Arsenal head into 3rd block, here’s what needs to happen

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I just watched the Damned United for the first time on the way back home. What a great film. When Peter Taylor and Brian Clough make up at the end, I think I did an emotion. So touching. Two guys that just really loved each other. What a character Clough was. I loved how aggressive he was about playing football the right way.

Arsenal, unfortunately, are still out of action for a whole extra week. We don’t play again until we meet Leicester next Monday. If you look at our season in blocks, we’re now entering the third. This one is going to be tricky. It runs to the Wolves game on November 11th. Has 4 Premier League games, 2 Europa and a League Cup run out. The players will have been away from home for two weeks, a touch of fatigue may have settled in for those that traveled a long way, and the winter will set in.

This block of games is extra interesting because firstly, we play Liverpool in it, secondly, because the rest of the games are those that we really should be winning, racking up points in the process. This will be a big mental test of the players, because there’s once again this thing called ‘expectation’ building with the fans.

Have you truly felt that in the last ten years?

Not only that, there’s a run of wins to maintain which comes with its own demons. It’s tough to churn out victories when you’re on a run, even tougher bouncing back from a defeat. To be honest, seeing how we bounce back is going to fascinating, because even in peak Wenger days, he was rarely able to summon the players after they were rocked by a major loss.

There are three targets for me in this block of games.

Stretch target of 10 points from our 4 Premier League games.

Improve our defending, and make our xG reflect our results. Namely, get better at defending, and stop relying on luck. Interesting that Ballague said the coaching staff put 50% of our points on Petr Cech.

Improve our attack, maintain the amount of goals we’re scoring, but increase the amount of chances we create. I don’t mind seeing more wastage with a similar amount of goals, what I’m not comfortable with, is seeing us scoring 25% of our shots. It’s great on the face of it, but it’s certainly not sustainable. Simply put, we can’t keep scoring 2+ goals a game.

The cup final of this block of games is the Liverpool match. There’s no hiding there. We’ll need to defend well, and we’ll need to create. Losing that game, which has a high probability based on xG, will be no blight on our season. We have to remember that Klopp has had 3 years to work on his squad and he’s spent a shed load of cash.

Emery has had one window to work with and he spent most of that fixing a mess, versus building on a well-drilled machine with CL cash. Worth noting that I’ve heard from a very good place that the leaders in the backroom think Europa League is still our best bet for CL this season. Kind of paints a picture that everyone knows this season isn’t going to be totally rosy. This Liverpool game will be a good indicator regardless.

Another item Emery has to be very careful with is the management of his squad. Darren Burgess has a huge task ahead of him making sure that the player are as fresh as can be heading into block 4, which is the dreaded Christmas period. I was heartened to see us rotate hard for the Fulham game. If we were on a run like we have been under Wenger, he’d have played the same 11 game after game, with crippling December consequences. What Emery is doing is keeping players fresh physically, but importantly, he’s telling the fringe players they’ll have a role to play this season.

If players feel like they’re just there to slip in when someone breaks, it can have a negative impact when they arrive. They don’t feel part of the group, they’re rusty, they’re not 100% on their game. We’ll need our whole squad for December, and without doubt, it’ll shape our chances of making the top 4 this season. We need to avoid injuries, we need to avoid a loss of confidence and we need to do everything we can to maintain momentum going into January.

So, in short, we’re in great shape so far. We’re ahead of where any of us imagined we’d be, but this next block, though not littered with tough games, really is incredibly important in shaping how the December run goes.

It’s all very exciting.

NOT AS EXCITING AS SEEING ENGLAND DO SPAIN. Hooray. We have an exciting batch of kids coming through. Pepper in AMN, Sancho, Smith Rowe, Reiss and Nketiah and we’re rolling at the next World Cup.


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  1. Marc

    Well that explains that.

    Pierre’s peculiar and delusional view on football has just been explained. “Real football people” include Craig Bellamy = gobshite epic cunt, Matthew Upson distinctly average player who does what now? And some other bloke who I don’t recognise.

