8 in row!

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The show DOES go on. Unai Emery racked up an impressive 8 wins on the bounce, the first time we’ve rocked that many since 2015. That year we finished 2nd to the mighty Leicester and won an FA Cup. I’d take that this season.

So what did we learn?

Well, we’re good at beating shit teams. The Europa League is our level currently, and we’re very good when we get to strut out stuff on trendy Thursday nights. Emery is still trying to work through style challenges, this competition gives the players on the fringe the chance to click with his system.

Guendouzi was impressive, scoring the third goal from a low dragged shot from the edge of the box. His range of passing is impressive and against weaker opposition, you could really see the sort of player he could become.

Smith Rowe took a while to settle into the game, but again, you can see where his career is heading if he keeps his focus. His power is immense for someone of 19 and he’s already scoring. His goal from a well-timed Iwobi pass was clinical.

Iwobi, player of the season so far (I jest, kind of), put in another great performance. He’s very much focused on an end product this year and he’s using his brain to open up space with clever runs into space.

I also thought Kolasinac as a left wing-back was impressive. He dropped some outrageous skills, always looking to be found out wide, making some incisive passes.

The win was fairly straightforward, but let’s be honest, simple games in Europe have been anything but under Arsene Wenger.

Overall, the team still needs a lot of work if it’s going to push for top 4, but as plenty have said in the comments, if the club can make CL through the back door, who wouldn’t take it? It’ll give us the money to hire in better talent.

All eyes on the next game that sees us heading for a Sunday matchup against Fulham.

Can Emery see in the big 9? We’ll see… onwards and upwards!

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  1. Marc

    I’m curious what’s going to happen with Ramsey now. He didn’t travel on Thursday because his wife is due to give birth at any moment but he was dropped today. Was he being shoe horned in as part of the negotiations? Emery’s had no issue dropping other players and Ramsey before today was pretty bad. Are we playing hardball and if Ramsey wants a big offer from another club he’s got to put in some performances.

    If they don’t “flood in” will he drop his demands?

  2. Dream10

    We had 75 points in 16-17 and finished 5th.
    Liverpool finished with 76 points.

    We’re on 18pts
    Another 52-55pts needed for CL football.

  3. Marc


    Well we finish 12 points off 4th last season and we’ve made up 8 points already this season from away matches we dropped points in. So far so good on the points front.

  4. China

    Fuck me as someone who is colorblind, city Liverpool today is the worst color clash I’ve seen in AGES

    This is unwatchable for someone as colourblibd as me. 22 players on the same side fucks sake

  5. Dream10


    That’s fantastic. Last year, we had 47pts at home and just 16pts away. I think.

    We should be aiming for 45pts at home and 30-35pts away.

  6. mysticleaves

    Marc, I don’t think Arsenal and Ramsey are still negotiating. Actually i hope they don’t resume. We all know what kind of a player Ramsey can be at times but it’s in in the position Emery has been playing him. Will be better for all if he left and was replaced by a winger.

  7. Marko

    6 minutes in and Liverpool have been camped in City’s half. I hope Emery is watching this high press by Liverpool forcing errors from City’s defenders we won’t be able to get away with that sort of thing

  8. China

    Marko it looks alright to you because you’re not colourblind 😀

    For someone with my vision it’s an unbelievable clash. Red vs murky red (when the camera is far out). When the camera zooms in close I can tell the difference

    …. such is colourblind life…

  9. Marc


    Look on the brightside (no pun intended) it could be worse you could be watching in black and white and have John Motson tell you that Liverpool are the team playing in red.

  10. Wenker-wanger

    First match CITY….champions in their pomp…emerys first real game…going to be hard and a loss not unexpected. CHELSEA… lost 3-2…but better finishing could’ve even won….and that’s his 2nd propper match!
    Since then we’ve won every game. Sure sometimes a bit lucky to have won….but as the saying goes, the harder you work the luckier you get.
    Today was a treat….and it is definitely progressing.
    The real test is Liverpool in a few weeks. I don’t think we will win but our strikers could certainly make it a close game or even a draw wouldn’t be surprising.

