A truly new chapter is upon us

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So, we have the Ivan stuff out the system now.

Has there been a more united moment in the Arsenal fanbase over the last 10 years?

I don’t think so. His send-off article was full on propaganda. If I’d just bottled leading a club I’d re-engineered for a fatter pay packet, I reckon I’d have just slinked out the back door. The idea he moved for the ‘challenge’, as he’d leaked to some Italian journos, is utter tripe. It’s all about the equity stake. Call a fat cat a fat cat imo.

The new setup is exciting. Vinai Venkatesham is going to become the managing director of the club, taking over duties non-football related. I’m guessing his next big move is bringing the bruised banana kit back to the fans. For that, I’m already indebted. The thing I like about Vinai is firstly, he’s climbed the ranks, so he knows the club. Secondly, he’s on the board at a content company. The guy clearly likes nice things on the internet, so he’s all good by me.

Raul will takeover footballing matters. He’ll be in charge of the whole set up behind the scenes. Working transfers, hiring and firing, setting the strategy and vision for the team moving forward with some of the key players he’s hired. That’s great news for us. Now the decisions around football are going to be made by a man who is pure football, used to winning, and has a track record of going big and making aggressive decisions.

No more, ‘we threw names into a hat and drew them to decide who our manager would be’ type chat. Hopefully the club will take a more aggressive approach to global domination under Raul, and hopefully, we’ll see even bigger changes over the past year.

My issue with Ivan Gazidis, bar the fact he spent nearly 10 years lying to fans, was that when he had the chance to do something incredible with the club, he bottled it. Especially distressing after the summer of me, me, me PR he engineered to make sure everyone knew he was the architect of the moves.

Anyway, we will survive. We will grow. We will move back to the top echelons of world football in due course.


Look at the state of that stadium. The football is of a pretty low standard if that clip is anything to go by. So it should be a fairly straightforward game if we’re focused.

I’d imagine we’re going to see starts from players like Leno, who needs to show us he truly is the saviour of sweeper-keeper. I’d like to see Danny Welbeck land a chance, and maybe a couple of the kids. But we’ll see, this is the first game and we know how hard it is to kick a campaign off with anything outside a strong win. Emery has to build momentum and he’s on a solid run right now.

It was hugely entertaining to see the Spurs disaster season tank yet further yesterday, losing a 1 goal advantage at the death to Inter Milan. Liverpool maintained their very good start to the season against 8 man PSG, who looked as lopsided and led by the players as they did under Emery. All that talent, and no one there with the remit to tell players like Neymar he’s not Messi.

Right, PROPER football starts tomorrow, see you in the comments, but not before you listen to me and Matt debate the merits of Emery, rotation and the exit of Ivan Gazidis.


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  1. Sancho Monzorla


    I think when “Yank cunt” is said, the pejorative term out of the two is “cunt” and the former is just an adjective used to add color to the remark. It does its job beautifully in my opinion, but it’s mostly arbitrary in the scheme of things.

    So to explain further, you’re being called a “Yank cunt” not because you are a Yank, but because you are a cunt.

  2. WengerEagle


    And we didn’t even get to see Moussa Dembele tonight.

    Traore used to play for Chelsea didn’t he? Another one that got away, back when they had half of the young talent in Europe on the books.

  3. Bamford10


    Except that I’m not in the least bit that, and people insert “Yank” there for a reason. Namely they have something against Americans — or at least something against Americans involving themselves in football / English football.

    Thanks for your input, though.

  4. Leedsgunner

    Not meaning to throw a match into the fire but wasn’t Arteta in charge of Man City tonight? Isn’t Pep suspended?

    How did that work out? Seeing that game tonight did he look like a manager extraordinaire in waiting for you?

    All hype, no substance.


  5. Sancho Monzorla


    What you just are both your own opinions, though. It’s your own opinion you are not a cunt, and it’s your own opinion they have something against Americans in any manner.