  2. Receding hairline

    The hate some of you have towards Wenger feels personal… Football results alone should not give birth to such hate. Its not enough he is no longer manager of Arsenal, you want him disgraced, abused and if possible crucified

    That’s a lot of baggage to carry around over someone you don’t know personally

  3. Marc


    Well if you’ve got a solution rather than lumping please enlighten us but please something coherent.

    My view that you’re a lefty scumbag stems from people who spend their life saying how it should be and who should pay for what all without ever putting their hand in their own pocket.

  4. Receding hairline

    For my part i am happy he is no longer manager of Arsenal but I don’t hate him on the contrary I admire him a lot. Most of you speak about him like he is an idiot yet the man is revered in his chosen profession.. A legend who dines with kings.

    What have you achieved in your chosen profession O wise ones?

  5. Champagne Charlie


    I’ve not got to strategise a plan for ousting Stan to be qualified to have that POV. You could do any number of things, stay away from the ground, not buy mercy, protest. The point is he’s a leech of an owner.

    I’ve put more money into Arsenal than Kroenke so your water tight argument is fucking dripping. “Lefty scumbag”, no souring where you align yourself despite absolute no one asking nor caring. Marc’s a brexit cunt everyone, he’s dead proud of that it seems. Spare a moment and pat him on his back.

  6. Bamford10


    You clearly weren’t paying close enough attention over past six or seven years, as Wenger said and did a great many inane things, and he also demonstrated complete and utter contempt for supporters and fans. That you don’t feel as many here do simply means you weren’t paying close enough attention.

  7. Champagne Charlie

    Yea Receding you have a different view to Banford so you’ve done something wrong along the way clearly – and you spell Receding wrong too.

    Amirite Bam?

  8. Marc


    Hate to tell you this but 60% of Labour constituencies voted for Brexit. As for being a cunt for excising my voting rights – that’s lefty scumbag all over.

    As for Kroenke if you don’t have a plan, won’t suggest a plan then maybe you should shut the fuck up. All you can suggest is what I should do – get up off your lazy cunt arse and do something yourself.

  9. Receding hairline


    I pay close attention… Nothing you spout here justifies this toxic hate. You probably picked Arsenal because you heard they were invincible.. Guess who assembled that team?

    I won’t even address your own personal attitude towards Wenger.. Its actually hilarious you believe you know more about building a football team than he does.. I pity you when you start spouting your usual rubbish about him being incompetent and how he should be exposed for being a fraud….you a freaking nanny or is it school teachers ..gimme a break

    The man is a legend ..who are you ??

  10. Bamford10


    I completely agree with you (and Cesc, and many others) re Kroenke, but the “lefty scumbag” remark was totally uncalled for. Politics really doesn’t need to come into it at all, and as a leftist myself, I find your remark a little … annoying. Just because a person’s politics are left doesn’t make them a “scumbag”. Obviously.

  11. Champagne charlie


    “Brexit cunt” is what all the kids say, was just being current. I’ve not suggested anything you should do, just a classic case of someone totally incapable of reacting to differing opinion and throwing a wobbly over it. So much so you started hurling abuse about “lefty scumbags”, why they’re relevant in a discussion about Stan Kroenke i’ve no idea.

    Yea you keep insisting I should get up off my arse and do this or that, do you think I’m jobless or something? It’s a bit confusing what your ramblings are trying to get at. Btw I also pointed out what can be done about Stan, seems you were willing to take part when it was Wenger and not when it’s Stan (ie my original point of contention).

    At some time todayi’m sure you’ll have some input that ties together your various dead-end statements. I wait eagerly.

  12. Marko

    Where’s all the Arsene stuff coming from anyway have I missed something?

    Anyway I tell you what does my nut in these ex players piping in about how great Ramsey is and how stupid we are to lose him. It’s honestly a fucking joke we can do better we deserve better

  13. Joe

    Sorry to say but Liverpool and Spurs supporters have shown these Arsenal fans what being loyal fans is all about… ….Liverpool and Tottenham have 86 years between them since they won a league title and they do not have the fractions in the fan base that Arsenal have

    I know it’s like talking to a fucking ret^arded 60 year old child but…

    Pierre , have Liverpool and Tottenham replaced manager when they were doing shit. Yes.

