Arsenal rout Fulham

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The MIGHTY Arsenal powered through to another win, climbing the table to crazy nosebleed heights. Yes people, we are 4th, a mere two points off the top of the table and it’s October. Wow, wow, wow!

There was a lot to enjoy from our trip to Craven Cottage, firstly, Emery rotated his squad hard leaving key names like Ramsey and Auba on the bench. Mesut Ozil didn’t even make the squad for some reason. Surely he’s not ducking Fulham away? I know it’s only minor, but Wenger really was poor at rotating his squads. He played the same team over and over in the league, which led to December breakdowns. It was great to see our manager trust some of the fringe players, and the gamble paid off.

Same story, a first half that wasn’t really much to write home about. We took the lead when Lacazette made space for himself and scored on the turn. We then slipped up just before halftime after Nacho Monreal gave the ball away, Schurlle took the chance, chipping Leno.

The second half we really found our feet. Lacazette scored a second with a blistering shot from about 25 yards. Things started getting sexy when Auba and Ramsey came onto the pitch. The Welshman scored an unbelievable goal that broke from our goal area. There was a sexy backheel from Bellerin, there was a header from Ramsey. A beautiful swept pass from Mikhi. Topped off with a perfect back of the heel finish. Goal of the month contender without doubt!

If that’s what peak Emeryball looks like, feed me it to me all day long.

There was still time for Auba to bang in two goals. One came from a tight angle in the box. The other was him breezing onto a through ball.

5-1 was a rout. Fulham really did get outclassed and outworked in the second half. I think what was most satisfying about it was simple: we should sweep sides away like that, and we did.

There were still concerns. We’re porous at the back. Fulham had some great chances in the first half, easily getting in behind us. Lucky for us, they had an off day in front of goal. However, outside a few dodgy moments, our midfield looked very good. Torreira and Xhaka looked very comfortable sitting at the base. Arsenal reverted to a 4-4-2 for this match, which looked like a 4-2-2-2 at times. We looked at ease, and that was resting three of our best players.

The keeper is growing in confidence, he made a really good save in the first half, and his skill on the ball really is exciting to watch. The defence looks more comfortable with him at the back, let’s hope he keeps the confidence going so there’s no way back for Cech.

Lacazette was excellent again. He’s such a grafter up front. What he lacks in physical presence he more than makes up for by being a constant pain in the backside. His two finished were world class. More to come from him as the season cranks on.

Finally, it was great to hear the fans sing ‘we’ve got our Arsenal back.’ I found it super weird that a section of the fanbase were up in arms about that song, because for once, it seems the fanbase are unified behind the direction of the club. People are happy, the team is winning, and the club is progressing in the right direction. Top 4 feels like a realistic target this year. Let’s just hope Mourinho stays at United past December, and let’s keep ’em crossed Spurs continue to look average.

9 wins on the bounce. The head of steam is gathering. We’re going to be in good shape for that Liverpool game if we can tighten the backline.


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  1. DM

    Dodgy WiFi connection on a train in Israel and still got my top spot 🙂 hope you guys are doing well and enjoying the games

  2. Bankz

    Pedro do you still think Arteta would have being a better option because he has nice hair and speaks proper British english than Emery?

  3. DM

    Peter, I’m on holiday man, not challenging for the tr4phy atm. Was just checking in to say hi and happened to be when a new post had just gone up

  4. Bankz

    And to every Wenger ass lickers who were here last season screaming “be careful what you wish for”, fuck you people….yes I said it, fuck you.
    Left with y’all, we’d still be stuck with Wenger the dinosaur

  5. Bob N16

    Excuse the repost but had just typed it!

    Is there any chance that we can get past the Wenger years?

    Can we not put the past behind us or are people so ‘traumatised’ by the last few years that they are suffering from a form of PTSD?

    This idea that people who weren’t fervently anti Wenger (AKBs) are now not enjoying a new manager’s success is ridiculous. It occurs to me that those people who wanted Arsenal to lose last season are projecting that back onto those who picked them up for hoping for an Arsenal defeat.
    It’s the ‘you called me that name, I’m going to call you the same name back’. Is it just me or doesn’t it bring down the comments section?

    We had a fantastic performance yesterday that we should all be talking about. I’m also excited by the possibilities of the January window….does this Paraguayan/MLS story have any legs? A couple of early 20 somethings to add to our squad sounds good to me?

  6. David Smith

    Not just Wenger,we would have been stuck with the superannuated dinosaurs he insisted on keeping at the club

  7. Bob N16

    Samsung, you refer to angry fans…the anger appears to be with Bankz who appears to be on ‘your side’ off the name calling-fence.

  8. raptora

    Looks like Pedro missed the game or is in a hurry or has stuff to attend to but I it’s such a bland post after our best game in at least year and a half since that FAC final win vs Chelsea.

    Maybe he doesn’t want to write home about Emeryball finally taking off and erupting in a complete performance.

    I imagine his reaction if we had a game like this with Arteta as our manager. He’d be praising his visionary skills like it’s the second coming of Jesus. LOL

  9. HighburyLegend

    “Let’s just hope Mourinho stays at United past December,”

    lol we wants him to stay!! More seriously, I think he won’t be there anymore next year.

  10. Michael24

    Yep, we’ve definitely “got our club back”

    As for those up in arms about it………….. WONDERFUL NEWS!!

  11. Thenry

    Lol at the Wenger haters especially the muppet who writes this blog
    Let’s see how many trophies emery wins before you’ve got your Arsenal back
    Remember muppets without Wenger we would have been mid table team and would not have seen an unbeaten season
    Don’t worry we AKB’s are waiting to shove all the shit down your throats
    As for the blogger lol at arteta you really are a clueless turd

  12. ddkingz

    Pedro… are pain in the ass…for once in your post, just give full praise and appreciation…

    what did you expect, never get tested at the back…. guessed you don’t know much about football…even the almighty king of tiki taka (barca) do find themselves in hot waters once in every 28mins….

  13. ddkingz

    Chelsea won yesterday by 3 nil…
    they had more, I mean more scarier moments at the back than arsenal who conceded one goal against themselves….

    if not for wasteful Danny Ings and woeful gambiadini we could have been on top3 right now

  14. Michael24

    Bob N16

    As long as you and others accept that history speaks for itself, then you have my total support.

