Wenger puts the January feelers out

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Grab the bloody popcorn, Arsene Wenger is coming BACK to football.

The man is recharged. He’s ready to go. He wants revenge on you. Ok, maybe not the last one.

“I believe [I will] start again on 1 January. I don’t know [where] yet,”

“There are associations, national teams, it could be also in Japan.

“From my 22 years at Arsenal, I have big experience on different levels. There are enquiries from all over the world.”

Is it a coincidence he’s talking to Bild? Can he smell the blood of Niko Kovač in the water? It’s worth remembering that Bayern Munich were sniffing around Wenger before he came to Arsenal back in the day. They’ve been making some pretty average choices when it comes to coaches since Pep left, so maybe there’s an option there?

I personally think he should go in at association level, or maybe international. He’ll not do that, he’ll go for a power job. His vendetta is against the notion he’s too old to rock it at the highest level. Reality is it’s absolutely true, but at the right club, with the right backroom team, maybe he could do something of note.

Also, total banter that a man who said no value can be found in January… is now touting himself in January. Sly dog…

Thierry Henry did his first prezzer. He interestingly said that Pep was his reference when it comes to coaching.

“Pep is the reference, for me, I’m not saying for everyone. There’s no right or wrong; that’s the reference for me. We learnt how to play the game when I went to Barcelona under him.”

I mean, I’m not surprised. Pep is the best in the world, has been since he burst on the scene. If you want to play attacking football that has ruthless attention to detail, he’s always going to be your god. Thierry also made mention of Wenger.

“Arsene unlocked a lot of stuff in my mind, made me understand what it was to be a professional, what it was to perform. I will never forget that. You know the relationship I had with him so I will always carry some of the stuff that he was doing.”


Fair comment, he was never going to say he was using him as inspiration now. Only people like Keown or Bobby Pires say things like that with a straight face these days. Thierry certainly looks the part in front of the cameras. That job is going to be so tough. He’ll get an initial bump from the players, but after that, it’s all about how his ideas are transmitted and how well he gets along with the players. Very exciting times for him.

Great news on the injury front… AMN is back in training, and so is Laurent Koscielny. If anyone is going to get our defending back on an even keel, it’s that guy. He’s now 33 years old. Incredible. Where did the time go? I miss him. I miss the 29-year-old him. But whatever, he’ll be well received, especially with Liverpool coming up!

Right, short post today, see you in the comments.

P.S. My podcast equipment, STOLEN. Can you believe that shit?

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  1. DM

    Nice one Boomslang. Comments not working properly or what? I lost it cos it’s making me fill in my name/email/website every time, it’s not saving the info… :/

  2. DM

    For Wenger’s sake I hope he doesn’t take a power job somewhere. Will be totally exposed for what he is. He should take an easier post somewhere, or go to MLS etc, if he insists on continuing to manage. Nobody particularly wants to see him crash and burn.

  3. Up 4 grabs now

    Arsene isn’t stupid, he knows there will be a flurry of teams ditching there managers before the window opens.
    Bayern amazingly might be an option if they don’t go on a run!

    Good luck to him, as long as he isn’t at arsenal.

  4. Pierre

    “stagnation is when you win the win the league once every 4-5 yrs, and can’t make it past the quarterfinals or semifinals of the CL,”

    You need to go and find yourself another club to support if you believe that or you are going to be a very disappointed football supporter for a number of years I’m afraid.

    The first 10 years under wenger were the exception ,not the norm ..the last ten years were probably about the norm for being an Arsenal supporter over the last 50 years of so.

  5. N5

    PP you’re right if it’s in the list nothing posts! That’s worrying that you had seen the post and then couldn’t.I’ve never known Pedro to do that to non racist comments

  6. Leedsgunner

    What’s AMN’s best position though?

    Personally I would like him to emulate Torreira… we need another player like him… breaking up attacks and harrying opposition forwards.

    We’ve needed someone like him since Gilberto left.

  7. ddkingz

    @ DM

    I honestly disagree with you, I want wenger to take a managerial job and prove me wrong….

    2 things will happen::::

    1) wenger takes a job at a big league, like man utd or Madrid, and can’t beat his tittle contenders like man city, Liverpool’s or arsenal, or maybe barca as the case may be…and lose the title….. I’m not even going to mention the CL here…

    2) wenger takes a job in a one horse race league, scrambles and scratches to win the league and gets eliminated at the quarterfinals of the CL, no matter the quality of his team even if he has ronaldo, Messi and Neymar in it….