    Have they ever held on to a manager 12 years too long? No

    So you have no idea what their fans would do if they had a loser cunt of a manager like wenger for 12 years too long

    How many CLs do Liverpool have in between there ?

    And Tottenham? Small club who are over achieving. Who cares what they think.

    We have been under achieving for more than a decade. And didn’t change our loser manager

    That’s what you Akbs don’t get.

    You don’t even understand that we aren’t talking shit about arsenal. It’s wenger

    Wenger IS NOT arsenal Pierre. Get that through your lonely 60 year dunce mind

  14. Receding hairline

    Marko how many football managers get invited to talks in prestigious ivy league schools? Wenger can get an audience with at least 30% of world leaders.. Bamford struggles to get his students listen to him

    Some of the nonsense said about Wenger on here is over the top and separated from reality.. Man is no longer manager of Arsenal.. Stop abusing him on here daily for crying out loud. Its boring and ridiculous

  15. Bamford10


    Sorry, guy, but you clearly didn’t pay close enough attention. Anyone who did knows that Wenger said and did a great many ridiculous things in his final years and further that he was an utter arrogant prick towards supporters.

    And I don’t “hate” Arsene Wenger, nor is my analysis of his flaws and failings based on emotion.

    He failed. He was dismissed. It’s over. You and your ilk lost. And no matter how much time passes, his legacy will always be marred by his second decade, which was a fucking shit-show, whether people like you can see or admit this or not.

  16. Bamford10


    Do you mind not making this personal? This has nothing to do with any of our personal lives or what we do for a living or any such nonsense. Just stick to the fucking arguments, guy. And stop focusing on me and my life. It’s weird.

  17. Bamford10

    These guys are literally still going to be trying to defend Wenger ten years from now. I guarantee it. This debate will never die. But not because of his critics — who were proven right — but because of his devotees.

  18. Receding hairline

    His flaws and failings.. Lol

    Says the man who finds it difficult to admit he gets an opinion wrong on a football blog. Too bad you cannot see your own flaws and failings

    By the way no one cares if you are a leftist or whatever.. You guys should keep your politics off this blog.

  19. Marko

    Marko how many football managers get invited to talks in prestigious ivy league schools? Wenger can get an audience with at least 30% of world leaders..

    I mean your logic is sound. Anyway that may all be true but he was doing a bang average that ended in an awful job for quite a number of years. Some people have trouble separating the first 10 years from the last 12 but that’s okay he’s gone now and he ain’t coming back and as Arsenal fans we should be grateful for that fact. The future’s bright

  20. Champagne charlie


    If you take such exception to your personal life being quoted then have a word with the dense cunt who put that info on here. Only thing that’s weird here is when folk throw out personal info to aid their sense of superiority, then cry wolf when it’s thrown back at them. Stop being a whiny little bitch, Receding didn’t hire a P.I to learn your educational background and occupation.

  21. Receding hairline

    Bamford you will continue to regret the day you invaded this blog with details of your personal life…your Harvard education and you being an educator. You divulged all this information in it gives u an edge when you invade this place with your often bizarre take on football as a sport…don’t blame me if it is used against you.

  22. Receding hairline

    Marko you will find I am one of those much reliever that Wenger has left the building… He was stinking the place out for about 6 seasons or more now

    But this constant rewriting of history to make it appear he never did anything right by some on here is what I can’t stand. George Graham’s back four..Tony Adams managing the team..viera being the brain behind the invincibles and other such rubbish spewed from hate

  23. Bamford10


    That comment you made about “wouldn’t people be proud to have a manager who loved football, who had principles, who didn’t blah blah blah blah blah…” is so silly. All of that is precisely why I have long referred to Wenger as the Don Quixote of world football. Yeah, he had principles alright, and those principles were utterly outdated and counterproductive in the new era in which he found himself. But because he was a stubborn and arrogant dinosaur, he stuck to those principles, snubbed his nose at the world (and the supporters) and made Arsenal worse and worse every year. At times he made Arsenal a fucking laughing stock. Only the blinkered deny this.