    Don’t though hide behind this “let’s all unite” rhetoric when quite clearly some on here see themselves as being totally blameless for our failings in recent years.

    Accepting ones mistakes is key if you want the fanbase to unite, regrettably though we had a manager who didn’t give a fudge what we all felt.

    Then again, you knew that anyway.

  15. ddkingz

    thenry …or wtf you call yourself…

    you are fucking shameless and an hypocrite…guessed you already know you are…

    if you ever post a shit here again, I will come up your street and whip you aassss….you cunt

  16. Bob N16

    Thenry, are you a plant or do you really want to antagonise people who appear to be already full of rage? You’re giving fuel to Samsung, Joe and others to rant on about our previous manager and to continue the divisions that exist (painfully,tediously)in some sections of our fanbase.

  17. ddkingz

    we all know EMERY….might not be as successful as wenger was at arsenal….also he surely ain’t gonna be shit as wenger was for the past ten years of his life….

  18. raptora

    You cannot stop fans enjoying themselves after yesterday’s win.

    We’ve listened FOR YEARS how after Wenger we’d drop positions, how Wenger is maximizing our players potential, how “when you look around” “you don’t find any better candidates than Arsène Wenger”, how it’s the evil american’s fault for not spending money, how the players are not good enough, how it’s THE FANS fault for being negative at the stadiums and in the social media and raising banners across the whole world?!?!?!?!?!

    All AKBs were singing the “be careful what you wish for” chant.

    These people are not Arsenal fans by any merit and this much should be clear.

    You cannot call yourself a supporter of the Arsenal and wished that what was going for years to have kept going on for any longer. You just can’t. Simple as.

    Anyone who has ever sing that chant or wrote “the be careful what you wish for” line should cover their heads in shame, have another thought about it, try to realize that it was the wrong thing to do and if they finally see the light and see how wrong and damaging for our club that was, they can come back and support the new manager team and the new foundation that they are trying to build.

  19. TheBlaster

    Enough of his playground bullshit on the comments. It’s dull. We have a new manager, and things are looking positive. End of story. Great match of course, but it wasn’t against the greatest of sides so can’t go on too much. On MOTD they picked up about the constant forward movement, which is an emery thing, and even when it came to Rambos goal, attacking for me we are more like Ferguson circa 1998-2002 than anything else, and that’s a big complement. Indeed if Auba and Laca can get into a groove like Yorke and Cole did (and both players are at a much higher level to start with). Playing out from the back without errors will take time, but so far, it’s looking like a good season ahead, wherever it may take us.

  20. ddkingz

    even your fucking god wenger……

    1)is either scared to get into management again as we all know he is not retired, wondering if he would ever achieve 40% of what he did at arsenal…
    2) big clubs are afraid to give the man a job, wondering of all the rights and Wrongs he did at at arsenal….even in his homeland he can’t find management….what a sour loser

  21. Thenry

    @ddkings you couldn’t whip a milk shake so STFU you dimwit
    What’s the matter you couldnt wait to give shit to Wenger or have a go at those fans that supported him
    All I saying is the man has gone why are you all still bitching about him without him we would have been a backwater club and def would not have challenged Manu and ferguson.
    Most fans of other clubs would give credit but no not wanky Arsenal fans like the ones on le grunt
    EspecIlly the blogger he thinks that no football team other than Arsenal ever make mistakes at the back
    Anyone watch pool v city no scares at the back in that match eh?

  22. ddkingz

    just wait until wenger get into management, and you will see the mockery he will get himself into….damn sure wenger would not get 8 straight wins in any club even if it was psg or barca…because we all know wenger lacks mental strength and not his team as he used to tell us after we lose or draw a match

  23. Bob N16

    Michael, you are more guilty than most of dredging up the past. It’s almost like you have the need to justify your extreme position of wanting Arsenal to lose last season to enable change to happen. Now you might argue that you were being virtuous; anybody who didn’t hope for an Arsenal defeat or considered supporting another team as exemplary ‘fan behaviour’. You are obviously entitled to that position but it appears that the criticism you got for that still stings. You and others have created a narrative that the AKBs (I really hate typing that pervasive, lazy term) or ‘those who didn’t agree with your views’ are now unhappy that Arsenal doing well under a new manager.

    Do you not appreciate that your ongoing crusade to be considered more virtuo
    us and somehow a ‘better supporter’ than your perceived ‘enemy’ is all fairly pointless and to someone who doesn’t feel as though they’re on ‘either side’ is just tedious and boring?

  24. Thenry

    @ddkinz you silly cunt an unbeaten season requires massive mental strength or did you forget that
    Wenger had lots of straight winning runs like the one we had when we overhauled Man U to win the title
    You sound like a plastic fan so no doubt you dont remember such runs
    Now run along like a good little girl and go play with your dolls

  25. Emiratesstroller

    The real positives from recent games are:

    1. GOALKEEPER. I believe that Leno is proving to be a competent goalkeeper
    with good reflexes, anticipation and positional sense. I would make him first
    string. Cech is still a good shot stopper, but lacks mobility. He should now
    be selected as second string to play in less important games.

    2. DEFENSIVE/CENTRAL MIDFIELD. We have now got four options to play
    these positions in Torreira, Xhaka, Guendouzi and Elneny. The first two
    should partner each other in the EPL and any other important games.
    Guendouzi is a good replacement to play from bench or in less important
    games. Elneny should be replaced.

    3. STRIKERS. Arsenal have two outstanding forwards in Aubameyang and Lacazette with Welbeck a decent option in rotation or from bench. All three
    offer different strengths and weaknesses and variety.

    The minuses are:

    4. I remain unconvinced about our defence. The CENTRE BACKS are okay at
    Fulham and Cardiff levels, but can they cope at Man City and Liverpool
    levels? Personally I doubt it.

    5. WING BACKS are okay going forward, but are far too often out of position
    in defence when required to play there. Monreal cost us a goal and Bellerin
    almost did the same thing in first five minutes when he gave away the ball.
    Only an outstanding save from Leno prevented a certain goal.

  26. Bob N16

    TheBlaster, agree with your post. Our Lac/PEA combination is serious. Opposition teams are going to have to get really close to those two- let them turn at your peril!

