Defensive woes persist, but Emery off to a winning Europa start

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Unai Emery led his men to victory against Vorskla in a cakewalk victory. The Emirates crowd, all 16 of them, witnessed Arsenal take a 4 goal lead, only to spoil the party late on with 2 needless goals.

The starting 11 was pretty strong. Rob Holding came in for Mustafi, Lichtsteiner for Bellerin. The midfield rolled with Lucas Torreira and Elneny at the base. The front three saw Mikhi and Iwobi reintroduced into the mixer.

The style of play imitated what Emery has been doing in the league, we played out of the back with a keeper who could roll with the sweeper style, we tried to draw the opposition out of their deep block, and we made it count moving forwards once things clicked after a rocky start. I thought Mikhi was special. His incisive thinking and contributions opened up space allowing Iwobi and Auba to shine moving forward.

The Nigerian found Auba at the back post for the first with a beautiful ball across goal. The man from Gabon still had a lot to do, sliding in, somehow flashing the ball across the keeper from his arse. The second came in the second half and saw Iwobi tee up Mikhi, he played a ball so perfectly Danny Welbeck really couldn’t do anything outside score with a beautiful cushioned header.

Our third came from another Mikhi assist, he found Auba about 30 yards from goal, he looked up and cruise missiled his shot low into the bottom corner. He really does give me Thierry flashbacks when he does that. The 4th arrived after Sokratis sent a silky ball into the path of Lichtsteiner, the Swiss managed to loop a cross into the path of Ozil who tapped home with ease. Fox in the box-ish. Maybe he’s been taking Auba tips?

At that point, I think everyone was praying for a clean-sheet… but always, the old Arsenal waits in the wings. Two replica shots from the edge of the box into the top left corner within 18 minutes sent our defensive dreams up in smoke. The first came from Chesnakov who made the most of Lictsteiner dithering on the edge of the box. The second came from the same spot, this time our whole defence was defending way too deep. They all failed to track Sharpar’s run into the box. BOOM. Leno’s net rattled again.

I’m not quite sure what to make of the shotstopping. Both strikes seemed pretty spectacular, and as Leno is new, I’ll give the benefit of the doubt… but it’s a bit of a worry. Not that Cech would have done any better, of course.

Overall, you can’t argue with 3 points… but, you know, fuck the folk who want to wait until next year to make a judgement. They are boring.

Arsenal has a defence issue. That was a pub team out there yesterday and we still managed to switch off and concede 2 goals after going 4 up. We’ve scored 14 and conceded 11 so far this season. That’s a real worry, especially as we’re dropping goals against really poor teams like West Ham, Cardiff, Newcastle and now a pub team from Ukraine. The two goals we conceded were purely down to concentration, and nothing else. You could put that down to it being a second string team, and I could roll with that, but this is an issue we’re having across the board. If you include preseason, we’re 11 games in and the defence looks more shambolic than it did last season.

It’s hard to read into the overall play because the competition was so lacklustre. I thought Torriera looked very solid. He puts his body on the line, he’s aggressive and his positioning and intelligence opens play up from the base of midfield. He’s incredibly aware of where he is on the pitch, he’s always moving into space and he’s very demanding of the ball. He’ll be a great addition when he gets fully up to speed with the league.

I also thought Elneny had a solid day out, he’s not world class, but he’s very good in games like last night. He works hard, covers a lot of ground and has a positive vision of how the game should be played. A great squad player.

The two stars for me were Iwobi and Mikhi. The Nigerian looks like he’s been focusing on his end product. His decision making was strong, he played with more purpose and he looked confident. Mikhi was very good, he’s another very smart player, he uses space well, he’s incisive and he moves the ball around the pitch efficiently. I think he’s been a little unlucky to see the bench in the league.

Overall, the winning machine rolls on. The performance this evening wasn’t dazzling, but we did the job. I’m really hoping this Sunday can be seen as a turning point from a football perspective. We need a real monster of a performance. We’re still on Emery training wheels, but we’re now 4 wins on the bounce. The confidence should continue to build and hopefully the manager can pick a team that works from the start on Sunday. Everton should be an interesting spectacle.

Onwards and upwards!

P.S. Great to see Sol Campbell sitting in cattle-class last night. What a hero!

