Agent induced Ramsey saga takes a turn?

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The Aaron Ramsey story KEEPS chugging along. I mean, I’m grateful right now because international week is seriously dull, but outside this moment, I really can’t be dealing with the ongoing saga all season.

As it stands, the club want the Welshman gone in January so they can reinvest the money into a player they want.

Not surprisingly, Aaron doesn’t want to leave. He wants to do things on his own terms.

“So, I have to just carry on playing my football and do my best for Arsenal and I’ll leave the rest with the club now.

“That’s a decision that they have made. Things happen in football and you just have to get on with it and carry on playing the best I can. That is all I am concentrating on and giving my best for Arsenal.”

The Telegraph report the club pulled the deal. Apparently, the money and his ability weren’t quite matching in Emery’s head, so they pulled the plug.

The interesting part about this is there are a few rumors that the player is still interested and the club might come back in. I mean, twitter rumors, and we all know how shite most of those are.

“Everything has been going great with the club,”

“We thought we were in a position where we had agreed a deal, but that is no longer the case.

Ramsey’s arrogant agent looks like he had a major part to play in this mess, overplaying his hand in a big way. Word has it he was ghosting the club on minor contractual details when the player was ready to sign. Not a smart move when your client is asking for Ozil money. If the club even got close to that, it was massively above market rate for a player who struggles with fitness and consistency. Why would you be ignoring those emails? Possibly too busy running retweet competitions to amp up his agency profile?

Now that deal has been yanked, it’s had the double nightmare of removing the leverage he’d have had with Europe’s elite in January. You can’t now ask Juve for £300k a week. You can’t even ask them for £250k a week. He’s a sub £100k a week player at the moment. Most he’ll get is double, and that’d have to be in the Premier League with a club like Chelsea or United. Unless he has an incredible two months leading into January, it’s going to be very hard for any team to justify that sort of money.

Not impossible, but certainly more difficult when you’ve been snubbed by a rich Europa League club in your absolute prime. Demand is a beautiful thing when negotiating a new deal.

So now he’s left with two choices. Chase trophies and pray Juve want him, or try and get Arsenal to put that deal back on the table, possibly by firing his agent.

Personally, I’d be surprised if we were just willing to let him go on a free. It makes very little sense. It’d be even worse if the rumors of a £50m bid this summer were true. However, we have to trust in the process. Sven, Emery and Raul are a different breed of football folk. I sincerely believe there’s a plan and I still think there’s a whole lot of truth in this move being part of defying a CEO who was all about his own personal PR and saving face (still can’t believe we signed Ozil to that deal just for Ivan’s ego).

The one good thing about this whole nonsense is it appears to be the last parting gift of the old regime. Moving forward, players will go on contracts with optional extensions for the clubs. This is how Spurs operate. You give players slightly inflated contracts that are long and that come with an option. If we had Ramsey on that deal, we’d just extend him another year and flog him in January with no problems. That’s why I can’t buy into this ‘this is how football is going’ nonsense like the Bosman ruling only happened last week. This whole issue is about terrible planning and a distinct lack of vision on how to shape a sqaud beyond one transfer window.

However you add up this bullshit, it’s nice to see Arsenal in the driving seat for once. The big question is how ruthless will Emery be in pushing Ramsey out of the club. Will he bench him? Play him with the kids? Make him get changed on the lawn?

Right, that’s me done, see you in the comments.

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  1. Drey

    “Make him get changed on the lawn?”

    Hahaha, probably loan him for auditions for a White Walker extra on Game of Thrones

  2. Michael24


    Based on your feedback and input regarding Ramsey, Welbeck, Ozil and Sanchez from the previous post, I need to ask you a simple question.

    Why do you think Wenger was told to go, or, should I say, sacked?

  3. Up 4 grabs now

    Morning people,

    Just my opinion, but I’m calling bullshit on any 50 million offer for Ramsay.
    From who?
    No one outside the premier league would pay that.
    Inside the league spurs bought no one and wouldn’t have bid.

    Man city didn’t need him.

    utd bought Fred and needed centrebacks.

    The bindippers had keita come in and about another ten midfielders/strikers they can’t even fit in now.

    Chelsea didn’t have a manager till late and were lining up kovacic and jorginho again with a jam packed midfield squad already.

    Arsenal needed money to rebuild, we had just been bent over by ozil, and had Sanchez string us along till he left.
    And now we’re in the same position with Ramsay.

    In my opinion if there really was a huge bid on the table it would have been snapped up, and used to strengthen further.

    If arsenal really want him to stay, get him in on Monday and say there’s your final offer 150-180k with bonuses, you have till 5pm Friday to sign it.
    If you don’t it’s pulled, you train with the reserves and we announce to the press today you refused a new contract and your available for transfer in January.
    You won’t be selected and your arsenal career either ends or continues on Friday depending on your choice.

    Emery and the club have enough goodwill at the moment to do that, and it sends a message to everyone else, arsenal isn’t a soft touch anymore.

  4. PessimisticPat

    Also you complain about other players getting contracts? Im confused,so should the club not get players in their mid to early twenties to sign new deals or not? I thought you wanted the club to stop players leaving for nothing from happening. Surely squad player or not a new deal makes sense to retain sell on value,and also stop the player getting the upper hand in negotiations by going into the last year. So. Which is it?

  5. Emiratesstroller

    The hard facts are that Arsenal have currently on their books 4 players whose
    contracts expire this summer namely

    The last two are now past the age when they would have any commercial transfer value.

    The first two would have had possibly £40-60 million transfer value if they had
    been sold two years ago, but now could both leave on a Bosman.

    In case of Welbeck one suspects that Arsenal could replace him in squad with
    Nkietah. Welbeck is a useful player to have in squad, but I doubt that the club
    want to pay a third string striker £100K pw.

    It is clear that Emery planned to keep Ramsey and for the club to give him a new contract. It is unclear what has changed, but somehow I think that the
    agent has had a part to play in the final decision.

    I do not think that the wages alone are a reason for the decision. At the back of
    my mind I see the agent demanding a ‘huge’ nest egg for himself in negotiating a deal for his only significant client. Agents in recent times have a habit of
    demanding side commissions of up to £10-15 million.

