Arsenal head into 3rd block, here’s what needs to happen

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I just watched the Damned United for the first time on the way back home. What a great film. When Peter Taylor and Brian Clough make up at the end, I think I did an emotion. So touching. Two guys that just really loved each other. What a character Clough was. I loved how aggressive he was about playing football the right way.

Arsenal, unfortunately, are still out of action for a whole extra week. We don’t play again until we meet Leicester next Monday. If you look at our season in blocks, we’re now entering the third. This one is going to be tricky. It runs to the Wolves game on November 11th. Has 4 Premier League games, 2 Europa and a League Cup run out. The players will have been away from home for two weeks, a touch of fatigue may have settled in for those that traveled a long way, and the winter will set in.

This block of games is extra interesting because firstly, we play Liverpool in it, secondly, because the rest of the games are those that we really should be winning, racking up points in the process. This will be a big mental test of the players, because there’s once again this thing called ‘expectation’ building with the fans.

Have you truly felt that in the last ten years?

Not only that, there’s a run of wins to maintain which comes with its own demons. It’s tough to churn out victories when you’re on a run, even tougher bouncing back from a defeat. To be honest, seeing how we bounce back is going to fascinating, because even in peak Wenger days, he was rarely able to summon the players after they were rocked by a major loss.

There are three targets for me in this block of games.

Stretch target of 10 points from our 4 Premier League games.

Improve our defending, and make our xG reflect our results. Namely, get better at defending, and stop relying on luck. Interesting that Ballague said the coaching staff put 50% of our points on Petr Cech.

Improve our attack, maintain the amount of goals we’re scoring, but increase the amount of chances we create. I don’t mind seeing more wastage with a similar amount of goals, what I’m not comfortable with, is seeing us scoring 25% of our shots. It’s great on the face of it, but it’s certainly not sustainable. Simply put, we can’t keep scoring 2+ goals a game.

The cup final of this block of games is the Liverpool match. There’s no hiding there. We’ll need to defend well, and we’ll need to create. Losing that game, which has a high probability based on xG, will be no blight on our season. We have to remember that Klopp has had 3 years to work on his squad and he’s spent a shed load of cash.

Emery has had one window to work with and he spent most of that fixing a mess, versus building on a well-drilled machine with CL cash. Worth noting that I’ve heard from a very good place that the leaders in the backroom think Europa League is still our best bet for CL this season. Kind of paints a picture that everyone knows this season isn’t going to be totally rosy. This Liverpool game will be a good indicator regardless.

Another item Emery has to be very careful with is the management of his squad. Darren Burgess has a huge task ahead of him making sure that the player are as fresh as can be heading into block 4, which is the dreaded Christmas period. I was heartened to see us rotate hard for the Fulham game. If we were on a run like we have been under Wenger, he’d have played the same 11 game after game, with crippling December consequences. What Emery is doing is keeping players fresh physically, but importantly, he’s telling the fringe players they’ll have a role to play this season.

If players feel like they’re just there to slip in when someone breaks, it can have a negative impact when they arrive. They don’t feel part of the group, they’re rusty, they’re not 100% on their game. We’ll need our whole squad for December, and without doubt, it’ll shape our chances of making the top 4 this season. We need to avoid injuries, we need to avoid a loss of confidence and we need to do everything we can to maintain momentum going into January.

So, in short, we’re in great shape so far. We’re ahead of where any of us imagined we’d be, but this next block, though not littered with tough games, really is incredibly important in shaping how the December run goes.

It’s all very exciting.

NOT AS EXCITING AS SEEING ENGLAND DO SPAIN. Hooray. We have an exciting batch of kids coming through. Pepper in AMN, Sancho, Smith Rowe, Reiss and Nketiah and we’re rolling at the next World Cup.


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  1. raptora

    It’s a stupid stat Jamie.

    It’s more about the relation of xG to actual goals scored that leads to people making wishful assumptions. So if Sturridge has xG of 5 per game (because he is a greedy mofo that likes to shoot from everywhere) he should be getting around 5 goals on the average a game which doesn’t really happen. So it means that he is not scoring as much as he should = not performing well.

    But it’s a shitty stat. It doesn’t register the whole influence of a forward on the team by any means.

    Say someone like Inzaghi who would score a bulk of his goals on an empty goal he’d probably have a good ratio of xG to goals scored but that stat would never register the real impact of the striker to the game. If he was a ghost all game and never took a wishful shot or if he only touched the ball once and that was when he scored.

  2. Dream10

    Freddie Ljungberg

    I like your idea of buying a couple of quality youngsters who are ready to hit the ground running. However, I think they’ll be CL contenders in for him with pockets full of cash. We’ll have to get in the queue.
    Not sure if Emery’s style is able to attract top young talents. Hope I’m wrong

  3. Pierre

    Expected goals is more a team analysis than individual player.

    It’s supposed to give a guide to how a team is performing.

    Pretty straightforward really but as I said ,you only have to look at the teams performance on the pitch to understand that our results are better than our performance and the expected goals stats confirms that.

  4. China

    As someone who has been required to introduce loads of statistical analysis into my work (training) it’s just like in football where you can read as much or as little into a stat as you want and it can tell you everything and nothing base don what you want to hear

    This is the nature of data analysis. It’s useful. It’s interesting – kind of. But it’s demonstrably short of comprehensively meaningful

  5. China

    Take our 9 game streak for example. I am over the moon about this and think it’s very impressive. But for Man Utd to go on a time game winning streak right now would be far more impressive considering they’re facing a tonne of horrible games in quick succession

    In stats numbers are equal. In the real world, some numbers are more equal than others…

  6. Stefano14


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    Just send your phone in good faith and trust in the Senegalese postal service.

