million from I don’t know. I mean it looks like shit stirring if you ask me it’s October 18 and they’re saying that we’ll have 40 million to spend next summer and our final league position and new sponsorship deals won’t matter? Nah I don’t know. Keep in mind that we had a 50 million budget last and they added 20 million on top of it. No way we can afford half the targets that we’re linked to if we have 40 million. It’s a non story for me

  17. Cesc Appeal

    Emery had the players still at Colney play a full game against the U23’s today.

    I really like the whole approach he has, he knows much more needs to be extracted from this set of players.

  18. TheLegendaryDB10


    He has by now surely realised how woefully undercoached our players were since he has taken over coaching duties at the club.

  19. Joe

    40m before Europa payout this year

    Before possible CL qualifying money

    Before adidas

    That 40m quickly goes to 120-150 with player sales as well.

    And a whole new regime to spend it

    Glory Arsenal!

  20. alexanderhenry


    If Wenger wants to manage, good luck to him. Personally, I can’t see him cutting it at a top club anymore.

    Agreed on Kos. I’m glad he’s back and I predict he will figure this season if he stays fit

    Regarding the transfer kitty, Emery will spend what he’s given. If he spends £40 million, then that’s what the club will have made available.

  21. raptora

    At least we know 100% now from Wenger’s own mouth, that he was indeed responsible for every single transfer – in, out and for the extensions also. He said that he had full control on everything. That’s the actual dream of any manager ever. And he managed to fk it up. He chose to keep Almunia as our main keeper after Lehmann, he kept on giving new deals to Jenkinson, he picked Gervinho instead of Hazard, he turned Ibrahimovic and Yaya Toure away, he got fkin Kalstrom with a broken back on a half a year loan?!?!?! He made the whole mess with Alexis and Ozil’s contracts, he got Andre Santos and Jeffers. List is never ending. If he’s going to get commended for his successes, he should get slated for his failures. And fk me, they were quite a lot in his final years. Literally every single transfer excluding Alexis, has been a bad one. Prpbably because players were regressing under him.

    At least it puts to bed the question of the owner, or the boars keeping his hands tied. They came out with statements that we can afford buy any player in the world but Messi and Ronaldo, so there we have it. Guy just didn’t want to get top drawer players because he thought that they are too expensive and that the marker is insane and that it cannot keep going the same way for years. Nice economical degree. We could have paid more than the 40m + £1, that he offered for Suarez. We could have bought Iguain same window. We could have bought Hazard. We could have bought almost anyone. But guy thought that players are not worth this much money, when the market was as it was and he had to adapt to it. Instead he kept on buying players that weren’t top drawer like Gervinho, Podolski, Giroud, Chamakh, Arteta, Mertesacker, Santos etc.

    Because expensive players also want high wages and he couldn’t ruin his commie rulership where everyone gets similarly paid regardless of their quality. All while he was getting paid like a king. He had no problem with that.

    In another world we could have done what IG the slimy fuck promised that we’ll do and compete with the best. But our manager still had the smaller club thinking not willing to put his arse on the line and make some grand acquisitions while raising the expectations towards his team. He was perfectly fine with getting the bare minimum for a long time that even though we had money (maybe not in the begining but eventually) he kept being perfectly fine with just existing somewhere around the top but never really close to it or on it.

    The level of self protecting was off the chart when he was fine to not raise any pressure on himself by making big transfers so when he eventually failed people could say that – oh but he doesn’t have the same money like Chelsea or Manutd or City nowadays.

    He was perfectly fine to live with the bare minimum and brand it as a great success (aka tr4phy) at the cost of a lot of lost years for our club when we were anything but progressing. No hunger to be the best. No risks taken. Just a big safe net so that he can collect his obscene salary year in year out.

    He put himself above the Arsenal and for that I will never really forgive him. Because no one is bigger than the club. And he thought he was. Hell yeah he thought that Arsenal = Arsene. Sad thing is that there a lot of lunatics who think the same way still.

  22. Steiner

    Cesc Appeal
    October 18, 2018 23:18:29
    “Emery had the players still at Colney play a full game against the U23’s today.”

    Any insight on the score or game???

  23. Joe

    Uh oh Raptora

    You’re gonna get it now from
    All the Akbs haha


    Preach brother preach.

    Love what you’re saying

    Wenger was a leach, sucking arsenal dry for the last dozen years

  24. Black Hei

    All right, time for this AKB to stand up for Mr Wenger!