    I’m hoping Minslat is working hard to find a really top quality CB (23/24 years old ideally). Just like with Liverpool, one quality CB being brought in will make a fantastic difference, just like Torreira has done in CM.

    Trying hard not to build expectation up too much but it’s happily difficult not to get too excited.

    International breaks are annoying but at least for this one our most recent performance was a cracker.

  27. raptora

    Bob N16
    “You and others have created a narrative that the AKBs (I really hate typing that pervasive, lazy term) or ‘those who didn’t agree with your views’ are now unhappy that Arsenal doing well under a new manager.”

    Pierre, Victorious, VicVic, Charles and a couple more that I don’t recall their names have been looking through a magnifying glass to find where Emery has not been getting it completely right and would not stop talking about it day after day. It was surely not the case with Wenger at the helm though.

    You know what’s the common between all of them – all AKBs. So it’s not a created “narrative”, it’s a real thing and if you have a problem with it you should talk to them for giving the AKBs a bad name.

  28. Leedsgunner

    Miguel Amiron’s goals in the MLS this season… so far.

    Always dangerous judging a player’s actual ability on youtube clips and a large portion of them were penalties…

    Looks mobile versatile and a good finisher. If the clips are to be believed, he would be a good addition and/or replacement for Welbeck if he decides to leave.

    I believe the MLS season actually finishes in December so he would be fit and ready to join us in January.

    My only niggle is, does the MLS make him look better than he actually is? Although I understand he used to play for Lanus in Argentina so he would have got a good football education.

  29. Guns of Brixton

    Lol at the Wenger haters especially the muppet who writes this blog
    Let’s see how many trophies emery wins before you’ve got your Arsenal back
    Remember muppets without Wenger we would have been mid table team and would not have seen an unbeaten season
    Don’t worry we AKB’s are waiting to shove all the shit down your throats
    As for the blogger lol at arteta you really are a clueless turd



    Man Like Wenger is Goooone Man.


  30. Edd

    Excellent performance yesterday.The team was better balanced with Iwobi and Mhki on the flanks. I dare say Iwobi was one of the star performers yesterday.

  31. ddkingz

    fuck you @THENRY

    let’s get straight about somethings:

    1) @ thenry,you went too far.

    2)Emery is gonna lose or/draw a match someday, its part of the progress curve.

    3)His team might get a dip in form someday, sure its football.

    4)the moment I sense Emery taking the wenger turn and making the wenger mistakes and not taking responsibility for his team and giving us crap excuses, I would be one of those who would wish for his head straight away, not waiting ten years for it….

    5) just so all the AKB’S know, I’m not licking Emery’s ass just giving the man all my support…

    6)if we were all acting a movie back in 2011, and wenger and all the AKB’S were at the scene, i would have gone off script and shot all of you…just not to prolong the misery arsenal was suffering…..

    nothing personal bro……but I’m not joking..

  32. Bamford10

    Don’t feed the trolls, people. We really should be beyond much of this stuff. New manager, new era. We had a good game yesterday and things are looking brighter; people should be enjoying themselves.

    Club just announced we switch to Adidas in July 2019, btw.

  33. Bob N16

    Agree with your points ES,

    Might just add that with our FBs, they are often ambitious passing out the back, which is probably being encouraged. This can lead to a dangerous ‘turnover’ if their passes are inaccurate/careless.

    Do we need better FBs or should they be more conservative passing out of the back, to avoid giving opportunities to our opposition?

    I feel Leno’s better distribution will really be beneficial to the FBs, giving them a little more space and time to develop our play and therefore hopefully avoid turnovers.

  34. UTarse

    I am completely with you regarding the whole “let’s unite as a fan base” and get on with supporting the team, they were the first words I commented here on hearing of wengers sacking, but as has become customary with Arsenal fans, I got abuse back.

    I also agree it’s 2 sided, maybe this will peter out at some point, but in meantime if the likes of Pierre and victorious throw insults my way, I will throw them back.

  35. China

    I think the constant wenger throwbacks will disappear when arsenal are competing for the league and cL

    Whether that will be this season, next or farther away remains to be seen

  36. Pierre

    A good assessment of the game/team.

    We look like a team full of goals and at long last we are playing with 2 holding/defensive midfielders who know their job.

    Good substitutions again from Emery .

  37. Black Hei


    Its ironic that I am heading to China tomorrow while you will be heading out on a holiday.

    I had to admit, that when Wenger left, I struggled to get excited with Arsenal.

    But Emery is doing his best to make me emotionally invested again.

    Lets do it!

  38. leftsidesanch

    lol crying out loud Thenry, calm down. There’s literally still blogs available with like minded people who share the same views as you. Your not going to change the majority view on here so why try.

    Let people be happy with their club, if it can’t bring us joy then what is the point of following Arsenal so avidly??

  39. Leedsgunner

    Arsenal made Arsene Wenger — not the other way around.

    The sky hasn’t exactly fallen in on the Arsenal as we were told it would has it? If anything the sky is the limit!

    Change was long long long overdue. I appreciate what Wenger did in his first decade at Arsenal, but the truth is he overstayed his welcome. Why is it so offensive to some to state the obvious?

  40. leftsidesanch

    Are we literally going to have to suffer Wenger obsessed fans until the end of time? It’s already insufferable.

  41. Wallace


    “Excellent performance yesterday.The team was better balanced with Iwobi and Mhki on the flanks. I dare say Iwobi was one of the star performers yesterday.”

    agreed, although Iwobi has been bright pretty much every game he’s played this season. and nice to see Holding repaying Emery’s trust in him with some sound performances.

  42. China

    True dat black!

    Welcome to China? Where you going and what you up to? I haven’t been everywhere but probably have some tips if you need any!

  43. englandsbest

    Time to forget Wenger and Gazidis and Arteta, all of them dead as dodos, we have Emery. The guy is amazing,

    For me, better Welbeck than Ozil any time. Let’s hope the seventeen milliiom pa man is gone come January.

    Bellerin? One dreadful mistake,,but also some good stuff. Xhaka? Coming along nicely, Maybe Emery is working his magic on both?

    I admit I’ll miss Ramsay, I’ve always been a fan, and his goal was exquisite. But who knows, why would he miss out on Arsenal in the good times?

    It’s still early days, but the signs are that Emery can create a truly elite squad if given financial backing by the absentee owner. If Emery doesn’t, we will know who is to blame.