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  7. Pierre

    “Take our 9 game streak for example. I am over the moon about this and think it’s very impressive. But for Man Utd to go on a nine game winning streak right now would be far more impressive considering they’re facing a tonne of horrible games in quick succession”

    Pretty stupid comment considering man Utd have spent in the region of 600 mil or thereabouts in the last few years ,so you would imagine after spending that amount of money they would have a squad big enough to cope with a few extra games and I’m sure their amount of fixtures is similar to the other teams ,in fact it must be less as they were knocked out by derby in the league cup .

  8. Graham62


    I look at it this way.

    Those individuals who are into data and statistical analysis in regards to Football, or any Sport for that matter, are not instinctive “natural” thinkers.

    All rather boring as far as I’m concerned.

  9. mysticleaves

    Dream I wouldn’t blame them if they return Cech to number 1. In a performance rated 11 he’s the best keeper in the league.

    Thorough, yea, thanks for that. I read Tim on Arseblog. And his recent by the numbers on Fulham was dominated by xG I just flipped through it.

  10. Leedsgunner

    A win is a win is a win.

    Last year we were losing to teams like Brighton and Swansea this year we are winning these games… so credit has to be given where it’s due.

    One of the imponderables that we have lost in the past few years is the fear factor and confidence when facing our rivals. With each win we are rebuilding both.

    I do hope we continue on this run. Liverpool is not our next test. Leicester is our next test. Every game is as important as another.

    Too often under the previous regime we went into games featuring lesser teams with too much complacency and we did the opposite when we faced our rivals. When we faced the likes of Man United, Tottenham, Chelsea and Liverpool we gave too much respect… and didn’t get into their faces enough.

    Leicester won because they won more consistently than any other team in the league… we need that consistency to achieve anything this season. How do you achieve consistency?

    Take it a game at a time.

    Like I said, every game is as important as another.

  11. Freddie Ljungberg

    Dream 10

    Yeah it’s not very likely but one can dream, it’s what we need to do to get back to the top, we can’t afford players like that when they’re 3-4 years older.

    Our chance compared to those teams are more guaranteed playing time.

    Also, if we get an exciting top winger in January we’re well on the way to the top again so would be able to sell our project to them.
    Still, slim chance.

  12. Stefano14

    ‘In football, statistics give people the chance to exist who have little knowledge’

    Giles grimandi, the one and only, speaking sense.

  13. Graham62

    Believe it or not, I actually sympathize with Mourinho……………Well sort of.

    Verbal obscenities in Portuguese, on Sky TV, should not offend anyone, except for those who understand the language.

    I get fed up when commentators say “we apologize to viewers for the obscene language”. Ffs, I pay an arm and a leg for my TV package, so I want value for money.

    Streakers, terrorists, unsavoury incidents, bad tackles, I want it all.

    So, as far as Mourinho is concerned, even though he’s being made the scapegoat once again, I want the full translation in Portuguese.

    Is that too much to ask?

  14. Marc

    The Sun is reporting that Ramsey will sign for Everton in the summer with a £15 million signing on fee which is circa £75k per week. With a base salary probably in the realm of £150k per week he’ll be on very good money but not the mega money he was looking for with us.

    If true it does show that he’s more interested in the money than competing / playing at the highest level.

  15. Graham62

    “Statistics exist to give people, who otherwise wouldn’t exist, the chance to exist”

    The one and only Big bird, Sesame Street!

  16. Marc


    Whilst I agree in part with your comment it does lead to an issue. If swearing in a foreign language is “OK” what next telling the ref he’s a cunt in French?

    Just leads to a can of worms – fact is Mourinho is a cunt and deserves everything he gets. An idea punishment would be making him stay at ManU for life which would also give millions of other fans something to enjoy.

  17. mysticleaves

    “He made a great tackle [on Ramos]. That set a great standard for England on the night.

    “In all fairness, you’re not allowed to take the ball and the man anymore, but it was a good challenge to get everyone in the right frame of mind, like a good pass, a good header or a good shot. It put England on the front foot.”

    Liam Rosenior said: “That tackle from a tactical point of view summed up England’s performance.”

    You would think Dier made a goal saving tackle the way these 2 are talking about it. You wouldn’t know that its a misplaced tackle that could potentially injure a fellow footballer that rightly earned him a yellow card.

  18. Marc


    I didn’t see the match but from what you’ve said it’s the typical media attitude. It’s all brilliant until someone injures another player and then you get the same idiots talking about how we need to cut these type of tackles out of the game.

  19. HighburyLegend

    “Believe it or not, I actually sympathize with Mourinho”

    You have been Maureenized.

    Out of Manure if they lose heavyly against Chelsea – and they will.
    Wenger as his successor at Old Toilet ?? (lolZ)

  20. Graham62


    Go into a school playground and listen to the kids.

    Irrespective of political correctness gone mad, it is far worse now than when pc didn’t exist.

    The “can of worms” you talk about was opened long ago.

  21. S Asoa

    Quoted Le Imbecile on Metro Arsene Wenger has warned Unai Emery that Mesut Ozil could lack motivation at Arsenal because he has stepped away from Germany’s national team. “

    Filho de mae if you knew this why the fuck did you give him a contract for 350mil a week ?