    While I can square with the fact that he is past it; I can’t stand idly while you folks spit your bile.

    What are you folks, slim shady wannabes.

    P.S. Give me a sec to dive into my bunker before those missiles come flying my way.

  25. Thenry

    What a surprise dingbat le grunt blogetta starts with the usual anti Wenger Shyte
    Everyone in football must be crazy to listen Wenger is his rhetoric
    The blogger couldn’t manage a subbuteo team let alone keep banging on about how he has the answers for all things football
    He will quickly go to reference pep so that it makes him sound clever
    He will also talk about a list of managers from poch to naggelsman forgetting to mention they win fuk all
    Seriously you are a total dickhead and know as much about football as a dodo

  26. Graham62

    Thank you Arsene for confirming what we all knew.

    Total control over every facet of the club and he still arrogantly promotes his own self worth. Only someone with narcissistic tendencies would come out and say the things he does. No guilt, no shame and absolutely no comprehension of what he has done to the club.

    “But you must respect and credit him for what he did for the club”…….I did!!!!

    The problem is that the respect I once had evaporated and eventually disappeared because of his inabilities to act on the obvious.

    Just a pity that some on here couldn’t see it.

  27. un na naai


    That may all be true and he certainly should take the blame but there are questions to be raised from your conclusions.

    If he was so against spending big money then how come he gave sol Campbell a £100k a week contract when only united would pay that in England at the time. I’m sure it was the highest contract at the time too in the prem.

    How come he spent £40m on ozil and £35m on xakha and mustafi once the puma deal came in and we negotiated a better deal from emirates?

  28. un na naai

    I mean the refusal to pay good money for Suarez is unforgivable to me as is the rufusal to do what was necessary to keep rvp and add quality around him. I’m just not so sure that it was all on him. Yes he signed some awful players but the successes he had still outweigh the negatives
    Without him we’d never have had that glorious period from 96-06 and I’ll always remember him fondly for that
    He’s also a really nice man. Met him too and he was a lovely fella

  29. TonyD

    “I would imagine you would have had to sit at home listening on the radio as I’m sure mummy wouldn’t have let you out by yourself back in the day…….”

    Too busy studying and working in those days – a concept clearly lost on you.

    Started life in orphanages and then adopted by a working class family at age 6

    To quote Graham62 it was onwards and upwards from there.

    Got my first part time job at age 11 and never looked back.

    So no I never had the luxuries you had but supported The Arsenal for 53 years.

    Much different story from my mid 20s moving through life as my work took me to many countries and living in 5 to my present day in Thailand.

    You are a card!

  30. Graham62

    Un na naai

    There you go again.

    “Without him we’d never have had the glorious period from 96-06”

    Is that the best you can do?

    Keep taking the pills.

  31. Black Hei


    Nope, but Obama and Wenger would be a good fit. (I don’t like Obama; think he is weak sauce)

    Morinho and Trump……now that would be awesome. Scratch that, I think Tony Pulis and Trump would be even better. They wear caps and they want to fight!

  32. kristoman

    wetter we like it or not we are now the new Seville in town always flatter to deceive. beat some average team at-home and we are in for the title. only to be humiliated by the big boys over and over again.

  33. Bob N16

    So boring on here…..same old posters righteously repeating the same old narrative. Don’t some of you get bored typing exactly the same message about the old manager. Sure he’s in the news but there is no insight and interest repeating the same message. We’ve had literally years of this.

    He has gone, Legrove can move on, or not?

    Will Emery go with the team that beat Fulham or will Ozil be found a place?Really hope Ramsey stays on the bench, a great impact sub.

  34. TheLegendaryDB10


    Well said.

    Un na nai

    If I recall correctly the £40 m was our record breaking transfer (!!!). What we are saying is that AW never made the effort to do more. The 2 things that made that Ozil was bought was that a) he was bought on the last day of the TW; like most of the purchases we did. b) he was in fact a bargain purchase. No one went for Ozil other than us. RM I am sure would have wanted more for him but were desperate to sell him and recoup some money. We jumped on the occasion as the club knew that he would become a marquee player for us. I am sure if any one else had gone for him the club/AW would have given up as we rarely ever competed for a player with another club.

    When you think if it: isn’t it strange that even back then no one wanted Ozil.

  35. Igbo Amadi-Obi

    I have maintained that Kols doesn’t make a lot of difference in our defense. Not these days anyway. With him around and available, that defense has struggled in the recent past. I recall Pogba getting the better of him last season.

