Emery chasing elite kids

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Quick post this morning, as I’m making sweet content in Berlin today.

Holland are back, Germany are in a death spiral as a nation. If only they had Ozil to rally the troops?! Great to see the Oranje back in business. They have some very exciting young players that are no doubt going to start peppering the sides of the elite very soon. De Ligt looks a really exciting defender, would love Arsenal to move on him.

Funny how nations just run out of good players for a bit. The cycle of success is interesting to watch. My theory is it’s all down to formulas. Countries find a way of making players great in the moment, they rest on their success, their methods become stale, they have to start again. It’s incredible a game as simple as football can advance so quickly and leave people behind. Every 5 years the game is unrecognizable. Better fitness, smarter tactics, more technically gifted players… it just gets better and better.

In France, Thierry Henry has decided his future is at Monaco. Our goalscoring hero has taken over the reins from Le Grove favourite Leo Jardim. It’s a very odd move whichever way you look at it. Their current coach has battled the mighty PSG, won a league and constantly dealt with an exodus of players. Now he pays a hefty price to a novice 10 games into a season.

For Jardim, his fate is the same as the one Wenger faced a Monaco. He’ll weather the storm and get another good job. For Thierry, he’s been handed the keys to a huge first job. I’m excited to see what he can do. Does his obsession with football translate into being a good coach? Is he going to be able to deal with players that are lesser beings than he? Can he shake that moody persona and be a man people go to war for? Is he technically good enough? He needs all of those items. Just being a great striker 10 years ago isn’t enough in a game that has grown to be incredibly complex.

If he is all of the above, we’ll be looking at the next Arsenal manager. If he isn’t, well, he’ll just have to stay at smaller clubs until he learns. Oli Kay wrote a piece yesterday about the rise of the designer manager. Lamps, Gerrard and Thierry have all taken jobs with little experience. It’s either inspired or hopeful. My guess is a lot of it is hopeful. Maybe not so much with Thierry because at least he’s spent a lot of time around Europe learning. He also assisted Martinez to the semi of a World Cup.

It is tantalizing that the south of France is Paddy and Thierry. Who will win out? We shall see… likely drinking a batch of 2018s vintage champagne, which apparently folk are extremely optimistic about, next summer as the saga plays out.

The Mirror report that Emery was the architect behind pulling the Ramsey deal. He wants to make more of an impact on the squad next year and is keen to reduce the wage bill to make room for his own players. We’re again being linked with Sarr, the exciting young winger from Rennes. He could be the next Dembele, could also be the next Gervinho. Guy has a lot of sauce about him.

We’ve also been linked with Kai Havertz, the German kid ripping up trees at Leverkusen. Apparently, he had to miss a European match last season because he was doing his exams.

I am all for young exciting players coming to Arsenal. Rip out the old guard, start afresh, make Arsenal the factory for elite youth in the Premier League.

Finally, Aaron Ramsey has been linked to United. Good luck with that mate. I assume he’s going to unlock Pogba, or Lukaku or Sanchez? That place is a steaming pile of shite. I’m not sure I’d be taking my career there, but who cares at this point.

Right, that’s me done!

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  1. Black Hei


    Aubameyang was signed as a “star power” replacement for the departing Sanchez.

    And to fuel his purchase, we sold Giroud and Walcott.

    At that point, Arsenal FC was merely trying to come out of the whole mess with some credibility.

    And of course, Anubameyang was pretty handy given Lacazette started slowly.

  2. Joe


    You’re so off the mark with why we bought aubu

    We needed another striker because we sold giroud.

    We needed another forward because we sold Sanchez.

    Who was going to play up front for us wellbeck?


    And the 60m was offset by giroud and Walcott sales

    You’re wrong Bam. How many times does this need to be explained to you.

    No one gives up on players and spends 60m because a player is having an bad spell of 8 matches.

    Especially wenger. The cunt kept denilson, diaby and sanago for years.

  3. Frank Mc

    First we had Neymargate then asking to get another poster binned because he rated Scholes more than Modric..finally telling another poster how to spell their name!

    Try spelling bamford correctly….
    it’s C-U-N-T

  4. Graham62


    I seriously don’t get it.

    Why do you keep correcting posters on their spellings, which infact are correct, when you are supposed to be a teacher/ lecturer/ professor/ Harvard graduate?

    Is this a ploy to keep us on our toes?

