Arsenal riding the luck train

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It’s very interesting reading the different perspectives on what’s going on at the club at the minute. The general notion is Arsenal are winning ugly and we’re shithousing our way up the league.

I’m not quite sure I buy it.

This bit of analysis from Gracenote was very interesting.

Now, you can take a few things away from this.

We’ve been ruthlessly efficient in front of goal to start with, and we’ve had some luck. Yesterday we only managed two shots on target and we claimed an own goal.

Defensively, we’ve been shite, but thankfully, the teams we’ve played have been useless in front of goal (and our keepers have been good).

What this table tells you is we’ve been very fortuitous. The idea that we’re ‘shithousing’ teams doesn’t really sit right with me. This isn’t doing what you have to do to win, like Inter Milan in the semi-final of the CL against Barcelona. This isn’t United under Mourinho. This isn’t Ramos like evil genius. This is Arsenal playing really badly and falling up the stairs.

We’re not creating good chances moving forward, and we’re terrible at the back… but we’re 4 points off the top of the table, so it’s hard to be real about the situation without sounding like a brat. But, you know, I am a brat. I think a big reality slap is heading our way if we don’t quickly improve.

We’re 9 competitive games into the season and we’re still shite. That’s with the players training almost every single day (which comes with its own issues, usually in December). The ideas, whatever they are, aren’t settling with the players at the minute. We’ve seen Bielsa at Leeds turn them into a spectacle, they’re scoring freely, 2 a game, and they’re conceding less (a goal a game last season, 0.8 a game this season). I mention Bielsa because he’s bringing elite level ideas to very average players. Emery took over from an artist, not a butcher, it shouldn’t be taking this long to see an identity.

The play has to get better if we’re going to make it into the top 4 this season, because luck won’t carry us through December. Emery has either got to make changes to the way he’s setting up so he can get the team clicking from the off, or we’re going to have to do some reshaping in the January transfer window.

Starting Ramsey seems like a bad idea. The club withdrew the offer because they didn’t see value in Ramsey signing a £300k a week contract. So it’s not about the Welshman, it’s about Arsenal making an aggressive call on his ability. No wonder he looks pissed off, he’s just been told by the clubs hierarchy they don’t rate him. Here’s the thing, I absolutely agree with that decision. Trouble is, now he’s going to be uninterested for the rest of the season. He’d be a useful player if he was on top form.

Mesut Ozil needs to play as a #10, or it’s simply not worth it. Emery is going to have to work out a way to make him work harder for the team, or he’s going to have to build the system to be able to deal with his lack of defensive work. He’s the most creative player in the league, we’re not creating anything, let’s make it work.

We also need to work out why our defence is so poor. Is it a back to basics kind of issue? Who knows. But it shouldn’t take more than 3 months to see an improvement. I mean, it doesn’t help having someone like Xhaka protecting you, but honestly, I don’t understand how we’ve regressed so badly at the back.

Anyway, a little bit of a moan this morning.

What do you think about it all? Let me know in the comments! x

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  1. Leedsgunner


    By the way, Vancouver, the finest city in the world — has everything… beach, mountains, modernity, history… amazing nightlife and a fantastic hotpot of cultures…

    Lovely place.

    The only think that let’s it “down” are the BC Lions. Do they still exist? 😉

  2. Leedsgunner

    Oh, yes… the other thing that is a downer is the insane property prices… eye watering… but besides that amazing place.

  3. Joe

    Haha they do Leeds. But I watch the NFL can’t bother watching the Lions or the whitecaps. Both too slow and amateur

    Thanks for the Vancouver shout! It’s is quite the city! Especially in the summer sun 1,5 from whistler. The sea wall is amazing way to see the city. Ocean. Mountains.

    We’ve just had over 75mm of rain in the last 24 hours haha.

  4. Joe

    Dude. It’s completely crazy what happened in the last 10 years with housing prices. And it’s not like we are a financial centre like Toronto, London or NYC. It’s was all an false economy built on people being equity rich on houses

  5. Leedsgunner

    “I wonder if Wenger will have the “cojones” to apply for the Man United job when Mourinho is given his marching orders….”

    This, of course has to be placed in the context of what Wenger used to tell us every year…

    Remember howe he used to tell us that he sacrificed giving up lucrative job offers from the biggest clubs in the world JUST to stay with us. How, because of this amazing sacrifice, we should be somehow grateful… even when the proverbial was hitting the fan? The implication, was that Wenger just had to speak the word and pick up the phone and all the world’s elite club’s would come running.

    Yeah right.

    What’s the reality?

    Wenger is still not employed. Wenger is still pontificating ad nauseum, believing his own self importance.

    I would love it if Wenger got the Man United job… imagine the car crash it could become!

    Warms my heart just thinking about it. 😉

  6. Champagne charlie

    “Would love to go to a dinner party with Charlie,can imagine his straight talking might get socially awkward at times. Maybe im wrong CC and you’re more tactful in real life,if so apologies. Not a negative just find some of your insults in posts hilarious.“

    I thought i’ve been quite reserved of late 😀

    I do bite my tongue more in social gatherings however, as per your curiosity haha delightful fucker if i do say so. Probably shock a number of people here.

  7. Unai

    Pedro, can’t take your oppinion seriously on Emery.

    If you could have swapped this for Wenger last season you would have walked over coals to make it happen.

    You slated Ivan for walking out on the project you talked up for years, yet here you are, on the bandwagon yourself after just 9 games.

    How can you point to Beilsa and keep a straight face?

  8. Leedsgunner

    Well done to the U23s for their six game undefeated streak. Defeating Leicester City U23s.

    Freddie Ljungberg killing it as our U23s manager. Inspired decision to appoint him, an Arsenal player in the making? 😉

  9. Bamford10


    “At the time, the two [a CB & GK] would have cost under £30m and there was circa £150m in the current account. And we have it on record direct from both Wenger and Gazidis that Stan refused to give his permission [for such spending].”

    Please tell us where this was reported, and please paste in the link. Thanks.