  8. mysticleaves

    The truth is that I feel relived Wenger is gone. I loved him as a man and a manager for what he achieved. I also liked his courage and his lack of fear to want to continue to right the ship. I mean, that’s what Paulinho and Bamford and RR always say about Rambo, right? He never hid, right? He always shows up.

    Now that he’s gone I wish him well too. Anywhere he rocks up I absolutely wish him the best.

  9. mysticleaves

    “I honestly disagree with you, I want wenger to take a managerial job and prove me wrong….”

    This is what receding was talking about in the other post. Why would you want Wenger to prove you wrong? Such sense of self entitlement.

  10. Graham62


    Yep, if Wenger had still been at the helm, I would have been either at The Amex, Craven Cottage or Woodside Road (Worthing) enjoying some unimportant Football.

    Your historical perceptions just crack me up.

  11. Champagne Charlie

    “Your water damaged phone in Thailand post made me chuckle just to think what your reaction was – do tell how that happened.“

    Well Tony, as hard as it is to grasp, my phone got water in it and was subsequently damaged.

  12. mysticleaves


    I think the Ghanaian want to use his decent form to play himself into the lips of bigger clubs. I doubt he will reach the level of playing for us and as you say, we have emerging talents in Reiss (goal scoring winger) and Eddie (goalscoring striker lol) that i would prefer to see before Nana.

    As for AMN, I think he has qualities that will make him excel either as a midfielder or a FB. I just wish it would be in the centre. He has more skillset than, say, Eric Dier, who is the rave of the moment

  13. TonyD

    “P.S. My podcast equipment, STOLEN. Can you believe that shit?”

    My money is on Thenry or Stepenov 14 Pedro.

    Should we start a lottery?

  14. Marko

    . They’ve been making some pretty average choices when it comes to coaches since Pep left, so maybe there’s an option there?

    Eh Jupp came back and now Kovac. Perspective is needed if you think they’re so stuck that Arsene is an option. I personally would like to see him take a job that way we can hear about him all the time.

    Pierre you are right we’ve gone through worse periods and no one has a divine right to championships especially us even though I think with us it’s not been any kind of expectation of success or silverware just the expectation that we would at the very least try to compete to the best of our ability especially since the stadium move and the increase in money. With him we didn’t for a long time

  15. T

    A midfield of AMN, torreira and guendouzy has the potential to be world class under emery. Especially as he likes to play 4-3-3.

  16. Graham62

    The commencement of the EPL in 1992, brought to an end Football as a level playing Field.

    To compare any period prior to this is like comparing chalk with cheese. You simply can’t.

    Money changed the Footballing landscape and, whether you like to admit it or not, Arsenal were one of the “few” who benefited.

    Domestic cup competitions became far more predictable and, to all intents and purposes, easier to win; whilst the top 4 became a guarantee for some because of their financial sustainability and status.

    Top 4 became a “trophy” because of it’s rewards. Unfortunately, as far as Arsenal were concerned, the rewards outweighed the goals.

  17. Dissenter

    At what point does it become okay to discuss Wenger?
    He just gave a new conference where he said very riveting th8ngs about his Arsenal tenure and current Arsenal players.
    Would that be an appropriate time to discuss Wenger?

    When Wenger lovers make outlandish claims, would that be an appropriate time?

    Do we have to redefine the rules of engagement?

    I certainly don’t condone nor support personal abuse but goddamit he was manager for 22 years so his name will still come up more so when he’s saying things that generate controversy.

    I certainly hope he becomes traffic director at PSG and makes Ndombele his first transfer in the transfer window he’s been seeking to ban forever.

    For Wenger, there’s always going to be the good, bad and ugly. Everything ought to be discussed here.

    No to sanitization of Wenger on le-grove.

  18. HighburyLegend

    Why a post about the old vampire ??

    Why this picture ?? I just throw up on my desk.
    Only Vic Vic, Pierre, Victorious or Charlie can enjoy such a photograph.
    And such a post.

  19. David

    “P.S. My podcast equipment, STOLEN. Can you believe that shit?”
    Greatest line in blogging history. I just can’t stop laughing

  20. Dissenter

    Wenger gave us some of the most unforgettable footballing memories some of us will ever have…and that’s true.
    Wenger also gave us a few nightmares that we try to banish, undeniable fact for me at least.
    We shouldn’t try to rewrite history either way.
    It seems it’s okay to idolize him but the moment he gets crucified for some of his mistakes or his utterances , people start preaching the gospel of forgive and forget.
    It’s going to take time to get there for some…so respect that.
    Time may very well heal all wounds but let the time pass.

