September and still competing for the league. Feels weird, right?

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A touch late with the match reportage this morning, I was taking in Europe trouncing USA USA USA. What a great win for those boys.

Onto the game.

The familiar slow start under Emery came into sharp focus again yesterday. The manager rolled with players in unfamiliar positions again, and the team really struggled.

Watford came to bully and they did a very solid job. They pressed aggressively, they counterpunched and I think it’s fair to say they caused some panic in the first half. Petr Cech had to make some sharp saves and some brave interceptions before he was taken off for a hamstring injury.

The game was once again turned on some sharp subs.

Leno, making his league debut, made some very good saves after starting his day with a duffed chipped pass. As his confidence grew, you could see the difference his passing skills made. Cech doesn’t want the ball, Leno offers himself up to the game, opening space with his movement in the box, as well as offering up a more varied range of confident passes.

The introduction of Iwobi and Welbeck really made the difference. The Nigerian wide man offered the team a connective tissue between attack and midfield we’d lacked with the disappointing Aaron Ramsey on the pitch. WELBZ also gave us a bit more aggression moving forward.

The opening goal came against the run of play from a cross, Iwobi launching a fizzing cross into the front post which forced an own goal from Cathcart. It was pretty amusing to watch Lacazette almost hug him as he sat despondent on the floor.

Our second started when WELBZ intercepted a bad pass in front of the halfway line, Iwobi set the ball moving for Lacazette, he found Ozil’s surging run (yeah, right?!) and the finish killed the match.

So, 7 wins on the bounce. We won ugly again. So what’s the problem?

Well, I’m not quite sure that winning ugly at home was the problem under Arsene Wenger. Our problem for 10 years has always been beating the top teams. When there were only 3 good teams, that wasn’t an issue, as we were a top 4 side. The challenge came when there were 6 good teams.

The problem we’re seeing at the moment isn’t the ugly nature of our football, it’s how poor we are at the back, combined with the lack of potency moving the ball forward. Ugly football can only really be appreciated if there’s a strategy behind it. Our play is ugly because the team isn’t clicking.

Our defence is an absolute shambles. Watford tore us to pieces yesterday. Only some fine saves and some terrible finishing allowed us to kill the game at the end with an own goal. We look disorganised. The midfield isn’t offering enough cover. We’re not that much different to the side we were watching last season.

Against a top side, we’re going to get our back sides handed to us. That’s not a now problem, but it will be when we’re splitting hairs over making the top 4 this season.

Going forward, we’re really looking shabby. Aaron Ramsey dropped another disaster class as a #10 yesterday. His game was all over the place and he wasn’t really offering much to the front three. Mesut Ozil was quiet. Auba continues to look bland out wide. Lacazette though busy, often gets eaten up by towering defenders.

When you have players learning new positions and new systems at the same time, you end up with a big sludge of grey. We only managed 2 shots on target all game. That’s really not good enough, especially in a game that Watford came to play in.

Buuuuuuut… we took 3 points again. We climbed the table. We closed the gap at the top to 4 points.

That’s pretty fucking exciting, right? We’re in September, and we’re not only within spitting distance of top 4, we’re close enough to touch the top of the table.

That’s progress. The football might be confused. The defence might still be a mess. But the table doesn’t lie. We’re in the mixer.

I don’t think the ‘careful what you wish for’ crowd expected this.

The big hope is we start to improve. Liverpool is a month away and the quality of their football is so much higher than ours (as it would be). If we don’t tighten up, that game with be an absolute mauling.

Finally, a word to Ramsey who was pissed at being subbed off with 30mins to play. Good. You’ve been shite all season.

Now it’s clear he’s not committed, I hope the club try and force him out in January. I’ve been reading theories that the club pulled the deal when Ivan G left. Amusing if true. I’ve never rated the Welshman like so many of the stats junkies do. There are plenty better ways to spend £200k a week. Let’s hope there’s a plan.