  10. Leedsgunner

    Jeorge Bird’s excellent blog on Arsenal youth players reporting that Emile Smith Rowe, Joe W.illock and Eddie Nketiah didn’t play with the U23s game tonight.

    I really want to see all three players at some point (bringing home the victory of course!). 😉

  11. Champagne charlie

    Banford if you saw Stan in public would you resist the overwhelming urge to fondle his genitalia and stroke his beard?

    You’re Smithers to his Mr.Burns

  12. Bamford10

    Of course Joe is enjoying our games: Wenger is gone and we’re winning. But he’s not enjoying our games because we’re playing great football. We’re not. We’re not even playing better football than we were last season. We’re just getting more desire and more intensity out of the players, who may also be a bit more fit. That’s why we’re getting results. Which is fine for now. But eventually we will need to actually improve — on both sides of the ball.

  13. Joe


    Don’t tell me why I’m enjoying the games.

    I thought Saturdays game was great. The crowd was into it. The players were into it. It was great entertainment.

    I’ll ask you the same Bam. If we play the same as you feel we are now and we get into CL and win Europa and a cup , would
    You be satisfied with Emery?

  14. Rainman

    “Arsenal riding the luck train”

    “We’re 9 competitive games into the season and we’re still shite. ”

    Who are you and what have you done with the real Pedro?

    The Pedro that said we should write this season off, as it would be a transition, rebuild kinda period.

    The Pedro who I thought should give the manager more than 9 games to sort out a 10 YEAR mess?

    Unreal that Emery is being given next to no time at all, expecting him to jump in and sort out the defence like it’s fucking FIFA 19.

    Y’all need to take a fucking chill pill, the man’s doing okay, all things considered. Yes it could be better, but NO ONE bar Jesus Christ could come in and immediately make the kind of changes you all seem to asking for. After the Wenger shit show, thought you would be grateful.

  15. Joe


    Pedro wants us all to wish we had hired arteta because he doesn’t want to look like a fool with all his arteta ramblings

    He knows Emery is doing a great job. He knows 7 wins in a row is great. He knows Emery was behind the 8 ball with the wenger mess left behind.

    He just wants us to think with arteta it would have been 6-0 wins over everyone including city and Chelsea.

    Because you know arteta once have Aguero a hug when he came off the pitch, so he must be the next big thing in mamagement

    But don’t bring up he lost to Lyon. Shhhhh!!!!!!!

  16. Leedsgunner


    “Maybe they are in the Thursday night squad!”

    That was my assertion which I didn’t get to finish. 😉

  17. WengerEagle

    Bamford said it up there and I agree, ultimately our quality of football hasn’t in the slightest improved but the intensity and desire from this bunch of players is chalk and cheese compared to last season and tbh that’s about all you can ask for at the moment with Emery, he needs to make a proper stamp on the recruitment side of things in the upcoming windows or the quality won’t improve much because there is only so much you can do with the group of players he has at his disposal compared to Pep at City and Klopp at Liverpool.

    7 wins from 9 and 7 from our last 7 games factoring in the first two games were vs City and Chelsea away is a phenomenal start from a results POV, literally perfect.

    So for that reason alone I’m happy with what Emery has done so far. Obviously room for improvement, namely for me deciding on his best XI and sticking with it to build continuity and synergy among the team and then also to obviously look to improve the side in January would be ideal.

    Our recruitment in the summer was my only real gripe with Emery so far although Sven and Sanhelli have to share some of the blame on that front too. We clearly didn’t bring in enough quality and that’s evident in out lackluster performances that are bound to see us drop points sooner rather than later.

  18. Leedsgunner

    I would hire Freddie Ljungberg before I would hire Arteta for two reasons :

    He’s a legitimate Arsenal legend who understands passionately what it means to win the biggest and the best trophies in an Arsenal shirt.

    I care not one jot what Pep thinks… he can stick his nose out of my club’s future as far as I care.

    Ps. It’ll probably annoy Pedro even more that his favourite got snubbed again.

    PPS Arteta will not be City’s next manager.

  19. Rainman


    Well, I understand the reasoning why some might like Arteta as manager. If it worked out it would make for a nice romantic story, with headlines like


    But in reality, doing that would have been a massive gamble, and this is not a 2quid punt, we talking about Arsenal, a massive football club, playing safe was our best bet, and as it stands it’s paying off. I don’t understand the consternation from Pedro and some posters tho.

  20. Marko

    Seems like we’re shopping for a new midfielder. Links links links. All to better CM’S than Ramsey happy days. Looks like this might be the kind of regime that looks to constantly improve window after the window. Pepe looks like a good link too.

  21. WengerEagle

    No chance that Arteta succeeds Pep at City, it’s big boy shit at the very top gig at such a football giant and no way that they hand over the reigns to a coach with no managerial experience whatsoever at any level as well as having no previous connection with the club in any shape or form.

    When Pep moves on, so will Arteta.

  22. WengerEagle


    Where do you see Ramsey ending up?

    I honestly think we’re as good as it gets for him, would be surprised if he even managed a lateral move.

    He’s not as good as he thinks he is.

  23. Leedsgunner

    Wenger Eagle

    Shhhh, don’t crush Pedro’s dreams … He’s been telling us for weeks now, ever more since Lyon beat Man City. 😉

    It’s like a teenage crush 😉

  24. PessimisticPat

    CC i have no doubt you are at social events,couple of pints in it’s tempting to just say what you think though. Life would be so much simpler if everyone said what they really thought.
    Got hammered once at a works do,and my fat manager was whining about how she can never lose weight/find the right diet/has the wrong metabolism. I said,nah Julie its none of that shite,you just eat shit loads and you’re a bone idle fat lazy cow. There was a shared awkward silence between 20 people …. then the Mrs took me home and tried to smooth things over. Office hero on the monday,shame i remember none of it. In my defence she was huuuuge and id had 3 bottles of wine. Unsurprisingly I don’t drink at work functions anymore.
    Feel like I egged you into that ball fondling comment now making you think you’ve been

    Anyone know about ramsey sulking after being subbed? Haven’t seen any tape yet?

