8 in row!

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The show DOES go on. Unai Emery racked up an impressive 8 wins on the bounce, the first time we’ve rocked that many since 2015. That year we finished 2nd to the mighty Leicester and won an FA Cup. I’d take that this season.

So what did we learn?

Well, we’re good at beating shit teams. The Europa League is our level currently, and we’re very good when we get to strut out stuff on trendy Thursday nights. Emery is still trying to work through style challenges, this competition gives the players on the fringe the chance to click with his system.

Guendouzi was impressive, scoring the third goal from a low dragged shot from the edge of the box. His range of passing is impressive and against weaker opposition, you could really see the sort of player he could become.

Smith Rowe took a while to settle into the game, but again, you can see where his career is heading if he keeps his focus. His power is immense for someone of 19 and he’s already scoring. His goal from a well-timed Iwobi pass was clinical.

Iwobi, player of the season so far (I jest, kind of), put in another great performance. He’s very much focused on an end product this year and he’s using his brain to open up space with clever runs into space.

I also thought Kolasinac as a left wing-back was impressive. He dropped some outrageous skills, always looking to be found out wide, making some incisive passes.

The win was fairly straightforward, but let’s be honest, simple games in Europe have been anything but under Arsene Wenger.

Overall, the team still needs a lot of work if it’s going to push for top 4, but as plenty have said in the comments, if the club can make CL through the back door, who wouldn’t take it? It’ll give us the money to hire in better talent.

All eyes on the next game that sees us heading for a Sunday matchup against Fulham.

Can Emery see in the big 9? We’ll see… onwards and upwards!

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  1. Pierre

    Maybe this new Arsenal are giving many on le grove a personality change …

    Hasn’t quite affected Joe yet has it..

  2. un na naai


    Er, wrong again dick cheese. I’m over the moon with our win today. The goals, the football, the joy, the confidence.

    Your crystal ball betrays you pole slider along with your fortune telling skills. Best stick to rescuing cats from trees.

  3. Pierre

    “are you gay?”

    I think you’re on the wrong blog mate ….I’m sure there are places you can visit if you are that way inclined .

  4. Wenker-wanger

    Haha dodged my question very well….. I dunno….Joe is all heart…I can relate to his passion…..he takes no prisoners…
    Ithink some of us are more tolerant…..

  5. Wenker-wanger

    Don’t be too defensive Peter pronounced pierre-darling….gay is ok …I’ve no issues with gay leftovers….just be honest…bitchyness is a sign I pick up on for suspect gay people…..
    But you carry on in the closet….that’s fine by me…. And for the record I’m not gay…but you can call me gay if you want…I’ve no great need to deny it.

  6. Danny S

    It’s interesting to see how well we do when all 11 players are on board with the philosophy.
    Even xhaka, who is usually a passenger/liability when we arnt in possession is trying to tow the line.
    I can’t see how Ozil will ever fit this team. I pray we can offload him if not this Jan, in the summer.

  7. Danny S


    The worst thing you can do is engage dickheads like that.
    If we all ignored them they would actually fuck off.

  8. Wenker-wanger

    Just watching strictly now….oh with my female partner..she likes it….
    Who is your favourite dancer Pierre?
    The one with the size 10s? Haha…

  9. Michael24

    Ok, it was Fulham, nevertheless, that was quite a show of teamwork and unity.

    Movement/skills factor/wanting the ball/ body language/togetherness/commitment……all very impressive.

    Can’t remember the last time I felt so upbeat about my team.

    Thanks Unai.

  10. Wenker-wanger

    Pierre I now know why you are so despised on here…you really are a horrible (,person)….a person seemingly just existing to make some impact on this blog…. Jeez sad-o….
    I’m off here now…you can choose someone else to annoy… or whatever you believe you are doing….

  11. Bagwan

    Always worth reading this blog from time to time to see the childish, ” my dick is bigger than yours” insults . But gay jokes is a new immature low even for the likes of pierre, WW and Joe. Get a grip guys.

  12. Emiratesstroller

    The most positive development from today’s game was the clinical finishing in
    scoring all five goals. They were all excellently executed.

