Frankenstein squad winning games, not fans

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One thing cannot be in doubt, Arsenal are clicking into a rhythm under Emery. There’s a poor first half performance to wrestle with, some halftime tinkering before we ultimately triumph like might heroes. Five wins on the bounce reads impressive placed against the achievements of Wenger over the past two years, but I’m not sure I’m quite ready to pop the cork on the gluten-free chilled red I’ve been saving.

This week saw a different approach at the base of midfield, the manager opted for LT and Xhaka. It wasn’t quite the magical combination we’d hoped for, largely because the Swiss really isn’t cutting it. He consistently makes poor decisions that lead to heart in mouth moments. Sure, I can see that he offers a lot moving forward due to the sheer volume of passes he makes, but put in the cold light of day, his lack of pace, zero spacial awareness and his penchant for the absurd make him a walking mistake. The real concern with Xhaka outside those challenges, is against top quality competition, he’s going to get mauled. He can’t deal with pressure. He’s undoubtedly the most obvious weak spot in the Unai Emery Frankeneleven

Our back 4 continued to struggle, lucky for us, Everton barely grazed the skin with their toothless attack. They had great ease finding the gaps between our centre and fullbacks for a lot of the first half. Theo Walcott got in behind twice, Calvert-Lewin made a hash of a great chance and Richarlison caused problems. I hope that the issue is learning a new system. The hope post Wenger was that proper coaching could make more of the sum of the parts. There’s no unity quite yet. Hopefully Sokratis is only out for a week with that dead leg he picked up. Notable we didn’t play out of the back with quite the same intensity as we were a few weeks ago.

Going forward is also a bit of a mess. I’d say a lot of that can be attributed to the position mash-up that’s going on. That factored in with new ideas is offering us up a real blend meh. Mesut Ozil looks utterly miserable on the right, he looks like he’s handed in his notice. It’s clearly an ego bruising issue, because he’s not that bad for Germany. He’s our best player and he’s been relegated to a position he feels is below him. That means he doesn’t track, he drifts in and out of the game, but most importantly, he can’t affect the game in a way that makes up for his defficiencies. He just looks like bad fit.

Aaron Ramsey playing in that number 10 role is jokes o’clock, he doesn’t have the technical finesse to find the gaps like Mesut, and yes, I know he landed two assists. But be honest with yourself, his home should be at the base of midfield next to Torreira. He’s a high impact player, he makes amazing late runs, he can dribble, he can bring all sorts of value to the side. Just not as a #10. If we do need him to press from the front, then surely Mikhi would be a better option?

I’m not sure I could tell you what Emery did at halftime. Ozil moved into the middle, then he moved to the left, then Ramsey took up position on the right, then moved to the middle. It was totally baffling what was going on, but whatever the plan was, it worked and it had us playing a much more fluid brand of attacking football. Our first, of course came from Aaron Ramsey through the middle. He found Lacazette who opened up his body and curled the ball past Pickford high and right. It was a masterful goal. A real moment of quality. A top banter celebration as well.

Our second came when Ramsey mis-controlled an Ozil pass in the box, letting an offside Auba poach a simple finish to kill the game and Everton’s morale.

Three more points, so what could there possibly be to moan about?

Topline, I’m not going to bitch. Emery just racked up another win, we climbed to 6th, surged 2 points clear of United and kept our first clean sheet. He’s doing a good job delivering wins.

However, it’s telling when your player of the season is none other than Petr Cech. His shotstopping has been nothing short of excellent, he’s vocal on the pitch and his play with his feet is getting more confident (still a few ‘OH GOD’ moments, but none that have cost us).

It’s hard to describe what’s going wrong when it comes to style because it’s clear we have the talent. Emery wants the players to play to his tune. It looks like there’s a certain way he believes the ball should be moved forward and it’s a bit methodical, slow and predictable. Our transitions from midfield to attack are painful to watch at times, there’s nothing fluid about and because they’re so slow, it’s easy for the opposition to regather and snuff us out. Is that the system that’s slow, or the players are just not picking up plan quick enough?

The other glaring issue is putting square pegs in round holes. He’s playing a lot of our biggest names in positions that don’t suit them. Auba is not a winger. Ozil doesn’t want to be a right midfielder for us. Ramsey looks uncomfortable as a #10. Those are all superstar names. To make his system tick, I think he’s going to have to bench someone.