  11. China

    Lol Marc as funny as that is there’s no discenerable difference between that scenario and what I’m getting with this game haha

  12. Joe


    I don’t think we lose that match. The boys will be up for it. A few more weeks for Emery to get his system instilled.

    Emery’s red and white army!

  13. Marko

    I feel for you China.

    I just heard Liverpool fans chant there’s only one Eden Hazard. Clearly think Sterling and Mahrez ain’t shit

  14. Leedsgunner

    Busy watching my son kill it on the tennis court so I missed the game but nice to come home to a brilliant score line.

    Well done Arsenal!

  15. Joe


    Oh right. I forgot

    Victorious said the same thing when
    He mentioned we were dormonating home matches last season


    Akbs are so cute

  16. EdTheRed

    Eleven Arsenal players on the pitch, looking like they fucking care, that’s all I wished for. Thank you Emery, for granting my humble wish.

  17. grooveydaddy


    I haven’t watched any of their games, but he’s got 2 goals from 4 sub appearances (total of about 90 mins played).

  18. Joe


    Exactly. Their is excitement again with the arsenal.

    You see it in the players. The manager. And the crowd!!!

    It’s not the walking dead roaming the sideline struggling with his zipper as the players go through the motions on the field mirroring the managers energy or lack
    There of.

  19. Dream10

    Steve & Marc

    75+ pts usually does the trick. The only season that 75 did not get CL football was 16-17. Similar right now with five teams averaging at two pts per match

    Think City and the Spuds are the only two I see making it for sure. Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool and Utd for two spots.

  20. McBright is Wright

    Thanks Un9 Emery thus far! Thanks for the Full Harm done to the graven cottagers. Wow i feel like a bunch of berry buried in ice and floating on a berg

  21. Marko

    Reiss Nelson is getting first team minutes in a major league that he otherwise wouldn’t be getting here and he’s scoring in what little game time he’s getting. It’s a good move for him and us

  22. Up 4 grabs now

    Evening all,

    Had to work today and didn’t get home until the end of the game so watched it before coming here now.
    Great result with some top draw goals.

    Last season we go in at half time drawing after leading and we lose the game.
    This year we actually do have ze mental strength.
    (Sorry couldn’t resist it)

    We played as a team, the passing was fast and crisp, and we didn’t tire. Emery pulled a masterstroke giving them Friday off.
    I can’t say I was surprised when I heard Wenger would still get them in for training when landing on a Friday. Joke.

    Bellerin and mustafi both looked good today and slowly improving.
    Holding and Iwobi over the last few games have really impressed me as well.
    Goal of he season from Ramsay but doubt he will be here next season.
    Overall great weekend, shame utd won, but at least we’re above spurs, st totteringhams day is back on this season!

  23. Wenker-wanger

    Have to say I think hazard could be the next ballon d’Or winner. What a player….. Could be a record prem haul of goals for him.

  24. london gunner

    Hazard has flattered to deceive for many seasons, but he finally has the consistency top level players have

  25. TR7

    I really liked Leno’s ability on the ball, a natural passer of the ball. Looks completely at ease. He was one of the reasons we looked fluid today.

  26. Wenker-wanger

    Agreed let’s talk about Wenger.
    Why would we want to do that?
    I mean why would anyone choose to mention that loser?
    I mean I don’t want to come on here throwing all kinds of derogatory words in his direction, because I don’t need to!
    I wouldn’t want to say fraud charlatan imposter because frankly I have no reason to
    Oh zip up specialist in failure, tactically inept, same old feeble tippy happy football boring soft underbellied useless play…..oh overpaid posturing arrogant control-freak………………..
    (Ref: Derek and Clive discussing swearing)
    Derek and Clive circa 1976….