P.P.S Well done to Emery for being the most winningest Europa manager there ever was

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  1. Marko

    Right but Paulinho we’re not going to change the formation not to get the “best” out of Ramsey same way we won’t change to get the “best” out of Xhaka. They’re both not that key and not that good. It’s a 4-2-3-1 and that’s it. But it doesn’t really matter whether it’s a two in midfield or a three really because either way Aaron Ramsey as a CM isn’t going to work for us. You want evidence of that I give you the last two years I could go further back but why go through it.

  2. Paulinho

    Marko – Ramsey won fans player of the season playing in central midfield.

    Suggests he can play pretty well there actually.

    Yes though, your right, we won’t change formation, so it’s looking bleak for him playing in his favoured role.

  3. Champagne Charlie


    Does being fans player of the season mean he can play there?

    We finished 6th and couldn’t win away from home to save ourselves (big indication our midfield couldn’t hang). I’d argue both of these ranks higher than a popularity poll on

  4. Receding hairline

    Fans player of the year …LMAO

    The same fans you mock when they praise Ozil? Since when has a fans player of the year award in a dismal season been used as an objective defense of anything?

    I agree ..its quite humorous watching u tie yourself in knots

  5. un na naai


    I know. Like I said. It’s a shame. He needed a coach to curtail his ego. He’s not talented enough or clever or responsible enough to play his own game ala Henry or vieira or pires or rvp or cesc. He never possessed it. That’s the thing with the modern footballer, they need every facet and detail micro managed.

  6. un na naai


    He was voted player of the season because he nicked a few goals through goal hanging and deserting his post in a side that was in absolute disarray. The worst arsenal side in recent memory. Hardly high praise
    He’s cost us more than he’s helped in the last 3-4 years for me. Remember those heavy losses to city and Chelsea and Liverpool came with him at no8.
    We had nothing in midfield then. He had to be pushed out
    The big reason we went to 3 at the back was to accomadte his lack of defensive responsibility.

  7. Paulinho

    Receding – I don’t remember the argument being Ozil can’t play as number ten, which is the argument Marko and other make for Ramsey in central midfield. Saying someone can’t play in a role when they won the fans player of the season, playing in that role, reeks of a someone with an agenda as well as generally being a bit thick.

    Learn to argue with some intelligence and maybe come back in a couple of years.

  8. Marko

    Paulinho I can only assume it was an online vote and fans like yourself could vote as many times as they liked. I would be embarrassed at that “award” considering how dogshit we were last season and considering that the last two years we’ve had the worst group of midfielders the club has had in as far as I can remember honestly. I feel like it’s truly pointless everytime you have these types of discussions about players like Ramsey or Xhaka or Ozil it’s like what’s the point have you been watching Arsenal with your eyes closed these last two seasons if not then how can you make a case for Ramsey/Xhaka/Özil.

  9. un na naai


    I’d give up the Ramsey argument. He’s on his way by the looks of things
    I can’t see emery offering him £250k a week if he’s on a tight budget and needs to free up funds
    He will have his eye on better cheaper options elsewhere akin to guendouzi and Torreira
    Two steals from the looks of it so far
    I do t think it’s unfair to say there wouldn’t be many sad to see him go. Especially if we can nick £20m for him

  10. ddkingz

    I actually realized something in today’s match….

    xhaka is weakling, who has one fucking attribute to his game…For Christ sake, xhaka can’t mark an opposition player, he can’t make a successful tackle, can’t run along with the ball even if it’s a 3 yard sprint..
    xhaka got dribbled past today as if he wasn’t there. I just can’t believe my eyes…

    2)why play Ramsay as a number 10, gush, this guy plays closer to the opposition keeper than laca…and that’s the biggest reason for our very sluggish transition from defense to attack.

  11. Paulinho

    Unai – I’m not even that bothered. I’m enjoying the season regardless.

    Receding is just too dense to realise I was joking about praising Ramsey for assists today, and proceeded to amusingly keep digging a bigger and bigger hole for himself by literally making stuff up.

  12. un na naai

    Alexis Sanchez is 4-1 to rejoin arsenal say William Hill!!!
    What the fuck???
    I’d happily have him back
    Swap him for Ramsey or ozil

  13. Marko

    Saying someone can’t play in a role when they won the fans player of the season, playing in that role, reeks of a someone with an agenda as well as generally being a bit thick.