  6. Bamford10

    Guns of SF

    Gazidis is the reason we now have a modern management structure, the reason we have a DoF, the reason we have a new chief scout and part of the reason why Wenger was shown to the door.

    I don’t think the guy deserves a parade, but the notion that he did nothing to move us in the right direction is ridiculous.

  7. Bamford10


    No, I am not that by any objective standard. There are some of those about here, but I am definitely not one of them.

    As for the y-word, people insert that word for definite reasons. I have a theory re why they do, but a theory is not “an opinion”. Why they insert the word is a matter of fact, not a matter of opinion. Different people may have different theories re why they insert that word, but that’s different from having an opinion.

    Strictly speaking, one can only have an opinion about something that is a mayor of opinion; one cannot have an opinion about a matter of fact.

  8. Champagne Charlie

    Boy who cried racist

    Nobody cares that you’re American, no relevance whatsoever. Pretty sure a more than a dozen countries are represented here, you ain’t special.

    Again, you’ve no clue about my feelings towards the US or Americans, so you’re simply inserting your own narrative to undermine me. Massive yawn

  9. E54_

    To be honest only you and hipsters like you cared that much about Gazidis. He sat you down, patted you on the head and gave you a treat. It’s cool, we’ve all been lied to at some time or other. However i don’t understand why some people are so surprised. A bussiness man in a suit promising you a ‘future’ he can’t guaruntee. Once anyone starts promising you the ‘Future’ thats you signal right there.. that they are lying and or being deceptive. How can he or anyone guaruntee you a future he has no idea if he’ll even be around for?

    Onwards and upwards.

  10. Sancho Monzorla


    You need to lighten up a bit, mate. Why so serious always?

    But if you insist, I’d say what you just said is also all nonsensical debate jargon that doesn’t actually say anything. It can only be your opinion because Charlie already stated that he doesn’t have any ill will toward Americans, so that becomes the fact on this topic. If you insist that isn’t the case, it’s either your opinion or your position that Charlie is lying about that.

    But then that becomes another discussion altogether. Right?

  11. Leedsgunner

    Arteta should have stepped up and shown why Pep puts such faith in his abilities– all Arteta showed was how he wasn’t Pep. Where was Arteta amazing tactical nous and man management skills tonight?

    He looked every bit a novice.

    Lyon wasn’t a minnow but they weren’t the toughest opposition either.

    Arteta this supposed managerial prodigy should have bossed it tonight.

  12. Michael24


    You just don’t get it do you? I don’t post on here to satisfy your needs or anyone else’s and, whether you like it or not, it is clear to everyone that knows anything about the game, our previous managers gross negligence and ineffective leadership affected every single facet of our club.

    As for Emery, I will give him time and respect before passing judgement on tactics and formations which, as you well know, were totally irrelevant under Wenger.

    Some on here love to salivate over systems and team selection, I don’t. My concern is trusting in a manager who can see what we see and act accordingly.
    Under Wenger, from 2008 onwards, this rarely happened.

    Yes, Emery has made some mistakes and yes, I would like to see certain things implemented, BUT, based on where we were and what was left behind by Wenger, I am more than happy with where we stand.

    The impatience shown by some is, imo, laughable. More so, it is embarrassing to hear fans questioning Emery so early in his tenureship, considering what he inherited.

    For me it’s very simple. Wenger has gone and we have a new manager and a new era to embrace. I will trust in Emery’s abilities and will give him the time and respect he deserves, before questioning his methods.

    On the flip side, I will continue highlighting the ineffectiveness of our previous manager when necessary, even if fans, like yourself, feel it is irrelevant and slightly “tedious”.

    I hope this makes things clearer for you.

  13. WengerEagle


    Not excusing Arteta but think that we tend to over-fixate on the importance of the manager in regards to performances on the pitch, I think that he should have been a bit more pro-active with his subs but make no mistake, Lyon were sensational tonight and Pep himself would have struggled to pull off a better result.