  27. Marc


    “Think City and the Spuds are the only two I see making it for sure. Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool and Utd for two spots.”

    Think you’re miles off there. City and Liverpool for top 2, I said at the start of the season it would be the other 4 chasing 2 places. Currently Chelsea look good for third but they do lack a top striker. The Spud’s just look worn out already, haven’t strengthened and still have to move into the new stadium with the effect that will have. Utd look in real trouble can they turn it around? All depends on when they sack Mourinho and who they replace him with. As it stands I think 4th is between us and the Spud’s.

  28. Up 4 grabs now

    75-78 points should be enough for champions league next year.
    I thought we would be in the mix because we couldn’t have a worse season away than last year.
    Four away wins all season, and we already have three in four away this year.

    As much as its nice to be a few points off the top it would be a miracle to finish higher than fourth this year.
    It all depends on those games against the big guns. Win a few of those and anything is possible, and the bindippers will be the big test.

    City and the bindippers are boring me to tears have a shot at goal far, has either keeper had to make a save?

  29. Marc

    “Hazard has flattered to deceive for many seasons, but he finally has the consistency top level players have”

    What’s that having a great season, switching off for a season and they starting well again?

  30. TR7

    Given Chelsea’s recent track record, it wouldn’t surprise me if they won the league beating City and Pool to it. Hazard is in scintillating form.

  31. Joe


    If Emery can keep this progress going , why can’t we keep pace with Chelsea etc. Get a good result v pool and spuddies and keep beating the teams we should beat.

    All top clubs will drop points where they shouldn’t. We just have to make sure we don’t wenger too many matches.

    Some reinforcements needed in Jan for sure.

  32. Up 4 grabs now

    Keep hazard fit all season and Chelsea have a chance, could do a salah.
    But if he misses a month, and there buggered.
    Still can’t believe with all the mess surrounding conte and sarri that Madrid didn’t swoop for hazard once ronaldo left, Madrid struggling for goals.

  33. Marc


    Everytime Chelsea have won the league they’ve had a dominating striker who racks up goals. They’ve then had players like Hazard adding to the tally. Do you think Hazard will increase his tally by enough to cover for the lack of a Drogba or Costa?

  34. un na naai

    What’s with all the 180s on Ramsey? All week he was getting slated. Now the platitudes??? He was on the end of a classy goal but I couldn’t give two hoots if he stays. I’d rather that he leaves. Not a fan. He did well today with ozil out of the way don’t get me wrong but if he thinks he’s worth anything more than £180k a week then he’s mistaken. He’s proved nothing but his sheer inconsistency. It would be a mistake to award him a bumper salary as he will just return to type.

    We’ve tried Ramsey over and over and over again. He’s gone backwards

    If we

  35. Marc


    Agree but whilst he’s not a bad striker he’s no Drogba or Costa. Chelsea would need Giroud to have a purple patch that was stunning or they need Morata to suddenly click. Can’t see it happening. City to finish top with Liverpool second.

  36. Joe


    Who’s saying anything?

    It was a great team goal with a classy finish

    That’s it

    No one thinks ransey is worth what he’s asking except Gazidis

  37. Up 4 grabs now


    Yes mate, definitely need strengthening in January.
    I do think we’re more than capable of beating the little team’s playing this way so a lot more points than last season.

    It’s the top teams we need to really get our act together.
    Beat utd home and away, don’t lose at anfield, draw or win away at spurs wherever there home game is going to be this year.
    If we can start to do that again, anything is possible.
    This season maybe a season to early?
    I hope not though, I really think fourth is looking a lot easier to get than last year.
    Utd are piss poor, and the spuds aren’t great.

  38. TR7


    Yeah, a fair point and probably the only reason Chelsea are not being talked in the same breath as City and Pool for the league title. But then nobody though they would win the league in 2016-2017 having finished 10th the season before. They have players who know what it takes to win the league unlike players at Liverpool. They haven’t lost a game yet and are clearly in the mix.