  25. Leedsgunner

    “He’s not as good as he thinks he is”

    Defining motto for the last 12 years of Arsene Wenger and his pet projects.

  26. WengerEagle

    Just like Walcott, always knew it would be a backwards club move for him because he was riding the Wenger socialist gravy train for years earning far more than he deserved and brought to the table.

    He’s done ok at Everton tbf to the lad, a club like that was always his level once he pace let up. His end product has largely been quite good over the years and along with his pace is the only reason he’s even near the PL.

    Imagine ever thinking that he was better than Eden Hazard though, Christ on a bike…

  27. Marko

    WE exactly the one thing that he could actually improve on (work rate desire and tenacity) he’s actually improving on which to be fair wouldn’t have been that hard cause this club has lacked those things by and large for years. As for improvements on how we play well that’s going to take time money and recycling of the squad. Huge summer coming up for the club next year huge. With the Adidas money potential champions league money and more than a couple players hitting selling age there should be big squad changes be interesting to see who we target. Hopefully not too many more from Dortmund by Sven. I realize they’re high flying at the moment but outside of Pulisic and Dahoud we should look elsewhere

  28. Marko

    Where do you see Ramsey ending up?

    I’ve a feeling at best bench warmer contributing to the home grown quota maybe at Liverpool or Chelsea but I think he could go to Everton or Wolves they might splash the cash on him. Almost certain not to go abroad because like Paulinho said he’s introvert. I would have said a bit of a pussy but whatever

  29. WengerEagle


    Yep I’m not bowled over by Dortmund either, only players I’d be into would be Pulisic and I’m keeping an eye on Jadon Sancho who looks interesting. He’s scored a goal and clocked up 5 assists in just 125 Bundesliga minutes this season, that’s outrageously good.

    Anyone caught your eye from around Europe yet?

  30. Leedsgunner

    Wenger Eagle

    See my comment at 20.47 😉

    You wouldn’t happen to be Arseblog’s alter ego would you? Being from Ireland?

    Very good blog and podcast. 😉

  31. WengerEagle

    ‘Almost certain not to go abroad because like Paulinho said he’s introvert. ‘

    Why would that make a big difference? Bale’s an introvert too. I get that it would make adjusting more difficult but it wouldn’t be make or break imo. If he had a shred of ambition from a playing perspective he’s not going to turn down an offer from Napoli/Atletico Madrid over Everton but then again most Britons seem petrified of moving abroad and it should not be underestimated. Could count the amount on your hand at present and they all seem to be in Germany with Sancho, Lookman and Nelson.

    Having said all of that I think he will stay in England, role player at Chelsea or Liverpool isn’t a bad shout.

  32. Marko

    Anyone caught your eye from around Europe yet?

    Mate sky dropped the rights to La Liga (booo) and Eredivisie (yeaaa) this season. Unless I’m aware of specific big games I’m missing a lot of European football this season. I’ve watched a bit of Lyon this season though they’ve impressed me. Got a chub for Ndombele and that LB if I’m honest.

  33. WengerEagle


    Ha, no mate haven’t ever really read any other Arsenal blog extensively besides Le Grove tbh. Enjoy the banter and commentary too much on here compared to the others although I do venture over to Untold for a good old chuckle now and again.

    Not actually a huge amount of Arsenal supporters over here, the ones that are tend to be die-hards in contrast to United who the vast majority over here ‘support’ on a casual basis from my experiences.

  34. Leedsgunner

    Dortmund is good but at the moment Bayern Leverkusen has a brilliant young squad… Brandt, Bailey, Havertz, Tah.


  35. Marko

    If he had a shred of ambition from a playing perspective he’s not going to turn down an offer from Napoli/Atletico Madrid over Everton but then again most Britons seem petrified of moving abroad and it should not be underestimated.

    Exactly scared shitless of failing in another country and being away from mother’s cooking so they stay where’s safe which is a shame because players like Sancho and Reiss Nelson will be better for their experiences playing in Germany. Also no fucking way he gets anywhere near the midfield of either Napoli or Atletico.

  36. WengerEagle

    Yeah I’m hoping Lyon morph into the new Monaco myself although they’ll struggle to hit those heights.

    They’ve put together a really nice collection of young talent with Memphis looking rejuvenated. Ligue 1 has a habit of doing that to CF’s with Falcao and Balotelli before him.

    Very impressed by N’Dombele, Bertrand Traore, Moussa Dembele, Memphis and obviously Fekir. Would take any of the lot tbh.

  37. WengerEagle


    I was harping on about Leverkusen all summer, so far they’ve been a big fat disappointment and, more importantly are making me look a right cunt.

    Not sure what’s the matter with them because they have the 2nd most talented squad in the Bundesliga.

    Still think that they’ll pick up it soon and surge up the table, too much quality not to really, unless they down tools. Extremely young bunch of players and we all know how streaky they tend to be.

  38. WengerEagle


    Atleti prob not although I would be curious to see what Simeone could do with him, no way he lets him doss about like a dozy cunt when he loses the ball or put the hands on the hips during a defensive transition.

    Napoli he would get into the side, Hamsik is absolutely spent these days and is a passenger. Allan is the only player he wouldn’t replace in the CM.

  39. Joe


    I think ransey is over hyped by arsenal and his agent. Don’t think any top team is going to pay the wages he asking.

    He’s Everton / west ham level. Jack
    realized his level. So will Ramsey when no
    Team comes in for him and he begs us to
    Him on for 150 a week.

    He can’t even handle Emery’s tactical
    Discipline never mind what Diego would
    Ask him to do haha he’d last a week.

  40. Leedsgunner

    Re Lyon

    What about the youngster Aouar? I know lots of French commentators were singing his praises at the end of last season.


    Give them time…. they have too much talent not to do better but even if they underperform I wouldn’t mind the players I mentioned above at Arsenal. 😉

  41. Bamford10


    Right, so you enjoyed Saturday not because we played great football — or even better football than last season — but because we have a new manager and we won.