  21. McBright is Wright

    Dear Mr Wenger,
    Please, you do not have to do this. You dont have to prove nothing to nobody. The jury is out on you…you’re a great manager, who could have been the best had you listened.
    We love and respect you-banters notwithstanding.
    If you love Arsenal as you have alluded to for 22years, then, take up the ambassador’s role at The Emirates akin to such Sir Alex has taking up at Old Trafford.

  22. Dissenter

    United just missed a legitimate reason to sack Mourhino for reasons related with his character.
    I’ve never seen a manager yell abuse at an inanimate object – a TV camera.
    He’s destroying that club more than Van Gaal ever did. Not that the Glaazers care so long as they stock market doesn’t budge and they keep getting their £22 million annual dividends.
    Hope he gets a very long stadium ban. TV cameras everywhere need a break from Mourhino.

  23. Leedsgunner

    Pretty much everybody on here, I think, hates the opening dirge of Mirrrrrror Mayyyn on the podcast… but to steal the equipment? A bit harsh?

    (Although, please don’t return it… until Pedro agrees to change it 😉 )

  24. El Tel


    A load of bollocks.

    In 57 years I have seen Arsenal win the double before Wenger cup finals during the 70’s to match Wenger too although Wengers success rate was better in the Final itself. Three FA cup finals in a row . The FA cup and League cup double. A Fairs cup a Cup winners cup A better average of success under GG.

    Wenger had probably 6 years of greatness not 10. It all went wrong when He tried to change the way the game was played not only at Arsenal but the whole of English football. I don’t rate English football but to be successful you need power before beauty. The people of this Country believe everything is about fighting and less so the skill.

    I loved the early Wenger football because it was fast powerful and we had the best player the EPL has seen in DB10. He ruined it by trying to be clever and from 2006 when HE fucked up our chance to win the CL it has all been stale.

  25. Dissenter

    Wenger is being true to himself. He’s admitted he’s a football addict.
    He’s a very young 68 year old…he’s probably fitter than many people half his age.
    Let him do what brings him peace and joy, that much he’s earned.

  26. Dissenter

    My commiserations on the theft of your podcast equipment.
    I would have hidden your podcast equipment for a ransom of peronis, if I got the chance.
    That mirror man intro drove me nuts…literally sent me to the ER on a couple of occasions.

  27. HighburyLegend

    Wenger is not a football addict, he’s a money addict.

    So weird to see that “all is forgiven”, and that we must now almost considered him as a great man.

  28. McBright is Wright

    Well said! as long as it gives him peace, let him go ahead.
    but imagine Wenger visiting the Emirates to show support from the stands…(NorthBank will be great)

  29. Leedsgunner

    For all the great things Wenger achieved during the early part of his tenure, especially 1996-2004, he has been recognised.

    However, his early successes must not be allowed to mask or whitewash the years of repeated excuses and ineptitude he was allowed to get away with especially after 2006 when we lost in the Champion’s League Final.

    Let’s not lionise him just because he is gone. If we are gone to praise him for his successes, he has to be held responsible for his failures… at least in history.

  30. Champagne charlie


    Is it that difficult to piece together? iPhone on the beach in Thailand got damaged. Not everyone goes to Thailand to buy a wife, sorry to burst that bubble.

  31. KAY Boss

    Wishere commenting Ramsey be made captain an should be allowed to leave.
    I respect Jack’s view but the ship has already sailed.
    And what’s with this £40m budget for the summer rumour. Hope it ain’t true.
    Bring on the FOXES. Any win will do for me but boy, the game will be tough.

  32. Leedsgunner

    It looks like Liverpool is suffering injuries to key players after the international break…

    If they drop points against Huddersfield and Cardiff (as they have a Champions League games in between) and we keep winning our matches versus Leicester and Crystal Palace the title race will suddenly become very interesting.

    We also do have a Europa League game against Sporting (away) and a League Cup match versus Blackpool to contend with but Emery has been rotating our squad sensibly and our players are coming back from injuries so we should be able to ride through it relatively unscathed.

    Hopefully we play our strongest team in the EPL… especially in November when we have tough tough matches coming up.

