Ivan’s record stained with weakness.

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You sense that Ivan Gazidis is about to leave Arsenal because the PR is kicking in, and ESPN are writing stories that the reason for his move isn’t cash (bitch please).

Fuck off, Ivan.

You’re leaving because you’re landing an equity incentive to turn Milan around.


I’m sure it’s a lot of money, but don’t try and turn the situation around. You set the vision and tone for Arsenal after being a yes man to Stan and Wenger for ten years. Then someone offered you a shit tonne of dollar to abandon a significant project that you believed in, and you took it straight away.

That’s poor leadership.

It’s weakness of the highest order.

Is it a good thing for Arsenal? No way. It’s a terrible thing. The guy who set a savagely unambitious 5-year plan in motion for the club doesn’t have the balls to see it through. He hired a safe manager, all his pals, spent all the clubs money and then bolted at the first flash of green.

I can’t stress how weak that move is.

But look, this is a someone who doesn’t give a fuck about Arsenal.

This is someone who spent 10 years unable to convince Stan K that Arsene Wenger was bombing the club he purchased. Performances slumped, commercials never rose above average, players begged to leave, no one wanted to join, the press complained, the fans booed, ex-players protested… but our CEO couldn’t convince the owner things were going down the shitter.

This is the man who stood tall in 2017 and stated he’d searched high and wide and Arsene was the best manager he could find. He’s weak, he’s submissive and I’ve no doubt he’ll be a bland hire for Milan.

Fuck Ivan.

Let’s move on and hope Stan signs someone with a bit of vision.

History judges the winners, and in sports management, that’s the trophies. Ivan will retire with a lot of money, but he’ll never be a legend of sport. No one will write about his vision. No one will write about his trophies. No one will care.

When you’re rich, the history is what’s important.

That’s his loss… and no matter what he tells himself, the money will never make up for the fact he failed at Arsenal.

Right, that’s me over and out.

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  1. Bamford10

    One, asking someone questions is not “harassment”. Saying that it is a dishonest distortion. “Harassment” involves insults, name-calling; see Champagne’s posts for examples.

    Two, “naievete” is a French word, thus English takes its spelling cues on this word from the French, not from a couple of guys on each Grove. Now, you may be right that British English spells this word with a “y” — I’ll look into this — but I read a lot of British writers and I don’t remember this.

    Three, why doesn’t someone answer the questions I’ve posed. I’ll tell: because you can’t — at least not in a way that would support Alex’s narrative.

  2. kristoman

    ” Alexanderhenry
    September 19, 2018 14:26:34
    ‘One, do you still believe that Wenger would have spent more money but for Stan Kroenke tellbig him he couldn’t.’
    Yes, do you still believe we stockpiled all that cash because wenger chose not to spend money available to him on principle?
    ‘Two, are you still of the view that we cannot compete with the top clubs if we continue to spend only what our operating revenues allow us to, i.e., if we continue to adhere to the self-sustaining model?’
    Absolutely. Do you seriously think we can?
    ‘Three, the LA Rams are looking like one of the best teams in the NFL, if not the best team. I thought Kroenke-owned teams were always doomed to mediocrity? Please explain. Four, please explain how Stan Kroenke currently holds Arsenal back — aside from the fact that he is unlikely to dip into his own pockets.’
    After twenty odd years of all four of his US teams breaking records in the Guinness book of mediocrity, in sports that are designed to give every team a fighting chance, the fact that one of his teams has finally broken through is not particularly impressive.
    ‘Four, please explain how Stan Kroenke currently holds Arsenal back — aside from the fact that he is unlikely to dip into his own pockets.’
    We’ll, he’s been involved since 2007 and been in full control since 2011. Look at how how the club has regressed.
    There’s your answer.
    Now, is this the bit where you run to Pedro and try and get me banned?
    Off you go then.
    Also naivety is perfectly acceptable.

    and you call that an answer? you never gave one, unless I don’t what is anymore. all you did here is give excuses.

  3. mysticleaves

    ‘Four, please explain how Stan Kroenke currently holds Arsenal back — aside from the fact that he is unlikely to dip into his own pockets.’

    Lol, you answered a question you asked. And you are still expecting another answer?