This is mostly not Emery’s fault. He inherited a Frankenstein monster of a squad. We’re getting away with it. It’ll either work until it’s massively exposed, or it’ll get better and this whole moan will look silly.

We’re in the substance phase of the project, I hope we start to see where the style part is heading soon.

Brentford next.



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  1. Joe


    Of what wenger had done the last dozen years was so epic. So great. And we should be happy.

    Why isn’t he hired yet????

  2. un na naai


    If it doesn’t make sense then I’ll simplify it for you.

    You say Wenger could only win the league in a two horse race
    Well it’s more than klopp could achieve at Liverpool
    Last season was a one horse race. If klopp’s Liverpool at least challenged it would have been a two horse race

    bullshit by the way as arsenal weren’t in the running until he joined and Chelsea had the most expensive squad in history in 04

  3. un na naai


    Why? In 3 years of klopp he had only achieved what Wenger did in his barren years and you consider him a success and Wenger a failure

    Do you not see the double standards or are you being wilfully dim?

  4. un na naai

    “Pierre do you remember what wenger did 99 to 2002? 3 seasons of nothing.”Do you remember what klopp has done 2015/18…..3 seasons of nothing.Except we did the double in 1998 and 2002…

    Back in your pram Joesph

  5. UTarse

    Why do you bite every time ?! Little p just dangles it and you snap at it…. mate, little p is like the naughty child, when he starts misbehaving just ignore him, he’ll soon start to be nice again.

  6. Pierre

    Ok Joe let’s leave it at that as you are getting too excitable.

    Liverpool fans are happy to
    Not win any trophies
    Play attractive football
    Get to an occasional cup final and
    Compete for a top 4 spot.

    Exactly the same scenario that the wenger out brigade was born.

  7. Joe

    Before you bring up fa cups, for a club of Arsenal’s stature fa cups alon while being a laughing stock in Europe and league is not a successful season.

  8. Joe

    Don’t know CC

    Have to see how Emery does don’t we.

    But I would have sacked wenger 3 years ago to hire klopp that’s for sure.

  9. un na naai

    How can you be so painfully low on self awareness joe?

    Klopp’s current record is no better than Wenger in his barren years
    No better
    Like Pierre says
    4th place
    Attractive football
    Occasional final

    In fact Wenger went one better because he was winning FA cups even when he was shite. Klopp’s got Liverpool to 4th for two years and he’s considered a resounding success by…..fucking or grovers!!!The very people who despise finishing fourth??!!


  10. un na naai

    Before you bring up fa cups, for a club of Arsenal’s stature fa cups alon while being a laughing stock in Europe and league is not a successful season.


    Still more than klopp has achieved at Liverpool during his wildly successful 3 years looolz

  11. Champagne Charlie

    What defines success for Klopp this season then joey?

    Easy to rebrand past events, so put your neck out and declare what is or isn’t success for Liverpool this season. At what point can Klopp coin fair criticism of at all?

  12. Joe

    I’m not a Liverpool fan am I? So I don’t really care what klopp wins or doesn’t win

    Their fans are happy. So be it

    Pierre wants to bring wenger back because we should be happy with the shit he delivered for more than a dozen years.

    Sold our best players to
    Line His pocket. To play out his fantasy of winning with kids.

    Said shit like “ I knew united would win the league when I sold them rvp”

    That right there alone, disregard everything else is a firing offence

  13. ddkingz

    u Na naai
    are you a coach????
    if yes, then please do apply as the coach of afc..

    if no, the shut crap and stay positive…

    you don’t support Emery, you don’t think klopp is good enough…
    please who the fuck are you???

  14. Joe

    CC, Pierre, UN

    Bet another year or two and there will be KOB at the Kop.

    Don’t worry.

    You seem to be ok with the 8-2, 6-0, 4-4,4-4,5-1, 6-3 etc etc

    I would have sacked wenger after 8-2

    That’s is one of the most embarrassing nights in the history of arsenal

    But Pierre thinks wenger should still
    Be here and we should all be happy about it

  15. Champagne Charlie


    Here’s the thing, you can’t bring in external citations as means of comparison and then duck a routine question about them and expect to be taken seriously.

    You don’t need to be a Liverpool fan, or to care about them, to give an appraisal of what constitutes success this season for Klopp. You’ve spent the last hour talking him up in comparison to Wenger, why not answer a question about him?