    Another positive is Leno’s performance in goal. Unlike Cech he seems to anticipate better danger off his line. My only criticism is that there are occasions when picking up and holding the ball is a better option than playing the ball to feet.

    The midfield is also beginning to look more fluid. Torreira looks like an excellent midfield general.

    I have still got reservations about our defence they are always prone to making silly mistake as Monreal did when we conceded the goal and Bellerin almost cost us a goal in first five minutes of game.

    Okay we are winning most of our games against weak opposition, but nevertheless I do think that we have recruited two outstanding strikers who will
    be a potential threat against any team in the EPL.

  13. Michael24

    So, nine wins in a row. Can we honestly say that Arsenal would have achieved that under Wenger?

    I don’t think so.

  14. VicVic

    ‘Apart from United who should comfortably move to 6th, don’t you think the table can be like it is now when the season ends?’

  15. Michael24

    Several weeks back I posted that Aubameyang and Lacazette would score 50+ goals between them this season.

    I still stick to that prediction.

  16. UTarse

    “Maybe this new Arsenal are giving many on le grove a personality change …”

    Shame it hasn’t worked on you lil p. Miserable prick.

  17. ddkingz


    From now till the next 15yrs….most cunts here on le_fucking-grove would still be making arguments about wenger and our future managers after Emery…..

    what a slagging cunt you (AKB’S) are……

  18. un na naai

    Vic vic

    I think we could go to second once Koscielny comes back.
    Really wish we’d have kept hold of santi and Wilshere though.

  19. un na naai

    Mick 24

    Several weeks back I posted that Aubameyang and Lacazette would score 50+ goals between them this season.

    Several weeks ago I said we should start Mkhitaryan iwobi and welbeck with Lacazette as it was our most fluid and interchangeable forward line. I was laughed at.Today I feel vindicated

  20. Dissenter

    “Really wish we’d have kept hold of santi and Wilshere though.”

    Donnie Una na na
    Give it up already
    Wilshere is gone and our sick bay says thank you.
    When is this fact going to percolate through your 12 inch thick skull.
    Why do you have this bizarre attraction to a sick note. West ham just realized that they are better off without him, yet here you are still jerking off to his memories.

  21. un na naai


    Our good form has coincided with the inclusion of holding into our back line and the omniscient of Sokratis. Can’t this be attributed to the loss of just one player like West Ham??

    Shit you talk man.

  22. Dissenter

    Liverpool’s forward line have looked toothless for a while now

    Keita hasn’t lived up to whatever reputation that was ascribed to him.
    City don’t look as good as they were last year.

  23. Pierre

    Weird ain’t it…

    A superb performance today and you get the likes of Joe,Wanker ,Ufraud, VDkings and now dissenter throwing abuse as they think they are the only ones who have the divine right to celebrate an Arsenal victory…

  24. un na naai


    All beacuse they hated wenger and he’s gone now??? It’s mental. Don’t get me wrong I’m happy we did well today but let’s just put things into perspective
    Wenger did this against inter, at the san siro.

    All foreign (non English) fans too it seems that take this position

  25. Receding hairline


    You have to take the Keita thing up with Marko… The way he kept saying he was that good I am yet to see what it was all about

    The less said about Fabinho the better

    Firminho and Sane are passengers ..at least Sallah is trying …all in all there are a good team but its been exaggerated

  26. Dissenter

    “Our good form has coincided with the inclusion of holding into our back line and the omniscient of Sokratis. Can’t this be attributed to the loss of just one player like West Ham??”

    What does this have to do with your bizarre obsession for Wilshere? You’re tying yourself up in knots and going off in tangents.
    You’ve really gone off the deep end mate. You better return to taking your Aricept.

    You cannot even put together two paragraphs without professing your romantic nostalgia of Wilshere. You probably have photographs of Wilshere all over your bathroom to wank off to.

  27. Joe

    All because we’ve been wanting wenger out for a decade because we weren’t stupid enough to believe that he wasn’t the problem

    You have held arsenal back by supporting a loser like wenger over what’s good for the arsenal. You were just as much to blame as wenger as the likes of you kept him charge by believing he was bigger than the club and the whole careful what you wish for bollocks

    So yes every victory is a little sweeter because it’s sticks a dagger into the hearts of Akbs like you.

