8 in row!

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The show DOES go on. Unai Emery racked up an impressive 8 wins on the bounce, the first time we’ve rocked that many since 2015. That year we finished 2nd to the mighty Leicester and won an FA Cup. I’d take that this season.

So what did we learn?

Well, we’re good at beating shit teams. The Europa League is our level currently, and we’re very good when we get to strut out stuff on trendy Thursday nights. Emery is still trying to work through style challenges, this competition gives the players on the fringe the chance to click with his system.

Guendouzi was impressive, scoring the third goal from a low dragged shot from the edge of the box. His range of passing is impressive and against weaker opposition, you could really see the sort of player he could become.

Smith Rowe took a while to settle into the game, but again, you can see where his career is heading if he keeps his focus. His power is immense for someone of 19 and he’s already scoring. His goal from a well-timed Iwobi pass was clinical.

Iwobi, player of the season so far (I jest, kind of), put in another great performance. He’s very much focused on an end product this year and he’s using his brain to open up space with clever runs into space.

I also thought Kolasinac as a left wing-back was impressive. He dropped some outrageous skills, always looking to be found out wide, making some incisive passes.

The win was fairly straightforward, but let’s be honest, simple games in Europe have been anything but under Arsene Wenger.

Overall, the team still needs a lot of work if it’s going to push for top 4, but as plenty have said in the comments, if the club can make CL through the back door, who wouldn’t take it? It’ll give us the money to hire in better talent.

All eyes on the next game that sees us heading for a Sunday matchup against Fulham.

Can Emery see in the big 9? We’ll see… onwards and upwards!

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  1. Champagne Charlie


    Says the guy who cannot go a day without chirping up my trouser leg. Except I don’t see any such remarks aimed his way when he’s pasting quotes from 18 months ago to try and “out” me.

    Nah what was your response? Oh that’s right, play cheerleader. Save pretty much all of your utterances you feel compelled to type, done with you.

  2. Marko

    Says the guy who cannot go a day without chirping up my trouser leg.

    I just wanna get to know the real you…

    Except I don’t see any such remarks aimed his way when he’s pasting quotes from 18 months ago to try and “out” me

    Difference being you were both in a discussion whereas now he hasn’t been on for hours and you’re still giving him shit. It’s like me giving Victorious abuse even though he hasn’t been on all day because Emery won again

  3. NW9 gooner

    China – you are being a fair weather friend – all of us are forgetting the great times we have had . Forget the last two years we were achieving what we expect to get in the future, top four. Joe has been a obsessive hypocrite- he thinks we will achieve everything in the next few years/really? I just hope we get into the CL get further than the last few years and give a good show . O

  4. NW9 gooner

    Kane says he wants to target Messi ‘s goals – so 40 goals per season for next ten years and during this time Messi would have scored 100more( he will retire ) lol .To a great extent I agree with Bamford- Kane is a very good striker but probably not among the very best?

  5. Joe


    Achieve everything? I’ve never said that

    CC asked me what I would consider success for Emery

    I said by the 3rd year: a strong league challenge into May

    A strong CL run- semi finals

    Not being a laughing stock anymore

    That’s not everything by any means

  6. raptora

    Not having any word of Pedro after possibly the best Arsenal performance since the win in the FAC final vs Chelsea, is a bit disappointing. No tweets from him also. He maybe didn’t even watch the game. That’s painful and a big regret to miss a performance like ours. Hope nothing’s wrong though.

  7. Black Hei


    I think we will bomb badly if you play Salah and Sanchez on the same team.

    Similar to Mahrez.

    These guys are the personality of the team and you need to build an entire team to accommodate them.

    You can’t have 2 on the side. Sanchez was at his best when Ramsey played 2nd fiddle to him out right on the wings; giving Sanchez room to express himself.

  8. Leedsgunner

    I’m loving Emery’s sheer exuberance and emotion when we score. He celebrates like the most ardent fan… I mean it permeates his entire body.

    It’s wonderful.

    If that doesn’t bring a huge smile to your face, it’s time to consider following another team.