  33. Leedsgunner

    If it is £40m, all the more reason to sell Ramsey and Welbeck to beef up that fund! Welbeck and Ramsey should bring in at least £30m in January.

    Promote from within and spend that £40 in getting a young centreback or a DM to replicate Koscelney’s role and demote Kos to a squad player for next season.

  34. Cesc Appeal

    Is the source of the rumours about a £40 Million budget the people kicking off about selling shares to Kroenke?

  35. Freddie Ljungberg

    They pulled that 40m figure out of their ass, it also doesn’t include the sponsorship money or any eventual CL money.

    That’s an extra 65m or so before any sales, should be enough since it’s actually sensible people in charge of our transfers now.

    Just hope we spend some of it in January to make sure we do get that CL spot. A little proactive spending would be nice for once.

  36. Chris


    It’s a surprise to see that someone else on here goes to Woodside Road! I go a few times a year as it is 2 train stops from where I live.

    It was nice to see George Dowell get recognition for all he has done recently in the national press.

  37. Leedsgunner



    Nothing definite in there… just says “sources”.

    The other factor to take into account is what about the money from the adidas deal… doesn’t that start kicking in this summer or is it next summer? I thought that deal alone was £60m per year?

    If combined a £100m transfer pot is decent provided we spend the money wisely. Emery, Raul and Sven did a decent job with £70m last summer and I have no doubt they will do a better job this summer. Plus, we don’t have the WC to ramp up prices.

  38. gonsterous

    I think the 40m is the budget but if sven and emery feel they need to bring in someone else, they will be allocated the extra money. Same thing that was in effect when wenger was here.

  39. englandsbest

    Wenger’s ego never ceases to flourish. The whole world wants him.

    Far from it. Any owner of an elite club will be wary of the mindset of a manager who has had absolute power for more than a decade. And would anything less than absolute power suit Wenger?

    More likely is a wannabee Club.

    Likelier still is management of a national side. If it wasn’t for Gareth, England might have been first in the queue.

  40. Cesc Appeal

    I’m willing to bet its an Arsenal fan group made up of or representing shareholders who are less than happy about selling their shares to Kroenke.

    Wonder why they would want to present the club as doing badly or possibly even hinting at some sort of money swipe from Kroenke by offering out the lowest transfer budget in years even though we’ve signed a £60 Million kit deal, £13 Million sleeve deal, TV money is like never before and we might end up in the UCL?

    Just getting my calculator out quickly on this one, yeah, 2 plus 2 does equal 4.

  41. TonyD

    There you go Charlie boy dispelling the myth of you being intelligent – there are times where you are almost convincing, but you have to revert to insults and insinuations of which you have no clue about.

    That’s perfectly understandable as you admittedly asked for advice for travelling this region a while ago stating you had only been to Thailand a couple of weeks or so – going to the most touristic of places. If you recall both China and I responded with well travelled knowledge you might find useful of most of South East Asia, Bali and Maldives.

    Then you get to your true level down with Pierre, Victoria and the one and only Stepeov14 aka rotten vegetable aka pussy pitball et al.

    Let me enlighten you so you don’t make a fool of yourself again, people do not buy Thai brides only neanderthals think that, right Stepenov?.

    What you’re suggesting is that Thai women are part of some kind of slave trade market to be bartered for and bought to be married.

    Of course there are dating and bride websites here as there are all over the world.

    As with several Asian cultures, men pay dowries to marry a woman. Specifically in Thailand it is known as milk money paid to the mother of the bride.

    When I say men, this is not limited to westerners, but also to Thai men of all levels from the king downwards.

    In many cases, as it was mine, this now is more a show of wealth exercise where the bride’s family returns the dowry the next day, but the gold and money is put on show as part of the old tradition for the wedding day.

    As for your phone getting wet, do you really think I care what happened? More fool you if you did.

    A word to the unwise Charlie boy; engage brain before opening mouth or in your case trying to unsuccessfully be a keyboard warrior.

    Do you have a prediction for Monday’s game?


  42. Stefano14


    ‘“P.S. My podcast equipment, STOLEN. Can you believe that shit?”My money is on Thenry or Stepenov 14 Pedro.’

    More than likely it’s hidden inside your wife as one of the many props she uses for her famous ping pong show. Probably tucked nicely in between the fairy lights and the banana..

  43. Graham62

    Anyone still in doubt about how difficult it was to win trophies prior to 1992, go back in the archives to look at Stoke City’s path to winning the 1972 League Cup Final against Chelsea.