    Technically speaking Jack Wilshere can play CM or Jack Rodwell can play CM or Joe Allen but it doesn’t make them good enough CM’s. At this stage one has to ask what hopes or aspirations you have for Arsenal football club? Seriously cause if you’re making incessant arguments for the likes of Ramsey or Xhaka or Ozil then fine let’s continue to muddle along let’s continue what we’re doing sure we might as well as kept on Arsene Wenger but if you want more you want us to improve then you want us to do better than what these players are giving us or are capable of giving us

  14. Receding hairline

    Yea fans player of the year in a season where we finished 6th and couldn’t win away is arguing with intelligence

    Marko has just pointed out to you how the online voting process works. He wasn’t nominated by footballing gurus or midfield generals….ur intelligence smoke bomb is getting kinda lame dude

  15. Pierre

    A bit concerning that a couple of times in the game when we had a corner ,Torriera was our last.defender on the half way line …..that could easily leave us vulnerable to a quick counter attack.

  16. Receding hairline


    Lacking intelligence

    I was joking when I said so and so

    Let’s just ignore the fact you have been banging Ramsey’s drum for a while now

    Let’s all focus on how dense Receding is and how smart I am

  17. Paulinho

    Receding – So what’s stopping the fan boys of other players voting as many times as they like?

    “He wasn’t nominated by footballing gurus or midfield generals”

    Well duh, it’s fans player of the season, so no I’m not expecting Fernandinho to pop online to some Arsenal fan site and vote for Rambo.

  18. Marko

    Torriera was our last.defender on the half way line …..that could easily leave us vulnerable to a quick counter attack

    He can tackle cover and has some pace… how is that vulnerable? Would you prefer Xhaka to cover. Technically he should be on corner kicking duty

  19. Paulinho

    “Let’s just ignore the fact you have been banging Ramsey’s drum for a while now”

    Why would we ignore it?

    The two are not mutually exclusive. I can rate him as a player and still jokingly make big deal out of standard straightfoward assists to wind-up the Ozil fan club (of which you were a former member not so long ago).

  20. Marc

    Did anyone pick up the Torreira song in the 2nd half – it was clear as day in the upper tier North Bank but a couple of mates in the lower tier didn’t hear it.

    I just hope Torreira isn’t paranoid about his height.

  21. Pierre

    Torriera has little or no pace over a distance and he was the only one back on the half way line at corners…..asking for trouble ,should be 2 at least kept back ,probably Bellerin because he has recovery pace.

  22. loyika

    @ Unai

    No one is interested because it ain’t going to happen. (I hope not)

    Alexis is our past and United’s problem (at least everyone now sees he wasn’t as World Class as he thought he was over here where he was the “Top Dog” and the club and supporters fanned over him needlessly with the – He is the only player that has/shows “PASHUN” bs)

    Thank you for the time you spent here Alexis and the service you gave, but No Thanks to a Second Coming (Only reserved for true Arsenal Legends like TH14, Sol and the Great Flamster…..Lolz)

  23. un na naai

    His goals and assists return was outstanding from the wing. He literally was our only match winner and the only thing that kept us in the top four
    He won the cops America twice too and had a good return in the greatest Barca side of all time

    I think he counted as world class. Pogba looks dogshite at Jose’s United so I wouldn’t put too much faith in your assertion.

    I’d walk over hot coals to have him back and he’d certainly he a better fit than ozil or Ramsey in this side
    If we could swap either player we’d have a good deal.

    Sanchez Mkhitaryan Aubameyang

    Mouth watering

    William Hill have us 4-1 second favourites for him in January

  24. un na naai

    Alexander Henry

    Neither can I but if it were in would you have him back? Either way he’s 4-1 to come back. Good odds that

  25. Marc

    Fucking hell there are some naïve people of here. Sanchez back to Arsenal stories? Do me a favour, it’s paper talk stoking aggro fro Mourinho and ManU. The other two players mentioned are looking for an out how better to wind up Mourinho than to start stories that another player wants to leave for his former PL club. A club he hates with a passion.

  26. omar

    With former Arsenal legend Jack Wilshere out of the line-up, West Ham are now looking like a team. A win last week and a draw vs table leaders Chelsea this week without him after 4 straight losses when he started. Just like Bournemouth eventually found out, and finally Arsenal, the lad is useless and overrated, good riddance.