    Hard to lay the blame at the feet of the manager when it was individual mistakes at the back that cost Citeh.

  14. Jamie

    Fact of the day (not an opinion):

    Arteta has a 100% loss record as a manager. At least he has a number on the board now, so we don’t need to pontificate about his managerial genius until that percentage changes.

  15. N5

    “So to explain further, you’re being called a “Yank cunt” not because you are a Yank, but because you are a cunt.”

    Although I’m not keen to see people arguing, this did crack me up. Well done Sancho. Now can you all place nice 😀

  16. WengerEagle

    Arteta would have been a terrible choice as successor to Wenger though.

    Pedro thinks it would have been a bold choice because of his youth and his relationship with Pep but the reality of it is that Pep he is not.

    Said it before but the fact that Pep was an icon at Barcelona and same for Zidane at Real Madrid made a huge difference to their time in charge in the early stages, how could you not have deep admiration and respect for these legends of the game that have won league titles and CL titles as Captains and central figures.

    Not to mention they earned their chops in charge of Barcelona B’s and Real Castilla as well beforehand, something Arteta has never proven himself to do.

  17. Michael24

    Nice to see Arteta show his true worth tonight.

    Last night it was Tuchel.

    Now can we please just get on with supporting Emery.

  18. Sancho Monzorla

    Holy smokes do my eyes deceive me, it’s N5. It’s been ages but the sheriff is back hahah

    Trying to keep the peace as always, I see!

    I really have nothing against Bamford and think he gets too much shit for the most part but I can’t really help myself when he goes on these #OnlyMe movements about the things he says.

    I mean, the guy just had the fucking nerve to call Yank the “Y-word”. Seriously?
    If he’s clueless as to how much that marginalizes words that actually are offensive in contemporary times, I think that’s pretty cunty.

    But that’s just my opinion of course 😀

  19. Champagne Charlie


    Careful now, you’ll be accused of harbouring ill-will toward Americans with talk like that……and cunts.

  20. Bamford10

    No, Sancho, you clearly just didn’t follow what I said.

    One, just because Person A says he is not “anti-American” doesn’t mean that he’s not anti-American. He might be lying — both to others and maybe even to himself.

    If I have good reason to think Person A is anti-American, my thinking so is a theory, not an opinion.

    Two,you cannot have an “opinion” about a matter of fact. If my ignorant neighbor thinks the earth is flat, this isn’t an “opinion”. It’s simply a false belief. We don’t say, “well, he has his opinion about the earth and you have yours”. No, you can only have opinions about matters of opinion, e.g., whether chocolate ice cream is better than vanilla, whether City play prettier football than Liverpool, whether Kate Beckinsale is better-looking than Emily Blunt, etc.

    This isn’t that important, though. The important point — who is a c-word around here and who is not — is important, however. And you have that one wrong.

    Cheers, though.

  21. Leedsgunner


    You might have a good point there (as you normally do) but Arteta had the perfect platform to change the game and be bold and proactive in the second half but what did see when his team went 2-0 down?

    No one special. He was painfully ordinary as far as I was concerned.

    I’m just glad he’s not behind our dugout making his rookie mistakes.

  22. Champagne Charlie

    “If I have good reason to think Person A is anti-American, my thinking so is a theory, not an opinion.”

    Sir, sirrrr, what happens when person A confirms himself as anything but anti-American?

    What happens to your “good reason” then?

  23. Pedro

    WengerEagle, the importance of the manager in the dugout is important. That you don’t understand that is quite incredible.

  24. PessimisticPat

    Guns of hackney creasing (not sure of the spelling,bamford spellcheck please)me up,80’s blow and aids. And might i also say sancho explaining yank cunt to all you yank cunts,or maybe just one of you,was amazing too. Been on holidays for couple weeks and come back to the blog and everyones on fire.