    If you’d just acknowledge that a once great manager didn’t adapt to changed circumstances and thus became a farce and a failure, this whole thing would end.

    But as long as you lot try to deny this, those of us who actually had our eyes open in his final years will continue to tell the truth about him.

  24. Marko

    To be fair Receding you do take it to the extreme sometimes. In the past you’ve said I’m bullying when criticizing Xhaka that I hate players and now that someone wants Wenger crucified. It’s a bit much really.

  25. Bamford10


    “Stop abusing [Wenger] on here daily for crying out loud. It’s boring and ridiculous.”

    Hi guys, I call myself “Receding Hairline,” I showed up here six months ago, and I demand that Le Grove — a blog that has been around for more than ten years, a blog that wrote the term “AKB” into its architecture — to stop criticizing Arsene Wenger.


  26. Receding hairline

    Marko in case you haven’t noticed we only do extreme on here…everyone goes overboard in a bid to make that point.

    Speaking of which where is Ishola? Hope he hasn’t harmed himself seeing as Xhaka is a constant in the starting line up

  27. Receding hairline

    Bamford you case you haven’t noticed the author and owner of the blog has moved on from Wenger.. The club has too..I suggest its time you and your cohorts do the same.

    And stop keeping tabs on when posters started coming on here..there is no seniority roster going on.

  28. Marko

    He was stinking the place out for about 6 seasons or more now But this constant rewriting of history to make it appear he never did anything right by some on here is what I can’t stand

    I mean that’s fair enough then. But to counter that you have to realize that there’s a lot of people out there that have been left unbelievably frustrated (to say the least) for a long time and it’s going to take them a while to forget about the number he did on the club at the end there. It doesn’t help having numpties like Pierre knocking about prodding and trolling when he’s bored of criticizing the new manager who’s actually doing a fine job so far

  29. Bamford10


    Guy, this blog has been criticizing Wenger for some ten years. You don’t get to come on here as a former AKB and tell people to stop criticizing the former manager because you don’t like it.

    If Wenger comes up in the day’s news, people here are free to criticize him. If you want to read a blog where people only say nice things about the man, you’ve come to the wrong place.

  30. Champagne Charlie


    He’ll use every possible angle to gain some sense of seniority. Don’t use it against him though, throws a right paddy when you do that, although perhaps you noticed that one haha

  31. Marko

    Hope he hasn’t harmed himself seeing as Xhaka is a constant in the starting line up

    I mean he’s intelligent enough not to get worked up about that sort of thing I assume. I mean I see Xhaka this season either stepping up or leaving at the end of the season and my money is on him leaving

  32. Marko

    in case you haven’t noticed the author and owner of the blog has moved on from Wenger..

    … hasn’t moved on from Arteta though

  33. Bamford10

    Yeah, I think Ishola feels justified in his views every time Xhaka gives the ball to the opposition in our defensive third. Happens frequently enough.

  34. Champagne Charlie


    Happens so much we’ve won 9 in a row with him in the side.

    Tell us all again how Auba was bought because the brass at the club wrote off our former record signing Lacazette after less than 6 months at the club. The same club that’s made a name for sticking by numerous players time after time.

  35. Joe


    GG ranks higher than wenger in Arsenal’s greatest manager list.



    Alison, Whitaker, wenger and Mee all tied for 3rd greatest.

    Wenger could be our 3rd greatest manager but he also oversaw one of our worst periods

  36. Champagne Charlie

    Oh Joe, one of our worst periods? God other fans must think we’re an unbelievable bunch of cunts to coin top 4 and a few FA cups as one of the worst periods in the history of the club.

    It stagnated, and we declined in relative standards but you’re unbearably ott labelling it that way. As you wish, your opinion.

  37. Joe


    What is “top 4” under wenger other than a money making gambit in order for wenger to stay in a job?

    It had nothing to do with football ambitions , exact opposite as it actually made us a laughing stock.