  39. Leedsgunner

    Let’s hope none of our players pick up injuries during the interlull and those who have been sidelined are ready to go.

    After the break we have a flurry of games, all banana skins. If we win the games we can against the best of the rest and draw against the top sides anything can happen.

    It’s great be winning and in the hunt.

  40. Marc

    Whilst you can’t predict what every other team will do for Arsenal the reason we missed out on top 4 last season were 10 away results where we picked up a total of 3 points all season. None of these were against the top 6, 1 point against the relegated teams, draws with West Ham and Southampton who both spent most of the season in a relegation battle and then losing to teams where ” you get” a win or a draw if you have any sort of quality in at least 5 matches.

    We’ve already picked up 8 more points in the corresponding matches so far this season. The only match where we’ve had a reduced points tally is Chelsea away where we should have at least matched last seasons draw.

  41. Joe

    Listen to the posters on here

    There is genuine enthusiasm for the Arsenal again.

    There is hope

    We have our Arsenal back

  42. China

    Una who has done a 180 on Ramsey

    He can fuck right off

    But he still scored one of the best team goals I’ve seen in the last decade today. Just because I strongly dislike him and think he’s overrated as fuck, doesn’t mean I can’t credit him for his involvement in that wonder goal (and it absolutely was one)

  43. Marc


    Think I heard a bad back mentioned. Don’t think there was anything in it – he travelled to the arse end of the world on Thursday I don’t think 15 miles across London was an issue.

  44. Up 4 grabs now

    I actually posted a few months ago, we lost eighteen points from a winning position last season, and that was against the bottom half sides, usually with 30 minutes to go.

    This year emery has as playing till the 94th minute.
    The defence is not at its best but the mental strength is there with no shaky collapses looking likely.

    Although not as good as city Chelsea or the bindippers we are better than the spuds and utd in my opinion.

  45. Bamford10

    Last season Salah scores that. And the one earlier. He’s still excellent, but he’s not in that insane flow he was in last year. It still could come back at any time, though, IMO.

  46. Up 4 grabs now

    Lol, definitely both.
    They are proper knuckle draggers. Two seasons finishing above us and they really thought it puts them on a par with us.
    Can you imagine if they actually won a trophy!

    They won the league in black and white, they won the league in black and white!

  47. Up 4 grabs now

    And as for utd, they should have stuck with moysie.
    There supporters are almost as annoying as the bindippers.

  48. Leftsidesanch

    Liverpool really solid at the back, they defend as a team now which is just as important as their potent strike force.

  49. Up 4 grabs now


    Only if we’re in the title race, which unfortunately I don’t think we are.
    Rather city win and put the bindippers in there place.
    Only the spuds winning the league would be worse than the bindippers.

    Penalty to city come on.

  50. Leftsidesanch

    Poor pen, lolol absolutely ridiculous when gifted a chance to end their horrible away record at Anfield

  51. raptora

    Why do you give a dude with 3 misses in his last 5 pens to blow another one in one of your most important games in the season?! New player in your team also…

  52. nepGunner

    Up 4

    I don’t want to sound negative, but I don’t think the change of manager has grown any positive vibes in you. For me this draw means we are just two points off the top 3 and in 4th place (remember 4th is a trophy).

    I’m very grounded in terms of our title contendership this year and shall allow Unai at least 2 transfers windows before I start demanding we start challenging for the top spot.

    But hey, Leicester miracle was just a few years ago…so who am I to deny Unai his luck?

  53. Wenker-wanger

    I predicted a draw…not 0-0 though….. Only listening on the radio…..Mahrez wonderful skill, but not one of those shearer type reliable attacking players.