  27. omar

    Please leave Sanchez where he is right now. Holds the ball too long trying to dribble all 11 opposing players and eventually losses it. We will do better without his selfish style of football.

  28. Ishola70

    Most were saying that midfield was the real problem area for West Ham.

    They make a change there and improve on previous.

    Arsenal need an improvement in midfield as well.

    Torreira is a start but Arsenal need a player that can genuinely dictate from central and has got the legs.

    Don’t have that player. Need to get one.

    Get one in the whole team improves.

    Midfield so important.

  29. un na naai


    He was carrying an ankle knock dumb dumb

    And if you hadn’t realised we are already carrying TWO selfish cunts who produce less numbers combined than Sanchez did alone

    If you think Sanchez isn’t better than what we currently have then you’re a deluded fool. Which you clearly are Omar.

  30. Ishola70

    Sanchez ain’t going nowhere.

    It’s a bullshit story.

    As if Arsenal will stump up his wage after letting him go because of said same.

  31. Ishola70

    Un Nai

    It’s bullshit.

    The central midfield is where Arsenal need to improve upon first and foremost.

    And you seem entirely happy with Xjaka as the central midfield man going forward.

  32. un na naai


    Yeah I’m not saying it’s likely but I am saying I’d bite their hand off and to get rid of Ozil or Ramsey too.
    You think anyone anywhere will pay Sanchez £500k a week??
    He’d have to take a severe drop to leave and if we can lose Ozil then we have £300k a week to offer a player who did very fucking well at ashburton grove.

    All I’m saying is it could be a convenient move for a side desperately lacking a wide player of substance

  33. Marc

    un na naai

    Oh dear – “William hill have put the odds out there. 4-1. Must be a reason”

    Er maybe they want you to place a bet on it. It’s never going to happen so it’s pure profit for them. Don’t believe what the media or betting companies tell you about football.

  34. un na naai


    Yes. I’m happy with xakha, Torriera and Guendouzi. We still have Elneny and AMN as back up
    What we need is a commanding, ball playing centre half and a top wide player. We just signed two new cmf this summer

  35. Ishola70

    How the fvck can you be content with that slug for pace as the central midfield option?

    No legs at all.

    But then again you seem a little off with your midfield rating of players and what they actually mean to a side ala Lil Jack.

  36. un na naai


    I’m not a gambler son but when they put odds out at 4-1 then it’s normally a pretty decent bet. If a side has 4-1 odds on champions league then they’re up there with favourites. He will go in Jan I’m sure and most likely to PSG or a China club but I’d take him if we could do a swap deal is what I’m saying. No question he’s better than Ramsey or Ozil in our side right now and he increases our chances of what naming games whereas the other two don’t.

  37. Ishola70

    Xjaka has no legs Unai.

    You seriously want him as the main option for Arsenal central midfield?

    But as said you were blind to the physical limitations of Lil Jack as well.

    Arsenal go nowhere of real note until they get in a player that cannot only play but has got legs and can contribute on the defensive side as well.

  38. un na naai


    Because I am. What’s with this bullshit that every cmf needs to be an Olympic sprinter? Ball playing midfielders tend to be slower more thoughtful players
    We’ve done the xakha debate to death on here and so far he’s having a decent season
    Every time he plays alongside Torreira he shines. We’ve won 5 on the bounce with him in the side and he’s starting to find his groove
    I couldn’t give two shits about his pace as long he produces. Seems I’m not the only one too because emery sticks with him.

    Maybe we see something you’re incapable of.

  39. Marc

    un na

    Fuck me you are hard to get through to. Giving good odds is a tactic to get you to place the bet – not saying you will but some idiot will. It will never happen so the odds could be a guaranteed blow job from a super model and it wouldn’t matter. You still stick a tenner on it and the bookie keeps it. If you want odds on someone to leave ManU in Jan then it’s Mourinho.

  40. Ishola70

    He doesn’t need to be an Olympic sprinter but at least be able to track players to some good enough degree.

    Xjaka fails so many times to do this.

    But of course this doesn’t concern you.

  41. Ishola70

    Un Nai has the gall to diss when one of his favs Lil Jack has been dropped by West Ham and they instantly improve results wise.

    Let’s all listen to Don eh.