  25. Receding hairline

    Well Pedro how important was Arteta tonight? Or does he only get talked about when he allegedly masterminds victories against Arsenal? Almost like when we appoint him manager we will be playing against ourselves every week

  26. WengerEagle

    I never said it wasn’t important Pedro, said that it’s often overstated just how important it is. Fact is that it’s mostly down to the players on the given night and Citeh were made to pay for individual errors at the back that Arteta/Pep had zero effect on. They didn’t lose tonight because they had no Pep, they lost because Lyon were the better team over the 90 mins and Citeh were sloppy at the back.

    Wasn’t a good night for your boy Arteta if none of that is indeed the case though.

  27. Pedro

    CC, no.

    I think City are going to have trouble this year hitting the levels they did last season.

    RH, he’ll be the next manager of City, so we’ll get to see why the PL Champions went to such lengths to keep him there.

  28. Pedro

    WE, it is down to players, of course, but being a legend didn’t help ZZ win 3 CL back to back. Pep doesn’t raise the bar in 3 different league’s because he’s not important.

  29. Champagne Charlie

    Pedro, have to agree. Find the desire of some to jump on his back a bit daft, pretty certain if they ran out comfortable winners it would’ve been laughed off that it’s even his side. Opportunistic stuff really

  30. Receding hairline

    In your opinion he will be the next manager of City Pedro.. No one at city has actually said that he will succeed Pep. And they didn’t go to any lengths to keep him.. He was passed up for the only job he was considered for which happens to be the Arsenal job. I don’t know where u got the going to great lengths part.

    Arteta will not manage City after Pep..he will probably follow Pep to his next job.

  31. leftsidesanch

    I think people knew Arteta managing us would have been a silly decision but are just keen to push alternative or in their mind daring narratives.

  32. WengerEagle

    Pedro it’s not that black and white though, no doubt Pep and ZZ have proven themselves to be great managers.

    My point was that in the early stages their reputation in the game and more importantly within the very clubs that they were managing i.e club legends no doubt helped them in the dressing room tame the egos of the likes of Eto’o, Messi, Xavi, Henry, Puyol, YY Toure, etc and Sergio Ramos, Ronaldo, Benzema, Bale, Kroos, Modric, Marcelo, etc at Real Madrid and got them to buy into their footballing vision easier.

    Neymar wouldn’t be acting like a smartarse with a revered figure in the game in charge of PSG like Ronaldo or Ronaldinho, it makes a massive difference at the elite end of the scale because these lad’s egos are off the charts and most gaffers just don’t command their respect which is why they are destined to fail from the get go, Tuchel at PSG will be the next victim.

    Arteta achieved absolutely nothing in the game compared to Pep or ZZ so it’s not a savvy comparison.

  33. PessimisticPat

    Cc, went to holland for a fortnight,the mrs family are there near soestduinen. Near utrecht.

    Great place,great people,but in laws for 2 weeks,fuck me im glad to be home.

    Watched the Liverpool game last night, they’re great to watch,missed the Newcastle game,how did we look if you caught it,

  34. leftsidesanch

    Pedro, there was less reason to be skeptical with both of those appointments. They both got their hands wet with the b teams respectively. They at least had a little experience to fall back on.

  35. Champagne Charlie


    Very nice, the in-laws for a fortnight sounds brutal though you did well!

    Newcastle game we very flat, first half was a second gear job and second half we managed to up it enough to take over. Chalked up the points but some concerns still about lineups and approach etc for me.

  36. Sancho Monzorla

    “The important point — who is a c-word around here and who is not — is important, however. ”

    This sentence may have been grammatically acceptable but the syntax is quite bad. Embarrassing, almost. Just thought I’d point that out since you seem to appreciate post editing.

    I disagree that that’s what’s important and could care less whether you or anyone else here thinks I’m a cunt. That you actually care whether anyone here thinks you really are a cunt or not is kinda cute though. Maybe you just need some hugs.