    12 games!!, including replays against Oxford United, 2 replays against MU and 2 replays against WHU in the semi’s.

    Muddy pitches and 100% commitment from all teams.

    No fudging comparison.

    Just a wee reminder Pierre.

  44. Champagne charlie


    You think I care for your offerings about Thailand at this point? Or your authority about apparent intelligence?

    You’re a 5’7 Del Boy with a puffed out chest

  45. Dissenter

    “There is no way our summer budget is £40m, unless they mean ‘net spend’.”

    What other sell-worthy assets do we have
    We could have sold Ramsey and Welbz last summer to raise funds, instead we dithered.
    Net spend isn’t an issue for us because we do not have that many players that can be sold. The boat has sailed for Ramsey and Welbeck, the can easily wait out for 6 months top leave on a free.

  46. Jamie

    Has Thailand changed in the last 15 years? It’s been that long since I’ve been. Back then, a walk down Silom Road at night would tell you everything you need to know about the sex tourism industry in Bangkok. Parts of Pattaya were fairly sketchy too.

    Amazing country on the whole, though. Rayong was the best. Literally zero tourists bar us for almost a week.

  47. Cesc Appeal

    I really like the way Emery keeps saying we still have a lot to improve on, others would be dining out on the Fulham result but he is saying there was a lot wrong and there is still a long way to go.

    I think we got ourselves a very good, realistic, confidence inspiring manager there who will instill competition into this squad.

    I really want him to stick with players who have been showing well for him in recent weeks.

  48. China

    I really like seeing emery every time we score

    He absolutely can’t contain himself lol. Usually pulls some odd expressions and grimaces whilst fist bumping the air by himself

    That passion has been sorely missed

  49. Pierre

    “Domestic cup competitions became far more predictable and, to all intents and purposes, easier to win”

    Is that because Arsenal have won the most domestic cup competitions during the lifetime of the prem.

    Maybe you should ask spurs supporters if they think the fa cup is easy to win as they have yet to win it during the last 25 years of maybe ask Liverpool fans who have won it twice during that period if it is easy to win…or how about man city fans who have seen their team win it a grand total of Once…

  50. Joe

    The first 10 years under wenger were the exception ,not the norm

    I guess we didn’t win 6 trophies in 8 years under GG including 2 leagues, one with a one loss season and a European trophy

    Yeah wenger crrated every thing great about arsenal

    How could I forget ….

    GG brought the glory back to arsenal. Not wenger. Wenger actually took us back our worst years and gave us one of our worst periods if you weight it against expectations and resources new stadium players etc.

    3 good years out of 22. He went 3 years without a trophy after 98. Let’s nots pretend his first 9 years were all amazing

    Take a picture with wenger?? Haha yeah I’m not a 12 year old wearing full kit. Not a fucking chance I’d take a pic with wenger

  51. Joe


    Wenger was nothing but lucky to win

    Hull hit the crossbar at 2-0 up. They score there game over

    Wigan took us to penalties. Luck

    Man city’s perfectly good goal disallowed. They score we crumble as usual

    Sanchez’ handball v Chelsea during our 1st goal.

    Plus our draws.

    Give it up pierre. Fa cup is a 3rd tier comp grouped with the league cup in order of importance. Even wenger said top 4 was more important

  52. Pierre

    “Yeah wenger created every thing great about arsenal”

    Really Joe ,personally I feel that he changed the way Arsenal played their football and now ” the Arsenal way ” of playing football is recognised world wide but I don’t agree with you that wenger “created everything great about Arsenal” but you are welcome to your opinion.

  53. Graham62


    I was merely highlighting a fact.

    Look at my Stoke City post.

    Cup competition’s are nowhere near as intense. The fact that MC,Spurs and Liverpool have not been as successful as Arsenal is irrelevant. Squad rotations/ not taking the games so seriously are common place, and have been for the past 25 years.

    Whatever way you want to spin things, winning the FA Cup has been devalued.

    3rd/4th./5th round draws away to York /Wrexham etc, remember those. No academy/second string players, shitty pitches.

    Most EPL and even championship teams only take the event seriously if they reach the semi finals.

  54. Pierre

    You should have a word with Graham62 for belittling George Grahams successes in the domestic trophies by suggesting that they are easy to win.

