Ramsey deal off? I have my doubts

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Well, let’s crack into the Brentford game. Arsenal took down their preseason foes with a fairly simple 3-1 victory. I think we saw some great play, it’s great to see the reserve team playing hard for the manager. There was style on display, some lovely goals and obviously, a goal for Brentford.

Danny Welbeck deserves special praise. His header was early on, he was clinical and used his height and power perfectly. His second goal was more about the team, it was #Emeryball from start to finish. The ball began from Leno and ended up the other end of the pitch with Danny there to sweep the ball home. A really classy number.

Old Danny is untapped potential. He has it all, power, pace, height, hardwork, and a knack for getting in the right positions. He’s just not very clinical. If there’s a way to fluff your lines, you can bet Danny’s done it. Hopefully, at the end of the season, we’ll see who he really can be as a striker. Hopefully, he becomes the lethal weapon we’d love him to be.

The final goal came from Lacazette bullying 4 defenders before smashing a low shot past the Brentford keeper.

A great start to a competition Wenger never managed to win. Extra impetus to make something happen this season.

In other news, John Cross put it all on the line saying Arsenal have withdrawn their contract off for Ramsey and he’ll be leaving next summer.

Now, the way the article reads is it’s the clubs choice.

For me, Arsenal are a business. We need to look out for the future. The notion that Ramsey shut off contract talks forever in September seems a touch odd. Basic client strategy would say that if he has no intention of signing, at least string the club along so they don’t drop you for the season.

Emery cannot afford to have an uncommitted player as his number 10 for 8 months. It wouldn’t make sense. We saw exactly what happened last season. Sanchez and Ozil were ok before Christmas, then it all went to shit the back half of the season. The rumours, the lack of commitment in games, the rumblings behind the scenes. Picture yourself on an 8 month notice period, do you think you’d be going hard for a club y0u’re bombing off? Or do you think you’d be protecting your ability to sign a pre-contract with Juve in January?

If, and it’s a big if… Ramsey has told the club it’s 0ver. Then we have to move to sell him in January. Save money on his contract, recoup a fee and save on the ball ache of carrying a passenger.

I’d been told in the summer from my best source that the agent of Ramsey was pushing for Ozil money.

The club made this position even worse when the new manager said he wanted to the build the team around the Welshman. You give away all you leverage when you position the player as integral.

The worst move Ivan Gazidis made last year was sanctioning the extension of Mesut Ozil. We are paying £350k a week to a player the whole of Europe passed on last year. A player who still looks very checked out. A player who has been relegated to a position he doesn’t want to play. Now a player, who let’s be honest, is far more valuable to the Emery system, is likely to leave because we can’t pay him that.

… but we’ll see. Raul and Sven are stupid. I can’t believe there’s not a plan to deal with this. I’d be very surprised if we lose him on a free.

Anyway, that’s all I’ve got today. Listen to the podcast.


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  1. Jamie

    Cool. Let’s see where he ends up. A top tier player in his prime years on a Bosman doesn’t happen very often. I expect City, Utd, Chelsea, Juve, Bayern, Barca, Real Madrid, and PSG to open up contract negotiations with him this summer, or to pick him up sooner in Jan.

    I’d wager he stays in England to help satisfy City or Chelsea’s HG requirements, and that all the other clubs take a pass.

    You know who else made the team to which Paulhino is referring? Joe Allen. Keep it up.

  2. Dream10

    Arsenal agreed a deal with Ramsey and then withdrew it?

    The club is definitely trying to save face.
    They have been trying to re-sign him for the last 18 months.

  3. un na naai


    You’re assuming that success Constitutes a certain type. It doesn’t necessarily mean the corporate world. There are plenty of ways of making money and having an easy life. If you know how.

  4. gonsterous


    don’t worry, I’m sure we’ll have plenty of suitors for ramsey, but not the clubs ramsey thinks. He’s in for a shock when he finds himself playing for everton or rangers…

  5. Bamford10


    You agree that Walcott is just as much a potential top 33 player in the world as Ramsey is? I find that hard to believe.

    Two, look at Jamie’s attitude towards the notion that Ramsey is capable of that level or has in fact been that level at times. He dismisses this out of hand.

    I’m afraid I don’t see where you actually agree with him.

    I too think Ramsey would be at the bottom of that top 33 tier — this is why I would never put him in the 22 — but that is not at all what Jamie is saying.

  6. Paulinho

    Bamford – Oh I disagree that Wally is on the same level as Ramsey, but I was referring to his comment about ten other midfielders being better than Ramsey, and then conceding it’s subjective, and I don’t really have an issue with difference of opinion in that regard. I strongly disagree with the ‘purple patch’ argument regarding Ramsey, and the argument his form that season was an aberration. When fit he is top bracket in my book.