  22. China

    Pierre it would be nice if you knew what you were talking about

    You haven’t looked at Utd’s fixture list. There aren’t any teams in world football who would be expected to win *all* of those games regardless of transfer spending

    But thanks for your insight

  23. China

    Why would being out of the German national team make him less motivated? Surely that should make him want to shut up his critics?

    Crikey he left the club 6 months ago and is still trying to give our guys excuses for failing. Please just walk away arsene, you’ve done enough damage

  24. China

    Also Pierre you proved my point quite eloquently

    You equate man utd’s expected squad strength to a single stat – transfer expenditure. Which entirely ignores whether or not their money was actually well spent (amazing surprise – it wasn’t!)

  25. Dissenter

    Wenger’s advice to OZils is really dumb
    The German -Turk young man cited bigotry in the German national set-up as the reason he’s retiring from the national team.
    Wenger’s advice is just comical; go back because your form depends on it. Maybe there’s a magical Aladdin ring hidden in the German team.
    Any two-pence psychologist will tell you that he’s more likely to play better when he’s trying top prove a point.
    Wenger lost his magical touch or listening ear one decade ago. That’s part of wh he set us back.

  26. Stefano14


    If you take your cunts hat off it’s quite obvious what the message is.

    Germany needs Ozil and for top players to be at their optimum level he needs to be playing at International level in Wengers opinion. It says nothing about Ozils motivation just that the performance levels of top players need that added challenge not 2 weeks off.

    You don’t have to agree with what he says but it’s almost like people can’t read.

  27. Dissenter

    It’s hard to for read anything when all you see is Wenger’s colon and his anal sphincter is constricting your goddamn throat.
    It’s almost like you and Wenger forgot the reason the player cited for leaving the German team.
    Wenger talked about the “motivation” and tied it to playing at the international level.
    “‘I did not like that he left the team. A little bit of motivation disappears when you know that you do not have to be ready for the World Cup and European Championship.”

    Go read the remarks again, you silly Wengerized muppet and take his d*ck out of your mouth when you read it again.

  28. China

    Man the arrogance in that interview….

    You’d hope getting sacked would’ve taught him a bit of humility but alas he’s more convinced of his genius than ever

  29. mysticleaves

    “No, I was very fortunate to lead the club and make the decisions myself. I’ve done over 300 transfers, dealing with all the contracts myself. No manager in England today makes a single transfer.”

    This puts it to bed then…

  30. Jeff


    I nearly fainted from laughter. Jesus that man has no fucking idea at all has he – no clue.

  31. Stefano14


    See you’ve still got that cunts hat on.

    It seems like you project a lot without much prompting.

    You seem unable to take an opinion from an old man with a lot more insight than a wannabe hero/justice warrior on le grove.

    Your quoting Bild via the metro. Let that sink in.

  32. azed

    “‘I’ve done over 300 transfers, dealing with all the contracts myself.’”

    Now we know why Sanogo, Almunia, Jenkinson and the rest of the garbage pile were over paid while the club was claiming poverty.

  33. HighburyLegend

    “I rejected all of Europe. Real Madrid, Juventus, Bayern”

    —>>> “And at this moment I have plenty of offers, from all over Europe.”

  34. Dream10

    Think Mister Wenger will be rocking up at PSG in some sort of director position. They made him an offer before the end of last season. Reports of him having dinner with Tuchel a couple of weeks ago. Apparently, he wants to to recommend the signing of Ndombele. Probably means they are planning for life after Rabiot.

  35. Dissenter

    What source are you quoting?
    You interviewed him yourself?…or you’re just decoding Wenger’s flatulence?

  36. Dream10

    The Arsenal Supporters Trust are forecasting that the next Summer’s transfer budget is 40 million. That’s before the new sponsorship kicks. CL qualification probably adds more to the transfer kitty.

    If we don’t make top 4 or win the Europa (Pedro saying that Arsenal mgmt whispering that this a more.likely route back to CL), would not be surprised if our 2019 budget is similar to one of this past summer.

    Have to hope our youth players turn into Maradonas and Vieiras, because the Kroenkes ain’t putting their hands into their wallets

  37. Dissenter

    You’re giving the AST too much credence.
    They aren’t privy to the what;’s going on in the club, no more that you or I.

  38. Dream10


    Agree. It’s just a prediction. But, since this past summer, prominent Arsenal covering journos have snuck in a line or two in every article suggesting that funds are limited.

  39. Dissenter

    No one knows how the Adidas deal is structured beyond know that’s it’s 60 million yearly.
    We do not know how payments are staggered so for all you know we may be getting a substantial part of the 60 million in the summer of 2019, soon enough to boost the summer’s spending. The Adidas kits go on sale in the summer, don’t they?
    We just don’t know.

  40. Champagne charlie

    “CC lesson learned, I’ll not go without it next time”

    Burned me too, knackered my phone in Thailand last year with water damage and replaced it to a tune of £330. Then dropped it and for the first time in my life cracked the ascreeen of a phone. Took it to Apple for a new screen and was told it needed replacing because the motherboard was exposed. Another £330 please.

    Told them to do one and got the screen done for £80 from Joes cousin (assuming). It’s not stock, bit darker, but I don’t care enough to cough up £700 to Apple for fucking phone replacements, i’d sooner get a new model. Won’t be going without the insurance from now, would’ve cost me £79 and £25 respectively.

