Ramzzzzzzey agent tweets some stuff + Alexis goals per minute update

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The penguin was the Arsenal contract. Shortly after this was taken, his agent booted it out of his hands

I can’t get enough of watching Jose Mourinho spill his career down a toilet he’s been well and truly soiling for the past 3 seasons. Managers like him are a relic of the past. Stale ideas, a nasty approach to man management, and a horribly negative vision of what football should be.

My hope is United fire him and line up another washed up hack, the worry would be if they went hard for a real talent in the shape of Pochettino. I’d be very worried to see what a man like him to could do with a squad that needs some love and excitement. Personally, I’d send Ryan Giggs their way, and I’d pay for the train ticket.

There are also some very boring rumours that Arsenal might go back in for Alexis Sanchez.

Errr… guys… he earns £26m a year for some reason.

We packed him off for a £35m that now looks like a clear case of misrepresentation of goods. They could literally sue us for what we did. Outright revenge for that special signing they dropped on us years ago…  yeah, you remember the summer of Silvestre.

Anyway, I wouldn’t want a rancid personality like his near the dressing room. He went to United and was truly exposed for what he is… a talented individual incapable of playing as part of a team. That’s why Pep binned him the first time. Why United thought they’d get anything out of him playing in a criminally dire system like Mourinho’s… well, I have no idea.

Still, we’ll always have that piano visual. Those embarrassing commentaries about ‘how big clubs unveil players.’ That’s one of the archives. Embarrassing, start to finish.



Petr Cech is out for longer than we thought, up to 4 weeks now. That’s a shame. Hopefully, Leno plays so well he won’t return. Harsh, but so is the circle of life. Not sure if you’ve seen Lion King, it explains a lot.

Aaron Ramsey’s agent is attention seeking again, talking to fans, then deleting the tweets. I’d be majorly hacked off if I were a player and my agent just blew a deal for me, I’d be even more annoyed if they were making things worse on Twitter.

Here’s the thing, if Ramsey really was committed, he’d have signed in the summer. Whatever his agent was doing with the deal tipped the club over the edge to invest elsewhere and forfeit a transfer fee. Good riddance. I’m sure reuniting with the blandest CEO of all time is exactly the jump start his career needs.

Finally, there is no Mikhi on Thursday in Baku because of political nonsense.

Right, now we’re done here, how about you jump on the podcast and gorge yourself in Arsenal goodness?


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  1. un na naai


    I’ve been saying all along that we should be blooding holding more
    Always rated him. Any kid that could lock Diego Costa in his pocket has the talent to play centre half at a very very high level. Just how high we will have to see but certainly better than Mustafi and papa at his tender age already

    Funny though. Stroller slated him last year along with chambers. Always thought stroller had his finger on the pulse.
    Just goes to show that football is a game of opinions. Everyone gets it wrong at times.

  2. Michael24


    Edging into the CL would be a phenomenal achievement in Emery’s first season.

    I’d take it hook, line as sinker.

  3. Receding hairline

    Emery : middle of the road appointment

    Arteta: bold and brave, unknown, might explode and take us to the next level

    Yea Charlie I am misrepresenting your argument. Simple fact is you have no argument at all, you have been digging this ditch for yourself for a while now and lost all credibility. No wonder you are fuming. Keep digging

  4. Michael24

    The fact that some posters on here are still harping on about Arteta is unbelievable.

    The guy is not proven and, significantly, no one else wants him.

    He should apply for the Villa job and then we can really see what he’s all about.

    Even Villa may not want him.

  5. un na naai

    I’ve not been overly impressed with Sokratis. He’s not been really tested since Chelsea. He’s looked better than Mustafi but the jury is still out for me. So far holding has been our most impressive figure at centre half for me
    No real always solid
    Bellerin looking slightly more like a rb again these days

  6. un na naai


    You never know. Arteta could have us level with city. You can’t prove otherwise. I’m happy enough with emery as you can’t argue with 8 wins on the trot even if it is games that arsenal should be winning but there is no way of knowing how any other manager would fare at arsenal right now.

  7. N5

    Un na nai, I’m with you RE Sokratis. I thought he looked good against WestHsm, he put in some really tough no nonsense tackles but it’s not been replicated in any other game yet!

    I’m sure there is some adjustment time etc for him but I guess time will tell if he’s an Adams or a Mustafi!!

  8. Black Hei


    I am rooting for Khabib.

    But McGregor….he is like the old United. You want him to lose but he just can’t.

  9. Northbanker

    To me Sokatris was bought as a 1 season stop gap which makes sense when you consider Kos injury and need to blood in younger CBs

    Longer run I see Holding and maybe Mavrapanos forming the central partnership

    I just hope Hilding is now given time to cement his place

  10. KushDeGunner

    If Emery keeps winning the winnable games and lose against big opponents… We will make top four with ease…. Last season had wenger won at least 3-4 of the smaller teams away from home… We will be playing CL today

  11. TonyD

    Very happy 8 from 8

    Some didn’t’t see Charlie boy’s warning:

    “I take exception to ………..”

    Followed by:

    “You’re full of shit, and as I stated earlier I now take your misrepresentation as a deliberate move to discredit. Grow the fuck up and stop behaving like Emery is next of kin you thin skinned manchild.”