  5. Graham62

    Has to be Joey Barton.

    We all know if he wasn’t a Footballer, he’d be locked up somewhere in one of HM Prisons.

    Roy Keane?

    Great player, but an absolute Psycho.

  6. China

    people who act like they are intelligent are usually not so

    I’ve met very few highly intelligent people who seemed like they were trying to demonstrate their intellect without it being asked of them

  7. un na naai

    Most hated?

    El haji diouf

    Despise that cunt. Did anyone hear his prank call? Dirty cunt. No class. None. Never tried to redeem himself either unlike joey Barton who was also a nasty scum bag. I get that he can from a shit hole but so did paddy v and many others who never behaved like diouf
    Spitting on fans is low.

  8. DivineSherlock

    As I much as I hate Scholes , he was pretty incredible. I would in a heartbeat take Scholes over Modric if that choice was available. Modric has had an incredible year, no doubt . Scholes played like that for a decade. The English FA is to blame for a lot of things. Having players like Beckham , Gerrard , Scholes & Lampard , yet couldnt able to make their mark on the world stage is criminal.

  9. mysticleaves

    Make no mistake, Modric has not had a good year, he was had a fantastic decade. When he was at Spurs his performances were elite. He’s world class without a doubt.

    Scholes in his time was also world class. He wasn’t a good tackler nor could he control his temper but that was the kind of footie being played in the PL though. He scored goals too.

    It’s close but I would pick scholes. Hes one of the best long passers I have seen and even though much emphasis was not on the tiki taka then he would have been at home with it.

  10. DivineSherlock


    Modric had a stellar career but just one league title ?
    I can understand it was Spurs , but at Madrid where it was just a two horse race ? Scholes dominated the PL . I hated that man everytime we played but his brilliance is unquestionable.

  11. Dissenter

    Un na
    You just referred to Senegal as a shit hole?
    Ever been there?
    I’ve never met anyone who went to Senegal and didn’t love it; the people, The people, their culture and diet. It’s a very popular tourist spot in west Africa. You just called it a “shit hole”.

    I think you’ve just succeeded in pushing Bamford away from the spotlight.
    You have a lot of medevial animus in you my friend and you utter a lot of contempt for things you know nothing about.

  12. mysticleaves

    Divine, Scholes was not the reason Man utd won 8 league titles. Adding team titles in arguing an individual’s performance is doing a disservice to the circumstances surrounding the players. They are so many world class players that hasn’t/did not won/win anything but it doesn’t teach their ability, only their legacy

  13. Ivan

    He got 1 ligue title but how CL did he won being the main cog in star studded team? Both great players.

    Remeber when Wenger left him to Spurs saying he is to small or fragile for PL and went for Arshavin instead.

    He should buy them both since they were different players.

  14. mysticleaves

    Y all should pipe down on Unai. Diouf admits to coming from a shithole. Many places in Africa are shitholes. You lot here call Liverpool shithole. You lot call Ozil bulgy eyed frog, You lot call Wenger senile French man. why do fuck do you people have to jump in on the dude?

    Fuck you hypocrites, especially Dissenter. I would like to know how big and long the ‘D’ on your chest and your cape is, respectively.

  15. Champagne Charlie

    Lord above did Banford actually try and “school” someone on their own name? Lmao he’s honestly doing his best to out-douche himself, that must be near his pb.

    As many have pointed out, we lost Alexis, Theo, Giroud which was a CF and two flexible forwards who played anywhere across the front. We bought Auba to replace them, and what do you know he can operate across the front and has done since.

    It’s that, or we broke our transfer record less than 6 months after last breaking it because we suddenly didn’t give players time of day to bed in. What a colossal tit pump you are. Fully expect us to sign Oblak this Jan with Leno not setting any records so far ehh?

  16. DivineSherlock


    Fair point but still it looks bad tho considering he won 4 CL , its not like he didn’t win anything . But you are right , its collective failure of Madrid to be winning just one League title in that span.

  17. Leedsgunner

    Sokratis injured on international duty.

    Monreal to be drafted in as an emergency CB? Shame that Mavropanos and AMN picked up injuries because they would have been ideal as cover for games like this.

    Or do we take a risk and bring in a player from the U23s? Perhaps not to start but to be on the bench as cover.