Also, before I leave, the Juve CEO, Marotta, has just quit. He rebuilt Juve. Moved them to a new stadium. Won the league every year. He’s wheeled and dealed whilst keeping the club at the elite end of European football. He’s one of the best in the world. Surely we’re going to try and tap him for the open vacancy at Arsenal? Imagine having a CEO who was actually ambitious and knew how to do both sides of the job.

We can but dream…

P.S. Who is enjoying the demise of that piano playing pillock over at Old Trafford?

Yeah, I wrote pillock.

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  1. Bankz

    I remember Pedro going on about how Emery’s limited English would be a barrier to his managerial impact so Arteta should have been chosen.
    I think our only undoing this season will be injuries..if the team keeps playing together and racking up points, by November, they’d be winning games with ease.

    As for Arteta, if he ever wants to be taken seriously he needs to go manage a team like Lampard and Gerard and show his worth

  2. Pedro

    Bankz, do the ideas look like they’re landing?

    And you need to get over the Arteta thing. He’ll be the next manager of City, then you’ll see.

  3. kc

    I’d rather win ugly than lose pretty. Watford had been playing pretty well and was higher up the table than us before this game. It’s a good win and another clean sheet.

  4. Marc

    The problem with our performances at the moment is that we have too many players playing out of position and Xhaka who cannot operate at the pace if the PL. Get Ozil in the 10 position, get Mikki wide right and bin off Xhaka. Once we’ve done that we can then judge player performances on merit.

  5. Marc


    I’d rather chat about the next manager of Utd than City. Pep’s there for the next few years so let’s worry about that closer to the time.

  6. Victorious

    Nobody is throwing up a fuss about the results, they’re very much welcomed and have us in joint 4th but the performance is dog shite and if we go into the dippers fixture like this it could be very very ugly and end in us letting in double figures

  7. Victorious

    Watching dippers vs chavs and the tempo they currently play at vs our current performance is shocking

    The level behind in quality might take years to actually measure up

  8. Danny S

    The key thing for me this season is the difference in attitude. Last season we would have gone most of the game without scoring, ran out of ideas and gave up. Probably lost 1-0 or 2-1 or drawn.
    This season, albeit with a little luck and pure grit, we are seeing out 90 mins and stealing wins. That there is top 4 stuff.
    The next step up from that is a quirk g the right players for the system and refining it to make it less clunky and I’m sure that will come in time.
    Genuinely optimistic here.

  9. zaco

    As for Arteta, if he ever wants to be taken seriously he needs to go manage a team like Lampard and Gerard and show his worth
    nobody will remember who was City’s assistant coach in the future, Mr Arteta have to test his ability as a manager instead of being satisfied as the “best” assistant

  10. Danny S

    Imagine the difference between looking to the bench and seeing your manager wrapped in his coat staring vacantly at the pitch, to looking over and seeing him shouting and flinging his arms about and cheering you on. One is like having 1 man less in the team, one like having an extra man.

  11. Victorious

    You have no idea what you yapping on about ,A manager’s prowess has absolutely nothing to do with the histrionics, Sir Alex is arguably the world’s greatest manager and in all his years as manager you would never see him jumping in the touchline Like a clown

  12. Danny S

    Victorious if you had any credibility on this blog, I’d take you remotely seriously but there you go.

    Ferguson was a one of a kind. And he quite frequently was off his bench, red faced and screaming orders. Not only that, if you looked to he bench and saw him sitting there silently staring, you probably knew you were all in for a hair drying at half time or after the game.

  13. Danny S


    Rambo looks majorly pissed. He’s brushing it off but you can see in his answers and his face that he’s not impressed.

    Very cringe

  14. Marko

    Marotta would be an unbelievable appointment but I can’t see it happening it looks like Raul got a serious promotion inside 7 months

  15. un na naai

    Danny S

    Na. He’s just socially awkward there mate. You can see he’s got the tiniest hint of a smirk on his face and he’s attempting to join in but it looks like he’s calerly in the periphery of their jokes usually and isn’t used to being in the middle of it.