  16. un na naai


    Er??? Who said I don’t support emery dopey? Find me a quote where I say I do not support emery or even where I think or hope he won’t be a success.
    You won’t because it doesn’t exist dopey

    I support arsenal. I support whoever is in charge and I support our players. Even the ones I don’t like. That’s who I am ya incoherent whining pussy. I’m here to trigger fairies like yourself
    So suck it up buttercup

    I’ll offer tactical musings and judgments on players and managers every single day while I’m here and there’s not a god damned thing you can do about it.

  17. un na naai


    You are so fucking stupid. You make Tim nice butdim look like Einstein.

    Yes. It was a one horse race because klopp wasn’t good enough to get Liverpool to challenge
    You cite wenger only being capable of challenging one other team but klopp can’t even do that you fucking spanner

  18. ddkingz

    ‘d pick klopp over wenger in the last 11years at the helm of office at arsenal….
    wenger was shit in his last 5 years at arsenal, and the man couldn’t just admit and resolve the issue…

    Heard he is getting ready for another managerial job….and I pray all the AKB’s( you know yourselves) here do follow him and leave arsenal and Emery alone

  19. Joe


    Are you a fucking r*tard

    Man city were on a different planet last season

    No one could compete you plank

    Your lord Wenger couldn’t even get within 40 points.

  20. un na naai

    His highest place in the premier league is 4th
    That’s as good as it has got for klopp

    I like him. I think he could be great for Liverpool
    But as yet he’s only reached the lows of wenger’s arsenal career and if he is considered to not be a flop then how can wenger?

    As I said, at the same point in klopp’s career Wenger had finahed 3rd, 1st and second by one point to the fucking treble winners.
    You’re making a fool out of yourself right now for not acknowledging that fact

  21. Joe

    Wenger and arsenal was the only team competing in a one team league the year Leicester won it

    And he still fucked it up and Leicester win it

    Not that’s fucking embarrassing

  22. un na naai


    United were on a different planet when wenger took charge.

    I can only reduce that the league is inferior now if nobody else can challenge the top side as wenger did in his reign
    He beat united
    He beat the oil clubs

    Klopp has spent obscene amounts of money in comparison and came up with 4th place

  23. un na naai


    Yeah. Well we aren’t beacuse we were all supporting arsenal at Highbury before and during wenger’s time. Ever been to Highbury? Doubt it. Another johnny come lately know nothing

  24. un na naai


    Newcastle were a top side back then. But they didn’t really challenge
    Untied were winning yearly til wenger came in and nobody was able to stop them until…. you guessed it.

    And if all you have to try and claw back some credibility is to compare finances in wenger’s last two (and worst) years then you’ve pretty much just conceded that you’re chatting shite.

    You lose

  25. Bamford10


    “Ramsey xhaka and ozil have all been total disappointments for the last two seasons.”

    Not true. Ramsey was pretty good last season. He had the best goals + assists per 90 minutes of anyone in the team, and this as a CM. He was voted player of the year by fans.

    Unlike Ozil, he always played with energy and battle; unlike Xhaka, he didn’t make terrible mistake after terrible mistake.

  26. ddkingz

    @ unanaai Emery…

    don’t doubt it…I’ve never been to Highbury but maybe I will visit the Emirates…….

    I don’t need to have a live view of Highbury or the Emirates to know how badly wenger teams were…
    You who has been on a seasoned ticket from Highbury to the Emirates and put up with the wenger shit for more than 4000 days of your live, but can’t put up with Emery for a handful 60 day…

    I can help but wonder, where you stand as an arsenal fan…..You dreaded AKB

  27. un na naai


    I don’t need to have a live view of Highbury or the Emirates to know how badly wenger teams were…
    You who has been on a seasoned ticket from Highbury

    You clearly know so little of arsenal at Highbury under wenger. It’s best you just stop typing out this garbage.
    The Highbury years were the best of any arsenal manger ever. You lemon

  28. un na naai


    don’t doubt it…I’ve never been to Highbury but maybe I will visit the Emirates…….

    ??? Wtf

    You literally said don’t doubt it then admitted that you’d never been to Highbury
    Are you alright dopey?

  29. ddkingz

    Read a post, when a journalist wrote Madrid had started the season for the first time in fourteen year without a world best in their ranks……

    Guessed they didn’t had to wait long…..#halamadrid.

  30. Joe

    You said klopp spent a fortune

    Wenger spent more the 3 years klopp was there

    Don’t change the parameters to support your fraud loser hero wenger

    What is klopps net spend

    What was wenger’s in the 2.5 years they overlapped??