    Julio Pleguezuelo is 21/22 now. If he is going to make his mark on the first team it has to be now. If he is not good enough to make the step up after all this time, he needs to be sold in January for a million or two.

  18. mysticleaves

    ‘One week is not enough to remove the defects of a player. I would have preferred to be managing older, more experienced club players’

    Gattuso on Bakayoko. What happened with this Bakayoko? He has been a car crash.

  19. mysticleaves

    ‘What a colossal tit pump you are.’

    Ha ha hahahaha. Charlie Charlie.

    Cheers Divine. I would pick Scholes though.

    I think Sokratis has been on the bench the last two matches anyways. As it is, Holding and Mustafi starts. Kola and AMN are back so Monreal can be the defence cover.

    It seems like Julio Pleg doesn’t seem to have a future with us. Has barely figured.

  20. Dissenter

    You’re certainly an idiot since you’re admiting that you live and breathe in a shit hole.
    Even Trump had to deny he ever made such a pathetic comment and here you are justifying it. What a disgraceful position you’ve taken, to ingratiate yourselves into people’s good graces I guess.
    Un na (a later that I’ve come to reluctantly like) could have come at Dioif a million ways, instead he chose the low road….as vile as spitting on another man.

    …and here you are defending him. This isn’t your finest hour.

  21. Leedsgunner

    Bakayoko was an absolute beast at Monaco before Chelsea bought him. Only 24 as well.

    After such a disastrous loan period, no doubt Chelsea will be looking to sell him cheap.

  22. Emiratesstroller

    Sir Richard Gibbs

    The Daily Telegraph has published today the obituary of Sir Richard Gibbs who died earlier this month.

    Gibbs was a former Arsenal Director for 25 years who retired from the Board in 2006. I am sure that most Arsenal Supporters do not have a clue who he was.

    Gibbs may have been an Old Etonian and came from a Banking Family, but his
    distinction came from being the Chairman of the Wellcome Foundation, specialising in Biomedicine Research and Development.

    Under his stewardship the Foundation grew into the World’s Second largest
    Charitable Trust behind Bill Gates Foundation with assets today of £23.2 billion.

    The Wellcome Foundation may not be well known but it is a medical heavyweight. Gibbs was also heavily involved in many other Medical Trusts.

  23. Dissenter

    Are you asking for us to buy Bakayoko?

    He’s failed out of two clubs already, you want us to be the third?

  24. Leedsgunner


    Nope. I’m just saying a manager who is able to get the most out of him will get a great player… but it would be huge risk.

  25. Dream10


    Looks like it’ll be Mustafi and Holding again. More minutes for Holding in the XI. He struggled against with his distribution and against Vardy on the opening day of last season. Every positive result means he keeps the LCB slot at Sokratis expense

  26. Champagne Charlie

    Roger Gibbs is plenty well known to me Emirates, unreal charitable network and grand gooner representative!

  27. Leedsgunner


    I personally don’t like Mustafi but for the moment, he is playing ok and he and Holding DID contain Mitrovic who I thought could be a handful for us in the form he was in.

    Vardy is a dirty player though, and he will not hesitate to go down if he has a whiff of contact, plus get his elbows into our defenders’ faces. Mustafi, who has a history of drawing needless fouls has be aware of that and play Vardy accordingly.

    Best way to take Vardy out of the game? Control the midfield, and make sure he doesn’t the service in the first place.

  28. Dream10

    Not sure Bakayoko is capable of opening up the game. He played well in a double pivot with Fabinho. Wasn’t asked to be a progressive player. Think he’d could work with Xhaka

  29. Leedsgunner

    Sokratis is a better coached, tougher version of Mustafi… and if that competition causes Mustafi to up his game… I’m all for it.

  30. China

    I’d rather see Sokratis with holding together but I respect that emery says if you’re in form and the team is winning you play. Mustafi for his endless flaws has done a Bellerin and been all right the last couple of games.

    Also I like that everyone knows you won’t be picked on name alone. If Sokratis wants to be first choice again he needs to impress more in training or when he does play. Likewise if Mustafi or holding shit the bed they’ll be out

  31. Dream10


    Yeah you’re right on Vardy. Knows how to earn himself a penalty. Mustafi struggles in space, deals better w/ physical players. Holding can’t handle fast, agressive runners. Mané has made mince meat of him on a couple of occasions. If we’re serious about being a top side (85pts +), then someone like Rob needs to be upgraded on.