  41. N5

    Did Ozil not quit Germany because he and a city player were getting booed and abused for taking pictures with them and the Turkish leader?

  42. Emiratesstroller

    It is highly unlikely that Arsenal’s transfer budget will be as low as £40 million
    as suggested by Arsenal’s Supporters Club.

    The final budget will of course be determined by whether Arsenal qualify next season for Champions League.

    My guess is that if we finish in top 4 then the Budget will be around £70-100 million covering transfers and wage bill increases. This will be covered by Adidas, Emirates and Ruanda who I am sure will expect club to spend money on
    improving team.

    I would expect Nelson, Nkietah and Smith-Rowe to be promoted from U23s, but I still think that the club will bring in at least 3 external players as well possibly to cover holes in squad.

    The most likely replacements needed will be in CMF, CB and LB positions.

    Despite many of the recent posts on Le Grove suggesting that we need a winger I think that we will be using Iwobi and Nelson next season in that role.

  43. Freddie Ljungberg

    We’re getting 30m a year more from adidas than puma, if we get CL it’s another 25m. I’m sure there’s some smaller sponsorships as well.

    Ramsey and Welbeck will hopefully be off the wage bill so that’s 200k/ week saved.
    If we can sell them in january that should pretty much cover the price of a replacement (1) since Ramsey doesn’t need a straight replacement. We’re unlikely to sign someone that demands 200k anyway.

    We had 70m to spend this summer despite mismanaged contracts and the january purchase of Auba.

    Should be at least 120m next summer and a healthy chunk in january.

    I like what I’ve seen from Nelson but he’s nowhere near ready to start for us, every time he played outside friendlies he freezes up and plays it safe, it might change in Germany but we can’t expect him to be more than a sub/cup starter.

    Iwobi is improving as well, still need an elite winger just as much as a CB and CM, left back is slightly less important.

  44. China

    Tbh if we have 100m to spend this summer I’d be pretty pleased. That can buy you two excellent players and a quality bargain, not including some freebies or totally unknowns etc

    More would be nice but 100m plus sales, plus youth promotion, plus good scouting should make this squad considerably better for next year imo

  45. Wenker-wanger

    Yes Brian Clough was a breath of fresh air in an era where gamesmanship and the particularly corrupt don revie was kind of accepted or ignored.
    Cloughie was the ultimate footballing man-manager…motivator, leader and no nonsense approach. We will never see anything like him….the closest would be Diego simeone.
    Arsenal will probably slip up against pool, but I take them to be undefeated in the other Matches in the period up to Nov 11th. We are just short of quality to challenge Liverpool but we will catch up….its still early days for this squad under the impressive emery.

  46. TheLegendaryDB10

    Chuffed to bits today. My company held a charity event (for Yorda Adventures, a local charity for disabled young people) where among the events was an auction.

    On auction was a signed Charlie George photograph (the picture is the one where he has the trophy on his head). Won it for £40. Happy to have done my bit for the charity and to have this framed picture of Charlie George!

  47. Marc

    We’re in a different situation when it comes to transfers now. We have a real football set and we’re pursuing new commercial deals so the idea that we will only spend £50 odd million is way off the mark – “Hi Mr Adidas we’d like you to give us a huge shirt deal so that evil Mr Kroenke can pocket all the money and not spend a penny on transfers”.

    The Adidas guy was quoted as talking about Arsenal’s unfulfilled commercial potential. We’ll be chasing all sorts of other deals, you can sell a plan but people won’t buy it if we’re not on an upward trajectory.

  48. Cesc Appeal

    If we get into the UCL it is more likely our budget will be £120 Million or more next summer.

    Wenger has just told you himself what everyone on here has been saying, that he dealt with transfers and decided what he wanted to spend. Kroenke has not exactly shown a lack of ambition in the NFL either.

    I believe that Sanllehi, Mislintat and Emery will be backed with everything we can sensibly spend.

  49. Wenker-wanger

    Kroenke is still a problem….he seems to be money-obsessed….. Someone should tell the idiot that you can’t take it with you when you die. Fckin logical but that logic is lost on many of these warped mega-rich weirdos. Give abramavitch his due…he seems to spend as much as he can..

  50. Wenker-wanger

    Maybe you’re right and I’m being a bit pessimistic….listening to many on here they used to point the finger at kroenke….I always felt it was Wenger that dragged us down…however the kroenke doubt had been put into my mind.

  51. Cesc Appeal

    They didn’t get to be billionaires by being idiots.

    Chances are they are pretty smart. Considering Kroenke is one of the largest landowners in the US and has successfully moved an NFL team to create the LA Rams regarded by many as the largest emerging franchise in the NFL today.

  52. Cesc Appeal


    it is fair enough to have doubts.

    We are all going to find out.

    But Kroenke has never stopped us spending, he didn’t stop us throwing £350 000 a week down the toilet, he allowed us to spend £70 Million this summer which is pretty much everything we could throw at our problems.

    His crime was indulging Wenger, a crime a lot of Arsenal fans are guilty of. If they hate Kroenke they should have a word with themselves.

  53. Graham62

    “Football needs people like Arsene Wenger. He’s passionate and knows everything about the game”

    Er, actually Robert, he’s had his time. Being passionate is all well and good but if your passion blinds you to logic and common sense, you are no longer a great manager.

    He WAS a great manager but, unfortunately, he became a clueless manager.