  9. gonsterous

    wasn’t it gary neville that said, arsenal fans should be careful what they wish for ? or was it Rio ? Both look clueless without Ferguson to guide them.

  10. Dream10

    Black Hei

    I don’t think Mahrez on right and Alexis
    left wouldd have worked. Riyad is one of the best 1v1 players in the PL and technically excellent. Sanchez won’t make enough runs in behind. He wouldn’t have been happy having to adjust his game. Mahrez right and Salah left could have worked. Salah is tremendous at getting in behind the back four. He creates so many chance for himself (w/out the ball) with his pace and movement. Almost Henry-esque at times.

  11. Michael24


    Like many posters, I come on here to pass comment and enjoy the banter, not to be educated by a tosser who sees himself as this superior than though character and who has endless, monotonous communications with all and sundry telling them how ignorant and stupid they are.

    Jesus, you must be so popular with your work colleagues and the limited number of friends you possess.

    Let’s make this clear to you one last time, because I know there are many other thousands of supporters, as well as posters on here, who would have been willing Fulham FC to put us out of our misery IF WENGER HAD STILL BEEN AT THE CLUB.

    Of course, we wouldn’t have been on the verge of our 9th straight win under Wenger based on the fact that our players would have been demotivated, disorganized, as well as being totally mismanaged, as they had been for so many years.

    Our club was being destroyed by a parasite, pure and simple, so YES, if wanting Fulham to win would have edged us closer to eradicating this parasite, so be it.

    I don’t support Fulham or Brighton, never have, never will, but when it comes to the progression of your own club, drastic measures are sometimes needed.

    So Mr CC, I hope this gives you a clearer picture on where I stand but, even if it doesn’t, I don’t give a toss.

  12. Drey

    what is with the foreign fans thing?
    are you some sort of super fan or do you consider yourself as having higher opinion cos you live in the UK?
    I have been quietly following your posts , you might be an AKB but I thought you have the wisdom Keyser did when he was on here.
    now u just shown that you are just the other ignorant bloke who feels he can type whatever he likes on the blog.
    you are really pathetic

  13. Michael24


    Good morning.

    Did you manage to get in a round of golf yesterday?

    Turned out beautiful here on the south coast.

  14. Leedsgunner

    Remember when Wenger used to buy players, only to keep them on the bench? Or to bring them on very very occasionally? (Lucus Perez and Park Chu Young come to mind, I’m sure others can think of further examples…). I never understood why he did this especially after complaining about the very limited amount of money he had to spend.

    Emery, so far, has not done this.

    I’ve been very impressed with his man management skills and how he has brought the best out of his summer recruits. Lichtensteiner, Leno, Torreira, Guendouzi and Sokratis have all played some part in this great run we’re on. We’ve spent £70m but so far it’s been money well spent.

    Plus he has revitalised languishing players like Lacazette and Iwobi back into a semblance of form. Xhaka and Özil are playing better, and Bellerin seems to be learning under him. Cech, before his injury looked good too.

    Talented youngsters like Emile Smith Rowe are being given a chance but not being too pressed and hyped too soon. It was telling that Emery commented and commended him for his humility the other day.

    I hope that Joe W.illock and Eddie Nketiah will also get their chance to impress.

    Long may it continue.

    It finally feels like we are making progress.

    Be careful of what we wish for? We should have done this years ago, why was our Board so afraid?

    Keep it up Emery!

  15. Receding hairline

    This narrative of Wenger being an evil man that tortured arsenal fans for decades its hilarious.. So hilarious I’m surprised Charlie is actually dedicating time answering to it.

    Wenger wanted to succeed, he wanted to bring joy to the fans …unfortunately he forgot how it’s done..he wasn’t decisive and ruthless enough but he was no evil man collecting millions while refusing to do his job..that’s a lazy narrative.

  16. Michael24


    Your perceptions.

    Decades, NO! In my case, just one decade. Before that, he did an excellent job.

    Who said he was evil?

    He became deluded, disfunctional, disrespectful, patronising, condescending and clueless………………. that’s all.

    Just a pity some couldn’t see it.