    But let’s leave it at that. You can assert all you want the “fact” that you aren’t a cunt, and whoever wants to will “theorize” among themselves that you actually are a cunt, until someone comes along with a new “theory” that you aren’t just a cunt, but actually a huge gaping cunt.

  37. Sancho Monzorla

    It doesn’t matter how many cameos Arteta makes, no one will know how he will do in the manager’s seat until he really gets his own club to manage. You have to have the experience and it can’t be recreated by drawing up this scenario or that.

    It’s also why he never should have been the Arsenal manager that this stage in his career.

  38. WengerEagle

    Bamford, never responded to you.

    Re Pogba I would say that so far his United career could be described as a bit of a mixed bag. He’s had some success, thought he was excellent in his first season there but last season he struggled for large parts between the flashes of brilliance.

    A frustrating player no doubt. But overly-criticised in my book and not acknowledged as much when he’s playing really well, such as in the World Cup where he was France’s best offensive player after M’Bappe for me.

    Deserves more respect than he receives but I suppose people can’t shake off price-tags for players, rightly or wrongly.

  39. PessimisticPat

    It was alright charlie but i would put a limit of 4 days as maximum in law tolerance. Anymore than that is pushing it. Plus her dad doesn’t really like sports,dinner conversations were painful. So i did what any self respecting Englishman would do,drank,and then drank some more. Only problem is im extra sarcastic and cunty when drunk…. Mrs couldnt complain as id agreed to 2 weeks there.

    As for the arse I heard similar about the game,and i agree that lineups seem to be a problem for us. Ive never found it harder to pick a starting 11 myself so sympathise with emery,i do wish he’d start torreira from now on though. Find width to be a problem too,got shit tons of centre mids. a winger in jan is essential id say

  40. WengerEagle

    Fair play to Gerrard and Lampard, going out and doing it right trying their hand at lower level management.

    Always had Carragher down as a potential gaffer, surprising to me that he’s more than happy with the cushy TV gig, not a bad life I suppose.

  41. Champagne Charlie


    Haha can only imagine the scenes mate, I couldn’t do a week personally.

    A winger would be gravy, we desperately need a release valve in the side. Someone to pick it up on the halfway line and roast 3 players to advance us.

  42. PessimisticPat

    At dinner on the third night her dad spoke to me about 19th century philosophers for 3 hours straight. Contemplated suicide that night. But i am officially excused from all her family shit till at least next xmas. Worth it.

    Yeah release valve is exactly right. Watching Liverpool match last night really brought it to the front of my mind. Was scary how far off that level we feel at the mo too. Early days i suppose and hope. Anyway night charlie,try not to confuse bamford too much

  43. Joe


    Arteta will NOT be next city manager.


    He was not kept there. No one bar us showed any interest and there were lots of jobs open

    You’re wrong about arteta as you were about Gazidis as you will be about Emery.

  44. Bamford10


    Actually, there was nothing wrong with the syntax of that sentence. Subject, interruption, predicate. Pretty straightforward.

    Also, it should be, “I could not care less,” not “I could care less”.

    As for who is a c-word, given that I’ve never said a single unfriendly thing to you and you’ve now called me a c-word twice, I feel like you’ve actually demonstrated that you ARE in fact one of these.

    I don’t know; maybe I”m just in a mood.

  45. Leedsgunner

    City has the resources to hire anybody in the world and you think they will plump for Arteta? After Pep?

    Yeah right.

    If Arteta leaves City and wins the La Liga with Real Sociedad, or the Bundesliga with Schalke or the EPL with Burnley on a shoestring budget… he might be a candidate that City might look at.

    Of course City might also look at Arteta if Sheik Mansour tires of football… and Man City reverts to being a club without any money once again.

  46. Leedsgunner

    If Ramsey decides to leave Arsenal Fekir would not be a bad replacement – played excellent tonight.