  7. Jamie

    Paulinho –

    Of course it’s subjective! Otherwise, the last metric by which the standard was set was inclusion into the 2016 Euros team of the tournament. Joe Allen also made that team. I guess that makes Joe Allen top tier by that same metric. Absurd, I’m sure you’ll agree.

    Ramsey is a decent footballer. Top tier? No chance. Is he more effective than:

    Kroos, Modric, Verratti, Casemiro, Coutinho, Busquets, KDB, Silva, Pogba, Iniesta (even at his age), Kante, Rakitic? All midfielders, fairly specialised. I’d take Isco over Ramsey. Eriksen.

  8. E54_

    JamieSeptember 28, 2018    12:52:18

    Cool. Let’s see where he ends up. A top tier player in his prime years on a Bosman doesn’t happen very often. I expect City, Utd, Chelsea, Juve, Bayern, Barca, Real Madrid, and PSG to open up contract negotiations with him this summer, or to pick him up sooner in Jan.

    Ill repost this on the new post if need be..100% Ramsey won’t end up at a top 6 club. No top team abroad, Not barca not bayern. None if them. Mabey Wenger and his akbs love ramsey. But other managers are not blinded by an emotional connection to Ramsey.

    City, Pool, chavs, spurs, utd and us. He’ll be at none of those teams next season. You all thought Jack was this special guy. It doesn’t look like anybody else did? Well… anybody relevant.

    Come on you Irons… eh jack?


    All wengerized players out!

  9. Paulinho

    Jamie – Well I wouldn’t have either Rakitic or Busquets on my elite list ahead of Ramsey in terms of effectiveness or in terms having an impact on the game. My opinion on Busquets has been well documented on this site, and I’ve always thought Rakitic was tidy but too static. So I disagree there for a start. Probably have Erikssen above Rakitic and Busquets.

    As I said Ramsey would be lower end, and I would have lots of midfielders that would be joint 9th or joint 10th so I would have Ramsey floating between 10th-15th, together with a quite a few players.

    I’m sure you disagree, but again, subjective as you said.

    As for the team of the tourament, Joe Allen being in it doesn’t completely render it null and void. Fact is by the metrics he deserved to be in there and was one of the best players. An asterisks always has to be used though it’s true. Trianos Dellas was incredible in 2004, and Fabio Grosso likewise in 2006. Neither would be in anyone’s elite group at that time, but for that tournament they reached a level befitting of that standard.

  10. Joe



    There will not be one top team going after ransey. Maybe Jose makes a desperate bid to get him in Jan. But he will be crap there as well.

    He should join jack at west ham. It’s Ramsey’s level

  11. Joe

    Ramsey in terms of effectiveness or in terms having an impact on the game


    Ramsey has neither of those. What Ramsey are you watching. His 6 month purple patch on repeat?

  12. Samesong

    There are plenty of ways of making money and having an easy life. If you know how.

    So are you saying that people with money don’t have problems. Its not all an easy life because you have money.

  13. Champagne charlie

    Making money isn’t an enviable thing imo, but i do find it curious that only one poster (to my knowledge) continues to parade everything aspect of his lifestyle as if to wow a crowd.

    I disagree with Un Na that it’s always in jest or to wind certain people up. Sometimes? No doubt, but Tony is the most boastful individual i’ve Come across on here to the point i know his height, weight, bicep size and body fat percentage to the number. Weird, weird guy haha

  14. gonsterous

    Erickson is good but there’s a reason why he’s not playing for Barca and rakitic is. WC players don’t always have to be hard-working defensively to be regarded as WC. Erickson may offer more defensively but offensively rakitic is better.

  15. un na naai


    Each to their own. I quite enjoy TonyD’s posts. Would be dull just reading the usual suspects spout their usual nonsense continually. Good to have a bit of variety.

  16. Paulinho

    Joe –

    Aaron Ramsey has provided 10 assists in the PL for Arsenal since the start of last season, more than any other player. [@Squawka]


    Only three players have created more chances for team-mates from open play than Aaron Ramsey this season.

    David Silva 15
    Salah 14
    Aguero 13
    Ramsey, Hazard, Alexis, Fraser, Seri, Vietto 11

    Ramsey has quite a few purple patches eh.

  17. Champagne charlie

    Un na

    That’s fair enough mate, be boring with the same povs. I like/dislike some things more than others and don’t imagine that falls in line with everyone.

  18. Samesong

    Would be dull just reading the usual suspects spout their usual nonsense continually.

    Why don’t you take your own advice sometimes then?