  31. un na naai


    Yes but Wenger was well washed up by them
    At his lowest ebb and still winning more trophies than klopp at Liverpool.

    Look. I get it. You think klopp teaching 4th is really really good and you don’t think it’s good for Wenger. It’s a compliment actually that you aren’t even aware you’re making.
    Zero self awareness Joesph

  32. un na naai


    I’m comparing klopp’s first 3 years with wenger’s first 3 years

    But let’s compare wenger’s last 3 years
    Winning fa cups while klopp came up with nothing
    Oh but he reached the 4th place trophy though

  33. KAY Boss

    Some are still arguing on whether Wenger’s good or not.
    The man is gone, everyone must get over it.
    He did his best for the club. A legend no doubt about that.
    Every sweet meat has a bile attached to it.

    Looking forward to the success of Emery and hopefully he too becomes a legend. Good we got the 3 points. Slowly we’re climbing upwards.

  34. un na naai

    Joey joey joey. Newcastle had shearer, ginola, asprilla, Ferdinand; Beardsley, Rob Lee, Phillipe Albert. They were a very good side before Wenger took arsenal to the summit.

    Either way just face the shame of realising that you’ve mugged yourself off lending kudos to 4th place after skating 4th place for the past 5 years ya mug

  35. un na naai


    He’s shit now. But he’s still got a better record than klopp and most likely always will.

    Who’s moving the parameters now??
    Look. Klopp hasn’t got higher than 4th
    He’s won nothing in 3 years so yes, so far he’s as much or as little a flop as Wenger was in the emirates years

  36. Joe

    Which fans forced their manager out?

    Which fans adore their manager still?

    I’d say klopp is no flop and wenger was the last dozen years. Fa cups or not

  37. Joe

    Newscastle had two good years

    That’s makes them a top team?

    I’d say coming 5th and 13 around those 2nd place finishes doesn’t make them a top team

    Chelsea winning 2 league titles and having a 5th and 10th place finish on the other hand does.

  38. Joe


    Why are so butt hurt that Liverpool fans don’t think Klopp is a flop?

    I know it’s becauae it ties into your AKB bollocks. But it’s a bit embarrassing

  39. Joe

    What a pointless discussion. Jesus Christ.

    Fuck off back to your hole then

    After the years of crap we’ve had to endure of your posts you have the nerve to say that

    Ha. The cheek

  40. Michael24


    Wind it in a wee bit, you’ll give yourself a headache.

    Klopp is not a flop, but if he stays at Liverpool for another 12 years and fails to win either the EPL or CL , he may be considered one.

    Wenger, on the other hand, did not become a flop until after 2008. Thereafter he became a serial flop artist.

  41. Champagne charlie


    Two guys going back and forth about football on an Arsenal blog and you chime in as commander-in-chief of what’s relevant?

    Yea how about no.

    You waddled away earlier when challenged on your Ramsey drivel as per, lets not muse about what is or isn’t pointless. You top those particular charts time and again so sit yourself down pot.

  42. Champagne charlie


    Oh a job? You must be the only one on here with one of those. Didn’t stop you commenting since with absolute nothingness.

    By “nothing I needed to respond to” you really mean that you wanted to respond to (because it would’ve unraveled your POV.

    I’m curious though, why must posters answer your prosaic questioning (or get labelled ‘unwilling to answer’ etc) when called upon, but you’re seemingly above answering the questions of others?

  43. Marko

    To be fair I find 90% of the conversations on here to be pointless shite but I wouldn’t just chime in randomly with a smart comment it appears sometimes Bam that you want to be a kind of orchestrator on here. I mean I’d relax about it all

  44. Bamford10


    Pretty sure we’re allowed to have opinions on the meaningfulness of this or that discussion, and I’m pretty sure people express their opinions on this kind of thing here all of the time. These clowns are only make a big deal of it because it is me. Jesus Christ, Kay Boss implied the Klopp-Wenger discussion was pointless just above my comment to the same effect. I was just more blunt about it.

    The only thing more pointless than the conversation Joe and Don were having is the discussion we are now having.

    However, on a more interesting note, did you ever get around to explaining why, IYO, our central midfielders work in a three-CM midfield triangle but not in a four-CM midfield diamond? I’d like to hear about this.