    My guess is that the club weighed up the value of Ramsey and much as I think
    that they would like to keep him, the contract plus whatever else is being demanded proved too rich.

    The loss of potentially £30 million in transfer fees in January does not appear to concern the club too much presumably because they have weighed up the
    cost of the replacements.

    My guess is that the passing of the ways with both Welbeck , Ramsey and the
    club will be amicable. If we bring in a new player in January I don’t think that
    it will impact on the two players staying at club.

    We could offload for a start Jenkinson on a loan. The club does not need three
    right backs in the squad.

    The club does not need to register Smith-Rowe, Nkietah and Nelson even if they are promoted to first team squad as they are all under age.

    Arsenal’s focus this season is finishing in top 4 and that is frankly more important than destabilising squad in January by selling two popular players for a few bucks.

  6. ddkingz

    why are we the only club, letting player both average, in form, and players in their peak go for free……

    something is definitely wrong somewhere

  7. David Smith

    Think there were some rumours Liverpool made that bid for Ramsey?
    No idea if that’s true but they certainly are not scared to spend.
    Still the old regime are now almost gone, the swamp almost drained of the clubs basket of deplorables .
    Why did Stan not step in with these idiots running the club?

  8. ddkingz

    look man utd, have one year left on martial, but they are not worried, because they have a possible one year extension on his contract, so they are less bothered right now, and if he doesn’t sign within the current season they flog him off by next summer with the transfee fee intact….that’s great vision and planning by the club…

  9. Up 4 grabs now

    I can’t see him leaving in January,

    Not unless we get a situation like Sanchez, where one or two big premier league clubs make a cheap cheeky bid to get him to stop him signing a pre contract and going abroad.
    And as mentioned no one actually needs him.

    And Pre contract wise in January who would want him.
    Bayern, Psg, Madrid, Barcelona? Doubtful.
    Juventus? Maybe.
    If he is just chasing money maybe one of the Chinese clubs?

    Whatever happens I think we’re in a good position
    To kick on. if he doesn’t want to stay, get some reasonable money in January, or lose him for nothing at the end of the season saving on the wage bill, and losing a player that originally cost us only 5 million, not perfect but will show the rest of the squad that they can’t demand anything from the club and will get it.

  10. PessimisticPat

    Id sell him January stroller. You have to. If he doesn’t want to leave id fuck him off to the reserves. He has been playing us trying to up his value by drawing out negotiations past the transfer deadline and beyond. I was delighted we pulled out. Sell him,get 20m odd,get 100k off the wage bill.

  11. gonsterous

    in regard to welbeck, if he leaves, it won’t be the end of the world. Also I don’t know if the board have offered any thing to welbz.maybe on the same conditions or an improved contract, but I don’t see him making any fuss to want big money. Ramsey on the other hand wants big money, which is why he’s making headlines and which is why the club has made a decision to not entertain him any longer. The other players who’s contract have been renewed have age on their side, (no matter how shit they are). And also they may be sold in the next 2 TW. So the club has done well there.
    Of course wenger is to blame since everyone at the club can confirm he was the one responsible for contracts and contract negotiations.

  12. PessimisticPat

    One last thing on rambo. There is nothing online at all all summer long, nothing, until the day after arsenal withdrew our contract offer to him the daily star and metro ran a story saying we rejected a 50m bid from united over the summer. The day after we withdrew our offer. Lol what a hilariously bad agent he has. Total bullshit

  13. Michael24

    All these contract cock-ups were caused by one thing and we all know what(who) it was.

    Why should players want to renew/extend their contracts under Wenger? Those with ambition wanted to leave, whilst those who thought they could gain from his ineptitude, would try and benefit as best they could.

    Sanchez decided to go long before Wenger realised it. Ozil manipulated the Sanchez saga for his own benefit and stupidly Wenger and his motley crew gave in to it. Ramsey(and his agent) saw what Ozil did and thought, hold on, I can do the same. The list goes on and on.

    I could go back to Veira/Henry/Cesc/RVP/Nasri/Sagna/Walcott/The Ox etc etc and can give you the reasons why they’d had enough. Basically it all boiled down to one thing, Wenger’s inability to act on the obvious and make the right decisions.

    It is so interesting to see that since his departure Wenger has kept a very low profile as regards AFC.

    I wonder why?

    Maybe a few things have sunk in.

  14. englandsbest

    An inexperienced agent who wanted to show his muscles.

    I’m a long-term fan of Ramsay, so I hope he stays. But at a sensible salary.

    The guy to get rid of is Ozil. At all costs.

    And the player to hang on to is Welbeck. He has a lot of ability, much of it untapped.

  15. Up 4 grabs now

    Out of the four players whose contract are up in June next year.
    Ramsay is the one I’d move on.
    Cech can have a one year extension as 2nd choice cup keeper.

    Monreal a one/two year deal.keeps a good pro that can help with bringing a younger play through, like litchenstiener.

    Wellbeck extended on the same contract details as he has now maybe with some big incentive bonuses?

    Wellbeck isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but I’d rather be bringing him into the team or off the bench if auba and laca can’t play, than eddie who has a couple of league cup goals to his name.

  16. David Smith

    Did Wenger ever actually act on anything? Apart from getting rid of the unfortunate Nelson Vivas for some reason.
    As for going quiet on Arsenal, would imagine that was part of his substantial payoff conditions, but would like to think he feels at least an iota of shame and embarrassment at what he ended up doing to the club he professes to love, but perhaps expecting too much.

  17. VicVic

    Un na naai/China/TheLegendaryDB10,

    I’m really grateful people, really grateful.
    And thanks for the link Un, grateful.

    Life can be difficult to understand, I have been
    fighting to get to the top all my life, top was a distant
    dream; from very humble background. Lots of hill
    climbing and like trying to swim against a big ocean.

    But I was always happy, my hope as strong as a bull, I was certain I would get what I wanted if I kept on

    Then finally it’s happening bit by bit, the dreams are
    turning to actual reality.

    Then bang!

    From no where, since late last year, I started having
    wrong emotions, fear and all.
    I looked it up: DEPRESSION!
    Until then depression was just a silly word to me, you
    just had to stop thinking and depression would go and
    that’s what the Mrs always says to me now. ‘Stop
    thinking, take it easy.’