    Charlie is the only guy I know (only on here thankfully) who can have an argument in an empty room.

    Sorry Charlie not in prison. Mind you my wife’s uncles are a judge and police chief in BKK, not that I would infringe the laws here, just saying.

    Back in BKK again for the next 4 days with friends from the UK and finalizing my Home Theater upgrade.

    As I have no chance of getting to the Emirates with my son, what I’m installing will produce a good full surround representation of being at the ground in 4K on inch screen. The McIntosh MX160 processor with MC207 amp is a wicked product able to expertly stick together 7:2:4 speaker system.

    My son had exams so we couldn’t go to the Singapore games, but we’ll get to a game some time.

    Just got to decide on my sides and rear speaker as the final pieces of the system.

    Stephanie 14 would wonder why he was walking into an empty room after people seeing him approaching. A smarter person would, though, such as a 5 year old kid.

    Caddy boy Pierre and his abacas
    Wrong again Sanchez is far richer – silly analogy really but expected.
    Been playing with yourself on the golf course recently? Meant by yourself – sorry, but if the shoe fits – who knows with you?

    Really enjoy your posts and art of diplomacy.

    Didn’t you mention some time ago you worked for the government? I’d say you’d do a great job as Foreign Secretary.

    Have a good time in Thailand.

    I fancy us to beat Fulham

  12. Northbanker

    Banega being tipped as replacement for Ramsey

    At 30 I can’t see why we’d want him and doesn’t feel like a positive move unless we’re getting him on the cheap

  13. Northbanker

    Minds you he won’t wind me up as much as Ramsey does
    Never known anyone in years who loses possession and misses great chances to score at the rate he does

  14. Leedsgunner

    Ramsey’s contract wouldn’t have been retracted unless Sven and Emery had a replacement in mind. Very interested to see who it is.

    Has anybody else noticed that under Emery even in this run we seem to be avoiding injuries?

    I know AMN, Kolasinac and Mavropanos suffered setbacks really early in the season but we seemed to attracting less injuries as a whole.

    The only notable injury is Cech but apart from him, our squad seems quite solid on that front.

    If Emery can keep the squad relatively injury free it will keep our momentum going and save us millions in the long run.

  15. grooveydaddy


    Which speakers did you go for in the end?

    The first set of speakers I ever bought were KEF, as a teenager.

    Been loyal to the brand ever since…

  16. China


    You never know. Arteta could have us level with city. You can’t prove otherwise’

    Hahah yeah he might have and you’re right we can’t. Just like you can’t disprove that the Flying Spaghetti Monster is God or that my 2 year old son might be the Tianjinese Pele in 15 years as he already can play an accurate 5m pass.

    Heck we can’t disprove that anything could happen. I can’t even be certain that you won’t be the next arsenal manager and that you won’t be the one to deliver us CL glory. Maybe we should give you a chance!

  17. UTarse

    “Has anybody else noticed that under Emery even in this run we seem to be avoiding injuries?”

    You’ve just gone and done it haven’t you.

  18. China

    I’m not sure about the injury situation so I’ll reserve judgment on that

    December/January is when the bodies usually get heaped high and the season goes on the bonfire and this is emery’s First season so he’ll likely underestimate how heavy the winter schedule is and fuck us then

    Honestly I’ll be very surprised and impressed if emery doesn’t fuck up the winter period because even seasoned prem managers often do and for a first season I think it’s always a real eye opener. I’m expecting that and will be very pleased if he’s on the ball enough to get us through that period in one piece physically and with a solid points tally.

  19. Champagne Charlie


    Yea mate, no credibility for having a different opinion to you. Quality stuff.

    That’s your ilk in a nutshell, Jamie showed you how to post earlier when he stated his POV and mentioned how mine differed to his in some aspects and was the same in others.

    He didn’t mudsling and attemp to undermine like you because he’s not insecure about his POV, he’s big enough to understand there isnt one definitive POV to take in some instances. You’re actually pathetic.

    Nice ramblings mate, shit home cinema setup though they obviously saw you coming (well not literally given your height).

  20. China

    Charlie did you just complain about mudslinging and lecture someone on appropriate ways to address people then refer to someone else as TinyD, describe them as rambling and insult them…. all in the same post?

  21. N5

    Thanks TonyD, I used to be called the Sheriff on here for that reason! I don’t mean to do it but I just think sometimes the name calling weakens a good debate.

    PS, you’re right I do work for the Government, I’d like to say I was like James Bomd but sadly it’s just in I.T. for the department of Transport.

  22. tee

    Wenger alone wasn’t the problem.

    he was just the poster boy for the nitwits board to hide behind which made it difficult for them to question him.

    no sane person will leave a well paid job coupled with the backing of the owner just because some customers are not happy while other customers are backing him for past glories.

    now we have football people in charge and This alone makes me happy.

    kroenke already said he didn’t buy arsenal to win trophies which explains why he didn’t sack prof Wenger till revenue started to dwindle.

    It’s kinda funny how Pedro now viewed gazidis after he has been licking his ass for long just because Gaz sold him out.

    untold now makez more sense than le-grove. you should be there to see how our wins are celebrated and those useless tabloids attacked