    So … exactly what I said. Which is fine, by the way. But let’s be honest about what we’re seeing and about what we’re enjoying.

    As for your question: would I be “satisfied” with Emery if we play no better this season than we are playing at present but finish top four, win the Europa League and win some other cup title? Well, that would be a VERY successful season, so it would be a little strange to say I wouldn’t be “satisfied” with Emery if he were to accomplish all of that.

    However, if he isn’t able to get us playing better than we are at present, then he will have failed to a certain extent, as this group can definitely play better football than they are playing at present and a good manager should have us playing better than this.

    Forget the EL & some other title, he’ll have done a good job if he manages simply to finish top four. However that won’t mean he’s done a great job or that he’s done all that a better manager could have done. If he doesn’t improve our play, then he won’t have done enough, IMO.

    Maybe he will have done enough to get us back into the CL, maybe he’ll have done enough to get the ship headed in the right direction, but none of that will mean he’s the manager to get us to 3rd, 2nd or eventually 1st in the PL.

    What is your problem, may I ask, with admitting the obvious, namely, that while we are getting better results, we aren’t actually playing better football (on either side of the ball)? What exactly is the problem with admitting this?

  42. Joe

    Right, so you enjoyed Saturday not because we played great football — or even better football than last season — but because we have a new manager and we won

    Did you even read what I said?

    I said the game was great. Laca was everywhere. It was exciting. We scored two good goals even if one was an OG.

    The football is better for me. The players are more
    Committed and energized. So yes that means we are playing better. The player care and it shows in the football.

    I have been so bored with wenger ball for years and years

    To say the football isn’t an improvement over the last few years is fallacy.

    Don’t know what you expected bam. It’s 9
    Matches in and we’ve won 7 in
    A row including a few games we would
    Have lost the last few seasons

    That in itself means we are playing better.

    The results speak for themselves.

    Fuck me. Do you want to Emery to
    Have blown
    Teams away 6-0. He has lots of wenger players he has to shoe horn in. Ramsey Xhaka Mustafi and even mkhit is average.

    You lot that are whining about performance are expecting miracles. Water from wine performances.

    We haven’t played a game in October yet and you expect a complete 180 degrees turn around from 10
    Years of stench

    Quit your bitching bam
    And start enjoying the START of Emery’s revolution.

    So we aren’t clicking ? We aren’t playing
    Minutes of scintillating football?

    Name one team that does? Especially after trying to turn around more than 12 years of loser mentality wenger ball.

    You say Chelsea are playing better now. Well they’ve dropped 4 points recently.

    We’ve gone on a 7 match winning run.

  43. Leedsgunner

    Call me uncouth but this debate about whether we are playing better is splitting hairs and in my mind utterly premature.

    Emery has been there for just over 4 months and played 9 games in total. We’re winning… after losing to two of the title challengers. Why are we complaining so soon? Seems impatient and very petty.

    Before we crucify him shouldn’t we give him at least 2 seasons when he’ll had a chance to build a team in his own image?

  44. Joe


    How will he get top 4 if he hast improved our play?

    He’s already improved our play as we are only 4 points out of 1st in 1 Oct instead of
    6 last year and by beg of nov we were 12 points adrift.

    Let’s see how we are looking in a months time. Points wise and performance wise

    That makes no sense at all.

  45. Joe


    Don’t. It’s like banging your head against a brick wall

    Armchair managers who think any manager would have turned this team into peles
    Brazil after 9 matches.

    Shows how much they know football. Or that they have a wenger based agenda

  46. Joe


    Too bad we haven’t played beautiful football in bloody ages. They live in a make belief wenger world where they think we played beautiful football under him for
    Minutes every week for all 22 years

  47. Cesc Appeal

    This was always going to be a throwaway season, by hook or by crook we just need to get into the UCL then we can start the serious rebuilding with UCL money and status and also the Adidas money with Sanellhi now calling the shots.

    We need to pick up some points against the big teams at home but other than that just make sure we do what we’re doing right now, winning the games we should. United and Spurs look a little dodgy, especially the former and Spurs are starting to feel injuries now from fatigue and that should only get worse.

    By the second half of the season I would like to see the team getting Emery’s way of doing things a bit more, but ultimately he needs a January and a summer backed with a lot of money and also being able to cut the shit and unwanted out of the squad like Ramsey, Mustafi, Elneny, Chambers etc.

    What Arsenal have done is pretty amazing actually, they’ve built or have gone a long way to building a modern club in less than a year. They damaged it massively by holding onto a buffoon for years too long but what has happened in the last half a year has been pretty great.

    This time last season if you had said Wenger gone, Gazidis gone, Emery in, BvB’s head scout in, Barcelona’s DoF in and all the other changes you’d be pretty happy and should realise this is going to take a while to work.

    We made a move that will pay off long term, we can’t spend £250 Million a summer and make instant short term gains, but we can try to reach a middle ground of spending and being smart which is the place I have always wanted to be and it looks like that is what we’re doing.

  48. 5am

    Seems like a moan on purpose just to be controversial.

    ‘Luck’ comes out of Hard Work and that’s been the difference this season. That along with better calculated substitutions, which have brought about results.

    The defence has actually improved when looking at the recent score lines too. That’s even though Sokratis has been injured – the tweaks have been an improved mindset, better goalkeeping and with even Ozil and Xhaka doing more or better defensiveness than they had before.

    So quit the moaning and recognise effective and steady management + hard work grafting when you see it (also note the improved Iwobi as well!)

  49. Bamford10


    Yeah, sorry, but your post above reveals that it is pointless discussing certain things with you. You just kind of understand things in a very simplistic (and ultimately false and misleading) way.

    One, just because we’re getting results doesn’t mean we’re playing better football.

    Two, you continue to avoid saying that you enjoy that we’re playing better football because you clearly know somewhere in the deep recesses of your mind that we’re not. You just don’t want to admit this, I guess.