    You talked Wilshere to death – Dull
    Your politics rambles – Dull

  19. un na naai


    I’m from the “do as I say, not as I do” school of thought.

    I only talk Wilshere to death when someone disagrees and I’ve only talked politics on two occasions since joining

    So pipe down

  20. un na naai

    To be fair samesong it’s a bit rich you calling me dull.

    I don’t ever recall a single one of your posts. I guarantee, love me or loathe me, I stand out more than you do.

  21. Leedsgunner

    What an unmitigated disaster Project British Core has turned out to be.

    Jack Wilshere, Kieran Gibbs, Carl Jenkinson, Aaron Ramsey and Theo Walcott were hailed by Wenger as the beginning of a new era of success for Arsenal and all it did was lead the club into a black hole of mediocrity.

    Carl Jenkinson’s contract doesn’t even end this coming summer… it ends next summer! Unbelieveable that for a club that continually cries poverty we wasted so much money on these injury prone imposters.

  22. un na naai


    Without the likes of you and Pierre and Tony it would be dull
    Even bamford and marko are good entertainment value. I probably wouldn’t bother the comments section otherwise. I mean the other posters seem cool and all but the place would lack bite without certain posters.

    Seemed to me to be something of an echo chamber before.

  23. Samesong

    I only talk Wilshere to death when someone disagrees and I’ve only talked politics on two occasions since joining

    Whatever Don.

    You can stand out as much as you want mate. I’m not here to be popular. Only talked about politics twice your full of shite and a liar!

  24. Joe


    Do tell me how one of the top 10 most influential MF led us to 5/6th place the last 2 seasons.

    Please break down v who the big stats you posted were against.

    Stats are not even close to being the whole story

    He’s been bang average for all but 6 months.

    If he’s so good how did wales fail to qualify for the World Cup with bale their as well

    IF he’s so influential.

    I guess we will find out this Jan or summer when all the top clubs will be after his sigbsignature

    ESP Barca as they were supposedly willing to sign him for 50m a couple seasons ago and now according to your stats he’s one of the best around.

    They will be all over signing him for free in Jan.

  25. Joe

    When had ransey ever taken the game by the scruff of the neck and won us the match as most of the players on your list have.

    Where was ramsey v Chelsea when we should have beaten them. Oh right on the bench because he was useless v city

    Great padding your chances created stats v lower tier teams

  26. Alexanderhenry


    Absolutely right.

    You missed out the ox – it’s debatable whether he’s that good and he left for Liverpool anyway – for less money allegedly.

    You also have to add all the other non British youth – denilson, eboue, aliadiere vela etc.

    Project youth was an excuse not to spend.

  27. Paulinho

    Aside from a goal against Liverpool, who else did he score or assist against during the period you’ve acknowledged he played very well?

    Was there much difference in quality between those teams and the teams in the last year or so?

    Arsene Wenger led us to fifth/sixth. Going by your logic no team would ever sign a player from a mid-table or relegation threatened team because of the position a player ‘led’ them to that season.

  28. un na naai


    Do you think I’m trying to be popular?? Hahaha. Am I doing a good job? You think they like me here? Are we going on a Le grove holiday together?

  29. un na naai


    Had they handled some of those players better we could have been successful
    Theo, ox, jack and Ramsey could have all been turned out to be not “top tier” as Bamford might say but certainly the ring below it
    Maybe even top tier. I think certainly jack and Ramsey could have been world class midfielders and had Theo been played up front with a strike partner to support him he could have hit 20 a season every season rather than the odd season from right wing.

  30. Joe

    would ever sign a player from a mid-table or relegation threatened team because of the position a player ‘led’ them to that season.

    You’re saying ransey is one of the best MF in the world. Not some MF playing for a relegation or mid table team

  31. Paulinho

    Joe – You’re dismissing his stats based on where we finished. That’s the point. As if where we finished was solely due to him, and we lived and died by his performances.

    Should Alan Shearer’s stats been dismissed because of where Southampton finished back in the early 90s?

    Lampard showed qualities and goals/assists at West Ham, good job Chelsea didn’t look where West Ham eh?

  32. Dennis

    Wathcing the brentford goals again- and relatd with what i now remember in relatoin Leno’ first game – it seems he hesitates.. the free kick.. ‘half hearted’ similarly.

  33. Stefano14


    ‘For all its challenges Thailand has excellent private education, hospitals and wonderful standard of living for those who can afford it.’

    For those that can afford it lol. Who the fuck is this guy?!

  34. Pierre


    Torriera. Xhaka.
    Ozil(iwobi). Mhkitaryan. Aubamayang.

  35. jwl

    We sleep in separate rooms, we have dinner apart, we take separate vacations – we’re doing everything we can to keep our marriage together.