    Every time the fans sing “ we have our Arsenal back, every WOB will have a little bigger smile on his/her face

    Don’t worry. We all know we will have slips this season but we won’t jump on it like
    You will pierre.

    It’s so good to be loving watching arsenal again. Being excited for it again. Seeing us still in the league talk come mid oct and knowing wenger isn’t here to balls it up

    “But your boyfriend is”. What a pathetic 60 year old man

  28. karim

    Jardim is having a mare this year but he’s been brilliant the past 4 seasons.

    4th goal for the kid now, that’s 4 goals in 12 minutes, Lyon are imploding 5/0 psg

  29. Joe

    Un bringing up something that happened over a decade ago shows the desperation of the Akbs to salvage something for wenger.


    Yes Un. We beat inter in 2003/2004. What does that have to do with us beating Fulham today?

  30. Pierre

    Why do you have such a problem with un liking Wilshere…it’s one of my biggest regrets in recent years that the injuries that Jack suffered prevented him from becoming the world class player that he was destined to be.

  31. NW9 gooner

    Bizarre comment by Un na . And Wilshere is gone, did not do much for us and we have at least freed up his wages for a better player next year

  32. Danny S

    I don’t understand people comparing what we are doing now to various moment during the wenger era.
    No one, and I mean no one can argue that wenger was a spent force and was slowly destroying the club and his legacy. So any comparison to him, i.e ‘when wenger did this no one cheered’ are irrelevant.
    Wenger could have beat united 10-0 in his last season, it still wouldn’t have masked his massive inadequacies. So any wenger did this or that arguments are imediately discredited because they mean nothing.

    Wenger had to go. Everyone knew that bar the last of the AKB’s

  33. Danny S

    Wiltshire has pretty much proven he is where he belongs now.

    Sentiment at arsenal lies dead next to wengers career.

    Onwards and upwards.

  34. un na naai

    One whiff of my ass and they crawl right inYou fucking nutcases are so predictable. Dangle the bait and off you go pole slider. How long did it take you to google that result. Bet you’ve never been to Highbury have you? Been down a few greasy poles though I bet

    Danny s

    Doesn’t even know what I’m talking about
    The words inter at the san siro would instantly spring that memory Danny so you’re obviously another arsenal amoeba on the scenes recently ala Bamford and joe and the likes

  35. karim

    Lopes, the Lyon keeper, saved 3 one on one situations against M’bappe before conceding 4, all in the same half !

  36. un na naai


    Nobody here is denying that
    He had to go. I’m glad he’s gone. But this vitriolic reaction to him every time emery wins a game needs taking down a peg or two. I support emery wholeheartedly but a 5-1 against Fulham wouldn’t make wenger’s top 200 arsenal games. These fools obviously were not watching us 97-07 because if they were they’d know that. And I’m not talking highlight reels, I’m talking the way we would blow teams away non stop throughout those games.

  37. Danny S


    I’m well aware of the result etc.

    What I’m wondering is what relevance that has to anything g today?

    Singular results mean nothing when compared to the overal career.

    Did we conquer Europe that year? Did I miss that?

    The same people that would lambast others for picking out say the 8-2 defeat to united as a negative, sit and chirp about some irrelevant European result.

  38. Pierre

    “All foreign (non English) fans too it seems that take this position”

    Agreed…they do struggle to understand the game and what it means to support the club through good and bad times…

    Does the club actually need these supporters ,not really…..they drag the good name of the club through the dirt and then they have the gall to come out with all this bullshit when we win a few games.

    I guarantee that they will be the first to turn on Emery when/if it all goes tits up.

  39. Danny S

    The last 2 seasons we have been an embarrassment. The sheer fact Emery can string a few wins together with the players wenger made look like utter dross is astounding to me.
    So yeah we get little pumped up about Emery.

  40. Danny S


    A zonophobe and a homophobe.