    Three, it’s clear that all of this is completely emotional for you. You hated Wenger and so now you love Emery. The “Emery revolution”? Are you fucking kidding me, Joe? He hasn’t gotten a single selection right yet, nor our formation. We haven’t even played one minute of good football. Not one. The “Emery revolution”? Fuck off.

    Four, I said Chelsea are playing better football now than they were playing when we played them. That’s a different claim than the claim that they are playing better football than we are. Of course, they are also playing better football than we are, but that wasn’t the point I was making. And this is what I mean about it being somewhat pointless talking to you; you don’t really even understand the points that people are making.

    Let’s just move on. You keep brainlessly waving your “Emery revolution” pom-poms, the rest of us will continue to use our brains.

  50. 5am

    Ramsey’s contract withdrawal may also have come out of a hitch with the Adidas sponsorship which hasn’t as yet got into the public domain

  51. Joe

    He hasn’t gotten a single selection right yet, nor our formation. We haven’t even played one minute of good football. Not one. The “Emery revolution”? Fuck off.

    Fucking bufooon Bam

    How have we won 7 in a row and he hasn’t got one thing right in your eyes

    I’m starting to see why you’re hated on
    Here bam.

  52. Champagne Charlie

    “We haven’t even played one minute of good football. Not one. The “Emery revolution”? Fuck off.“

    Absolute bollocks. We’ve lacked fluency and consistency, but in amongst that there’s been good football.

  53. Joe


    You have no clue whatsoever about football as Neymargate showed.

    Now you’re trying to lecture me about it??

    You said Chelsea are playing better football than early in the season.

    I came back with they have dropped 4 points in the last 2 matches.

    How are the playing better and dropping points bam? When they had won 5 in row and were playing worse in your eyes

    You’re clueless bam

    And how many times do I have to
    Tell you morons that I’m enjoy the football because we are playing better football than
    We had with wenger for years.

    Are you blind? Can you read that bam?

    I enjoyed Saturday’s game. It was great. So was the game v Chelsea that we should have won. We played well

    Fuck off Bam. Charlie is spot on
    About I’ll

  54. Joe

    Bam is hilarious.

    Trying to prove he knows so much about football and tell us how Emery isn’t doing this or that

    It’s about winning you clown. And we are doing it while I enjoy watching it!

  55. Goobergooner

    There really are some of you on here that are never happy.

    You went from having a massive whinge that supporters wanted your hero Wenger out, to now having a cry about Emery.

    You can’t win with you clowns.

    Victorious you asked if anyone has enjoyed any of the games?

    Well I for for one, have enjoyed every match this season. Including pre season. I don’t care that we lost to city or Chelsea, as that was my predictions for the season before it started, and has now gone even better than I expected, without playing a draw and only losing those first two games. Wengers 6th place team with no balance at all isn’t going to be saved by one 70m transfer window you kents.
    Even if Wenger did take you for fools by saying we only need 2 or so world class players every year.

    The only reason we seem the ‘same’ is because we have had one window for transfers to build on a fucking shit Wenger side. His worst side of his tenure.

    Give it a fucking rest with the Emery can’t hack it shit.
    Yes he needs to change formation to suit players better, but I just feel he is playing the same way to give the players a chance to play his way. It isn’t going to stay the same all season like the majority of Wenger seasons (hopefully) but I’m going to give him the season to find out, then next year to fully pull something together.

    In Emery I will trust

  56. Joe

    ? Are you fucking kidding me, Joe? He hasn’t gotten a single selection right yet, nor our formation. We haven’t even played one minute of good football. Not one. The “Emery revolution”? Fuck off.

    Haha and this clown wants to be taken

    We must be in last place then. Emery has not got one thing right according to bam

  57. Goobergooner

    Would also just like to say, those stats posted by Pedro are those arbitrary stats that don’t mean anything, and are just used because you can make whatever judgement you like based off of them.

  58. Goobergooner

    Gotta say also I’m loving the positive Joe haha.

    How one man could take so much away from what this club means to so many people, for so many years is a joke.

    How people can’t see that just removing Wenger was enough to make people happy, I will never know.

  59. Joe

    What’s funniest to me is how guys like Bam and Victorious and Pierre think they can tell people that they are not really enjoying something

    You’re the judge and jury on what someone enjoys or not?

    Just because youre all humourless miserable Gits and can’t enjoy a new and different arsenal under Emery and enjoy a new life and Breath of fresh air under Emery and 7 wins a row then that’s on you not on anyone else on here

    All I know is that the Emirates crowd seemed to be enjoying it on Saturday

  60. China

    Ramsey won’t go abroad is my expectation

    Everyone knows brits are mostly terrified of moving to a non native speaking country

    The idea of being expected to learn another language to do well goes against the British education system’s message that foreign languages are just token subjects you do in senior school to learn how to swear at your mates in a second language

    Maybe he’ll surprise me tho. I’ll respect his choice if he does. A lot of British players talk a good game of being open about going abroad but it’s no coincidence that in the last 20 years probably less than 5 brit players actually did it.

    It would be fantastic for English football if players were a bit less pussy about it. Fair play to Hargreaves, cole, Owen and especially Beckham, as well as a couple of kids out in Germany now

  61. China

    Also moving to the chinese league doesn’t count (not that we have any brits) because they let the famous foreign players walk around like billy big bollocks without needing to make any effort at all to even support the team, let alone learn the language. Watching tevez walk around the pitch for 90 minutes against my local team was frankly disgusting. That count was on 600k/week and didn’t even break into a jog

  62. China

    If Ramsey isn’t going in January then he needs to be dropped permanently

    It’s not like we’re better when he plays. One of the main reasons we struggle between midfield and attack is that we’re accommodating two passengers in ozil and Ramsey. Dropping him for someone who is on form will make us better, not worse. Nothing to fear on that front.

    Also if we stop playing Ramsey entirely then he’ll get to January and hopefully be willing to take a transfer just to escape us. As long as we pander to that prick and give him minutes he might be happy to wait out the contract which hurts the club.