  45. Sancho Monzorla

    I have long maintained that Arsene Wenger’s failure wasn’t the absence of trophies in the last decade of his tenure, it was the fact that as a supporter I knew that Arsenal did not have enough to consistently challenge for those trophies. The FA Cup wins felt like they happened in spite of everything, not due to any individual prowess from anyone in the club, be it manager, player, front office, owner.

    As of right now Emery doesn’t field a team that inspires me of any of that kind of confidence either, but seeing as he’s only a couple months into his tenure, he gets a temporary pass from me. The excitement currently is the mystery and open-endedness of where the Arsenal go from here, whether Emery succeeds or fails or whoever becomes CEO or whatever it is. Stan will be Stan but besides that there is far more possibility of variance than when Wenger was here, we had grown so stagnant. Everyone agrees on that portion. That stagnancy being gone, that’s enough for me for now. I hope the club can get to a place where I feel confident they can challenge for trophies consistently, I don’t care if they don’t win all of them, but the we all know that it’s a different feeling supporting a club in a season where you KNOW they have a chance. Trophies are not the only measure of success, and it certainly isn’t the only thing that inspires a supporter.

    As for Klopp and Liverpool, they may only have gotten 4th a couple of times so far but they spent a ton, got to a CL final, spent some fucking more. There is the buzz of possibility with that team, it may come crashing at any moment but it’s palpably there now and even if it comes crashing, that’s part of sport and how you recover is part of sport as well. It’s not all Klopp but to say that Liverpool isn’t heading in the right direction and that last season and this so far for them hasn’t been a success is just being kind of obtuse.

  46. Sancho Monzorla


    I’ve found your picture online and I can say for fact – not opinion or theory – that you have the face of a fat cunt.

  47. Joe


    Anyone forcing you to be on here and read the comments?

    Anyone forcing you to state your opinion about the comments?

    Did anyone ask your opinion on what you thought about the conversation?

    No. Didn’t think so

    Like I said. You need a break from Le Grove. You seem to think you’re the big shit on here and we should worship the ground you walk on and should hang on every word you say.

    You wonder why people on anonomous online blog think you’re a cunt? You just showed why

    You are the type of yank that gives Americans a bad name all over the world. I know a lot of great American people and none of them come off like you sound on here

    Go take a break. Get a grip on reality and come to realize this a comments section on an online blog. Nothing more

  48. Marko

    did you ever get around to explaining why, IYO, our central midfielders work in a three-CM midfield triangle but not in a four-CM midfield diamond? I’d like to hear about this.

    No I didn’t get around to it. Would have thought it was obvious why. It’s pointless because the manager doesn’t like that formation and even in a hypothetical conversation you still have Ramsey as a CM and that’s just a no for me. He’s truly struggling for form and consistency now and asking him to play CM isn’t going to address that. Put it this way he’s been here since he was 18 and he’s 28 in December and he’s been bounced around from RM to CM and now to number 10 just off the striker and we’re still talking about his form his consistency and where is his best position. He’s never truly impressed outside of a decent 6 month period years ago prior to the injury. What might have been were it not for that leg break but it is what it is

  49. Joe

    He’s never truly impressed outside of a decent 6 month period years ago prior to the injury.


    This is is level. Not the 6 month purple
    Patch he had. He’s average. Always has been

  50. Bamford10


    That’s funny, because I’m pretty sure Ramsey had 11 goals and 9 assists in 27 matches last season and was voted player of the year by fans. So, it seems like he has actually had some pretty good stretches beyond that six-month “purple patch” way back when.

    Also, while you’re right that Emery prefers the 4-2-3-1, this is what he said in July re the 4-4-2:

    “I am not ruling out the possibility of a 4-4-2. That’s not the idea that I privilege, but if it allows me to be more competitive, then I’ll go towards it without hesitating.

    We sometimes used it in Sevilla. I would put Banega in a playmaker position, and have him move to the second striker position without the ball. With two strong, physical players behind him, it provided me with the necessary cohesion to press.”

    So he’s definitely open to it and he has definitely used it.

    But that isn’t even what you said earlier anyways. Earlier you said the 4-4-2 wasn’t right for our midfield players. That’s why I asked the question I asked.

    So again, why, IYO, are our central midfielders well-suited for a three-CM triangle but not for a four-CM diamond?

  51. Marko

    But that isn’t even what you said earlier anyways. Earlier you said the 4-4-2 wasn’t right for our midfield players. That’s why I asked the question I asked.