    Also no idea of the effect of foreign merch sales on our profits.

    Showing yourself up a bit here.

  41. NW9 gooner

    Un na – may not make Arsene’ s 200 of 1998-2007 but 2015 -18! Must be in the top ten – u are just being naive and digging deeper for yourself – I was and am a big supporter of Arsène but you don’t eat stuff after their best before date do you. Arsene is gone he is history now . We may not achieve again what he did in the first few years but am optimistic about our future.

  42. Dissenter

    You might have missed the pat where I was telling Joe to go easy on you.
    I actually understand the point you’ve been trying to make about our lack of a pattern with the new manager.
    It’s just that it’s all laced in hypocritical irony given that you neglected all of Wenger’s shittery. All you used to lambast us is to get behind the team, something you’ve forgotten to do lately.
    It’s just rich seeking you get so logical given that logic deserted you when Wenger was around.
    I’ve never doubted you as a gooner. You have more right than I to enjoy the win given your long association with the club.

  43. NW9 gooner

    If the top four position would need 75-78 points and we have 18 from 8 what we need is a maximum of 60 points from our remaining 30 games not very difficult if we continue to play as we are doing

  44. Michael24

    Un na naai


    What are you talking about?

    That was 2003-04. 15 frigging years ago, when Wenger sort of had a clue. Wasn’t that the year we went out to Chelski in the 1/4 Finals?

    That’s right, what a great European record the French master had.

  45. Joe


    Top 4 with hopefully a Europa or minor cup ( fa or league) would be a very very successful season for the arsenal and Emery

  46. Dissenter

    Go easy on Pierre.
    He is just making his way out of Wenger’s colon, the butt cheeks gave him a major concussion. It’s takes a long time to reacclimatize after spending 10+ years covered in Wenger’s you-know-what.
    He is the only true fan, us foreign fans are lesser gooners.

  47. Joe

    Can’t remember. Did we win a trophy for beating Inter that year???

    And yet Un will be the first one
    To laugh at spuddies fans for celebrating their win over inter in 2010.

    Akbs and spuds fans. Two peas in a pod.

  48. Danny S


    The ‘we beat inter that year trophy’ sits firmly next to our numerous ‘top four tropheys’.

    Have some respect.

  49. Joe


    You’d be angry too

    Imagine being an akb and you’ve put all your belief in one man. Only to find out more than a dozen years later you were wrong the whole time. You’ve be defensive too as you’ve been made to look a massive tool

    Kind of like what the flat earther’s will
    Feel like when they come to their senses

  50. Danny S

    Also don’t forget we got thumped 3-0 by them at Highbury.

    Wenger has a bumbling air of postman pat about him…..

  51. Michael24

    Ah well, here I go again.

    The truly amazing thing in all of this, is that those fans who supported Arsenal , I mean Arsene, studiously during these past few years don’t realise that they were the ones causing the problem.

  52. NW9 gooner

    Pierre that’s a really stupid comment you made regarding outside support- what is the fan base of AFC – how many in U.K. I am sure you will find that they outnumber our local fans by innumerable times . You are Jenkyl and Hyde – good on occasions but just daft so many times . In fact I think that local supporters like you are more of a problem- here at least we have a affinity- what do they have except genuine fans love

  53. UTarse

    When he ran half the pitch and turned zanetti inside out before rifling into bottom corner. Classic Thierry.

  54. Champagne charlie

    “The truly amazing thing in all of this, is that those fans who supported Arsenal , I mean Arsene, studiously during these past few years don’t realise that they were the ones causing the problem.“

    I implore you to give topics like this a miss more often than not, you come out with some odd statements. It’s not helped by your flippant remarks about abandoning support for Arsenal and becoming a Fulham fan….today of all days.

  55. Dissenter

    I’ve been to Highbury, more times than I can remember.

    The one place that I’ve never been in is to reside in Wenger’s colon, which is where Pierre and his ilk have been in for the better part of the last decade.