    It’s kill or be killed. Let’s go for the jugular and set an example. Bin the cunt and on the first of January tell him we’ll take just 15m for him so go out and whore yourself around sharpish or you’ll be training with the kids for another 6 months

  63. Goobergooner

    Also this by victorious:

    “so cut out the bullshite ,the football right now is effective but painful to watch, hurt the eyes and makes it tiresome these days, my excitement is literally draining atm”

    Wtf were you watching for the last 10 years?

    Yes it took different amounts of time for different people to get sick of Wenger; but the last 5 years for me definitely, despite winning fa cups, drained way too many fans of their excitement.
    Just because you’re a spoilt brat doesn’t mean you’re right.
    Literally just changing the manager gave fans hope, even if it doesn’t work out. That’s what you don’t get. At least we are trying something new.

    I would love for us to be playing Barca style footy right now, but I’m not an idiot and I know that wenger’s squad is nowhere near good enough for that, as much as people want to think Emery will come in and just change everything instantly.

    Our defence and midfield is fucking shit for a top side. And I don’t care that I’m bringing Wenger up consistently, but this is his mess. With 70 mil, Emery never had a chance to replace 8 players. In gk, def, and mid in one window.

    Maybe if wengers last 2 seasons weren’t trash, we would have been in champs league with more money and more ability to have built towards Emery’ s plan more ambitiously.

    Get some god damn perspective.

  64. Goobergooner

    And for the record, yes I would love Stan to dig deep and help the team out, of course I would.

    But I am happy to be self sustaining and trying to give it a crack. I love the values of the arsenal fc.

    I don’t expect trophies I just expect commitment and desire from the club on and off the pitch. Atm I am seeing this within our self sustaining values. I believe in the new backroom team to produce a better squad in the next 3 seasons than Wenger has produced in the last 10.

    And how many times does it have to be repeated, even with 100s of millions of pounds, pep didn’t win the league in his first season. Wtf do you expect Emery to do in 8 games?

  65. Joe

    I don’t expect trophies I just expect commitment and desire from the club on and off the pitch. Atm I am seeing this within our self sustaining values. I believe in the new backroom team to produce a better squad in the next 3 seasons than Wenger has produced in the last 10. And how many times does it have to be repeated, even with 100s of millions of pounds, pep didn’t win the league in his first season. Wtf do you expect Emery to do in 8 games?


  66. Goobergooner

    ChinaOctober 2, 2018 02:22:37
    “If Ramsey isn’t going in January then he needs to be dropped permanently”

    Hopefully this is the case. We need less players that cause debate every time they play, rather actual players who can put in a proper shift every week.

  67. Joe

    So if laca goes down and wins the penalty and doesn’t fluff his lines on the breakaway and we are up 2 nil early and the game takes on a completely different look

    I’d say Watford were lucky more than us. We should have the game buried early if laca wasn’t so honest and he had his finishing boots on.

    By the way, weren’t Watford 3-4th before the match? Hmmmm. So we beat a team that had played itself into the top 4 and posters are complaining we didn’t smash them 6-0 playing Barca football v a well drilled team.

    Emery out!

  68. Leedsgunner

    Two places I can see Ramsey going to in January:

    Liverpool: Champions ‘ League football, linking up with the Ox, working with Klopp, staying in EPL.

    Real Madrid: Marquee name, perennial Champions’ League contender, linking up with Gareth Bale

    Price? They’ll give us £20m-£25m. Take it and run, I say.

  69. Joe


    You must be drunk if you think real
    Madrid will want Ramsey. Haha

    They want him as much as they want wenger

  70. China

    Goober gooner – this x100. Thanks for expressing this point so well

    I didn’t become an arsenal fan for guaranteed trophies or for promises of the world’s best football. For the last decade all I have asked is that the club appears to be trying and that it doesn’t treat the fans like shit

    I now see a club that is looking forwards. That has accountability and that has a few very motivated new personnel on and off the field for the first time in a decade

    Without spending 100+ more million I never could’ve expected more than this. The first mission is to stabilize the club. Then to build it into something hung better. People here would have you believe it would be better to lose every game and be playing expansive football than to be relentlessly picking up points and pushing back towards the CL places. I couldn’t disagree more

  71. China

    As well, people want us to sign quality players but are turning their noses up at how we pick up points

    If we played better football but dropped more points, how would that be useful? If we miss out on the top 4 or EL then bang goes any hope of a useful transfer budget. We need points not style

  72. gonsterous

    “so cut out the bullshite ,the football right now is effective but painful to watch, hurt the eyes and makes it tiresome these days, my excitement is literally draining atm”

    wow vic must have been the only person on le grove that was excited by wengers football last season. Our excitement drained a long time back, it’s coming back now but for vic Its the opposite.

  73. China

    Lol Vic thought it was exciting when we lost 15-3 to Bayern over the last 3 matches

    It was very entertaining and exciting seeing so many goals in so few games. They went in at the wrong end for us but at least it was exciting man. Had me on the edge of my seat!

  74. gonsterous

    are liverpool dumb enough to pay ramsay 250k a week ? if they are, why not ? klopp loves to over pay for players. where does ramsey fit in that liverpool team ? he would be better off going to everton or west ham where he can at least get into the first 11

  75. gonsterous

    torreira is on 50k a week. elneny on 55 k. wtf ? and we can thank wenger for handing out 120k to kolasinac. a free transfer but that’s just crazy money for a sub

  76. Bamford10


    “Emery has not got one thing right according to Bamford.”

    Actually, as I’ve said a couple of times, we are playing with more desire and intensity, and we seem to be more fit than we were under Wenger. So he is in fact getting a number of things right.

    You should try dealing with the arguments people are actually making, not straw-men.

  77. Joe


    Why don’t you just support the team
    And have fun watching us winning instead of constantly moaning

    Wenger is gone.

    Enjoy it

    You seem to get no enjoyment from The Arsenal. Not when wenger was here. And now with Emery here you’re still morning. At least most WOBs are enjoying us winning.

