Arsenal rout Fulham

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The MIGHTY Arsenal powered through to another win, climbing the table to crazy nosebleed heights. Yes people, we are 4th, a mere two points off the top of the table and it’s October. Wow, wow, wow!

There was a lot to enjoy from our trip to Craven Cottage, firstly, Emery rotated his squad hard leaving key names like Ramsey and Auba on the bench. Mesut Ozil didn’t even make the squad for some reason. Surely he’s not ducking Fulham away? I know it’s only minor, but Wenger really was poor at rotating his squads. He played the same team over and over in the league, which led to December breakdowns. It was great to see our manager trust some of the fringe players, and the gamble paid off.

Same story, a first half that wasn’t really much to write home about. We took the lead when Lacazette made space for himself and scored on the turn. We then slipped up just before halftime after Nacho Monreal gave the ball away, Schurlle took the chance, chipping Leno.

The second half we really found our feet. Lacazette scored a second with a blistering shot from about 25 yards. Things started getting sexy when Auba and Ramsey came onto the pitch. The Welshman scored an unbelievable goal that broke from our goal area. There was a sexy backheel from Bellerin, there was a header from Ramsey. A beautiful swept pass from Mikhi. Topped off with a perfect back of the heel finish. Goal of the month contender without doubt!

If that’s what peak Emeryball looks like, feed me it to me all day long.

There was still time for Auba to bang in two goals. One came from a tight angle in the box. The other was him breezing onto a through ball.

5-1 was a rout. Fulham really did get outclassed and outworked in the second half. I think what was most satisfying about it was simple: we should sweep sides away like that, and we did.

There were still concerns. We’re porous at the back. Fulham had some great chances in the first half, easily getting in behind us. Lucky for us, they had an off day in front of goal. However, outside a few dodgy moments, our midfield looked very good. Torreira and Xhaka looked very comfortable sitting at the base. Arsenal reverted to a 4-4-2 for this match, which looked like a 4-2-2-2 at times. We looked at ease, and that was resting three of our best players.

The keeper is growing in confidence, he made a really good save in the first half, and his skill on the ball really is exciting to watch. The defence looks more comfortable with him at the back, let’s hope he keeps the confidence going so there’s no way back for Cech.

Lacazette was excellent again. He’s such a grafter up front. What he lacks in physical presence he more than makes up for by being a constant pain in the backside. His two finished were world class. More to come from him as the season cranks on.

Finally, it was great to hear the fans sing ‘we’ve got our Arsenal back.’ I found it super weird that a section of the fanbase were up in arms about that song, because for once, it seems the fanbase are unified behind the direction of the club. People are happy, the team is winning, and the club is progressing in the right direction. Top 4 feels like a realistic target this year. Let’s just hope Mourinho stays at United past December, and let’s keep ’em crossed Spurs continue to look average.

9 wins on the bounce. The head of steam is gathering. We’re going to be in good shape for that Liverpool game if we can tighten the backline.


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  1. Marko

    Always liked the look of Hector Herrera in tournament football for Mexico but the question is why has he stayed at Porto for so long why hasn’t anyone snapped him up before now? At 27/28 too. I hope our scouts that were at Porto Benfica recently were watching Diaz the CB he’s red hot

  2. Cesc Appeal


    His work rate even at the end of the game was something else.

    I do think we are better off letting him have a bit more licence to move forward which he seems to do when Guendouzi is on the field.

  3. PessimisticPat

    Cesc appeal

    Hector herrera is a bang average centre midfielder. I don’t see the benefits of signing him. He’ll be 29 in april. Is he better than what we have? No chance to sell him in the future. He’ll want large wages as its his last big contract. Not the kind of signing we should be making imo

  4. Cesc Appeal


    I have no idea, just know we’ve been linked with him. So far our scouting hasn’t been bad.

    I still think Emery will want Banega though.

    It could be we’re going after someone older and not regarded as great because we want to pay less and also have an eye on Guendouzi, Maitland Niles etc.

    I’m really starting to take notice of Ndombele at Lyon, he is some player. If we’re looking at a serious player for CM then that is one option.

  5. tee

    waiting in anticipation for the Jan transfer window. I believe we will sign one if not two of the players we are linked with and at reasonable fee too.

    I’m beginning to feel top 4 is attainable going by the way each of our players is trying to make good use of the play time opportunity given to them.

    Emery has really beaten my expectation for him and gooners’ spirits have been lifted.

    untold really surprise me going by the way he has been supporting emery in the few articles I read on the site.