    And “top 4” is actually the bare minimum wenger should have been achieving not something to be celebrated as a “trophy”

    And the FA Cups? Please answer me what other top club with real footballing ambitions would be happy with 3 FA Cups in 12 years while being a laughing stock in the league and the CL ( the competitons any club of note care about)

    I’ve said it before a fa cup is great as a second cup in a double year. An accessory. Or if you make a title challenge into late April/May and/or a proper run in the CL. Not being knocked out again in the round of 16. It’s a nice conciliation prize in that scenario

    CC if Emery goes on to win 3 FA Cups in the next 12 years but we languish double figures back in the league sometimes 40 points pack and out in the round of 16 in the Cl would you consider that success or ?

  38. Joe

    “Top 4 trophy” was the biggest scam ever invented by wenger. And so many “fans” lapped it up and not realized wenger pulled the wool over their eyes

    It was a way for wenger to justify his exsistence

    Trust me CC. We replaced wenger when we moved to the Emirates we would have 3 league trophies to go along with those 3 FA Cups. Wenger blew it. Weak minded manager leading weak minded players who needed strong leadership and didn’t get it whatsoever and bungled transfers and jokes for transfers in that wenger had full control of. Wasted millions on salary

    A different manager the last dozen years would be completely different.

  39. Marko

    Marko hope the money you have on Xhaka leaving is a sum you can afford to lose

    You see him playing well enough that he’s kept on next season? Interesting. I mean I’ve seen a slight improvement in the last couple games but nah I don’t see Emery sticking with him next season. Links to Herrera, Banega, Sandro Tonali, Arne Maier I mean we’re getting links to so many CM’s you’d swear he wasn’t still totally happy with his midfield options. Hard to imagine all those players being linked are just to replace Elneny.

  40. Joe

    At the end of day, I hope Xhaka improves, because him improving only helps Arsenal
    doesn’t it???

    I think there is an infinite more chance of him improving under Emery than he would have under wenger.

    There is hope he can improve which is a lot different than I/we had for him last year

  41. Joe

    The best thing is knowing that if he doesn’t improve and isn’t good enough this regime will get rid of him unlike the last regime where players were played and kept no matter how shit the played. For years in years

  42. China

    Receding you’re right some of the hatred for wenger is personal. He treated the fans who paid top dollar with disdain whilst making fuck all genuine effort to deliver what they were paying for and treated something they are emotionally tied to as his own personal play thing. He then saw the fan base divide in two in a really ugly way because of those and again put himself above the best interest of the club and trying to at least offer unity. He made everything about him.

    Well he got his wishes. It was all about him and when you do that and fuck up and get sacked, people don’t let you just walk into the sunset and forget what just happened with a smile and a wave

    The chance for that disappeared after he won that first fa cup, ending his barren spell. If he walked away then the whole fan base would’ve united overnight and would’ve given him the send off he wanted (even though we were annoyed for a few years prior)

    But again, this is what happens when you make it all about you. When things go wrong you invite all the blame and all the anger and ultimately need to face all the consequences.

    For a guy who people claim is smart, he should’ve been aware of this. If not earlier on, at least when there was fighting between his own fans, opposition fans chanting they wanted him to stay, and fucking planes flying over the stadium

    So no people aren’t willing to just say he’s gone move on that easily. You live by the sword – you die by the sword. He invited this and he’s got it. Especially because his legacy was a squad out of the CL and in shambles. How can people forget the guy existed when most of his babies are still in the squad?

  43. China

    As for him being able to get an audience with the elites…. yeah for what he did *ages ago* and because he must have a thousand interesting stories from the last 22 years.

    You think they would book his time to discuss him coming second behind Leicester city? Or to hear his great insight about signing chamakh?

    His early success and his amazing longevity are what make him interesting. I doubt Oxbridge want to hear him give a lecture on how to lose 15-3 over 3 games against Bayern

  44. Sancho Monzorla

    Hey Banford you spelled your name wrong.

    You know the warrior is about to come out when he starts addressing everybody as “Guy”. So threatening. Way to hike up that skirt, princess.

  45. Joe

    I’m sure they are 1000s of people around waiting to hear wenger talk about “ 4th place is a trophy, I’d take 2nd place for the next 20 years, sanago is our 50m pound striker, how he sold his best player to man united even though he knew they would win the title. Tell the world you can’t be a big club if you sell nasri and Cesc but then sell them a week later.