  55. China

    There’s a guy who joined my foreigners 8 a side team here last week called stephano wenger

    I jokingly said I had a heart attack when I saw wenger in the team because I’m an arsenal fan and he looked at me with a totally straight face and said ‘yeah he’s my uncle’

    I couldn’t tell at all if he was joking because it’s the first time we’ve met and he looked deadly serious – but he’s German (wolfsburg fan), sounds just like arsene when he speaks and there’s a little bit about him in the eyes. He’s tall as well though a heavy set build. I didn’t get a chance to talk to him any longer but I’ll have to get to the bottom of this lol

    He was actually an impressive player. His positioning was a bit off, but his touch, control and intelligence were very good and his shooting technique with difficult volleys from range was mad impressive.

    I wonder………

  56. Pierre

    So why have spurs ,city and Liverpool only won a grand total of 3 fa cups in the last 25 years if it is that easy….

  57. Pierre

    “Wenger was nothing but lucky to winHull hit the crossbar at 2-0 up. They score there game over Wigan took us to penalties. Luck Man city’s perfectly good goal disallowed. They score we crumble as usual Sanchez’ handball v Chelsea during our 1st goal. Plus our draws.”

    you seem a little peeved that we won those trophies joe……don’t you realise that to win any trophy you need an element of luck that is why I don’t go with Graham’s theory that it’s easy to win ….

  58. HighburyLegend

    “So why have spurs ,city and Liverpool only won a grand total of 3 fa cups in the last 25 years if it is that easy….”

    Liverpool and City were busy for winning other trophies, the PL or the CL, for examples.

  59. Joe


    How was the glorious football we played for the last 7-8 years. We played the most boring slow football. So half of wenger’s reign was actually boring crab sideways football. But your opinion.

    Funny how as soon as wenger took over the transfer etc after dein left our play changed.

    Maybe it was the players dein brought in that created all that wonderful football
    And nothing to do with wenger.

    I believe we saw the real Wenger the last dozen years.


    The domestic cups were a lot harder to win in GGs era. Why?

    Because the foriegn players don’t care about the fa cups like English players did back then and before.

    AND the league, CL and qualification for the CL has taken a much greater importance to players and clubs.

    Therefore the FA Cup has dropped down significantly in the importance of it.


    Do you really believe wenger winning the fa cup constituted a successful season for us even though we were a laughing stock in cL and PL?

  60. HighburyLegend

    “Jack Wilshere urges Arsenal to keep ‘future captain’ Aaron Ramsey”

    lol another great reason to get rid of Rambo.

  61. Pierre

    Loved George Eastham at The Arsenal …

    Weighed less than Ozil ,the master of the one two…pass and move …and on muddy pitches eh Graham.

  62. Joe


    Liverpool’s CL or our 7 fa cups??

    City’s PL trophies or our 7 fa cups?

    Fuck Pierre, I would trade Leicester’s 1 league trophy they won in 2015 for all of wenger’s fa cups.

    Fa cups don’t hold the same value as a PL.

    Fa cups don’t make you a big club pierre especially when you’re 20 points back of league leaders and out in round of 16 embarrassingly again

  63. Pierre

    Leg End
    “Liverpool and City were busy for winning other trophies, the PL or the CL, for examples.”

    Oh right …Liverpool no titles and one champion league and how many champions league finals have city managed….

  64. Joe

    Would you not trade wenger’s 7 fa cups for
    Liverpool’s CL win?

    I bet you even he would.

    But you keep going pierre

    Big up the modern fa cup

    Even wenger, the man you defend unto the end, put the non exsistant top 4 trophy ahead of it

  65. Graham62

    I’m sorry, but those that can’t see/ admit that the domestic cup competitions are now far easier to win, must be blind, ignorant, or both.

    I reiterate, from 1992 onwards, Football changed.

    I guarantee that if pitches/ infrastructures had remained the same, there would have been far more upsets, as well as more varied winners.

    1966-1992 -15 different winners.
    1992-2018 -8 different winners.

  66. Pierre

    Actually Joe ,You are right,the fa cup is not enough but it is better than nothing …

    In the last 65 years in 48 of those years Arsenal have won nothing….

  67. Pierre

    “Pierre how many league titles have city won in that time?”

    the same as Arsenal…3…..

    No champions league and one fa cup ……

  68. Pierre

    Leg End
    Ok explain yourself what do you mean when you say that city and Liverpool were too busy winning other trophies….

    The way I read it is you feel that winning the fa cup is worthless as they were too busy winning the pre m and champions league ever other season which ,of course, is not the case.