    Same cannot be said about Pedro here who will always find a way to attack Emery due to the artetagate.

    even his once “gazidis is the messiah” has turned to the villain in his book.

  6. Goobergooner

    Pierre October 7, 2018 21:59:57

    “Why do you have such a problem with un liking Wilshere…it’s one of my biggest regrets in recent years that the injuries that Jack suffered prevented him from becoming the world class player that he was destined to be”

    This actually made me laugh.
    How is it your regret that Wilshire was injured? How do we even know without the injuries he would have fulfilled his potential.
    The only thing that is true with Wilshire is that he never has or will fulfil his potential, and by and large was shit to average at best at arsenal.
    Why anyone would have wanted to keep him is beyond me.

  7. Joe


    It was the same with Jenkinson.

    “ wenger should sign him on because he’s a true gunner”

    “ he’ll bleed arsenal red for the shirt “

    “ he comes from a gooner family, his passion will make up for his deficiencies”

    He was shit from the start. And we are still paying fir him

    How much did he cost us when supposedly wenger had no money? Same with jack. Diaby. Etc

  8. PessimisticPat


    Im reasonably happy too. But need a winger baaadly in my opinion.

    I get what you’re saying about getting someone older and not elite,but that to me stinks of a lazy play safe transfer policy. Especially if that player isnt going to markedly improve the squad. Mr diamond eye is paid big money for a reason,time for him to earn it.

    Buying a young player with great potential for 20m from the continent is little to no risk at all nowadays. If he progresses you triple your money in a year 2 years. If he doesn’t progress as well as you’d expect you’ll still get your money back.

    Not seen much of ndombele, rarely watch french league. Saw mbappes 4 goals though, jesus hes another level that guy.

  9. omar

    Jenkinson, Wilshere, Walcott, Gibbs, Ox. Our so called English core, the brainchild of Wenger. A bunch of average, overhyped and/or overrated players that Wenger used to massage the nationalistic side of the home fans as a means of keeping them on his side while he drove Arsenal to the ground. After he no longer had the French connection to cover his deficiencies he had to go this route along with the 4th is like winning a trophy mantra to cover his ass. So refreshing to watch Arsenal now. Yes we will lose games and drop points, but there is a change in the air.

  10. N5

    Joe, Jenkinson although on Charltons books was playing for Eastbourne non league when we bought him! if that doesn’t ring alarms god knows what does. He was young but god, he was loaned to a non league team that are absolute garbage.

    I remember him in Europe the following year and the commentator saying I can’t believe this time last year Jenkinson was unheard of in the lower leagues and now look at him.

    Who ever scouted Jenkinson and Sanogo especially should be fired into the sun from a canon.

  11. N5

    Ha! Sanogo was a sackable offence on its own. I wonder where he is now? I wouldn’t be surprised if he lives with Wenger somewhere.

  12. N5

    I’ve just checked and he’s a striker at Tolouse, I had no idea! He’s played 18 league games and scored 6 which is 0.22 goals per game!! For a fucking striker!!!!!!!!

  13. Joe


    Can you believe someone actually said he will be a 50m rated striker Hahahaha

    Started him v Bayern

    No wonder we were a laughing stock under the previous regime

  14. Joe


    Was that the higuain year? Or Suarez?

    Where we went from one of them to

    You could not make it up.

    Didn’t feel higuain was worth 30-35m and yet he sold for 70m afterwards

  15. N5

    If it was the Higuain year that would be real salt in the wounds. We could have had a great striker but got a postman that couldn’t hit a fucking barn door.

    50m striker. I wouldn’t pay £50.

  16. Emiratesstroller

    When you discuss building a Squad the priority is of course your top 18-20 players who should be good enough to play in starting eleven in all major games in both EPL and Europe. This should allow for injuries and rotation.

    The problem at Arsenal in last 8-10 years under Wenger was that we accumulated far too many ‘squad’ players who were essentially ‘bench players’ . These
    included Gibbs, Gabriel, Coquelin, Wilshire,Ox, Walcott and even Giroud. Most were on grossly inflated wages.

    Where a player reaches the peak years of his career e.g. 25+ with no prospect
    of playing regularly in first team then you need to be unsentimental and offload them. Frankly Arsenal accumulated far too many players in this category.

    Another category of player that Wenger recruited at club were the “speculations” who were frequently not good enough to be part of squad and were
    loaned out for several years. Both Jenkinson and Sanogo were typical of this
    type of player and the club were/are saddled with keeping them on books until end of contract and paying their wages. Understandably the players are
    not willing to leave because of the wages we pay and no-one else would be
    remotely willing to cover let alone pay a transfer fee.