  54. Wenker-wanger

    @ cesc….almost as I thought…..
    If it does transpire he is holding finances back then the idiot mentality holds.(business smart but lacking life perspective)
    Like I said he isn’t a young man…. He will never spend his billions.

  55. Wenker-wanger

    Pires had obviously been hypnotised by the cult leader Wenger. Ffs Wenger had clearly become a joke manager for the last 5-8 years….unbelievably poor results for a team with some great players.
    Pores was a great player, wonderful touch….shame his brain is malfunctioning…

  56. Dissenter

    “His crime was indulging Wenger, a crime a lot of Arsenal fans are guilty of. If they hate Kroenke they should have a word with themselves.”

    You’ve summed it up in a nutshell.

  57. Pierre

    “I actually feel sorry for mourinho”

    Poor judgement again Graham .. Obviously you will get a lot of support on here from the wenger obsessives for making such a ill judged statement on whilst slagging off our previous manager at every opportunity…

  58. Graham62


    As usual, you didn’t read my post. Seems to be a trait of yours.

    When it’s golf we’re ok, but when it comes to Football it’s a different story.

  59. Marc

    “Give abramavitch his due…he seems to spend as much as he can..”

    Really he just pulled the £1,000,000,000 investment in the new Chelsea stadium and their net spend has been way down over the last few years in fact between June 2014 and April 2018 it was only £119 million compared with City’s £496 million and Utd’s £417 million. Chelsea are now a club being run on a self staining basis.

    Out net spend over the same period was £166 million, third behind the Manchester clubs. The Spud’s spent a paltry £50 million and that was before they had a new stadium to pay for.

  60. Marc

    People on here really need to get a sense of perspective and realism. Wenger is being linked with a DOF position at PSG – Pires wants a job. Is anyone surprised his kissing arse? Not worth getting wound up about – he’s left us thankfully. I’ll always appreciate the first and second periods of his management but he should have gone sooner but that’s the end of it.

    A bigger question is how can Wenger be linked to a DOF position when he’s repeatedly derided the role? My bet is that he’ll either go left field i.e. back to Japan or end up at Everton.

  61. Champagne charlie

    “Man the arrogance in that interview….You’d hope getting sacked would’ve taught him a bit of humility but alas he’s more convinced of his genius than ever“

    You’ve got a real chip on your shoulder about intellectuals or supposed arrogance, why is that?

  62. Pierre

    Eric Dier being praised in the media and le grove for the foul (yellow card) on Ramos the other night.

    Let me put this scenario to le grove

    Arsenal v Liverpool…Van Dyke has the ball in his own area ,5 yards from the byline……Xhaka comes steaming in with a tackle and wipes Van Dyke out ,resulting in a goal kick for Liverpool ….xhaka deservedly receives a yellow (probably a red as it was xhaka)….

    What do you think the reaction to that tackle from xhaka would be in the media and on le grove …..
    Do you think xhaka would be applauded as Died was ,of course not …..

    He would be vilified in the media and on le grove for being so aggressive making a meaningless tackle in an area of the pitch that was as far away from danger as could be.

  63. Cesc Appeal


    I really want him to take the PSG role.

    I’ve always said he’s a massive f*****g hypocrite and this would just prove it.

    For years he’s laughed at the DoF role, literally made fun on it, then he’s bitched and whinged for years about oil money etc.

    If he ends up being DoF at PSG I will be delighted, a team that paid £250 Million for Neymar and £180 Million for Mbappe.

    Massive balls up on PSG’s end as well I think. A dated dinosaur whose eye for players went a long time ago, who can’t handle confrontation or dissension in that PSG set up with Tuchel. Just grab a beer and watch.

  64. Graham62

    Arsene Wenger has no shame.

    Anyone with half a brain wouldn’t promote that he was being head hunted by all and sundry.

    Of course, we all know the truth.

  65. TheLegendaryDB10

    And thanks to you to G62!

    The other autographs that I have are for Eddie Kelly and Dave Seager.

    I got this on the book Geordie Armstrong: On the wing. Went to the Gunners Pub to watch a game back in 2014 and was lucky that I had decided to go there early. I was surprised to see that they had organised a discussion about Geordie Armstrong followed by a Q&A and then an autograph session.

  66. Pierre

    “Yes Brian Clough was a breath of fresh air in an era where gamesmanship and the particularly corrupt don revie was kind of accepted or ignored”

    Agreed……having a manager who holds the tradition of the game close to his heart and doesn’t resort to gamesmanship and is respected throughout the game is something any club and their supporters would be proud of ……wouldn’t they?

  67. Marc


    I can’t get so wound up over Wenger I think a lot of what happened was a combination of losing Dein who was effectively a DOF and getting old. I’ve said many times before old people = get dithery and cant’ make a decision but are absolute over the fact that they’re the only ones who know the answer. Again a reason I think he’ll go back to Japan, maybe the US or end up at Everton.

  68. Graham62


    Er, it was Ramos.

    Let me repeat, IT WAS RAMOS!!

    If anyone deserves to be taken out, it’s him.

    One other small thing, it was England v Spain.

  69. Joe

    If true it does show that he’s more interested in the money than competing / playing at the highest level.