  32. China

    I hope emery can find a way to get a couple more comfortable wins against some of the lesser opposition like Fulham.

    Not just for all the obvious benefits but also because when we are shitting on a weak team I’d really like to see a couple of our fringe players get 20 minutes. I dunno how he is doing in training but I want to see nketiah get a game because welbeck is cock blocking him st the moment and he’s not getting a sniff

    We know what welbeck can and can’t do very clearly and I don’t think that’s likely to change. So if we’re 3 goals up with 20 mins left I’d say give the kid a chance

  33. China

    Dream in defense of our CBs (can’t believe I’m saying this) a lot of the times they’ve been fucked has been when they’ve been left really exposed by the players around them

    They too have shit the bed a million times but as well not that many CBs are gonna go against players like Mane, Sane and the like and come out with the pants still up without good support and positioning from the players around them

    These guys make a living off skinning players for fun. If you don’t have rapid acceleration (not many CBs do) then when isolated, most CBs will sometimes get savaged

    Tho I can’t pretend our CBs in general haven’t been shit in recent years. They have. It’s just that when isolated it’s not going go well for many in those circumstances

  34. Dream10


    Agree with us not facing that type of elite talent on a weekly basis. We regularly leave our CBs isolated. However, a lot of top attacking sides take more risks. Barring Koscielny from three years ago, the majority of our recent CBs have needed protection in numbers.

  35. Bamford10

    “I miss Ligue 1’s atmosphere. In England, the fans are more spectators than supporters. There’s a better atmosphere in French stadiums.” – Alexandre Lacazette


  36. mysticleaves

    Dream, Gattuso doesn’t even want him to open games. He criticized Bakayoko for not being able to win the ball or so. A lot of work to be done on someone they will give back in 8months. I see Bakayoko going back to Monaco in the summer

  37. Leedsgunner

    “Holding can’t handle fast, agressive runners. Mané has made mince meat of him on a couple of occasions.”

    True but this is where Lucas Torreira will make such a difference. Players like Mané were allowed to run through our midfield because our midfield before LT came were positionally naive and didn’t shield the back four at all.

    LT will stop this… and prevent Mane and co from having free rein to run at our defenders at will.

    We need another DM to play a similar role to LT so that our defenders are likewise protected whether he plays or not. Given his pace, tackling and positional awarenessI would start training Maitland Niles to be a similar player… because LT can’t play every game and I don’t want him to end up broken like Jack Wilshere.

  38. HighburyLegend

    “n England, the fans are more spectators than supporters. ”

    Of course, at the Emirates Stadium, they have been wengerized.

  39. Marc


    Definitely his contract is up in the summer so he should be available at a discount, he’s PL ready / proven and it’ll piss the Spud’s off no end.

  40. mysticleaves

    I said last summer that Alderwerield would be my no1 target. He would be available this summer on a free or at 25m. Either way I would dive in for him

  41. Leedsgunner

    Isn’t TA 29/30? I’m all for bringing in experienced defenders as long as we have talented youngsters also coming through.

    Good defender to replace in the interim Koscelney if he goes next summer without a massive drop in experience or quality.

    It would give Holding and Mavropanos learn their trade effectively.

    Alas it will be very unlikely to happen because of the Spud connection.

  42. mysticleaves

    Yea, will be 30 by the end of next year or so but he’s absolute quality and can play till 33/34 while offering the kind of mentorship our kids need. I don’t think he will reject us, he’s not a spud. And their hands are tied. If he doesn’t sign before the summer, he walks for free! If they activate his 1 year option, he becomes available for 25m at which point the bid has to be accepted anyways.

  43. Jamie

    Not so convinced that Alderweireld would be a great move.

    He’s undoubtedly after a big final contract. It will take in the region of 180k a week on a 4 year deal to land him, and he’ll be 30 in March. We already have plenty of aging defenders on the books.

    In my opinion, we should be going after a Romagnoli or a Giménez (very little chance or signing either, it has to be said).

  44. Cesc Appeal

    Partey apparently is not happy with his lack of playing time at Atletico. There is confusion though as to whether his release clause is £70 Million or £40 Million. If it is the latter I could see it, the former not so much.

    Torreria and Partey would be some base.

    Could of course be Partey angling for more playing time.