  44. Black Hei


    I am getting in to Shanghai Hongqiao area.

    I plan to cab in from Pudong airport. But the traffic is a bitch.

  45. Pierre

    The full backs I feel have slightly reigned it in and are timing their runs better plus bellerin is much more composed in the final third.

    Our attacking and creative options are up there with the best …Torriera,although regarded as a destructive player he is also very perceptive in his passing and as his confidence grows he will be the driving force in the team.

  46. ddkingz

    @thenry:___you fat fuck face shit.

    my comments said ten years: from 2007/08 till he got go SACKED

    you who allowed wenger to jerk himself into your mouth,…

    you are talking about a history of 15yrs back….about the invisibles season…surely now I know you live in the closet/past…
    when Emery won everything in France last season…
    has won a European trophy, not once but three in a row….
    what the almighty God of you AKB’S couldn’t achieve with one man down, and also when our opponents were one man down at the Emirates…..

    you are a fucked up loser…

  47. Danny S

    Don’t know how you still class Ozil as ‘one of the 3 best players’

    just showed yesterday how well we function without him.

    He does not fit the pressing style where the whole team has to work. hes a worm.

    Also a very bland post today. imagine the rhetoric had Arteta been the head coach!
    Almost as if its just been forced out because you cant not put one up.

    Cant wait to see the analysis when we lose a game.

  48. Pierre

    I’m sure you are an intelligent person so let’s not pretend that their are/were only a select few who questioned Emery’s initial early tactics and team selections .

    I would say 80/90% of the posters on here were a little confused as to what he was doing ,probably even yourself.

    Those initial worries are evaporating which is a credit to Emery as he isn’t stubbornly sticking to his original idea of how he wanted the team to play .

  49. raptora

    We could make a case to start Welbeck especially in the away games. He did tire their CBs, was good with the ball at his feet, gave us speed, power, won several long balls and guess what – “Danny Welbeck created more chances than anyone on the pitch at Craven Cottage, helping himself to one assist”. Ain’t that a nice stat hmm.

  50. Bamford10

    Interesting stat from @Orbinho:

    Opposition shots allowed in the Premier League—

    1 Man City 39
    2 Liverpool 46

    17 Arsenal 88
    18 Fulham 98
    19 Brighton 99
    20 Burnley 106

  51. Pierre

    Danny s
    Will be interesting to see how ozil reacts to the events of yesterday as he must have been impressed with what he was watching .

    Could go either way for him …has he got the personality and will power to up his game to the elite level as it is obvious that Emery likes the work and physical ethic of welbeck and iwobi ..will be interesting to see how it pans out.

  52. Emiratesstroller

    Bob 16

    The real concern is that both full backs are too often out of position and this leads to defensive problems centrally particularly if opposition have tricky
    wide players.

    Most pundits and posters refer to Fulham’s weaknesses on the flanks, but
    little has been discussed about our deficiencies on wing. The left side of our
    defence was frequently left exposed when Schurrle and others played wide.

  53. Emiratesstroller

    I don’t know why so many posters are still obsessed with Wenger and their
    perceived view of AKBs.

    There is very little comment these days about Wenger. He has left the club
    and we have a new head coach backed by a management which includes Sanhelli and Mislintat.

    Even Steve Bould looked happier and responsive when you watched yesterday’s game.

    Let’s focus on the future and not the past.

  54. raptora

    Iwobi was our main outlet yesterday though. Yes, Laca got MotM and was excellent throughout the game, but it’s much more normal for him to switch up the gears as he came here with a solid portfolio. But it was the Nigerian who wreaked havoc among the opponent’s defence by taking on players every single chance he had. We know that this type of aggressive dribbling will not always work, as we saw it yesterday, but when it does it gives us such a threat down the flanks that EVERY team needs to have in their ranks. Before the start of the season I thought we don’t have a single player in our team capable of doing that. For the last month or so Iwobi has shown that he could be that player. He could become a player.

  55. Bob N16

    As Pierre was saying, most of us were confused by some of Emery’s team selections in the first few games but as most of us considered, he had to be given time to deal with the players he’d inherited.
    The line up yesterday is pretty close to what a lot of us were hoping for, industry, defensively coupled with elite finishing. Ozil and Ramsey not in our starting line up.

    My Mum’s given me all the letters I sent her back in the day… a lot of references to Arsenal 1973-78. Here’s one…’Arsenal won 3-2 and are sixth. Stupid Peter Taylor moved to Tottenham.’ (1976). It makes me proud!

  56. Pierre

    Maybe a good guide on if or how we have improved would be to show figures from the first 5 games to the last 5 games to see if there is an improvement on opposition shots …

    I think there must be a slight improvement.

  57. Emiratesstroller


    Iwobi played very well on Thursday. He was okay yesterday, but not at the same level.

    What Iwobi can and does offer is the ability to support both attack and defence when required. He may not be as creative as Mkhitaryan and Ozil, but he can and does put in a better workload.

    We are beginning to see a much better work ethic in team than last season.

  58. Dream10

    Bernie Leno seems more comfortable on the ball than Cech. Quicker off his line as well. Still fills me with nervousness once a match. But, if we want to attack more, the #1 shirt is his.

    Mustafi had a good game yesterday. Did well to shackle big Mitrovic. Been consistently critical of Holding, but he’s done enough to keep Sokratis out of the side.
    One goal allowed in last three PL matches.

    We played well yesterday and deserved the three pts. Fulham were a stylish side last year but they give up an awful lot of chances. Most goals allowed in the division. Got slapped by Everton last week as well. Hope they stay up.

  59. Bob N16


    Shots against us is too high undoubtedly but Fulham had 21 shots…can’t remember Leno having to make too many saves. Stats not always telling the whole story I’m sure you’d agree. We only had 11.

  60. Thenry

    @bamford10 you have been trolling a lot longer wth your clueless Fanta about all things Arsenal and Wenger

    @china I’ve been a season ticket holder since 1976 my first match was Arsenal v Leicester we won 2-1 and graham Rix scored the winner as well as making his debut
    I know all about arsenals rich history
    But we were in trouble when wenger came we just came out of a scandal involving George graham
    We didn’t have as much money as Man U or pool and our squad was old and fucked
    Cue Wenger made us the only challenger to Man U and the rest is …
    All I’m saying this clueless blogger and his merry band of morons just can’t stop having a pop at Wenger which to some of us is not acceptable as h did more for Arsenal than the cunt that runs this blog
    Show some class and show appreciation for what he did instead of constant Wenger bashing

  61. Bob N16

    Happy about Adidas deal (assuming numbers add up). Must admit (whether the performance have has something to do with it) I like our away kit.