    That is his highest level

  70. Victorious

    “can this old goat just stfu? legacy ruined, shamefully sacked and still acting like professor lol”

    How idiotic is this comment tho, just can’t do nothing but shake your head at some of the piffle that gets pasted on here, really sad how someone’s IQ can be on red alert

    I mean I can get the hate when it’s utterly deserved sometimes and I also get he over stayed at Arsenal, but bar the last few yrs, he did very well. The premier league is so tough. Arsenal could never match UTD, CITY, or Chelsea in transfer fee’s or wages. So its no disgrace . I will concede that the last few yrs we were going back-ward, but don’t be fooled many many a top club will be looking at Wenger if they need a manager this January or summer, Boringho is on borrowed time and stranger things have happened.

  71. Marc


    Wenger’s gone and he’s never coming back. It will also take over a decade for history to chill and not view Wenger as a complete failure so give it a rest.

  72. Cesc Appeal


    I don’t like the man, his failures are one thing, his attitude and unbelievable levels of selfishness are another. People talk about him almost like he was mentally handicapped and needed a carer and shouldn’t be blamed for hanging on. As much as people dislike Gazidis, with cause, we should forever be grateful he started a campaign in the club to get rid of Wenger. If he didn’t, he would still be here.

  73. E54_

    Where are all the Wenger supporters who said, with a scoff and derision in their comments, that of course Wenger doesn’t do the player’s contracts. This is a multi million pound organisation, with a CEO a board and Chairman. How stupid of you (WOB) to say (back then) that wenger deals with the contracts.

    Where are you! Stand up, be counted. Admit you were wrong or admit Wenger is a liar. It can’t be both. Its 2018 and he’s still talking like this with no contractual, loyalty or Non disclosure agreements.
    Where are you? Smart arses.
    Wenger has put you in the shitter again. For the 100th time ha!

    He will never manage a top side in Europe again. Quote me!

  74. Marc


    You see the opening part of your comment is OK but then you make yourself look a bigger dickhead than the people you’re criticising.

    Please answer me a few questions?

    Have we outspent Chelsea the last few years – yes or no?

    How many players at Chelsea are on £350k per week?

  75. Pierre

    Posters have been talking about wenger all evening ,why not let them know that

    “Wenger’s gone and he’s never coming back. It will also take over a decade for history to chill and not view Wenger as a complete failure so give it a rest.”

    Double standards.

  76. Marc


    I think Gazidis knew that Wenger was finished as a top level manager but the fact of the matter is that Kroenke pulled the trigger after the second failure to achieve top 4. Gave him a chance to get back and then BOOM see ya.

    Ultimately it doesn’t matter the legacy left by Gazidis is Sven and Sanllehi and the internal restructure of the club. It should see us do well for some years.

  77. Guns of SF

    The NYT piece is really moving. Im with all shareholders who refuse to comply with the transfer of their share to Kronke the Piece of shit that he is.

    I hate that guy, and his son.

    As some stated- he may own the body of the club but the heart still belongs to the fans, and that he will never take.

  78. Cesc Appeal


    It was the failure to get UCL for the second time and the complete balls up of the Sanchez and Ozil situation I think.

    I have a lot of confidence in this club going forward.

    Now we have an actual manager and actual coaches I am all on board with us trying to find either talented youngsters like Guendouzi or players just on the brink of taking off like Torreria and trying to build a team.

  79. Marc


    Not double standards I’d rather discuss all sorts of other things but you use any opportunity to try and defend or deflect from what Wenger had become. Personally I’d rather see him not take another role at a club and be humiliated, take an easy job in the media and don’t subject himself to the stress and aggro.

  80. Dissenter

    You know Wenger from somewhere [asked with Warri broken English]?

    Why do you seem to take Wenger criticism to heart?

    Let me channel marc ; “Wenger’s gone and he’s never coming back. It will also take over a decade for history to chill and not view Wenger as a complete failure so give it a rest.”

  81. Dissenter

    Give us time, we may get over Wenger’s failed second decade at some point.
    Don’t rush us, just as we aren’t rushing you through your post-Wenger grieving.

  82. Victorious

    “Have we outspent Chelsea the last few years – yes or no?”

    Depends on the time frame you perceive to be last few years because I can tell you it’s a no contest for the last 10years.

    “How many players at Chelsea are on £350k per week?”
    Again you’ve just gone and pinpoint an anomaly and tar the whole club with it, Ozil is probably on 300k and probably offset a major part of those wages through commercial return for the club on shirt sales, sponsorships etc
    That notwithstanding, the chavs/city/united still has a higer wage bill than us.

  83. Victorious

    You know Wenger from somewhere [asked with Warri broken English]?

    Lmao bro. Don’t know Wenger personally
    But the way he gets talked about on here as if he commited a crime to ensure we become a top level club, doesn’t sit well wit me

    Haba bro reason am now,e nur just make sense

    someone has to make these ungrateful Jonny come lately know their place.

  84. Marc


    Yes over the last 10 years Chelsea outspent us but over the last 4-5 years we outspend them.

    Tell me did we drop out of the CL before or after we were outspending them?

    As for the total wage bill they spend circa £20 million more than us (based on most recent figures) but City spend less than Chelsea and are doing OK and we outspend Liverpool by over £30 million and they’re seen as being major competitors for the PL this year.

    As always your agenda is protective of Wenger and you use stats to suit the agenda.