    Things I would really hate to think or have said
    around me started popping up in my mind.

    Is there a christian brother out there?

    My mind and body are manipulating me to believe I’m
    headed to hell no matter what I do. I think the reason
    for that is because that is the one thing that can really
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    God, I love the Holy Trinity.
    Death doesn’t even scare me much again, I would have
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    miss heaven if I did and the pains my family would be
    faced with if I did.

    I can’t even tell them all to the Mrs, why should I load
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    She loves me so dearly, and if i should let her into the
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    Most times, I can’t even read the news, everything
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    know a 5 year old should not even pay attention to
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    But I’m hoping for healing.
    My spirit remains strong, I have a feeling in my spirit
    that the monster will leave suddenly like it came.
    I believe God still loves me, no matter the trap in my
    mind to suggest otherwise.

    God bless football. Amazing that God can use things
    that are not important to sustain things that are
    I can’t believe that I still get almost the same joy from
    football like I used to get before the monster jumped at me.

    Thank you, people.
    And of course, I’m still here, just not as VicVic from
    now on.

    China, I’m sorry about your bro.
    Un, I’m glad you made it. Hope I will too.
    Maybe someday, I will be back with a testimony.
    And if I go, I go.
    Just want to make heaven!!!
    Pls Darling Jesus Christ, don’t forsake me.

  18. Dissenter

    How are you doing ?

    “Arsenal’s focus this season is finishing in top 4 and that is frankly more important than destabilising squad in January by selling two popular players for a few bucks”

    …a few bucks
    We are talking about trying to mitigate the loss by regaining say £5-15 million from an already bad situation.
    Ramsey coasting to a Bosman is destabilizing to future planning. He is not the reason why we dint make fourth place. He’s not a guaranteed starter as it stands.

    You must be drowning in money if millions of ££££££££ is a ‘few bucks’. That’s the term you use for money you mistakenly forgot in your pocket or that’s just enough to pay for your lunch….not millions of £££££.

    ………a few bucks?

  19. Drey

    Hehe, Henry now at Monaco but Pedro’s precious intern at the Etihad is still licking his wounds after being rejected for the Arsenal job

  20. un na naai

    Vic vic

    Any time pal. Take it one day at a time. Start small. I’ll contact Pedro and leave some details if you want to talk further. It isn’t easy at first, it may even seem impossible but something will trigger you. It may be nothing that myself or China have advised but trust me once you’re out of the tunnel you’ll be a stronger person for it.
    You’ll look back and wonder how you ever let it all get to you in the first place.
    Mine was a series of bereavements, my mother was coughing blood, my wife had post natal, and it all came at once. There were other issues too involving my brother and work which added to it but life can come out of nowhere and hit you hard. But the saying “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” was never more apt.

    Like I said. Start trying to incorporate the advice myself and China gave and I’m positive you’ll see an improvement. Slowly at first but it will grow.

  21. Dissenter

    Ramsey’s agent has done phenomenally well considering that he has him on the verge of a potential lucrative move away from the club.
    It’s possible that Ramsey wants to leave to get guaranteed participation in the CL
    It’s possible that Ramsey wants to experience something different in his career…maybe he doesn’t want to be a one club man.
    I think it’s likely that his Arsenal heart was severed when Wenger left and he is executing a well orchestrated exit from the club.

    My point is STOP BLAMING THE AGENT. That Shtick is boring now. The agent is doing what his client asked for. Ramsey may not want to stay, think of that.

  22. Emiratesstroller

    The circumstances covering Sanchez and Ozil and that of Ramsey and Welbeck may be the same in that all four players have been allowed to run down their contracts, but the similarity ends there.

    Sanchez and Ozil were both mega stars and on paper our two best players. Sanchez was a destabilising influence on team , because of his petulance and that he behaved like he was bigger than the club. Ozil was frankly a sideshow, because the club could not afford to lose two major players in same transfer window.

    The loss of both Ramsey and Welbeck will have an entirely different impact
    on the club. Neither is frankly a mega star, but they are despite all the adverse
    posts on Le Grove part of the fabric of the team/squad this season.

    They are popular members of the club. My guess is that despite what is going
    on regarding their respective futures they will play for the shirt as Ramsey has
    indicated, because they are first of all ‘professional and decent players’.

    For all the rhetoric about the club threatening and forcing the players out in January this is actually the wrong message to send out to the rest of the players.

    Arsenal are not going to spend mega bucks in January even if one or both of
    these players were to leave. There is also no guarantee that a new player would bed in quickly and outperform them this season.

    Historically very few January sales and acquisitions have proven to be a great
    success. Very few clubs are willing to sell their best players and you have also
    to factor in that players are also very often cup tied in Europe.

    The two players from Napoli and Seville linked with a move to Arsenal will be
    most likely cup tied as Aubameyang was last season.

    We have missed the boat in getting decent transfer fees for Ramsey and Welbeck so let’s hang on to them until end of season and wait and see what materialises. Neither player it would seem is likely to move abroad so their departure makes absolutely no difference to the club.

  23. Dissenter

    I would keep Welbeck too, provided he accepts a small wage increase and is prepared to be the 3rd/4th striker in the squad.
    He knows he’s not going any higher than Arsenal and that he doesn’t score enough goals to be a starter

  24. un na naai


    You do realise that the England team changes throughout the generations right?
    And you do realise that from 96-04 we had a side that could compete with any other team in the world.

    Our biggest problem them was that we kept employing foreign managers and foreign referees kept robbing us in the knockout stages

    Portugal Argentina and Germany being notable expamples

    Yes our team is shit now but with so many non English players and mangers in our league what do you expect? The Italians, Spaniard and Germans don’t do it half as much as us and the french just nick the best African players and call them french

    I tenational football died over a decade ago now anyway.
    It’s shit. And the modern players don’t compare to those of generations past with a few notable exceptions, the squads are paper thin these days.

  25. Dissenter

    If there aren’t any opportunities to sell either Ramsey or Welbeck, then of course we hold them. We don’t have any choice since we’ve mismanaged the situation to this moment. That doesn’t require any explanation.