  42. un na naai


    I understand how it works so save your condescension. I know how bookies work. But they don’t give good odds to wild cards do they? Otherwise we’d be getting 4-1 odds for the league wouldn’t we? Why don’t we? Because we have no chance of winning it. No chance

    Either way I’m not even concerned with the odds so stop focusing on it. What I am saying is that I’d welcome him back if the opportunity arose

  43. Marc

    I don’t think Xhaka is a bad player – he is however completely out of his depth in the PL. It’s just to fast and physical for him. Sell him to Italy – he’ll look good there, move Ozil into the 10 role, either drop Ramsey or play him next to Torreira, get Mikki on the RW and then we can at least judge a performance and players in there natural positions.

  44. Ishola70

    lol Xjaka shining.

    He was shining like a gold button when Everton’s midfield were passing by him like he wasn’t there in the first half.

    Like a star in the night sky.

  45. London gunner

    We really need a winger.

    I like iwobi because he tries to be inventive and beat his man. But he is squad level and welbeck though hard working isn’t good enough.

    We are seriously weak in that position.

  46. Marc

    un na

    I’d welcome the opportunity of Ana de Armas sleeping with me tonight. Which is about as likely as Sanchez resigning for Arsenal. We need a LW so let’s find one but it won’t be Sanchez.

  47. un na naai


    Ramsey cannot Play no8 for us and Ozil cannot play no10
    Certainly not in the same side and certainly not with Mkhitaryan on any wing.

    Anyone who watches arsenal will tell you this.

    Ozil and Ramsey are done as arsenal players and I’ll be amazed if they are both here next season. I’d actually hazard that both will be fine by next September

  48. Ishola70

    It’s about getting a proper foothold in central midfield you silly Don you.

    Get proper control of central midfield and other areas can improve just on that. Not deep midfield. Central midfield.

    Difficult for you to understand though Don I understand given that you are so blind with your Lil Jack love-in..

    Haven’t seen Arsenal have total control of central midfield in a true competitive match for a long time.


  49. Marko

    We’ve done the xakha debate to death on here and so far he’s having a decent season

    This isn’t true. Even today for example granted he was decent in the second half in the first half he was pretty poor. Standard stuff really

  50. un na naai


    Well maybe if we keep buying strikers then we won’t need to worry right cis that should sort the defence out and Calgary can just pass. Great footballing philosophy there. Talking of stars, you’ll be the next big name with ideas like that. Move over pep. Ishola got him some ideas

  51. Ishola70

    It needs to be talked to death because it is an absolute killer for Arsenal to get real serious again the central midfield.

    Again tell me the last time Arsenal took over central midfield in a truly competitive match against one of the better sides in the league.

    Think hard now.

  52. Marc

    un na

    I did say either drop Ramsey or move him so fine drop him – he’s gone in Jan anyway so put Guendozi in CM alongside Torreira.

    As for Ozil if he can’t play in the 10 position -then you have a major issue. He’s fucking useless on the RW so you end up with £350k a week doing fuck all for the next few years.

  53. un na naai


    Yeah pavon would be good but I’d still open my arms to Alexis
    Best player we’ve had since rvp left and we won’t have anything that good again this season I can assure you of that

  54. Ishola70

    Don’t even take over central midfield against pap sides on enough occasions.

    When we gonna get a central midfielder who can dominate and dictate from central position.

    Hurting the club this lack of central midfielder.

  55. un na naai


    Woah there!!! Think it’s oast your bed time. Take omar’s Willy our of our mouth. Brush your teeth. Time for school/college in the morning. Don’t forget to take your happy pills too boy

  56. un na naai


    Woah there!!! Think it’s past your bed time. Take omar’s Willy our of your mouth. Brush your teeth. Time for school/college in the morning. Don’t forget to take your happy pills too boy. You clearly need them with your angry CAPS TYPING

  57. steve

    @un na naai

    Only a fool like yourself would believe there are legs to this Sanchez rumor.

    And regarding Chambers, no he won’t make it at Arsenal because he’s not Arsenal level, hell he’s not even Fulham level.