  85. Victorious


    Also suppose you’re chuffed to bit with the rumours making rife that ‘ambitious’ Kroenke has a whopping £40M lined for us in the summer to continue our pretence of being a serious club. Lmao

  86. Wenker-wanger

    Wenger taking DOF role is not surprising….this creep would do anything to bolster his massive ego. Control, importance, fame,adulation are his drugs…Football is a very odd business…. Wenger’s CV is good historically, but close inspection of his recent performance is not good.
    Additionally, his financial performance has been atrocious with losses on Sanchez and the ozil lottery win wages. Director of finance? Are you sure?
    Director of fuck ups surely.
    Giving him a top job is an obscenity.

  87. Marc


    The article paints Kroenke as some sort of mobster. As I understand it it’s stock market rules over here, once you hit 90% shareholding you have to make a bid for the remaining shares. It would be nice if he allowed a handful of people to hang on to what is ultimately a powerless number of shares but he didn’t’ make the rules and they weren’t set up to only apply to football clubs.

  88. Marc


    “chuffed to bit with the rumours making rife that ‘ambitious’ Kroenke has a whopping £40M lined for us in the summer”

    No I’m intelligent enough to realise that it is a rumour and to take into account that Adidas wouldn’t be giving us the joint 2nd biggest shirt deal in the PL (it’s the same as Chelsea’s” without undertakings on our performance.

    You are trying to defend the indefensible and cannot win. You just look like a child.

  89. Wenker-wanger

    People say we are obsessed with wenger… Maybe its hard to forget a creep that’s mentally abused you for ten years.
    He didn’t love arsenal…. Arsenal was just the club he used to flaunt his massive ego…strut his stuff…AT THE EXPENSE OF OUR SUCCESS.
    look let’s be honest…we hear about him, we still have AKBs chipping in with pathetic defenses of him and it riles us. We the diehard arsenal fans of decades fckin hate the creep… DOES THAT NOW MAKE SENSE????

  90. Wenker-wanger

    Don’t call me wanker… Its W E N K E R… or has your medication for personality disorder burred your vision.
    You are one pathetic troll.
    Why do you do it?
    Boyfriend not offering his rear end?
    Do one!

  91. Marc


    You really need to chill – if someone calling you a wanker winds you up so much you’ve never been in a football pub before a match.

  92. Wenker-wanger

    Thanks for enquiring… I used to share my bros season ticket, but he jacked it,.. Don’t blame him…Wenger’s shitefest of tippy tappy blew it for us.

  93. Victorious

    “You are trying to defend the indefensible and cannot win. You just look like a child.”

    Could actually say exactly the same for you marc, the way you go about kroenke sometimes

    I mean if I can remember correctly you once inclined of the man being ‘ambitious’ enough or not holding us back right? absurd stuff really

    Looks like you’re getting it all mixed up and having the wrong impression about me marc

    I’m not defending anybody, just highlighting the hypocrisy in your logic

    You simply can’t one one hand accept we’ve been conveniently outspent by our major rivals in the last few years
    Then on the other expect us to compete at the very top level, reeks of promoting some weird double standards, meanwhile I continue to detection some apologetic undertone the way gou go about owner
    I mean until you accept the owner is just as much a huge stumbling block to our true quest for success the i’m afraid it’s likely goona be delusions of grandiose

  94. Wenker-wanger

    Yes it was so depressing seeing something you cherished being ruined with seemingly nothing being done to rectify it…
    I have renewed enthusiasm …I feel we are progressing…and it can take 3 seasons (like klopps pool) to get back really challenging….I would be more than happy to wait.

  95. Marc


    No I’m not being hypocritical. Difference is I see Wenger was finished and had become a hindrance. I don’t expect Kroenke to finance Arsenal but allow us to spend the money we make and have available which he does.

    What do you expect of Kroenke? Don’t say show ambition that’s a politicians answer doesn’t mean anything. You want someone to be a sugar daddy – well it’s not going to happen.

    I’m not all for Kroenke I preferred the shared ownership model but that’s gone. As it stands Kroenke takes either no or very little money out of the club and he lets the club spend what it has. All I ask for is that we spend that money as wisely and efficiently as possible. Something we now seem to be seeing.

  96. Pierre

    Makes you wonder what Charlie George would think of the majority of the posters on le grove …he would hold his head in despair at the depths some so called Arsenal fans will go to discredit the club….here is a man born and bred in Islington, joined the Arsenal as a kid ,loves and still works for the club …it must break his heart to see the level some fans have stooped to because they think it is our divine right to be league champions.

    Sorry to say but Liverpool and Spurs supporters have shown these Arsenal fans what being loyal fans is all about… ….Liverpool and Tottenham have 86 years between them since they won a league title and they do not have the fractions in the fan base that Arsenal have ….

  97. Champagne Charlie


    You ask a question about Kroenke but want to stifle an answers you get by drawing parameters?

    Asking for Kroenke to show ambition is justified over we haven’t in a decade of his involvement.

    As an owner I expect him to have a finger on the pulse of the club and be aware of our standing in the game vs our ambitions as a football club. He should be hiring the very best guys available to oversee our ascension, and whether you care to acknowledge or not, he needs to release funds (some of his own too) in order to compete with the landscape football clubs operate in.

    Answer me this, why hasn’t he put any of his own money into the club since he got involved? Literally none. He’s taken nominal fees along the way, but also seen his initial investment increase how much now!? You’re telling me he couldn’t take his greedy little eyes off owning the whole club to maybe supplement the new manager with a further 50 mil this summer to get the squad right?