    However of an opportunity present itself and we decline to sell because we don’t want to “destabilize the squad” or increase the chances of fourth place..lthen that’s malpractice of the highest order.
    The people tha make these decisions have to be invested in th long term and medium term well being of the club. They know that having 5-15 million more to spend in the future makes a big deal.

    Another really destabilizing phenomena will be having players who are protecting/preserving themselves for Bosman moves. It’s only natural to expect that such a player won’t run the extra recovery sprint or make that last ditch precarious tackle because they could get injured and end up with NOTHING..

    You can’t base your chances for a 4th place challenge on players who want out. You can’t depend on such players when their commitment is already doubtful.


    Well said UP4GRABS
    Ramsey should either commit to Arsenal for 160/80 or send him to train with the reserves

  27. Dissenter

    Un na na
    We differ on how we see the political side of life, I’m sure you know that by now.

    But boy….you do have a mega heart.
    Thanks for all that you’ve expressed in the last few days.
    You’re a champ because you’ve won the biggest of battles and dragged your self from the precipice to a better place.
    It takes balls to discuss the things you’ve posted.

    Cheers my man. Lots of respect for ya.

  28. Emiratesstroller


    Yes we are talking about a few bucks.

    Manchester City were prepared to pay only £20 million for Sanchez and he
    declined to move there.

    We landed up with a swap deal, which somehow I doubt will be repeated this

    My guess is that Ramsey has most likely decided already, which club he wants
    to move to so unless they are willing to pay a transfer fee there is very little
    point in allowing him to leave in January.

    Do you seriously want to see him move to a competitor in next transfer window when we could qualify for Champions League?

    If we were discussing £40-60 million for the pair then I could see logic, because for that amount of money you can buy a top class player. That is not going to happen in January.

    Also despite your view that agent is doing brilliant job I still believe that his
    objective is to feather his own nest as Can’s agent did when he secured £16 million for himself.

    Liverpool decided to hang on to the player until end of season, because they
    found a replacement who was an upgrade in Keita who was unavailable until
    this season.

  29. ddkingz

    un na unai Emery…
    For me…..England is trash, when it comes to international football, never been good and probably may never come good in the future… except may they change some few things and maybe build themselves around two to three proper footballers….

    Right now, all am seeing and have been seeing are eleven headless chickens running in a football pitch for 90mins.

  30. UTarse

    Disagree stroller, if Ramsey and Arsenal have decided their association is over in summer 19 then best for both parties for him to be sold in Jan. And if he declines the chance to leave then he should be left on the bench for cameo roles as last Sunday.

    Best case scenario is he goes for £20-25m.

  31. Dissenter

    Even if we get an offer of £10 million to sell Ramsey…we take it and report it as “undisclosed”
    £10 million is a lot of money for any SELF-SUSTAINING organization with a 2017 turn over of £422 million

    Have you considered the fact that Ramsey’s commitment will start waning as he nears the end of the contract?
    You think he makes that extra yard of sprint or take s that last ditch tackle that could imperil his big move elsewhere?
    He would have a deal stitched up with an English club by the spring, that’s how it works.

  32. ddkingz

    Every body has a plan on how to go about the Ramsay contract saga…but not arsenal, probably still clueless on what to do with him…

  33. Up 4 grabs now

    1, If Ramsay got injured in the next arsenal game and was out for the season, we pay his wages and he leaves on a free.

    2, If Ramsays situation is left as it is, he plays indifferently protects himself to avoid injury, we pay his wages and he leaves on a free.

    3, If we play hardball, dump him in the reserves we pay his wages and he leaves at the end of the season on a free.

    4, If he signs a new contract at a sensible pay rate emery could whip him into shape and get some consistency from him?

    Option 4 is the only potential win for arsenal, if that can’t be achieved there’s nothing really to choose between options 1-3

    Option 3 might force him into option 4 though. Which makes it a win for arsenal.

  34. un na naai


    Thanks man. Being conservative and caring for people aren’t mutually exclusive. Similar ends different means in my book.


    You’re just plain wrong. We won the word cup in 66
    We were the best team in Italia 90
    We were the best team at Euro 96
    We were as good as any team in 98/02/04. (cheated out of 98 and 04 by wrongly disallowed goals and cheated out of 06 for sending off)
    Also had perfectly good goal disallowed in 2010
    England is treated more harshly by refs than any other nation.
    We’ve had goals disallowed and harsh sendings off in more competitions than any other nation.

  35. qna

    Ramsey leaving is a really positive statement by the club. We pulled the plug on this deal within days of Ivan leaving. This can’t be a coincidence. We made a huge mistake with the contract we gave to Ozil and we had on the table an equally huge mistake.

    The fact that we pulled this offer shows that with Ivan and Wenger out of the picture we can have some hope that this club will become well run moving forward. Its going to take several transfer windows to fix our problems in our squad. But we are getting our house in order.

  36. un na naai

    Also dd

    We’ve made 3 semi finals and won one final. Being extremely lucky not to make the final on two of those occasions.

    Hardly shit

    Yes our team is pony now. I’ll readuly admit that but I’m years past we’ve had fantastic sides more than capable of beating the best. Maybe it was a mentality issue. Maybe we had the wrong manager and tactic. Maybe both. But to say we are shit is just wrong

  37. BacaryisGod

    5 Biggest Positives so far this season:

    1. New Signings: We have brought in 3 talented players who all look like they’ll be a part of our long-term future (Leno, Torreira and Guendouzi) and Sokratis looks like he’ll help for at least the next two seasons. It was a good summer for Sven.

    2. Project Youth 3.0 is off to a good start. Bellerin, Iwobi and Holding are all progressing nicely and Smith-Rowe, Nelson, Maitland-Niles and Nketiaha are all on the verge of breaking through. Maitland-Niles and Mavrapanos both had injury setbacks but can thrive under our new regime.

    3. Lacazette/Aubameyang chemistry. Two top CFs could have become a toxic situation but they’ve turned it into a massive positive. Aubameyang has been the opposite of the diva many fans were fearing.

    4. Hints of improvement in the two most maligned starters for Arsenal. Xhaka and Mustafi may have turned the corner but both are still capable of game-changing errors. Let’s see how they cope under the pressure against tougher opposition.