    As for Bould, just a smile would do.

  17. ddkingz

    good morning AKB’S:

    who said wenger wasn’t an evil man???
    prove us wrong.

    to a very large extent I agree with you M24…

    Wenger lost the idea of been a champion way back, became disrespectful, clueless, untruthful to himself not we the WOB, a liar and was naive.

    how did a man, who lost his magic wand a decade ago, then lost the top4 (cl spot), lost his pride and a very shameless man for that matter signed a contract extension (after losing out on cl spot twice in a spin) with a 2million pound increase in annual salary……


  18. Pierre

    Morning Michael
    Superb performance yesterday ….many positives from the players and manager .

    I have always believed that this set of players are better than many think….

  19. Bob N16

    Is there any chance that we can get past the Wenger years?

    Can we not put the past behind us or are people so ‘traumatised’ by the last few years that they are suffering from a form of PTSD?

    This idea that people who weren’t fervently anti Wenger (AKBs) are now not enjoying a new manager’s success is ridiculous. It occurs to me that those people who wanted Arsenal to lose last season are projecting that back onto those who picked them up for hoping for an Arsenal defeat.
    It’s the ‘you called me that name, I’m going to call you the same name back’. Is it just me or doesn’t it bring down the comments section?

    We had a fantastic performance yesterday that we should all be talking about. I’m also excited by the possibilities of the January window….does this Paraguayan/MLS story have any legs? A couple of early 20 somethings to add to our squad sounds good to me?

    How good is Torreira?

    Has Emery found his starting line up?

    Aren’t stats sometimes so misleading? Fulham had 21 shots to our 9!

  20. Wallace


    “Remember when Wenger used to buy players, only to keep them on the bench? Or to bring them on very very occasionally?”

    you mean Ramsey, Lacazette, Aubameyang and the like?

    like Bob says, shame posters can’t just enjoy the performance without using it to run down the previous manager.

  21. Pierre

    As you know ,it wasn’t me who made the original comment on the foreign fans but if you wish to jump on the bandwagon that’s your choice.

    If you have been reading my posts then you would recognise the abuse I get on here for supporting the club and you would also recognise that a lot of my comments are said in jest …… The foreign comment was just a wind up ..end of

  22. gonsterous


    support the club ?? come off it. I mentioned Wenger didn’t have an approach when it came to the defence and you retorted by saying, so is emery. That’s not supporting the club, that’s supporting one man.
    You are blind to the changes and positives that emery has bought just like you are blind to the negatives that arsene bought to the club. For you this was always arsene FC.

  23. Leedsgunner

    Emery’s player management and Sven and Raul’s record in successful player recruitment gives me confidence that Ramsey’s departure will be handled to minimise the impact on the team.

    Yes, the club pulled the contract but if Ramsey wanted it to sign it, he could have done so over the summer. He held out, hoping that the club would cave in, and he lost. The picture that his agent is trying to portray him as an unfairly treated player who was left with no choice is highly inaccurate and biased. If anything it’s an attempt on the agent’s part to cover his own shortcomings.

  24. gonsterous


    I’m not saying you weren’t a fan of the club.You must have loved the club before Wenger, but over the years you started loving that man more than the club. I’m sure he was all could talk about at the pub with your mate (I can’t imagine you had more than one person who could tolerate you).
    So now he’s gone, you can’t let anyone criticise him.

  25. Leedsgunner


    Try reading the original comment in its context rather than cherry picking phrases to suit your narrative. I was just stating facts and how the present manager makes better use of his resources.

    Wishing you the best

  26. kristoman

    If you have been reading my posts then you would recognise the abuse I get on here for supporting the club and you would also recognise that a lot of my comments are said in jest …… The foreign comment was just a wind up ..end of

    wind up to who?
    if it is to one man I understand but any comment about foreign fans, when you know that 80% fans on here are foreigners wether Akb or Wob. so that comment is not wind. be truthful to yourself for once Pierre.

  27. OleGunner

    I love our little terrier Torreira.
    Proper annoying bastard for the opposition, really the sort of DM we’ve needed for about 10 years.