  98. Victorious


    Good retort on 20:42:19

    Apologies for lumping you under the ‘Kroenke can do no wrong’ group of supporters

    I like how you made your feelings plain about how you perceive the club

    But then nobody is expecting him to be a sugar daddy owner but that he does the bare minimum to make us a serious club

    would you class ‘Abramovich ‘ of chavs a sugar daddy owner ? He isn’t ,i mean just like a kroenke in having 100% ownership of a club except he takes the yank to the cleaners in how proper to run a club
    also agree with you on the shared ownership model being probably best seeing as not a jolt of difference has been made since the yank took full control
    Looks like it will take an exceptionally brilliant manager to win a title under kroenke, have us punch above our weight, I mean something like minor miracles as we’re likely gonna continue hovering 4th spot judging by the inputs from the owner.

  99. Marc


    You’re confusing what I’d like with what’s really going to happen.

    Let’s break it down:

    Hiring the best people took to long but Sanllehi and Sven are in that mould so it’s happening now.

    Putting in his own money – never going to happen, wishing for it, expecting it won’t make a difference so I keep my expectations in the realm of reality.

    Also where did I ask Kroenke to show ambition?

    As for drawing parameters – er it’s all about context. How else can you make any sort of judgement. If it’s not why are Bournemouth winning the PL?

  100. Dissenter

    I just saw pictures of Carl Jenkinson in training at Colney.
    I didn’t know the lad was still a footballer.

    He’ll probably drop to league 2 once his Arsenal contract is over.
    I wish I had me a grandfather-Wenger to throw exorbitant contracts at me … evenr once in a while.

  101. Leftsidesanch

    One of the guys in my uni knew Jenkinson from way back when. Pretty much said he wouldn’t amount to alot with us, it seemed a touch personal at the time but he’s not far off at all.

  102. Dissenter

    Thierry Henry at his inaugural Monaco press conference:
    “‘Pep for me is the reference. We learnt how to play the game when I went to Barcelona under him”
    Speaking of Wenger; “But if I talked about Arsene [Wenger], Arsene unlocked a lot of stuff in my mind, made me understand what it was to be a professional, what it was to perform. I will never forget that. You know the relationship I had with him so I will always carry some of the stuff that he was doing”

    Wishing him all the best. All the more reason why the Nice vs Monaco game will be interesting for gooners everywhere.

  103. nepGunner

    Fucking AKB twats can’t get their heads out of Weger’s rectum till date. I just hope Wenger gets a job somewhere so these cretins can follow their God to wherever it is.

    All the while Wenger is proving them look silly every day, such irony. Just told the whole world he was in charge of players’ contracts and the twats used to deny it at lengths and breadths. Can’t wait for him to add to the misery of these idiots.

    It’s Unai’s Arsenal now. So STFU you AKB twats.

  104. Champagne charlie


    I’m not confusing the two, i take exception to being OK with the idea Kroenke can survive without the same desire for change Wenger received for being a total passenger in ownership and “allowing us to ascend what we earn”>

    Uhm pardon? How good of Stan to do fuck all and earn a tremendous profit all because he’s forced ownership upon us. Hero

    I get you’re being ‘realistic’, but what’s unrealistic about demanding better and not accepting the status quo? Owners change, Arsenal fans sadly are a bunch of fucking pansies in comparison to some more vociferous fans eg Liverpool who berated ownership change until it was fended off. So from that end i totally agree. I won’t personally sit and talk about the cunt with any dignity however.

  105. Marc


    I didn’t accept the status quo I was at matches calling for Wenger out. It took far too long but as it stands Kroenke isn’t going anywhere but we have seen ambitious moves at the club with new recruitment. You can scream and scream till you’re sick but it won’t make a toss of difference – what are you doing to get Kroenke out other than mouthing off on a blog?

    Also just as a small point Kroenke hasn’t made a profit out of Arsenal. He couldn’t do that until he either sold out at a profit or took out the amount of his investment plus £1. I get the distinct impression you are a lefty scumbag who expects everyone else to pay his way.

  106. mysticleaves

    Highbury legend you forgot to copy and paste this bit. oops!!!

    ‘But if I talked about Arsene [Wenger], Arsene unlocked a lot of stuff in my mind, made me understand what it was to be a professional, what it was to perform. I will never forget that.’

    Almost like he regretted working with Wenger right? lol

  107. mysticleaves

    ‘For me, a coach is supposed to make people better,’ Henry added.
    ‘First, the player. Second, the player. Third, the player. That’s the most important thing, enjoy the game. Improving players for me is a success.’

    Also giving how long we have heard what Wenger and Pep has been saying, their philosophy and all, he could tell who inspired the above quote from Henry couldn’t you?

    Oh well, back to my music…

  108. un na naai

    Also giving how long we have heard what Wenger and Pep has been saying, their philosophy and all, he could tell who inspired the above quote from Henry couldn’t you?


    Yeah wenger, no contest

  109. Pierre

    Maybe some on here should turn on” the debate “on sky sports 1 at 10pm and see some real football people giving their opinions on our former manager…

    People who have played the game and have been involved in the game for years at a professional level …

  110. Champagne Charlie


    So you went to games and moaned to get Wenger out, but Stan “isn’t going anywhere” so just let’s lump it? At least you’re consistent and not precisely what I’ve just explained…

    “I get the distinct impression you are a lefty scumbag who expects everyone else to pay his way.“

    Odd remark and deduction from stating Stan isn’t a good owner. Not making much sense there either, come again?