    If it’s a diamond there’s not enough width in attack and if it’s a flat midfield 4 anyway you look at it someone is playing out of position and looking uncomfortable and again it’s Ramsey in CM and that’s not ideal. Question for you if Ramsey is such a good CM (he won an online award voted for by the fans after all) how come he was moved into the number 10 role?

  52. Marko

    I’m pretty sure Ramsey had 11 goals and 9 assists in 27 matches last season and was voted player of the year by fans.

    Sounds like he had a great season doesn’t it. Doesn’t explain how we were so bad last season. Also involved in 20 goals in 27 appearences my god that’s impressive begs the question why not one single club bid for him in the summer considering that his contract is nearly up.

  53. Joe

    “What we lacked in the past – I would say the ‘Arsenal way’ was more important than getting the points sometimes, and this is not how you win the league,” said Cech, who did so on four occasions at his previous club, Chelsea. “Sometimes you need to make sure you win an ugly game, when you are not playing completely well but you just dig deep, close the back door and win 1-0 no matter how.

    “I think this is what we lacked over the last three years, since I arrived [in 2015]. Against Everton, we went through difficult moments in the game but we managed to get the win and with the clean sheet, so this is very positive.”

    Wenger was synonymous with a purity of style but he came to be accused of giving his players an easy ride. It did not seem unrelated that they would be susceptible to breakdowns in matches. Under Emery, the training has been more intense and varied, and Cech feels that the squad is developing a greater focus.

    “It comes from the preparation, the everyday work and from the manager’s way of playing the game as well,” Cech said. “We work very hard every day to give ourselves the chance to compete with everybody and hopefully it will be working even better than it has been for the last four games.

    “He is very demanding and this is how you improve. I think the place has become much more demanding in every way so this is great to see because this is what initially drives everybody forward and gives you the kind of kick that ‘I’m not doing enough to start the game’, or ‘I’m not doing enough to keep my spot in the game’, because the manager asked for precision and hard work every day. This is how it should be. We have very healthy competition and we are

  54. Joe

    So Cech sees an improvement over wenger but Pierre doesn’t.

    I guess I’ll have to take Pierre’s word for it

    Pierre knows!

  55. China

    Ramsey was average as hell last year but he was playing in a team that was about as effective as an upside down urinal so he won some plaudits for being less shit than the rest

    Ramsey vacating space and leaving the hopelessly poor xhaka all alone last season to get roasted by anyone who knew how to play football was great

    Goals scored and assists stats always fail to cover this kind of shit. Funny right

  56. China

    The fallacy of stats:

    You can have 100% pass completion but have played several hospital passes and got your team mate a broken leg or put them in the shitter where they lose the ball straight after and you concede

    You can score elite numbers of goals and be a frankly awful finisher. Look at Lukaku. He’s got wonderful stats but look how many sitters he misses. It’s laughable

    You can be the top chance creator in the world and be entirely irrelevant and anonymous for large parts of most games and for a solid half a season (ozil take a bow)

    You can have a cabinet full of trophies and be one of the world’s most decorated players but be average as fuck (we’d brown, o’shea, fletcher). You can be a World Cup winning striker and not score any goals (giroud)

    Stats are interesting but only to compliment something far more meaningful which is what your eyes tell you.

  57. Sanmi

    I can’t take anyone that says klopp is better than Emery seriously. Till date, emery has won more trophies than klopp with 2 different teams.
    Beat klopp with an inferior squad.
    Won more finals, won more trophies.
    I don’t get the hype with klopp or poch.
    Poch’s hype has been soft pedaled, it’s obvious he’s not that great

  58. gonsterous

    I have to say Mhiki is playing very well this season. Unlucky that he got injured. He is a better CAM than ozil atm.

    This whole wenger /emery / klopp debate is pointless. Wenger was at the club for 22 years, klopp for 3 and emerys been here 3 months at most.
    Wenger was a revolutionary manager but in the past couple of years, we saw no progress, nothing positive. klopp has spent a lot of money but has improved liverpool (benitez, Brendan, Kenny ) none of them looked like they had built a title winning team but klopp has, the pressure is on, and if he doesn’t deliver a PL or a CL soon, the fans May just start turning on him.
    Emery coming to a club where the fan base is divided, limited funds, and garbage pool of players to choose from would always take time to get going. He needs at least 2 TW minimum to make this team his own. Pep needed 2 TWs, Klopp needed 4 and counting…
    So May be some perspective would help before we brand the arsenal brand finished under emery.