  16. Victorious


    What has calling you out for talking nonsense got to do with my creditability on here

    You’re sadly yet another wenger obsessive who sort to take a cheap shot at wenger but went horribly wrong in the process by having a shot at his touchline management

    Wenger won loads of trophies by sitting down his ass on the bench but got other much important factors spot on,not running cluelessly on the touchline with fvck all to show for it.
    you mug.

  17. un na naai


    He’s learning under the tutelage of a master.

    Jose did similarly under bobby robson and went on to become one of the most successful coaches of all time
    He’s won leagues in 4 different countries and champions leagues in 3 different countries

  18. Cesc Appeal

    Marotta will end up at United, they were looking at Monchi but now Marotta is available he will go there I think.

    It would be great if we landed him, going from one imbecile running things to having Sanellhi, Mislintat and Marotta in the space of a year.

    Also, going from Gazidis to Marotta is like going from a Ford to a Ferrari.

  19. PessimisticPat

    Also Victorious you call Danny a Wenger obsessive,then unnanaii posts something about fergie no mention of wenger and you bring up Wenger in your response?

    Weird,anyone would think you are a hypocritical moron if they read that.

  20. Victorious

    unnanaii posts something about fergie no mention of wenger and you bring up Wenger in your response?”

    His response was in RELATION to Wenger and not in isolation or exclusively of the subject being discussed.

    You’d know this if you were not in a hurry to butt in and make a bit of idiot out of yourself.

  21. omar

    Poor finishing from Watford my ass. So what about our chances, what about our clear penalty that wasnt given. Talking as if Watford was battering us and we were barely holding on. Give it a rest. 7 wins in 7 with a predominant Wenger team.

  22. PessimisticPat

    So its up to you to decide if its relation or obsessive,got it. Also just thought id point out this is an arsenal blog,open to all, so i dont see how you can butt in. I just thought id point out the hypocrisy of your last post,but at least now ill know to check with you first whether something is in relation to a topic before I call you a hypocritical moron again

  23. un na naai


    Actually pal I was responding only to the fergie comment. I had no idea of the wider context and it’s relation to wenger. I’d be considered an AKB on these pages too so you know I’m genuinely not trying to go out of my way to attack Wenger

  24. Marc

    “Jose did similarly under bobby robson and went on to become one of the most successful coaches of all time
    He’s won leagues in 4 different countries and champions leagues in 3 different countries”

    I really think Mourinho gets too much credit sometimes. Whenever he’s been successful it’s been down to managing either the dominant team or out spending everyone in sight. His CL record is impressive but it’s 2 wins not 3 and there was a huge amount of luck in the Porto win. Fact is whilst he’s won stuff every club is glad to see the back of him because he’s such a cunt – once ManU sack him he’s running out of options. It’ll be either PSG if Tuchel completely cocks it up or International football. No other club that matches his ego will go near him now.

  25. un na naai


    Come on man. I know as arsenal fans we like to stick the boot in but his Porto team was extremely well managed and he got the best out of that side
    Don’t forget he won UEFA Cup the year before
    His inter team were not the biggest spenders in la liga. He blew Barca and pep out of the water with a tactical masterclass over two legs with a player sent off no less.

    He also won a title during barca’s Most dominant years with poorer side.

    He transformed Chelsea into winners. His mentality is imprinted in the club to this day.
    Like him or loathe him, the man has achieved great success we’re many others with similar or greater budgets have failed. Credit where it’s due

  26. Marc

    un un

    HE won the CL with Porto after Tim Howard through the ball into the back of his own net in the last minute. As for winning la liga with Inter I think you mean serie a and they spent heavily. He’s never done anything outside of Portugal without a huge cheque book.