  17. Emiratesstroller

    Another category of player that Wenger kept on books were the age 30+ players
    who were often injury prone e.g. Rosicky, Arteta, Mertesacker and Cazorla.

    Obviously the club had an obligation to honour current contracts, but what
    became infuriating was the extensions offered at top dollar wages.

  18. China

    Frankly I’m not sure ozil is good enough to play for this emery setup. No time for passengers anymore. A few good passes a game isn’t going to cut it as we look to improve and get ready for tougher opposition.

    Ozil and Ramsey are both unsuitable. The Fulham squad was far more suitable for the system even if less talented. I think it’s time for emery to start making some tough decisions with this ego players who are underperforming

  19. China

    Whenever Ramsey and ozil are on the pitch our transitions from back to front are labored and there are huge spaces between our defensive players and our attacking players

    At the most one of them might be able to survive in this system but playing both of them seems out of the question. One with no discipline or concept of where he is on the pitch and the other performing his vanishing act save for a few nice passes

    Accommodating one is maybe possible but both together fucks us not only going forwards but also it heaps pressure on the defense because neither Ramsey nor ozil will drop deep to receive the ball. Instead our defensive unit is by itself hoping for support from the wingers

  20. China

    For the record if we’re going to accommodate one I’d give ozil a shot as least he’s running more this season and hasn’t had a proper run at n10. Also Ramsey is presumably fucking off so might as well save him as an impact sub for Hollywood wonder goals like Fulham lol

  21. China

    I’d say our first choice 11 right now should be along the lines of


    I also think auba and iwobi should periodically swap sides as this is a hugely under utilized tactic imo

  22. TonyD

    Bob N16

    Paints a stark contrast but confirms what many are saying here regardless of acronym bar the usual suspects.

    I’m expecting some points from Pool, Utd & Chavs .

    Change for the better is clearly here now. The hope is continued improvements coupled with sustainability over the season.

    If this happens qualifying for CL will no longer be a pipe dream, especially if we buy well in the Jan TW.

  23. Black Snake

    It’s good to see the team playing the ball wide and crossing in, rather than trying to thread it through the middle all the time!

  24. TitsMcGee

    Great result. Players look like they are having fun. Still work to do with some holes to plug but trending in the right direction which is all you can ask for really.

  25. TitsMcGee

    “Arsenal have confirmed that they have signed a new kit deal with Adidas – to start from the beginning of the 2019-20 season – with the German company paying the Premier League club in the region of £300m over five years.”

    If true (because we’ve seen these confirmations before) that is a massive win for Arsenal. Especially after the last two poor seasons we’ve had.

  26. TitsMcGee

    Don’t know how anyone can be upset at Arsenal fans singing “we’ve got our Arsenal back”.

    The club was held ransom by a greedy old man that refused to leave despite the writing being on the wall.

  27. China

    Does anyone know what our existing finances are looking like?

    How much are our operating costs etc?

    60m a season sounds like a lot (and it is) but I doubt that’s all going in the transfer kitty when we have wages like ozil’s to pay for

    Also what’s our current deal per season?

  28. Jamie

    We really shit the bed with the Ozil contract. He’s earning easily twice what he should be.

    Don’t think we have a single player worth more than 150k a week.

  29. Emiratesstroller


    Arsenal’s financial report can be googled. The last published figures were in
    November last year and the full year accounts should be published shortly.

    The November 2017 half yearly accounts showed a downward trend in our
    revenues due to our no longer playing in Champions League.

    From recollection it has been suggested that not playing in Champions League costs the club about £25 million per annum.

    Another issue for Arsenal is that in financial year 2017-8 we sold a lot of players whilst in the current financial year we have sofar generated virtually no
    transfer revenues. That will have an impact on profit and loss account as well
    as income in next year’s accounts.

    The good news is that Arsenal are now catching up clubs many of the top
    clubs in commercial revenue stakes at least for the time being.

    Yesterday’s announcement that Arsenal will be earning at least £60 million pa from sponsorship with Adidas show that when it comes to commercial sponsorship the club is still in the top echelons in the levels that they can raise albeit still below both Manchester clubs, Real Madrid, Barcelona and Bayern.

    Clubs like Man City, PSG and Bayern should be discounted because they receive sponsorship deals from organisations closely linked with club/owners.

  30. Bamford10

    Jamie is right: the Ozil contract is a massive waste. We don’t even need him, yet we are now paying him a sum that could finance two good players. Watching Sunday, one couldn’t help but think: are we missing Ozil in any way in this match? No, we weren’t.