    5. Tactical flexibility: We’ve looked shaky on many occasions, but Emery has shown a willingness to adjust to circumstances and made adjustments (often before the 70th minute) to turn games around. This breeds confidence among the players.

  38. gonsterous

    I’m sure the club already have a plan in place. And it’s better to get 10m and Ramsey off the wage list than to have him here till the end of the season, when he will leave for nothing.

    Also, I hope this doesn’t bring up talks about nzonzi and banega. Both too old. On one hand people want us to get rid of old players but on the other hand, they want us to buy old players again. Get in a young winger in January. And a decent CM who will push Chaka in midfield In the summer.

  39. ddkingz

    un na unai Emery_____
    England is an overly over hyped international nation…. you’ve named quite a few occasions where you were good, but practically speaking, what is there to show for all those periods?……..NOTHING.

    England international football needs a major overhaul in every aspect of the game…
    from staffs, to players, to the executives in charge, and most especially the press…because they are the real problem of all….

  40. BacaryisGod

    5 Biggest Concerns so far this season:

    1. The most obvious one is that we’ve yet to get a point against a good team. To be fair, two matches isn’t much of a sample size (and they were our first two matches) but we showed enough vulnerability against mid and lower table teams to suggest that we could still really struggle this seasonagainst other members of the Top 6.

    2. Ramsey and Ozil: No matter what way you look at it, two of our four most valuable players are either not in good form (Ozil) or probably leaving us on the cheap or for nothing (Ramsey)

    3. Building from the back will cost us a few times this season. We don’t have enough ball-players in defence to adapt to Emery’s style of play without it biting us at big moments. We’ve had a number of close escapes but it will catch up to us against teams like Liverpool and Spurs. Torreira and Leno have both helped but even they’ve had some scary moments in dangerous positions.

    4, From all accounts, the players have been working very hard on their fitness under Emery. There remains a concern that a few of them will start to tire over the course of a long season. We’ve been pretty lucky with injuries so far and let’s hope it stays that way.

    5. Does Gazidis departure create a vacuum that might lead to internal conflict? Sure, Ivan has earned his criticism over the years, but now he’s gone there’s no clear leader. We have a football boss and a business boss but everyone knows that these roles have to co-exist in harmony or serious fissures could happen at the club. Plus, while we remain a Europa League team, all of our key figures remain eminently poachable.

  41. useroz

    The guy to get rid of is Ozil at all costs.

    And the player to hang on to is Welbeck. He has a lot of ability, much of it untapped.

    Yes for the first point.

    Not quite on the second. Welbeck is a squad player however one looks at it. Handy type. Not aware of untapped talent unless Welbeck may actually score with his feet/ head?!

  42. Jamie

    Ramsey won’t get 180k a week from any top club. There’s better value in the market.

    The only way he gets a monster wage is if he joins lesser club as their marquee signing. Everton, West Ham. Or he takes in the region of what Arsenal supposedly offered him (150k a week) to warm the bench at Chelsea/Man Utd. The latter would be hilarious, just to see the look on Alexis’ face.

  43. BacaryisGod

    So Thierry at Monaco then? I’m predicting that’ he’ll be a bust there but hope I’m wrong. Fascinating that he starts where Arsene made his name. Maybe he’ll bring Arsene on board as an informal advisor.

  44. BacaryisGod

    Welbeck has untapped ability? He’ll be 28 next month so we better start tapping pretty quickly.

    I like him a lot but at this stage we know what he brings (work-rate, athleticism, team mentality, good defence) and what he doesn’t bring (consistent finishing, clean headers) to the team. I don’t see too much changing at this point unless we move to a 4-4-2 and he gets more games centrally.

  45. un na naai


    There is. We are World Cup winners. From66-70 we were the best team in the world. We may be overrated now but we certainly were not in the 90s-00s

    And yes. You’re right. We ha e nothing to show for it and right now we have a mountain to climb but in reality only Germany France and Spain are producing enough top players to be considered top top level while Argentina are only producing forwards and nothing else
    As I said before international football is weaker now

    Globalisation for ya.

  46. Marc

    No way anyone made a £50 million bid for Ramsey last summer. I don’t even think that’s a story leaked by Ramsey’s agent, its pure click bait by a newspaper.

  47. BacaryisGod

    Saw a post on Arseblog today about how the club have to fix the issue of players in their last year of their contracts. Let’s not be too hard on Arsenal though. We’re far from the only ones. Here’s a list of some of the better players in their final year:

    Man United (De Gea, Martial, Herrera, Mata, Jones, Smalling, Shaw, Darmian, Valencia, Young, Pereira)
    Tottenham (Vertonghen, Alderweireld, Dembele)
    PSG (Rabiot, Di Maria, Areola)
    Arsenal (Ramsey, Welbeck, Monreal, Cech)
    Chelsea (Luiz, Fabregas, Giroud, Cahill)
    Liverpool (Sturridge, Milner, Moreno)

    Others include Godin, Filipe Luis (Atletico) Brahimi, Herrera (Porto), Mangala (Man City), Dzagoev (CSKA Moscow), Salvio (Benfica), Balotelli (Nice) Ruiz (Villareal)Rice (West Ham)

    It’s true that there may be a number of club options for an extra year with some of these players (De Gea, Alderwereld) but in the case of Alderwereld the option would also trigger a 25m release clause so it’s not as simple as it appears. For the club to get an extra year option it usually comes at a price.

    Of those players in their final year, I wouldn’t mind a stab at Brahimi who always seemed like an Arsenal player to me. Luke Shaw might be a natural successor to Monreal in a 4-4-2 or a solid wing-back in a 3-5-2. Finally, the most natural replacement for Ramsey would be Dzagoev.

  48. un na naai

    Even then. This France side isn’t a patch on previous generations
    Vieira zidane Henry trezeguet makalele desailly petit Thuram lizarazu
    They all walk into this side

  49. PessimisticPat


    One problem with English national team is the manager loyalty bollocks. I hear ex pros go on about England managers sticking with players and that helps create a bond.