  36. China

    Bam nothing personal but there’s no way in hell Ramsey would make a spot in the third best midfield in the world

    As someone else said, he’s a Leicester or Everton level. He’s literally a Ross Barkley or a Danny drinkwater

  37. China

    Ramsey is literally probably our 3rd best CM and you could even argue I’m being kind (I am)

    City would be dropping no one for him. Chelsea too. Barca, psg, Bayern, real, juve. He’d have literally no chance of being a regular starter for them outside of a major injury crisis. He is entirely irrelevant to first team football at the top end of world football

    I don’t doubt he could be popular at Leicester or Everton tho. He’s an upper mid table prem player who has had one sick season when everything fell into place. That’s literally it

  38. Leedsgunner

    un na nai

    “Had they handled some of those players better we could have been successful…”

    I concur… things could have been so different had we had a coach who was good at youth development rather than a coach who thought he was…

    Wenger, in the latter years lived off his reputation rather than results.

    Due to the fact he was so successful earlier in his tenure with developing Henry, Vieira, Anelka, RvP and Cesc, he became a victim of his own hubris and believed in his own infallibility. The inevitable result was complacency because everyone around Wenger was encouraged not to question him even when results were heading south and our rivals were overtaking us.

    In short, the “yes men” never said no.

    We’ve turned over a new page now, and I’m really hopeful that Emery is going to be different. Iwobi seems like a player reborn, and the emergence of Smith Rowe, Nketiah, W.illock and Reiss Nelson is really encouraging.

    Plus, the appointment of Freddie Ljungberg as our U23 was inspired. They are playing really well and if he keeps this up I wouldn’t mind Freddie taking the role of Assistant Manager soon.

    After that, who knows? 😉

  39. China

    The only midfield at the upper end of table he would have a realistic chance of starting in is potentially Utd and Arsenal’s and that’s because we two have the worst midfields of the top 6

  40. Paulinho

    Joe – Andy Townsend – a completely impartial figure – reckons every top club will be after him, especially on a free.

    Who can tell who exactly will be after him. All depends on their midfield situation.

    The papers seem think there will be top clubs lining up. More lining up for him than Ozil.

  41. China

    Also eboue was kneecapped by a lack of coaching

    He was one of the most promising RBs in the world in his first couple of seasons (when we still had keown, Campbell) in and around the club. He was in our CL final run team. A couple of years later and he was literally a laughing stock of football. A really pity

  42. Leedsgunner

    Excellent post Danny S @ 0936

    The amount of money that we squandered on average players is truly eye watering. Along with the missed opportunities of transfer fees, don’t forget to factor in the millions in wages.

    It’s not true we didn’t have money to compete. Under Wenger and Gazidas we just spent it very badly.

  43. un na naai


    True on eboue
    I remember him coming to prominence during that champions league run in 06 and I thought he was the new Cafu

  44. Victorious

    Unai must be new

    Can’t imagine anyone will stand up for the kind of character Troll D exhibit on here
    With time, I hope he’ll come to realize he’s been speaking up for a fellow obviously struggling with severe personality disorder.

  45. azed

    Will any top club be after Ramsey on a free?

    He’s a 28 year old midfielder with no special skillset as “great engine”. He’s a Westham player.

    People speculated that Jack Wilshere would get offers from big club since he was on a free but he ended up at Westham.

    May Meyer who’s younger than Ramsey and doesn’t have his injury record ended up at Crystal Palace.

  46. Victorious

    Iwobi has to start against watford, utterly deserved and looks to be the most improved player yet under Emery
    Would be interesting to see if he gets the nod ahead of the contract rebel
    We hear Emery is nothing like Wenger,
    stage is all set to make a mark and show it.

  47. Rambo Ramsey

    Tony D is a clinical case.

    The low fat cvnt probably woke up one day and found out he’d won the lottery. Hence can’t stop boasting about his fortune.

    There’s just no way any man who had shed blood and tears to go to a high position in life would show off. Those types are usually the most humble.

  48. Leedsgunner

    Use Ramsey as a sub if we must but we must start learning to live without Ramsey if he’s on his way out. It’s not like we are short on CMs now anyways.

    Ramsey will highly be motivated to play out of his skin for his new employers so even if he plays as a super sub we will benefit.

    We owe Ramsey nothing.

    I never understood why Wenger started the Ox when the player made it very clear he wanted out… it’s as if Wenger was playing the player as a mark of defiance to the fans… to teach us he was in control and there was nothing we could do about it.

    As I said earlier I would start to blood Joe W.illock — his energy and toughness reminds me of young Ramsey in many ways.