  62. raptora

    I agree re work ethic. I feel that like always in order to improve you have to hit the ground running. Then you can slowly bed your style in. Boys really have hit the ground running, absolutely relentless even when they weren’t playing that well. You can see the desire to do well, to win your place in the team, the competition for places is fantastic. I don’t mind not having a stable first 11 if Emery can pick the right 11 for the exact game on hand. Yesterday we had Ramsey, Auba, Sokratis, Guen, Lichtsteiner, Kolasinac on the bench. That’s as solid as it has been for years and years. And we’ll have Cech and Kos coming back from injuries. Things are looking good. Slowly but surely things are shaping up in a good way.

  63. HighburyLegend

    “Show some class and show appreciation for what he did”

    You’re living in the past, and personally I don’t have any “appreciation” for what he has done during the last decade.

  64. Bob N16

    Thenry, I was at Rix’s debut too! Didn’t go that much until my late teens and ST since we went all-seater. Remember O’Leary, Adams and Merse’s first home games too!

    I understand your point of view regarding Wenger. For the difference in quality of football alone, Wenger deserves praise, let alone the Invincibles etc. He obviously went on for far too long but I hold the board/ownership partly responsible for that. They should have recognised the decline and dealt with it.

    By letting him go on and on, the minds of so many supporters were poisoned to the extent they can’t acknowledge his contribution and they are still going on and on about in now. Best not to give them any more justification for their PTSD!

  65. Champagne Charlie

    “Pierre, Victorious, VicVic, Charles and a couple more that I don’t recall their names have been looking through a magnifying glass to find where Emery has not been getting it completely right and would not stop talking about it day after day. It was surely not the case with Wenger at the helm though.“

    See this is the daily narrative on here and it’s fucking stale. People like you just love to play sides and tell the rest what others say or do.

    Wenger was deconstructed tactically all the time the past few seasons, ignoring that is a plain lie. The fact Emery gets more than a superficial lick of his walnut gives you enough fuel to start your childish them vs us campaign. Ask Bamford his views on Emery, even he’s managed to be balanced and offer up more than a cupping of Unai’s jewels.

    I gather you’ve missed that because it’s poster and not the posted that you pay attention to.

    You’re a funny one, lazy quips assigning your own pretence to me about being “above” anything or anyone. All the while you virtue signal time after time about what blame some fans on here have for not doing what you were on the brink of last season – supporting another club. I mean do me a favour.

  66. China

    I’m sure you’ll have fond memories of 1991 when we only lost one game and won the league.

    We were having a slump and wenger came and did an awesome job in his early years. You act like nobody credits him for that when in reality 99% of arsenal fans will happily eat lyrical about his early years

    But you can’t give the man endless support just because of what he did fucking ages ago when he systematically demolished all his good work in the decade following

    I work in training. If I did a spectacular job for 10 years my company would love me. But if I did a fucking pants job for the next 10 years and didn’t take my job seriously then at the end of that the company wouldn’t be standing around saying ‘but don’t you remember how good he used to be!!!’ They’d have long since sacked me for no longer doing my job to a good enough standard

    Why is he so special that we can’t just say the truth about him and have to tiptoe around his failings on egg shells just because of what he did ages ago? George graham almost went unbeaten but then we dropped down and scandals hit. Should we tip toe around those facts as well because of his previous success?

    He’s not your dad. It needn’t matter to you this much that people are willing to criticize him for his verifiable failings

  67. raptora

    “Ask Bamford his views on Emery, even he’s managed to be balanced and offer up more than a cupping of Unai’s jewels. ”

    Saying where we have to improve is one thing, I’ve done that numerous times including wrong starting lineups and namely Cech playing with fire playing out from the back, but magnifying the problems and absolutely focusing on them without seeing the good things and not seeing us as a work in progress but demanding fluid plan and execution after 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9 games is what a select few of the posters in here have done.

  68. OleGunner

    I love our little terrier Torreira.
    Proper annoying bastard for the opposition, really the sort of DM we’ve needed for about 10 years.

  69. Champagne Charlie


    Ahh like I said, poster and not posted. Bamford and co can critique but when someone you don’t like comes on and says anything similar it transforms from critique to criticism.

    Well I’ve only mentioned where we stand to improve (I notably stated 10 league games before any valid ideas, and Jan before any judgements) so my inclusion in your list speaks to your penchant for side taking.

  70. Leedsgunner

    Cech, Welbeck, Lichtensteiner, Ramsey and Welbeck all have expiring contracts this summer.

    Cech’s contract expires this season… why not hire him as our GK coach or a scout?
    I think we should give the cup games to either Martinez or Iliev to gain experience to support Leno. As this season has shown, an opportunity is only

    I’d sign Monreal up for another year, he’s still a very useful player and even if we get another LB, he can still play in the role that Lichtensteiner is playing this year. Unless Kolasinac really really steps up, we need another dependable LB. What about Tierney at Celtic or Segnesseson at Fulham?

    I would like Welbeck to stay because he is a useful squad player, but even if he goes it looks like we have a readymade replacement in Almiron. If he does go, hopefully we can get some money for him.

    Lichtensteiner, by the virtue of providing experience at RB has brought out the best in Bellerin who probably grown complacent. If it was me, I would bring in another experienced RB to keep Hector on his toes. Jorge Moreira at River Plate should be looked at. He’s a Paraguayan too and at 27, he should be hitting the prime years as a footballer. Bellerin needs someone to keep him honest and sharp. He cannot take it for granted that he will be automatic first choice.

    Financially, Ramsey should have been sold last summer… I cannot believe Raul and Sven will not have a contingency plan before they withdrew the contract. What about someone like Lewis Cook at Bournemouth? Or Rodrigo Bentancur at Juventus… Torreira’s national teammate and partner? If not, we need to give Joe W.illock game time for him to develop.

    In any case January will be very interesting.