  58. un na naai


    Hate to burst your psychotic little bubble but I’m not the only one who complimented xakha’s performance today
    Even marko did and he hates him as a player. So chill those herbs kid. Goose fraablaa
    Gooooose frablaaa

  59. un na naai


    What’s arsenal level right now? We are the new Liverpool. Perennial no hopers and have been for a while. And er, if Mustafi can keep his place in our side then I’d say that chambers could get a run too u less you think that Mustafi is what you would define as arsenal level

  60. Ishola70

    “We’ve got one – it’s Torreira we just need to drop Xhaka out of the mix.”

    No he’s good at what he does but he isn’t going to dictate a match regularly from central.

    He is going to be a very good partner for the missing midfielder we don’t have at present.

    Central dictator.

  61. un na naai


    Chelsea last season in charity shield
    Chelsea in fa cup final
    Spurs last season

    City when we done them 2-0 and capital was fucking owning it.

    In fact that was probably the last time I remember our midfield functioning for more than 1-2 games at time
    With santi in the middle.

    I’m not disagreeing with you. Our midfield has been shit for a decade or more and it needs addressing but what I am also saying is that I think that xakha is better than he is given credit for and was a casualty of the Wenger era and a fall guy for the failings of the rest of the side and how the team was set up

  62. un na naai

    Arsenal level

    That’s a good one Steve
    You do know we are finishing 6th now and hat spurs are better than us?? It’s not 2004 anymore mate

  63. ddkingz


  64. Ishola70

    Un Nai

    Don’t give out the old paupers line.

    Arsenal if they tried hard enough could get in a player that could improve the central midfield.

    Guendouzi was brought for peanuts and is a few years off. Peanuts.

    There are players out there that could add more dynamism to the central midfield.

    Ones that actually have proper stamina, can track players to a certain standard and can contribute offensively.

    Xjaka doesn’t come close to ticking all those boxes.

    Others will and can.

  65. un na naai

    Has anyone got a tranq dart to sedate ddkingz?? He seems a little excited.

    So Sanchez is the most fucked up player in the world right now
    A special return for Theo Walcott is on the cards apparently
    I made arsenal derailed

    I’m the worst arsenal fan ever

    And I’m not allowed to defend xakha even though he played well today in our win??

    Night night ya salivating window licker.

  66. un na naai


    Guendouzi right now is nothing but potential

    At the same age jw and Ramsey both had a higher ceiling. What’s to say guendouzi and it won’t fall apart in the next 2-3 seasons?
    Xakha was a lot better when he first joined too
    Potential doesn’t guarantee anything

    So where are the ready made cmf that would join arsenal today that’s better than what we have but would choose us over any rival?

    I’m all ears
    Don’t just say there is someone out there. You’re bitching about how shit our current midfield is but you have not one comparable and realistic alternative?? How convenient. It allows you to slate whoever you like without committing to anything. Talk about bottle job

  67. Leedsgunner

    I’m pleased as punch for the three points and the clean sheet. It wasn’t pretty but we earned three points… and at the end of the day three points are what it is all about.

    Well done Arsenal. A good day’s work today.

    The only people I felt really really sorry for were the commentators on the BBC Sports coverage who were basically wishing Everton to score against us. Haha, they hate it when the Arsenal win.

  68. loyika

    @ Una na nai

    Keep dreaming of Alexis Sanchez.

    You were the one that ran up here with the story and was wondering why no one was commenting on it!? Now people give their (honest) opinion on the bloke you are upset.

    You might see Alexis as WC but frankly I don’t. He was brilliant for us and the best player we had during his time here, (of that there is no question) but he was also a big “A Hole” who made things all about him in the end and frankly his time here is OVER!!

    I can bet that a majority of Arsenal Fans couldn’t give a Rat’s Ass of the odds of him coming back in any shape, size or form. Thats ship has sailed a long time ago.

    We wish him well whereever he is or ends up.

  69. Ishola70

    Guendouzi has the attributes to be a player that can control from central midfield.

    Despite your love for Lil Jack he was never a player that was going to dominate a central midfield. His best stuff was always going to be further up and he lacked discipline to be a really good central midfield player.

    It soon became apparent as well that Ramsey was more about advanced forward midfield than central.

    Your rating of Xjaka is really commendable Don if you think there is not a player in world football that can give Arsenal more of an all round contribution at central midfield than Xjaka currently does that can be brought in. You must rate him really high.

  70. Pierre

    Emery Slowly getting there with team selection and tactics.

    Lacazette and Torriera are starters now .