    Yeah I’m sure people are lined up to hear all about it

    Maybe then he could encore on how to lose 6-0 on your 1000th match anniversary. Or 8-2. Or be up 4-0 to draw 4-4.

    Riveting stuff that

  46. Champagne Charlie

    Joe behave yourself, whatever way you slice it, roll it, serve it, none of Wengers managerial reign is filed amongst the worst ever. That’s emotional garbage.

    No a few FA cups and top 4 isn’t good enough for Emery, it wasn’t for Wenger hence the replacement. That being said, Emery won’t have aubjexted us to one of our worst spells if he finishes 4th a few times and claims an FA Cup. Be sensible

  47. Champagne Charlie


    How would you deal with a cracked screen? I imagine you’d buy shares in Apple, give yourself a consultancy position, and demand a new device weekly to never have to deal with such a thing again.

  48. Joe


    With the resources available. The teams he had. The talk as we moved to the new stadium etc. He failed miserably. That’s why it goes down as one of our worst periods especially when you think if we had another manager who had a clue we would have won 3 league trophies.

    It’s a lost decade. Broken promises. Lies. False hope. Disappointment. A civil war amosgt fans.

    Sorry it was one of our worst periods in all aspects of being a football club as my last post demonstrates.

    Never have we been embarrassed as a football club so many times under a manager so many times

    Hence one of our worst periods.

  49. Receding hairline

    Anyone expecting me to engage in a discussion about Wenger with Joe is kidding. You are worst when it comes to rewriting history and personal hate towards a man who I imagine you will smile and ask for a pic if you ever got the chance of meeting. I would rather talk to a street light than discuss Wenger with u

  50. un na naai

    There are a lot of borderline obsessive comments on wenger. The fact that he’s gone and that we are doing well now is not enough. It’s a sickness some of you have. Us finishing 6th for the only time in wengers reign should not be enough to prompt some of the spite towards him.


    Wengers reign was not even close to being one of our worst periods as a club. Under graham we were finishing 12th towards the end and no, Graham was not our most successful manager.
    Don’t try and rewrite a history you know very little about. In the 60s 70s and 80s we comfortably finished mid table regualrly.

    If you look at wengers reign it is the only time we finished top four consistently. Add in the trophies and glorious football and your spin story’s wheels fall of with a cursory glance at the facts

  51. un na naai


    You know the warrior is about to come out when he starts addressing everybody as “Guy”. So threatening. Way to hike up that skirt, princess.


  52. N5

    Cheers tonyd but I bit the bullet and booked it in at £315. I’ve taken Charlie’s advise though and added apple cared to my iPad and I’ll see if I can get it on the phone once repaired.

    It was an expensive lesson in my ignorance to insurance.

  53. Leftsidesanch

    I think we just need to accept that Wenger will continue to divide the fanbase for years. There hasn’t been any middle ground on this “sensitive” subject on here and I don’t think there will be, at least for now.

  54. N5

    China imagine me reading your comment through and iPhone X screen that’s cracked like crazy paving and shaking my fiat!!! 😀

  55. Graham62

    Un na

    Based on the infrastructure, resources, players at his disposal, financial and business benefits and where we were in 2006, it was definitely one of the worst periods in the clubs history.

    No other fanbase, based on the above, would have tolerated the shambles of the past few years. You can argue the case against this till your blue in the face, but it won’t change my perceptions.


  56. gonsterous


    You would think Dier made a goal saving tackle

    I haven’t seen the tackle but the praise it is getting, I would have concluded that it was a goal saving tackle and not one that could end the career of a footballer (no doubt an arsehole of a footballer)

  57. Graham62


    As you know I find that impossible,especially when the “blasé dismissive crew” keep gloating about their loyalty to the club.

    We are at last moving forward but if and when someone talks about the wonders of Wenger, I will always counter.

    Onwards and upwards.

  58. PessimisticPat


    Do you have people moderating the site and removing posts?
    I posted midnight last night,just before joe says “my opinion of course”
    it was there last night gone this morning.
    There was no swearing in it.
    No abusive language. And yet its gone……
    Pedro what about free speech. Im not on here every single day but if you are goin to censor what i say when it wasnt abusive and had no foul language in it then i wont be posting again.