    With Guendouzi, Maitland Niles, Willock etc we don’t really need to be looking at any 18 or 19 year old type players at CDM or CM anymore. Partey would be ready to start and I doubt very much he would not be able to cope with the physicality of the EPL.

    Having Partey and Torreira at the base of midfield frees up everything else, would allow Emery to be more creative and provides protection our back line. Would be a really smart move.

    If we managed to get £20 Million for Ramsey in January then the spend would only be £20 Million. Should look at getting rid of Elneny as well if Marseille are interested.

  45. HighburyLegend

    “Not so convinced that Alderweireld would be a great move.”

    Just 1 argument to convince you : imagine the faces of the spuds fans.

  46. Cesc Appeal


    I think Partey might make more sense given what Emery seems to be doing. Not that I don’t think Rabiot is great.

    It seems like Emery wants a CAM/CF type player and that the playmakers might be shifted to RM and LM which means you need 2 players in central midfield who are disciplined, physically imposing, have great mobility and great workrate while being at least tidy in possession. Torreria has all of that, Xhaka does not and Guendouzi is still very young.

    Emery seems to almost be playing a 4-2-2-1-1 at times though at Fulham it was more 4-2-2-2. That puts a lot of strain on the 2 in front of the defence and that is where Xhaka’s lack of mobility, his panicking under pressure and often gaff prone tackling get us in trouble.

  47. un na naai


    Ok maybe that was across way of putting it (shithole) but for all intents and purposes

    You ask any kid or parent living in Senegalwould they rather go to Europe the vast majority say yes.

    Yes holiday makers may enjoy having the red carpet treatment but ask them to live and work there on the living wage and I’m sure they’d come back with a different attitude

    That’s not a slight on Africans at all and again maybe it was a crass way of putting it but my intention was not to offend. Either way. Diouf behaves like he grew up in a shit hole, just like joey Barton.
    Do you see me getting offended when people call London a shit hole?? No
    Why?? Because it is. Just like Liverpool
    Just like Manchester. Just like Birmingham. Just like Senegal.

  48. Jamie

    Cesc –

    Yeah, I agree with your take. I threw Rabiot in there because I think he’s available on a free this summer. Correct me if I’m wrong.

    I like Partey too. He hasn’t featured much this season, but he’s fairly versatile. Like you alluded to earlier, I’m not sure he’s worth a penny more than £40m, and that’s the top-end for a player who wants out of a club due to lack of appearances, even in this crazy market.

    I also agree that we need someone far more mobile than Xhaka. I don’t hate Xkaka as much as some, but he really isn’t suited to the pace of the PL. One of our weakest starting 11 players for me.

  49. Cesc Appeal


    I agree.

    I think Rabiot is great and you are right about his contract situation. I certainly wouldn’t be upset if we got him!

    Just watching what Emery is doing I think a Partey, Torreria base would be pretty great. As you say though, £40 Million would be the most we should paying and it is made easier if we can sell Ramsey and Elneny in January meaning we might end up paying £10 Million all told for him.

  50. HighburyLegend

    Rabiot wants Barça or Juve, certainly not Arsenal.

    And he seems to be open to new talks about his contract, as he appreciate hugely the work with Nosferatu.

  51. PhD07

    un na naaiOctober 16, 2018 13:17:38
    Saying I think Senegal is a shit hole

    Out of curiosity-have you ever been to Senegal?What qualifies you to make such a judgement, or cast aspersions on a country, if you personally have not been exposed to the environment or country in question?

    Just asking?

  52. PhD07

    Graham62October 16, 2018 07:34:31
    I seriously don’t get it.Why do you keep correcting posters on their spellings, which infact are correct, when you are supposed to be a teacher/ lecturer/ professor/ Harvard graduate?
    No comment!!! 🙂


    ChinaOctober 16, 2018 07:43:50
    people who act like they are intelligent are usually not soI’ve met very few highly intelligent people who seemed like they were trying to demonstrate their intellect without it being asked of them

    Correctamundo and no further comment!! 🙂

  53. Moe

    Un na

    Your come back is as weak as they come. You are saying London is shit, L’pool is shit etc as cover for your faux pas. You know you do not believe for a moment London is a shit hole. Your real intention was to denigrate Diouf and his place of origin. Man up and admit it.