    Liverpool would be rueing missing out on him.

  47. Joe


    Once Pedro gets an idea in his head you won’t shake it out of him

    Like the whole Gazidis is great fiasco. He played the card for years

    Now that’s hes backed arteta all summer he will play this card until he embarrassingly has to back track like he did with Gazidis

  48. kc

    Did Pedro troll his own site? Arteta managing City after Pep? That’d be funny if it wasn’t so absurd. All that money in that squad and your next manager is the infamous Mikel Arteta? He’s a glorified water boy ffs.

  49. gonsterous

    well, well, well, checked the news this morning city 1 Lyon 2, with arteta in the dug out. Scrolled up the comments and sure Enough all the arteta defenders have gone awol just before the game.
    I bet when pep is done with city, they will appoint a proper manager and arteta will just follow pep to the next club. Some people are just born to be no. 2, and it isn’t a bad thing. Arteta still gets to take home millions at the end of the year.

  50. China

    Ozil and Ramsey are huge problems for arsenal. I’m sure if we had the legendary arteta here with all of his experience these guys would sit down and take note

    If you can’t say you’ve done it as a player and can’t say you’ve done it as a manager, why should the team listen to them? Living on a prayer.

    If city win the league and pep gets tired and leaves arteta would have an outside shot at getting it simply because city operate with one of the world’s best squads and they already know (and maybe respect) arteta.

    I’d still call that a very very long shot though. And the chances of him being wanted by another major club next summer outside of banter FC (arsenal) is basically zero

  51. China

    Win this EL game and find a win against Everton and our start to the season will have been quite reasonable

    6 points from these two games + some performance improvements and I’ll be very happy

    Torreira established in the first team and our defense slightly more solid along with 6 points and we’ll have much more to be pleased about. Still very much a work in progress but one collecting points and developing. That’s all I’m asking for.

    I initially thought we’d drop a lot of points before liverpool as the performances are not great and there are so many weaknesses we are dealing with. But I’m feeling better now. One game at a time of course but I think before liverpool we are capable of picking up close to all the points available.

    That would be an excellent platform regardless of what happens against Liverpool. At the end of the day we aren’t winning the league. It’s not on our radar. But if we pick up the vast majority of the points vs the average and poorer teams we’ll end up in or around the top 4. We don’t have to be winning all the top 6 matches, just trying not to lose the games vs utd and spurs would help a lot

  52. Michael24

    People keep harping on about how weak Ligue 1 in France is, yet every time I see teams like Monaco, Lyon and Marseille playing they look so fluid and strong.

    The scouting network is obviously superior to our own and the youth coaching systems seem to dish out bucket loads of talent each season.

    Lyon looked good last night but our own ignorant pundits still seem to think that PSG have it easy each season, which couldn’t be further from the truth.

  53. China

    I dunno Michael

    Outside of a flash in the pan from Monaco a couple of years ago where they started cropping quality and subsequently flogged half of it, the rest of the league have been largely anonymous in the grand scheme of things (psg not included)

    Back around 2010 Lyon were a great team and not far behind how good psg are now and in each era there seems to be one genuinely legit French team, perhaps one flashbin the pan supporting act and then a lot of meh behind them

    A bit like the German league which should should be renamed to the Bayernliga seriously. Flash in the pan seasons from Dortmund or Wolfsburg etc but in the grand scheme of things it’s a one team league

  54. Michael24

    There is this somewhat arrogant assumption that the EPL offers the best product.

    Poppycock! It just offers the most money.

  55. karim

    Michael 24

    Lyon v OM on Sunday night, should be a good game !
    Last season’s encounter ended up with a massive brawl so it’s gonna be full of tension.

    Don’t know if anyone saw Payet and Thauvin’s brilliant goals last week-end also !

  56. karim


    Far better after a tough start to the season, I think it’s been 3 straight wins now.
    Won at Lyon 2 weeks ago and have in Balotelli and Saint-Maximin 2 very good strikers

    Have to go to work now, enjoy your day gents !

