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via @Arsenal insta

via @Arsenal insta

You gotta love raw, unadulterated capitalism. This is the Adidas Chief Exec speaking at the NYC Stock Exchange.

“When we look upon the Arsenal brand, it’s a stellar global brand that’s been under-performing in the last couple of years,”

“We believe that long-term there is so much upside in Arsenal.

“If you look at how they’re playing right now, 5-1 at Craven Cottage against Fulham, playing some of the best football, some of the best goals were made … [Aaron] Ramsey when he scored the goal with his heel.

“It’s just stellar football. They had a good weekend, but in the wrong kit!”


I’m totally onboard with this type of chat. We’re a sleeping giant. We have a huge fanbase, we sellout most weeks with shite football, we are the fanciest club in London and we’ve built all this without a major trophy since 2004. If we can get back into the Champions League and start competing, imagine how much that sponsorship could be worth?

Throw in some sexy reworks of vintage classics, and Adidas could be looking at a solid return on their investment. I’d be fascinated to know if the deal worked for PUMA. I mean, we started winning under them, but did that translate into bottom line cash money for them? Or were they looking for the halo effect?

Hector Bellerin was out in FORCE for World Mental Health Day.

“Back in the day there was a stigma for men to talk about it or there was a stigma as a group of people, as footballers, to talk about these things. It’s important that we take these chains off and start talking about it, moving forward with an open mind.”

“Imagine there’s a kid out there who’s not happy with himself. He’s not a kid, a teenager and he knows that he’s got an issue but he’s scared because he doesn’t know what his family or friends are going to think about him,” he continued.

“Then a player who he looks up to, like Danny Rose, raises this issue – it’s probably going to give this kid the push he needs to get out there and talk about it. From there, hopefully he can then be back in the best health he can, and move forward from that issue.”


I love Hector. He doesn’t give a fuck what people think, he just uses his platform to go after what’s right. What an inspirational figure.

People say footballers shouldn’t be held up as role models, and maybe they’re right, but I do love it when someone sticks their head above the parapet and makes the most of their intellect and opportunity.

Footballers are hugely important in our culture, so to have someone like Hector as a beacon of progress, working for us, is just fantastic. It also helps that he’s playing much better this season, he’s focused on defending, he’s improving his decisions and he looks a lot happier on the pitch.

The Ramsey story drones on, apparently he’s keen on playing with Ronaldo, so Juve are eyeing up a mega contract offer for him. I mean, who wouldn’t want to play at Juve? Trophies, Italian food and trophies. I still have my doubts a club that paid a whopping fee and salary to Ronaldo are going to find money to burn on Ramsey. But we’ll see. I’d imagine Emery will try and flog him in January and reinvest before we get the customary ‘I’M PROTECTING MY BODY’ performances in February.

Great news is we have a great recruitment department now, so hopefully we’ll not be replacing with a dud. I really hope it’s not Banega. Find us someone young who can grow into the team.

Arsene Wenger hasn’t exactly had suitors lining up for his signature since he quit. He’s not linked to Madrid, Bayern or United. He can’t even get a link to Everton. However, the PSG rumours are back. I fucking dare them. There is talk of a sporting role, but I don’t get how you could give someone a role like that after they drifted so far away from what makes a competitive team?

Anyway, not my problem.

My problem is Arsenal making it 10 games in a row in 11 days time.

Fingers crossed the international break doens’t kill any of our players.

I’ll be back with the team for a pod next week. x

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  1. un na naai


    That’s you told. No proof whatsoever that he did anything wrong. She either lied or got the wrong guy

    How do you know it’s more accurate. What proof do you have that it’s not a lie?? You have none!! So quit with the moral and intellectual superiority. Everyone here knows you well enough to know that you have none of either

  2. gonsterous

    who the hell is Bailey ? I swear I must be the only one who doesn’t watch any one else play but arsenal.
    I even skip watching el classicos. All about the highlights for me.

  3. Thenry

    Lol @ the le grunt blogger and at a totally silly funny who’s so far up his millennial Arse it’s beyond a joke
    How the fuk do you know Wenger has no offers? You are not a player in the footballing world other than are moronic cunts on this blog you are a fuking non entity unlike Wenger.
    By the way the fenerbechi president has said he has turned down lots of
    Offer. I’m betting he knows what goes on in European football more than glorified toilet cleaner like the le grunt blogger
    Seriously get help with your Wenger obsession lik le I said he’s been more important to Arsenal then a stupid blogging turd like you

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