    In any case, at 33, and after a major Achilles tear and frequent calf niggles, he is not likely to be as good as he ever was.

    Time to groom his successor.

  36. Graham62

    Bob N16

    Arsenal are moving on.

    Le-grove is an opinion blog and just so you know I, like many others, had to listen to the same old boring “in Arsene we trust” rhetoric for ten years.

    We don’t all conform to your ideals.

    Believe it or not it’s what makes this blog tick.

    Onwards and upwards.

  37. Graham62

    Maybe Emery will go with the same team that tonked Fulham.

    Always goals in this one.

    3-1 Arsenal.

    Two more for Lacazette.

  38. Bob N16

    You’re becoming a dinosaur Graham….you don’t have to be history.

    Opinion is what it’s about. But when it’s constantly a repeated opinion…..well, draw your own conclusions.

  39. Stefano14

    Bob n16

    Ignore Graham62 it’s his dementia kicking in. His nurse will be along shortly to give him his tablets and take the phone off him.

  40. Hi Berry

    Un nai nai…Campbell was given £100k a week because he was a free transfer. Over a five year period that would have amounted to around £26m. Transfers are a financial combination of up front fee and on-going wage cost and to have acquired Campbell for the total outlay of £26m over five years was cheap. Remember, Ferdinand went to United for £30m (?) with wages on top.

  41. HighburyLegend

    “Hazard: I could finish career at Chelsea ”

    …”If they pay me enough” – at least more than Real Madrid would do…
    pathetic, really.

  42. Graham62

    Amazing that those who seem to be getting pissed of with the never ending Wenger attacks, are those same individuals who sat on their asses for a decade cheering on the regime.

    Two faced would be an understatement.


  43. Bob N16

    Cheering on the team Graham, subtle difference. See if you can get your head around that.

    From where I stand, Wenger’ s name was sung only after we knew he was leaving, as there was sufficient residual respect.

    Otherwise the team was the subject of singing.

  44. HighburyLegend

    R. Williams’s “Sing when you’re winning” was Wenger’s favourite song during the last 10 years in the PL and in the CL.

  45. Victorious

    Amazing that those who seem to be getting pissed of with the never ending Wenger attacks, are those same individuals who sat on their asses for a decade cheering on the regime.”

    Careful now G62, when you come up with stuffs like this then we’re left with no choice than to believe Stefano14 in his suggestion of you struggling with dementia

    I mean you go on and on about the previous manager all day, everyday without ever making inputs on some other much more interesting topic
    I once mentioned of you being a bit obsessed which admittedly was tongue in cheek, and that was like 3months back!!! But to still be at it under a new gaffer, 9wins in a row with other much interesting contribution to make is something else really, you have really got to look into it, I mean you might want to see a therapist and please take Joe along,Cheers.

  46. Victorious

    United are a joke of a club and have a joke of a Manager in charge so all in all a good fit, everyone is loving seeing their decline and yet their deluded fans still think they are a good team. All they are is a bunch of overpaid mercenaries, Pogba wants out, Lukaku wants out, Martial wants out and already Sanchez wants out, quite funny watching the soap Opera that is Man Utd.

    Hope chavs drive in the final nail on the losers tmao

  47. Victorious

    Is it only me or Something about the site is off
    Dunno Why I have to input my details everytime I make a comment?
    I mean it’s tedious enough reading the repetive rehashing of the same subject by the usual suspects not to add this as well

  48. kc

    AKBs are like American Democrats. They’ve lost the power and will never get it back. They’ve ripped off the Obama/Wenger bumper stickers and hope nobody remembers they actually supported that fool. So they constantly come on here asking people to stop talking about their past mistake. Own it Bitches. It’s our club now!

  49. Marko

    AKBs are like American Democrats.

    It’s always looked the other way round to me but anyway let’s stay away from that shite

  50. Cesc Appeal

    The more time goes by the more I like Emery.

    No excuses, always stating that we have to improve just gets on with his job.

    I feel really confident about our future with Sanllehi, Mislintant and Emery.

  51. Leedsgunner

    Oh hum, the BBC doing their best to discredit Arsenal yet again. We’re not REALLY that good, they say according to the stats… we’ve just been lucky.

    I doubt they would say the same type of comments if Tottenham were in our run. No doubt, if Pochettino had managed to get Spurs on a 9 game winning streak despite not having signed anyone this summer… they wouldn’t be able to contain themselves about his supposed brilliance.