    Then some other cunt starts talking bringing in players to help them develop by training with the first team. Develop,in 3-4 training sessions with players not that much better than at their clubs. Lol

    England team should pick players who play week in week out at their clubs.
    If your not playing well,you get dropped. Someone else gets a chance.
    If any players decide they dont like the new way england works then let them complain and see the fan backlash.

    They need to stop treating it like its a club team.

    And most importantly never ever ever give a manager more than a 2 year contract

  50. ddkingz

    un na unai Emery
    if I may ask really, how old are you…???

    still bragging about the world cup victory over a century ago, which only about 18%of the British population can’t still remember fondly…
    Now I know the way you think, and make ugly comments about arsenals new revolution, because you can’t see past the invisibles….

    little stats for you un na unai Emery:——
    In the space of 19yrs and 362 day…..FRANCE HAVE WON THE WORLD CUP TWICE , have won the EURO’S once, have also lost the EURO’S final once, being a world cup finalist and lost it once in 2006…. and they are not bragging the next one is coming home…..

    stay in the present, hope for the future don’t brag about it and also don’t live in the past..

  51. Jamie

    “Globalisation” is to blame for England not winning a major tournament for half a century.

    “Blame the immigrants for everything, including lowering the standard of international football! Except for the French and German national teams!”

    Nothing but weakness and blame culture.

  52. un na naai


    Don’t be a fool. I’m not bragging. I’m stating a fact to refute your nonsense. We won the World Cup. You said we have nothing to show for it. We won the World Cup
    We’ve reached 3 semis.
    Not bragging. Facts

  53. Bamford10

    Un na

    England were good in 1990, but they were not the best team in the tournament. Both Germany and Italy were better.

    I liked that England team, though, esp. Gascoigne, Lineker and Platt.

  54. ddkingz

    I fear for the French team…they have every tool to succeed and sustain themselves in the next 15 yrs….just hope they mange the situations they find themselves really well…

  55. ddkingz

    I hope Sandro doesn’t turn on any English radio or television station he comes across in Germany, so he doesn’t gets to know about the cooked up story the English press may be talking about him been there new Ronaldo or Pele…

    and he should never ply his trade in England…he should continue his progress very well, get mature and pray barca or Madrid come calling

  56. ddkingz

    does Messi plays in the Argentine league? NO
    Does Ronaldo plays in the Portuguese?NO
    Does Suarez plays in the Uruguayan league? NO
    Does hazard plays in the Belgium first division?NO

  57. ddkingz

    England has a tendency over over hyping there players and then the players tend to end up been lame or a little above average

  58. PessimisticPat

    Umm what? Lol i get you now ddkingz. I thought you were just pointing out England are shit but I see its more than that Dd kingz. You just dont like england,lol.

    Also do you even understand what the song you keep referencing is about? Its a song about how shit we are but we still believe. And “its coming home” isnt in reference to the trophy coming home but because that song came out before Euro 96 when football came home. Get it?
    I am fed up with trying to be polite about wanting my country to do well. We’ll sing what and say whatever we want about our national team.
    And yeah we might like to see an English player come to play in one of the best 3 leagues in the world. Why should we apologize for that. Using other players not playing in their shit home countries leagues exposed your bias ddkingz.

    From an englishman to a frenchman i say this to you


  59. ddkingz

    you may be right….PP

    I might either be biased or maybe I don’t just like the England national team…or maybe both..

    but somehow I’m saying the truth…

    the English national FA needs to
    a way to encourage their players to go abroad and explore, and when they get called up to the national team, they bring different ingredients to the team…

    the English players are always frightened to go abroad, because they know maybe, or for a certain they won’t make any headline or even be a regular at any top 3 teams….

    that’s why I like Sancho a lot and encourage him to continue his progress somewhere else…so he can learn from other cultures and that will really help him and the english national team…

  60. ddkingz

    I would have place a bet on the fact that at the last world cup, where Germany was so bad…..ENGLAND couldn’t have beaten them.

  61. un na naai


    He’s not alone. His contempt for England has been evident from the off


    We were better than Germany in the semi
    We had the better game. We had more chances
    We hit the post and Gazza’s cut back to Linekar was a whisker away from glory

    We were the best side there.
    Italy had a good side but they excelled at 94 USA
    It was down to us and Germany and Germany were very very fortunate to get past us in that semi. We were glorious that year
    Similar take in 96
    We were the best team at that tournament and Germany were very very fortunate to get past us

  62. un na naai


    You aren’t saying the truth. You’re saying your opinion. The fact is England have reached 3 semis and won one final. It’s not to be sniffed at. The only reason people laugh at that record is because they know that with the players we’ve had we should have won more

    Any of England’s first team from 96-04 would have walked into this France side.

  63. ddkingz

    un na unai Emery—–

    WTF…were you sleeping when you wrote and posted your last comments ???… Because I know you shouldn’t have written that intentionally.

  64. Champagne charlie

    Un na

    Not sure i get your championing of the national side, we’ve won what we’ve deserved to win. Ultimately you appear to have the sort of mentality towards international success that many deride English for having – huge entitlement.

    Not sensible playing the game of era’s, previous England players might well get inm this France side but what’s also true is previous French players would. Those previous French players were also at entry better than the previous English players so the point you’re making is rather lost on me.

    England are average, not because we “should” have won anything more but because we invented the game and house the most competitive league on the planet. All while managing to totally neglect grassroots English football. The best talent in England are foreign, the best coaches are foreign, and that’s because the FA give fa about the English game behind marketing it as the best product.

  65. VicVic


    Thanks so much, you have done sufficiently enough, and I’m really grateful.

    I will see a doctor.

    It has got really bad these days.

    My head is just messed beyond belief, and i look okay on the surface.

    ‘Pls Darling Jesus Christ, don’t forsake me.’

    Line above is from my previous post, but I have been having a war going on since I used it. The word ‘darling’ was not right enough maybe or maybe not

    So i’m changing it to make sure it’s right:

    MY LORD Jesus Christ, pls DO NOT FORSAKE ME.

    Take pity on me in this public place, forgive me my secret and open sins and take my pain away.

  66. China

    Vic just make sure you follow the advice we all have you as it could make a difference.

    My number 1 comments are get proper sleep and avoid alcohol. Even now with my life in a vastly better place, occasionally when I drink it makes me feel dark.