  27. un na naai

    Has guardiola? Had fergie? Klopp? He spends millions for Liverpool with only 4th place to show for it. Any manager but Wenger at the top level of the game spends fortunes Marc but Jose spent wisely and made it count until he went to United.
    Ranieri, AVB, scolari, Hiddink and conte all had the same budget at Chelsea but couldn’t replicate his success. Why? They aren’t as good as he is. In truth only pep has been better in the last 15 years. Ancelotti after him.

  28. E54_

    Jose is displaying the actions of a stupid person. We know he’s not, so whats going on? Ego and arrogance, those two characteristics will destroy any intelligence one may have.

    Think about it, he’s at one of the biggest and wealthiest clubs in the world and all he cares about is a snapchat post and 1 player not tracking back? He could take over world football, the best scouts, coaches, directors of football, players, lawyers, executives. utd could get the best of them if they really pushed for it. Who can’t they buy? Who’s contract can’t they match? Even if pogba and Martial are a problem. Win, get them onside, pretend, man manage, the winning will give you all the power you need to tell the board, we need to sell these 2. Get between 70-100M for each in today’s market and replace them with new stars.

    It’s utd, scum yeah, but rich and lucrative worldwide… all of this and all he cares about, is a flipping snapchat post.

  29. alexanderhenry

    On Mourihno, there’s no question that he was a brilliant manager up until his
    second stint at Chelsea.
    I never liked some of his methods and his sides have always been uninspiring to watch a lot of the time. But he’s a winner and that’s the most important thing.
    Yes, he always spent big but he delivered consistently.

    However, I actually think the debacle at chelsea and the way he behaved firstly towards Eva Carneiro and then later towards the players damaged him more than people realise.
    He crossed several lines. He bullied and humiliated a female member of his medical team and when things went pear shaped on the pitch- in part because of his treatment of Carniero- he publicly and consistently blamed individual players.

    All of that is a big no no in the world of football. I suspect he has subsequently become the most disliked man in the game, amongst players, officials and probably other managers.

    As a result he probably can’t get players to give 100% anymore.
    The man has been swallowed by his own ego.

  30. Cesc Appeal

    I really like the look of Pepe, seems he is one Mislintat had his eye on in the summer.

    With all the changes that have happened already if we landed Zielinski and Pepe I’d be ready to fall over.

  31. Cesc Appeal


    I saw some rumours that we’re going to try for him in January. We’ve scouted him heavily now and have sort of let his people know if he keeps this up we will make an offer.

    So use to seeing players like this end up elsewhere, it would be great if we landed him. 7 appearances this season, 4 goals and 3 assists. Not bad is it? Height, power, pace, dribbling, end product sounds like exactly what we need.

  32. WrightIsGod

    Emery is quietly impressing me with what he’s doing with the squad. He’s clearly getting the best out of fringe players like holding, iwobi and welbeck.

    The difference for our subs these days is that when they are on the bench they can hear the instructions being barked out by Emery. This means that they have more understanding about what is needed in the game when they come on the pitch.

    With Wenger the players had no idea what they needed to do in the game other than express themselves or fill a space on the pitch.

  33. un na naai

    Alexander HenryThe are rumours circulating about Eva craniero. Or there were. That she was properly playing doctors and nurses with the playing staff. What a hottie she was/is.
    I think it was more a storm in a teacup and that his players at Chelsea were just jumped up wankers. Any team that finished tenth after winning the league then wins the league again a season or two later do so deliberately.

  34. El Tel

    Ha Ha Ha

    The blog is being taken by Mancscum lovers.

    Ferries the greatest Manager of all time. Only in England is such delusion.

    The biggest club In the world and He only won 2 CL trophies.

    He dominated the League when it was mostly a 2 horse race and against the much derided Wenger.

    Moaninhio the genius, what a shit bag of a man. How can Managing RM The greatest club in the world, Chavski the richest club in the world at that time and and Italian Giant not be easy. Sure he did miracles with Porto and yes he still won things but let’s see how he would get on starting from scratch at a club like Westham or Spurs maybe. I think what you see from him right now would be about his limit those clubs.