  71. Emiratesstroller


    I have been watching and supporting Arsenal since the mid 1950s.

    Arsenal were rated in the past ‘the Bank of England Club’, because they were always rated financially solid and certainly wealthier than clubs like Man
    Utd, Man City and Chelsea.

    In the 1970s and 1980s Liverpool were of course very successful, but the idea
    that they were more wealthy than us was ridiculous. They were in the same
    boat financially as most clubs in that era, but of course they could and did
    recruit some very good players including from lower divisions, because of
    their consistent success.

    Man Utd in the same era were just like Man City and Chelsea financially distressed clubs. Man Utd could have been bought in 1980s for peanuts.

    What has changed in recent times is of course the revenues that did not exist
    then and the wealth of the new owners.

  72. China

    Thanks for the list pessimistic pat

    It’s a shame about auba, torreira xhaka and iwobi but the rest are all fine

    Welbeck isn’t getting 90 minutes for England any time soon so it’s only the traveling for him

    Laca not being in the French squad is great and our entire backline and keeper appear to be safe

    Pappa is playing but that’s probably a good thing after he missed some games lately

    All in all not too bad. I hope torreira isn’t playing in South America tho as that’s a bitch

  73. Stefano14


    ‘This idea that people who weren’t fervently anti Wenger (AKBs) are now not enjoying a new manager’s success is ridiculous.’

    It just highlights the level of thinking and comprehension levels on here.
    Some people need to look up what support means.
    I want the arsenal to win every game they play on every competition. Before Wenger was here, when he was here and now Emery is here.

    Your right though, it’s the desperation of the mugs who wanted us to lose games, supported other clubs, stopped watching games and stopped posting to try cling on to something, anything to justify their pathetic actions.

    Incredible how these cunts are the new ‘super fans’ and everything arsenal is now amazing.

  74. China

    Stefano people take issue when somempostwrs on here criticize because they were very protective and defensive when it came to the previous regime but the moment the new one started they suddenly found a critical voice

    That is the number one thing that has been repeatedly called out

  75. Ivan

    Geez some of you extremes are really boring the shit out of rest of us.

    Leave Wenger in his earned retirement and enjoy new era.

    For now Emery is such a pleasent surprise.
    When news broke out about his apointment i felt it was a bland Arsenal like choice, and we didnt make any upgrade on what we had.

    Friens who is manu fan told me that i could get surprised and man was right.

    4 now Emery does all the right things. He created conpetition for places. Instilled basic style of play and put some of our hotheaded stars onto place.

    Had to say that Gazidis snaking out to Milan made me quite happy too.

    Hes no premium world beater CEO, and his sleazy shady charachter wont be missed one bit.

    Love or hate Wenger i trully loath how Gazidis used Wenger to take all flak, shilding him and usseles board and owner of fanbase rage for shitshow they draged us in.

  76. Champagne Charlie


    Jan is huge imo, our summer window was poor and it will go a long way to defining the rest of our season.

    60m per annum with Adidas to come so you’ll have to do me a favour if there’s any talk of us having no money available. Ramsey out, Welbz extended depending, Elneny I’d like sold.

    More important to the outs (bar Ramsey) is the ins, we need a winger who can be a winger, and another Cm for me to give us a four way challenge with Torreira/Guen/Xhaka and possibly Bangega for a bit of experience?

  77. PessimisticPat

    Yeah could be a lot worse china i agree.

    Dailycannon normally do that list for every international break if you’re interested in future.

    Gutted i missed the game yesterday, fucking family taking my spare time, wankers. Will watch a replay tonight.

  78. Champagne Charlie


    Works both ways. Those that brought nothing but criticism and contempt for Wenger suddenly get their morning sun from Emery’s hole and cast aspersions on anyone pointing out where we could improve.

  79. Stefano14

    No China if you take your ‘the sunshine’s out of Emerys arsehole’ tinted glasses you’ll see that most of these posters call things as they saw and see them.

    They criticised Wengers team selections, tactics amd results and they’re doing the same with Emery.

    The only difference from what I’m gathering they didn’t spit vitriol at every opportunity at Wenger, when he was only trying to his job but quite clearly wasn’t up to it anymore.

    Correct me if I’m wrong but weren’t you one of the cunts that withdrew his support and stop supporting the arsenal?

    You don’t need to correct me. I know what sort of ‘supporter’ you are.

  80. Marko

    You fat fuck face shit.


    On those shots faced stat I honestly wouldn’t worry too much about it. Sure there’s still a lot of improvement needed especially on the defensive side of the game but I count at least two or three games recently where by and large we’ve actually defended somewhat decent and restricted the opposition to pop shots from distance or they’ve only got in when we’ve made an obvious which can happen when you have players like Xhaka Bellerin and Mustafi in the defensive side of the team. In saying that there is or at least was a slight improvement from said players a bit recently. Holding I think has been excellent since coming in thankfully because he’s needed to be we don’t have enough depth in that area

  81. Redtruth

    “But we were in trouble when wenger came we just came out of a scandal involving George graham.”

    We had just recruited Bergkamp long before anyone had heard of Wenger…mupoet lol

  82. China

    Excuse me stefano but I was told to shut up and support the team, that I was a plastic fan who should fuck off to city, that criticism from fans like me was why arsenal were doing worse (toxic atmosphere init), so frankly I don’t have time for your revisionism

    As for emery, I’ve publically said improvement areas I think he should made after pretty much every game. I also said I’ve set low expectations for the first post wenger season and meanwhile we’ve won 9 in a row so why exactly why I be aggressively critiquing him? There’s room for improvement across the pitch but we are strong better, doing well and winning. I’ll call emery for the stuff I think he should do differently (I said I think keeping Mustafi in the squad is a big mistake just yesterday before the game lol). But he’s doing much more right than wrong and we’re winning so yeah, I’ll save the anger for when emery is doing worse than expectations and dropping silly points

  83. Emiratesstroller

    Today’s sponsorship announcement with Adidas is very good news. There appears to be some variation in the annual amount. Most have suggested £60 million but the Guardian states the deal is £65 million pa.

    So when you add this figure to Emirates [£40 million pa] and Ruanda [reputedly £10 million pa] we have got commercial revenues of at least £110 million excluding all the smaller sponsorship deals.