    Also we have sort of given up on the playing out from the back and the high press has failed which was obvious as we don’t have the players for it.

    Next on the list is removing Ramsey from the no.10 position and bring in lichsteiner at right back .

    The question is,what does Emery want from his no.10 …it looks to me ,and I may be wrong,is that he uses his no.10 more as a first line of defence rather than a creative force…….if that is the case then ozil and Mhkitaryan won’t get a look in unless Emery changes his philosophy .

    Watching the game you can see Ramsey for much of the game playing ahead of Lacazette,chasing down defenders and closing the keeper down …..he must be playing under orders from Emery but i can’t really see the benefit of using him this way.

  71. un na naai


    Lil jack dominated the greatest midfield of all time and Brazil twice

    Come back when guendouzi has done that. Jack’s career may have fallen flat but at 19 he was a far better player than guendouzi is

    Loyika. Yes I died for opinions and no i don’t agree with the responses
    So what?? Football is game of opinions you mug.

  72. Ishola70

    lol one match and dominate is a strong word.

    He played very well this is true in that match.

    But as you know Don Lil Jack was raved about in what he did closer to the opposition box than what he did centrally. You would know this being a Lil Jack fan.

    Guendouzi looks a more balanced midfielder than Lil Jack albeit early stages.

    What people truly loved about Lil Jack was his bursts of dribbling going forward from central position.

    Let me tell you sporadic dribbling means nothing if you don’t have an all round balanced game. Lil Jack ultimately lacked that all round game.

  73. Ishola70

    Lil Jack’s range of passing was never going to be good enough to see him as a truly world class central midfielder.

    Already Guendouzi has shown better range of passing than Jack.

    Not the dribbles though lol.

  74. omar

    Any person that still believes that Jack Wilshere is of any use is clearly a deluded fanboy. Cant cut it at West Ham, couldnt cut it at Bournemouth. The thing about Jack is that his constant injuries is what kept him at Arsenal so long and maybe it would have been better for him if he remained injured during his last year here. That way, all the deluded people would be still sitting and saying ”wait until he gets better”. But he had an injury free season at Bournemouth and an injury free season at Arsenal and showed nothing during those two seasons. Ironically, him being fit showed him up. Career hyped up over 1 good game at 18 years old and never improved. Lucky for him, he made a whole career off 1 game. Wouldnt even cut it in the worst Championship team.

  75. Joe

    Barcelona have 100 jacks in the youth setup

    Why bring chambers back if he is our 6th place level.

    We are trying to get away from wenger’s bang average players.

    Well chambers Mustafi kos and buy 2 new cbs

    Get rid of wellbeck , Ramsey, mkhit.

    Bring in 2 wingers. A couple CMs.

    Play Ozil at 10.

  76. Joe


    He was over hyped just like ransey was

    Our fans over hype our players to ridiculous level. Especially in the wenger banter years

    Too much belief in wenger’s bollocks.

  77. China

    Ramsey 3/10 barely did anything right. Almost every touch and pass was awful. Only did well for the first goal tho it wasn’t exactly rocket science

    Ozil 3/10 I forgot he was on the pitch in the first half literally. In the second half he woke up but was shit so…

    For the next game if we really must play one, put ozil at n10 and use iwobi our wide. I’d honestly prefer we drop both and play mikki n10 and iwobi wide though

  78. Bamford10

    “Ramsey, Özil and Aubameyang [are] all playing in positions that they don’t want to play in. Sooner or later a big decision has to be made on one of them. It’s a collection of our best players, but it’s not balanced.” – Tim Stillman

  79. China

    Jack is entirely irrelevant to major world football for the past decade

    No one is losing sleep about facing him. No one is sweating about making space for him in their team. He’s irrelevant entirely

    His ceiling at 18 was higher than our others. Sure. He dominated Barca sure. But good players you don’t have to pick out a few great games to show how good they are. Greatness is everpresent. You don’t have to think of Henry against Madrid or RVP against charlton to prove how good they were. It was a week to week thing, year after year. And seriously, if you search for any top level players YouTube highlight real you will find almost everyone has had a few games where they were world class. A few games being world class means no more than a few games being shit. What matters is your average performance over extended periods

    And also funny to talk of jack’s ceiling. I agree it was really high but he’s late 20s now and that ceiling has disappeared. Just because you have a high ceiling as a kid doesn’t mean it remains high forever. The older you get without fulfilling your potential the less realistic it becomes. He’s getting worse, not better.