  56. NW9 gooner

    Michael you are just as obtuse as Pierre or worse – how is a supporter responsible for AFC – so you are also – I gather that you hated Arsene but it is becoming boring now – he is gone so just relax and enjoy what we are seeing now

  57. alexanderhenry

    Brilliant result and performance .
    I didn’t quite know what to make of Emery – there were things I liked and things I didn’t., but today was the first really complete performance from Arsenal.

  58. NW9 gooner

    Joe Success or not but top four finish and we have improved and will provide us with some extra funds to bring in new players .

  59. NW9 gooner

    Alex -agreed . We are slowly getting what UE wants – the pressing was so much better the midfield more compact . What I am more happy is the improvement in some of our players like Holding Bellerin

  60. China

    To whoever said attacks against wenger are personal and wenger never did anything personal to us, well he robbed us of all the basic joys of watching football for the best part of a decade, treated the fans with quite open disdain whenever they applied him any pressure in the stadium at all and turned their entire club into his own play thing without even caring about maintaining or building quality or results

    And he did all this knowing that the fans were paying the highest ticket prices in world football. But because fans are fans, they suck it up and pay because you can never really cut off your team. So yeah actually it is/was personal.

  61. Joe

    From ESPN article:

    1. Arsenal fans can enjoy their football again

    “We’ve got our Arsenal back,” sang the travelling fans as Aaron Ramsey scored the Gunners’ third goal in their latest victory, this one 5-1 at Fulham. This was Arsenal’s ninth in a row in all competitions, making those early season woes seem like a very long time ago, and at least providing some optimism and enthusiasm in the stands.

    Nobody expects Unai Emery’s side to challenge for the title this season, but at the very least watching Arsenal is no longer a chore. With Arsene Wenger gone, the weight of a diminishing legend being their manager has been lifted. This is an Arsenal team playing football that satisfies the aesthetic demands while collecting points at the same time.

    In the away end, those fans were having fun watching Arsenal again.

    Everyone knows it and sees it.

    Bar …

  62. Dissenter

    Shush you foreign fan.
    Don’t you know your place?
    Didn’t you read the great Pierre just say that;
    1. You “do struggle to understand the game”?
    2. You “struggle [with] what it means to support the club through good and bad times”?

  63. Champagne charlie


    That’s subjective, and displays incredible emotional insecurity to be frank. Robbed of joy for ten years? Hopefully you see a professional for such hardship, ptsd is serious and you have friends on here if you ever need to share further.

    I rebuked Joe for his clear jubilation at the idea Wenger would be hurt by facets of todays game. I pointed some plain truths out, Joe is a middle aged man with kids, who openly wishes ill of a pension-aged man he’s never met. Let that sink in.

    Personal isn’t the word you’re looking for, it’s petty.

  64. Joe


    You think wenger cared he hurt fans , lied to fans, talked down to the fans, actually blamed the fans , disrespected fans the last dozen years while being an arrogant prick and making 100m pounds?

    and if he didn’t get sacked would still be here smirking at the fans while ruining the enjoyment of arsenal for millions of fans

    He would have stayed and stole another 10m while not giving a fuck about you or me

    So yes I hope he heard the fans singing we have our Arsenal back today

  65. Joe


    You worship a man you’ve never met who has failed at his job for a dozen years while milking your club for millions and mocking fans like you.

    Let that sink in

  66. Marko

    Charlie you take some of the Wenger stuff too literal and too personal it seems too. Why you feel the need to get into it with someone everytime they say something about him and why you don’t just ignore it is beyond me. You’re not going to change how people like Joe feel about the guy

  67. alexanderhenry

    I’m particularly impressed with Lacazette. He’s added some grit to his game which you need in the PL.
    He’s an intelligent player, finds space, links up well and can finish.
    If he stays fit I can se him getting 20 plus goals or thereabouts.

  68. China

    Lol. Just lol.

    Poor old pensioner wenger. I mean he’s earned about 100m from arsenal despite not even making an effort for the second 50 of that but still. Poor old man, eh

    How exactly does it show emotional insecurity that when someone actively pisses on your parade that you would stop enjoying it and also blame them for doing so?