  69. Joe


    Man city’s relevance is only a decade old.

    They were relegated not that long ago.

    But keep comparing us. Makes us look really bad if you think city have won as many leagues as we have since wenger has been in charge

  70. Pierre

    “The domestic cups were a lot harder to win in GGs era. Why?Because the foriegn players don’t care about the fa cups like English players did back then and before.”

    Considering the Arsenal team have been full of foreign players under wenger that comment doesn’t make sense does it.

    So how did wenger with his foreign players manage to win so many trophies if they didn’t care about winning the FA cup .

  71. Pierre

    Only yesterday Joe pointed out that Portsmouth and Wigan had won the FA cup recently so maybe you should sort it out with him….

    Joe said it devalues the competition as Wigan and Portsmouth have won it recently.

    You say it added value to the competition when lesser teams won it …

    You 2 need to sort it out .

  72. Graham62


    You are,and always have been, a strange character when it comes to your perceptions and outlook on Football.

  73. Joe


    Because every team was/is full of foreign players so wenger’s teams were playing v teams with foreign players and we had some of the best French players around and DB10 which were honestly no match for the English passion for the fa cup.

  74. Joe


    Do you think fa cup is important for top teams these days?

    Do you think Ferguson would be happy with 3 fa cups in 12 years?

    Pep and Barca? City?

    Real Madrid?



    The 4 fa cups wenger won were great because he was challenging/winning the league when he won them(3 of them anyway)

    The last 3 do not constitute a successful season for a top team.


  75. un na naai


    Turn it in. You’ve mugged off your own point

    We were the first side to ever field a full foreign matchday squad. We were still winning titles and cups with that squad agaisnt majority British sides

    Don’t be stupid. Let the point go because you’re hurtling towards Bamford territory here

  76. un na naai


    You aren’t trying to compare us with united or Real Madrid are you? Silly boy. Those teams have been winning european cups for over 50years…. we might be London’s most successful side but we were never in that bracket. Never

  77. Joe


    I disagree.

    My point stands

    Fa cup was harder to win as it was valued more before the PL era influx of foreign players

  78. Joe


    Did we move to Emirates to win fa cups and comepwtw with Everton or

    Did we move to compete with the best.

    We would have if we removed wenger when we moved in

  79. Joe


    Did the fa cup mean more in the 60-70-80s or now

    Why do even championship teams play reserves in the fa cup these days?

    Never happen in the 70s

  80. un na naai


    The only reason we ever got a look in with the best was because if Wenger. Not despite him. Before that we were occasionally title winners but mostly loitering around the upper end of mid table. Nowhere near Madrid and united and juventus levels. The stadium didn’t change that.

    Kroenke comes in, titles stop.

  81. un na naai


    Because if the champions league
    It’s killed every other cup competition
    There used to be the uefa cup
    The cup winners cup
    The World Cup was a lot better too.

    Between the champions league and globalisation, most of footballs most prestigious cup competitions have suffered an obscene amount degradation

  82. Joe


    Bergkamp was signed before anyone knew who wenger was

    We won 2 legaue trophies and a euro cup in the 8 years before wenger.

    3 in the 22 since

    We had great players before wenger. All our great players in the wenger era left because of wenger.

  83. Joe

    Between the champions league and globalisation, most of footballs most prestigious cup competitions have suffered an obscene amount degradation

    That’s all we’ve been saying.

    It’s Pierre who thinks the fa cup is the greatest trophy in the universe

  84. Stefano14


    ‘Because every team was/is full of foreign players so wenger’s teams were playing v teams with foreign players and we had some of the best French players around and DB10 which were honestly no match for the English passion for the fa cup.’

    So which is it?

    Foreigners didn’t care about the fa cup?

    Foreigners in our team were he only ones that cared about it?

    You are dumb as fuck and you tie yourself up daily cos you don’t know what you’re talking about.

  85. Joe


    The last dozen years at the Emirates could have been very very different if we had dumped wenege after the 05 fa cup and brought in a proper ambitious football manager not a bad accounting manager like wenger

    We could have won 3 leagues

  86. Joe

    During the first decade we had the best players. Mostly foreign. The level of our foreign players wasn’t going to be put done by the English passion for the fa cup of some championship level club

    The last 3 fa cups? I’ve already said it. We were lucky to win.