    You can argue the same for Pep but the difference is all his teams have been so dynamic and powerful that no one can deny his greatness. I love Bobby Robson but I am sure it was.
    Cruyff that started the Barca revolution.

    Yesterday we played a Watford team full of confidence a team who came to bully. They didn’t bully us and in fact got so many iffy Referee decisions that our fans were astonished. And Boy have we had some cunt Refs at our place.

    Good result poor performance. I will take this until Emery has the team He has built then we can judge. It is no coincidence that all the new players look like they want to fight and are decent players. Cech, Welbeck and Iwobi look like they Have been transformed. Bellerin has one of his best games yesterday. Once the Wenger experiment Ramsey clears off there will be a much better purpose from our forward players. Seeing Ramsey taking up Auba and Lacas space is bollocks.

  35. steve

    September 30, 2018 20:27:11

    un un

    “after Tim Howard through the ball into the back of his own net in the last minute.”


    No he didn’t. Costinha scored in the last minute after a rebound from Howard.

  36. Marc

    ” Any team that finished tenth after winning the league then wins the league again a season or two later do so deliberately.”

    Oh dear anyone with half a brain can take that comment and realise it has implications. Why did the Chelsea players switch off and on again? Well maybe it was because Mourinho is an epic cunt. The more I see un na comment the more I wonder about allowing those with IQ’s below a certain level internet access.

  37. Joe

    Wenger won loads of trophies by sitting down his ass on the bench

    Yeah because the leaders on the pitch took on the in game management and won in spite of the buffoon Wenger

    Just because you’re too stupid to realize doesn’t mean the rest of us are

    And Ferguson was quite animated. Again just because you’ve only watched the PL for a cup of tea and really don’t have a scooby

  38. Joe

    Can’t say Jose was all money


    And his 2nd stint at Chelsea the league was against Man U and man city and us and pool. He was not the only one spending money.

    And they actually played great football until end of Jan and costa got hurt and went back into his defensive shell

  39. englandsbest

    We are starting to love Emery. Because he keeps winning. Those not yet enchanted by him are still carrying the torch for Wenger. Poor souls.

    With luck the two flies in the ointment (Ozil and Ramsay) will soon be gone, and our man will have a rock-solid squad of committed players. They are not the most talented bunch we’ve had, but provided they try their utmost, we can live with that. At any rate for the time being.

    And some of them may well turn out to be far better than we imagined. Welbeck for a start. He can break well, get into good positions, and a cooler head comes with the years. There is hope for Xhaka too, and he does try his best.

    And January is coming. A super winger might make a huge difference. And a dominating CB. And a Cesc-quality playmaker. Dreams. I suppose.

  40. steve

    MarcSeptember 30, 2018 22:32:19
    steveAre you fucking stupid? It’s a simple question.


    Erm I answered your question if you’re able to read. “No it wasn’t”. You falsly claimed Howard threw the ball into his own net but apparently you already forgot that. Dickhead.

  41. kc

    So the test for Emery is how well he does vs the best team in the league? Because that’s what Liverpool are and that’s what keeps getting repeated on here. That’s fucking harsh on a first year manager taking over a sixth place team. Seems agenda driven.

  42. Joe

    England’s best

    A winger is a must this Jan. AND hopefully Iwobi realizes his potential with a proper manager leading him.

    A CM to replace Ramsey and possibly elneny and even mkhit.

    An additional top CB would be a dream in Jan.

    1st week of October and we are within 4 points of the league leaders.

    Who would of thunk it. Oh right. I did.

  43. Leedsgunner

    So we have FK Qarabag out in Azerbaijan this coming Thursday. If I recall correctly, due to hostilities between Armenia and Azerbaijan it was suggested that it wouldn’t be a good idea that Mhkitaryian fly out there (an Armenian). huh, isn’t that crazy?

    So much for FIFA being an apolitical organisation… hypocrites.