    You see, a true blue AKB always shows their true colours. Pretty much all of you play the ‘I wanted him to go at the end too!’ But admit bemusement that people stopped enjoying the shit sandwich he was serving us for years. If you can’t understand why people stopped enjoying it and have started enjoying it again now it goes to show your enjoyment has nothing to do with football.

    Who can forget him stringing is along 2 years ago as the football dropped to the lowest levels in his tenure (until his last season ofc) and he was going snide on the media and fans in the interviews whilst refusing to comment on his contract situation, as it quite clearly was making everything worse. Then at the end he signs the deal and was like ‘yeah I guess my contract circus was a negative distraction afterall!’ – fucking cunt. He had to make every thing about him and couldn’t care less if it damaged the club in doing so

    The old cunt wrecked the amazing legacy he should have had and turned us into the biggest laughing stock of elite football. So if you find it subjective that he robbed most arsenal fans of any joy it’s because you are either being a wittingly blind prick or it’s because you never stopped enjoying squatting behind him

    The poor old pensioner fuck me…

  69. Champagne charlie

    Still doing that thing where you tell others their pov. Lol brilliant, role model to your kids there.

    Spot on, he got kicked a bit last year but he’s sussed that side of it in England and is turning into a fantastic number 9 for us. Long may it continue.

  70. scotsgooner

    Remember Wenger’s old wise words – consistency (along with top top qualidee) wins you the league?

    This team are making winning a habit and long may it continue!!

  71. Champagne charlie


    Grab a tissue and wipe down your keyboard.

    Nobody is saying poor Wenger, can you read? I said Joe is petty for being gleeful at the idea of Wenger being upset. Your little hissy about “AKBs” and the like was noise, I didn’t bother with it truth be told.

  72. China

    ‘Wishes ill’

    Lol I don’t think joe wishes wenger to suffer any tragic loss, die of AIDS or you know, something actually that bad. He just wants a guy who shat on us from up high for a decade to hear we aren’t missing him

    This poor old pension aged man being wished ill upon bs is hilarious

  73. Joe

    Haha yes Charlie

    Tell us again how wenger had another PL in him under a new owner haha

    I don’t have to tell anyone your POV. It’s painfully obvious for everyone to see

  74. China

    You wouldn’t know I had a ‘hissy fit’ if you hadn’t bothered with it tho lol

    You know what else is noise? The sweet sound of those salty AKB tears falling every time the great lord’s name is mentioned in less than positive terms

  75. Joe

    You’ve already had Pierre saying “ careful what you wish for” ring true about 10 days ago haha. Bet every akb feels the same way. Just hoping Emery fails so they can prove they were right the last dozen year instead of looking like fools. Too bad 9 wins a row proves otherwise

    You don’t think wenger would glow in watching Emery fail after we left?
    Of course he would because he’s that big of an arrogant prick.

  76. Champagne charlie

    “Tell us again how wenger had another PL in him under a new owner haha“

    Making the same embarrassing remarks that blew up in Banfords face just yesterday? Awareness not your defining strength there pal

  77. Champagne charlie

    “You wouldn’t know I had a ‘hissy fit’ if you hadn’t bothered with it tho lol”

    Riiight, the three block paragraphs didn’t give it away at all. But it’s others with the apparent tears lol

  78. Joe

    Laughing stock of the PL. bottom
    Of the league teams fans singing “ Arsene Wenger, we want you to stay”. How embarrassing.

    Laughing stock in the CL. Bayern players laughing on world wide TV as we get picked to play them. Embarrassing

  79. Joe

    Sorry Charlie but you said it

    More than one person saw it

    That’s more collaboration than the FBI found in their investigation.

    You said it bro. Man up and admit it.

  80. Leedsgunner

    I bet Aaron Ramsey’s agent is rejoicing tonight. That third goal was a work of beauty and a fantastic clip on which to hawk his client all over Europe. That was the best of Ramsey… The main problem with him was he wasn’t consistent enough.

    One amazing goal isn’t going to cover up the fact he is a hard working player who flatters to deceive.

    I hope someone bites and gives Sven and Raul a nice wad of cash we can use to buy a dynamic scoring winger in January.