    It’s not hard to understand stefanie. Unless you’re a daft cunt like you

  87. Pierre

    Whatever happened around the time kronke took over with David Dein leaving around that time has done us no favours .

    Kronke was happy to let wenger make all/most of the decisions and in the end he was answering to no one and now we are where we are,which is not in a terrible place but a club that needs direction to get us challenging again.

    Is Emery the man to do it ,I hope so ….he looks like he has a passion to succeed but he will find it difficult as we won’t compete with United and city financially and maybe even Chelsea may go back to their big spending ways.

    Emery has a good squad of players to work with despite what many say on here , some good kids coming through , excellent strikers and playmakers ….I’m hoping to see more defensive awareness in the coming months .

    Torriera coming in will show the others how to limit the opposition going forward and the others should follow his lead …I can see him being a captain /leader of the team on the pitch in the coming years.

  88. Graham62


    “All our great players in the Wenger era left because of Wenger”

    100% true.

    They all knew things would never change.

    If you were a great player, wouldn’t you want to get out?

  89. TonyD

    Fair play to you. That’s the point smart people go to the real Thailand like Rayong.

    They skip the tourist traps like Charlie went to to see the real life in Thailand.

    Mix with real locals and learn the true culture.

    Go to the villages up north and north east to find real Thai hospitality not just Phi phi island we’re James bond wasn’t filmed.

  90. Batistuta

    Fact is, he’s Arsenal most successful manager no matter how sour it turned out towards the end, the constant degrading of anything he did just reeks of agenda

  91. Graham62


    1996-2006 – 8/10.
    2006-2012 – 5/10.
    2012-2018 – 3/10.

    Ten years of credit, six years of stagnation,six years of regression.

    Onwards and upwards.

  92. TonyD

    GG brought the glory back to arsenal. Not wenger

    The real truth and more successful given the time period including a Euro trophy.

    No answer to that Pierre

  93. Joe


    Most successful. He was also here double what anyone else was and 12 years of it undeserved

    What if champman and Whitaker who both had 2 leagues hadn’t died while Managing arsenal ? And give them 22 years at arsenal. They would have surpassed wenger

    If GG was given another 14 years at arsenal you don’t think he would have surpassed wenger ?

    He’s only the most successful because he was here the longest. A lot of it undeserved

  94. Graham62


    45% of his reign deserved credit and our respect.

    27.5% was questionable.

    27.5% deserved our condemnation.

    Statistically speaking!

    Oh yeh, onwards and upwards.

  95. Joe

    Alison even won 2 leagues and had a world war stop the league during his tenure.

    Wenger might be most successful in “numbers” but if you break it down he isn’t our greatest manager or successful

    Unlike wenger , Ferguson deserved his long tenure. He was a winner to the end and is the most successful and greatest Man U manager. Without a doubt.

    Wenger. Not so much.

  96. Batistuta

    I hear you all really but my point is a lot of the commentary on Wenger’s time here is almost always negative and over the top too.

  97. Batistuta

    I followed the George Graham era quite closely and there are some really great memories and THAT European trophy but and this is my personal opinion too, Wenger’s first 10 years tops it by quite a mile

  98. un na naai


    He underachieved?? It’s onky perceived that way because he set the bar so high for himself. He raised your expectations. He gave more titles than Graham and built better sides. Don’t try telling me that arsenal of 89/91 was a better team then arsenal of 98/04

  99. Sancho Monzorla

    So TonyD bought his wife from a Thai pimp in Rayong on a James Bond movie set? Or am I getting myself mixed up.

  100. Pierre

    “GG brought the glory back to arsenal. Not wenger,No answer to that Pierre”

    Actually there is an answer because originally,as far as I’m concerned, Bertie Mee brought the glory back to The Arsenal and then George Graham and then Arsene Wenger and then hopefully Unai Emery…

    I will be forever grateful to Bertie Mee for the success he brought to the club when I was a kid ….being at Highbury for the Fairs cup final, white Hart lane when we clinched the title and Wembley to see Charlie George hit the winner was a great time to support the club….

    I would imagine you would have had to sit at home listening on the radio as I’m sure mummy wouldn’t have let you out by yourself back in the day…….

  101. Bamford10


    You can discuss Wenger any time you like, and you can say the most critical things about him any time you like. This is Le Grove, not Untold.

  102. Dissenter

    TonD likes George Graham more than Wenger
    Pierre likes Wenger more than George Graham.

    Oh là là
    Different strokes for different folks