  59. N5

    PP Pedro doesn’t moderate like that. The comment must of contained a banned word and due to banned usernames it could be something as simple as Ni.el without the fullstop that got the ban lost removing the post.

  60. PessimisticPat

    Maybe N5 but ive had that before and it doesn’t even let you post it if thats the case. This was posted,on screen ,saw it there. But now gone,never had that before.
    Infuriating as it was a beautifully sarcastic wind up on bamford using guy in a condescending way. Shame. Ta for the heads up anyway.

  61. ddkingz


    Joe’s still complaining about wenger,…men I support you by every inch of your word, no matter how aggressive or abusive you put it, the Deadwood( wenger) deserved it….

    someone, so fucked up on here, talks about joe taking a picture when he meets/sees wenger…maybe that’s for joe….

    but personally, I would have shot/beaten wenger if I ever had the slightest opportunity to come close to him before he was sacked…. just kept prolonging the suffering of the club…

    Wenger was shit for a fucking decade, and some here still leaks his ass….

    maybe they’ve experience worse times at arsenal than the last decade….if so, explain another worse decade than the last one we just had…..


  62. Pierre

    “You would think Dier made a goal saving tackle”

    Put it this way,if xhaka had made that tackle,it would have been regarded in the media and many on le grove as an act of dangerous ,I’ll disciplined stupidity as it would have been seen as a potential red card for a foul made in the opponents box that led to a goal kick for spain.

    Yet again……double standards.

  63. ddkingz

    You can’t talk about wengers legacy at arsenal, without talking about mentioning about the last decade….

    he literally ran the club to the ground… someone tried to polished it and called it stagnation…

    stagnation is when you win the win the league once every 4-5 yrs, and can’t make it past the quarterfinals or semifinals of the CL,

    you can’t call the successive and consecutive embarrassment in the CL against barca and Bayern Munich, and even when we asked for a weaker team in the CL draw and got Monaco…. we couldn’t even make it past them…. been constantly embarrassed in the league and beaten like a newly promoted side by rivals and tittle challengers…..

    that’s not stagnation, that is regression by his own standards

  64. Pierre

    “stagnation is when you win the win the league once every 4-5 yrs, and can’t make it past the quarterfinals or semifinals of the CL,”

    You need to go and find yourself another club to support if you believe that or you are going to be a very disappointed football supporter for a number of years I’m afraid.

    The first 10 years under wenger were the exception ,not the norm ..the last ten years were probably about the norm for being an Arsenal supporter over the last 50 years of so.

  65. mysticleaves

    Gonsterous, the worst of all is that Poch also joined in the praise. Imagine if it was Xhaka that did that. The outrage it will get from the media alone.

    ‘You think they would book his time to discuss him coming second behind Leicester city? Or to hear his great insight about signing chamakh?’

    national teams and football clubs are booking wenger to revamp their whole football system and you are their talking nonsense. Wenger because of a combination of things is regarded very highly in football circles.

    And what was wrong about signing Chamakh as a no2? Or you just like a moan?

  66. TonyD

    Tony D I guess you will be paying for the cross and Roman centurions

    Maybe let Him go to PSG with the Sword of Damocles hanging over his lofty throne.

    Now there’s a good idea. Can’t believe you thought that all by yourself.

    Maybe I should bring you in as an advisor…. then again scrub that idea.

    2 decent ideas in one year is definitely beyond you even with you having an Alma Mater et al.

    Come on Charles you can do better than that.

  67. N5

    PP you’re right if it’s in the list nothing posts! That’s worrying that you had seen the post and then couldn’t.

    I’ve never known Pedro to do that to non racist comments.

  68. TonyD

    Your water damaged phone in Thailand post made me chuckle just to think what your reaction was – do tell how that happened.

  69. TonyD

    Shit sorry UN didn’t mean to make you regress to cracking up, are you back on your meds?

    Seriously, kudos to you Un for beating what must have been a torrid time in your life.

    Ditto China.

    And hope Vic Vic can pull through whatever darkness he’s going through.