  81. China

    ah every time someone posts 3 paragraphs it’s a hissy fit. Will remember that rule. I wonder how many of your posts qualify

  82. Champagne charlie


    Quote was literally posted and said exactly what i’ve always stated it said. Weird that i know what i’ve written, i know.

    Sadly my friend just because you spin something a certain way doesn’t make It the truth. As i’ve said, you’re only interested in assigning povs to people instead of actually absorbing what they’re saying. Even when you do you throw in ‘what’s really meant behind it’ to obscure further.

  83. China

    Shut up joe they were talking about club sandwiches being back on the craven cottage menu after a brief hiatus from 2015-2018.

    Nothing else to see here

  84. Dissenter

    I recall that fateful hostage video n May 31. 2017 when Wenger sat with Gazidis and waxed lyrical even though it was obvious to everyone else that he had nothing left in the tank.
    He took the money and kept up the charade. It was all about him and his fear of the future.

  85. Champagne charlie


    No that’d be your daft presumption of matters. Reality is the tone was set when you chimed in stating personal feelings were hurt; you proceeded to offer up an MLA style retort to the quip that Joe was petty for parading glee about Wenger being somehow upset.

  86. Champagne charlie


    Sorry bruv, i’ll keep it propa simple for ya yea? Lemme just fuck off my education and talk like a geeza cos some cunt in china wants to act like a part-time professor

  87. Joe


    You said wenger would have another PL title in him under a different because he would the expectation/ambition whatever word you chose , would be higher on wenger

    It doesn’t change the fact you think wenger would have another title in him

    I beg to differ. Wenger would have made kept making us worse no matter who the owner was. He was finished a dozen years ago.

    If he has another title in him, why hasn’t any other team picked him up???

    Also. Why wasn’t self motivated enough to try hard enough to win a title without a owner telling him he had to deliver???

    Tell you why? Because he wasn’t good enough.

  88. Champagne charlie


    Yea, except the familiar trap is being fallen for once again. You don’t have any authority in deciding whether I’m “trying so hard”, that’s just your (ignorant) assumption.

    I don’t need to parade my alma mater like some twat (no offence banford), or sell myself as an authority via my profession (seriously, no offence Banford it’s coincidence mate honest).

  89. David Smith

    Defensive issues remain, but players shoot, attack with speed, we have torriera, heads don’t drop after letting in goals, no more shite about the Arsenal way – whatever that is, players look fitter, if the game is at noon, the players practice for a noon game, manager not afraid to substitute anybody at virtually any time.
    Things are already very different to Wenger, don’t let anyone say otherwise.

  90. Joe


    Why would away fans sing that song other than to mock wenger with it?

    You can’t be that thick or that naive

    Never been sung before until now


    It was amazing to hear that song

  91. Dissenter

    China and CC
    What kind of implements do you want to use to resolve this never ending argument.
    Sword duel or pistol duel?

  92. China

    Scots I never watch his interviews. Are they different from the usual nothing comments from the other managers?

  93. Champagne charlie


    Let’s be clear, your ignorant views of me don’t qualify as an insult. I also haven’t the slightest bit of interest in your disapproval over taking the piss out of Banford, he’s earned every letter.

  94. Dissenter

    “Does anyone else watch emery’s interviews and at the end of it go ‘wtf?’”

    I don’t have any clue about what Emery is saying or trying to say.
    I’ve refused to listen to his press conferences since the inaugural after he was first hired.
    I prefer to read his prose from the football on the field.

  95. Joe

    So it wasn’t my POV on your post

    I had you perfectly pegged CC

    That’s why you shut up about it now because I had it spot on with what you wrote.

  96. Joe

    Well group me in with all those petty away fans rubbing it in wenger’s face when they sang

    “ we have our Arsenal back “

  97. Marko

    Reports Arsene dithered on signing Salah because he was deemed too wasteful are hilarious. Totally unrelated but he was okay with signing Danny Welbeck

  98. Marko

    I don’t need to parade my alma mater like some twat (no offence banford), or sell myself as an authority via my profession (seriously, no offence Banford it’s coincidence mate honest).

    You’re obsessed