    Assuming that Arsenal qualify for Champions League which would add at least another £25 million to our budget the club should be able to spend at
    least £135 million in next year’s transfer window.

    Whether we do so is of course conjecture, but we should be able to bring in
    at least one major signing for that level of revenue. It should also facilitate
    improving the contract with Ramsey if the club choose to do so.

  84. Marko

    Jan is huge imo, our summer window was poor and it will go a long way to defining the rest of our season.

    Not sure I’d say poor

  85. ddkingz

    wenger should have resigned, retired as well a long time ago….

    but the old cunt thought he knew best when he wasn’t delivering any to the club rather top 4…he made us a top4 club rather than title contenders…

    wenger made the worst call, ever made by a manager when he decided to extend his contract by two years when he could has retired after back 2 back fa cup wins…..

    got greedy with power and couldn’t imagine life with it….

    he was strangling arsenal by the neck and every WOB knows that…

  86. China

    You’re damn straight I withdrew my support

    My club didn’t give a fuck about the fans, why should the fans suck it up?

    If your wife cheated on you would you stand by her for all time just because she’s your wife or would you say enough is enough?

    Fans and clubs need each other. Arsenal liked to believe that they existed in a parallel universe recently where the fans can go fuck themselves. I won’t make apologies for detesting that

  87. Don

    Its taken you 9 wins in a row to jump on the Emery bandwagon.Some of us were on it from day 1.Emery is a top class manager,You dont get the PSG job unless you are.But you wanted no experience Arteta to take over the shambles Wenger left us in
    I am loving this season if feels like 1986 when George took over. Everyone is behind the manager after the disasters of Wenger

  88. China

    Neville has a point about utd senior management being a shambles but we all know he’s stopped criticizing managers ever since he crashes and burned because he knows how it feels to be that guy lol

  89. Stefano14


    So you withdrew your support and stopped posting is that correct?

    Again this is a rhetorical question so don’t bother replying.

  90. Dissenter

    Pedro should shut the site down during international breaks.
    All you’ll have here is just petty knife fights
    14 days till Arsenal’s next game.
    God give me strength

  91. China

    Outside of my wife buying us tickets to a preseason match, where someone almost attacked me and her for shouting wenger out one time (you guys are the best), yeah I entirely withdrew my support and wished for any and all failures to mount until it would force a meaningful change.

    As for posting here, I don’t think you need to be supportive to post on here. God knows morons like you do it

  92. China

    Lol @ you guys with such low self esteem that you feel obligated to accept whatever the club does, however badly they treat their fans

    Maybe one day the club will go out you with a complimentary n1 fan t shirt. Makes bending over for eternity whilst Stan, Ivan and Arsène were laughing worth it

  93. Leedsgunner


    I actually would respectfully disagree with you that the summer was poor. I initially thought so but I’ve had a reconsideration.

    As I said in the previous thread, although it’s very early in the season, Emery is showing himself to be quite an astute man manager. All the players he has brought in, he has used them skillfully to blend into the team.

    Furthermore, he is revitalising key players like Özil and Bellerin and even Xhaka looks better with Torreira beside him.

    Iwobi looks fantastic and our best youngsters like ESR are being nurtured by being given time which is appropriate to their level… rather than being thrown on as a measure of desperation… and when they do well, assuming the credit as player development. Under Emery, there just seems to be an actual plan to develop them properly. Reiss Nelson being sent out to Hoffenheim is a good example. Rob Holding’s form is another. Icing on the cake would be Eddie Nketiah being given more playing time with Joe W.illock.

    Ideally in the summer gone we would have wanted a winger or two, but I believe we have the infrastructure in place to find the right player for the team.

    Emery has also shown good judgement in letting players go, and keeping the right ones for the most part. Ramsey aside, he has freed up the right spots to build a unified squad. A squad that’s fighting for each other rather than against each other. Who knows? Perhaps this will convince Ramsey to lower his demands so the club will be willing to meet him in the middle.

    Unlikely but stranger things have happened.

    Perhaps we can bring in some experienced wingers so that our two youngsters Reiss Nelson and ESR can learn from them. Someone like Zaha, Sarr and Pepe would be fantastic in January. Plus unless we’re expecting Mavropanos to step up, we need to think about finding a long term replacement for Kos.

  94. Stefano14


    ‘You’re damn straight I withdrew my support’

    And some cunts on here wonder why other football fans think arsenal supporter are a joke.

    ‘If your wife cheated on you would you stand by her for all time just because she’s your wife or would you say enough is enough?’

    Arsenal didn’t cheat on me you weird cunt. Have a word with your wife mate if this is something underlying things are best talked about.
    Isn’t that why you married a Chinese girl? Generally submissive, won’t complain, won’t cheat? Major fail if you can’t keep that in check son.

  95. China

    Leeds bro I’ve not gone hard on our summer so you must be mistaking me for someone else

    I’m reasonably pleased with papa. Guen looks good, torreira a great signing. Light good for Bellerin. Leno I’m not sure but he’s playing well at the moment

    Outside of spending a lot more or flogging Ramsey/ozil etc it was a reasonable summer imo

  96. Stefano14


    ‘Lol @ you guys with such low self esteem that you feel obligated to accept whatever the club does, however badly they treat their fans’

    The fact that you equate low self esteem to supporting the club you are supposed to love is telling. It says more about you as a person.

    Your club is your club no matter what happens. Its unconditional through the good and the bad but I didn’t think this ever has to be explained to any football supporter.

  97. China

    If you paid a penny for the shit show you were gleefully served for the last 10 years then yes I’m afraid you were cheated on by your club

    The constant lies in the early years about being in the market for top players just to get season ticket holders to sign up. The constant story changes that there was money, then when we got criticized, there wasn’t money. Ivan telling us he couldn’t find anyone better. We could be here all day.

    You’ve taken an absolute shafting, sir. And you’re sitting there with a bleeding asshole wearing your n1 fan shirt mocking those who didn’t settle for it.

  98. Ivan


    Their board threw good 300-400 mil for Mou to strenghten his team.

    They did it with Lvg too. With that obscene amount of spending i wouldnt bet against AW to become competitive (not that he would ever spend it).

    They even put Sanchez on his obscene contract only to allow Mou get one on Pep allthough they didnt need him.

    Neville getting burned as manager happened beacuse hes not smart enough to it.