    You’re being a miserable git

  78. Steiner

    Only reason for this post has to be that Pedro was endulging in a little cyber tug with Arteta, and while Pedro was totally captivated by Arteta’s hair, the slippy Spaniard video captured the whole sordid scene and blackmailed Pedro for the passwords to the blog!

    Nothing else makes sense.
    Just saying…

  79. Black Hei

    Joe is an EKB in the making.

    The performance is crap but the results are great; that is the typical conclusion from most on the web.

    The prudent thing would be to enjoy it, but not revel in it since it can all come crashing down unless our performance improves.

  80. Receding hairline

    So because a manager hasn’t picked the players you want or played the formation you want means he hasn’t gotten it right bamford? Who are you …Fabio Capello?

    We haven’t played a minute of good football? Lol…..clown… Stick to teaching kids rubbish in the classroom

  81. Black Hei


    I think Ped has made his case quite clear.

    Our Xpoints is only 7.

    You can either pretend that we are awesome or we are just incredibly lucky.

  82. Receding hairline

    Ramsey will sign for either Liverpool or Man Utd because he us free. Man united might make their move in January to beat Liverpool to it..that’s the only hope we have of getting something from his move.

    He has done well at Arsenal all things considered and should be remembered fondly but just like with Giroud we need to be moving on as a team.. He doesn’t fit the new Arsenal

  83. Black Hei


    If Ramsey has brains, he would move to Liverpool for the cash and a coach like Klopp.

    Though Ramsey the footballer might fancy a big team overseas. I think he will do well for a coach like Ancelotti but Napoli can’t pay him the bucks.

  84. PaddyV

    Pedro give it a break with the negative posts. Just because your sore that your beloved Arteta didn’t get the job (which would have been a crazy appointment btw) you look for any opportunity to bash Emery and the team. It’s easy to find stats to fit an agenda. We are near top of the sprint stats, maybe that has something to do with our improvement no? We are going along nicely, beating the teams we should be beating and 4 points off the top. Yet you refuse to give any credit to Emery. I haven’t agreed with every decision he’s made but overall he’s doing a good job.

  85. Steveyg87

    Media in banter over drive this morningn Madrid, Chelsea & Loserpool all chasing Hollywood Rambo,dont these guys watch our games? Either way, I’m happy that there are clubs stupid enough to take him off our hands. If we could mamge to land someone in the mould of Niangolan then we cooking. Or give Iwobi a proper go

  86. gonsterous

    as good as we have been under emery. We will lose games. So it’s good to be picking up points atm. We aren’t a title winning team, we are however a team that can get into the top 4. Especially since utd are having a meltdown and all of spurs main players look like they have been over played. Chelsea, liverpool and city make the top 3. We should nick the last spot.

  87. Michael24

    Goobergonner/gonsterous/China and even Joe

    Alot of what you say makes perfect sense. Problem is when you’re communicating with some of the folk on here, you have to expect responses based on a stubborn refusal to embrace change.

    They all say “Yeh, we also wanted Wenger out” but the bottom line is they weren’t prepared for it. Ignorance to change is a fact of life and generally occurs when people are hiding behind their own insecurities. Those on le-grove who see Emery and his methods in a negative light do so because they are ashamed and too embarrassed to admit their own failings.

    Emery is not a miracle worker but after the carnage he inherited, we should all be applauding his efforts to date, even though it’s not pretty to watch on occasions.

    In all honesty, I don’t give a fudge. Even if I was watching a funeral procession, it would be better than having Wenger around.

  88. Goobergooner

    Hahahaha Michael. That did make me laugh!

    As much as I may disagree with people on here, I still understand they support the same club, just differ in opinions to what should be done.
    If only the le grove community could all get together for a pre game brewsky or 7, and come together over the match! I’m sure we could hahahaha

  89. Pierre

    You call it ignorance but when you look at it ,the people who question some of the decisions and tactics are being realistic to what we are seeing .

    If some people choose to ignore what they are seeing with their own eyes then that’s their choice but any idiot can see that the problems that we should be addressing (we all know what they are)are not being addressed, in fact we seem to have gone slightly the other way and are even more reckless going forward(if that’s possible) than under the previous manager.

    Do not confuse realism with ignorance..

  90. Pierre

    It won’t be long now until Emery ditches the tactic of playing his no.10 ahead of the striker.

    He has more or less ditched the playing out from the back at all costs.
    It took him a few weeks to finally bring Torriera and Lacazette into the side .

    Ozil/Mhkitaryan will be our playmaker
    Mhkitaryan /Iwobi will play on the right
    The full backs will gradually be asked to be a little bit more conservative in their forays forward .
    Ramsey ditched……smith-rowe drafted in.

  91. PessimisticPat


    Your post at 00:23:24 above………….

    So Joe is brainless because he has decided how he feels about something!?

    You’re telling other people how they are really feeling about something
    “in the deep recesses of their minds”
    and expect to be taken seriously.

    You are arrogant, condescending and quite frankly a jumped up little shit.

    Whenever someone has a differing viewpoint to you, you immediately attack their intelligence.

    Ask yourself this Bamford before you next do that.

    What kind of harvard graduate ends up teaching in a school???


  92. Victorious

    How about you make an argument about points being made rather than embarrassingly making stuffs up to score cheap points really pathetic and childish of you
    SO wengers arsenal in the last few years became stale to watch also equate to the loses against bayern being exciting ? How can you be so dense? Even after taking the time to break it down for you in simple terms! Christ.
    Joey would you take 3 FA cups in the next 5years?

  93. gonsterous


    I ‘d rather be in the CL final and be top of the table in the beginning of the new season in the next 5 years than win 3 FAC

  94. Pierre

    Wouldn’t you rather be supporting the league champions who ARE favourites for the title this season.

  95. HighburyLegend

    For now we are favourites to be destroyed by Liverpool, if you can’t accept that then go support another club.