  80. gonsterous

    I keep reading ramsey made a 5 yard pass for the first assist. But did you see the turn to break free from the guy. That was class. both goals we had torreira win the ball and laca win the ball back. That’s great to see. 3 points. onwards and upwards. who’s next ?

  81. China

    On a far more important note, the ref yesterday was fucking fat lol

    Straight up fat bastard. He looked like a Newcastle fan with a shirt on. Jesus!

  82. Bamford10

    “Arsenal’s new managing director has promised to bring back the glory days to the club.

    Vinai Venkatesham told a supporters’ meeting that the club is well placed off the pitch to help Unai Emery deliver success on the pitch.”

    The Rabble: Another sleazy liar!!!

  83. ddkingz

    RAMSAY has been at arsenal for a decade and yet does not know his playing position….this speaks volume..

    the best position for Ramsay is the number 8 position, albeit he doesn’t have the killer pass, but has a little killer instinct…

    playing Ramsay at the number 10 position clearly exposes our midfield, doesn’t track back to collect a pass, low passing accuracy.

    emery, should stick to his guts, but for sure we would pay heavily against Liverpool, for the shortcomings of all our possible number 10

  84. Emiratesstroller

    Summary of yesterday’s game.


    1. Cech had best game for two seasons. Only concern is that he is not suited to playing ball to feet.

    2. Torreira is the defensive midfielder that we need. He is positionally excellent,mobile and passes the ball exceedingly well. Only negative is that he does
    occasionally make reckless tackle.

    3. Aubameyang and Lacazette are turning out to be an excellent combination.
    Despite some of the negatives expressed in past both can play well together.

    4. We managed to complete a game by not conceding a goal for first time this


    1. There are still too many players in team who play overelaborate football and
    this results in loss of possession. We need better decision making.

    2. The defence still looks brittle. Mustafi needs to learn not to travel upfield in
    last five minutes of game and leave the rest of defence exposed to counterattack by remaining up there when ball is lost.

    3. I am beginning to have concerns about Ozil for first time. Does he have the
    motivation to play? Yesterday his performance was not only lacklustre, but
    also lacked any real effort.

  85. un na naai


    You don’t want Ramsey anywhere near the no8 against Liverpool
    If hedoesn’t protect at 10 then he’d be worse at 8

  86. Bob N16

    Agree with your positives ES,

    I would add Holding’s performance(apart from getting caught in possession once) and I felt that Bellerin had his best game for a while. We also kept possession well in the last 10 minutes or so, to close out the game (Iwobi looking stronger this season, contributed to that)


    I would sum it up with the word, balance. Ramsay doesn’t appear to have a position and Ozil is not a RW. I would try Mhiki on the right and Ozil in the middle.

    In the next two windows, as has been said by others, we need a top CB (sell Mustafi), a pacey wide player(sell Welbeck if possible) and a linking AM player( if Ozil can be sold/ sell Ramsay).

    I know this sounds optimistic but if Emery finds the right balance, I do think top 4 is possible; if Ozil and Ramsay keep getting picked in the same team, I think 5th/6th is more likely.

  87. Emiratesstroller

    una na naii

    No that has not always been the case.

    However, I do think that some very difficult decisions need to be made both in
    short and long term.

    I think that Arsenal stand to lose a huge chunk of money if both Ramsey and
    Ozil were to leave in January or June. Does the club decide to write off a huge
    investment in both players?

    Ozil’s departure could also land up being a loan, because of the massive wages
    we are paying him. I could not visualise anyone paying a transfer fee plus his

    Obviously if we were to lose both players that is a massive hole to fill. It would
    cost us at least £100 million to replace them even if we could find equivalent
    players to buy.

    One option would be to bring in Smith-Rowe. I was impressed by his potential
    when he played mid week, but he is not at this stage of his career the finished
    article. It will take at least two to three years to bring him to that level.

  88. Emiratesstroller

    Bob N16

    Apart from what I have just written I would not personally get rid of Welbeck,
    because I do think that he is a good player to have sitting on bench.

    My priorities at moment would be to sort out defence and what is going on with Ozil and Ramsey. Having to deal with these matters will cost a huge chunk of money if we have to replace them.