    Being thick pundit is about his level.

  99. N5

    “Don’t worry we AKB’s are waiting to shove all the shit down your throats”

    Which prove you are an Arsene fan and not Arsenal meaning your opinion holds zero weight!

  100. China

    Yeah Ivan utd spent more than enough but they’ve still been classless in how they’ve handled sackings and even the public embarrassment of mou this summer

    I don’t sympathize with mou, as it’s great to see him suffer, but the club should’ve been having those conversations with him in private not letting him think he could sign players then shafting him

  101. PessimisticPat

    Yeah China.

    Stefanouruguayanpitpullbittercuntcursessalot is right. You should love the club unconditionally no matter if they do fuck all about being shit, lie to the fans or indulge a past it managers control freak tendencies, all of which have put us years away from challenging for the league title again.

    But yeah your club is your club.

    Follow them blindly.
    Support every decision they make regardless whether it is good or not.
    Tolerate their lies.
    Tolerate their inadequacy.
    Shout down anyone who wants better or protests………
    Because your club is your club.


  102. Stefano14


    ‘If you paid a penny for the shit show you were gleefully served for the last 10 years then yes I’m afraid you were cheated on by your club.

    The constant lies in the early years about being in the market for top players just to get season ticket holders to sign up. The constant story changes that there was money, then when we got criticized, there wasn’t money. Ivan telling us he couldn’t find anyone better. We could be here all day.’

    Getting a season ticket is optional. You don’t have to have one. You don’t you live in China ffs.

    None of the above even impacts you in the slightest so why use these issues as an excuse to withdraw your support?

    Bottom line is you’re weak. You’re a Jonny come lately invincibles baby. Spawned cos we were successful and you leached on to our club. People love their club and withdrawing their support is not even an option.

    It is to part time overseas wankers like yourself obviously.

  103. Marko

    And some cunts on here wonder why other football fans think arsenal supporter are a joke

    Let’s be honest here we were a joke because of Arsene

  104. Dissenter

    I don’t have a pedestal
    My initial grouse was with Unai na for his strange nostalgia of Wilshere. Pierre is the one who unravelled and melted like a snow flake. There’s banter and then there’s the righteous know-all attitude that Pierre often displays.
    I’ve always defended Pierre’s right to be critical of Emery.. I just wish he had been so critical and analytic of Wenger’s recent failings.

    You may have missed the points where Pierre used to call people fake fans because they criticized Ozil and Wenger only for him to step in and salvage Ramsey in the same breath.
    Pierre deserved all the “quips” he got. What does it matter since it’s coming from a lowly foreign fan who knows nothing?

  105. Champagne charlie


    Still poor for me. Ramsey should’ve been dealt with, Welbz too, but beyond that we haven’t got the types of players to play to the system Emery is insistent on playing. Pace at the back is not there, balance in the middle is not there, width really not there.

    Going on a good run of results doesnt abolish the setup from summer in my eyes, we should be better equipped and we’re not. Which is why how we handle Jan is of utmost importance for me, and i hope we manage to eke out the results until then.

  106. N5

    I had a season ticket right until the last season and was told numerous times I was part of the problem. But I stopped when I got fed up. I still supported the club and still went to the odd game! But I didn’t have the same passion.

    I’ve been a supporter since 1979 so can see the point from both sides.

    I’ll be gooner until I die! But I don’t always enjoy it!

  107. Stefano14

    Fuck off pat

    ‘Follow them blindly.
    Support every decision they make regardless whether it is good or not.
    Tolerate their lies.
    Tolerate their inadequacy.
    Shout down anyone who wants better or protests………’

    Haven’t said or agreed with absolutely any of the above.

    Only a child or an immature adult withdraws their support.

  108. China

    Bahaha stefano keep em coming

    So I should be happy enough that my club shafts it’s season ticket holders because I’m not one of them?

    How the fuck do you even….????

    Are you actually for real?

    You literally have to be trolling, because this shit is far too blatant to be an actual opinion

  109. grooveydaddy

    To be fair, a lot of people withdrew their support, namely the match-going fans.

    Were they right or wrong to do this?

  110. Champagne charlie


    I don’t care what quips are made, but you can’t be taken seriously if you’re crying to Pedro about this place being a playground during an international break when you’re out here playing bulldog.

  111. Leedsgunner

    “Your club is your club no matter what happens. Its unconditional through the good and the bad…”

    I have to agree with this… that’s why I could never bring myself to wish Arsenal to lose… even with Wenger in charge. As soon as they crossed the while line I wanted them to win.

    However to me, outside the game, off the field, this does not that mean you can’t criticise the club if you think it could be run better.

    Speaking personally, because I loved the club I wanted the best for the club, that’s why I wanted Wenger out. Despite all he had done for the club, he was no longer good for the club… and we were going backwards.

    Not meaning to pick a fight or call names… just posing the question.

  112. Valentin

    Can we stop with the so called combination Lacazette/PEA, it is clear that Emery will not play those two together for most of the games.
    PEA will Be the super sub attacking tiring defenses. He will be specially effective when we are already leading and the opposition is trying to get back into the game or when they are totally demoralised.
    Clearly Lacazette is the superior striker. He is lethal, but he is also constantly bharassing defenders and defensive midfielders. I have lost count the number of times he dispossessed the opposition.

    However, Yes it was a big victory, but Fulham was absolutely horrendous defensively. Their 3-5-2 was more like a 3-2-5. That explain why in the first half they put our defense in danger by intercepting quite high the ball. However as soon as we were able to jump over their first line, Wellbeck and Iwobi had a field day. I am not sure that we will see opposition so accommodating again.

  113. Dissenter

    How could anyone watch that May 31, 2018 club video of Gazidis the snake and Wenger spewing lie after lie and still profess a “love” of Arsenal?
    If love is hanging unto your spouse as she screws your friends standing on a queue then that’s your choice.

    I call that video a hostage video.
    Arsenal was hostage to a lying CEO (who stated that there was no better manager on the planet) and a once-great man who believed he was bigger than the club. I still cringe when I hear him say he was taking the club to “a new level”.
    There was a point where the insistence on Wenger was akin to the club running a ponzi scheme. Everyone not residing in Wenger’s colon could see the bloody obvious.
    It’s understandable why some walked away and gave way their season tickets.