  54. un na naai

    China joeI noticed comments earlier about hoping Ramsey signs a new contract and other such nonsese. He’s a useful player but unless he gets his attitude sorted out then that’s his ceiling now. He could have been world class. He had that potential. 12/13 ruined him. Gave him ego. All that aside, I really really enjoyed our win today. We played with verve for the first time in I don’t know how long. And yes Ramsey’s goal was a thing of beauty and he deserves a big chunk of credit for his involvement. Not as nice as Wilshere vs Norwich but not far off

    As for all this akb nonsese
    What makes any of you dick cheeses (JOE) think that anyone who gave wenger support during his reign wouldn’t enjoy an arsenal win are deluded. Unlike the MUGS who wanted us to finish 6th and lose games just to change manager, we want an arsenal win in every single game, no matter the personnel. It’s notmally the non English cling ons or the yuppies who couldn’t kick a ball and 20 years ago would have been more interested in wine tasting or croquette

  55. Jeff

    What a lovely weekend it’s turned out to be. We’re above Tottenham and only 2 points from the top. Can’t be bad. See you after the international break.

  56. Marko

    Very good player obviously but not quite Citeh level.

    To be fair Gundogen is probably their best pen taker the rest have missed some too Gabriel was one in 3 himself. Messi arguably the goat but he’s a bit shit at pens

  57. Up 4 grabs now

    Trust me I am Mr optimistic and very positive about emery.
    But he has a lot of crap to sort out, With the mess that was left behind.
    At the start of the season I thought 4th would be an outside chance, now I believe it’s the minimum where we will finish.

    I just think this season will be to a season to early for a title tilt.
    And emery has to be backed and given what he needs in the next two Windows though, for us to have a title shout next season.
    Trust me loving the new era though.

  58. un na naai

    Wenger wanker

    He couldn’t lace shearers boots. Even mentioning him in the same breath is an insult to a giant of the game

  59. WengerEagle

    Was just about to say Marko, heading into the 2nd inter-lull only 2 points off the top spot and sitting in 4th a week into October coming off of 9 wins on the bounce, you’d certainly have taken that at the start of the season wouldn’t you?

    Especially after the defeats to Citeh and Chelsea although we had our moments vs the Chavs and cold well have won if Auba hadn’t been impersonating Sanogo.

  60. WengerEagle


    Messi guarantees you a goal a game though so chances are that he’ll still score a goal even if he misses a pen.

    Think his career conversion rate is about 75% as well so not quite shit, just average.

  61. Wenker-wanger

    Interesting that the top sides are cautiously avoiding defeat as a priority when they play each other…..you can understand that….. What could be useful is that we could slip in un-noticed…..I don’t think we are considered in any way challengers…that could work in our favour.

  62. WengerEagle


    Reminded me of Rojo taking out M’Bappe in the WC QF, his touch was taking him far wide of the goal and at worst he would have knocked in a dangerous ball to the runners.

    Low defensive IQ showing.

  63. Marc

    How many of our players are off on international duty? Not a huge amount of core players (especially in defence I’d imagine), gives Emery two weeks to keep the coaching sessions going.

  64. Marko

    WE if you had to put a finger on what part of his game is his weakest you’d say pens 100% in fact if it wasn’t him he probably would have been taken off them years ago.

    Shame about the international break though our dicks are up and they’re rock hard.

  65. WengerEagle


    No doubt but Neymar is weak at pens too, as is Ronaldo on FK’s in the last few seasons and he’s now the undisputed taker over potentially the best in Europe at set pieces in Pjanic.

    Try telling those lads that they aren’t on set piece duty though haha.

  66. Up 4 grabs now


    My heart says we win the next 30 league games, the Europa league, the FA cup, and the hi carumba cup as well.
    Auba and laca get the golden boot with 50 goals each and emery manager of the year.

    My head says, stand away from the sharp objects, my pills are ready!