    Happy to rap teams and players for wearing armbands for Remembrance Day but when it has the opportunity to speak to areas where people are dying, they remain strangely silent. What happened to football being an instrument for peace? Why isn’t the host club being compelled to ensure Mkhitaryian’s safety? If it’s so unsafe for one of our players why is it safe for the rest?

    Could Mkhitaryian use the rest? Probably but that’s missing the point. It’s the principle behind it all.

  44. Leedsgunner

    If we want to get the best out of Aubumayeng– get him to play closer centrally with Lacazette and replace Ramsey with Mhkitaryian and install Özil as a no 10.

    Both Özil and Auba are not wingers… silly to play them outside when we really don’t have them.

    If we want a winger, play a winger and if we have tombuy one to match Auba directness so be it.

  45. Joe


    We should be buying a winger. End of. We just need a proper winger at the club.

    I even miss seeing Theo on the wing, I’m that desperate for a winger

  46. Joe

    CC. From previous post regarding handicap ::

    Always too drunk by the end of 18 holes to bother hahaAnd really don’t think I got enough rounds in. Never took it serious enough to play through winter and hit up the driving range Golf really took of for me when tiger came on the scene in 97. His Nike ad is still one of my fave ads ever. I’d hate to see how I’m shooting now. 100? The kids have stole 5 years of golf from me. No one has time to head out for 4-5 hours Happy I can still mtn bike 4 times a week and snowboard again a lot not that the kids can join.
    JoeSeptember 30, 2018 20:13:26
    Took me ages to break the 90 barrier.

  47. Atid

    I said when the fixtures came out we would lose the first 2 matches then go unbeaten until we face Liverpool that will be the crucial one.

    The next 6 matches are qarabag, Fulham, Leicester, sporting, palace and blackpool. Win all those 6 and the confidence will be sky high in the squad, although I fear it could leave to over confidence and we could be brought crashing down to eat on November 3.

    This crap with Ramsey should end now, Ozil should be restored to the only position he enjoys. The big mistake was made, by the previous hierarchy allowing these contracts to run down, then probably bowing down to Ozil demands. As it has turned allowing Wilshire and Alexis to leave and getting only mkhitaryan in return has not bitten us too much. Neither have the sales of the ox and Walcott. In fact I can’t think of one player that has left recently where I have felt we made a mistake. I am sure if Emery and the new guys had been in place, Ozil would have been on a lower salary, but perhaps a more performance rewarding one. A £200k a week deal is fair in today’s market, perhaps then with adds one like 50k per league appearance (less for cups) then win bonuses, performance related bonuses, etc making up a tidy package. As for Ramsey, we need to decide on when he leaves. For now I would throw him into the “cup team” may be softening the blow by making him captain of that group and saying prove yourself once again and we can have more contract discussions in December before the window opens. By now Raul and the new guy should have informed his agent and every club out there of his availability in January and at the very least I would send him on loan in January. But he is not the only in this position, Cech, Ospina, Monreal, Koscielny, Welbeck, Zelalem and Pleguezuelo from the top of my head are all in their last 8 months too. Contract discussions need to take place now. Whilst others like Jenkinson and Asano need to be moved on.

    Finally the formation I have been banging on about it now for a number of weeks our best 2 players are our 2 strikers, play them as a pair. Then play our so called world class no. 10 in that position right behind the front 2. It is where he is most dangerous, then groom Smith-Rowe to
    become his stand in, for the cup games The 3 man midfield then has plenty of options we could play 3 defensive playmakers when we have less posession or 2 box to box when we counter we could even have players that like the wings. My favourite team if everyone was fit would now look like this.

    Lichsteiner Sokratis Kos Monreal
    Guendozi Torreira Mkhitaryan
    Lacazette Aubameyang

    Bench and cover for injuries from this cup X1

    Bellerin Mustafi Holding Kolasinac
    Ramsey Niles Iwobi
    Nketiah Welbeck

  48. Leedsgunner

    We should play the formation that maximises our best players rather than playing our players out of position to suit the formation IMO.