    “Spurs this, Spurs that.”

    Remember last season when they beat Juventus and Real Madrid… you would have thought peace had broken all over the world thanks to Harry Kane and co…

    BBC, give it a rest. Your continual running down of Arsenal is really lazy, boring and long past its sell by date.

    Why not talk about how we seem to be coping much better than Man United when they lost their manager venerable?

    Go on BBC, print something genuinely positive about Arsenal… rather than always doing between gritted teeth.

  52. ddkingz

    @ un na unai Emery….
    stop been a bruised cunt and be a man… or are you his bitch

    zidane spent 26months at madrid, without buying any galactic to the squad he met….

    1) Gave barca a run for the title until the final match day, just missing out on 1 point…
    2) got a double in his first full season…
    3)got the third consecutive CL tr4phy and lost the league but a whopping 17 points…

    and at the end stepped down…not trying to cling on to power thinking about his first 26months,

    all in all….Zidane achieved more in 26 months than wenger in 22yrs….

    and madridista are not still licking his ass…

  53. Pierre

    “BBC, give it a rest. Your continual running down of Arsenal is really lazy, boring and long past its sell by date.”

    Yeah ,you’re right it’s pathetic isn’t it..

    I would imagine you are feeling how posters like myself,bob16,victorious,Stefano Charlie etc have been feeling over the last few years after reading the constant drivel on le grove from the wenger obsessives…and yes it was “lazy and boring ” .

  54. Pierre

    Yep..pessimistic pat always lived up to her name…was one of those whose “continual running down of Arsenal was really lazy, boring ” must like the BBC.

  55. Cesc Appeal


    I’m quite happy with it. We kind of deserve all the pessimism and negativity the media can muster because of how we’ve behaved in recent years.

    But right now I’m quite happy that Emery is getting to work a little bit under the radar. That is why his attitude is exactly right as well in terms of demanding improvement.

    Emery has been in charge for about 2 months in terms of actual football but he’s suffering being colored with a brush based off of the last 6 years of dismal football and predictable failure.

    I’m happy for that to continue right now because the speculation is without merit, no one knows how Emery will do or what he will do whereas we all knew, aside from a few morons, where Arsenal were headed in recent times.

  56. Joe

    I would imagine you are feeling how posters like myself,bob16,victorious,Stefano Charlie etc have been feeling over the last few years after reading the constant drivel on le grove from the wenger obsessives…and yes it was “lazy and boring


    But super fans like Pierre were happy to watch arsenal become an embarrassment because they loved an old senile cunt who couldn’t manage my 6 year old’s team to a league challenge more than they loved what was good for arSenal

    What’s lazy and boring was wathing arsenal under wenger

    Watching wenger fight with his zipper

    Watching cunts sing one Arsene Wenger

    Watching us not win one away match until the end of the season

    Watching us finish 40 point back of league leaders

    That’s lazy and boring

    Oh and Pierre. BBC is just saying what Pedro has been saying because of the stupid Xg stat

    Pierre, you can just fuck off from
    Le Grove

    No one tells you to come back here year after year if it’s lazy and boring

    What a lonely pathetic loser

  57. DaleDaGooner

    kcOctober 19, 2018 12:33:48
    AKBs are like American Democrats. They’ve lost the power and will never get it back. They’ve ripped off the Obama/Wenger bumper stickers and hope nobody remembers they actually supported that fool. So they constantly come on here asking people to stop talking about their past mistake. Own it Bitches. It’s our club now!

    Sounds dumb as fuck, but oh well

  58. DaleDaGooner

    Will you all just give it a rest! Jeeez! Both sides of the coin seem to be obsessed with Wenger. Fuuck sakes! Now the club is owned by some factions …..i thought being a supporter meant seeing Arsenal do well and the more the merrier, blah blah…one thing the spuds and mancs and bindeepers sure enjoy doing is laughing at Arsenal supporters, the divisive, shit slinging going on is laughable, even after Wenger has left….seems the obsession is more than just supporting Arsenal, people love to get on the blog to waste time slamming each other and talking shit all day long….I’d expect by now that the shit was flung at United supporters and Mourinho, but no! AKB vs WOB is still a war worth reding on Le Grive….jeeeze

  59. Joe


    I couldn’t be happier with where Emery has us!!

    9 wins on the trot. There is a feel good factor about arsenal again

    Fun and exciting to watch

    Loving every bit of the season so far!

    Emery’s red and white army!!