  67. Joe

    As for all this akb nonsese
    What makes any of you dick cheeses (JOE) think that anyone who gave wenger support during his reign wouldn’t enjoy an arsenal win are deluded. Unlike the MUGS who wanted us to finish 6th and lose games just to change manager, we want an arsenal win in every single game, no matter the personnel. It’s notmally the non English cling ons or the yuppies who couldn’t kick a ball and 20 years ago would have been more interested in wine tasting or croquette

    Hey dick cheese

    You know it wasn’t us on Le Grove that made us finish 6th

    It’s was the cunt wenger.

    We didn’t have to wish for anything. Wenger made it happen all on his own.

    We have our Arsenal back

    It’s great how much those words will be killing wenger to hear. A lost decade because of him and his followers.

    Shame really. It could have been so different if wenger was swept aside a decade ago

  68. HillWood

    Up 4
    I’ve clocked up some air miles today mate
    London to Japan and back to Fulham in one day was a tad hectic !

  69. Champagne Charlie

    “It’s great how much those words will be killing wenger to hear“

    Joe you sound unstable with sentiments like that.

    You’re giddy at the speculative prospect of a 70 year old feeling upset. A 70 year old who has no clue who you are.

    Sort your life out lol

  70. Joe


    You have been posting just to start arguements

    Ransey post and now the wenger one

    We get it. You’re pissed off wenger is gone and can’t handle Emery has come in and given everyone hope and excitement

    You hate that WOBs were right and that wenger was the issue and that we are happy and positive.

    Now go one like Pierre victorious and Vic Vic and the other Akbs and make yourself scarce

    This place is better off without you akb lot

  71. mysticleaves

    WE, that Neymar’s second free kick in their UCL match though. Flew under the radar. If Messi scored it, people would have claimed to the best in ages

  72. Pierre

    The team was positionally much more aware today, especially in the 2nd half…we wasn’t pressing high up and getting stretched as a team…
    The wide players and our no.10 were keeping it tight and were getting behind the ball waiting for the opportunity to break with pace…..worked a treat.

    I am hoping that today is a turning point in our tactics and performances…..

  73. Joe


    How many snide little remarks did that cunt make towrads the fans?

    How much disrespect he had for the fans?

    So yeah, I love that the fans were singing “ we have our Arsenal back” and hope wenger was listening.

    We have our Arsenal back and I am loving it

  74. WengerEagle


    Meant Neymar’s dodgy at PK’s, he’s class at FK’s.

    He scored one last season in the league from about 40 yards out, one of the best I’ve ever seen.

  75. Joe


    You worshipped a 60 year old failure of a manager(and still do) who had no idea who you were to the detriment of the club you say you love

    Sort your life out

  76. Joe

    What a win Pierre!

    I was fucking jumping off the couch when Ramsey scored!

    I’m estatic to be 2 points off the top

    I’m actually excited at the prospect of meeting of meeting Liverpool in a few weeks with the hope and excitement of a result!

    How about you pierre?

    Want to bore us some more with your negative posts

  77. Pierre

    Sounds like you jumped off the couch and given yourself brain damage.

    Repeat after me ” we have our Arsenal back “

  78. Champagne Charlie


    You’re acting like Wenger did something personally to you, and even then it’s embarrassing to harbour such ill will.

    I see we’re still doing that thing where you tell other people what their view is. Really? Even after Banford just made a royal cunt of himself the other night doing just that? Ok lol..

    But err, no I don’t worship him. We won 5-1 today and at the final whistle I was simply happ we’d payed well and scored some good goals. Takes a different breed altogether to foam about sticking it to a complete stranger on the back of it.

    Wengers day is done at Arsenal, his (most successful) chapter has been and gone. Your timely reminders are only serving to display your totally unstable mind. Grown man with kids wishing ill of a pensioner… get a grip lmao

  79. Wenker-wanger

    Ozil has already stepped up…..skill always there….he has added some extra committment I feel. He is scoring as well. I think we should be patient with him…..Emery is different to Wenger…..ozil can be motivated with the new manager. Of course in time if he flops then get rid.