    So if we don’t have any genuine wide players at the moment, until we do, play a 4-1-2-1-2 through the middle bring Auba and Laca closer together so they can complement each other’s strengths and weaknesses.

    Crazy we are playing Ramsey at no 10 when we have on our books a player that redefined the position for a decade in Özil.

    As I have said before Ramsey is history. Use him as a super sub where he will give a good performance because he knows he’s in the shop window. We need to learn to phase him out and learn to play without him.

  49. Black Hei

    I am fully on board with Pedro.

    There is an art of winning ugly which is winning 1-0 with your only shot on target off a big chance while restricting the opponents to only low percentile speculative efforts.

    Make to mistake, that is not Arsenal winning ugly on Saturday. The only winning metric we had was luck, not resilience. And since Unai Emery isn’t Domino in disguise, our football need to start getting more coherent, before our lucks run out.

  50. Leedsgunner

    I’m torn over the upcoming international interlude. It will disrupt our momentum which is a shame however, the break will give some of our players the chance to recover and get back.

    Players like Laurent K, Sokratis, Mavropanos, Ainsley Maitland-Niles and Kolasinac will be important to give our manager options in the defence. Mustafi continues to underwhelm and be mistake prone.

    If all those players come back, we should have enough depth to not need him especially if Holding keeps making strides.

    If we can sell Ramsey for £20m and Mustafi for the same we should sell them both and get a dynamic winger.

  51. gonsterous

    doesn’t matter than Ferguson won only 2 CL. He is one of the best managers to manage in England. That year when city won their first title on the last day edging out utd by 2 points. what did fergie do ? he went out, bought RVP and won the league leaving city 11 points behind them. That’s the sort of manager I want. someone who doesn’t take defeat easily.

  52. China

    Black bro are you sure?

    When they had chances our keeper(s) did enough. Our keepers making saves is not luck. It’s then doing what they’re paid to do the same as our attacking players scoring which again, they did – twice

    Luck would be deeney rounding the keeper and missing an open goal. What we saw was a Watford attack that lacked end product combined with good goal keeping.

    It’s not our fault they can’t do better but it is to our credit that our defender and keepers did enough to keep them out.

  53. gonsterous

    what makes arteta capable of managing city after pep ? if city are ambitious, they’ll go for a qualified manager and arteta will follow pep to the next gig.

  54. useroz

    You make your own luck. Our efforts caused an OG and that’s enough ugliness for most when we can’t do scintillating football, for now.

    Looking back, should have at least a point from the Chelsea game but for those 3 to 4 terrible misses. Not losing to L’pool would be good, as the next 6 following are all winnable.

    Can’t ask for more if we keep striking distance from the top going into the Jan TW!

    Let’s use the Jan TW to tidy up our contract affairs, sell all rebels, AND top up. Every 5m counts eg pays a 100k pw player a year!

    We’d afford a good, youngish winger surely.

    Proven, youngish CBs can be costly and hard to find. Don’t know what Emery could do there with no “internal solutions”.

    If news is more/less correct, Ramsey is done. Leave him out of the squad unless he agrees to leave in JAN. Why wastes the shop window for something you can’t sell??

    Jenk had become a nuisance. Find a way to cancel his contract.

  55. Pierre

    Pedro’s headline “September and still competing for the league. Feels weird, right?”

    Actually it doesn’t feel that weird due to the fact that we are where we normally are after 7 games going by the last 3 seasons so it actually feels pretty similar,right?


    The only difference is ,we have a new manager.

  56. China

    I’m really impressed with torreira so far

    He’s excellent at reading the game. He has a constant habit of ‘getting lucky’ with deflections, opponents miscontrolling etc. they turn into him or get shunted off course by him all the time. He has a real nack for mopping up. I hope he can. Or get booked too often but every other part of his game is really tight. He’s quick, tough, passes well, carries the ball and can beat people and beat of all he looks like a 12 year old wearing a muscle suit hahah. I dunno why I find he has such a comical style (same is true of his walking and running posture too lol)