    As for your fear of not going to heaven, I think if your god exists, he/she/it will see in you a person who is trying their best and will forgive any imperfections you have as long as you’re not outright intentionally evil and have a good general moral compass

    I’ve wondered about this myself as an agnostic who leans towards atheism. But I like to hope my flaws can be forgiven if there is a god because I’m not some terrible person

    And yeah. Let’s hope football can help bring you more joy and carry you out of it. Emery is bringing us a bit of joy right now!

  67. MuddyGooner

    Why does Ramsey even want to stay at Arsenal. He knows Emery doesn’t fancy him and by staying he’ll know that he’s not his first choice.
    It’ll be really strange if he stays. I personally want him to go. Nice lad. Very good 2013 but that was it. No more than a 5 or 6 out of 10 player for me……. and that’s not good enough for the position he plays in.

  68. China

    I believe if Jesus was real, he would not want his believers to live in fear of him forsaking them. I believe that’s the last thing he would want you to worry about

    He’d probably want you to focus on being a good husband/father and being a solid person in your community. I believe his people living in fear would bring him more sadness than anything. You should count on his love and know that as long as you aren’t committing horrific crimes and are broadly a pleasant person then he will be proud of you

    I don’t believe any god will realistically hold us all to unattainable perfect standards. If he does, then only a small handful of people will have ever made it to the pearly gates by now!

  69. China

    Honestly I have an uncomfortable feeling that Ramsey will lower his wage demands just a little bit and the club will cave after he puts in a few good performances and scores another one or two wonder goals

    Then he will revert to type being an over priced square peg

  70. China

    I feel like Ramsey’s comments today are his way of beginning to try and work his way into a new contract by feigning some kind of innocent and ignorance that he didn’t just try and put us over a barrel.

    Otherwise he couldn’t just said nothing

  71. MuddyGooner

    I hope Emery sticks to his guns and finds a replacement for Ramsey. Drastic changes have to be made if you’re looking to move forward.
    Keeping Ramsey would be stagnation, especially after the Özil extension.

  72. un na naai


    No worries pal. I’ll leave it with Pedro all the same and if you change your mind then feel free to contact me
    It helped me massively to speak to someone who’d experienced something similar and to benefit from their experience. It was encouraging to know that there was light at the end of the tunnel.

    Well said pal

  73. un na naai


    You strike me as a smart bloke so I’m surprised you don’t get my points

    My point is not that england are entitled to anything for any reason at all. Just that some of the teams we’ve had were as good as the sides who’ve won those tournaments. Also that we’ve been desperately unlucky with refereeing decisions

    Yes england and France were better back then but are you telling me that France wouldn’t have played becks or Scholes or Gerrard or Owen or shearer or Adams or Rooney or sol Campbell?? Of course
    All those players start at any tournament for any team, club or international.

    And why shouldn’t I state a case for england?? Nothing I’m saying is untrue. I’m honest enough to admit we are shit now so why pretend we were anything other than credible contenders before hand? Anyone who says different is wrong or has an agenda.

    I’ll never sway from that opinion

  74. un na naai


    I’ve left my email with Pedro
    Please contact me and I’ll give you my number if you need to talk. 100% genuine

  75. Uwot?

    To vic vic-may god bless you & look after you.i know it’s not everybody’s cup of tea but you might like to read “The shack” you may find it useful……

  76. steve


    “Maybe he’ll bring Arsene on board as an informal advisor.”


    Lol who the fuck would want Wenger as an advisor?

  77. un na naai

    England are average, not because we “should” have won anything more but because we invented the game and house the most competitive league on the planet. All while managing to totally neglect grassroots English football. The best talent in England are foreign, the best coaches are foreign, and that’s because the FA give fa about the English game behind marketing it as the best product.

    I egree entirely with this paragraph though. We just aren’t coaching our players properly anymore or giving them enough of a chance. Harry Kane is a prime example. He very nearly didn’t make it. Much to the detriment of our national side. Harry Maguire came from nowhere to become one of the best players st the last World Cup
    For me he was the standout. Just in love with his game. Beautiful player. Trippier is another. Made it late. Was back up to walker and has ended up the better player by chance.

    Far too much emphasis on tricky wide players these days too. The cultured footballers just aren’t getting a look in anymore due to the pace of the game. Would Paul Scholes have made it today? Would Gary Neville? Stuart Pearce it Alan shearer? I’m not so sure they would.

  78. Uwot?

    Steve.agree.didnt Monaco sack him at one point?not sure he’d be welcome.The other link is with PSG who supposedly want him as a Dof & adviser on “Transfers” lol! Someone is def taking the piss…

  79. gonsterous

    But this year’s world cup, was it the best one ever ? 2002 was a very good WC, I remember just being a boy in the 5th grade, not really knowing a lot about football but then bam the England vs brazil game got broadcast in the school hall because it was a weekend and that was just a glorious game. After that, I tried to watch as many games as I could at the matrons room.

  80. Joe


    The first problem with Ramsey’s contract is he is on 110k a week
    Thats on wenger

    The second problem is why was he not signed up 2 summers ago as he was entering his 2 final years.

    That’s on wenger

    The contract being pulled because it Ramsey isn’t worth what gazidis and wenger thought.

    That’s on the new guys. Good on them His new deal should be 110-120k a week. At most. It’s all he deserves. Hazard is on 200k and Ramsey isn’t even close to the player hazard is nor does he deserve anything close to what hazard is making

  81. Joe

    B Silva and Mahrez are on 120k a week

    Rakitic and Vidal are on about 150k

    Jesus and Sané are under 100k

    Matic is on 120k

    Ramsey does not deserve more than these. And if he thinks he’s going to get a big day in Europe , he’s dreaming.

    Other than Ronaldo and pjanic(110
    Euros a week) no Juventus player makes over 100k euros.

    Ramsey and his agent thought they could get a huge payday at arsenal because of wenger and gazidis gong show. Ramsey should feel lucky he’s on 110k a week.

    Think he will quickly find himself short of offers. West ham Everton seem the likely destination

  82. Uwot?

    Joe- is a slim chance Ramsey’s mate snake Gazidis might get him a gig at A C but that’s it on the foreign front…

  83. un na naai


    I remember that dame being dull as dishwater. Sven didn’t get the English mentality and pace to the game. Neither did capello..