  96. PaddyV

    Pedro still crying into his pillow every night that Arteta didn’t get the job. In what fantasy world did anyone ever think he would have us playing some sort of majestic free flowing football whilst being solid at the back with this squad of players…just because he seems like an intelligent bloke doesn’t mean he’ll ever be a good manager. In fact he strikes me as a very uninspiring individual certainly was as a captain. He’s proved absolutely nothing as a manager. I’d rather have an Eddie Howe than him. Because of this, this blog has turned into an Emery bashing blog. He’s getting the best out of the shitshow he’s been handed by Wenger you can’t criticize him until results start going pear shaped

  97. gonsterous


    I would love to be supporting the league champions. But do you see us winning the league in the next 5 years ?
    Under Wenger, no. Under a new manager, we can’t be sure any more (which seems hopeful)

  98. China

    You don’t make sense dude.

    You find this new setup so boring. Boring compared to what? I didn’t see you lambasting how boring things were for the last 5 years. New guy comes in and it’s unbearable. You guys are absolutely ridiculous I swear

  99. gonsterous


    I agree. Loads of uninspiring players have gone on to have a decent career as a manager but none of them have taken over a top team as a first assignment. Arteta just seems to fit a narrative or a fairy tale that’s why everyone wanted him signed. It would be an underdog story, arteta comes in, gets the guys psyched, and we clinch the title on the last day.

  100. gonsterous

    reality check

    arteta comes in and we would be in 10th with players abandoning ship and asking ludicrous sums to sign New contracts.
    Wenger 2.0

  101. Danny S

    Arteta really was just the hipster choice. He has absolutely no credentials or credibility in the football world other than pep likes him.
    He was even a pretty shit captain in what was Arsenal’s most barren years. He was an average player who was doing well in a terrible team.
    He is nowhere near a legend in status and he was a wenger pet.

    It would have been an appalling hire for a club that needed an experienced steady manager. Maybe if he was coming into a Barcelona or Real Madrid type set up, he would have been a good bet but not arsenal in the state we were in.

    For me he opitonises everything that was wrong with arsenal in those years.

  102. Stefano14

    Joe ker

    ‘Fuck off from the Arsenal and let the real fans enjoy arsenal winning matches.’


    What a joke. Joe telling people to fuck and let real plastic arsenal fans enjoy winning matches. Is this a joke really?

  103. Stefano14


    ‘Joe is behind the team stefano. Are you?’

    I’ve been behind the team for the last 38 years. I don’t just stop because I don’t like an element of the club unlike cunts like joe and other muppets on here.

  104. Dissenter

    Pessimistic pat
    Harvard produces social workers, teachers (who teach elementary school) and lots of people who decide to have regular jobs.

    I do agree with your naivety.

  105. Dissenter

    You’ve become the first ever Emery Knows Best [EKB], the first of the new breed.
    You’re choking out healthy conversations with all this drummed up over-enthusiasm.
    You’re like the 40 year virgin who can’t get off sex after being deprived for so long.
    It’s not all black and white. Listen to what Pierre is trying very hard to say.

  106. Steiner

    Black Hei

    No one is pretending we are awesome, but on the flip side you don’t flip 7 heads in a row.
    Only games we’ve lost are to the 2 teams who were champions for the last 4 years.
    That’s gotta be worth something!

    Maybe we are not flowing like water, but there a more sings of improvement every game.
    Some of the play has been sublime, all be it in small spurts, almost like an engine that’s been idle for some time getting close to sparking to life and purring.

    I don’t get why I have to defend the team to people who are meant to be supporters of this club!

  107. Goobergooner

    Also I didn’t see pessimistic pats comment similar to mine. My apologies for the seemingly copying haha.

    Well said Pat!!

  108. Pedro

    Joe, Wenger inherited a group of defenders that were under rated, under paid and eating cheeseburgers/drinking beer.

    He reinvented the way we trained, setup, and played.

    He won the league in his first full season.

    Emery inherited the most creative player in the world, two of the most potent strikers in Europe, and a squad used to playing free flowing football.

    He’s had 9 games.

    The defence is worse. The attack is shite. The football is horrible.

    He should be doing better.

  109. Pedro

    Joe, it’s a bit weird that someone who obsessed over Wenger for 5 years now can’t tolerate anyone who wants a fair opinion on the blandness of Emery so far?

  110. Pedro

    Redtruth, you criticized Wenger for winning FA Cup finals. Now all of a sudden, you’re in love with what you’re seeing?

  111. China

    LOL Pedro you are clearly trolling

    You’ve spent the last few years shitting on ozil and now because you don’t like emery for being ‘bland’ he’s the most creative player in the world. Apparently emery is also benefiting from our potent strike force since we’re averaging over 2 goals a game. We also havent conceded for about 560 odd minutes of football as well as picking up 8 wins on the bounce, but don’t let a good bit of truth get in the way of your laughable attempt to shit on emery just because he doesn’t have arteta’s hair or whatever weird thing made you think he was the next coming of pep.

    This is the most transparent agenda driven bullshit ever from you guys. You lot act like you’re being balanced and just offering a fair critique and that those of us behind the manager are not but it couldn’t be farther from the truth and you all know that. None of us here are saying that emery is playing glorious football. We’re saying we don’t care and that he’s getting good results out of a shit squad and that we’re making small improvements game on game whilst collecting 3 points game after game.

    At first we were losing games to city and Chelsea and dropping points (against two of the best teams) wasn’t good enough. Ok so he started winning. Oh by auba and laca weren’t scoring. Ok they started scoring. Bellerin, xhaka were hopeless and torreira should’ve been playing. Bellerin and Chaka start playing a bit more solidly and torreira gets in the first team. Cech was crap with the ball at his feet, he starts being more careful and going long when under pressure. The defense was crap. Ok the defense keeps 3 clean sheets in a row.

    ‘But the football isn’t entertaining enough’

    Fuck me you lot are disgusting. If we were winning every game 5-0 you’d be complaining it wasn’t 6. This is so utterly pathetic. You are fucking embarrassing