    Diouf was born in Ndar Senegal, a place that your European ancestors loved so much that they renamed it St Louis and made it their colonial capital while they went around looting and exploiting Senegal’s resources for some 200 years. When that wasn’t enough, they resorted to capturing and selling Senegal’s most able men and women into slavery for a few more decades. Even after all this hardship the Senegalese like most other occupied people rose up and took back their home against European wishes.

    Senegal and other places like it are so shit hole that even after 200 years of European colonial usurpation the Europeans haven’t had enough. To this day European economic and financial giants like Société Generale, PNB Paribas, Total etc have found a way (with support of their planted neocolonialists) to keep leeching off the resources of these shit hole places.

    When your favourite London undergoes such a traumatic and horrendous experience, you may all be extinct. These shit hole places are full of resilient people who to this day do not hate you Europeans despite all of your inhuman behaviour towards them when they have every reason to.

  54. Dream10

    Rabiot has rejected two contract offers from PSG. He wants more money. He’ll end up at a CL contender like Juventus, Barça or Man City. Not sure he’ll be happy playing for an Arsenal side under Emery that doesn’t have the intention of dictating the match.

  55. Leftsidesanch

    Having to log on from my phone before my colleagues think I’m up to no good cos of that trash bum Pedro has as the main pic.

  56. N5

    Dream, any idea what the contract offer to Rabiot is?

    He’s always surprised me the amount of interest he drums up. He’s OK, but I certainly wouldn’t fancy having him if it meant spending big money on him.

  57. raptora

    I opened a new tab on Firefox and my clients saw the booty. I knew that anything I would have said would have been more dirt on my face so I just kept going like nothing had happened.

    Oh well. Worse things have happened.

  58. S Asoa

    From this post

    ChinaOctober 16, 2018 07:43:50
    people who act like they are intelligent are usually not soI’ve met very few highly intelligent people who seemed like they were trying to demonstrate their intellect without it being asked of them

    Think China is quite intelligent. Moreover he is balanced, respects other people’s views so as to not troll for a difference of opinion.

  59. Graham62

    As honours are dished out willy-nilly days, wouldn’t it be appropriate to hand one out to Gareth Southgate for his services to English Football?

    In a relatively short period of time, he has not only managed to reinvent our national team, he has also created a feel good factor around the whole set up.

    “Arise Sir Gareth.”

  60. N5

    Moe why did you keep writing Europeans. Wasn’t it just the French?

    Otherwise we’d have to say the Europeans colonised Africa, rather than the French colonised Senegal.

    What has happened to this site by the way? the other day it was religion, then it was about men being bullied and sexism being false, then politics and now this?

    It’s crazy what the international break does to people.

  61. PhD07

    un na naaiOctober 16, 2018 14:46:10
    I could wipe the floor with all that but I’ll just say this.Senegal is still a shit hole.
    Out of curiosity-have you ever been to Senegal?What qualifies you to make such a judgement, or cast aspersions on a country, if you personally have not been exposed to the environment or country in question?

    Just asking..

    Maybe you conveniently overlooked my last post.

  62. Dream10


    Believe he wants 10m a season. Yea, he’s a very good player, but for a side like us which needs multiple defenders, a CM and a wide player at the least, no point of paying that especially on limited funds.

  63. N5

    Thats what I was thinking Dream. I mean he’s a tidy player, but to command a wage like that I’d be expecting a lot more than he offers. He probably will get it though. Lots of clubs out there would benefit from having him in their team.

  64. raptora

    I just read that Sadio Mane broke the thumb of his left hand. I scrolled down to see the picture of his scanned hand, and suddenly felt massive pain in my own thumb. Wtf? Aliens?!

  65. un na naai


    How about the fact that so many are coming to Europe?? If it’s such a safe haven and economical paradise then why leave? Not for the weather that’s for sure

  66. Leftsidesanch

    Lool Raptora at both posts

    You get two type of men when it comes to derrieres, some like the firm/petite ones and then you get some that like them “monstrous”. If you know Cherokee/Pinky etc (if you know you know) thats my kind of one.

  67. Moe

    Un Na

    On my worst day you won’t even come close to wiping the floor with me. I only just scratched the surface with you.

    Materialism is what you are using as the barometer for your shit hole label and that only goes to show how shitty your brain is given the history of man on this planet.

  68. Moe

    Un Na

    If you can spit on 13 million citizens of a land you have never set foot on with your shit hole comment, why couldn’t Diouf equally spit on fans who he perceived to be shit holes? Curious to know.