  57. gonsterous


    come off it mate. Lyon in the PL would be as good as Everton. When arsenal and lyon play, you know the odds are that arsenal will win.
    Ligue 1 is good cause all the teams apart from PSG are average, so the fight from 2nd to 5th provides a very good entertainment. But that’s about it. Apart from PSG which team do you see going far into the CL ?

  58. OleGunner

    Listening to A Bergkamp Wonderland Podcast and from outta nowhere Pedro/Le-Grove was called out!
    They called you a pink jacketed fucking cunt who writes bollocks lmao/wtf

    Where’s that sodium from?

  59. Pierre

    Michael 24
    “Yes, Emery has made some mistakes and yes, I would like to see certain things implemented, ”

    I’m interested to know what things you would like to see implemented…..

  60. Emiratesstroller

    Having watched both Spurs and Man City performances in CL over past two days it is clear to me that the standard in EPL is not as great as we are led to believe.

    The general standard of defending in the League is frankly poor and that is a
    malaise which applies to Arsenal as well.

    When you consider how much money has been invested by the top teams in transfers it does pose questions about whether we get value for money.

  61. Samesong

    True Emirates.

    Is Harry Kane still world class? I ask because for me he needed to score that goal in the semis to take England to finals. He bottled it.

    Looks like he bottled against inter the other day also still a lot of question marks over him.

    Shoot me down.

  62. Emiratesstroller


    When you look at the stratospheric valuations according to Transfermarkt being paid for players in EPL I would ask very serious questions.

    Okay there are some outstanding players like Hazard, De Bruyne and Pogba, but spending £70 million on mediocre goalkeepers and £50 million plus on very average defenders does raise the perspective that there is now more money than sense and sooner or later the bubble will burst when sponsors and tv companies realise that they are not getting value for money.

  63. mysticleaves

    “So to explain further, you’re being called a “Yank cunt” not because you are a Yank, but because you are a cunt.”

    This was funny though.

    Raul Sanllehi should pull the deal given to Ramsey and flog him to anyone in January. Actually I like him but I think we will be better with a clean break. The only place he can play for us and be of use is in the middle 2 but Emery don’t see him in that role at all.

    It’s a travesty (not sure about the usage, please don’t be ot me Bamford) that Ramsey starts as no10 over Ozil and Mikitaryan. Both are clearly better than him there and it’s not even an opinion.

  64. mysticleaves

    Samesong, I think Kane can replace any forward in any team in the world atm bar Barcelona and will still do very well. By that, I think he’s world class.

    I said bar Barcelona because I. not sure what the strikers are doing there and how they line up. They don’t use a fixed 9 and their system could be a bit complex for someone like Kane. haha.

  65. Sekard

    People over here get too sucked in to the sky sports and other media outlets hype machine.Not realising that all the hype and marketing is just a means of generating more £££££ for themselves.Jamie Rednapp,Wright and all the rest of the idiots spouting off about the premiership being the best league in the world don’t make it so.

  66. Sekard

    There’s a plethora of strikers ahead of Kane.Kane knows where the net is and is a good striker regardless of his poor run of form but I wouldn’t put him in the top bracket yet.If he was there already,the big boys would of put the money down no questions asked.

  67. Steiner

    Interesting that Jack Wheelchair is crocked and West Ham are playing their best football of the season!
    Really stretching Chelsea on the break.

  68. Steiner


    Have you seen La Liga and Bundesliga games outside of the top teams?
    Dodgy stadiums, masses of empty seats, some really poor football.
    It’s of a level. Never seen in the PL.
    La liga and BL have elite teams, then the rest, and there is a big gap!
    Put Bayern in the PL and they wouldn’t win it, be lucky to finish top 4.
    No Christmas break and the weight of games with the tougher style of play would soon take the rose tint off your glasses.