  59. Leedsgunner

    Ramsey last season’s player of the season?

    That should’ve gone to Monreal, an unsung hero if there ever was one.

    Talking about left backs since we are very short there at the moment what about the youngster Saka? He has been a revelation at left wingback for the U23s or do people think it’s too big of a step up?

  60. gonsterous


    You are quite right regarding monreal. I guess he isn’t as glamourous as ramsey so he was overlooked. Monreal is under rated as he goes about his business without being noticed, sadly he’s contract is up next season and he wants to go back to spain.

  61. Robinson

    I have tried analysing his approach(Emery). Biggest question being, why insist on Xhaka, why play badly.

    Am no xhaka fan boy, but I think Emery will build the team around him as a 8. He wants creativity to come from deeper, he hates luxury #10 for his playing side, he wants creativity to come from deep, and uglier goals not our old tiki taka. His style is crying for a winger, but I think he sees the game as most managers see it( three to four attackers who can score more than assist) with the other players supporting, but largely being solid rather than excellent. Xhaka gives you good reason to dispense of Mikhi and Ozil, in preference for the graft of Ramsey and Welbeck. Am not theorising it will succeed, bit it might and it guarantees of at least 82 points in this league statistically. Most years, that is pretty impressive.

  62. Danny S

    In the last 10 years of Wenger, we slipped into some kind of ground hog day. It wasn’t the fact that we weren’t winning leagues for me. Personally, it was seeing the same transfer deadline panic buys, the key players leaving, the gaping holes in the squad everyone but wenger could see, the same players being played regardless of form, the same tactics regardless of opposition and the refusal to hold any players or the team accountable. Oh and the occasional huge thumpings by European teams and united.

    No klopp hasn’t won anything, neither has poch but you can see (maybe not recently with spurs) that there is a project there. Klopp has gradually improved every season. If 5/6 years ago wenger had said ‘right this team needs a shake up’ and changed his back room staff, employed some forward thinking support and really shown he wanted to challenge them I’d still be cheering him and would have been delighted with constant top 4 finishes. But he didn’t. He plodded along. Same mistakes every season as slowly every team in the league started to catch up with us and the teams that were already better got even further ahead. That was my issue.
    If Emery wins a cup this season it’ll be a great success and you know next season he will try and improve.
    With wenger, we won a cup and it was like ‘there you go, we had a successful season, same again next year’.

  63. useroz

    Ramsey would unlikely sign if hadn’t by now. Afc already screwed financially. Make an example of it an let him rot (not even bench) Other players may think twice before trying the same. Yes, player power and all but a ‘top’ club (wannabe) wouldn’t lay down and get fucked frequently like we do.

    Mikki should play more I think however not with Ozil if we’d avoid it. Hopefully AMN returning from injury would offer better MF combos that offer more creativity going forward.

    Xhara has his shortcomings but hardly (never?) get injured. If Emery can help to cut that back, ok for couple more years. We can’t sell everybody and buy without mega fund.

    Re Xhara’s poor passes putting us under pressure, defense should be able to deal and the Terrier in front would help too. I’d be more worried about the several hospital passes (a game) Ramsey made that visually put team mates in jeopardy eg Monreal, Xhara, Laca. Check it out.

    Take every TW opportunity to clear the real dross and free up wages eg, Elneny, Welbeck, Ospina, Mustafi, Chambers. Jackpot if we’d move Ozil on… I say give Beckham a call and ship him to MLS.

    Ideally, take a step forward in sorting the MF. Get rid of more Wenger dross and the many many self proclaimed no. 10s and creative players.

  64. un na naai

    Leeds I agree on Monreal
    Completely unsung and yes idnhabe had him as my player of the year last season…..after Wilshere x D

  65. gonsterous

    I don’t normally watch all these football awards or care, but what’s the difference between the best player of the year and the ballon D’or ??

  66. Jamie

    gonsterous –

    I think the former is a new[ish] FIFA award, the latter a 60+ year old France Football award.

    Essentially the same award offered by two separate governing bodies.

  67. Paulinho

    “You can score elite numbers of goals and be a frankly awful finisher. Look at Lukaku. He’s got wonderful stats but look how many sitters he misses. It’s laughable”

    But then Lukaku’s movement is very good, which enables him to score lots of goals as well as miss sitters. Same with Ramsey.

    Movement can actually be a good thing. And as we’ve seen this season, having two deep lying central midfielders has made diddly squat difference in terms of making us more solid.