    Best england game I ever watched for excitement was Argentina 98
    That game had it all. Germany 96 a close second.

    We did beat holland 4-1 and Germany 5-1 and Argentina 1-0 but for evenly matched teams it has to be Argentina 98 and Germany 96
    I was a tad young in 90 but had remembered it fully that game would be among my favourites too

  84. KAY Boss

    Arsenal might have done what’s right in their sight re Ramsey’s deal. We’re just assuming here without genuine facts on what goes on off the pitch.

    I hope a genuine quality player is recruited to replace him if he finally leaves be it the January TW or the summer window.

    Hoping for the best for the club.

  85. Joe


    Even at Ac Milan bar higuain at 145k euros the next highest paid is 80k euros a week.

    Ramsey is no higuain. Not even close.

    His agent has fucked him. Wenger has warped his thinking as to what he deserves to be paid.

    Like I said. He should feel lucky he’s making 110k pounds a week

  86. Pierre

    To be honest ,I wouldn’t expect you or michae24 et al to say anything else regarding how the ramsey situation has panned out.

    Personally,I would say yes it should have been addressed with 2 years to go and maybe it was ,but maybe Ramsey kept stalling ,who knows .
    I would say that when it was announced wenger was leaving then Ramsey’s contract situation should have been top of the list and sorted in the summer or put him on the transfer list to say the club had no other choice is incorrect.

    The sooner Ramsey leaves the club ,the better…
    If Ramsey stays he will slow down the progression of smith-rowe…..

    Smith-rowe looks to have all the qualities that Ramsey possesses without the negatives …..he is young,skilful ,confident and willing to learn …he will be an asset to Arsenal football club .

  87. Pierre

    “The contract being pulled because it Ramsey isn’t worth what gazidis and wenger thought.”

    Do you seriously believe that wenger has had anything to do with the contract offered to Ramsey ….it’s been 6/7 months since it was announced that wenger was leaving and you believe that contract has been on the table since before March and it’s only now that the club has pulled out .

    Surely ,if that contract was offered when wenger was still at the club ,it would have been retracted immediately…..

  88. Thorough

    By a mile the best post I’ve read about the contr Expected Goals thingy.

  89. Michael24


    Irrespective of our differing opinions on AFC, I sincerely hope you get yourself sorted and find some inner peace.


  90. mindurself

    The Ramsey thing makes no sense. If the club didn’t think he was worth the money he was asking, it must mean there are better players available for that £££. If that’s true, then why aren’t those players at the club?? Why would you keep hold of players and offer them new contracts when you think there are better players out there?

  91. TheLegendaryDB10

    Vic Vic

    The best thing to do is to talk. Bottling up feelings is the worst possible thing to do (I know this from experience).

    Get in touch with Pedro and ask for Un na nai’s details. And then just let it all out! This will be the first step in making you feel that much better.

    Never assume that no one can understand you because there is always some one out there who has had a similar experience.

    I am sure you can make it through this dark patch. The key is to talk and not give up. And follow both Un na nai and China’s very sound advice!

  92. China

    England Argentina 98 was a classic yeah


    His goal should’ve been allowed and he landed an unbelievable sliding challenge at the other end when it mattered

    Plus the whole Beckham thing lol

    And owen’s goal!

    What a match for the neutral

  93. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Fair play tomramsay he came back from a double broken leg,,,
    Boy has strength,
    More stronger then Eduardo n diabetes,…

    Thanks Rambo n good luck

  94. Emiratesstroller

    Clearly I am in the minority over my opinion about what should be done with Ramsey.

    Whilst he may not be considered to be a top player and shoe in certainty to start in the team he is nevertheless a good quality player and popular within the squad.

    The issue for me is not whether he should and will leave, but when. There are
    far too many who assume that the club will wave a magic wand in January and
    receive mega bucks.

    That is not going to happen and if he were to leave then the club will need a
    replacement who will at the very least shoe into the team and perform at the
    same level.

    We are not frankly flush with the type of central midfield player that Ramsey’s skill set offers.

    My guess is that the medium to longterm replacement for Ramsey is already
    at the club and that is Smith-Rowe. However, I would be very reluctant at the
    moment to play him with the level of intensity that we did with Wilshire who
    was frankly flogged to death in his formative years.

    Smith-Rowe is of course a home grown and relatively cheap option who is the

    Ramsey would be a useful asset to have kept, but clearly for whatever reason
    the club have decided that he does not offer value for money at the level he or
    his agent is demanding.

    Frankly the idea that Arsenal cannot afford to keep and pay him is complete
    rubbish. Our wage bill is today one of the largest in EPL and our revenues by
    start of next season will be only exceeded by both Manchester clubs.

  95. Champagne Charlie

    Un na

    I don’t agree because it appears you’re singing from the hymn sheet of ‘poor england’ is all. Maybe that’s not the case, but you’re making out we were robbed and the like which always makes me think someone is reaching for something.

    As I pointed out, you can’t pay the generation game like you are. Yes, we’ve had terrific players, but they’ve not been a good enough team to win in their time period and that’s quite literally all that matters. Becks and co. were bested by Brazil and France despite us having talents that could get into most teams in the world today.

    Like I said I’m not quite sure your overall point with the England chat; on the surface it comes across as you beating the national drum in the type of way that makes folk screw their face. My mistake if you’re not doing so, but a couple of comments hit this POV home.

  96. Champagne Charlie


    You’re making an apples to oranges comparison of wages at a basic level which removes necessary context.

    I’m not defending Ramsey but his wages vs Higuains isn’t a genuine comparison. Higuain moves for 70 million and would’ve got a slice of that fee up front for the move which negotiated his wages lower.

    Compare Rambo to the bosman boys on the block, the number in a sea of opportunistic cunts trying to score a fat contract. Even then some will take “cuts” to land at a more desirable club, but Rambo on a free is potentially worth 200k to the right club. That’s what they’ve banked on

  97. Moe

    England were not the best team at WC 1990. They only made it past Cameroon in the quarters with the help of the match officials.